I joined Twitter!

I know every person and their cat has a Twitter and I’ve had a personal one before, but never actually used it because I have no idea how! Yes, I’m old, don’t judge LOL

Anywho, I felt like it was time to get myself a Twitter … is that what it’s called? I don’t know, I feel so old. I only really made it so I could keep up with and tweet at the gurus but feel free to follow me if you like, tbh though it’s probably going to be boring and I might never use it LOL

Also, WildlyMiniautreSandwich as a Twitter handle was way too long as was most of the ways I usually shorten it (WildMiniSandwich, MiniatureSandwich, etc) and if they weren’t too long, like WMS, they were already taken =( I ended up having to settle for WMSandwich and I don’t like it. Stupid long name. So if anyone has any ideas for a better name, toss them at me!

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Could you do L, Mello reading their s/O's diary without permission. (Everytime you answer one I'll blow up your notifications up with like 20 more. Lol. Atleast I'll keep from being bored)

L: you walked back into your shared hotel room, holding L’s case files close to your chest. You noticed his head was quite low down as you approached from behind him, his eyes close to the desk before him.
Was he reading?
As you approached him closer you soon realised to your horror the familiar hard back of your very private diary being held precariously by the detective.
You let out a squeak of surprise and went to yank it from him but he turned his back to you.
“L that’s not supposed to be read by anyone!”
He glanced up at you, his eyes expressionless and unreadable as ever.
With one swift movement he shut the book and dangled it in front of him for you to take. You snatched it out of his hand quickly as if he could change his mind any second, cheeks dusted bright pink.
“Thank you”
You placed the case files in front of him a little rougher than usual and slumped into your chair beside him
“So…you think I’m cute?’ He voiced with a small smirk
"Shut up L!”

You sat down next to him with a small sigh, pulling out your phone when he cleared his throat in an exaggerated manner.
You scoffed at him, wondering what that was all about when he began reciting
“Dear diary, tonight Mello and I are supposed to spend some time together. I’m so excited as-”
Your head whipped around to him, blood draining from your face as you saw your very private diary balanced on his lap, an annoying smirk on his lips
You lunged at him, scrambling to grab the book from him but he was too quick. He was already standing, walking away as he continued announcing your thoughts to the empty apartment.
“‘I’ve missed him so much lately because he’s been working so much so I’m glad I’ll get to spend the whole evening with him and hopefully tomorrow too because I don’t think he’s working then either.’ Y/n that’s an absolutely unforgivable run on sentence, holy shit”
You ran at him again, jumping onto his back and clinging on like a little monkey. He threw his head back laughing and you seized your opportunity, snatching the diary from his grip. He wouldn’t wipe that stupid smirk off his face
“Fuck you Mello!”
“Love you too babe!”

sometimes I get so sad out of nowhere and I can’t bring myself to socialize with anyone bc I don’t wanna bore them or feel like a burden lol

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HEY maybe mayhaps consider this pal im ace because of a lot of trauma and shit i went through as a kid and honestly i dont really need to say anymore?? your'e disgusting and dont....rlly deserve oxygen lol

thats why im aro lol anyways what a boring death threat i give it a 2 for effort 😜


“I am not perfect. I’m not stick thin, I don’t have perfect teeth, perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect anything. I get insecure, self conscious, I’m awkward, I’ve had more embarrassing moments on national TV than I have fingers. And that’s okay. You are all so beautiful. And I really hope you realize it. But I’ve learned that it’s insignificant whether or not other people love you or accept you, YOU have to love and accept yourself. It’s okay not to be perfect. Your imperfections are what make you YOU. And at the end of the day, people like real people, flaws and all. At least I do. And I believe in you .”

the signs as shoegaze songs

aries: vapour trail-ride

taurus: HW:R-true widow

gemini: just like honey-the jesus and mary chain

cancer: sometimes-my bloody valentine

leo: breather-chapterhouse

virgo: half life-pale saints

libra: the garden-tamaryn

scorpio: hare tarot lies-no joy

sagittarius: catch the breeze-slowdive 

capricorn: rip-ringo deathstarr

aquarius: 23-blonde redhead

pisces: evergreen-the brian jonestown massacre