punkinqq I thought last month was our 9 month, but its actually today. So here’s three pictures of me and Cath because i love her so much and she’s awesome and cool and makes me feel good and the best girlfriend there is and adorable and I don’t see her that often and I wish I did and this is a run on sentence and she makes me feel good about myself and sees potential in me. I post a lot about her and I’m sorry internet but she’s honestly the best thing to me and I want her to feel special all the time. You truly dont know how much you mean to me. You let me complain and try to help me fix things and I couldn’t be more grateful for having you come into my life, even if you are sad sometimes! I’m not proposing or anything, but I hope we can make this last and shares laughs for a very long time, because when we stargaze I see more stars in your eyes than in the night sky (I’m a cheesy boyfriend) (and thanks for killing Ryger the penguin meanie butt) So happy nine months baby! I love you sea shell

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I am very worried because over the summer I lost all of my friends due to a large argument that was taken out of hand. One person in particular gave me death threats online and even though they started off as small things they started to go too far. (I'm not suicidal at all and I'm so glad I'm not in that situation because of the things she told me) however I have to go back to school soon and I have no one to talk to and I'm not really "popular" so every time I try to talk to anyone they laugh

Its for the better that you lost them. Clearly they are not good friends. Tbh you don’t need them. If they laugh at you for making friends its probably because they dont want you to make friends. They want you to be insecure and have no-one. Show them that they can’t bring you down. Talk to people and be always nice. I’m sure there are people who would love to be your friend

this scene messed me up SO BADLY the first time that i decided to replay the whole game up to this point just to make it last longer & now i’m finally back

anyway, important things to note:

michael fucking trying to hide jimmy behind him, just in case trevor leaps over the counter and tries to strangle him, for no reason, right there and then, in front of his parents, a random yoga instructor, and god

the lil hissed “that’s great!!! that’s great which i am just feeling so hard for some reason
like i will forever be hearing that in my head when some rich stingy self-absorbed asshole brags to me about their latest pay raise or whatever.
that beautiful menacing edge of “i am actually so fucking angry at your entire existence that i have become unable to process my own emotions and instead looped back to slightly irritated apathy”

the fact that michael expects him to hurt his children and instead the very first thing trevor wants to do is save one

the fact that michael is so surprised about this even though tracey has always loved her uncle t and vice versa

the fact that he’s built up trevor to be this horrible, uncaring monster in his head - which he absolutely IS, just not when it comes to his friends! not when it comes to him! - in order to justify every shitty thing he’s done to him, and now he’s being reminded what he’s ACTUALLY like and it just dmfdnqnwfoqwnf


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so. dean/roman/randy/cesaro... not sitting in a tree... k-i-s-s-i-ng...

this very much does not count as a foursome but it also might be the first in a series because apparently i am the worst??? whoops

do things we won’t regret

It’s kind of hard to miss that Dean Ambrose is a little weird. Randy thinks it’s hard to miss, anyway. Maybe to some people, Dean’s just a guy, and he makes total sense (Roman acts like Dean makes total sense no matter what) but to Randy, Dean speaks a different language.

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Today is turning out to be such a great day and that makes me very happy.

Weirdly the fact that people do think the depiction of anxiety in “fear might be the death of me” is very accurate is just so reassuring? Because like, so much of that is my experience. And if writing about it that way gets a reaction of “yes exactly this and it hits close to home” then I’m definitely not just making this up and I do have anxiety and I can cross that worry off the list? I did not expect that side effect of writing this fic but I’m glad for it. *hugs every single person who said nice things about it* *double hugs all my anxious readers* I am sorry you related to it so much because anxiety suuuuuucks, but the fact that it spoke to you at all means the world to me. And thank you again Shreeya for the prompt because I 100% wouldn’t have been able to write this if I didn’t know someone wanted to read it, and I’m grateful.

How do I manage to fuck everything up? Like, I am not joking, it is probably the one thing I am good at. I am very good at fucking up things. Especially all the good things in my life. I just fuck those right up, and it makes people never want to even speak to me. I am so angry at myself and its only 8 am and I’m ready to cry.

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why did you make a new instagram?

asl;dkjgalksdf i mean its not really new? it is new but i still have my other instagram its just that like. i realized its not very…personal…i mean it is but its all stuff for my shop mostly, etsy things, photos of products, witch stuff, altar stuff…….i wanted an instagram i could post photos from like my daily life on like , me at beach, me eating peach, u kno, also: that sort of “peachy” aesthetic makes me feel happier when i look at it and stuff so i’m also using it in an attempt to like, cheer myself up, show the good things and the pretty things that happen in my life, etc, u feel, idk

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do you have a tag or website or something for your art? id love to see more of it! also i saw this girl that looked like you the other day and i almost screamed

omg i love when people look like me I hope she was having a good day aw also yeah I have a tagged/mine and a tagged/my+work but its not very comprehensive I dont post a lot of things online because its dangerous to put things out there before they come fully to fruition you know? people really out here jacking intellectual property. now that im in a more stable and like calm environment i want to start making more work to share here though so look out for that!

be careful of what u say to ppl because the things u say can stick with them for life u know… sometimes ill be in a good mood and suddenly i remember all the things people said to me (and its not even that many, so imagine how other people feel) and it just makes me feel like total shit. certain things can just be completely ruined for you.

(different friend in each story.) sorry but very very negative post under the cut…

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Getting to know me RULES: Tag 10 followers you want to know better

Tagged by ladyamina​ um hi?? I’m very glad you aren’t here to see my reaction to being tagged by one of my fave blogs haha. Also we have the same birthday!?

Nickname: Hail

Birthday: June 7th

Star sign: Gemini

Gender: Female maybe idk? Working on figuring it out

Sexual orientation: Asexual

Height: 5’2” ish

Favourite colour: Mm probably black but I’m very fond of orange and light blue as well

Average amount of sleep: Idk I usually get a good 9 hours or so but its like, at rediculous times (4 AM to noon) the sun rises before I sleep sometimes and it weirds me out

Last thing I googled: “pokemon by generation” there are altoghether too many Pokemon, even when organized by generation.

First thing to come to mind: I’m never going to complete this National Dex pls stop making more Pokemon 720 is too many

Happy place: I’m genuinely distressed that I cannot come up with an answer

How many blankets I sleep with: Usually just one, the thickness depending on the temperature

Favourite book: Ppfffft no?? How?? Idk… the Study series, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Warriors, The Last Dragon Chronicles, Mortal Instruments… I read way too much for this question.

Favourite artist/band: Right now: Uhh does Vocaloid count as an artist? I listen to too many different artists to pick a favorite.

Last movie I saw in theatres: It’s been awhile, I think it was Mockingjay Part 1.

Dream job: Author

What I am wearing right now: Old t-shirt from a cheer competition and pajama pants.

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okay so I’m quite tired and I’ve just had some stupid thoughts about friend stuff that I’m going to put under a thing because. they probably won’t make sense tomorrow I just wanted to try putting things in words. 

edit: this got very rambly and quite emotional in a good way. POSITIVE EMOTIONS. 

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I don't know how to leave the situation of emotional abuse. They've already controlled me and drained my finances so now I'm dependent on them. I'm so scared of them but I feel like this is my fault.

There is always a way out. 


Some are more difficult than others. 

And so, a difficult problem require a little more time in its solution.

It starts by removing the dependency you have with your abuser; gradually making friends with others - people you can rely on. Having a support network isn’t bad. It’s a great thing. You need to slowly start planning how you want to leave (money and shelter are big things here). Having a good friend that you can stay with for a little while while you get back on your feet again will help greatly. When you’re ready to leave your abuser, make it very clear you don’t want them in your life and that you can press charges if they pursue you. But, you need to cut off all communications. A toxic free environment is key to recovery.

I know people in situations like yours that have managed to escape. 

It is possible. Difficult, yes, but that’s what makes a person a survivor. 

And if you do it. You’ll be able to inspire others who are suffering from abuse too. Your story will matter to many.


so, since this is my secondary i will say this here… um… so.. i woke up this morning and went to check tumblr. and.. i had a new follower. neat,right? that doesn’t happen often, so i went to check their blog and… it’s my mother…

my mother that i love but, i she think would be very uncomfortable or misunderstand a lot of the things i share there…. and it’s kind of scary.. i’ve been going pages back and deleting posts, but i doubt that does any good…

plus if she founds that one,this one is not too far behind i’d think.. and her seeing this post would really make things worse..  i don’t want to exclude her from my life,but…this has been one of the only places i can feel free and discover more who i am and… throwing family into the mix really… really changes that… i care too much what they think of me, i mean.. i’ve already started self censoring more than what i already do…

*sigh*  and mommy, if you see this, i’m really sorry, i don’t mean it as anything against you… it’s just.. so sudden and awkward, and i hope.. i hope you can be understanding of me and my dilemna…

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Any tips on studying a topic you really hate? I'm doing gothic for English a2 next year and its just so not my thing - how can I being myself to read the books etc?

the first thing that comes to my mind is reward yourself! I find it very useful when I don’t wanna do something. I basically forbid myself to do something I like unless I do the thing I don’t wanna do. It works for me!
you can also find a study buddy, preferably one that likes the subject, that might help to keep you motivated and it can make the study sessions a lot more fun.
another important thing is positive thinking. although it seems hard to think about it now, that’s just another step to take to get what you want. if that is what you need to do to follow your dreams, or get a degree and have your dream job, than bring it on (: 

good luck with your studies! xx 

Little Things - August

I know there is still one more day in August but I work afters school so I might not have time to make a post. 

As you may have noticed I have completely neglected making daily or weekly little things posts. I think its because they started to feel like a chore to me. It was “too time consuming” even though they don’t take that long. I also felt like my little things became very repetitive. I think in the next coming months I will try to do more weekly posts because I remember the little things better if I post about them and I want to remember the good things in my life. 

August has been an amazing month!

I finished my summer classes.

We opened Spring Awakening and that show and cast has my heart and will continue to have my heart for sometime. I loved playing Martha and I feel like I was really able to explore acting and vulnerability with this show. I’m so happy I could be a part of it. 

Jake and I had our 11 month anniversary!

I started classes again and I think now that the semester has started I know what I want to do with the rest of my schooling. 

I’m coming to terms that I don’t think I want to stay at my current job much longer and that I’m going to start looking for a new job. 

I think I’m starting to lose weight again. I’ve maintained for over a year and I think that that was good. It’s going to make my weight loss a little less of a yo-yo since I was able to maintain. 

I’m really looking forward to auditioning for some more musicals in the upcoming month and I can’t wait for Jake and I’s one year anniversary :)

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can i have your honest opinion about some thing Its the dont judge challenge Its when people put on glasses a fake unibrow and fake zits and take a picture and then make them selves good looking by takeing every thing off and take another picture do you think its hypocritical of just for fun i feel like there judging people even more for some thing they cant help like a unibrow my best friend has one and she is very insecure about it I want your opinion is it me just bothered by it

I’m not bothered by it, but I honestly understand your concern. I don’t tell people this but hey I’m pretty anonymous on tumblr so I’ll let you know something about me.

I was a pretty confident kid until I was in Year 6, which is about 11 yo if you’re American or Canadian. Then this bitch started commenting on my thick brows, saying “my mom would never let me get a wax unless they were like that”. I started shaving them and I cut my forehead so many times trying to get rid of what I hated. 

Tell your best friend that people on the internet have their own preferences but that she shouldn’t care about her unibrow. I shaved and plucked mine so much that its barely there and I had to wit years to grow my eyebrows back to a normal size

 just don’t let her ruin her face because of other people’s preferences.

Hope this helped.

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how is college??? like is it scary having a room mate or making friends?? tell us about it!!!

its good so far! my roommate is really nice and we are very similar in that we like to be alone (or in this case quite and doing our own thing in our separate areas of the room) its been difficult to make friends so far but classes just started today (my dorm building is just kinda hard to make friends in though). But yeah overall things are good. i miss my cat though more than anything. i saw a picture of a girl holding a cat that looked so similar to simba and my heart burst. i want my son!!!!

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what is that red thing called its really cutey i think i mite play mossy monsters just 4 da blue and green hooboos and the red thing!!!

If you mean this Pepper I use as an icon, that is just some weird mascot from Japan that looked a bit like my Moshi Monsters self insert character P. Zazzee so I “adopted” this mascot too.

Moshi Monsters is very dead but I do think it’s worth a try. If you would want to try to play the missions you do need membership and I advice you to just try the 1 month = 5 euro deal so you can play through all of it. Season 2 is a blast.

Much of Moshi Monsters’ charm is hidden and it took me a lot of time to figure it all out. Now I am THE person to know the most about the fiction. I hope I can make some good fiction out of what I gathered for all to enjoy, both fans in the know as new people.