Fire Emblem Fates: Battle Quotes Starters

“You should have surrendered.”

“You, uh, passed your test.”

“It’s not my fault you’re weak.”

“Stay out of this!”

“The pain will pass.”

“Now you’ve done it.”

“The time for mercy has passed.”

“I’m bored now.”

“You are SO last season!”

“Don’t underestimate me.”

“Shall we dance?”

“Appearances can be deceiving.”

“I’ll show you the meaning of fear!”

“You’re out of luck, friend.”

“Two’s company!”

“You won that round.”

“I’m not looking for trouble, but….”

“You deserve no better!”

“Oh! I think I might faint!”

“Fortune favors me.”

“An encore? If you insist!”

“Try not to hate me.”

“You’ve got a lot of nerve….”

“Please, hold your applause until the end!”

“I won’t stand idle.”

“Who’s the man!?”


“My bite is worse than my bark.”

“The pen is mightiest of all!”

“I could’ve done better.”

“I want your skull for a trophy!”

“Trouble rarely travels alone.”

“Out of my sight!”

“I am richer for the experience!”

"No need to despair!”

“My darkness was darker than yours!”

“Such are the whims of fate!“

“I will not leave in fear!”

“I will have my revenge!”

“I predicted this.”

“Unleashing my best!”

“Rest in peace, m’kay?”

“Nothing but cinders!”

“Time for your final bow.”

“Ooooh, yes!”

My favorite critical hit quotes in FE14:

“You die. NOW!” - Ryoma
“Take your MEDICINE!” - Midori
“Ooh! Piñata!” - Asugi
“Let’s get WILD.” - Hinata
“Finishing the mission!” - Beruka
“Prepare to leave this realm!” - Nyx
“I spy a corpse.” - Nina
“Smile! -You’re dead.” - Soliel
“I just wanna go home…“ - Dwyer
“You’re about to be SERVED.” - Jakob
“You reap what you sow!” - Mozu
“Stop staring at me!” - Laslow
“This is the last thing you see.” - Keaton
“I always play with my food.” - Velouria
“I’m stunning. You’re dead.” - Forrest
“You die so that I may live!” - Benny
“I want your skull for a trophy.” - Rhajat
“Leave my friends alone!” - Ignatius
“War is HECK!” - Kiragi
“The pain will PASS.” - Kaze
“My bite is worse than my bark.” - Selkie
“…Bad news.” - Saizo
“An encore? If you insist!” - Shigure
“Yay, violence!” - Peri
“Evil has met it’s match!” - Arthur
“I’m gonna BREAK you!” - Felicia
“I’m bored now.” - Setsuna
“Begone, wretch.” - Xander

The corpses all hang headless and limp, ~ Bodies with no surprises, ~ And the blood drains down like devil’s rain, ~ We’ll bathe tonight. ~ 💀I want your skulls💀


“I want your skull for a trophy!”

Rhajat, Hayato’s daughter. She succeeds in summoning an army of Faceless “children”, and Hayato demands that she come with them so he can oversee her magical studies.

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Siegbert | Forrest | Soleil | Ophelia | Ignatius | Nina | Percy

  • My kid: I want to hug your skeleton. *hugs my knee*
  • Me: You're two and I don't know where you learned that but sure, let's do this. Your skeleton is inside you. It's made of all your bones.
  • My kid: All my boooooones!
  • Me: Yes, all your bones. Your skull is inside your head. My skull *taps my head* is right here.
  • My kid: I want to hug your skull!! *cuddles with my head for several minutes*