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Solangelo, "together" please? Also I love your writing so much and I pretty much fall of my bed in excitement everytime you post something

{ahh thanks! anyways, i apologize for how incredibly short this is oops.}


“Stay.” Nico said. He wasn’t planning on saying it, it was instinctive. He and Will had spent practically the entire day together but hours after the sun set, when his boyfriend turned to leave, Nico realized he really didn’t want him to go. “Please.”

They had only been dating for a little over a month, but Nico had never felt this way with anybody else before. He wanted Will close, to fall asleep in his arms and nothing more.

Will could sense the emotion and the innocence behind that single word. He turned from the door to face Nico. “Okay.”

Soon they were snuggled up next to each other under the covers of Nico’s bed, Will holding Nico close. They didn’t talk, they didn’t need words. Just being together was enough.

Will’s embrace was comfortable and safe, things Nico hadn’t felt in a long time. Now that he had someone there, someone to hold him, he fell asleep faster and slept more peacefully than he had in months.

Nico looked so cute when he slept, Will couldn’t help but a smile, kissing Nico’s forehead before he too drifted off to sleep.

Will woke up first the next morning, trying to get up without waking Nico. Unconsciously, Nico grabbed Will’s arm so he couldn’t leave. Will laughed slightly, but shook Nico awake with his free hand, “Hey, Nico, I’m gonna need my arm back now.”

Without opening his eyes, Nico asked sleepily, “Why?”

“I have to go. I’m already late for archery.” Will said.

Nico loosened his grip on Will’s arm. “Fine.”

“Thanks,” Will said as he stood up, heading for the door, “I’ll see you later. Love you.”

“Love you too,” Nico mumbled.


{because i’m trash for sleepy nico. hey, also, i’ve had this account for almost three months now and i already have over 300 followers! i love you guys!}

Going on Convention

Okay so I will tell you guys now, Tomorrow will I be leaving to go on a convention called Närcon here in Sweden. I will be gone for 5 days. 
I will try to post some photos and short videos. I will also try to be active on SnapChat.
My Snapchat: BluuBell

If you want to add me. 
So I will be more active on Monday next week. 
Now I will print out the last things for Artist alley and pack my stuff before having date night with my Sweet love <3

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Hi Jillian! Sorry if this is annoying in any way but I was wondering if you could give a bit of constructive criticism on a chaptered work I've started on my side blog howlterbarks? I'd also like to know, how do you stop yourself from procrastinating? Chapter 1 of my story was posted two days late which is embarrassing, and I had to chug a mug of coffee to stay awake long enough to write it. You don't have to check it out if you don't want to or if you don't have the time, thanks for reading ^^

hey man! i don’t really have time today, and im about to leave for cross country practice, but i can give you a few basic tips!!

-plan out your entire chaptered story before you write it. i’m serious. have your plot figured out, and then make an outline about what’s going to happen in every chapter. if you want to see an example of an outline i made for AWM, click here

-to update on time, you need to have a set day. never push back updating if you can help it, and write the update a day or two early if you can manage. that way you don’t have the stress of trying to create the chapter on the day you want to upload it. i avoid procrastinating by being like “okay, at 3 i’m ACTUALLY going to start writing this” and then i actually will, haha. but i’ll give myself some chill time before writing time

-make sure to submit it to phanfic!!! it’s what i did with all my first fics to get them out there, and as you can see it worked for me! good luck dude i hope all goes well for ya :]

i saw that @nooohr was asking for things we might want in an aj/dd rewrite, so i thought that instead of leaving a huge comment, it would be better to make a separate post. i’ll try to limit it to only major things though, or this will get really long.

• apollo and trucy sibling reveal
• character development/just fleshing out apollo, trucy, AND KLAVIER
• klavier dealing with kristoph, kristoph’s manipulation and abuse, maybe pulling down klavier’s facade to show a non-foppish character underneath the rockstar prosecutor
• APOLLO dealing with kristoph, kristoph’s manipulation and abuse, as he seemed to really look up to him before his arrest
• give klavier gavin more love?? more support, more friends??
• please support klavier gavin, he sent his best friend and his brother to jail and he’s trying so hard
• giving klavier and phoenix a chance to deal with their past together, with the disbarment and all
• klavier’s shitty cameo is not so shitty and he actually has a reason to be in dd
• klapollo hospital visit! klapollo hospital visit! klapollo hospital visit! klapol
• phoenix doesn’t bully apollo as much like goddamn wright how much salt have you accumulated while you were unemployed
• athena actually shows to have a familial attachment to simon/explains her past with him
• simon’s “scary samurai death row murderer” facade falls after state vs blackquill (i think athena mentions that simon used to be very straitlaced when she was young)
• blackquill siblings! showing the blackquill siblings interacting more before/during/after state vs blackquill will help to develop them both further
• the phantom is handled better like,, the phantom is not a great antagonist,, the “conniving and emotionless” trope is really bad

i tried to only include important things,, sorry….

Mekakucity Actors DVD Stream TOMORROW on the 23rd and 24th @ 1pm AEST


Honestly speaking, I’m surprised there are fans who wants to watch this. Like, and including my reblogs, there are almost 100 notes on the streaming post I made before I left. Ooooh boy, first time streaming… I hope this works!

Okay! Here’s the plan!

I am not making one stream per day, I’ll try to make two streams per day. Because yeah, majority of the fandom is on the other side of the world, aka here in Australia not convenient for those in America (mostly). However! I am not sure if I can stay for the 2nd stream of the day because of dinner and such, so I will just leave the DVD running and that’s it (btw, how do you turn off the mic? I don’t really want people hearing me making comments).

ANYWHO! Here’s the schedule.

  • Saturday @ 1pm and @ 7pm AEST - Episode 1 to 6
  • Sunday @ 1pm and @ 7pm AEST - Episode 7 -12

Sounds good right?

BUT! There are rules to make this enjoyable!


  1. Be nice: everyone wants to enjoy something. If you’re making bad comments and other’s uncomfortable, I will cancel the stream at once because it just proves how bad the fandom can be when some of us wants to see the good part of it.
  2. No hate comments on MCA: no one wants to hear anymore of these stupid comments on how bad MCA is due to story quality and animation. It’s been 2 years, and the stream is for other’s to enjoy.
  3. No ship wars: we don’t want this. Civil comments are fine though, but don’t say how ship X is better than ship Y because of Reason A, B, C, and D.
  4. More rules may be added on the day of the stream

Link will be up an hour early at least before the stream.

See ya tomorrow! 


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Can you do one where its punk!phil and pastel!dan and they have like rough sex (daddy kink etc) and then they take round 2 in the shower? xx

i can indeed


-Phil had been trying to win Dan over for weeks, leaving post it notes with love hearts and gift cards to buy new flower crowns inside his locker only to melt when Dans face lit up. That’s when Dan asked him out.

-After a pretty interesting conversation at dinner where the topic ‘What’s your darkest fantasy?’ came up, Phil placed his knife back on his plate, elbows rested on the table, leaned forward a little and replied softly, huskily “I want to ruin you.” Before calling over for the bill as Dan tried to calm his erratic breathing

-Flash forward to later that night, Dans hands are tied to the head board with pretty pink rope- back arched, ass stuck out a little and Phil’s tying a blindfold behind his head, refusing to remove his crown from that curly head of hair. “What a good boy you are for daddy.” Phil muttered, bringing a heavy hand down on Dans ass.

-An hour later and Dans panting for breath as he comes when Phil removes the cock ring, a flurry of ‘thank you daddy’ and 'oh my god Phil’ pass his lips and he’s collapsing into the mattress, Phil’s finger tips massaging out where the ropes had burned Dans wrists from tugging so hard. “God you’re so beautiful.” Phil’s whispered, picking up Dans recovering body with a kiss to his forehead.

-Dan managed to find his balance in the shower and as he leaned down to grab a bottle of shampoo from the side of the tub- ass stuck out so deliciously, Phil couldn’t help but pull Dan back up again, wrap a hand around his torso and pull him back into his growing hard on. “Ready for round two?” Phil growled into Dans ear, and Dan? Dan straight out moaned, his arms on the wall to steady himself as Phil pushed his back down a little so his ass was spread, and kissed over his fluttering hole. “Wanna rim you.” He muttered, grabbing the lube from next to all his body washes. He let his eyes linger on Dans head, waiting for consent and when he was replied with a soft 'Please daddy’.. well, who was he to deny his little boy?

Home // Stiles Stilinski

Part 1  Part 2

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Eventual Stiles x reader
Word Count: 883 (future parts will be longer!)
Warnings: A few swear words
Request from @a-queen-is-better-than-king​: “Hi could you do an imagine where the reader is Deucalion’s daughter and she leaves with him but returns to beacon hills. And she goes to see stile but it’s not really him it’s the nogitsuni. And since he was to feel pain he breaks her heart and tries to make her loose control please and thank you”

A/N: I loved this prompt wayy too much just to make a one-parter out of it so this will actually be a mini-series instead! Hope you don’t mind! Enjoy! P.S sorry if there are any grammatical errors! I wanted to quick post this before I had to go out!

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Stawberry Wine

I am not allowed to start this before I finish The Blue Beach House (according to myself and @ilostmyshoe-79 ) but @for-the-love-of-dean put this into my brain so now I am making a post! Let me know if it is something you are interested in and want a tag next month when I hopefully finish up Sam!

Preview: Y/N Singer has been living with her grandpa Bobby on his ranch since her mom died when she was 12. She is a country girl through and through. In love with music and horses.

The summer she turns 18 and just before she leaves for Juilliard, Bobby hires a new ranch hand. 26 year old Dean Winchester who captures her eye and heart fast.

Is age all that important in love? And what happens when he goes back home and she leaves for college. Will love last?

A/N: It is a 5 part mini series (or 6 but Amanda will kill me for that!) and will be based on the songs Strawberry Wine by Deana Carter and Another Man’s Gold by Dean Brody (yeah there is a team in names here people - it is accidental lol)

So, I don’t usually write about my personal life on here. Not because any of it is really a secret, but just because well.. I don’t want to clutter this place with my life, I guess? That’s why I use the tag “goddamnit vi” for all my posts regarding what I’m up to IRL. Today I do want to make a pretty big announcement tho, and before I do I should tell you guys that a while back I broke up with my boyfriend. Nothing too sad.. we just were more friends than partners, so we decided to just become roommates and leave it at that. So that’s how its been for a while now. We’re still the best of friends, just not boyfriend/girlfriend.

Then, bronycon 2016 happened…

or more precise, this dork happened.

Over the course of a few months I’ve gradually been developing a more and more serious crush on a specific goat boi. Enough to make me want to go see him IRL before attending bronycon with him this year. And well…

That concludes my days as single~! ^3^
(much to Gloomy’s annoyance apparently)

I love him more than I’ve loved anyone ever before. Its like I’ve known him for years already. He makes me so very happy with his giggles, dorky antics and cuddly hugs, and for the first time in my life I feel like I’ve met someone who completes me, and shares most of my interests. In short, I think we make a good team~

Now the future seems both more scary and more exciting than ever~

I’m just so happy, guys! >3<

Into the Depths of Hell, I’ll Gladly Fall
  • MC x Eisuke
  • Read the series here!
  • Summary: SLBP AU! Eisuke is the lord of Owari, perceived as a fool for his rash and seemingly outrageous decisions, yet no one dares to defy him. After hardships at home you ended up selling yourself to the lord of hell himself to support your family. Your brother, swore to bring you home one day. But when will that be?
  • A/N: If  you want to be tagged, either message me or leave a comment/reblog saying you do! I check all my notes before I post the newest chapter!
  • Tagging: @dumb-and-dumber-with-leah, @bloody-geisha, @potato582, @checilchan, @donnaintx, @keiichirominase, @catchthespade  
  • Like my fanfictions? You can check out my masterpost here for headcons and fanfictions!

You weren’t sure exactly how it happened. One moment you were being stared down in the meeting hall by Lord Ichinomiya himself and the next you found yourself pinned between his bedding and the Lord of Hell himself.

“I––” You weren’t sure what to say, or how to address the situation at all. But you’d be damned if you lost your virginity to a man like him. So you crossed your arms over your chest, hugging protectively over yourself in a attempt to keep your clothes on.  

“Shut up,” He growled, already reaching to move your arms away from your chest.

“N-No!” You yelped. The last thing you wanted was for things to end like––

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I can’t believe he’s here already! :D I was expecting to wait like 3 months before he arrived, he came in just recently

and, thats not even the best part ^^ He’s in new condition :D My gawd ^__^ ahhhh, im finally happy with my collection. Heck, I think he might be the only one i want to keep. I planning to sell the rest of my collection. Here’s a update on my sale post 

edit: he goes so well with my wall decal too hehe XD 

Thanks for reading~ 

The Cro-Babies Go to London:  A Daily Memoir

Hard to believe it was a year ago that Sherlock and I traveled to London! Someone suggested I revisit each day’s adventures, since most of you followers weren’t around back then. The blog had a slightly different [wordier and more boring. -SH] format back then, but it was also meant as a way for folks back home to keep up with our adventures. So, below are links to the first few blog entries from a year ago. Feel free to skim the text if you just want the pictures. [Feel free to skim the pictures without me in them -SH]  Shut up, Sherlock. -JW

First post on the travel blog: July 23

Last cuppa at home before leaving: July 24, part 1

At the airport: July 24, part 2

First leg of the journey: July 24, part 3

Flight: July 24-25


A tribute vid to Daveed Diggs, one of the original casts of Hamilton

Sorry for being absent for such a long time. I thought my vpn was dead, turns out I was just being stupid all the time. So. I’m back, if anyone notice I’ve been gone for all these days.

Well… I know what’d I miss. At July 13th I found out that Daveed was gonna leave Hamilton, I was so sad that I cried for all night, then made a tribute video with my friends, made a My Shot cover, and said our goodbye and good-luck (also shouted out to Rafael Casal and #BARSWorkshop), posted on Youtube before his last show.

I didn’t think he would see any of that vid, just wanted to do it. I’m so proud and happy that he’ll shine on movie and tv screens, but this bittersweet feeling may never fade.

So anyway… I post this vid here. All we wanted to say is in it. Sorry for the low quality of the vid, we didn’t have much time.

Thanks for watching!

- Dawning (also w/ Helen, Alex, Dylan, Clagex, Freya )

I can’t believe people are mad at Brooke right now….Like from what I saw in the trailer she didn’t “gang up” on Audrey.  She stopped Audrey from going after Emma after she pushed her. Emma clearly didn’t want to be around Audrey in the moment.  She just got into a small physical altercation with her and wanted to leave and cool off and calm down.  She wanted to just not be around Audrey because she was UPSET. Audrey clearly wanted to fix things with Emma and wanted to go after her because she too was probably upset by the situation.  However Emma clearly ran away and did not want to be near Audrey anymore for the time being.  All Brooke did was stop Audrey from following Emma.  All Brooke did was insert herself into the situation an stopped it before it escalated and got worse.  All Brooke did was protect both of her friends from possibly getting into a larger fight?  All she did was make sure that Emma was allowed some space to cool down, and even allowed Audrey some time to cool down.  Both of their emotions were probably running extremely high in that scene and Brooke forced them both to be away from each other so they could process what happened and cool down.  Brooke did not choose “emma’s side” or “audrey’s side”.  It is not a black and white situation.  It is not “Emma and Brooke against Audrey” now. No it is a fight between friends and it is hurt feelings and it is a complicated situation and all Brooke fucking did was stop it from getting worse.  

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someone just posted a excerpt of your fic on AO3 under "Bugaboo, Your Amazing! Wait, I'm a Ladybug?!" just thought you should know I'm not sure how to report on AO3 as of yet

belleagneau said: hi um i think someone stole part of your story “Serendipitous Fate”. The story is on ao3 under the title of “Bugaboo, Your Amazing! Wait, I’m a Ladybug?!” the persons username is *deleted*. I just thought I would let you know! sorry if you get a lot of messages like this

Thanks for letting me know guys–I’ll take care of it. But please don’t anyone be mean or nasty to this person. The story is currently posted under anonymous, but one can still leave comments and I don’t want this person harassed. 

However, on a side note, I will say that what has happened here is illegal. People have asked me before if they could write things inspired by my stories, characters, etc… And my response has always been the same–Yes! Just please credit me and don’t copy and paste my words directly. 

I’m trying to save people grief in the long run when I say such things. While fanfiction is fanwork and one cannot legally make a profit off of it (in the Miraculous fandom, at the very least), the writing itself still belongs to the original author, and so they do, in fact, have rights to it. Just as fanartists have rights to their work whether the characters involved in said work belong to them or not. That aside, using text directly like this without sourcing is PLAGIARISM. Fanwork or not makes no difference. 

I think I understand how the specific work in this example came about–likely, the writer (or their “friend”) saw the comic that was made inspired by SF and so took the dialogue from that comic. 

I love it when people make art of my fics–it’s amazing and awesome and I’m thrilled every time. But those artists source/credit back to the original material. The artist who created that specific comic credited me, which is especially important when dialogue taken directly from the story is involved. What I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t matter where the inspiration for the above mentioned story is from, the dialogue used in that comic was still *mostly* mine, and so it’s still plagiarism (even if the dialogue hadn’t been mine, it would then be plagiarism from the person who created the comic, just fyi). 

This is not okay. If you ever see a fanwork and want to write from it, ask the artist first. Even if the fanart is the original source material, copying any written words from it into your own writing is plagiarism. If the artist was inspired by something else and created from that, and sourced back to the original, you have to get permission from that original creator to use that dialogue/prose. 

I have openly given artists permission to draw from my work–it’s in my FAQ and when asked, I always say it’s fine so long as I get to see it (because it’s always amazing, tbh). If it’s just a picture, I have very little claim on that (and I don’t want to claim it–it’s not my art), but when long pieces of dialogue or prose are involved, that’s when things like this can get messy. I want artists to make comics and feel free to use my words, but making a comic using my words and re-writing a prose piece using my words are VERY DIFFERENT things–especially when the material isn’t credited. 

There are actually much stricter laws on plagiarism and how things have to be sourced than is ever enforced in fanwork, but I don’t want to have to use those laws. Usually people know what is acceptable and what isn’t–especially fanartists who have their work stolen all the time. I think I’ve now made it pretty clear what I consider to be acceptable and what I don’t.   

I am a writer–do not steal my words. I don’t care if your inspiration was a comic made by someone else or my source material. Creating prose using my words is plagiarism and it’s illegal. Translating my words without my permission is illegal because it’s, again, plagiarism (it’s in my FAQ that no one is allowed to translate my work). So unless you get permission from me to recreate my words in a text format that is relatable to a story or prose piece, you are wrong. Do not do this.

I’ve dealt with this sort of thing before and have little patience with it. So just stop now, please, for your own sake.   

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As stated in a previous post #FFXVweek 3: Launch Event will be taking place September 18 - 24, 2016! It will be the final #FFXVweek before the game’s BIG release! Before a post is made for the Launch Event week, I would like to give each of you the opportunity to leave suggestions on what themes/writing prompts you’d like to have. Whether you create things for #FFXVweek or simply participate by liking/reblogging/commenting, I’d like to hear what you want to see in your #FFXVweek!

Leave your suggestions for themes and/or writing prompts in my ask box or messenger. Leave as many suggestions as you’d like! All messages will remain private. None will be published.

Suggestions must be submitted by this Saturday (July 23rd) to be considered.

Sebastian Stan Imagines Available on AO3

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Great News! I have now posted two of my Sebby fics on AO3! 

Hold On, We’re Going Home can be found here. 

I Hate You, I Love You is also there too! 


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(Alright, time to crawl back into your cave, Savannah, you’re being weird again)

Before I do, I just wanna say thank you to all the readers and people leaving lovely messages in my ask box. You’re all beautiful people and I want to rugby tackle you all to the ground and hug you all. 

*Goes to blow you a kiss* *trips over nothing and falls face first*