5SOS Preference #3: He falls asleep on you

Calum: The door opens and soon closes signaling that Calum had come home. “Hi Calum!” You shout from the couch, which was a slight bad idea because he comes trudging into the room. He mumbles a ‘hey’ and sits on the couch but soon falls over, putting his head in your lap.
“Long day?” You ask him smiling at the boy in your lap.
“Yeah, I hardly slept, woke up early, and it was a long day of writing with the boys.” He explains looking up at you.
“Aw I’m sorry baby,” you respond running your hand through his hair. “Just go to sleep I’ll wake you for food, okay?”
“That’s sounds good,” he mumbles already starting to fall asleep. You kiss his forehead, and soon you hear soft snores coming from him.

Michael: Michael managed to get you to pull an all nighter of video games. You were staying but Michael kept dosing off a little during Mario Kart 8.
“Michael you’re not going to fall asleep on me are you?”
“Nah nah I’m awake.” He tells you, but his head soon lays on your shoulder.
“Okay, okay, just don’t fall asleep on my shoulder Mikey.” However, you spoke too soon, Michael was already drooling on your shoulder and his muscles were relaxed. You kiss the top of his head softly and attempt to maneuver him off your shoulder and onto the bed. While putting a pillow under his head he wakes up.
“Yes, Mikey?”
“’m tried,” he slurs.
“I know just go to sleep.” You tell him while also getting in bed yourself.
“Goodnight.” He mumbles sweetly and half smiles.
“Goodnight Michael.” You chuckle as you both manage to fall asleep.

Luke: You were on tour with the boys and with all the performing and flying to place to place, really messed with all your sleep schedules. You kind of watching a movie, but you were mainly watching Luke who kept dosing off, but he was trying his hardest to stay awake.
“Lukey?” You inquire as he’s trying to find a comfortable position to finally go to sleep.
“Yeah?” He asks stopping what he was doing.
“Tired?” He nods his head slightly, “come here.” You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him down to the pillow that you put on your shoulder for him.
“Thanks Baby.” He says before falling asleep.

Ashton: Waking up this morning, you could already tell that he was in a 'clingy’ which means that he would not let you leave the bed, unless if it was to get food or use the bathroom. However, you had plans with a friend in the evening and you really didn’t wasn’t to leave him, especially when he was being extra  cute today. You were watching a movie with Ashton, and he had decided to lay in between you legs with his head on your abdomen. Apparently this was very comfortable for him, because he had fallen asleep. Once you notice this, you text your friend saying that you had 'important matters to attend to.’

Sorry that Ashton’s was bad and I finally thought of something be proud


Normally when I wake up it’s like a cloud of sentences tangled together. This time it was a void with a single sentence in it. It felt simple and clean and peaceful.

Before I fell asleep I was being held, which replaced the world for me and allowed me to wake up in a different way than if I woke up in the world. Before this I had an idea for a qame where you’re a snake-oil peddler who travels from town to town trying to sell as much elixir as possible before getting thrown out. You can water down the elixir to save money or dilute it with shit like turpentine to make it seem healthy and purgative, but you’ll probably kill a bunch of people but that’s okay, there’s a million infinitely generated towns. Don’t get run out of town on a rail. Also you get to say a lot of high-falutin’ banter about cure-alls and the wonders of this panacea which will cure woman or beast. That would be randomly generated too.

I read an article about how children with PTSD grow up to have health problems. A short story I wrote got accepted to a place but later I wrote and told them not to publish it because of the way they treat trans people. I’m writing more short stories about people who are weapons and a woman who lives at the bottom of a well. I wish there was a meadow adjoining my apartment like a closet, a dark meadow to run across, for all my friends to run across, when the city becomes too close.

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Hollence, Danny thought it was cute when Laura asked to be the big spoon one night, until the next morning when Danny woke up and tried to go to the bathroom only to discover that Laura was latched on like a Koala

You Hollence shippers have very cute short story ideas. <3

“Danny?” Laura spoke not much louder than a whisper, just in case the red head had fallen asleep already. She was curled up behind Laura, with her arm around the tiny girl’s middle.

“Yeah, sweetheart?”

“Could I- um, could I be the big spoon this time?”

Danny couldn’t help small laugh that came out, not because of Laura being so tiny and wanting to be the big spoon, but because she sounded so hesitant in asking. It was the most adorable thing Danny had yet to witness from her girlfriend. She leaned in to kiss Laura’s head as she spoke.

“Just because you’re the small one doesn’t mean you can’t be the big spoon.”

Danny rolled over and Laura followed suit. The red head pulled the blonde’s arms around her as her girlfriend situated herself behind her. Laura nuzzled her face into her girlfriend’s back and Danny could feel her smile.

“Thanks, babe.”

As Danny fell asleep she thought she could get used to being the small spoon.

The next morning, nature’s call woke the taller girl, but she found she was unable to move. The tiny blonde behind her had tangled her legs up with Danny’s and had wrapped her arms even more tightly around her middle. The red head tried to unwrap Laura from around her, but when she did the tiny girl unconsciously nuzzled closer. Danny then just tried to sit up, but the small girl’s grip didn’t give. So she gave in to her last resort, waking Laura.

“Laura.” she tried to wake her gently but the tiny blonde only latched more tightly and nope, Danny really had to pee so she pried herself quickly out of her girlfriend’s grip and ran to the bathroom. When she came back looking and feeling more relieved than she ever had, Laura was sitting up looking a bit sad and confused. The expression on her girlfriend’s face broke Danny’s heart a bit, so she walked over to sit next to her, reaching up to tuck a strand of blonde hair behind the girl’s ear.

“I’m sorry I woke you. I really had to pee and you had a pretty good vice grip on me whenever I tried to move.”

“I’m sorry.” Laura looked down sadly at her hands, twiddling her fingers thinking she had ruined being the big spoon. Danny was having none of that though, reaching out to lift the blonde’s chin to look at her.

“Hey, no. It was great babe. If I didn’t have to go to the bathroom, I would have loved having my Little Koala wrapped around me. You’re a great big spoon.”

A smile spread across Laura’s face as she asked, “Really?”

Danny smiled and nodded at her as she leans in to kiss her. “Really, really. In fact…” Danny laid back down with her back facing Laura. “Latch on.”

Laura was more than happy to oblige, kissing the back of Danny’s neck as she whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you more.” Danny responded as they both drifted to sleep.

Random OTP AUs because why not
  • You fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus/train/plane and you woke up while I was trying to take a photo of us to show my friends how cute you were. Well this is awkward.
  • Help my friend made me take her dog while she runs off to talk to a guy she spotted. I have never walked a dog in my life and I’m freaking out; You look quite competent with yours could you please help??
  • You’ve been wearing the exact same shirt but in slightly different colours each time I see you and it frustrates me but you also always look amazingly well coordinated how do you do that?
  • We made awkward eye contact while homophobes were loudly talking hate. We should so make out to annoy them
  • You got called outs of your work by a concerned customer to deal with a drunk person, but I’m not actually drunk; I was just having an animated conversation with a pigeon who won’t leave me and my sandwich alone help me out?
  • This is the third time I’ve seen you and your friend propose to each other to get free food in a restaurant so I decided to stand up and pretend to be your shocked and very upset partner, and I ended up getting us both permanently banned because you and your friend went along with it.
  • You’re a teacher on a school trip and I think you’re cute so I’m trying to subtly find out if you’re single or not but the kids won’t stop interrupting.
  • “There’s a car in the car park that parked near me and it’s the most DISGUSTING combination of lime green and orange it makes me want to throw u- wait that’s your car?”
  • I’m trying to return someone’s phone but you’re listed as X famous celebrity in their contacts and I needed to know if it was actually them (bonus points if it is actually them)
I Don't Do One Night Stands

Niall woke up to a pounding at his dorms door. He quickly realized that he 1) was not alone and 2) had slept with his best friend last night. Liam Payne, was still fucking asleep. Niall had no idea how he could still be sleeping with whoever it was knocking. It literally sounded like they were trying to break through the flimsy door.

“Niall Horan get your ass out of bed we need to talk!” Fuck, it was Louis. Louis Tomlinson was friends with both Liam and Niall. He knew if Lou found out there would be hell to pay for not only sleeping with someone but sleeping with one of their best friends.

“I’ll be there in a sec!” The Irishman was frantic. He quickly slapped Liam upside the head cause the older lad to jolt up. He looked down realizing both him and Liam were naked as Liam remembered what had happened last night.

“Hurry up Niall!” Tho older boy’s eyes widened at the realization of their exact situation.

“Get into the closet.” Niall whispered.

“Niall I’m not going to hide in your close-”

“Get in the fucking closet or so help me god I will shove you out that door butt naked to deal with Louis!” Liam got off the bed grabbing his boxers and shoving them on as Niall did the same. The blonde boy also grabbed a pair of joggers and threw those on before shoving Liam into his closet.

“You know it’s a bit ironic me hiding in the closet and all.” Liam said with a smirk.

“Just shut up and get in already!” Niall started to shove Liam’s clothes into his dirty laundry hamper so hopefully Louis wouldn’t notice them.

“Niall if you don’t open this fucking do-” the door swung open revealing not just Louis but Harry as well. “Well well well Mr. Horan where the hell did you run off to last night.” Louis asked suspiciously as he poked around Niall’s room looking for some sort of evidence.

“I just went off to my room to get some rest I haven’t been sleepin’ well these past few days ya know.”

“Sure you did, sure you did, except Harry here saw you leaving the party with someone care to explain little Nialler? Tell the defendant what you witnessed Haz.” Jesus Christ Louis really needed to cut down on the judge Judy.

“Urm, okay. I saw you leave the party with someone and I didn’t see who it was so Louis wants to know.”

“Come on Niall! Who did you hook up with! I bet Zayn 20 pounds that it was a boy so make me a rich man!” Of course they bet on who he went home with. Niall was openly bi with his friends, Liam was not bi, or at least Niall thought he wasn’t. Now it was less clear.

“Honestly Lou I didn’t go home with anybody I was so hammered that I woke up on the floor this morning!” Niall said making up some ridiculous lie. “Maybe you saw someone else who kinda looked like me Haz.”

“No it was you. You were singing very loudly as you left.” Harry quickly answered but Louis held up his hand as if to silence the younger lad.

“If you were all by yourself last night then you won’t mind if we poke around your room.” Louis challenged with one eyebrow raised.

“Of course not Lou.” Niall smiled. Louis nearly jumped down on the floor looking underneath Niall’s bed.

“Haz you check around here I’ll check in the Bathroom.” Harry reluctantly began to open some of Niall’s drawers as Louis ran to the bathroom. As Harry neared The closet Niall tensed. He began to open the closet door and peeked in before shutting it quickly.

“Harreh did you find anything!” Louis yelled returning from the bathroom.

“Nope.” Harry spoke rushed. Niall was shocked how had he not seen Liam? Or maybe he had and just decided not say anything. It didn’t matter all he knew was that they hadn’t found nothing, he was safe, right?

“Well Horan I will find out eventually who it was you left with but until then, I have another bet to settle. You don’t happen to know where Liam ran off to do you?” Well shit.

“Zayn swears on his life that Liam drunkenly told him he was gonna bang someone but there is no way that stick in the mud got some he’d be way too nervous about exams or something. Besides Liam’s so not the type to do one night stands.” Niall knew he had to think quickly.

“Actually I got a text from Liam this morning asking if I wanted anything from the shops he’s probably still there so you’ll have to wait till he gets back.” Niall knew he hadn’t controlled his voice very well but it was the only thing he could think of.

“Oh, okay thanks mate. See ya later.” Louis finally said dragging Harry out the door by his wrists.

“You can come out now Liam.” Niall said not moving from his spot. He heard the door creak open as Liam stepped out.

“How did Harry not see you?”

“I taped a condom right in front of the doors so he wouldn’t notice my feet behind the clothes.” Liam replied nonchalantly. Niall looked at the brown eyed boy bewildered.

“Where the hell did you find a condom?!”

“On the floor of your closet you really should clean up in there.”

“Whatever Li.” Niall went and laid down on his bed looking straight up at the ceiling. He felt the bed dip next to him and knew Liam was there.

“So…” Niall started. He shut his eyes in preparation for the “it was a one time thing” speech. However. He instead was shocked when a soft pair of lips crashed into his. He started to kiss back and ran his fingers up into Liam’s hair as the older boy readjusted so instead of laying awkwardly next to Niall he was on top of him. Liam pulled away looking down at The younger boy with lustful eyes.

“What was that for?” The blonde boy inquired.

“You heard Louis, I’m not the type for one night stands. Is that alright?”

“Oh god yes.” Niall yanked Liam back down and even Niall didn’t remember the first time they had sex he defiantly remembered the next few times.

The next morning Niall was in a lecture with Louis, Zayn, and Liam. Louis had been eyeing his neck all class.

“Niall, mate you’ve got at least like five love bites on your neck please don’t even try to tell me your not sleeping with someone.” Zayn noticed them too and began poking at the more visible ones.

“Damn Niall must’ve been one hell of a night.” The Irishman could practically feel Liam’s smirk.

“Oh it was. I swear, nicest ass I’ve ever seen.” The younger lad said causing Liam’s face to turn bright red. Niall was sporting his own smirk now. That’ll get Liam for making those damn bites so visible.

Supernatural Season 10 finale ideas: My thoughts and some crazy head canon shit I woke up with.
  • <p><b></b> SPOILERS!! Ye have been warned.<p/><b></b> Okay, so I fell asleep last night thinking about 'THE DARKNESS' the boys had just unleashed and woke up this morning super happy because I apparently sorted out all my feels out in my sleep. I actually woke up with a few lines from a different story stuck in my head.<p/><b></b> "For five hundred years it poisoned his mind; and in the gloom of Gollum's cave, it waited. Darkness crept back into the forests of the world. Rumor grew of a shadow in the East, whispers of a nameless fear, and the Ring of Power perceived. Its time had now come." Yep, Galadriel from the LOTR movies.<p/><b></b> Why? Because it seems to me, that this is what 'THE DARKNESS' has been doing all un-noticed, creeping back in for thousands of years and in lots of different ways. Ultimately, 'THE DARKNESS' in one form or another is what the boys have been fighting since day one. Only thing is that before it was just the little bits that had crept in, and this, now, is the whole enchilada.<p/><b></b> First thing, cleaning up this mess is something that could take the next 10 seasons if they wanted it to. Or it could be wrapped up in one season if the boys, the network and fandom want to call it quits. (Let's hope not, I want at least 13 seasons) 'THE DARKNESS' is potentially fricken infinite, and trying to bottle all that up could take quite a while. Not to mention first, finding a bottle capable of holding it and a way to keep it in there. It doesn't have to take one form, we've already seen it in lots of forms.<p/><b></b> Death said the MOC was lock and key and curse. So having the Mark is what made Lucifer into the crazy, loveable Archangel we all know. Okay, and having the Mark is also why God couldn't just kill Lucifer off, so probably feeling guilty but also needing to put Luci somewhere, God banishes him to Hell, where he gets to listen to 'THE DARKNESS' whispering to him through the Mark like a voice at a keyhole in a door. And he gets all sorts of wonderfully horrible ideas about corrupting God's precious humans.<p/><b></b> So Luci starts making Demons. If you think of Demons as human souls corrupted and twisted by darkness, well...more like 'THE DARKNESS', via the conduit of Lucifer. And after making demons like Lilith and Azazel and such, Luci decides to experiment again and gives (shares?) the Mark to Cain or maybe the Mark/Key suggested the idea to Lucifer, but I doubt he ever tells Cain what it really is. ((I'd say shares cause I don't think the bearer ever completely loses the connection to it. Cain shared it with Dean but it seems to me he still was connected to it and the blade...I will have to recheck this).I also am not sure Lucifer really knew all the details of the MOC. God was probably like "My most favored boy, brightest and strongest of all my archangels, I want you to guard this key thingy for me." and Luci, still a good obedient son, was like "Sure Pops, I am honored to be trusted with this great duty." And we all know where that lead. Death knew the whole thing, but well, He was Death.) Anyway, if you think about it this way, Demons are most likely a product of 'THE DARKNESS' and are quite possibly 'THE DARKNESS"s way of studying humans. And this is what I meant by the boys fighting 'THE DARKNESS' since day one.<p/><b></b> The other very obvious form we have seen are the Leviathans. They were basically what was left after God and His Archangels sealed The Darkness away, the flunkies, the left overs. So God tossed them in purgatory because He wasn't going to reopen the door sealed by the MOC just to shove them in with the rest. I'd also be willing to bet Eve-the-mother-of-all can be linked to the Darkness and so all the monster races are too.<p/><b></b> So now onto Season 11, what to do? If they do get more seasons beyond 11, then I think we will see various manifestations of The Darkness and like a hydra it will have many heads/forms. And we do seem to be a bit short on archangels, Raphael being splattered all over and Gabriel MAYBE dead. Metatron is human, evil, and really not an archangel, just an elevated scribe.<p/><b></b> But Micheal and Luci are still in the cage, right? so we just get them out and then there are two archangels, right, right?<p/><b></b> Wrong. I think of the Cage as the golden snitch and it has an inscription that says "I open at the last." The Darkness if it has intelligence, which we will assume like the Leviathans, it does, should NOT let Micheal and Lucifer out and should prevent the Cage from being opened at all costs. Lucifer may have been its tool but He's still an archangel and a potentially sane one with MOC out of play now. (and even insane, he still is not going to let anyone besides himself trash his Daddy's world.) So 'THE DARKNESS' can't risk Lucifer and Micheal getting out. It might even destroy them if it can. So the Cage, if needed, is something we shouldn't see opened till the LAST season, if ever.<p/><b></b> However, there is still the possibility of Gabriel being alive and well, either through his own trickery, or God rezzing him for standing up to Luci and siding with the humans. There is still God out there somewhere. I think next season, if all survive the premiere (which I think they will, though maybe not too well), I think we will probably see them dealing with Rowena, Metatron, the consequences of Death's demise and one or many manifestations of The Darkness. Team Free Will (possibly plus Crowley) will probably also be on even more on Heaven's shit list than they were after Cas broke Metatron out, made him mortal and then had him escape with the demon tablet(A fact Dean is still NOT aware of.) They might also start looking for God again. It is going to be a fine mess and I can't wait for October.<p/><b></b> So there it is, my two cents worth of ideas. It will be interesting to see what comes of all this.<p/><b> :</b> )<p/></p>
  • EDIT:TL:DR, 'THE DARKNESS' is a good thing because the best possible big bad left more awesome than Luci, Eve, Dick Roman etc. etc. would be the thing/things responsible for creating them. And it isn't a new beasty, but rather very very old. And it can be many things, very flexible, so I hope the writers get to really explore this and don't limit it right off.
  • Save the Cage until it is needed, don't rush to open it.
  • EDIT 2:When thinking about previous forms, I forgot the Croatoan Virus, is also probably a product of 'THE DARKNESS' in a catchy viral form. Maybe we will see a form of this again.
Doctor’s Notes #313: Mess in the clinic and back to the swamp

50 Season of the Phoenix 1328 AE.

Two days ago upon my return to the clinic I found that it had been nearly destroyed. The door, wall, and floor had large holes in them due to a battle with an assassin that was sent after Lady Ceri. Thankfully Televii’s bed was unharmed and Ceri was saved.

Televii woke up and ate for a bit, that’s a very good sign. She told us that “he” is getting tired and needs someone to close the gate. This apparently requires a “dream walker” and a blood rite. I have no idea where to find a dream walker. She then fell asleep and I followed suit not long after.

Yesterday morning I made my way back to the swamp to see what else I could learn about the black rose born. A few of them mentioned a rather large woman with one eye who Master Daegal was supposed to be delivered to. I’m not sure who this woman is, but perhaps Daegal will know. This woman would also force many of the black rose born to fight to the death for her entertainment. Hopefully I never see her while I’m out studying.

157 would occasionally send her sisters out on scouting missions to look for blood mages as well as Daegal. I suppose that’s why 157 allowed me to go back with her, she probably had no intention of my survival.

One thing that I noticed is that some of the more intelligent roses have a strange affinity with numbers to be used as names. These numbers don’t seem to have any relation to their birth into the population or anything, they don’t even know why it is that they do so.

One final thing that I took away from yesterday’s trip was that they seem to not only grow in intelligence with sentient blood, but they also seem to take on certain properties and sometimes the memories of those that the blood originates from. I wonder if I can find the ones that received my blood and study them.

Hopefully I can learn more soon.


I vaguely remember something happening when I was living with Booatrice last

I remember finding a book in her study after I’d fixed her music box, it was hidden inside a different book cover than the book itself, inside was some kind of memory spell I think and…I think I performed it.

I can’t really remember if I did or not

But something happened, I remember…a woman…

appearing from the pages…

She looked like Tiana…

And she told me

“I can return to you what you have lost, but are you prepared for what might come should you gain it?”

and after that I think…I think…it felt like I died again. I felt like I was floating, asleep yet conscious, dead but somehow still thinking.

And then I woke up in Belle’s bathtub, sans shark skeleton, no idea how I got there or where I’d been, but I could tell a lot of time had passed…and I could remember who I was before I died.

I don’t know if it really happened like that or not, but something happened…

Yesterday, I woke up after noon and started setting up my furniture. I finished the dresser that I’ll probably add lights into, the table and the two lights. I feel like I accomplished a lot yesterday.

I masturbated twice. Usually I don’t keep going, but I kind of fell asleep after the first round, and I woke up some time after and decided to go again before going back to bed.

I woke up early this morning and decided to work more on a game idea I’ve had. I keep getting excited thinking about it.

  • Sadness 0/5
  • Worried 0/5
  • Anxious 0/5
  • Stressed 0/5
  • Annoyed 0/5
  • Excited 3/5
  • Joyful 0/5
  • Horny 3/5
  • Social 0/5
  • Bored 0/5

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                          ★ - Do they prefer daytime or nighttime and why?
                                                                   meme | cxrrera

genie would prefer daytime. she’s been asleep most of her life therefore the night only reminds her of the years she lost out on. she also has a fear of the darkness, partially from when she woke up in the lab and had no idea what was happening. genie hasn’t developed enough to know that monsters aren’t real so she often will sleep with the lights on. it makes her feel safer.


So if I have time this summer im going to make this really cool building in minecraft. Its going to be through the middle of a mountain and the bottom three circles are going to be partially sticking out of the mountain, while the top three and top will be clearly above the mountain. I was asleep in the library and woke up and had the idea earlier today and started planning it after I came home from class. If i make it the dimensions i want it will take a long time though…
( on the second photo the red circle is the center pylon that will hold the stairs. The larger black circle is the diameter of one of the six circles. They are more plates than circles doh.)

I had a dream last night that left me melancholy.
The world was ending, we all knew it was going to happen at 7.53am but we had no idea how. We had gathered at home, the whole family, plus my good friend and my love. We all, one by one woke up about seven and started gathering in the livingroom.
At about half seven I went to see if my brother was going to join us. I didn’t know if he had planned to sleep through it, so if I found him asleep I was just going to look my last and leave him be. As it was he was awake and I coaxed him to join us downstairs.
It was at that point that my dad came home, having been away for work.
I opened the curtains to watch the failing stars but my dad closed them again as I sat down. We almost as one went to hug one another in turn. My mother was trembling, my friend outright crying and my dad laughing at our dramatics.
My brothers and I gathered on the sofa as we normally would and then the dream ended and I woke up slightly before my alarm, slightly before 8am…

I battled space angels with cool metal wings and the agent of glam rock as I flew around this mansion in the hunt for a dress that would give me magical powers over all of the cosmos. I was also 100% sure I had this dream and knew all the songs from it. Because yes it was a musical dream. (and the idea that you can’t read in your dreams is bullshit. Words were all normal)

I also spent a decent time in this dream trying to wake up. Mostly in the parts before that where I was going falling asleep, getting a snippit of dream, waking up and going back down over and over again.

Sleep sucks.

I woke up feeling much worse than I did when I went to sleep but my eyes are fully working together again so that’s good.

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When James fell asleep, it was after a good amount of crying, mind pondering the idea of Will fucking someone other than him. Why didn't Will break up with him, make it easier on both of them? There had to be some other reason as to why Will was letting other men use him other than Carter's future, after they had exchanged countless 'I love you's. That Will was his, and he was Will's. After everything Will put him through, James finally concluded that he didn't want a relationship, at all.

Will woke up to a fussing, squirming Carter, who seemed to be annoyed. “Whassamatter baby?” he cooed, trying to gauge if the boy was hungry, or needed a diaper change. Carter’s discomfort however, made Will realize he wanted James. Will sighed as he got up, and walked into their bedroom, putting Carter next to James on the bed. “He wanted you” Will said quietly, looking down at his feet. He let a few moments pass, as Carter got situated, and cuddled into his Daddy, before he whispered, “James, I love my son. Our s-son. I did this ‘cos it was fast, quick money”. Will took a breath, looking up as he didn’t allow any tears to fall. “I’ll stop, okay? I’ll stop ‘cos I love you. I don’t want you to work like a dog, it kills me James, it absolutely kills me to see you overworked. When Carter’s a bit older, and he’s in school, I’ll get a job, and we can get the money together, okay? I’m fucked up in the head James, but I’ll stop” he said, taking James’s hand in his. “I’ll stop, for you”. 

So last night a couple of us were watching a movie (Iceman - film about the life of Richard Kuklinski), and I fell asleep maybe ¾ of the way through it. When it was over Eric came and woke me up (sort of shook my shoulder), but when I woke up I looked up at him and I had no idea who he was. It was really terrifying. And then he sort of got me to get up, and so I went to our bedroom, and I just sort of stood there for a few minutes because I knew that I had a boyfriend and that he should be here, but I didn’t know who the boy was that woke me up. It took until he finished turning off the lights in the condo and came into our room that I realized it was him. 
Then when we laid down he asked why I looked so terrified when he woke me up. So obviously I told him it was because I had no idea who he was. 

Anyway, so it was a super weird experience. Can anyone relate?


woke up at 8 and got my coffee and croissant for breakfast before going to biodiversity which was rough. we’re so fucking slow and still behind. i was falling asleep the first hour. got another coffee and salad for lunch at ovt after and then i crammed neurobio and went to class. i thought i did ok overall and i put as many details as possible but there was one question i had no idea what he wanted and it’s worth a lot so yeah…ugh. after that i went back to my room and tried to take a nap but too much caffeine so i was on-and-off on youtube and studying for psyc. got some dinner from ovt before heading to class. the test was alright, lots of stats stuff…..so i’m not super confident but when i checked some of them later, i got them right so idk we’ll see. class after was pretty boring though since the ta was lecturing and she just was not good…got sidetracked a lot. at least we got out early. and it’s official that i have gotten all the extra credit possible now whee. after, i showered and made some cocoa and tried to read my biodiversity reading that i’m getting quizzed on but it was way too long so i gave up and decided to marathon some broad city, so yeah i’m almost done but i’ll finish tomorrow night since i have work in the morning