dear dragon age fandom: when are you gonna stop comparing sebastian to frollo and start comparing petrice, meredith, elthina and lucius to frollo. when are you going to actually make the villains villains you cowards, you fools, you

WTNV - Who should you fight?[Long version]

Cecil: Insult Carlos and you’re blacklisted forever. Will most likely say mean things about you over the radio and make sure everyone hates you. May or may not imply you’re doing illegal things in hopes you’ll get re-educated.

Carlos: WHY??? He’s so pure??? Do you just like hate science and want to see a cute man cry?? Monster.

Old woman Josie: Erika Squad will defend her. They will beat your ass and not gaf. She’ll knit a sweater for your corpse.

Tamika: Which book do you want imprinted into your skull? 

Kevin: I dunno man I mean he decorates his studio with blood and at least once that blood was that of several grown men that could have out muscled him but somehow didn’t. Good luck I guess? Try get him whilst he sleeps. If he sleeps.

Lauren: Apparently her weakness is books and she doesn’t have Strex behind her now so please, do : )

Dana: Do not be fooled by her adorable voice, she will wreck you. She has seen some shit man, she had been through too much and will dispatch your ass without thought.

Steve: Will probably let you win unless you insult his family. Compliments you on how well you decked him so you feel encouraged. Beating him will leave an eternal pit of sadness in your stomach.

Station Management: ???????????? hope there’s enough left of you to have a funeral with.

Earl: He’s a scout and a chef. He will go Hannibal Lecter on your sorry ass. This town is full of people that fight to the death every day and he was trained as a child to do this. Although if you remind him of how depressing his life is he’ll probably just sit and cry lmao

Computer: It’s a machine and you could literally beat it by picking it up and dropping it. Well done, you just robbed a child of her first/only friend, you monster.

Faceless old woman: Can’t hit what you can’t see lol

Hiram: L I T E R A L  F I V E  H E A D E D  D R A G O N

Roger Harlan: I mean he’s like eight so it’s an easy win but would you feel good about it?

Glow Cloud: Foolish creature how dare you try and strike the almighty Glow Cloud. That which rules over us all. That which knows all, that which is all. ALL HAIL. ALLL HAIIILL.

The Beagle:  ẃ̲̞̠ͅh̸̡̥̹̫͇̻͍̱̯̰͎̪͇̦̺̟̯͍͢͡ó̸̸̮̮̬̗͘͠s̩͕̝̩͍̕͡͝͞ͅ ҉̸̣̖̣̣̦̲̲̜̗̞̘̗̕͞ͅa͇̜͇̹̱͜͠ ̛̱̳̱͓͖͍̻̜̼̰̖̻̯͝ͅg̝͓̲̘̙͈̳͇̙̩̖͝o̷̹̣̤̱͟o̴̧̙̜̞̦͙̼̩͍̤͍͡d̵̵̢̗͖̯͈̪̻̗̫̝̘̩̣̹̦̺͎̕͟ ̢̘̣̲͖̜̤̻͙͙̘̘̼̪͕͚̣̕͘͡ḅ̸̶̰̤̳̲̬̥͍̩͓̰̼̪̰̣̝͖̤͟͠͞o҉̛̹͈͚̤̲̙̦̝̖̪͡y̶̨͖̘̖̳̗̜̣͚̦̼̞̘͈̯͍͝ͅ?


Modern Hiccstrid in the rain in the fall. Because I’m sick of hot dry weather. They’re around RTTE age here.

tbh my favourite thing about dishonored is how when you first meet piero he’s like “hey I know your a wanted man so i made you this creepy skull mask that came to me in a dream”

My favorite critical hit quotes in FE14:

“You die. NOW!” - Ryoma
“Take your MEDICINE!” - Midori
“Ooh! Piñata!” - Asugi
“Let’s get WILD.” - Hinata
“Finishing the mission!” - Beruka
“Prepare to leave this realm!” - Nyx
“I spy a corpse.” - Nina
“Smile! -You’re dead.” - Soliel
“You’ve got a lotta nerve.” - Dwyer
“You’re about to be SERVED.” - Jakob
“You reap what you sow!” - Mozu
“Stop staring at me!” - Laslow
“This is the last thing you see.” - Keaton
“I always play with my food.” - Velouria
“You die so that I may live!” - Benny
“I want your skull for a trophy.” - Rhajat
“Leave my friends alone!” - Ignatius
“War is HECK!” - Kiragi
“The pain will PASS.” - Kaze
“My bite is worse than my bark.” - Selkie
“…Bad news.” - Saizo
“Let’s hear your swan song…” - Shigure
“Yay, violence!” - Peri
“Evil has met it’s match!” - Arthur
“I’m gonna BREAK you!” - Felicia
“I’m bored now.” - Setsuna
“Begone, wretch.” - Xander

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hey i hope the anon flood is thinning out.. you could really use a break my guy. sorry about the not-so-cool people in the world :/ take some time for yourself! watch a movie, make some food! do stuff that makes you feel good :D

its not so much an anon flood as people replying to that one post saying im stupid or defending pewdie more, although one guy did message me saying “god i want to crush your skull youre a fucking idiot” so that was fun

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-What’s your age: Not comfortable saying that

-What’s your current job:Student with a part time job helping two people manage their eBay stores

-What are you talented at:Idk, talent is relative. Maybe drawing and writing?

-What is a big goal you are working towards:I don’t know. I get depressed a lot knowing that I’m doing things without a goal in mind. I just don’t know what I want out of life :/

-What’s your aesthetic:SKULLS, bats, scary stuff in general, pastels paired with scary stuff

-Do you collect anything:Various slug things, skulls, stim toys :D

-What’s a topic you always talk about:I bring up sea slugs an awful lot…

-What’s a pet peeve of yours:When people walk too fricking s l o w like ugh move your feet (and I’m not talking about disabled people they’re fine, I’m talking about people that are talking to their friends and are oblivious that they’re blocking my path)

-Good advice to give:Don’t care about what others think of you. Letting yourself do whatever without caring about others is really freeing

-3 songs you’d recommend:1. Soultaker by Blutengel (gothic?) 2. We don’t belong by Black Veil Brides (rock) 3. Your disposal by Cattle Decapitation (death metal)

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i. i want to feel safe. i want to be curled up in a bed with you, cold toes pressed against your warm leg, your lips chasing my laughter while a rainstorm is soaking away all of the grittiness left in the world.

ii. i want to feel like i’m home. i want to stumble into your arms, drunk at two in the morning with my mascara running. i want to feel like i could just live right there, your heartbeat reverberating in my skull.

iii. i want to feel alive. i want sun-drenched highways and too-hot summers, the windows down and my hair a wreck and your laugh the only sound echoing in the dry heat of my car while your hand draws patterns on my warm knee.

iv. i want to feel what it’s like to fall in love. i want to storm the gates guarding my heart, and i want to tear them down one by one, rib by rib, so that i can hand it over to you and say, “it’s yours. your name is all over it.”

v. i don't want to regret it. so you give me always and forever or you give me nothing, because i’ve got the dust of the galaxies in my veins and i will wait an eternity if it means i find immortality in love.

—  are you worth it? promise me you’re worth it. // i am. (h.q.)
Sometimes when I find you woven into my thoughts, I can still feel your kisses lingering on my lips, and how they’d run down my neck and to the rest of me. I can still feel your gentle hands on my body, and how your fingers would trace my spine. Your voice still echoes inside of my skull, and I still know your scent. I want to forget, but I’m afraid if I do you’ll really be gone forever even tho I knew you’d left long before you had. All along it was her, I was just in the way. So maybe I’ll spend the rest of my days wishing for one more night with you, or maybe I’ll wish for someone else.
—  Lil

So in the group chat I brought up the Mystery Skulls gang dealing with a wendigo. @ectoimp and @huppupbup threw in their thoughts and I put this thing together.

Just a note, this isn’t really a story. It’s more snippets of a story that may or may not be fully written in the future, so it’s not written very well here. 


“What…the FUCK was that?”

It took Lewis a few more seconds for his heart to stop racing before he even felt comfortable answering. “It was…uh…a w-wendigo, I think.”

“Okay, the fuck is a wendigo then?”

“I’ve only read about them once…” Lewis swallowed. “They’re like…demon…cannibal…things.”

“…Cannibals,” Arthur deadpanned. “You’re serious.”

“I really wish I wasn’t.”

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Their relationship...
  • Keith: I hate you!
  • Lance: I loath you!
  • Keith: I want to rip that pompous face right out of your skull!
  • Lance: I want to rip that mullet out of you head and wear it as a wig!
  • Keith: I want you to fall deep into the depth of space and float alone until you've thought long and hard of what you really want out of life!
  • Lance: I want to rip you clothes off and make sweet sweet love to you so you know how it feels to be in the embrace of greatness that you are not worthy!
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: I want to make love to you too...
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: ...
  • Lance: Is that why we've been fighting this whole time? Because we both just really like each other?
  • Keith: ... yes
  • Lance: ... we're idiots.
"I carry the skull like a purse."

We started off kicked down into a canyon, walking along some abandoned mines. One of the first couple things that happened the following day went something like this:

Me: “I look around the mines for anything useful.”
GM: “There is a skeleton lying on the ground in front of an abandoned mine, and plants growing out of the ground near the entrances.”
Me: “I pick the leaves of the plants to use as medicine.”
GM: “You now have an armful of marijuana.”
Me: “Do I have anything to carry all this in?”
GM: “No, you just have your tunic.”
Me: “I want to rip the skull off the skeleton and stick my tunic sleeve through the eye holes.”
GM: “…What??”
Me: “I carry the skull as a purse with my ripped off sleeve as a strap, and fill the cranial cavity with marijuana.”

and that is how my character carried a skull full of weed for the rest of the game.