Motionless in White’s Chris Motionless covering “Skulls” by The Misfits at their Halloween show at The Croc Rock in Allentown, Pa on October 31st, 2015.

This is the first time ever that Chris has performed like this during a show and the first time covering “Skulls”. Definitely a must see for all Motionless in White fans!

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So in the group chat I brought up the Mystery Skulls gang dealing with a wendigo. @ectoimp and @huppupbup threw in their thoughts and I put this thing together.

Just a note, this isn’t really a story. It’s more snippets of a story that may or may not be fully written in the future, so it’s not written very well here. 


“What…the FUCK was that?”

It took Lewis a few more seconds for his heart to stop racing before he even felt comfortable answering. “It was…uh…a w-wendigo, I think.”

“Okay, the fuck is a wendigo then?”

“I’ve only read about them once…” Lewis swallowed. “They’re like…demon…cannibal…things.”

“…Cannibals,” Arthur deadpanned. “You’re serious.”

“I really wish I wasn’t.”

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☠ Nathan, Indi & ___

Nathan: [frowns, glaring at Indi] Wait… What did you say your name was again?

Indi: Uh… Indigo. [kinda looks him up and down, confused]

Nathan: [exhales a shaky breath, nostrils flaring] So you’re the Indigo? I believe you know my best friend, Ryan Cady?

Indi: [rolls her eyes, groaning a bit] Oh great! Fucking great, a Cady fan. My first encounter of one; surprising, really. I’m impressed he managed to make friends, a best friend too and one who seems sorta loyal.

Nathan: [gets closer to her, pointing her in a way he’d like to be threatening but IT’S NATHAN GUYS] Don’t you dare speak about him like that, you… you… 

Their relationship...
  • Keith:I hate you!
  • Lance:I loath you!
  • Keith:I want to rip that pompous face right out of your skull!
  • Lance:I want to rip that mullet out of you head and wear it as a wig!
  • Keith:I want you to fall deep into the depth of space and float alone until you've thought long and hard of what you really want out of life!
  • Lance:I want to rip you clothes off and make sweet sweet love to you so you know how it feels to be in the embrace of greatness that you are not worthy!
  • Keith:...
  • Lance:...
  • Keith:I want to make love to you too...
  • Lance:...
  • Keith:...
  • Lance:Is that why we've been fighting this whole time? Because we both just really like each other?
  • Keith:... yes
  • Lance:... we're idiots.
Come back to me, let me show you that you aren’t a bad person. Your jawline remains the same from the last time we kissed, and your skin feels the same. I don’t suffocate under the weight of your hugs and baby, haven’t you forgotten how much I love you? I refuse to crash and burn because you have depression. I want to help show you that what’s between your skull isn’t a monster, it’s yourself. You are a ray of light; not the destructive fire, you’ve claimed yourself to be. Don’t ever think that. I’ve looked into your eyes ever since that night at the hospital and baby, there’s no monster, just a boy trying to realize that he is human and he will be okay. You are the strongest soul I know. You are made of stardust and you shine even in the darkest of nights, don’t you dare think you are a monster. But on the days you think you are please remember I love you, you are the best thing that will ever happen to me, you are the reason that the sun shines and the moon sparkles at twilight in my world. I love you and I always will. You were never a monster, and you never will be no matter how dark your eyes turn, no matter how dark your aura feels, and no matter how depressed you may feel, I will always want you, and love you. Please remember that.

for you, my dear

Series: Texts I’ll Never Send #1