Interstellar Cultural Exchange

A problem that we might have is the importance of food. There are certain things that I’m quite certain will be constant from culture to culture, and, barring the possibility of aliens taking control of  their evolution in such a way that they no longer need to eat, I think food would be one of them.

People would be careful in the beginning, but eventually some people would break more and more quarantine and contraband laws, resulting in unusual fusion which we might not be able to predict.

“What’s this apple-looking thing I’m eating?” 

“It’s actually an animal that sucks sap out of trees. Think of it as a vegetarian tick.”

“What is that?”

“It’s called chocolate, want some?”

***Two Hours Later***

“I see colors!”

“Chocolate is space cocaine. Got it.”

“Human, I have made gumbo using ingredients from my planet. Would you like some?”

“Isn’t your biome arsenic-based?”

“Your point?”

“Want some chips?”

“Are you insane human!? That has SALT in it! Are you trying to kill me!?”


okay okay okay. i’m not even sure what to say about this animatic by P Holstwiik on youtube because it is so fantastic you just have to see it. please witness the beauty. so much work and time and effort went into this, i can’t believe how fortunate i am to see this with my own two eyes. the colors! the music! the emotions! the feels! 

this is what we’re talking about when we say we’re accepting multimedia submissions for issue two! there is a huge creative space to explore and so many mediums to try — and we want to encourage more beautiful awesome work like this!

if you have not seen this yet, please see this now and leave comments to the creator! thank you OP, and to everyone else, please enjoy and be inspired!


Adding to things that are long overdue, I’ve decided to upload the QR codes for my town pathways and streams and such.  This is the first collection, the paths themselves.  I wasn’t going to let my paths out into the world when I first made them, I kind of wanted them to be personal to my town to get more people to want to see my town, but now I kind of want to see what other people can do with these!

You don’t have to, but if you want to, why not send me your dream code if you do use them, so I can take a look around?  ouo

(And I know the brick isn’t really THAT pink, but it’s like a..  salmon pinkish color, y’know?  Heh.)

oops i have more anger

i was scrolling through @periegesisvoid’s posts filtering for posts with the word “jew” in them looking to see if they were really converting. i didn’t find anything but honestly i don’t want to know, because i’d like to assume that one (1) thing is still pure. but anyway.

periejfgeuifhiisvoid has reblogged a lot of posts about antisemitism. this isn’t surprising, as antisemites like to cover their tracks in the sense that they’ll agree with the Good Jews and show their true colors to the Bad Jews. that was aggravating enough. but what was more annoying was that they felt the need to leave comments on these posts. here are some examples. 

this is a post made by jews for non-jews to reblog as a source of information and to even check their own antisemitism. so why did perigoy feel the need to leave this unnecessary comment? there’s nothing antisemitic about it (although of course the fact that an antisemite is leaving it makes my blood boil) but it’s just… annoying? why would you come onto a Jew Post to make a Jew Joke while not being A Jew and having a track record of Not Caring About Jews? stay in your lane honey

this post is honest to god a jewish joke. i have literally no idea why they felt the need to reblog it. staying in your lane costs zero dollars and zero cents. 

and here’s another post in that tag, where periegoyseisvoid is right back to antisemitism and calling us Bad Aphobic Jews Who Couldn’t Possibly Know What Nazi Symbols Look Like As Well As I, A White Goy Who Writes Tentacle Porn. as you can see, their “caring about jews” facade is very performative and holds literally no validity or action. 

it infuriates me that inclusionists as a whole suck so fucking much that they would allow this antisemitic garbage to maintain popularity in their circles. and it double infuriates me that the antisemitic garbage in question has tricked people into thinking they aren’t antisemitic garbage. 

non-jews are free to reblog this. but please don’t add unnecessary shit. 

Pricing Commissioned Writing

I do a lot of commissioned writing (see me about details, eh? EH!? PLEASE!?) and how I base my pricing is really dependent on what I’m doing, writing wise..

Freelance writing rates are very good, and I think if you’re writing for business entities you should demand standard freelance rates! For fics and social-media type stuff, I get wanting a different price-point. Hourly minimum wage as a start is always a safe and awesome way to start (include research time for the love of god, please!)

Price Like an Artist?

But for fics, another great way to think about it is to look at how the artists are pricing things. Just like their art, your fics are gestural, and as you add more detail, it becomes more expensive.Think about it like:

Sketch = Drabble (800 words)
Line Art = One-shot (2000 words)
Color = 3500 words
Shading = 5500 words

Just like with artists, the more complicated the background of the story, the more characters, the more involved: the more money.

Complex Backgrounds, Extra Characters = Big Bang-ready fic (10k words)
Highly Realistic = Novella (25-30k words)
Oil on Canvas = Novel (50k)

Like artists do, consider what adds a lot of time to YOUR work, and maybe add price modifiers on for those things. Spitballling here, but maybe something like:

Complex Hair/Scars = Unique Character traits
Different Perspective = AU requiring extra research
Bust vs. Waist-up vs. Full body = Character Study vs. Romance vs. Ensemble cast

Some things to consider, because this method of pricing sure does have some caveats:

  • this system works best on the low word-count end, and once you get to that 10k words level, the amount of research and plotting REALLY skyrockets, so your prices here may start to be much higher than an artist at the ‘equivalent’ level. That’s fine!
  • You gotta loosen up a bit! If you’re writing a drabble, you can’t be worried about how the characters got in that room or that situation or whatever, just like an artist doing a sketch is not thinking about why their character is wearing a jacket or ‘that hat.’ Different sizes of story really take different levels of detailed planning. Don’t be afraid to skip some details if you’re just writing 3000 words!
  • Make sure you know how quickly you can produce each level, so you don’t get over-run!
  • Every artist has one of those niches that is really their bread-and-butter. If your thing is 2000 word one-shots, MAKE SURE YOU ARE CHARGING ENOUGH! That’s what people know you for, after all!

I like this method, despite the problems, because it allows people to compare with a broad range of talent. Commissioned authors can be hard to find, but commissioned artists are plentiful on tumblr, so you can compare with a lot of different people and find a pricing scheme that works for you!

It’s also really salient to the public who is used to seeing this sort of pricing scheme, and I’ve found makes them more likely to commission if they know they’re having a similar experience.

More than anything, I like how it refocuses your writing! What you do is like what artists do: use a little to convey a lot of character! The more detail, the more background, or the more scope that needs to be conveyed, the harder you work.

Commissioned writing can be fun and can really help improve your stuff, and yes, finding people who will comment on a fic, much less pay for one, is HARD. But please at least get a sense of the value of your work, even if you aren’t going to do commissions!! It can really help you realize “Holy crap, I am a good writer! I am also so generous!”


//19 Feb 2017//

okay, you want some behind-the-scenes studyblr? These pictures were such a pain to edit, cause the coloring of the wood table would just not match up. The pictures were taken in the same spot, on the same wood table, but I guess I moved while I changed the pages and fucked with the lighting. The lefthand picture had like, a cool dark brown wood, and the righthand picture would just not stop being red-toned, no matter what I did!! ugh!! But I fixed it by changing the color saturation, so it looks much better now.

So this is what I’ve been doing since last Sunday! you can see that in my tiny notebook, I can fit about half a week into a spread. Most of my spreads are done in blue and pink, so I experimented on the LHS with doing a yellow-blue-gold theme! I like how it turned out, much more than the RHS. but whatever! everybody has those imperfect days, right?

This spread features stickers from @studyrose and @cmpsbls!!


Jack Rabbit (A Dva76 playlist. Link)

“They say I’m too young to love you. You say I’m too dumb to see. They judge me like a picture book. By the colors, like they forgot to read.” –Brooklyn Baby (Lana Del Rey)

Art credits: @phk1205exe and @healthdrlnk

Read more for song explanations…

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These were the old squid sister concepts for Callie and Marie (or Aori and Hotaru) before they decided on their current style and colors.

It’s really fascinating to see all the concepts of what the squid sisters could have been and looked like! I figured some of these designs might be helpful for artists who are trying to come up with concepts for squidsona’s, but ate self-conscious of being unique. It’s nice to know wavy tentacles are a possibility if Nintendo was considering it for the iconic duo.

Again, I want to apologize for the quality, if anyone wants a more concise photo, I’m willing to take it again. Feel free to let me know if you need references of specific gear/attire, weapons, sub weapons (i.e. Bombs, seekers, point sensors, splash walls, etc), or enemies and npcs.


Seeing Colors

The one where the closer you are to them the more aware of them you become, and you find them playing a hot/cold game; for instance, colors get brighter and brighter the closer you are and fade into gray when they’re too far away. With a Kryptonian twist. 

Another installment in my Soulmate oneshots compliation. 

Read it here on AO3


Lena had been seeing gray her entire life. For her entire 24-year-old life, she saw the world in shades in gray. Lena once asked Lex what it was like to see in color, as her older brother had found his own soulmate at a fairly young age. He told his younger sister that it was like nothing she could imagine. And yet he couldn’t describe it to her. He couldn’t describe what the color red looked like. Or the color green. Or blue.

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Sally Ann: So, what’s the mountain really like?

Hasil: Well, it’s beautiful. Up there, everywhere you look, you see wonders. You got sky that’s close enough to touch. And rock cliffs that’s been around since the first dawn. It’s green…deep green. Wraps you up and hides you whenever you feel the need. There’s some nights up there, where the sky is so clear, there’s more stars than you can count. The air is so sweet, makes your whole head lighter than a jug of wine. 

“Old Photos”- Digital Painting

Technically speaking in my skeleverse all of the wraiths are capable of having space hair if they want it so I really felt like drawing Reggie in what I imagined his hair cut would be! 

Also fun fact his outfit is based on popular 80′s fashion inspired by THIS music video. 

More versions of this picture under the cut too!

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anonymous asked:

I'm so hip, I hate how the artists take away feAtures that poc of colors have and then come Up with bullshit response of "oh no that's just the artists style!!!1!1!1!) yet all the whites have defining features I hate it so much lmao. I hate what they do to Kamala and Robbie all they do is try and say there features aren't beautiful, and it's disgusting

lmfaooo i know! the artist w kamalas main series rn draws r good, like i love the way they do expressions and bodys, etc. but they cant draw a big nose?? u can do all this cool shit, draw explosions, mutants, etc. but u guys cant draw big brows/droopy noses/etc. ? its so sad and like…u know damn well they can they just dont want to and dont see it necessary and want to “upgrade them” like make them look more white but keep their skin color so if u call them out they whine about never being able to please “””those damn sjws”””

Honestly I don’t care if she knows the name of my favorite band or my favorite color. I don’t care if she knows the title of my favorite movie or my favorite flavor of ice cream. I mean sure, it’s nice when people remember those things. But what’s important to me is someone who notices. Someone who pays attention. 

I want someone who analyzes the way I am. I want someone who notices that I look more like my dad instead of my mom, or that I have his eyes but her sarcastic sense of humor. I want a woman who will memorize the inflections in my voice like the lyrics to her favorite song. I want someone who wants to go to my home town just to see the place where I smoked weed for the first time, or my childhood bedroom and how it still resembles me as a twenty year old woman.

Anyone can ask you about your favorite things and remember them. A special person will want to know the why and the how, and they will not only remember, but they will want to experience it with you. They will want to experience YOU.

voidcactus  asked:

💡 📌 ✒️

💡 3. Has creating a character ever made you realize something about yourself?
-Hoo boy so many. I’d say that all of them make me realize something about myself. SO, for example:

The Guest has made me realize what a lot of my yearnings are and what I would like to be better at. Most of those things have to do with my emotions/feelings, as I’m not at all great at expressing more vulnerable ones, and I’d like to change that gradually. (It’s hard though since I’m usually pretty reserved with them unless it’s the right people andtheyareveryfewinnumber) I want to take more risks with that.

The other thing they made me realize was how I see others in my head. It’s a visual thing that I don’t draw all the time in sketches but the swirls of aura that they have inside are how I think of others first, not necessarily how they look like irl. The color of the spirit comes first, then the physical appearance. I dunno.. I don’t talk about that much either since it kinda seems strange to me rofl

📌 7. Do you have characters that you know you’ll never use, but can’t bear to get rid of/recycle?
- Answered this one already BUT nah, I can’t really think of any that I’d never use at the moment :o

✒️ 11. If you have characters that embody certain traits of yours—good or bad—has writing them changed how you view those traits? Has it affected you in any way?
- Suno has a few traits shared with me, mainly experimentation. I suppose I am happier about experimenting more than I used to be with regards to my art (I used to get pretty down that I kept switching styles and never really felt like I had a recognizable style) I still get those thoughts, but they happen less often ;o;

I want to know your birthday and your parents jobs and if you ever heard them fighting or having sex and if you love your siblings and the worst fight you’ve ever gotten into and if you like one sibling more than the other and what you wanted to be when you grew up when you were seven and your dream vacation and the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you and if you’ve been to therapy and if it helped and the hardest thing you’ve experienced and how you overcame it and if you like what you see when you look in the mirror and if you think appearances matter in a relationship or at all and your favorite movie and which books changed your life and the hardest you’ve ever cried and which grandparent you loved the most and if the words “we need to talk” make you sick to your stomach and why and which holiday is your favorite and which season and which color and if you like rain and if you’re scared of dying and if you believe in god and if you have allergies and to what and what your favorite food is and restaurant and if you like to cook and whether or not you care about cleanliness and what your political views are and if you’re a feminist and your favorite flower and song and if you’d rather own a cat or a dog and if you’d shave off all your hair to give it to a little girl going through chemotherapy and where you’d like to live and honeymoon and what kind of gum and candy you like and what you act like when you’re mad and if you’d rather someone buy you silver or gold jewelry or neither and what clique you were in in high school and what you think your spirit animal is and which flower you’d be and who you admire and which traits you wish were more dominant and if you ever worry you’re a shitty person and what hurt you the most and why you ever thought you were worthless and how someone can make you feel better when you’re sad and if you prefer hugs or kisses and what your house looks like and what your dream car is and which celebrity you think lives the most tragic life and why you think people become so cold and what you think about nature vs nurture and if you believe in heaven and aliens and mermaids and reincarnation and the bible and which feeling is your least favorite and what was the best day you ever had and what would be the best day and if you see yourself as the protector or one who needs protecting and how you deal with your pain and what you would do if you had 100 million dollars and if you think wealth affects people’s morals and what good you think writing is and if you could do it all over, would you and what would you change and what mistake was your biggest and which language you wish you spoke fluently and how many people you’ve loved and if you loved the person you lost your virginity to and if you realize you’re remarkable and what your enneagram is and how you think we could improve the education system and what you think of people who commit suicide and if you think they’re selfish and what you say to them before they did it if you could and what your favorite memory of your childhood is and how you take your tea or if you prefer coffee and when you last wrote someone a handwritten letter and what the best gift you ever received was and what the best piece of advice was and when the last time you cried was and if you’re competitive about board games and which is your favorite and if you feel pressured to settle down and what you notice first in a person and what your top three pet peeves are and if you have any phobias and what you’ve always wanted to do but don’t have the courage to go through with and what you do when you feel overwhelmingly sad and if you ski and if plastic surgery was 100% safe and painless, would you get it and where and why and where you think home is and if you think politeness is important and what you think of indecisive people and if you think there’s ever a reason to go to war and something that scares you and if you believe in therapy and what you want in life and what you look for in a partner and what you want to change about yourself and about the world and who you want to be and who you are. just tell me who you are.
—  I want to know you, the wasted generation

madam-macabres-marvellous-mind  asked:

I an never get my art to look like how I see it when I hear the music :(I just suck at art and it's frustrating coz I can't show what I see

Omg no, you definitely don’t suck.

As someone who’s done at least 500 of these, it’s super hard to nail down the right motion and colors, especially since songs are moving and the canvas isn’t. 

It took me probably eight or nine attempts at “Light Em Up” by Fall Out Boy to get it looking even close to what I wanted. Same for a few others, but that’s the one that stands out. Because songs are super hard to capture. It’s a totally different type of art and it’s made harder because you don’t have a super still reference. It’s something that definitely takes practice, and a lot of the time it’s just trial and error.

Keep going! I promise that the more you practice and get into the swing of things, the easier it gets!

anonymous asked:

hi!! i love your art! can i ask for tips on your composition because you do it so well? if not its ok and i hope you have a lovely day anyways!

Thank you so much!! I don’t often get compliments to my compositions haha

Most of the time I just stare at my sketch long enough and try to figure out the right positioning of things… the rough composition is usually already planned out with the first sketch (example)
Since my art usually focuses on a character I try to just build everything else around them. Here I tried aligning everyone in a circle (cause I wanted something like a wormhole in the bg) with Anabel as a main focus.

A different example, for this digimon zine cover I drew a very rough sketch and just kept tweaking it, moving the characters until I was satisfied. Here’s a process gif where you can see how much I changed them

Additional tips:

  • Splashing rough colors on your very early sketches helps figuring out what needs more tweaking
  • always look at the drawing as a whole at all times
  • I’m a designer so I look at a lot of stuff like movie posters or book covers or just art of artists I like and it’s a big help to get an eye for good compositions. Analyze the stuff you like!
  • I really recommend practicing to work more with type, it not only makes illustrations look more interesting, you’re also automatically forced to think more about the placement of things cause you can’t just put it anywhere
  • I take notes of things I want to try out (dunno if anyone should do that lol)
  • don’t get discouraged too fast, a properly made illustration with a good composition takes me fricking weeks, I don’t joke when I say I stare at my drawings for hours, thinking about it all day, takING NOTES–

I’m pretty bad at trying to explain stuff but I hope this was interesting enough to read!! Have a nice day!!

theglitchingfrisk  asked:

☹ (cause I've been wanting to RP with you for a while :3)

didn’t know if this was directed at flower boi or not so have both, please respond to both i wanna do more stuff with the flower cowboy


their eyes appeared as if they were melting, the tears weren’t separate from them. their face looked like an amalgamation of what it was before. The once bright green they had looked a sickly dark color.

they looked out of focus, if you squinted at them your eyes would hurt from the strain of trying to discern one shape from another instead of just the mass of blended disgusting green before you. they were far too tired to keep their form stable.

*hello? is someone there..?

apparently they couldn’t see either


The poor guy couldn’t even look at you properly, his head pounded as he continued to let out gross sobs. his face was messy, he was so frustrated that he couldn’t speak. he tried getting something out- anything, really- but he couldn’t stop hiccuping long enough to speak. he settled on looking you in the eyes with a pleading expression, wanted nothing more to be held.