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Please excuse my face the 5sos shirt and that I’m basically in the same position, I’m not a selfie taker guys

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I'm bored💕😬

a/ what’s your favorite memory with someone you consider family?

b/ have you ever wanted something for a long amount of time? what was it?

c/ what’s the weirdest prank call you’ve ever made?

d/ what makes you excited?

e/ do you ever talk to inanimate objects?

f/ the nicest compliment you’ve ever received is?

g/ do you trust any specific person with your life?

h/ do you have any pets? what are there names? if you don’t have any what kind of animal do you want and what would you name it?

i/ what’s the best comeback to “you’re ugly” that you have up your sleeve?

j/ what’s your favorite abbreviation?

k/ do you have a specific texting style?

l/ why do you live where you live?

m/ favorite place to get coffee?

n/ what’s something you strongly agree with?

o/ what’s something you strongly disagree with?

p/ do you play sports? if so, what sport?

q/ do you like slang?

r/ what are some of your hobbies?

s/ what’s your goal for this year?

t/ have you ever been out of the country you live in?

u/ what’s your favorite emoji?

v/ if you could live as a book character what book & character would it be?

w/ why did you join tumblr/make this blog?

x/ what’re your 3 favorite blogs on tumblr?

y/ do you play any instruments?

z/ ~anything~

studyblr printables package !

hey guys, so i was bored and decided it’d be fun to make some printables that you guys could use to help you get those A’s, since everyone’s kinda going back to school [but even if you’re not you could use them when you do start]. please note that i’ve never done anything like this, so i know they might not be the greatest, please constructive criticism only! i worked really hard on these and i didn’t watermark any of them so you guys have a nice sleek look lol yeah, so please don’t share them as your own. also if anyone wants a certain theme or colour! message me and i’ll be sure to readjust it to your liking.

anyways i’m gonna list each one

preview ^

assignments/tests tracker - track your assignments/tests and what grades you got on them so you can refer to this sheet when you are ; studying for exams/finals so you can see what you need to study more of, making a study plan, questioning what your average might be, teacher makes an error inputting a mark for an assignment and you can correct her in a very organized manner 

preview ^

fill-it-yourself class schedule template - fill out this out and tape it to your locker or keep it with you during school hours so you'll always know what time and where to go for class! [especially handy on first couple of days/weeks of school!]

preview ^

grade tracker - same idea as assignment tracker but different style/layout

preview ^ **only 2 pages [this one was hard and kinda crap to make cause i used microsoft word which i don't think is the proper program whoops]

“my weekly plan” - track your school week and motivate yourself with your own organizational skills!

preview ^

project planner - self explanatory lol plan yo school stuff !

preview ^

reading log - track your school reading or even your at-home independent reads!


and last but not least…

preview ^

september 2015 - december 2016 monthly calendars!


hope you guys all enjoyed these, i had fun making them, and maybe possibly if the response is positive n good this will become a yearly thing??? hopefully improving my skills yikes :$

SO i’m super bored

nvm mind that i have an AP chem test on friday….let’s have some fun!

to anyone and everyone (you don’t have to be following me or be mutuals!!)

plsssssPLSSS request an OC for me to draw
honestly, i’m tired of redrawing my own ocs (sounds stupid ik) and i want some new designs to test out my art style with >w>
so all u have to do isss
1.reblog this and attach a picture of the oc you want me to sketch ^^

that being said, this might take me awhile so please do not nag me, but u can request updates of your drawing
here’s an example of what one might look like 
(this is my oc abel)

anonymous asked:

the most slutiest I've ever felt was one time I was so bored I accept this guy I barely know invitation to fuck, so he told me to go to his house but somehow his mom was there and we ended up in a really cheap motel and we did it like for 2 hours and at the end his cum ended up in my eye and well did you know it burns as hell? now u do

hahahahaha it does haha god

i need snk season two. i’ve been reblogging variations of the same 10 anime scenes for almost two years now and it is driving me insane. i get it. the world is cruel and also very beautiful. eren and armin want to see the ocean and the outside world. i get it. levi’s squad died and it was sad. i get it. we are so thoroughly out of material it it driving me up a wall. possibly up many walls. maybe even wall maria.

so after seeing the posts from bethaboolou unintentionalarry saracha33 glitterlarents about the babygate three week cycle i started wondering if the three week cycle was a popular PR strategy and whether or not it was a thing that actually existed as a media campaign.

so i decided to some research.

i immediately thought of the article that proved we weren’t crazy by talking all about seeding and the push/pull theories and went back to that article but there was nothing. so i decided to retry some google searches and i landed on something a bit interesting 

i stumbled across this article titled “The Scandal Attention Cycle” and my interest was piqued

basically there’s something that a Columbia University professor calls the “Scandal Attention Cycle” that happens with public issues such as gun control, and terrorism (and racism and basically any scandal that causes political and social uproar) and it’s based on the “issue attention cycle” which was coined by an economist about ecology. basically its a big mouthful mess but here it is simply:

people don’t pay attention to one thing for long. the public (and the media!) is greatly interested in a topic right while it happens and then the interest tapers until it drops completely off. however, most of time clarification or even new facts come out after the scandal, but no one cares because the general interest is gone. 

 they even used a chart to describe it!

so here they’re trying to say once there was new information being reported, the interest was already dropped off from the initial surge of the scandal. 

but look at where the reporting really drops off (hint: it’s right about three weeks!!!

so overall, the general public is finicky and they like their news relevant and they don’t tend to pay attention once new news is brought into the scandal (keyword: if it is been a long time)

my conclusions from this?

Using the three week cycle to confirm the baby (and hopefully with this cycle to do something else with it) was used knowing that the general public can only pay attention for so long. they specifically reintroduced new information to both drag the story out, but  not long enough that the story would become irrelevant. In the simplest terms: they manipulated the attention of most people in order to make them pay attention to the story longer than they usually would.

plus here’s a little gem from another article i found while researching

in short, this team is fucking smart.