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whoa ok step back, daedalus built a cow suit for a woman who wanted to fuck a bull and that's why the minotaur WAS A THING? I DID NOT KNOW THIS

I honestly think that I’d be doing you a great disservice if I didn’t tell you about the time Daedalus enabled rampant bestiality, so allow me to clear this gap in your knowledge. 

Anyone who doesn’t want to read a poorly retold myth about a man who built a cow suit so realistic that it totally fooled a magic bull into laying down some absolutely quality homo-bovine dick and siring a minotaur should probably press J on their keyboard right now, but honestly if that synopsis doesn’t do it for you then you should probably just quit Greek mythology all together.

So, Minos is this guy who manages to achieve the dual feat of being both King of Crete and an incorrigible asshole. Also, the first achievement is a really tenuous one, because Minos has like a billion brothers and he’s basically Malcolm in the Middle and all his brothers are better looking than him and they have way better abs and it’s really awkward every year at Christmas because they’re all “could you pass the stuffing, Minos? Also you’re totally stuffed because I’m going to be king one day haha suck it, right on” and so Minos starts to get really worried that he’s going to lose the throne to one of his more lustrous-locked brothers and then he’ll be stuck with just the one achievement of being an incorrigible asshole and so he has a little brood and he comes up with a plan. 

One day, he goes up to Poseidon, god of the sea and all things wet (or at least that’s what he tells girls at the Olympus nightclubs) and he’s like “hey, Poseidon, could you do me a solid?” and Poseidon is like “no bro but I can do you a liquid” and they have a little manly giggle and then Minos says “no but really, I need a favour” and Poseidon is like “well, you just gave me a golden opportunity to mock the states of matter, I’m 100% up for doing any favour you want” and Minos says “well, you know how I have loads of brothers” and Poseidon is like “you mean the better looking ones?” and Minos pouts and says “looks aren’t everything, but yes, those ones” and Poseidon is like “go on” and Minos says “well, I need them to stop trying to steal the throne because it’s getting really annoying and also I can’t sleep at night any more and it’s driving my hot wife insane, could you maybe show that you totally support me being King of Crete? That way, they’ll definitely stop being dicks at Christmas” and Poseidon just nods and says “I have a great idea for how I can do this”

and Minos is like “wow, are you going to send down an army of merpeople and slaughter all my brothers in a righteous and watery battle?” and Poseidon is like “no” and Minos says “are you going to conjure up a giant tidal wave and make it destroy all my brothers’ homes but leave my palace totally intact?” and Poseidon is like “no” and Minos says “well, are you going to turn all my brothers into mermen?” and Poseidon is like “look, I’m going to send you a bull”

and Minos just blinks and says “a bull” and Poseidon nods and grins and says “yes, a bull” and Minos says “THAT’S bull” and Poseidon points behind him and says “no, THAT’S a bull” and then he brings out this fucking phenomenal bull. Like, this bull puts all other bulls to shame. It’s glowing white and it’s as big as two ordinary bulls and probably twice as virile. It’s basically overcompensation in taurine form. Anyway, this bull is so bitchin’ that immediately, all of Minos’ brothers are like “wow, nope, you can keep that throne, we don’t want Poseidon to sic his sick bull on us” and basically Minos lives happily ever after with his incredible bull.

Until eventually Poseidon shows up at Minos’ palace and says “hey, Minos, you know that really awesome bull I lent you a while back?” and Minos is like “what bull” and Poseidon is like “the magical snow white bull which gleamed in the Cretan sun like limestone and Apollo’s cheekbones” and Minos is like “oh, THAT bull” and Poseidon is like “yes, that bull, now where is it because I’m having a bull party next week and I really want it back” and Minos says “well, here’s the thing, and it’s kind of a funny story really and I’m sure we’ll laugh about it later, maybe we could even laugh about it now, ha, but anyway all jokes aside I’m keeping the bull” and Poseidon is all “like fuck you’re keeping that bull, it’s my best bull, this is bullshit” and Minos is like “that’s one of the hazards of keeping a bull, maybe you’re not cut out for it” and Poseidon says “you haven’t heard the end of this, Minos, you have made a very powerful and watery enemy” and he leaves and Minos goes and, like, pets the bull or something, I don’t know what you do with bulls.

So, Poseidon goes back to his soggy lair and formulates a plan, and he eventually comes up with something straight out of Quentin Tarantino’s brie-induced nightmares. He goes to find Aphrodite, the goddess of love and afternoon delight, and says “hey Aphrodite, first of all you look delectable and secondly I need you to help me make a woman bang a bull” and Aphrodite is like “I honestly hate this job sometimes, but you’re right, I do look delectable, tell me more” and Poseidon is like “I had this really sweet bull and I lent it to Minos so he would think I liked him and now he won’t give it back and so I need you to make his wife fall in love with the bull, it’s a foolproof vengeance plan” and Aphrodite says “you are a god” and Poseidon says “yes” and Aphrodite says “why can’t you just, you know, take back the bull with your divine power?” and Poseidon is like “look, are you going to make this woman fall in love with the bull or not” and Aphrodite is like “fuck yes, that sounds hilarious, consider it done and I want front row seats” and Poseidon is like “you are my favourite niece and occasional lover, I owe you one”

Back to the palace at Crete, where Minos’ wife, Pasiphaë, is lounging about on a contemporary equivalent to a chaise-lounge when she suddenly gets this unmistakable urge to do the do with a bull - but not just any bull, her loins quiver only for the bull in her husband’s barnyard. Instead of doing what most people would do when they realise they have an insatiable urge to make tender love to a bull and immediately committing herself to months of therapy, she thinks “I know what I have to do” and she picks up the contemporary equivalent of a phone and calls Daedalus, inventor and architect extraordinaire.

She’s all “hey, Daedalus, we have patient confidentiality, right?” and Daedalus is like “I’m not your doctor, so no” and she’s like “well, I’m your Queen, so how about you say ‘yes’ instead and I tell you what I want?” and Daedalus is like “my lips are sealed, tell me what you need” and she’s all “well, there’s this really rad guy and I totally want to just lay him down and lick chocolate sauce off his body, but there’s a hitch in my plan” and Daedalus says “yeah, you’re married” and Pasiphaë says “yes, and also he’s a bull” and Daedalus is like “do you mean he’s well hung or” and Pasiphaë is like “look man you gotta help me on this, I need me some sweet bullocking and only you can help me” and Daedalus says “I’ll do what I can, but I hope you have a damn good shower at your palace because I may need to use it for about 6 weeks afterwards” and she’s like “done, now get over here and get me some”

So Daedalus turns up and helps her, and in the blink of an eye, he’s built her this monstrous wooden cow suit. Now, the myth is not exactly clear on the mechanics of this bovine sex toy, but it’s established that Pasiphaë gets into the cow suit and goes to find her bullock beau and they make sweet, sweet cattle love all day and all night. I do not know how she manoeuvres herself inside this wooden furry abomination and frankly I do not want to know, but whatever she does is 100% successful because 9 months later she gives birth to another furry abomination. The good news is that he’s a healthy, bouncing baby boy. The bad news is that he is half baby and half bull and also he has this really annoying habit that most newborns don’t have of eating people, which means that Minos is the definition of Not Impressed with his new stepson, so he does what any sane human would do in this situation, and he calls Daedalus. 

Daedalus says “I’m in the shower, what do you want?” and Minos is like “look, my wife has committed a slight indiscretion and I need you to take care of the result” and Daedalus is like “she fucked a bull and she’s had a grotesque hybrid baby, hasn’t she” and Minos narrows his eyes and says “how do you know?” and Daedalus says “just a stab in the dark, mate, I had no hand in this at all, literally none, just let me wash my hands a minute and I’ll be right back” and Minos is like “just build something to trap that devil spawn, because it’s started to eat my servants and I never even wanted a stepson anyway, it’s just one more claim to the throne isn’t it” and Daedalus is like “dude, give me a week and it’ll be done”

and so Daedalus constructs this impenetrable labyrinth that’s so impregnable that Daedalus nearly gets lost on the way out, and they lob the minotaur tot right into the middle of it, and that’s that.

Except then the minotaur starts demanding the sacrifice of seven young men every year, who are tossed into the labyrinth and forced to play a fatal game of cat and mouse with a grotesque superpowered man-bull creature that will ultimately devour them, flesh from bone, at the heart of a labyrinth that only he can navigate, but that’s a story for another myth. Or The Maze, starring Dylan O’Brien, out in a multiplex near you.

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Pikachu Carnival Parade [August 14, 2017]

The main highlight of the (seeming annual) Pikachu Outbreak event! It was an uphill and rainy battle, but my friend and I managed to get front row seats (of a kind) for the event! There were some interesting Pikachu varieties this year, to say the least of it. Plus we actually got to touch the Pikachus this year! What a delight!


I Don’t Know How But They Found Me [7.28.2017]

Seasons of Love
RENT 20th Anniversary Cast
Seasons of Love

This is the 20th anniversary cast of RENT singing Seasons of Love. Listen to this, if only for the soloists. The male soloist BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN, GUYS.

During this song, Angel smiled and nodded at me because I was crying and clapping along. I was in the pit, FRONT ROW. Yes, only a few feet away from the cast.

Amazing, amazing, amazing.

How to study like a straight A student

I did really well during my first year of college, and aside from a B+ in statistics (which was really good for me, haha! I’m not good at math), I had A’s in all of my classes. I’m certain that the reason I did so well was due to the way that I figured out how to study, so here are some tips I have based on what I did to study this past year!

1. Sit in the front row.

This isn’t high school anymore, it’s not embarrassing or nerdy to sit in the front row. By sitting in the front row, you won’t be tempted to check your phone and you won’t be distracted by looking at the people around you. I focus best in the front row. This also gives you a chance to easily ask any questions you have.

2. Show up to class a little early.

Show up to class about five minutes early every day, if possible. During the time it takes your professor to get set up, read through your previous notes. If you do this every day, you’ll begin to memorize info that you certainly wouldn’t have learned if you spent those five minutes before class just scrolling through tumblr. 

3. Type your notes and print them out.

If you prefer to spend a lot of time on hand written notes, then go crazy. However, I don’t really have time to make aesthetic notes, so I prefer to just write my notes by hand during class, then copy them into microsoft word so I can organize and print them out. This makes the notes much easier to read, and it’s much easier on the eyes. 

4. Do every assignment. Yes, EVERY assignment.

I don’t know why there’s advice floating around on tumblr telling people that it’s okay to skip a ton of homework assignments, because I definitely wouldn’t recommend it at all. Of course some assignments might be stupid or seem too small to matter, but if you’re being graded on them, you need all the points you can get. Trust me, just because homework assignments only account for 10-15% of your final grade, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be the difference between a B+ and an A-. Think about it: if your homework is 10% of your grade and you didn’t do it, you would literally have to get NOTHING wrong on your exams just to get the lowest A- possible. 

5. Don’t skip. Don’t skip. Don’t skip. 

Don’t skip if you can help it. If there is a serious emergency and you really can’t make it, try your hardest to get the best notes you can from someone who was in class. There’s nothing worse than sitting down for a test and realizing that a ton of the questions are about content you missed when you were absent. 

6. Go over material in your head when you’re not busy. 

If you’re in the shower or waiting in line at the cafe, go over class material in your head. Think about what you learned that day. If you do this often, this will help significantly with retention. 

7. Make flashcards throughout the semester, not the night before the final.

Don’t be one of those students who has to relearn an entire textbook the week before finals. If you’re studying right, studying for finals should be relatively painless. Throughout the semester, make flashcards of class content and regularly go over them. The easiest way to do this is to use quizlet.com and fill in definitions and other things you need to know, and use their helpful games and quizzes to memorize the info. It even keeps track of the definitions you rarely get wrong, so you know what you don’t need to study as much. 

8. Makes specific agendas for what you need to study and get done. 

When I study, I need to have a very specific to-do list detailing exactly what I want to get done. This will motivate you to keep going because you’re able to check off what you’ve already done. 

9. Don’t get discouraged by a bad grade- take it as motivation.

This is much easier said than done, but I had to do this in my western civilization class when I very nearly failed the first set of exams. If this happens to you, you should definitely take time to be upset about the grade, but don’t let yourself think it’s the end of the world. If you do badly, at least you know what to expect on the next assignment/exam so you know how to alter your studying to prepare for the next one. You can do it! I started western civ with a high D+ after my first exams, but I pulled out with an A- at the end of the semester! 

Guys, I have so much to tell you about Will Roland

I may die penniless, unwed, and forgotten, but I will still die happy because I spent four hours of one long-ago summer in a song interpretation master class taught by Will Roland. 

I don’t even know where to BEGIN. To quote Rachel Bay Jones, Will…*bursts into laughter* oh my God, there’s so much Will.

Ramblings about Will Roland under the cut. This is my day with Will Roland.

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The day Tom Hiddleston winked at me…

If any of you follow me on twitter then you may have already heard but if not I’m going to share a little something from #RADAHamlet in bit more detail (spoiler-free!) There have been barely any accounts from the play as there were so few tickets so I thought people might appreciate a little something, even if it’s only something very small that I’ve probably made far too much of…

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see Hiddleston’s Hamlet at RADA which was an incredible production. The whole company was wonderful and it left me rather emotional. I could waffle on about the play and individual performances for hours but aside from that something unexpected happened.

The theatre is tiny, so so small, you’re so close to the action and it’s incredibly emersive. A number of the actors clearly avoided making eye contact with the audience too much, looking above our heads etc as I know it can be pretty distracting, but not Tom.

During the first few scenes he seemed to scan the audience, finding people who didn’t mind making eye contact and I happened to be one of them. I overheard a few people talking about this during the interval/afterwards so I definitely wasn’t the only one. So we get to the point where he delivers Hamlet’s “Am I a coward?” soliloquy and he says it directly to me, not breaking eye contact the entire time. Soliloquies usually show characters’ internal thoughts as if they are talking to themselves but he was asking me the questions directly… (For a bit of context, I was sat on the front row of the circle which is just above head-height so he had to look up slightly for it).

Throughout the play he kept coming back to me (and occasionally my mum!), making eye contact at certain moments, certain lines, and I’ve never felt so involved in a play. This play was truly a unique experience. Then when the curtain call came all the lights came up and the company came out for their bows. As is usual for the protagonist he stepped out to take a bow on his own, looking up at me for a moment, then when he came out for his final bow he looked back at me, giving me a nod of appreciation/recognition, winked at me and then grinned like an idiot before leaving the stage for the final time.

I was originally gutted that they weren’t doing the stage door but the play was more than enough, he’s an incredible actor and I’m so glad I’ve finally seen him after missing out on Coriolanus! He made eye contact with a few other people during the show too and with the theatre being so small it really brought everyone right into the play. Anyone who has tickets is in for a real treat! And for anyone who hasn’t been so lucky I hope this has been just a small insight into the performance, especially as there have been so few accounts shared online!

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For the prompt post: “i was hitchhiking and you picked me up and WHOOPS YOU’RE A FAMOUS ROCKSTAR” au OOOOOOR “i had a one night stand the night before i started a college class and WHOOPS I ACCIDENTALLY BANGED THE PROFESSOR” Please and thank you!!!!!!!!

“Just try,” Sam says, shoving Steve towards the bar.

“Sam!” Steve hisses, but it’s too late — he’s already bumped into the man he’s been ogling half the night.

The guy starts a little, dropping the book he’s been reading. “Sorry!” Steve manages.

“It’s alright,” the guy says, looking up. Then he looks up, obviously checking Steve out. “Hey,” he says, voice sounding a little lower than it did before.

Steve can’t help it; he blushes. “Hi, uh, you’re alone?” he asks, and he can hear Sam snicker behind him.

The guy smiles, sort of leans back on his bar stool. “Mmm-hmmm,” he says, and Steve can’t stop staring at his plump lips. “Why, you want a drink?”

“If you’re not busy,” Steve says, looking at the book, which he can see now is heavily-annotated.

The guy seems to trace Steve’s gaze and shuts the book. “Just over-preparing. First classes start tomorrow.”

Steve nods, chuckles. “Oh, I know,” he says. It’s pretty much all he’s thought about since he decided to put that GI Bill to good use.

“I’m Bucky,” he says, reaching out a hand.

Steve takes it. His grip is firm and… lingering.

“Steve,” he says.

Bucky smiles again. “I’ve got good drinks over at my place, if you’re—“

“Yes,” Steve says. “Let’s go.”

— —

“Jesus,” Bucky says, rolling over the next morning. His hair is a goddamn mess, and Steve’s pretty proud to have made it that way.

Steve yawns, stretches. His nerves have dissipated somewhat, thanks to Bucky and his amazing hands.

“Mornin’,” Bucky says, looking over at Steve and smiling.

“Hi,” Steve says, unable to keep the dumb smile off his face.

They look at each other for a few moments, just soaking each other in. They hadn’t had much time for conversation last night, but Steve had fun. He can already tell that Bucky has a great sense of humor, and he’s obviously incredible in bed, and Steve really wants Bucky to ask him for his number.

Bucky sighs. “I hate to lose the view, but I gotta get ready for my class.”

“What time is it?” Steve asks.

“Quarter to eight,” Bucky says.

Steve nods. “Same.” He’ll have just enough time to get home, change, and get to class. Not enough time to worry about anything.

“You busy tonight?” Bucky asks, then ducks his head. “I know it’s a little overeager but I’d like to actually take you on a date.”

“I’m free,” Steve says. “Very free.”

Bucky looks back up and smiles. “Meet me here at seven?”

Steve nods. “Yeah,” he says. “I will.”

— —

Maybe it was naive of Steve to think that he wouldn’t actually see Bucky again until that night.

— —

“I can’t believe the front row was already taken when we got here,” says one young woman as she slips into the seat in front of Steve. They’re in a relatively small lecture hall, but it had also surprised Steve that the entire front row was taken, even despite him getting there ten minutes early.

The girl next to her sighs. “I know. The one class with a decent view and we’re stuck in the third row.”

“Jesus, Prof is dreamy. This is my fourth class with him and I’m not even a history major.”

The other girl laughs. “He’s why I’m a history major,” she says.

Steve wants to laugh, but keeps it to himself. Maybe he would be a little more excited about the prospect of a dreamy professor if he were a little younger, but he’s older now. More mature. Crushing on the professor seems like a cute thing to do when you’re young, though, and he can’t blame the women (or apparently the entire front row) for having a little fun.

He readies his computer and focuses on preparing a Word document. He doesn’t even notice that the professor entered the room until he’s standing at the podium and starting to speak.

In a very familiar voice.

“Welcome to the History of World War II. I’m Professor Barnes, your sergeant for the rest of the semester—“ While the rest of the class giggles Steve feels the blood drain from his face. “And I…” Professor Barnes — Bucky — looks up and locks eyes with Steve. “Steve?” he chokes out and the class all swivel their heads, trying to find whoever it is Steve is.

Steve sinks down in his seat.

It’s going to be a long semester.

Linkin Park Memory

I was front row in the pit and you were singing my favorite song at the time (Numb) and I had my hand outstretched towards you as I belted the lyrics like my life depended on it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think you would take my hand but you did and you sang the lyrics to me and I was so happy in that moment. You even put the microphone to my mouth so I could sing, and you had no clue that that night you saved me by just being yourself.

I’m so heartbroken that you’re gone but I’ll always have the memories that you and your music have provided. Thank you for always being there when nobody else was.


Honey, we rose up from the dead, we do it all the time …  @taylorswift @taylornation @bmlg @tree-paine

Back row (left to right):

@becauseoftswift promises to … Stand there like a ghost (shaking from the rain)

@ts1989fanatic Oh, I’m holding my breath

@butterfliesturnedtodust89 Say you’ll remember me …

@swiftthisway And I can’t breathe …

Front row (left to right):

@worldsoldestswiftie Dying to see how this one ends.

@kclark3030 … can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she’s dead!

@michellemust Wondering if I dodged a bullet … she didn’t.

he’s both; my bestfriend and my boyfriend

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member: lai guanlin
genre: fluff
summary: you were always known as the “tomboy” playing basketball with the guys and your best friend was lai guanlin who of course you liked but you knew he would never like you in that way. how could you? the tomboy? well one late night, a shooting contest and a broken high heel is the answer to all your questions.
requested: yes

  • you were part of the basketball team and guess what, you were the only girl in the team
  • you were definitely one of the best players in the team which is why you got in the first place 
  • a lot of the guys protested at first but after seeing you beat basically all of them which led to you just teasing and smirking at them they became glad you were on the team 
  • all the guys basically treated you like one of them
  • they would always call you bro and dude and basically in their eyes you were a guy
  • you weren’t the most feminine girl you admit and you really didn’t care about your appearance that much
  • but you weren’t THAT bad
  • you were good friends with all the guys there but you were close with guanlin in particular
  • you guys became best friends when everyone had a goal shooting competition and you won even beating guanlin the best shooter in the team 
  • before you, of course
  • he was so upset but you cheered him up by getting fast food for him at like 11pm because it was a really late practice
  • you guys became playfully competitive and always tried to score more goals than the other
  • both of you had a lot of classes together so you guys would always do your homework together, complain about school and spend a lot of time together
  • so eventually you became so close and ended up being best friends 
  • guanlin was super popular with all the girls but he was always so shy and cold around them that he got nicknamed “the cold handsome prince”
  • you both found it quite amusing
  • you always laughed and giggled when he got a confession because he always looked so unsure and flustered but everytime he’d reject the girl
  • and everytime he did your heart soared a little bit
  • you never knew why he always rejected all the gorgeous popular girls who were all cheerleaders, pretty, smart, girly and always looked good
  • and hung out with you, the school’s tomboy 
  • you were known as the school’s tomboy always playing basketball with the guys
  • wearing sweatpants and sport shirts
  • you had a nice, warm and down to earth personality but a sharp tongue and quick wit 
  • and you didn’t take anyone’s bullshit especially the girls who tried to bully you for hanging out with guanlin
  • that ended really badly, you ended up verbally sparing with them, and of course winning embarassing them in front of the whole school when they tried to bully you in front of everyone 
  • and when guanlin found out he was literally about to just beat them to a pulp completely disregarding the fact he might get suspended and you convinced him not to, instead 
  • he basically paid someone to “accidentally” get their cafeteria’s lunch all over the girls clothes and hair
  • it was hilairous for you at least, definitely not the girls 
  • anyways unfortunately for you being the school tomboy and one of the “guys” is not always the best
  • especially when you have a huge crush on your best friend
  • how could you not?
  • guanlin was so sweet, caring, funny and gorgeous
  • he always took care of you making sure you get enough sleep
  • giving you a cup of coffee when you’ve had a rough night
  • lending you his jacket when you’re cold
  • calming you down before a game or a test
  • he was so sweet and kind towards you
  • you couldn’t help but fall for him big time
  • but you knew he saw you as just as one of the guys in a way like his sister
  • being protective when other guys make a move and when you demanded him to explain he would always tell you that they weren’t good enough for you
  • one instance there was a sunbae in your team called min yoongi he asked you out to watch a basketball game with him and you were going to accept because yoongi was a great guy and you could totally see yourself liking him i love yoongi sm
  • guanlin just before you said yes interrupted saying extremely coldly a bit pissed off even “no, she can’t go since i already got front row tickets for both of us” he wrapped his arm around you protectively
  • your heart fluttered is he jealous? you thought, of course not you chided yourself why would he like you??
  • “wait what, guanlin you never told me” you said confused
  • ”i was going to surprise you, sorry” he said sheepishly
  • ”oh well, i’m sorry yoongi-ssi maybe next time?” you said apologetically
  • he smiled very relaxed “sure, y/n-ssi but i think someone might not like it” he ended the comment with a wink
  • you were perplexed cause you/me/everyone reading is a bloody idiot
  • you always wished and hoped that he might like you back but you never thought he ever would
  • so you tried to not to think about it and never show any signs that you actually like him
  • it was so hard to be in love with your best friend especially when he would never be yours
  • but you never noticed the longing looks he’d give you
  • hugging you a bit longer and tighter than any other girl
  • smiling his adorable gummy smile whenever you score cause he’s proud his girl did that
  • super protective over you 
  • lmao wish guys like this existed in real life
  • always so jealous of the guys who can be super flirty with you
  • he’s always liked you since the first time you beat him at the goal shooting contest
  • and unluckily he ended up in the best friend zone
  • he’s tried everything and always took care of you but you’d always take it as a friendly gesture
  • because you were so oblivious to how he feels he thinks that you had no interest in him at all
  • both of you struggling with your feelings having no idea you like each other
  • forgive me for making this infuriating cause of their cluelessness but it’s adorable 
  • anyways it was the final game of the league and all of the team was so nervous
  • you kept fidgeting and bouncing up and down, looking like you were either gonna throw a chair, do a happy dance and sob all at the same time
  • guanlin surprisingly hugged you and whispered in your ear “we’re gonna win, we’ve worked so hard”
  • you hugged him back tightly enjoying the feeling of warmth and safety in his arms
  • luckily you guys won the final and you were so happy because you scored the winning goal but guanlin was your amazing assist
  • as the timer beeped signaling the game ended 
  • you basically ran into guanlin’s arms and he spun you around and then lifted you up onto his and daniel’s shoulders
  • with everyone cheering your name
  • it was an amazing night for you and to top it all off 
  • for celebration your coach said he would take you all out to his sister’s super fancy restaurant so he said to dress up
  • and damn all the guys looked so good in fitted suits
  • your eyes couldn’t help but just stare at guanlin the suit making him look more taller, his shoulders broader, and just all his gorgeous facial features pronounced
  • he looked like some sort of model your heart couldn’t help but flutter at the sight of him
  • you didn’t really notice all the guys staring at you really intently until they asked
  • ”woah, y/n is that really you?”
  • ”of course it’s me who else would it be?” you say feeling conscious of how you looked like
  • you touch your hair it’s so much softer and silkier than usual down in pretty waves instead of the harsh ponytail you always wear
  • you smooth out your gorgeous dress which was fitted strapless dress with a flowy bottom which came just above the knees
  • ”you look beautiful!” all the guys say super kindly
  • you blush and reply “thanks guys, you all look handsome too”
  • guanlin is staring at you in absolute adoration but of course you don’t notice yes you’re blind don’t mind yourself ;)
  • anyways you guys start eating dinner and you’re talking to jinyoung about this girl he likes but he can never talk to her so he acts like a dick to her (*hint* *hint*)
  • across the table guanlin in complaining to his hyungs
  • ”wow y/n looks amazing, i wish i could tell her but she’ll probably think i’m a creep, ughhhh” he’d complain to daniel who’s shovelling food into his mouth
  • with his mouth full of food he’d say “just confess and ask her out i’m sure she likes you”
  • ”ew hyung gross, don’t speak with your mouth full” daehwi would complain
  • ”yah! guanlin-ah just confess literally everyone can see how much you guys like each other except for you two” jihoon would say
  • ”yeah yeah yeah maybe” guanlin would respond dismissively thinking his hyungs wanted to embarrass him in front of you and not that you actually like him
  • anyways dinner was really good and everyone has a fun time by the end of it your coach asked if you all could get back home safely
  • everyone nodded until jonghyun suddenly said “someone needs to go with y/n it’s really late and i want her to be safe”
  • you smile appreciatively, jonghyun was an older brother to you but you shook your head saying
  • ”nah it’s okay i get home by myself on really late practices as well”
  • all the guys refused
  • you were dumbfounded “i appreciate it guys but why do you guys care so much, you guys never did before???”
  • then of course seongwoo made a cheeky side comment “it’s cause you actually like a lady for once” he said with a warm smile so you know he’s joking
  • you shove him playfully back in response
  • ”don’t worry about it hyungs i’ll take her home” guanlin said with a reassuring smile at you
  • your heart fluttered again as it always does when guanlin smiled his adorable gummy smile
  • you guys left saying goodbyes to everyone
  • everyone kept whispering stuff to guanlin who always ended up groaning
  • you’ll later learn the guys even including your coach set this thing all up so guanlin could finally confess to you
  • which you laughed your head off for 10 minutes because your 48 year old coach was the one who actually suggested the idea because he was so sick of you guys not getting together
  • anyways
  • you guys talk comfortably the whole time back to your house
  • you get cold half way walking you start shivering until you feel something big and warm around your shoulders
  • it’s guanlin’s blazer
  • he rubs the back of his neck nervously saying “you looked cold and i’m not cold and i didn’t want you to catch a cold, i said cold a lot of times didn’t i? he ended with an awkward chuckle
  • your heart warms and you wrap the jacket tighter around you and thank guanlin sweetly for it
  • you spot a park with an empty basketball court and a basketball in the corner
  • you tug at guanlin’s shirt and exclaim loudly while pointing at him excitedly 
  • he groans and whines “but you alwayssss win do you really want to hurt my ego. AGAIN.”
  • “oh come on i’m wearing these shoes i don’t think i can win” you said showing off your black stiletto heels
  • he knew you had to jump when you shoot a goal and his competitive side got the best of him so he agreed
  • bad idea you ended up winning by one point
  • he was in the lead the first few rounds but you ended up getting so pissed off at your heels you threw them to the edge of the court so you could play bare feet
  • guanlin face fell when he saw you take them off
  • you then proceeded into shooting a spectacular 3 pointer and smirked at him
  • guanlin just put his head in his hands and ruffled his hair annoyed
  • as you shoot the last goal making you 30 points and him 29 you scream in delight
  • running around shouting “I WON, I WON”
  • after you calmed down a bit, you went over to comfort him because he looked a bit upset
  • “guanlin-ahh cheer up, i might be the better goal shooter but we all know you’re a better defender and dribbler than i am so cheer up” you saw sweetly
  • “yeah i know you always beat me in shooting contests, that’s one of the reasons why i fell for you, you know the first shooting cont-” guanlin abruptly stops his sentence and his eyes widen looking at you extremely flustered and anxiously
  • your mouth is wide open, you’re not sure you heard it right but
  • your brain just goes completely haywire 
  • and all the feelings for him that you have feel like they’re going to burst out of your chest at any second
  • before you can make a complete fool out of yourself and blurt out your own confession
  • guanlin does before you 
  • “oh shit shit shit ummmm i was supposed to confess more romantically like at your door step or something and like be a gentleman, at least that’s what minhyun said” he rambles and before you can say anything he continues
  • “uhhh so basically i’ve been in love with you since our first shooting contest, my confidence was so low but you cheered me up and was so sweet to me even buying me fast food”
  • “i remember you asking me near the end of the night what type of girl i liked and the only answer i could think was, y-you.” he stammered cutely 
  • “and that’s the only answer it’s been since then and like i totally understand if you don’t like me and like i know it might be awkward but we could still be best friends?” he rambled and ended so uncertainly
  • you smiled at him and said softly “guanlin you’re only going to be my best friend” and you could see his face falling and you couldn’t help but blurt the rest of your sentence out seeing his heartbroken face
  • “AND MY BOYFRIEND” you say beaming in delight
  • his face light up “actually?!” he exclaims
  • “mhmm, i’ve liked you since that night as well you know” you end with a laugh
  • and before you know it you had the most safe, familiar and warm pair of arms around you
  • as you snuggled into his chest and you automatically knew he was home
  • you guys walk hand in hand back to your house talking about your feelings and why you guys hid it from each other
  • until as you were walking with only three blocks to go your heel broke
  • you groan and take of both shoes and was about to start walking again
  • and SWOOP you’re lifted into guanlin’s arms bridal style and your face was so close your noses were nearly touching
  • he told you 
  • “i love you, y/n which mean i need to take care of you and if that means carrying you all the way to your home because your heels broke that’s what i’ll do” he says with a chuckle showcasing his adorable dimples and gorgeous gummy smile
  • your heart melts like fondue and you sweetly peck him on the cheek 
  • ‘thank you and i love you too, guanlin”
  • you lean your head onto his chest and just feeling like a princess
  • he whispers cheesy pick up lines and jokes to make you giggle as he walks to your house
  • as you reach your front door he lets you gently down and jokingly bows
  • “i was glad to be able to serve my princess” he says cheekily making you shove him lightly while chuckling
  • “thank you so much, my prince charming” you say with a curtsey 
  • you guys burst out laughing 
  • suddenly he cups your cheek and slowly leans forward  that went from 0-100 quick
  • you close your eyes waiting for his soft lips to reach yours
  • something you’ve wanted to forever
  • and your lips meet cautiously and the kiss is so soft, sweet and smooth just like honey 
  • you can feel him smiling a little as he’s kissing you and a little bit of you died
  • and kisses you even deeper while bringing you closer to him
  • you guys break apart 
  • you’re steadying your heart rate and trying to ignore the tingling on your lips 
  • you whisper softly “goodnight guanlin, thank you for always being my prince charming, sweet dreams” you say cheesily 
  • “goodnight y/n, remember you’ll always be my princess, dream of me” he said softly kissing you on the forehead
  • you enter into your house as he leaves
  • and your mum is there leaning against the wall smirking
  • you groan, you know she saw/heard everything but suprisingly she only asks one question 
  • “so what is guanlin now to you, your best friend or your boyfriend”
  • you say while smiling “both, he’ll always be both, my boyfriend and my best friend” 

OKAY DON’T HATE ME FOR MAKING ANOTHER BASKETBALL GUANLIN SCENARIO IT WAS REQUESTED!! I tried to make it as different as possible, sorry if this was too much like last time :( also it’s pretty messy and all over the place so sorryyy. I still hope you guys enjoyed it! Just to let everyone know I made a masterlist so all the scenarios will be easily accesible. Anyways again thank you so much for the overwhelming amount of love and support. Don’t be afraid to message me, i’d love to talk to any of you guys!

My first concert.

I screamed at the sight of my favourite band, not because I feared for my life.

I cried because I had front row seats, not because I saw bloody bodies.

My ears rang because the music was so loud, not because an explosion hurt them.

The innocence of a first concert has now been stolen from us.

—  My thoughts are with all families and friends who have been affected by the attack. Ariana, it is unimaginable how you must feel and to the rest of the world today we mourn.