there’s nothing wrong with being wrong.

some of us grow up thinking if you didn’t do something right or your opinion turned out to be incorrect, that’s it.  your value as a person is damaged.  you are inferior to the rest of the population.

well, you’re not. it’s okay not to get it right on the first try.  and it’s hard to really feel that instead of just thinking the words, but it is true.

I guess tumblr really doesn’t care if it isn’t about the US

There’s a migration crisis going on right now in Europe, about 350.000 people from Syria, Afghanistan, etc have come to Europe through rubber boats (which aren’t safe at all) because there is war going on in their countries. About two thousand people have already died at sea. The governments all over Europe don’t know what to do and are basically fighting about who gets more refugees and who doesn’t. These people, they need help. They are camping at the borders (Calais - between France and the UK and Greece p.ex.) and they need help - clothes, food, everything that’s useful they need it, and most importantly, they need a new home.

Here are some websites to raise donations:

Donate to help the children of Syria - Unicef 

Aylan Kurdi

Child Refugee Crisis 

If You Want to Volunteer to Help 

Refugee Council 

Donate to Save the Children 

Médecins Sans Frontieres

suited jobs for each type
  • INTJ:Surgeon, microbiologist, software designer, judge
  • INTP:Psychiatrist, college professor, medical scientist, mathematician
  • ENTP:Director, reporter, entrepreneur, real estate agent
  • ENTJ:Physician, engineer, executive, attorney,
  • ENFJ:Teacher, minister, public relations specialist, health educator
  • INFJ:School counselor, writer, pediatrician, veterinarian
  • INFP:Psychologist, librarian, author, fine artist
  • ENFP:Travel writer, preschool teacher, landscape artist, recreational therapist
  • ESFP:Receptionist, bartender, customer service rep, recreation director
  • ISFP:Jeweler, equipment repairer, veterinary technician, surveyor
  • ISFJ:Social worker, kindergarten teacher, bookkeeper, executive assistant
  • ESFJ:Registered nurse, cosmetologist, elementary teacher, nutritionist
  • ESTJ:Chef, Insurance Agent, school administrator, general manager
  • ISTJ:Accountant, systems administrator, accountant, systems analyst
  • ISTP:Computer hardware engineer, mechanic, police officer, operations analyst
  • ESTP:Military officer, financial adviser, police detective, building contractor

RIP Kamui


* the app changes are confusing to me but I probably just need to get used to them. I see people with really valid concerns and people that love it. I hope things change in a way that is helpful. honestly my biggest annoyance is that since the update the app keeps crashing on my phone and that is so irritating. also if something changes I wish it would include the ability to edit audio posts in my drafts.

* my coworkers just started talking about college football and I was thinking how I haven’t been paying attention don’t even know anything about the Ducks this year and then I realized that’s because mom was the only one who cared about the Ducks and she died at the beginning of last season which reminded me that the anniversary of her death is like 11 days away and I don’t know how I feel or should feel.

* that escalated quickly. I don’t think I have 5 things to talk about. this is why I never do these things. my work is always really hard but this week was extra hard and heartbreaking and my personal life is really hard and I just feel unbearably worn out. but I get a three day weekend and that’s something. plus the kiddo will be with friends Sunday and Monday.

* speaking of the kiddo, I’ve mentioned this in tags but not openly yet, the kiddo is currently going by the name Kai and female pronouns and we’re working on getting her on testosterone blockers. she’s also very much a teenager and that in itself is exhausting.

* I get to see jennhoney soon and that makes me so happy.

made it to 5. xoxoxoxo