What SVTFOE Season 2 has Done to our Sweet Children
  • Marco: Stepped her toe out the closet; it was a magical experience for everyone involved. Acquired 16 years of badassery training. Lost her best friend/source of summer fun overnight.
  • Ludo: Gained the father figure he always wanted for two entire days, and it only cost him his soul.
  • Star: Was slowly stripped of her capacity to chill and learned to access the Avatar State of Emotional Breakdowns on command in the process.
  • Jackie: Promoted from bland love interest with two lines to lesbian stereotype love interest and walking plot device. Wanted to try a go at the fabled childhood friend romance, but got roped into an angsty love triangle instead. 100% did not ask for her life to turn into a soap opera, what the hell, Cupid?
  • Tom: Got two (2) homoerotic episodes. Left the rest to the fanfiction writers.
  • Kelly: Made her first appearance and broke up with her boyfriend 6,784 times.
  • Janna: Lives and breathes off Marco being upset, but has discovered her one weakness: Star being upset.
  • Heinous: Took her boyfriend to a couple of /clubs/ last month. [90s laugh track]
  • Eclipsa: I was FROZEN today!
  • Moon: All_of_my_Friends_are_Dead.jpg
  • Toffee: ["The Boys Are Back in Town" plays on repeat for 10 hours]

This line that my friend sharon says all the time that i really like. I baked a frozen pizza today and was gonna eat half but ended up eating the whole thing. some regrets :^(

[ So I was watching Frozen today because it was on at work, and I’m just left thinking- Wouldn’t it just have been easier for Hans to kiss Anna, then when the curse didn’t break get upset and claimed that Anna must’ve not loved him, instead of the other way around? That would’ve worked out much better for him and likely would leave Anna too confused to do anything. ]

Trying to get my drawing mojo back, so I doodled some Frozen Fire babies today! Steele still has the prettiest eyes out of any character of mine (except maybe Feyri… Fey has gorgeous eyes. He and Steele are tied for prettiest eyes <3).

I also love sketching Kale with a tiny ponytail <3 He’s so cute~ And him with his horse, I love it so much. He and May have such a bond, a very strong one. Kale is such a horse person, he absolutely loves horses. I wont say anything about the gross sobbing doodle there xD nothing… Nope ❤️ 

Shit my girlfriend and I say to each other ||Sentence Starters||

“Her vagina killed him.”
“I swear to god if you tickle me I will never have sex with you again.”
“My vagina turns people queer.”
“That’s not the only sausage she’ll be grabbing. ‘EEEYYYY.”
“Don’t eat your soda.”
“Did you just spill on yourself?”
“Don’t hate me.”
“It’s toast not a sandwich”
“Oh you want me to ravish you, not radish you.”
*seductively puts on blistex*
“Nope I can’t do this. You’re breathing on me.”
“Go like my mom’s status she wants to be popular”
“I didn’t come here to make friends. I came to make pasta”
*puts hand on your tit* “Ah, there’s your heart”
“I got to touch frozen flesh today”
“Who’s leg hair is longer?”
“America has a surplus of cheese because cheese farmers made too much”
“Mint is a summer flavor”
“Oh no I had a straight thought. I need to eat more pussy”
“Oh look, it’s the gay-ng”
“As much as I miss you, I miss your pillows too because oh my god do my pillows suck.”
“Tickling is my anti kink”
*pets your leg* “Soft kitty, warm kitty”

Now I know he’ll appear

cause there are rules and there are strictures

I believe the storybooks I read by candlelight

I accepted that it’s unlikely that I’ll finish the Anna animatic, so I’ll finish it up to a presentable WIP and set it down for a while. Here’s a shot I never got to.