I’m down for almost anything kylux but can I just say I am ALL IN for top hux and subby kylo. hear me out. 

kylo is a mess. he may be powerful but deep down he craves approval and guidance. considering his mental space I can’t envision him bossing anybody around when it comes to intimacy. I can see him trying at first, but just ending up completely rolling over.

what kylo needs, hux has. if the supplementary materials to the movie are anything to go by, hux knows how to lead and take control without harsh, unfair discipline. if hux put his mind to it he’d have kylo eating out of the palm of his hand.

also, may I submit this gif for your consideration:

That feeling when your period comes early…


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I’m not religious but I keep praying you’ll change your mind.
I’m not an alcoholic but I keep staring at the bottom of empty bottles and remembering you in my arms.
I’m not a heavy smoker but now I’m smoking a pack every other day so that I can fill my lungs with something other than the space between you and me.
I’m not big on being touched by other people, it’s always made me uncomfortable.
But that was before I felt the touch of fingertips that no longer crave my skin.
it’s scary that people can fall out of love for the same reasons they fell in it.
I don’t think I’ll ever fall out of love with you.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a TFLN where the missus is complaining to Harry because there isn't any more ranch and pickle in the house? :)

Oh, yay. My first TFLN after a long while - thank you for requesting! :) If you’d like to request for one, you can send it into my ask box, as long as they are linked to the Wedding/Pregnancy Series. xx

Harry. Missus.

* *

I swear you eat everything in this house. Do you ever think about the fact you have a pregnant wife living with you? 

What have I done now? I’ve not eaten anything since last night. x

Do you even take into consideration that I’m carrying your baby and I’m having cravings that are shooting through the roof of this kitchen? Do you even understand that you can’t eat everything we buy at once? 

This is the second time you’ve done this this week, Harry. 

I’m sorry, love. That first time wasn’t me - you know that. Louis and Niall were after ice-cream and it was the only one we had in the freezer. Liam can back me up. x

He’s a multi-millionaire, just like you. He can buy his own. He has legs. He can walk to the shop and buy himself some.

What’s the matter, love? Why are you getting irritated? x



You’ve eaten my pickles and ranch, Harry. 

I swear deep down, I didn’t eat them. I threw them out. x

You threw them out!? Why the hell would you do that? Your baby is demanding them and I find out you’ve thrown them away. What kind of husband and baby daddy does that?

They ran out of date. I’m at the store buying you some more like the good husband and baby daddy I am. 

I’ve decided we need a few more groceries and I’m going to make dinner tonight. Just me and you. I’ve given up on getting hold of Grim - not answering his phone, as per usual! x

You suck. Screw you.

You’ll be screwing me later after the meal I cook for you. ;) 

I’m sorry, love. Give me about 10 more minutes. I’m just paying for them now. I’ll be back with you soon - but for now, you can devour yourself with that Nutella pot I was saving for pancake day. x

Nutella? x

Yes. I brought some the other day ready for pancake day tomorrow. I’m allowing you to open that until I get home, and then you can disgustingly eat pickles and ranch in front of me. x




You don’t suck anymore. x

I love you, baby. Save some for tomorrow, yeah? x

I can’t promise anything. :) x



I love you too, though. No matter what you do - and that includes throwing my pickles and ranch away. x

I am a strong-willed, independent woman but there are times when in the middle of the night, every particle of my being knocks on the walls of my flesh for release, wanting nothing more than to turn myself inside out, when my heart pleads to be freed from the cage I put it in. When alphabets don’t make any sense and words refuse to slip out like they normally do as if I was trying to write a language I never even knew. When I am constantly tossing and turning in my bed trying to find that perfect balance of hot and cold, when all I need is two strong arms wrapped around my waist with my legs on his thighs and my hand resting on a heart that I could finally call ‘home’.
—  Cravings (thelegolepticsoul)
no one is ever the same thing again after anything

i have the worst headache that not even two coffees will cure (coffee doesn’t always cure headaches? what the fuck is that about???) so I had to abruptly stop writing this thing I was working on because all I want to do is apply constant pressure to my eyes and whine about how my gulf-coast made body is not built to handle single degree temperatures. the snow is pretty though. I smile a lot when I drive in it even though internally I’m sobbing about being cold and how unreliable the roads feel. I keep driving in it because I get free coffees almost every day, sometimes several times a day, and because I crave interaction in a way my teenage self would be utterly shocked about. I start my new job soon. I’m so closed to being finished with Infinite Jest, and every time I want to talk about it I feel burdened by either how much I want to say or how I just don’t really know how to say it. Lately I have been almost exclusively eating peanut butter sandwiches with the tiniest bit of strawberry jam. I am still listening to songs I like on repeat until I get sick of them. I am still constantly re-watching the same episodes of tv shows that I know by heart. I got told my hair was beautiful the other day and then later a very tiny spider slowly descended from it as I was in a public restroom and I just said “Okay” out loud.  Boys who are roughly 19 or so flirt with me lately and I don’t think they realize I’m like a good five years older than them and I don’t know why that’s something that occurs to me or what it even means to me. I am for some reason very moved when people tell me that I smell good. My husband is making grilled cheese sandwiches and sweet potato fries for dinner and I am looking forward to it–he makes the best grilled cheese. I can’t wait for summer. I’m at a point in my life again where I don’t feel embarrassed about showing my limbs and etc. For the last two years I had a very strange relationship w/ my body that is complicated and that I don’t talk about with many people, especially because if I started to it was always met with how “ideal” my body was and like w/e the fuck that means especially w/r/t my relationship towards it. I want a very foamy beer right now. I want it to be april and I want to be eating crawfish with my parents in our giant, beautiful backyard where the trees hang above in a way that would maybe feel threatening if it wasn’t so beautiful. my compulsions have started to bend themselves into something functional. sometimes the progress you want isn’t the progress that you have and you’ve got to figure out how to reconcile that with yourself. sometimes healing is contextual. I can’t believe I wrote this whole fucking thing right after I felt like I had to quit writing the piece I was working on because my head feels split. I’m working on being less derisive. I’m working on being terrifyingly sincere. When people ask my age and I tell them that I’m about to be 25 it doesn’t scare the shit out of me anymore.

Aphrodite Pandemos,
Whose love encompasses and enraptures all,
Fill this place with your presence and listen to my prayers,
Sweet goddess!

My lips are cracked,
And only you hold the balm to heal them.
My skin longs for your touch,
To be enveloped by the beauty which you possess.
Aphrodite, I crave my own love,
To see myself in a soft and pleasing light!
I ask for you to heal the cracks in the mirror I use,
And to bring words of kindness to my mind.

Strengthen me,
Give me power to believe and be confident.
I am feeling lost among this chaos,
I desire your favour and divine help.

Sea-born daughter,
I plead and pray to you!



“Prayer to Aphrodite”