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seeing a character as ace doesn't necessarily mean someone is desexualizing them?? there are valid points being made for seeing Garnet as ace that have nothing to do with her being a Black woman?? and Black ace lesbians DO exist?? geez I'm so frustrated with exclusionists tbh and I'm glad you're not one omg

tbh i don’t bother getting involved in acecourse very much just bc it’s just hell and there’s no end to it and dude i’m already just. so tired. all the time. but i’m just pissed off at seeing people go after @suwhat like god damn?? honestly sometimes you just wanna see yourself in your faves. she was making other edits of other characters in different pride flags that doesn’t mean the person who made the request or op headcanons that character that way. it could just be their fave character and they wanted them in that flag’s colors. like there isn’t always an ill intention behind something idk. 

and just to add on i’ve seen people make fun of her edits because of the colors and i’m like god damn shut up?? she did her best?? if you’re going to discourse actually state your fucking point instead of being a petty asshole. its the flag’s colors. shit isn’t always aesthetically pleasing. 

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Okay wait, im curious. Are you against btm jm .... or sub jm? Because like, they can be two different things right? Like bottoms can still be doms and be completely in control while the top is pliant and submissive. So JM can still be dom even with a dick up his ass i guess is what im trying to say? Idk, just curious.

Nope! Definitely not against it. I’m actually team switch, I just happen to write bottom kook because I want to contribute something to those who also stan bottom kook and want something to read. And yes, I always stress the difference between top/bottom and dom/sub. That’s actually the reason why we have power bottoms (a wonderful thing)! I’ve written dom bottom jimin before for @mintsugakookies but I’ve just never published it. Immy told me to publish it and I probably will? It’ll just take a tonnnnnn of editing. And I’ve explored sub top Jimin too which is something I’d liked to write some day. I really really like the idea of totally sub top Jimin and absolutely evil-ahem, uhhhh tease kook. Nevermind, he’s just merciless. Poor Jiminnie. Wow I am rambling again. Anyways yeah! Switch jikook is pretty awesome don’t you think?

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Hi! I was just wondering how you make your edits and aesthetic posts for books. I've been wanting to make some ever since I started trying to get my booklr active again. Do you have any pointers?

helllooo! i’m sorry it took me this long to answer! so i don’t really have like a set way to do things, so i can’t offer much pointers. plus! i feel like everyone goes about it differently? idk but the best advice i can give you:

  • do whatever you want
    lmao this is cliché or whatever but i feel like it’s really important that when you do these things, you actually like it. i know personally i make edits for my own enjoyment and i’m just happy to share with anyone. don’t do it for the sake of getting notes or gaining followers. i’ve found that the best edits i’ve made are when i’m having fun and not forcing myself! i also just make things according to my own taste and preferences. if i think something looks good, i do it. i don’t worry about how others will perceive it because it’s something that makes me happy, personally. 
  • i get my pics from pinterest (i’ve heard others use weheartit as a source as well; google works great for some of the time, but pinterest is where it’s at)
  • picmonkey is where i usually edit/make my collages bc it’s easy and i’m dumb af lmao 
  • canva is my favorite because it’s so much fun to use! lol
  •  if you want something like photoshop but you’re broke like meeeeeee: pixlr works great
BTS reaction: seeing their gender fluid s/o dressed as a girl for the first time

Not confusing at all, dear ^^ I’ve really been looking forward to doing this request, so I’m glad I finally got to it. I really sort of want to include pictures of outfits, but idk. Tell me if you guys would want that, and I’ll edit the post later. Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin: He would love it, and definitely shower you in compliments all day. He would find the change absolutely wonderful. Not that he didn’t like your other clothes, but it was fun to see you in something new, and at the same time see a bit more of your body. He would simply love it.

Your dress: 

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Suga: Your regular clothes are closer to his ideal outfit, but he would absolutely love to see you in something different for once. It would be a huge reminder to him of how stunning you are. And he would also be proud of you for steeping out of your comfort zone, which isn’t easy, and give you a couple of very sincere compliments. He might also ask you if you would be down for wearing more dresses on fancier dates. Only on your girl days tho, of course.

Your dress:

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J-Hope: He was the only member to include a dress in his ideal outfit, so he’s going to be all over you. Seriously. And he will want to take so many pictures of you. He might be excited about it to the point where you will start to wonder if he really thinks you’re beautiful on other days as well, of if he justs says that because he feels obliged to. But he will realize this himself, and start to reassure you that you look absolutely stunning to him when you’re not wearing a dress as well, and that he’s just excited to see you in one for once, and wants to take some pictures because it might be a while until he gets the chance to see it again.

Your dress: 

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Rap Monster: Of course he will enjoy this. But really, he’ll be more happy about you feeling confident enough to step out of your comfort zone for once at least. He will definitely make sure to tell you how proud he is. And probably give you more compliments than he usually does. But that is only because he wants to boost your confidence.

Your dress:

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Jimin: Another one who will be all over you. He would be slightly more lowkey about it than Hobi tho, simply to avoid having to assure you that you look amazing anyways. He doesn’t want that kind of doubt to be planted in your mind. And he might be like Yoongi, and ask if you’d feel confident enough to wear more dresses on dates etc.

Your dress:

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V: His ideal outfit is the one closest to your standard outfit, so he definitely loves that, and is not afraid to tell you. But he will love to see you in something different, because he definitely finds dresses cute. So this will be appreciated. And this will make him want to start buying dresses for you, in hopes that you’ll wear them more often. 

Your dress:

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Jungkook: He might not be very into dresses, but his eyes will still pretty much pop out of his head. The fact that he’s never seen you in a dress will make him appreciate this very much, and he will give you a few compliments. He won’t shower you in them, like Hobi or Jin, because that isn’t really his style. But he will give you quite a few still, and they will be very sincere. Again someone who’d like you to wear more dresses on dates. But he does want you to not wear them too often, because he still likes your regular style a lot.

Your dress: 

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How it should have felt reading HoT pre-purchase page:

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How it actually felt reading HoT pre-purchase page

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The three brothers were nothing if not handsome copies of their father, although each flattered a different side of Niall. Declan had the same way of taking a room and shaking its hand. Matthew’s curls were netted with Niall’s charm and humor. And Ronan was everything that was left: molten eyes and a smile made for way.