The New Wave is often criticized for its lack of experience. It is obviously made of people from all over. There are among them assistants, screenwriters, but there are also people like me who had done nothing more than write in Cahiers and see thousands of films. I saw some films fourteen or sixteen times, like The Rules of the Game or The Golden Coach. But I believe there is a way to see films without being bored, without them being too studious, that can make up an apprenticeship perhaps more professional even than the job of an assistant director. In fact, the assistant is a boy who would indeed want to see how films are made, but who is constantly prevented from doing so because one sends him on errands while the important things take place…While at the movies, well, when one watches a film, when one rewatches a film for the tenth time, a film one knows by heart, when one even knows the dialogue and music by heart, one begins to see how it is made. I believe one learns much more there.

François Truffaut