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I don't want zayn anywhere near racists white feminists. They're about to drag him. I can already see the birds of a feather texts posts. And you know what? I can't even say anything.... like what do you say? I wish he wouldn't have posted that

i agree but it makes me think of this quote by mahershala ali that goes “The more I work, the less I’m around people who look like me. The more you kinda move up the ladder, the more you get removed from that world. The hotels you’re staying at, who you travel with, who you work with… it’s just the reality of the world we live in. The more success you have, in any business, you kinda get more distanced from people of color.” and how zayn makes a conscious effort to work with as many artists of color as he possibly can and feature them in everythign he does n the fact that his racist faux feminist friends r outweighed by the amount of actually socially conscious company he keeps etc etc so lol i’m not gonna dig 2 deep into it since his past speaks volumes it’s not like he’s surrounded by racists constantly n works w them constantly etc etc etc Haters™ can say whatever they wanna say but the fact still stands for most celebrities of color n i’on’t wanna see dem postin shit if they aren’t willing to look at their own lives n the lives of the people they themselves stan etc etc ! enjoy things in life bc life is so much bigger than this childish ass hellsite 

An open letter to the Tumblr Staff from the blogger you just screwed over

Okay, staff, I am super freaking pissed about the update and here’s why. 

I cannot read your new format. 

I’m not trying to be whiny or nitpicky or over-dramatic. I can appreciate that you were attempting to make things look more organised/less confusing/whatever. I also expect the new format is a great improvement for people who have screen readers. That’s great. That’s fine. 

I just cannot freaking read this. I have dyslexia, and my dyslexia is set off by pictures, bold, italics, anything that is more “interesting” to my brain than plain, unadorned text.

Like this monstrosity:

Look at it. Just look at it. The pictures get in between the lines of text, there’s distracting colors and pictures everywhere. The names are bolded when they’re really not the most important thing. Looking at this, I see everything except what I’m supposed to see, that cheesy series of puns. (No pun intended.)

You literally couldn’t have made a worse format for me if you’d tried.

The thing is, your format was what made me really like Tumblr in the first place. It was super clear who was writing something new, because look, there was a freaking line pointing right to it. Unless someone started writing in all caps or bold or whatever, all the text in a post had the same amount of emphasis. Finally, SOMETHING ON THE INTERNET I COULD READ.

And now, now I can’t read any of it at all. 

So yeah, I’m pissed. 

Like, I know that you’re not going to change it back, because you never seem to listen when anyone on your site complains about anything. I’m not sure why I bothered writing this to you guys, given your track record. 

But now’s your chance to prove me wrong. Seriously, the least you could do is give us an option here. You’ve still got the old code. Just stick a button somewhere to revert to the old format so I can enjoy my text posts in peace. 


Dyslexic Blogger

Honestly I don’t care if she knows the name of my favorite band or my favorite color. I don’t care if she knows the title of my favorite movie or my favorite flavor of ice cream. I mean sure, it’s nice when people remember those things. But what’s important to me is someone who notices. Someone who pays attention. 

I want someone who analyzes the way I am. I want someone who notices that I look more like my dad instead of my mom, or that I have his eyes but her sarcastic sense of humor. I want a woman who will memorize the inflections in my voice like the lyrics to her favorite song. I want someone who wants to go to my home town just to see the place where I smoked weed for the first time, or my childhood bedroom and how it still resembles me as a twenty year old woman.

Anyone can ask you about your favorite things and remember them. A special person will want to know the why and the how, and they will not only remember, but they will want to experience it with you. They will want to experience YOU.


MAC Inspirations MATTE Lipstick

I wanted to test some things out and I really dislike the “overlined” lips because the overlining should match back with the corners of your lips or it can look really odd but I really like the matte finish, so I did some lip colors.

I also really like MAC lipstick colors but I’m broke so I thought, why the heck not?!

*NOTE: These colors are not necessarily the EXACT same as the irl ones, I have also modified a couple of the colors hence inspirations in the name.

Now, enough with my rambling…


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My first client was an $850 website/logo design/business card contract.  The ad said “I know what I want and I will be picky.”

I know you need to quote how many free revisions you will make on a design - now. This is how I learned. I spent four depressing months making tiny changes for this client. Four months of “can we try a rounder angle/ let’s change the colors (again)/ can I see the original design again?”

Eventually I cracked.

Me: Look, if you want any more revisions, I’m going to have to start charging you for them.

Client: You’re fired.

He had the gall to tell me that I should try to work for a firm to “get experience” – when no firm would let him have as many revisions as he demanded or charge as little as I did.

I was devastated, but two years later I have a thriving design career – and he went out of business.

I’d like to believe that as he went out of business, he was still tweaking that logo.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you? 


[i will always be in some kind of love with you!]

it doesn’t matter how long i have looked at you - things just won’t get boring. even the way your smile forms… there are so many colors and one is more beautiful than the one before.
things won’t get boring. no matter for how many times i have seen you - your beautiful being, your expressions, your mesmerizing dance, your cute side, …
you just won’t get boring. i wish i could see the world through your eyes. i wish i could feel the things you feel, what your thoughts are like.
life won’t get boring. because the longer i look at you the more i want to understand you, the more i want to study your features.
and even if it gets boring one day… i will always be in some kind of love with you!
because things got easier with you, more beautiful, more exciting.
it’s not boring. no matter how many years have passed already and no matter how many days are yet to come… i’ll still be in some kind of love with you.

160114, happy birthday, jongin.

What You Cannot See

There are few things more humiliating than shopping for clothes as an overweight woman. We hear the statistics about how obesity is a major problem in the United States and still, there are a handful of stores where we can buy clothes. At most of those stores, the clothes are hideous and if you are under fifty, the hideousness increases by a factor of ten. 

I hate clothes shopping and have for years because I know I’m not going to find anything I actually want to wear. I don’t like patterns. I don’t like appliqué. I don’t like bright colors. Fat girl clothes designers never got this memo. 

I have many dreams about the clothes I would like to wear–maxi dresses, tailored slacks, sexy camisoles, whatever. I lack the courage to wear such things. Jeans and dark shirts it is. 

Today I went to a clothing store. I wanted to find a few nice things to wear for someone I want to look nice for when I see them soon. I am caring about my appearance. I am caring about myself, maybe. This is new and I think I like it. It’s embarrassing. Nothing makes sense anymore.  I am blushing. 

I was at this store, looking for things when a young woman came out of the dressing room crying. I won’t get into the details of it because it’s her story but she was so upset and her mother was treating her in quite a humiliating manner and I wanted to sob right there in the store because I am not having the best day and it was just too much to see such a familiar and painful scene. 

I’ve been that girl, too big for the clothes in the store, just trying to find something, anything that fits, while also dealing with the commentary of someone else who means well but can’t help but make pointed, insensitive comments. I cannot even get into the details. It’s too much.

I hate shopping.  

People try all manner of tactics to make us lose weight–tips and “help”, diet and exercise advice, nagging, harassment, shaming. There is this idea that if you shame a fat person enough, you will somehow move them to discipline their body. That is not how it works. What you see is the fat. What you cannot see is so far beyond what you can understand. 

I am not a hugger but I wanted to wrap my arms around this girl. I wanted to protect her from this world that is so unbelievably cruel to overweight people. There was nothing I could really do because I know this world. I live in it too. There’s no shelter or safety or escape from the cruel stares and comments, the too-small seats, the too small everything for your too big body.

But I followed her to the dressing room and I told her she was beautiful. And she was indeed beautiful.  She nodded and tears were streaming down her face. We both went on with our shopping. I wanted to tear her mother’s face off. I wanted to call my person and hear a kind voice. I wanted something to pull me out of the spiral of self-loathing I felt myself tumbling into. I wanted to burn the store down. I wanted to scream. 

When the young woman left the store, she was still crying. I cannot stop picturing her face, that look in her eyes that I know too well, how she was trying to fold in on herself in a body that was so visible. She was trying to disappear and she couldn’t. It is unbearable to want something so little and so much. 


A special new year surprise– my lovely editor and art director over at Chronicle sent me an advance copy of Interstellar Cinderella– my first illustrated picture book! What a blast to work on. Every page was made with sheets of rubylith, ink, shape, washes and pencil– all meshed with digital process into a cacophony of color, shape, texture and pattern. The book, written by the lovely Deborah Underwood, is a retelling of the classic story where Cinderella is a fiery girl who wants nothing more to fix spaceships and be a space mechanic. Plus, the front cover has this amazing holo foil treatment that looks like oil on pavement. So neat.

It’s available this May– preorders are already up on Amazon and Powell’s. I can’t wait to see it at Powell’s and I hope lots of kids enjoy it! Meanwhile, I can’t wait to work on my next picture book– any takers? I’m itching to incorporate collage :)

Light Skin Girl Rant

If you believe all light skin black women live privileged lives please unfollow me. I mean have u seen my life? TF.  If I say “we are all black” you say i’m ignoring my privilege. I’m saying “we are all black” and i’m living a black womans life. Where is my privilege…more brain washed fk boys wanting to hump me than they do u? I’m not even being rude because this is what I see yall using as examples…black men like light skin girls more than dark skin girls. This is what I see yall saying everyday….But who is checking for these brain washed calcified fk boys? I been with my man for like 7 years. Its a revolution going on outside….real men are not still only looking at “redbones”. The ones that do are zombies and no one should b offended or hurt by a zombie….a soulless body. Ijs my hair gets kinky and nappy like urs….i’m in the hood with u…..i need to make sure my son gets to live a full life like u….i worry when my man leaves the house like u do….why do you want me to be an outcast? I cant fit in with the whites….i’m not white. Im black. WTF is wrong with yall….how can we get passed the “glorification” of light skin females if yall dont want to accept “we are all black”?


Costuming Spotlight: Professor Zahra Bastet

“For the film’s only original professor, Zahra Bastet, we stuck with a simple classic silhouette inspired by Moroccan kaftans and takchitas and the very traditional Egyptian inspired color scheme of black, cream, and gold. The robes you see on Professor Bastet in The Gathering Storm are akin more to dress robes than what she would wear normally in her profession as a curse-breaker. She’s new to the teaching side of Hogwarts and views this as a challenging but temporary assignment. As a proud woman who wants to make the best impression she can Bastet forgoes what a sensible tomb excavating curse-breaker would wear for this more formal attire.

I wanted the design to, however slightly, draw inspiration from the ancient Egyptian ruins of Bastet’s normal work environment. For this I looked to Egyptian hieroglyphics. I took the stacked structure of hieroglyphics and segmented the main body of the robes to give it a similar block-like feel while still framing the actress’s shape.

I wanted Bastet’s robes to have almost an antique feel to them so I picked fabrics that were interesting and rich with texture. I chose a block patterned black brocade woven with black metallic threads for the main portion of the body and sleeves, a checker textured cream with gold metallic spots, and a synthetic matted cream fur for the shoulders and sleeve details. Multiple luminous gold trims were used to frame the design. Underneath her dress robes Bastet wears a modest lace top and full black chiffon skirt meant to give her otherwise structured ensemble some fluidity.”

- Cavalyn Galano, Head Costume Designer for The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film

“Y'know, we could’ve planned this out a bit better,” she starts once she’s buckled and seated, “Or you could’ve just sent me like – an apology letter, or somethin’ – that might’ve sufficed.”

From the corner of her eye, she can see him pout his lip out at her, his arm swinging around the back of her seat so he can back out of the parking spot, “There’s no fun in that. Thought this would be more from the heart, and figured you deserved it – really – I know you probably didn’t fancy the sight of me – y'know  –”

“Balls deep?”

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Artist Kittiwat Unarrom’s Bakery of Horror

DIY Halloween Inspiration: Baked Bread that looks like Human Body Parts.

What does an artist and baker’s son create? Kittiwat Unarrom bakes bread that looks like human body parts.

Thai baker and artist Kittiwat Unarrom sculpts human body parts entirely from bread. Despite the hideous look it is quite tasty. Unarrom says he is creating the fake body parts from bread to illustrate the old Buddhist saying “Don’t always believe what you see, because what you see might not be true.”

For more information about the body parts’ bread, this site has the most information here.

If you want to bake your own body parts’ bread:

To represent blood, teeth, eyes and flaps of skin, the Thai artist adds ingredients such as different colors of chocolate, raisins, peanuts and cashews.

Here are more photos

More Art Installations that Made Me Look Twice

There’s the Teddy Bear Butcher Shop created by Miroslav Menschenkind using mutilated plush animals that I posted about here.

Then there was the German Textile Butchery here.

What is in Germany, owned and operated by a vegetarian, and the place to buy a smoked ham or sausage pillow? The Aufschnitt Textile Butchery.


Adding to things that are long overdue, I’ve decided to upload the QR codes for my town pathways and streams and such.  This is the first collection, the paths themselves.  I wasn’t going to let my paths out into the world when I first made them, I kind of wanted them to be personal to my town to get more people to want to see my town, but now I kind of want to see what other people can do with these!

You don’t have to, but if you want to, why not send me your dream code if you do use them, so I can take a look around?  ouo

(And I know the brick isn’t really THAT pink, but it’s like a..  salmon pinkish color, y’know?  Heh.)

A dream demon betrayed him, leaving his sanity and trust in tatters.  He survived thirty years on the run as a wanted interdimensional outlaw.  Faced with his worst fears, being held captive and tortured by the one he’d fought to escape, the world under the demon’s control despite his best efforts to stop him, he still didn’t break.  Yet after all he’d been through, Ford was not ready for this…  
(I tried coloring a rough sketch just to see what it looked like…)
More art here

I have been thinking about this all day. What if Grantaire was (almost in irony) red-green color blind? Like, when he was younger, he wondered why people made fun of his paints because the ‘colors didn’t match’ and stuff.

So after a while he kept it to pencil sketches because he didn’t want to deal with the teasing. He kept looking up things, trying to find out why his colors didn’t make sense and one day at school, they gave out the little cards with the dots and numbers on it and realizes, he’s color blind. Only partially, but that would explain a lot.

He lives with it, drawing and sketching, and sometimes painting. But in more muted colors and he gets help from people if he wanted something to look nicer.

Then he goes to the Musain. He can tell a lot of the stuff is 'red’ by everyone else’s standards, and he just grimaces because it’s yellowy to him. 

And then he sees Enjolras. And he is almost instantly stunned. Because wow this guy is golden with all the red he is in and wow his eyes are really bright blue and this is definitely something he could keep looking at. 

It would also explain why he calls Enjolras 'Apollo’ because he is his golden light, his sun. 

I finally read the Welcome to Night Vale book! It was awesome, and somehow much more coherent of a narrative than I expected (as the podcast has much more fragmented worldbuilding and unanswered questions). 

That’s only tangentially related to this picture though. Honestly, I started out doodling, made something that looked like a elongated angel form, started drawing more of them, realized the markers bled through to the back on my paper and so flipped it backwards, wanted to see the rest of what hadn’t bled through, held it up to my computer, decided the glow should be more obvious and cut out a lightbulb, and took a picture, edited it on my phone and added eyes digitally… So all that’s to say, this is weirdly multimedia and I’m sorry it’s on lined paper.

But I really think the angels would look like they were sort of bleeding through from a different reality, like a negative filtered glowing light where a human form made a hole while exiting reality, colored like the spots you see after looking at a bright light too long. 

judging by his fave colors in Gift of the Card, this is roughly what I think Marco might actually look like in season 3, assuming trans marco comes true. 

She might have her princess marco eyelashes too but a)that was harder than simple recoloring and b) “put eyelashes on it to make it female” wouldn’t be a terrible trope to avoid.  I mean it’s ok if they do but it might be more ok if they actually don’t. 

i mean mostly i just wanted to see how this color scheme would look, let’s be honest.