Top 10 biases~ [2]

So I got tagged by the lovely tdoogies ~ :3 Thank you so much~!
I have already done this before (a few days ago) and I wrote like life stories or something but gifs are a better idea hehe
So this is my first Top 10 biases~
And this is my second one so I’m going to list different biases :3
This is in no particular order I love them all~!

1~ Moonbin (iTeen)

2~ Joonmyun/Suho   Girl’s Day  (Exo)

3~ Taeha (Speed)

4~ Hyung Geun/Robin (BTL/Beyond the Limit)

5~ Simba/Young Jin (JJCC)

5~ Minah (Girls Day)

6~ Chunji (Teen Top)

7~ Gunmin (B.I.G/Boys In Groove) the blonde one  (go away J-Hoon):3

8~  Jin (BTS/Bangtan Boys)

9~ Key (SHINee)

10~ Chanmi (AOA)

I’m too lazy to tag anyone (I’m so sorry) *hides*
But if you want to do this then…I forgot my sentence
I’m not even kidding
Well but if you want to do this then..yeah have fun (I’m such a potato wth)


Collaged and sketched today for day 1 of my drawing challenge. I also picked out a pencil and notebook. I have no idea if they are good or not. the pencils a tombow mono J HB, I forgot what the notebook brand was, but I think it was just a generic sketching pad which is all I need at this point. It’s a little rough so I feel like I can do different things with it which I like a lot. Picking out the correct kind of note book and pencil was hard! I read online what a beginninger should get and most blogs recommended the HB or the 2B so I decided to go for the HB. It seemed to be the most basic pencil. I figure if I want something different later I’ll grab it. I can also ask my mom and sister since they are both good at artsy stuff.

For my first sketches I got a bit lazy and just decided to draw what was around me. I drew some emoji type faces and my cow pencil sharpener which happened to be sitting in front of me. I also drew a water glass that was by the computer… something about drawing glasses always appeals to me. I don’t know why. The other thing I decide to do was some basic cross hatching and shading. The shading didn’t turn out that well and I definitely need to work on my cross hatching too, it looks kinda sloppy, I feel like it should be tighter.

Last thing that happened, when I was erasing some of the pencil where I made a mistake it didn’t like I noticed it was really difficult to erase. I’m not sure if I was pressing too hard when I drew or if my eraser sucks. I was also drawing on the back cover of my notebook so that may have contributed to the trouble.

Anyway, pretty solid first day with this project and although I didn’t do very much, I still feel satisfied that I got something accomplished. I’m not sure what I’ll do tomorrow but please leave some suggests, comments and advice for me! I’d love to hear from artists out there! Self-teaching is a bit lonely without a community.