I teared up at it dammit. (Tho it was probably cuz I had just seen the 24th episode of Assassination Classroom’s second season and I was already crying)

Okay, so I just want to share this with everyone even if there’s probably a post about it somewhere. But look at Izuku. Look at the twinkle in his eyes.

He’s never had any friends after being labeled quirkless. No one had ever waited for him so they could walk together. Ochako and Tenya probably don’t think much of it, but you can see just how much it means to Deku.

It means the world to him that he had friends that care enough to wait for him. This small thing means so much to him.

Just…I love this. I love their friendship a lot.


Okay, so I mentioned that I wanted to do a comic… And I believe that this is the poem I will be doing. I love this poem a lot and I probably have listened to it like a million times already. And the more I think about it, the more I am thinking that I should have more than just the three main skelebros. Like there is one scene where I can see as a GIF of Ink!Sans and Error!Sans together holding their souls while they grow/shrink.

Then there is the Stronger Than You. Regardless I will be doing both. But I want to know which one you guys would like to see more? Me singing a track or me drawing an inspirational comic?

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did you think about terukiyo? (terushima and kiyoko) i shipp them *sobs* Terushima is like fuckboy and that things, and kiyoko is more quiet, SOBS. They could be a really good pairing. Just wanting u to know (?)

[swe AT S] not really? I’M SO SORRY (/ ~ \)“

nowadays i actually find it hard to ship kiyoko with anyone because of ushikiyo (i dragged myself so deep wtf) unless i already shipped them before and their one and only scene together made me uncomfortable so

have a good day anon !! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*