I saw a post on my dash that I can’t reblog because I’ve apparently been blocked by someone for reasons unknown.  So I’m going to have to agree with it this way.

I really would like the show to actually acknowledge Merlin’s prophesy, about a person who was worthy to hold the power of the Dark one and not let it blacken their soul, and how it was fulfilled through Killian.  Not doing so makes it look like the prophesy is still a loose end.  Especially when Belle mentioned it during the Underwolrd arc, by suggesting that Gold could be the one to fulfill it.  (Yeah, considering how well he did with the Dark One power for 300+ years and then plotted to allow someone to commit suicide to get it back, I highly doubt he fits the bill.)

So, come on, show.  Either acknowledge how Killian fulfilled the prophesy or explain to us why he didn’t and who would.