You know what I want. I want a Sky High remake so that they can continue it into a series. Picture this:

Sky High Remake. Freshman year. Same plot, same characters, Will is still a dipshit, but it’s less 00s looking with modern fashion, modern acting people, better CGI. Make Warren Peace gayer. Sets up the whole series. 

Sky High Sequel. Sophomore year. The main character is Layla. The hero and sidekick set up has been demolished. Now students who have sidekick powers are in the same classes as students with bad ass powers and are getting the butts kicked constantly. The main characters fight over weather or not this is better and their friend group splits in two. They don’t talk to each other as Layla desperately tries to make everyone get along. Eventually they have to put their fighting aside to fight the Gym Coach and his army of bullies who has been secretly setting up former sidekicks to fail so that all the heroes of the future aren’t “lame.” They take him down and compromise, agreeing that people should be matched by power level but not separated.

Sky High 3. Junior year. The main character is Ethan (puddle guy). He wakes up without his powers. He doesn’t tell anyone because he thinks nobody will like him if he has no powers and that they’ll come back soon enough. Slowly he realizes that other kids have lost their powers too but aren’t telling anyone. The group befriends Sophomore known for not having any powers at all whose there because his parents have powers. Turns out he knows the ins and outs of the school really well and he helps them as they go on a mission to discover what happened to their powers. This new guy starts dating Warren. Finally the whole team has to fight the villain, a new character with sidekick parents, who has been stealing the powers of the students to make himself stronger so he can be the best hero ever.

Sky High 4. Senior year. The main character is Warren. We finally get to see his family and what it’s like with one hero parent and one villain parent. His parents don’t live together because his dad Baron Battle is in jail but it’s weird. But he learns his dad has broken out of jail. This makes things really weird for him and Will as Will’s parents are out looking for him. Eventually Warren and Will have a big fight, using their powers, and they both get suspended. Finally, at Prom, Warren’s dad appears at the school to try to get Warren to be his henchman. Warren refuses and they all have to fight Warren’s dad. 



My Ryder family. Even with the horribly limited CC I think I did a pretty damn good job.

I have the game on the lowest graphic setting because I didn’t want to push my computer’s luck. It ran smoothly for the most part though.

Really, other than the CC I’m having a blast and I’m already emotionally invested in all the characters.

I should have taken screenshots of my CC choices though since I’m going to have to remake them on the PS4.

A quick question for anyone who cares before I make any decisions- if I were to make these into individual charms (obviously I would remake them digitally and fix up some rough patches), would anyone be interested in buying some?
I get really self conscious when I think about selling my art or even doing paid commissions just because I feel like no one would want to buy anything ;w; I also don’t have a redbubble or PayPal or anything set up yet, so I don’t want to waste my time getting all of that situated and then nothing happens.

Really lady

This is kind of a long story. I work for coffee shop (think green apron) and this women came up with her daughter and ordered a carmal frapaccino and a tall mocha. My co worker thought she wanted the mocha hot, but she sure as heck didn’t. So when I hand her out he drink she flips out and starts yelling and says my co worker was being disrespectful (she wasn’t shes a sweetheart) so I say to her “it’s no big deal miss, we can remake it for you” this sets her off and she says “that was also very disrespectful, I work with kids all day I’m not gonna come in and take shit from a 15 year old who makes minimum wage” I don’t say anything and make her drink and when I hand it to her she looks me dead in the eye and says “thanks bitch” that was the last straw I started crying and walked away. So later that night I find out this women has made a Facebook post about me and my coworker. Really lady. Are you gonna be that petty.

Unpopular Opinion Time

I, a die-hard Tangled fan who runs not one, but two Tangled blogs, legit DO NOT WANT a live action Tangled movie. Above and beyond me thinking that Disney is really overdoing it with the live action remakes, I don’t think it would translate well at all into live action.

  • One of the major characters is a horse cop dog, which they would have to render in CGI, and would end up looking ridiculous in a live action setting. Unlike Pascal, Maximus is a character who is never left out of stage show productions, because he’s actually important to the plot. (It doesn’t matter how much you like Pascal, you have to admit that he’s not actually important to the plot of the movie. Everything he does can be done in a different way with little to no effort on the writers’ parts.) He’s also a comical character, which would get awkward fast.
  • There’s a lot of slapstick in Tangled that would either have to be omitted (thus leaving out a good chunk of Eugene’s charm), would have to be rewritten into a wordier kind of slapstick (which they do in stage shows at the Disney Parks, and which works fine in that format where the whole plot is condensed down and narrated), or would end up looking as ridiculous as a CGI horse cop dog in an otherwise serious setting.
  • I can almost guarantee you that I would be disappointed with one or more casting choice. I am extremely picky when it comes to these characters.

This does not mean that I would not welcome a live action Rapunzel from Disney. I just don’t think they should go with the characters and plot of Tangled. Frankly, if they chose to make a live action Rapunzel, I would like to see them tackle Glen Keane’s original story idea, with Bastion and Grifol and Xavier the Blacksmith.

Kickstarter Rebirth: The Sequel (The Remake)

Hello peoples.

I just wanted to drop by here and inform you all that we’re currently setting up a second attempt at the Kickstarter for the remakes.

It’ll probably launch around the start of next week or a little sooner or a little later. So yeh. Things are happening still.

Hopefully it goes more smoothly this time. It’ll also include the first small teaser for what Exoptable Money will actually look like.

I may or may not have already gotten more. I may or may not have been to 3 different Barnes & Noble’s in the last 5 days. I may or may not have a problem.

lady-arryn  asked:

If you could pitch the next Disney project what would it be? If you could remake one movie from last year which one and why? Which foreign language sounds most beautiful or intriguing to you? If you had to chose would you rather explore the space or the deep in the ocean? Which fairytale would work the best as a high school drama type of thing, which one as a hard scifi, which one as noir film? (I'm so sorry if these are so random. I really hope you're feeling ok!)

Next Disney project: tbh, I just want to hear more about the ones that already exist. I need the dirt on The Incredibles 2 and Gigantic. Besides that, though, I’d love to see a Tangled-style take on Little Red Riding Hood. Set in India. Yesss.

Remaking one movie is easy. La La Land. Sebastian is now played by Elijah Kelley and Mia is Phillipa Soo.

I’d love to learn a language that doesn’t use the Roman alphabet… Korean in particular seems learnable. I should look into that more. Also I really like German, which is kind of an unpopular opinion, most people think it just sounds gruff, but the sounds are very consistent and intriguing.

Between the ocean and space, please go ahead and SEND ME TO SPACE.

High school drama: it’s not a fairy tale, but A Midsummer Night’s Dream writes itself.
Hard sci fi: Ooooo Rapunzel in space sounds awesome
Noir film: Gotta go with Snow White on this one

Thank you!! I’m feeling well at the moment. It’s the days after chemo that are sucky honestly.

practicingproductivity  asked:

I don't speak enough Japanese to listen to the dramas, but I'm glad it sounds like Chat gets more stage time. I was really disappointed with how Chat and Max felt kind of tacked on as companions. Gaaah. I love Eternia. I feel that if Bamco ever wanted to do a director's cut or remake again, they should do it for ToE. It deserves so much love. It's one of the games that's really stuck with me strongly over the years and I want to share my love for it but there are so few takers lol

The Labyrinth drama CDs are set post-game, so it gives pretty good screen time to everyone! Of course, Reid and Keele are the two that end up getting the most focus, but it was definitely fun to see what the cast was up to! Honestly, of the Drama CDs I’ve listened to it’s the one that I would most want to see conceptualized in another form, be it anime or manga or whatever. There’s just some really interesting stuff that I would love to see visualized!

Haha, yeaaaah, Max and Chat did feel very tacked on, even if I did enjoy both of their personalities quite a bit. I feel like it’s a bit less jarring in the Japanese version ‘cause they’ll at least show up for skits, so while they may not be in the plot, at least it still feels like they’re in the party. But even then, when people talk about characters in Tales games that feel tacked on, I tend to think of those two.

I’ve only had the chance to play Eternia in the past year or two, so my feelings towards it probably aren’t as strong, but I would love to see it remastered as well! The plot, conflict, and characters (especially the main trio) are really well developed and it would be lovely if more people had the opportunity to play it! The battle system was alright, but you can definitely feel how dated it is, especially early in the game when it felt like a losing battle trying to have enough TP to do anything.

asdfghjkl! amazon moved their release date for the DR 1& 2 remakes to march 14th! I had to cancel my order bc the game wouldn’t arrive til march 16th but I re-per-ordered it again and it’s coming on Tuesday. making the usami blog is going to come a lot sooner than planned it seems. and the games will be something to keep me occupied until P5 comes out.