what ur favorite gen says about u
  • GEN 1:
  • - either very chill or no chill at all
  • - complains about new pokemon
  • - still thinks charizard should be a dragon type
  • - loves the alola forms
  • GEN 2:
  • - knows every single pokemon
  • - 999: 99 hours in heartgold/soulsilver
  • - want pokemon following you back SO BAD
  • - sweeties
  • - plays competitive
  • GEN 3:
  • - cried when gen three remakes were announced
  • - love literally every pokemon
  • - rayqazza is favorite legendary
  • - loves gif sets of pokemon
  • - shy as heck
  • GEN 4:
  • - did i hear someone say sinnoh?
  • - want gen 4 remakes so badly
  • - pissed that sinnoh is underrated
  • - love barry
  • - may seem very scary at first but are huge dorks
  • GEN 5:
  • - "if you say trrubish is bad you can catch these hands"
  • - likes the ultra beasts
  • - loves the aesthetic of black n white
  • - will analyze everything relating to pokemon
  • - always ready for discourse but still very kind
  • GEN 6:
  • - watches too much anime
  • - has a crush on professor sycamore
  • - loves pokemon amie
  • - hates it when people say the 6 gen games were too easy
  • - talkative and optimistic

I may or may not have already gotten more. I may or may not have been to 3 different Barnes & Noble’s in the last 5 days. I may or may not have a problem.


We didn’t set out to be superheroes. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned, The good thing is my brother wanted to help a lot of people & that’s what we’re going to do. Who are we? Big hero 6.”


AU: Cameron decides he wants to take you on the FamTour this summer, since he’s been missing you a lot lately, and this is basically what happens during your summer 2014 break.

Note: Thank you to everyone who helped my Jack Gilinsky AU get 1,200+ notes! I’m going to remake all of my other AU sets to make them 10x better and more HQ also with more gifs in honor of this monumental day. Credit to juliaksen for the gifs.

I’m tagging cause I want all of you to see this. Annie is an amazing movie and they remake is great I’ve gone and seen it three times.

And people aren’t seeing it cause annie is black and she’s meant to be white with red hair. Cause that’s how it was in the original.

But it’s a fricking remake and it’s set in the twenty first century the little girl they got to play Annie kills it.

If you want to go see a great family movie please go see this one it’s getting bad reviews because people are being racist.

I mean I’m as pale as you can get with blue eyes brown hair (red atm) I’ve got lots of people I can look up to who look like me. I don’t need to see more movies with people who look like me.

But this is so important this is a little girl who now feels comfortable because she saw a movie where the girl was like her.


[Caption: a set of eight pictures of Zoë Kravitz and Deepika Padukone, with “Clarke Griffin” written in white over Zoë and “Leksa Kom Tri Kru” over Deepika.]

No brownface, no cultural appropriation, no White Savior narrative. Just two brown girls fighting a war, falling in love and trying to protect their people.

Zoë Kravitz as Clarke Griffin.
Deepika Padukone as Heda Leksa.


Windy Island Lighthouse is a TS4 remake of a lot I built for TS3. Someone requested that I upload it, so here it is! I haven’t decided what I want it to be in my world yet, so it’s currently empty and unfurnished. It’s set as a residence, but feel free to turn it into a cafe, museum, souvenir shop, whatever you wish!

The build requires a couple of custom items, so don’t forget to download those from the links below. It also requires Outdoor Retreat, Get to Work, and Get Together.

  • Lot size: 20x20
  • Lot location: “Mid Nowhere” in Windenburg
  • To install, download the ZIP file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy its contents (there should be 10 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder.


**If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the Gallery under #jenba and Origin ID silrosse

Don’t forget the CC:

(UPDATE 3/25/16 - I originally had the wrong link for the windows - I’ve updated it now! Sorry for any inconvenience!)



Crosserofanimals’ 2,800 follower giveaway!!
Thank you guys so much for following me! It means so much and I love you all. Let’s have an off the chain giveaway! Here’s the rules~
-Must be following me
-Reblog as much as you want
-Reblogs and Likes are 1 entry each
-I love you guys
1st place
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2nd place
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-1 Random 7/11 furniture
3rd place💩
-1 million bells
-3 rotten turnips. Thanks and good luck! 💪🐴👌
Giveaway ends on 9/15/14!
*this is a remake of my 2,700 follower giveaway, I will still be counting all of those entries. Good luck!*


Around the Sims 3 | Cat Café #2

Here the second part of the cat café, or cat tea room should I say, as it comes with a remake of the Store tea set. I’m pretty happy of how the chairs turned out. They’re quite colorful but they can be used with more classical patterns. They both have 4 different masks, so you can do exactly what you want with (at least, I hope so! ;))


Also, don’t forget the Advent Calendar! ;)


A TS1 Remake (and Two Admittedly Less Exciting Conversions.)


A decorative remake of the (I imagine) instantly recognizable Makin’ Magic ‘Hole in the Ground’. Base game compatible, found in Deco/Misc for 89$. Although I have not made any recolours, both the arrow and the ‘stick’ are colour-enabled.

Also included is an edited version of HafiseAzale’s 3to2 miner’s hole (now displaying the proper depth and lack of outdoor shadow) in case you want to set things up like I did in my preview picture.

-> Download at Box or Dropbox


The cute pool lounger thing from TS3 Seasons, converted as a bed which can only be relaxed or jumped on. I wanted it to at least be some kind of lounger, ya know? Found in Comfort/Misc; might require Pets, honestly I’m not sure.
15 March: by request, I added a decorative version of this object made to be placed in pools. It it slaved to the original one.
-> Swatches
-> Download at Box or Dropbox
-> Lounger as a deco object, also included in main download.

And a desk (which might be from Generations, and not Ambition like my filename indicates) centered on three tiles. Even though it has the proper green tiles and slots, sims may walk through its right side. Base game compatible.
The chair recolour used in my preview was made by Iroeny@MTS.
-> Swatches
-> Download at Box or Dropbox

Question mark so people can answer this post if they want:?

Really lady

This is kind of a long story. I work for coffee shop (think green apron) and this women came up with her daughter and ordered a carmal frapaccino and a tall mocha. My co worker thought she wanted the mocha hot, but she sure as heck didn’t. So when I hand her out he drink she flips out and starts yelling and says my co worker was being disrespectful (she wasn’t shes a sweetheart) so I say to her “it’s no big deal miss, we can remake it for you” this sets her off and she says “that was also very disrespectful, I work with kids all day I’m not gonna come in and take shit from a 15 year old who makes minimum wage” I don’t say anything and make her drink and when I hand it to her she looks me dead in the eye and says “thanks bitch” that was the last straw I started crying and walked away. So later that night I find out this women has made a Facebook post about me and my coworker. Really lady. Are you gonna be that petty.

change of house

it’s still in the process of being set up, but that’s where i’m going to post about witchcraft and pagan-related things from now on. or, at least, until i decide i want to remake blogs again. that, however, shouldn’t be any time soon.

and in any case, i’ll likely hold a giveaway on my new blog when i hit a certain number of followers! & i’m also planning to start up both a storenvy and an etsy shop, hopefully relatively soon.

The electric type pendant has been adjusted!

After looking through all my type pendants I felt like the electric type felt a little inconstant compared to the rest, so I altered it to be a little more in line with the rest in the set.

The previous version is still available for those that want it on the electric type pendant page:

External image

Pendant by Trinket Geek

Followers Gift: In Bloom.

One of the things about playing a historical neighbourhood, is that all of the content I make, is made to fit that neighbourhood.  This meant that when I suddenly and surprisingly had 100 followers here, the vast majority of the stuff I’ve made recently, or I’m working on,will be of little use to most of those followers.  I mean, ok I think that quite a few people will like the add on window and shelves I’ve made for Shakeshaft’s Victorian shop front set, but given when I was play testing, I discovered my window was letting in snow and I had to remake it, I want to do more play testing before I release those.  So I was sitting, racking my brains as to what to do as a gift, when it struck me, I had something I’d just posted pictures of, that I hadn’t shared yet: the vaseless flowers.

Like nearly everything I make, these came about because of the era I play.  Glass vases just don’t look right in a house decorated in the High Victorian style, so I took the flowers I use most and separated them from their vases so I could place them in vases that did look right.  In the archive, you will find Macarossi’s bluebells, freesias, irises, protea and miltonia.  Cassandre’s lilies, which I also resized because they were too big, and the craftable flowers from OFB.  They are all slaved to the original meshes, and so I’ve included those in the master folder.  HOWEVER, this does also mean that you need OFB for the craftables to not flash blue.  If this is a big problem for anyone, let me know and I’ll remake them.

I think that is everything.  Download them here. 

Enjoy and thank you for following.