Seven knew there was something wrong as soon as he woke up. The apartment was eerily quiet and you were nowhere in sight.

A quick glance at his watch read 12:34. That was odd. You were usually up hours before he did and would bother him to talk before the afternoon rolled in.

It’s probably nothing, he thought. You might have just slept in.

Taking his laptop, he set it on his lap and began to work. He still had a lot to do and there wasn’t much time left.

Every so often his eyes would drift to the closed door at the end of the hallway. Were you even in there?

Realizing that you could have gone out AGAIN while he slept, Seven cursed and checked the CCTV record.

“I told her not to leave the house without tell…” he paused. You haven’t left your room.

Seven was torn between barreling through the door to see you or go back to work because that would keep you safe.

“Fuck it,” he said as he walked over your room.

“Hey! You need to eat.” He said after a knock. No answer.

Should he just go in? But that’s your room and he hasn’t even seen what’s in there. Oh goddamn it, he hasn’t gone inside a girl’s bedroom in his life. SHOULD HE JUST OPE-