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@myalexanderlightwood asked: Simon and Clary or Alec and Jace?

“I understand what we need to do. And I trust you, parabatai.”


S o c i o p a t h y .
          Defined: Psychopathic. Antisocial. Criminal. Lacking morality and responsibility.

I don’t try to play psychiatrist to myself… I just want to know if I’ve changed.

Oh, the betrayal

Sintiklia Eliza Braided {The Sims 3}

Credit: Sintiklia, Trapping, Nightcrawler, pastry-box, aWT

Please respect my TOU (linked in my Directory)

Disclaimer: This was made BEFORE Sintiklia converted her own version so it might look different (smaller or something idk, I didn’t see any differences though) and it’s a complete different package with nothing related to her Conversion, this was meant to be a personal edit but yall wanted it so yahh 

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