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After someone speaks in my stories, I often follow it with 'someones name nodded' and I feel like I say that too much. Is there some way I could get the same action across with out using the same two word sentence every time. Saying so and so nodded starts to feel tedious after a while in my opinion.

*nods* I do that all the time. Even though I know it’s repetitive “he/she nodded” is still the first thing I write. All that nodding eventually makes my neck hurt.

You probably use “nodded” in lieu of the even more boring and repetitive “yeah.” You’re right in wanting to delete that extra line of dialogue from your scene. Even if saying “yeah” is something that happens regularly in natural dialogue, your written conversations should be clean. For that reason, if I can’t think of a better verb, I leave “nodded” or any action out at all and jump straight to the next line of dialogue. Generally your characters’ spoken responses should show that they agree, making the use of “nod” or any other verb redundant.

Observe how you and other people agree with things. Different personalities respond in different ways. Different types of nods imply different types of agreement too. A person who is constantly nodding is probably not adding dialogue, but only listening in. This character does not need to constantly be referred to unless their opinion- verbal or not- is important to the reader. 

Here is an example from my fic Regenerate. There are four persons in the scene and I’ve trimmed it to show only their actions:

“…Terry clears her throat. ’[states fact].’

My voice too is sore. ’[states opinion].’

Rogue cracks her gloved knuckles. ’[states opinion].’ She looks at [Bobby] to agree with her.

’[states follow-up opinion],’ Terry brushes back wild strands of hair, ’[reinforces opinion].’

Bobby nods slightly, having something to say but holding onto it.  

[disagreement between two other characters]

Bobby nods again, looking up at the other two. ’[agrees and states opinion].’

’[agrees],’ Terry crosses her arms. ’[reinforces opinion].’

’[disagrees],’ I say. ’[reinforces argument].’

’[states return argument].’ Bobby adjusts his posture to face me directly. ’[reinforces argument]’…”

This isn’t the best example I could come up with it’s just the first I thought of, but note how Bobby does nod while formulating his own opinion in private. Note also the actions the other characters perform instead of nodding. They aren’t conciously trying to agree or disagree with each other, they’re simply speaking for the sake of being heard. There’s nothing else happening in this scene because the group is standing in an empty hallway. Were the hallway crowded or were they actively doing something relevant actions could be substituted. Instead of using body language to show their opinion, they could be folding laundry or washing dishes and therefore their physical movements would be invested in those activities. 

Alright, I’m not convinced myself that anything I’ve just said is helpful, so, I Googled for backup.

Don’t Let Your Characters “Nod” Off 

Fiction Writing Pitfalls: Beward Nodding, and Wandering Eyes 

100+ Ways to Say “Nodded” 


Alternative Ways to Describe Character Reactions

9 Simple and Powerful Ways to Write Body Language

8 Body Language Traps You Need to Avoid

Great question btw, it’s always a comfort to know another writer out there is yelling at their screen for the same reasons I am. And hey, I never would’ve thought to research this problem on my own, so thanks for that! 

Hope something here helps you too.

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So you say you'd be here for me if I needed someone to talk to. Well my ex & I broke up, I think we were both kind of tired of each other, but the day we broke up, it was magical, we laughed, we had a good time, and we were intimate as well, I didn't care that my sister was upstairs. But I don't know why I didn't verbalized that I didn't want him to go. After all of that I thought he understood that I still loved him. And now, he's moved on with someone new, and I'm so broken. So sad, so lost :(

Breakups can be painful. You’re allowed to feel sad and frustrated, in fact it’s better than bottling up your feelings. I’m really sorry about what happened to you but I guess if there’s a silver lining it’s that now you’re free to find someone who loves you as much as you love them. Don’t settle for someone who only likes you when you love them xx

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I've read up on your yesterday... Seems like it was very happy :) I'm so happy for you both, you've had a bad week and deserve all the good things!

It was happy.  We are all very happy.  And it will be nice for Watson, I think.  Not that I wasn’t always going to be here if John wanted me to be, but it’s just–It’s good.  It’s good to know that John wants this–with me–for us.

And he was very ridiculous about the whole affair, half naked and getting down on one knee in our bedroom in the wee hours of the morning.  But it was perfect.  He was perfect.  I liked that it happened that way.  

John seems very happy too, today.  He’s starting to feel much better.  He’s making tea at the moment, and humming away in the kitchen.  

Watson wasn’t angry at all, as I thought she would be at being sent away, though she wasn’t too keen on us spending much time away from her today.  I think she’s learned to walk more this week, too.  Soon she’ll be running about and into everything.

Right now she’s asleep on me, because she didn’t want to go up to her room for her nap time.  


Here’s the rest of his answer-it’s too shaky to gif:

Jensen: So there’s that. 
Jared: That probably explains most of it.
Jensen: I’m pretty sure that explains it. So A.) That doesn’t exist. And B.) I think that Dean had a… not a crush on Dr. Sexy. M.D. I think he was a fan of the show.

There’s a reason I’m giffing this and it’s not to spread ship-hate. It’s because every time Jensen gets a question like this, fans are putting him in a no-win situation. If he said something positive, people would be sure it was going to become canon and then they’d feel very betrayed when it didn’t happen. If he shoots it down again, he gets hate from people calling him homophobic and saying he doesn’t know Dean at all. This isn’t right. He deserves better than this wank. 

Here’s the video if you want to hear it all for yourself: X

Good morning everybody ♡

The last couple of days were pretty exhausting for me, jobwise. Even more so yesterday I was looking forward to train. Compared to other training sessions it was kind of frustrating though. I was not able to lift as much as the last time and I just could not get the pump. After doing what I had to do, that is getting a sufficient stimulus for muscle growth, I stopped - reluctantly.

See, sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. Be that as it may. Accept it and move on. I could have pushed through yesterday but that would have led to even more fatigue. It would have been a chore and I don’t want that to happen. Training to me is something epic, something that makes me very happy. If, for some reason, it does not satisfy me, I try again. Knowing that the next level is out there waiting for me.

I ate well and had a good night sleep and I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. Heading to the gym for arms day, I expect nothing less from my arms than to explode!

Have a great day!

The difference between Yuri’s crying since ep. 1 to 7, is something I wanted to mention, because just look at the boy…

And how different he looks, how he doesn’t hold back, not like he did when he first cried on the phone, he’s letting all out, he’s not trying to put on a tough act, he is not smiling while trying so hard not to break down. His emotions now feel a whole more congruent to the anxiety and pressure he is feeling. And even if Victor pushed the buttons for this to happened, and may have wanted to test the boy, Yuri later states he feels way better after crying, because he knows he finally said what was on his mind, he didn’t have to pretend, or swallow everything and just keep on going, not anymore.


• Him teasing you constantly
• for example Him pulling your hair
• him slapping your ass
• then acting like nothing happened
• Playing with his hair
• its long enough to make pigtails
• he makes you feel better by wearing them for a day
• Him winking at you when you’re across the room
• “you wanna fight me, cupcake? Huh? Is that what you want?”
• then he attacks your lips with his
• him calling you his “kitten”
• Greenwood getting annoyed by all the PDA
• “it’d be nice to not see you guys suck each other’s faces off”
• everyone teases him bc they think you’re too pretty for him
• “how’d you even land a piece of ass like (name)?”
• “shut up, Greenwood”
• kinky sex
• he’s dominating
• and absolutely loves your submissiveness
• “sit on my lap, cupcake.”
• flirting constantly
• it makes everyone uncomfortable tbh
• make out sessions at random times and places
• jerome is very territorial over you
• its really not healthy at all
• he has a really terrible temper
• he takes it out on you sometimes
• he’s never hit you but he has pushed you and choked you
• a small part of you is terrified of him or at least what he’s capable of
• when he does that you leave but eventually come back after all his pleas and begging
• its a vicious cycle honestly
• but your in love with him
• he brought you a diamond necklace with a j charm
• he always is trying to get your attention
• in a way you’re his anchor
• he likes to think he somewhat has a tiny bit of humanity bc he has you

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To the witches who’s spells failed this election:

I know there were a ton of witches making spells so that Hillary could win the election, and I know you’re all probably feeling like shit now, or that your spells were useless. But hear me, they aren’t.  

Fate takes time to fold out, and things may not appear to you how you want them to at first. It can be frustrating.
I know you all wanted Hillary, I know you did. I did too. And I know at the moment you feel as if you’ve failed yourself, as if your magik has failed you.  

Maybe you’re wondering magik even exists because this election meant so much to you.

Calm down and breathe. Your magik exists, it’s real. A failed spell doesn’t mean a failed witch, it simply means that things are going to unfold in a different way. It may not be how we expected or how we like it, but it happens. I want to say things will get better, but not even I’m sure.

The future is mysterious, and it works in mysterious ways. At the moment we have to accept that and do what we can to protect ourselves.

But don’t blame yourself, don’t doubt your abilities. This election does not speak of your ability as a witch at all.



Obi-Wan gets a lot of shit about the “Dreams pass in time.” comment but this is not the face of someone who doesn’t care or who is dismissing what Anakin is feeling, as we see over and over that Obi-Wan very much does love Anakin, of course he cares about what Anakin’s going through and wants him to feel better.  And we have the foreknowledge of what’s going to come of Anakin’s dreams and the tragedy that happens because of them.  

But Obi-Wan doesn’t know any of that.

He just knows that Anakin is lingering on something that is upsetting him and wants to help Anakin get past it, wants to help Anakin regain emotional balance.  I have been in that exact place so many times–when someone I care about is hurting, my immediate instinct is to fix it, fix whatever’s wrong so that they feel better and are happy again!  I love them and so I want them to not linger on this thing that’s hurting them.

If they’re worrying over nothing, this is good advice, and for all that the characters know, this is nothing, because they’re Jedi, they do have dreams that might seem important, but will pass in time.  It’s a tragedy that this isn’t one of those times, it’s a tragedy that Anakin had these dreams and then had to live through what happens later, but this moment wasn’t for lack of care, it was precisely because Obi-Wan does care for Anakin that he’s trying to help soothe what’s bothering Anakin.

Wild Space covers this as well:

Obi-Wan reacts to Anakin’s pain with sorrow and regret, but he won’t let go of Anakin, because he loves him too much for that.  And:

“I would have saved her for you if I could.”


Just.  Leave me here with my feelings on how guilty Obi-Wan would have felt, how much he would have wished he could have changed things, how of course he would have saved Anakin’s mother for him if he could have, that Anakin belongs with the Jedi, in Obi-Wan’s eyes, but that doesn’t mean he would just let someone die like that, would just let Anakin suffer through that, wouldn’t understand exactly what it’s like to lose a parent and wish that you could change it, even if you still have to get up and keep going and move forward again.  OF COURSE HE UNDERSTANDS AND WOULD HAVE SAVED HER FOR ANAKIN.

my favorite thing is how post-redemption Zuko is so wryly sarcastic ok like omg

Firebending Masters: My great-grandfather Sozin happened
Firebending Masters when Aang makes them dance: This better teach us some really good fire bending.
When they’re stuck: Think about our place in the universe‌?

The Boiling Rock: How are you gonna get there? On Appa? Last time I checked, prisons don’t have Bison Daycares. 

The Southern Raiders: If you really want it to feel like old times, I could, uh … chase you around a while and try to capture you. 

To Aang when he dismisses Katara’s anger: That’s cute, but this isn’t air temple preschool. It’s the real world.

The best of all:

“I know! We can show him all his baby pictures, and all the happy memories will make him good again!” 

And, there’s more omfg– no wonder him and Sokka clicked, once Zuko loosened up he’s just as savagely sarcastic as Sokka, except Zuko’s is a lot more wry and Sokka’s is really jesting, but still. That’s why the two of them are #bros4lyfe on the Old Friends Poster. 

something i want to happen: even is feeling at least somewhat better by friday, he joins the preparty at isak’s place. isak plays 5 fine frøkner and he has the dorkiest smile on his face, which makes even laugh a little. they start dancing, but it’s not really party dancing, they’re not following the rhythm of the song at all, they’re dancing more slowly than everyone else. isak’s arms are around even’s neck, and he whispers mannen i mitt liv. even whispers the same thing back at him 

11. Hobby
  • 11. Hobby
  • モブサイコ100
  • モブサイコ100 ドラマCD サイキックヒューマンショー

I tried to transcribe/translate track #11 from the Mob Psycho 100 drama CD with the help of my friend, Yoli. I don’t claim 150% accuracy. If there you want to contribute a better translation for any part, feel free to leave notes on the doc. Thanks @zeitara for helping me out as well!

I got the file from @popipoyan who said I could reupload it standalone for your listening pleasure. You can check the rest of the tracks here: http://popipoyan.tumblr.com/post/156384175563/mp100-drama-cd-psychic-human-show

Track #11: Hobby

Dimple: Oh? That’s that Hanazawa guy isn’t it? Hehe, I’m going to see what he’s up to.
Hmm? I can hear something..

Teru: Tch!! Hurry up and spit it out!

Dimple: Huh? What’s happening?

Teru: Why are you being so difficult?! 

Mob: Hanazawa, there’s no need to be so rough.

Dimple: He’s with Shigeo? What are these guys up to?

Teru: It’s fine. We don’t have to play nice. Anyway, this guy swallowed up something very important from me.

Mob: Do you think it’ll come out if we use psychic powers?

Teru: Hmm. Let’s try it for a bit. See if we can drag it out by force. 
(Teru tries XD)

Mob: Hanazawa, that’s enough!

Teru: That didn’t work after all.. What now? If I’m going to try something else… There’s nothing left to do but to beat it out.

Mob: Let me try.

Teru: Sorry, Kageyama. Give it a shot and see if you can do it.

Mob: Got it. Here I go.
(Mob tries)
I couldn’t do it. Didn’t even budge..

Teru: It’s been awhile since I’ve had to do this.. Kageyama-kun, this is going to get dangerous so stand back. I’ll drill it out with this drill! 

Mob: But if you do that.. ! 

Teru: It’s fine, since it wasn’t cooperating in the first place…. 
(Teru starts drilling.)
Doing this won’t be so bad.
(Teru continues drilling.) 
All right, it’s opened.

Mob: Huh, so that’s what it’s like inside.

Teru: Now’s not the time to stand in awe, Kageyama. Hurry up and take it out.

Mob: Yeah.

Teru: No way… It’s all tangled up…

Mob: Hanazawa.. All the contents will come out if we try to pull anymore.

Teru: What is this!! I can’t do anything with it like this! 

Dimple: I’m getting tired of listening to you guys.

Mob: Oh, Dimple, you’re here.

Teru: It’s strange that you’d be the type to spy on other people.

Dimple: You’re the ones who are strange! You’re going to such great lengths for a videotape. Just buy a new one!

Mob: This stubborn tape is the thing that’s very important to you?

Teru: “Corpse of the Flying Pig” is my favorite movie. There is no DVD available so it’s vintage. 

Mob: It’s a shame.. We’ll have to cut it with scissors.

Teru: Are you nuts?

Dimple: You’re all nuts..


musical faves ⋆ brendon urie

“ I’m always trying to figure out how to be better because I never want to feel like “I’m just going to be this good all the time.” That’s what assholes did in high school when they peaked. I never wanted to be that, I always wanted to strive to be better I didn’t want to just sit back and say, “Oh yeah it’s all downhill from here I’m just gonna chill now.” [Laughs.] It’s boring. If I was going to be boring as a songwriter I would lose my mind so it just couldn’t happen.”


I finally got enough done on this MAP part to have some WIPs to show. ;u; It’s for this Gravity Falls aesthetic MAP, where you have to animate/draw something pertaining to the feelings you get from a particular background from the show. The bg for my part reminded me of the fun, silly adventures the Pines family had, so I came up with something similar that could have happened off screen. Also, I wanted an excuse to include a dragon.

Hopefully the dragon will look much better once proper motion blurs and camera movements are added. I really don’t want to have to redo it again OTL

Sometimes, praying is hard. I know, i do. Not because theres so much going on in your life, you have time, you have space, but its the willingness to pray that isn’t there. You’re deplated.. of faith. Some days you feel so good! So full of love and motivation and you do better, and your imaan feels high, and then.. it just.. goes. You miss a prayer. Maybe two, maybe a whole day.. and you feel guilty, and you want to change, so you tell yourself i will do better tomorrow, maybe if i pray i will feel better and i will keep praying, but… then you miss them again, and you tell yourself the same thing. Again and again and again. It happens for a week, perhaps two. Perhaps even longer. It happens. Then one day you break, and everything gets too much, so you force yourself to go talk to Allah, sincerely. You ask for forgiveness, while choking on the tears you held in for so long, and feel a kind of pain you haven’t felt in a while, a pain that is self inflicted, but Allah forgives you, and helps you find relief every single time. You feel better now, you thank Allah for helping you feel better, and this feeling lasts, and you feel good all over again. And you pray for that feeling again, but it doesn’t happen. And then the whole cycle starts from the beginning. You feel up, then down, then even more down, then up.

It happens. I get it, but as long as you keep trying, thats what matters.

Allah is always there for you, always there to listen to you, to get you back up every time you fall. To find you when you feel lost and in the dark. Allah will provide you with light time and time again. Don’t lose faith, you might feel down now, but as long as you try and you feel that guilt, slowly but surely Allah will guide you back to Him.

Let me say something while I’m being late night introspective at the moment, things are very scary right now and there’s times where I feel like the only thing I can do is try to make people laugh. Sometimes it feels like what I do is rather frivolous compared to everything happening now, but then I get a message from someone thanking me for helping them feel just a little bit better. And I want to say thank you to them and to you all, because that just reaffirms that the world needs laughter and makes me want to do better for you guys.

You’re all important, you all matter, and whoever’s reading, I’m glad you’re here.

On Victor being captured already

I am preparing for a huge  “Yuri Katsuki’s evolution”-post, but I don’t think I’ll be able to put all evidence together today, haha. But can we pleeease talk about this hunch of mine in the meanwhile, that from the moment Victor decided to fly to Japan and become Yuri’s coach he was already totally captivated?

I don’t think he was expecting something specific to happen, but it might have been a feeling that this is what he needs to do and he was just following his spark at first. But during the episodes he has openly put his cards on the table regarding Yuri. When he didn’t know what to do he tried understanding the situation better by asking Yuri, he asked him what Yuri wants him to be, how to help him, he offered different roles he would be willing to take on for Yuri. And he also voiced that he would be totally okay with things evolving in a romantic way through that too.

Victor was open towards Yuri and a potential relationship repeatedly and Yuri always denied. Although he clearly was seducing Victor while skating. (I started thinking Yuri is actually the bigger tease here!)

Wasn’t it clear as crystal that Victor would go nowhere after episode 3 and that he was intending to stay beside Yuri in whichever way? Did not even the prodcuers say that “Victor’s heart was stolen away by Yuri” ??

(from http://fencer-x.tumblr.com )

And in Episode 7 during the crying-scene even Yuri was well aware that Victor would not simply leave him. He couldn’t imagine it himself either. It has been a lost cause for Victor for months already! xD

He grows as a human and as a coach, he who was called egoistic and only thinking of himself by Yakov tries his hardest to be a support for Yuri and even though he does not find the perfect way each time, he wholeheartedly tries and learns. And there is no way he would be leaving Yuri now.

Can you even imagine him leaving Yuri at all? Doesn’t his world revolve around Yuri so much right now? They are together all the time and even if Victor would go back to skating for a last season in the end, it would be because of Yuri and with a new found spark thanks to Yuri.

I started thinking of Victor as being trapped in a cobweb already, even though I don’t mean it in a way that’s as harsh and brutal as it may sound.

But Victor looked sooo much in love the last episodes!

And this!!

And thanks to this wonderful flipped screencap here, it looks even more like Victor is in too deep!

And Yuri is surprised, but not as much as one would have expected him to be, he didn’t flip out or asked why. (This fuels my theory that he was expecting this to happen sooner or later! Hnnggh >_< What’s with this super long post to relieve myself from the actual long post about this theory I wanted to postpone??)

So what was the point I wanted to make again? Oh yes, Victor is captivated and totally crazy over Yuri anyway and our dear Cinnamon roll Yuri totally evolved into a male seductress dominating the relationships’s development like wtf happened??

No seriously, let’s forget about my earnest efforst to write non-overly-fangirly meta at this point, wtf happened with Yuri Katsuki?? I need to dive into this and read and talk about it to understand his character and why it leaves me speechless and in total awe while also terrifying me a little. D= What is this darling child doing and thinking? And why does my feeling of I bet Victor’s the bottom and will gladly succumb to Yuri *lol*” turn into “I feel like Yuri makes Victor do all this, because he way back understood Victor needs to feel like he had the lead, while he totally has not“

What is this? D=

what to do if you are feeling gross

so sometimes I’m just sitting around being lazy, watching tv or getting distracted by internet things, or I’ve eaten too much or I’ve just had a super long day. and sometimes I’m even aware of how much of a blob I am being, I’m sure this happens to other people, too. anyways I wanted to share this little list to motivate me/others to stop being a blob:

1. very very first thing. shut off your internet. put all the tv and stuff out of reach. this is really important, but you will feel 100% better afterwards.

3. uncover your windows, let natural light filter in. if you can/want to open them, that’s also fantastic. it really helps lighten your mood, always makes me feel more connected with the rest of the world.

2. put on some music. it’s ok to use your phone/computer for this, but remember to just keep it away from arm’s reach. also, you can use whatever music you’d like, but I suggest something soft, like Frank Sinatra or Beegie Adair or Jack Johnson.

3. take a walk. look at the colors and plants people surround themselves with. pick out houses/buildings you like. look at the sky, listen to what’s going on around you. I don’t generally listen to music for this because I like to feel grounded when I walk, but if you’re more of a song person that’s okay, too. it’s really easy to forget how long it’s been since you’ve had some fresh air.

4. take a bath. if it’s hot out, turn on a fan and cool down the room so you’re all cosy in the water, put in some bubbles and scents. grab a book or magazine. exfoliate, do your nails, put on a face mask. throw yourself a little spa day. when you get out, put on lotion, put on new underwear and soft, comfy clothing.

5. make your favourite cup of tea or coffee, or maybe pour yourself some lemonade or just cold water is fine too.

6. go sit in a common area of your house, like a living room or dining table. if you’re not home alone and don’t want to be bothered, gently voice it to the people around you or go sit somewhere else where you feel comfortable and relaxed. just get out of the same walls, find a change of scenery. you could even leave and go to a café or a park if you’d like.

7. do some writing/doodling. whenever this happens, I always like to use a spare piece of printer paper or something not connected to a notebook so I’m less attached to it and less likely to care about the way it looks. let the pen do its own thing, don’t worry about messing up. if you feel that you’re getting frustrated, step away and do something else.

8. make some lists. this is one of my favourite pastimes. list nice things that you’ve seen recently that you think you’ll forget later on. list little details of your dreams, list things you want to do in your favourite season, list recipes you’d like to try. the possibilities are endless.

9. cook/bake something. important reminders—if you don’t find this relaxing, don’t do it!! find another hobby that you love where you can enjoy doing something productive. also, even if you’re making something fantastic, be sure not to snack too much or overeat (I’m very prone to this). you could also make something for a friend or a neighbour!! people always enjoy a heartfelt craft made by someone who cares.

10. catch up with an old friend or family member. ask them out for coffee or something, it’s always nice to talk. trust me, they will very much appreciate you reaching out.

11. write a letter to someone. you do not have to send it.

12. go to a park and look at the flowers or sit in the grass. grab a sketchbook, some sudoku, a book, a puzzle, your thoughts, or anything else you could tinker with while enjoying the fresh air. something to make your brain work a little.

there’s more, of course, but this is all I can really come up with at the moment—I hope it works! now get off that web and have a good time!!

Ten Years (Part 5)

Summary: AU. When a major account is on the line at work, reader is forced to revisit some old connections at her ten year high school reunion for a chance at success. Will she let the past consume her, or will she see the future in her grasp?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,483

Warnings: language, sarcasm, fluff, mentions of past cheating

A/N: All right, I’m pushing this out so that I can get to the actual reunion. It’s been done for a couple of days, but I wasn’t sure I liked it. However, it’s necessary filler. I mean, I want to know what happens, too! Thanks for all the well wishes, I am feeling slightly better. Also I used a gif with words for the first time because RED HENLEY MENTION.

Also also! I hit 1,500 followers this weekend. Not too shabby! I might do something special if I hit 2,000!

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“Most of us don’t want to change. Really. I mean, why should we? What we do want is sort of modifications on the original model. We keep on being ourselves, but just hopefully better versions of ourselves. But what happens when an event occurs that is so catastrophic…that you just change? You change from the known person to an unknown person. So that when you look at yourself in the mirror…do you recognize the person that you were, but the person inside the skin is a different person?”

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: One More Time with Feeling