Lightning Appreciation Week

 Day 4: Favourite Scene →  Lightning accepts Lumina as part of her

“It happened a long time ago, you wanted so much to be strong…you wanted to grow up so fast you got everything that made you weak. So you would never have to back down. So no one could make you cry. You locked your heart away.”
                                                                                       “You’re me…young…weak…”
“I’m Claire Farron, her selfishness, her loneliness, her fear…that little bit of your soul that you couldn’t accept.

okay, time to talk about this scene

It was handed beautifully, so I really want to take a closer look at it and talk about all the things I love about it beyond the hug itself. Because it’s such a poignant showcase of how much these two care about each other; even when Makoto is actively trying not to. Even when Aigis doesn’t understand her own heart.

So as you can imagine, this post is going to be image heavy (couple of Gifs included!) and also sort of long (because I’m going to reference a few other scenes, too.) 

On we go!

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Freakin' Finally, a teen wolf fanfic | FanFiction

I’ve been staring at the Scira gif for so long I couldn’t take it anymore… so I made a fic… of the long-awaited Scira sex scene because DAMN I CAN’T WAIT I JUST HAD TO WRITE ABOUT IT

anyway, if you guys want more scira fics/oneshots, send me a message! I have another fic titled ‘Daddy Duties’ in the same account which is basically domestic Scira and fluffy and sweet!! 

Deleted Parks Scenes

One of my favorite gifts I received this holiday/birthday season was the DVD set of Parks and Rec.  (I’m sorry I can’t make gifs, but plenty of people out there make fabulous ones of deleted scenes…thinking about you, @meet-me-onthe-equinox <3) ANYWAY, I wanted to point out some things from some scenes that I was dying/crying/heart exploding over while I was watching (I also had a long day at work so the alcohol consumed while indulging in P&R certainly helped enhance those emotions):

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marathoning from dusk till dawn s2 inbetween work and class on netflix and goddamn, that scene where they blow up the titty twister… just epic. motorcycles launching through the air like they’re on firepowered ejected seats, the burned CHICAS fluorescent sign landing at their feet, the rising guitar line. hot diggity dang

anonymous asked:

Hello : ) any chance you can please make more Dennis / asbo gifs with quotes. There are so many emotional scenes and great one liners he says throughout the show haha. Sadly so little of them are on tumblr : p btw your gifs are sooo lovely!!!!

Hi :) i think I can do that yeah (not gonna say no to some Denis edits cause it’s been too long). Could you maybe message me the quotes/parts/episode you’d like me to gif? I’m terrible at picking quotes and stuff so if you want specific parts or quotes just tell which ones :)
*if you’re interested and haven’t done it yet, you can also check the edits I already made on my “edits” page ;)*

I really want to gif and make icons, but I don’t know what to make, so please send me some requests. I’ll make icons of basically anything, as long as they’re from shows I watch. And for the gif requests, check out this page to see what I can gif. Just try to be a little specific with your request, okay? Like if you want a specific scene giffed or just a regular gif set. Again, I’m super bored, so please send some!

I just saw The Force Awakens and for a long while I wanted to try new gif making technique, so I’m gonna do my top “Spaceships in space” scenes gifsets :D be prepared!

February 3: Misc. Scrambled Thoughts

I don’t know exactly what to write today, because most of what’s on my mind is just stuff about my day and my current ~feelings, with some vague thoughts about The 100 thrown in because, you know, that’s most of my brain. Journal stuff is done, finally done, so there is now space for thoughts I actually want to think about again. But they’re not coming back in anything like a coherent order.

This weekend is going to be a lot of chores, a lot of catching up on my class reading, and hopefully a lot of relaxing because I earned it. I just have to get through tomorrow, which is only one class and then a long library work shift.

I want to rewatch 3x02 and prepare myself mentally for 3x03, which, honestly, from the few scenes I’ve seen gif’ed (I’m avoiding the released scenes because I feel like they give too much away but obviously I see some stuff), I’ll probably be really tense and it will make me angry. Mostly the Lexa stuff. I just really don’t like her, I don’t like her in universe, I don’t like her as a character, and I don’t want to have to watch another season of her. There’s a part of me that wants to write some ~meta either about how she’s basically a villain and people would make me happy if they just acknowledged this and treated her like a bad guy instead of talking about how cute she is (???) and her feelings or whatever (??? what feelings lol??), and/or how she actually has no demonstrated skills or abilities. I feel like it’s sacrilege, even among people who dislike her, to say she’s not smart, not a good leader, not a good warrior, not honestly textually explicitly good at anything, but this is how I feel. I don’t want to live in this collective fiction that she is an impressive person, she is not. Basically my thesis is that there’s a difference between writers TELLING US, through other characters, that a character has certain good traits, and SHOWING US, through the character’s words and actions, that she has those traits. I mean, I could, and possibly will, say more on that topic later, but that’s basically it, that’s my argument. Just literally watch the show with that in mind, and my strong suspicion is that Lexa is going to get less impressive very quickly. I think the only skill she’s been canonically shown to have is being an expert manipulator. A+ great skill. Really makes me love her lol.

(I mean I know Clarke can pull a double cross too, but for a variety of reasons, I have more sympathy for her, and also my instinct is also to say that her double crosses are different, less about gaslighting and emotional manipulation and more the ha! caught you not looking! garden variety. ALSO I kind of dislike Clarke at the moment too so even if she and L have some similarity in this regard, this is just another check in the ‘Ugh Clarke’ column rather than a reason to resuscitate my interest in or respect for Lexa.)

Ugh, anyway, I hate not having a ~theme for my daily posts, but I suppose this is a good representation of my brain now. Like it’s part asleep, part awake, part focused on The 100, part focused on planning for my weekend, part focused on nothing, just drifting. I really hope I make some time to write this weekend because pre-journal I had all these thoughts and inspirations and it would be a shame if they’d all disappeared in the interim.

Tomorrow I think I’ll rewatch 3x02 and write up my thoughts on it. Or the other way around, thoughts on what I remember of my first watch, then rewatch. Start my 24 hours of spoiler avoidance lol let’s see how that goes.