• Yata, in middle school: *Praying* It's me again. I need someone to be my friend. Someone who won't run away. Maybe send me an angel. The nicest angel you have.
  • Fushimi: *Emerges from spaceship wreckage, laughing maniacally*
Boyf Riends: Movie Night

After hours of arguing and straining the two had finally narrowed it down to Back to the Future and Titanic.
“Jer, why would you want to watch Titanic? We just got out of school, isn’t that depressing enough?”
“But we watched Back to the Future last time.”
“No, you watched Back to the Future while I died on the couch.”
“How’s it my fault you willingly caught my germs the week before?”
“I did not willingly catch your germs, and I really don’t want to watch Leonardo DiCaprio right now.”
“What did Leonardo DiCaprio ever do to you?”
“Romeo + Juliet, that’s what. We had to watch that whole thing in freshman year and analyze that piece of shit. He will never be forgiven.” Jeremy rolled his eyes and decided to grab the Back to the Future VHS much to Michael’s delight. After it started loading Michael gave his boyfriend a quick peck on the cheek before going to make some popcorn while the trailers played.

I’m rewriting my fan letter to Ai-chan now that I watched Sanctuary yesterday, and I actually started crying while I was writing because I have so many feelings about her. I feel overwhelmed with how much I love her and how fast it happened, and I just want to watch all the things RIGHT NOW.

I love Takarazuka so much, it’s like the biggest thing in my life right now, and I don’t speak even a little Japanese, like none. (I do have the best friend ever, that makes that not an impediment to my being able to watch and love it though, and I’m so grateful for her❤). I’m spending all of my time watching the shows, and I have basically stopped caring about all other media, games, etc that I was into before. It, and she make me feel so happy (a rare thing in my life), though it’s making me cry and feel so emotional, because it’s such a good part of my life now and I’m so happy I have it, but also it’s a lot of feelings at once, and it’s so intense so fast and it’s rattled me a little bit.

Also I made this gif of her laughing during the last curtain call of Sanctuary. It’s the first one I’ve ever made ever, and I’m pretty proud of it ☺💝

Moving in With Teuvo Teravainen

I can’t apologize enough for how long it took me to write this but I hope the anon who requested it (and everyone else) enjoys it!

Word Count: 1,123 Warnings: Implied sexual themes (no actual sex but it’s hinted at)

“I can’t believe we finally got it!” you exclaimed as your boyfriend Teuvo Teravainen picked you up and spun you around. The two of you had been searching for weeks and had to beat out a few other couples, but you got the perfect apartment. You and Tuevo had been dating for a little over a year and decided it was time to move in together. It was hard to find a nice place with a short term lease (you couldn’t plan on staying anywhere long with the risk of being traded), but the two of you found something. It was a cute one bedroom with a balcony that overlooked a beach. The kitchen was pretty big for a one room, and the bathroom was nicer than you could have ever hoped. Teuvo put you back down on your feet and placed a kiss on your lips.

“It’s perfect” Teuvo said with his cute Finnish accent.

“It’ll be even more perfect after we finish unpacking.” you grinned up at him. He rolled his eyes, but smiled playfully. “Yes yes unpacking, how many more boxes are there?” You walked over to the kitchen and ripped open a box labeled dishes. “Just there few more in the kitchen and the pillows and blankets in the bedroom and for the couch.” “Is the tv hooked up?” “No you can go do that, the cable box needs to be hooked up too” you answered while putting mugs away in a cupboard. “Got it” he answered and walked over to the living room to hook everything up, including his own gaming systems.

After a day of unpacking you decided to order some Chinese food and spend the night in watching movies on your new couch. “Can you pass me the soy sauce” Teuvo asked poking at his food with chop sticks. You handed him the packets and dug into your own food. You couldn't​’t remember a time when you were happier than you were in that moment sitting on your own couch with your amazing hockey player boyfriend in an apartment you were renting together. A romcom neither of you were really paying attention to was playing on the tv and the best Chinese food in town was on your coffee table. You turned and looked at Teuvo who was devouring his new soy sauced-food. You couldn’t help but smile looking at him, even when he ate like a monster. “Do I have something on my face?” he asked, mouth half full of food. “Oh no just admiring the view” you giggled. He turned around, thinking you meant the view out the window but smiled when he realized you were looking at him. He leaned over and kissed you and you tasted the sweet and sour sauce on his lips.

By the time you both finished eating the movie neither of you had been watching was over and it was time to pick another movie, this one to actually watch. Teuvo had the remote and was flipping through Netflix, unable to find something satisfactory. “Do we have any DVDs or something there’s nothing good on here” “Nothing at all in the whooole world of Netflix?” you replied walking back from the kitchen to the couch. He shook his head solemnly, “Nothing” “There is no way we’ve watched everything there is to watch” you said cuddling up to him. “Okay well there’s nothing I want to watch right now” He said turning to you grinning. He leaned in and kissed you, a slow, soft, kiss at first, that pretty quickly got heated as Teuvo pushed you against the back of the couch. You moved your hands up to his blonde hair and tugged on it lightly and you felt him smile into the kiss. Teuvo started to move you, so you were lying on the couch, but his phone started ringing. “Ignore it” you pleaded between kisses. Teuvo kept kissing you but you noticed he was a little distracted. The phone kept ringing so you stopped kissing him and sat up, “Answer your phone.” He leaned over and grabbed his phone and quickly answered it. “Hey Sepe what’s up?” You rolled your eyes realizing it was your boyfriends teammate that was interrupting your first night in the new apartment. “Yeah the move in went great, everything is unpacked we’re just spending the night in… yeah you should definitely come by and see it soon!” Teuvo mouthed sorry to you as Seb talked his ear off. After what felt like an hour of talking (which was probably only a phew minutes) Teuvo finally said goodbye and put down his phone. “He wanted to know how moving in went and made sure I knew about the guys plans to go out this weekend.” “Well that was nice of him, but I think we were in the middle of something. You said, leaning in to kiss him again. "I think we were” he growled, pushing you back on the couch.


You woke up in the morning with the sun shinning and your boyfriend snoring quietly beside you. You were feeling the same happiness you felt the night before while you were eating dinner. It seemed to be a feeling you would feel all the time now that you were finally living with Teuvo. He didn’t have practice or any team meetings so it was another day you’d get to spend together. Although your apartment was unpacked, it was still missing a couple things, like food in the refrigerator or cupboards, so the two of you would have to go out for breakfast before food shopping. It was still pretty early so you knew Teuvo would sleep for a little longer. You were already pretty awake so you decided to get up and shower and get ready for the day.

By the time you finished showering and getting dressed Teuvo was awake and getting ready himself. You loved being around him in the morning, his slow groggy movement and raspy morning voice. You waited in the kitchen while he got ready, wishing you had a cup of coffee in your hand. He finally finished getting ready and you left. After a great diner breakfast, you and Teuvo drove to the grocery store. Food shopping with Teuvo was a lot like food shopping with a child. You were able to get all the food you needed, along with enough snacks to feed a small army. You couldn’t be mad at him, you loved the snacks too and it felt good to be an adult shopping for their own place. It was the little things, like having such a good time food shopping with Teuvo, that proved to you that he was really the one.

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EURYDICE: what’s something you regret?

okay this is very oddly specific BUT when i was nine i went to the movie theaters with my mom to see this new star trek movie that had come out (can’t remember the name) that she really wanted to see. when we got to the movie theater though it turns out that the movie playing time on the website had been listed wrong and we still had like a half hour until our movie. so an employee was like alright sorry for this mistake!! how about you go watch the beginning of Up and when it’s time for your actual movie to start you can go watch it? so anyway we go into up and it’s GREAT and awesome and the time comes to leave and i begged my mom to stay for the whole movie bc i really liked it. afterwards my mom was like “alright another star trek movie is starting now! we can go in there” and i was like ehh i don’t want to watch another movie right now can’t we just go home?? and so we did go home and never watched that movie and i was the worst kid in the world and i hate thinking about that time i feel so guilty :((

Hey guys, I’ve been overtaken by an irresistible urge to watch Falsettos right now

It’s 1:16 AM here. My family is making a seven-hour drive tomorrow/today. But I just read the most amazing Falsettos fanfiction and I really want to watch the show again right now.

Someone please talk me out of it.