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Hey, remember me? i'm that one anon that sometimes sends you stuff. I just wanted to say that. You are the most beautiful person i have ever seen. Your smile makes my heart flutter and even tho i know i can't see it it makes me feel so bleesed that i know i have mad you smile. And it is totally understandable why anyone would be inlove with you. You are amazing, kind, beautiful, funny, smart and i could go on and on about just everything i love about you. But i am only limited to a few words.

I have been thinking about how to answer this. And I still don’t know how. I think this counts as a love letter and I have never gotten one besides from you love letter anon. Which is what I will be calling you if you don’t mind. You should know this made me very happy and I will be freaking out about it for a while.

LOK ( applies to most fandoms but anyways...)

It’s okay to have your own opinion about ships etc in the fandom however I think people forget way to often to talk about these things with respect for one another. I love seeing debates that are polite and intelligent, not spewing insults or keyboard bashing one another and I think more people need to be that way. 

Another thing I want to cover is if someone says something problematic still, be polite pop them an ask explaining how it is etc etc, educate them on the issue DON’T ‘drag them’ and contribute to making it into a larger issue in which many cases lead to an account being deleted or users having panic attacks from all the messages. 

Most of all remember that this is a cartoon, in 10 years most of you won’t even have an account. Just be respectful to one another and enjoy the awesome show that we all love no matter what ship you prefer while we can! :)