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so beings trans actually was just a phase for you? lol ok fuck you m8

It’s not that it’s a “phase”, you jackwad. It’s that nobody wakes up knowing exactly who they are. Shit like that takes time. On my path to figuring out how the fuck I want to exist, I’m exploring my options and seeing what “fits”. I’ve identified as a girl (before I came out or knew being trans was an option), a boy, and genderfluid. None of those really worked out long term, or at least aren’t working for me right now. My gender labels fluctuate, and right now, I don’t want one at all.

Welcome to hell. short campaign part 2

After breaking into the safe and regaining consciousness, my brother wakes up in hell. He walked around for a while.

Me: You found a lake of lava. You stand on the edge of the ground.

Bro: What do I do?

Me: What you want to do.

Bro: Okay, okay. I say 736.

Me: In front of you, a dimensional portal opens in front of you. It is three feet away…above the lava.

Bro: I’ll jump that.

Me: Are you sure?

Bro: Yes.

*rolls 3 with a -1 from acrobatics*

Me: As you get ready to jump, the ground under you collapses and you fall into the lava.


We’ve all done it before, doing something called regret. We’ve all done it before, something we’d never tell. Not a soul in the world will know of your deception, you can send it to that secret letter tumblr all you want– but your anonymity will live forever inside of your veins, your mask will be your shield and it’ll eat you alive, my god, won’t it? We love our regrets and we won’t utter a name. We’ll swallow every lie and smile while doing it. We’ll bare or bear the name. We’ll write it down and burn it inside of our mouths. Our tongue breaths fire, but we are the liar… and we are the swollen. We are overbearing and we are juiced up with words we couldn’t say and sleep with it and we wake up smiling. I don’t want anybody else, but a pile of ashes. I don’t want a thing, no… I don’t want a thing. Just you, me and the lies.
—  you don’t eat the forbidden fruit, it eats you instead

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1. You do not need somebody to complete you. You are a masterpiece, an art. Stop waiting for someone to come along and sweep you off of your feet. Travel, watch movies in the cinema, eat in a restaurant all by yourself. It is okay to do things on your own. Know how to be content on being alone.

2. Know your worth. You are not just a piece of shit that people can throw away. You are not a cigarette that people will just take to satisfy them and take out the boredom out of their system. You are one hell of a drug. People will take you even though you might hurt or worse, kill them. At night, you will wake up afraid, wanting to die. Don’t give in. I repeat, don’t give in. Night plays its trick and don’t let the nostalgic melancholic waves crush you. You must not give in. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are here. You always were.

3. Make the best out of every moment. Seize it, make it your own. Because you will never experience the same amount of happiness in each and every moment in your life.

4. You won’t find happiness in the same place you lost it so stop going back.

5. Too much sunshine can make a desert.

6. Bad things happen for no reason sometimes and things end but that shouldn’t mean you should come to an end too. The wind might be violent but you have to learn to fly.

7. Stop ripping yourself apart just to make someone whole. If someone is broken, it is not your responsibility to make them whole because you can never make them whole. When you love, don’t give your all. Spare for yourself.

8. If someone or something hurts you, cut it off. You deserve a better life. You deserve all the good things in the Earth. You should know that, you should remember that.

9. Don’t waste your time crying over people who hurt you. You’re letting them win. Don’t let them have the satisfaction of tearing you apart. Fight. Fight for yourself.

10. Ignoring things won’t make it go away. It’ll only make the situation worse. It will only make it harder when you have to face it and there’s no available exit.

11. If someone wants you back, make them earn your trust. Don’t give in easily. You have to know if they are sincere because the last thing you want to know is to know that you are letting them to rip your heart in two.

12. Remember that who you are now is not who you’re going to be in ten years. It’s okay to be somebody new thirty minutes from now. It’s normal because we grow, we learn. If you realized you don’t like who you are now, better get yourself a new land to replant yourself, flower. Find a new place where you can replant yourself and shine.

13. You are the galaxy; stop making someone your whole universe especially if they only see you as a bright star in the night sky.

14. The sorrow you feel will always pass, but manage to make the beauty that comes with it stay in you.

15. Remain soft even though the world tries to make me hard and cold. Remain full of love and empathy even when you cannot feel it for yourself.

16. Don’t embrace your mistakes just because you spent a lot of time doing it.

17. Remember that who you are now is not who you’re going to be in ten years. It’s okay to be somebody new thirty minutes from now. It’s normal because we grow, we learn. If you realized you don’t like who you are now, better get yourself a new land to replant yourself, flower. Find a new place where you can replant yourself and shine.

18. Love the people the way you wanted to be loved. Do not mind if they can’t reciprocate the feelings; it will always come back to you through various ways.

19. When things got broken, they don’t really need a quick fix. You don’t need to fix it the moment it got broken. It will never do good. You need to wait for the storm to pass so you can fix it perfectly and continuously.

20. Don’t invert anyone into a home unless you are ready to be evicted without a warning.

21. Your first and last love should be yourself, not the boy you met in your high school life or the guy who winked at you in the bookstore.


s.a., 21 Little But Life-Changing Mantras To Repeat Every Single Day

You can now read this in Thought Catalog

love the one you hold

“Jack? I got that coffee you wanted - oh.”

Timothy stops short of the desk, coffee in one hand and his ECHO in the other. A small, soft smile comes to his lips as he takes in the sight of Jack folded over his desk, head pillowed on one arm and the other stretched out. As he pays attention now, he can hear a soft rumble of a snore every now and then. He looks so peaceful sleeping. Too peaceful to wake up despite the work he knows Jack has been spending a long time on.

Work can wait for right now; Jack has been so busy, Timothy doesn’t have the heart to wake him up. Sure, he’ll get an earful later for not. But it’s worth it.

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(A shamelessly trashy) AU where Loki meets Thor at a party, and while he’s Very Hot and Charming as Fuck he’s entwined in some sort of relationship with Amora so he moves right along and (mostly) forgets about their whole interaction… until the next day when he wakes up to approx. 1000 vitrol-laced messages from Amora telling him to stay away from her man, she saw how he was looking at Thor, he wouldn’t even want you!!

Oh boy, he wasn’t interested ‘stealing’ anyone’s man before, BUT HE IS NOW BITCH!!

And Thor has no idea what he’s in the middle of.

Sherlock is a dating sim.

Guys really, Sherlock has been set up like a dating sim.  Sherlock is purposefully ambiguous so that literally anything can be read as possible.  I think the writers are actually trying to be inclusive in that way.  Holmes is such a widely circulated property.  He’s a global phenomenon.  Everybody wants to be close to him, so the writers basically make that possible.  

You literally have the types all here to choose from (bear with me as I go on this caffeine-fueled sex adventure):

John, the attractive loyal soldier who will follow you everywhere, no matter what danger you’re in, he’s there for you. You will wake up from death for him. (cue symphony of sexy cinematic music)

Molly, the cute, plain girl who’s incredibly in tune with your feelings, bangin body that’s concealed from your view most of the time, but you know it’s there.  Under that lab coat.  You trust her with your most secret feelings…(cue sexy beat music)

Moriarty, the danger, MR. SEX, the super genius, THE SUITS.  Lord.  He’s always in your shadow, always in your head, always with you somehow. Touching your deepest corners. (cue Stayin Alive?)

Irene, the mystery, the power struggle, the cat and mouse, the beauty.  You smell her perfume on your pillow.  She’s disappeared, but she’s in your mind, tempting you always. (cue the saxophone)

Lestrade, the dedication, the adoration, the one you look up to (also sexy).  He’ll always believe in you. (bring in the cinematic sex music once more)

Mycroft, the secrets, the underbelly of power, the brother factor if that turns you on, conveniently also sexy. (dark cinematic music)

Sally, the past, the pain, the hurt.  What happened between you?  What did you do to hurt her, and can you ever win her respect (and love) back? (insert sexy here because everyone’s sexy in this dang show)

Anderson, yes, the one you teased, the one you discounted, but he also believes in you and follows your every move.  Maybe it’s to be like you, maybe it’s something more!  (sexy music plays)

Mary, ohh she’s just like you, hiding her true identity because it’s filled with darkness.  She’s afraid of rejections, afraid of what she’s done, just like you are. You’re both killers on the edge who yearn for a new life.  (rose petals and guns on satin sheets anyone?)

Look at this, you can literally ship Sherlock with everyone.  I think the writers like this, as the entire world can get in on this wishful action.  Seems pretty good?  Let’s play the game however we wish :).

New  Family || Closed


Searching for Aelita once again, the three teens made their way through the abandoned factory. When they got to a stasis tube, like the ones they were once held in. With the help of their friend Jeremie, the tube opens. However it wasn’t Aelita that was in there, it was a teen boy. At least they were able to save someone else.

“Hey you okay?” Ulrich asks, helping the teen up. “Come on, wake up, please!”

“We need to get out of here anyway, come on, I’ll help you carry him.” Yumi states, helping Ulrich with the boy.

“I’ll keep watch! Come on!” Odd didn’t want to stay here any longer than he had to! He hated places like this!

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Hi can i request a fic where you and calvin are like best friends and end up catching feelings for one another and start dating, he gets excited and wants to tweet about it but you get scared and dont want him to because of his fans? thanks in advanced!

Sure thing my dude. Here’s another leafy fan fic by yours truly, requests are open. I hope you guys enjoy this one. Feedback is always appreciated, I like to know what you guys think of my writing !

You wake up on the couch of your best friend Calvin to the sound of him making a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen “Good morning Y/N” He says hearing you stretching and yawning from the other room. You sat up and looked around the room, you scratched your head lightly and mumbled back a good morning to him in a sleepy voice. You made your way into the kitchen to get yourself a cup of coffee, bumping into Calvin as his face lit up and smiled when you entered the room. “You know you could have just slept in my room, I haven’t even gone to bed yet” He said rubbing the nape of his neck as he watched you pour some coffee into your mug followed by some milk and sugar. 

“Yeah, but i didn’t wanna disturb you making your video. Thanks for letting me spend the night Cal, also get some rest” You say with your back turned to him as you stir the liquid contents of your mug. You took a sip of your coffee “Some good ass coffee” you mumbled to yourself as you turned to face him staring at you, lost in thought. “What are you looking at?” you smile at him nervously. He smiled back and shook his head before sipping on his coffee “Nothing, you just look pretty to me today” Your face twisted into a confused expression trying to figure out if he was serious or fucking with you because you just woke up and probably look like shit. “Okay then?” You reply and shrug his compliment off. 

Calvin then walks towards you and wraps his arms around your waist with his forehead against yours “C-cal.. what are you doing?” You become flustered and shy not knowing how to react with his sudden physical touch. He didn’t say anything but only smiled and tried to look you in the eyes as you desperately avoided eye contact with him. “Y/N, look at me” He said in a serious tone, you slowly darted your eyes upward until the both of you were looking into each others eyes, he smiled “Y/N, I’ve had the hugest crush on you for the longest time, i’m not sure how you feel about me but.. I personally think you’re really fucking cute and I wanna be more than just friends”

Hearing this you became shocked because you didn’t know he felt this way about you, you always thought he saw you as just a friend and nothing more. You tried to hide your happiness but failed as you smiled shyly at him.”Calvin, I honestly don’t know what to say right now except for the fact that I think you’re fucking cute as well you asshole” He let out a soft chuckle before kissing your cheek softly, your face turns completely red and you cover your face with your hands. 

“So, a-are we actually a couple now?” You asked.
“Only if you want to be, so do you?” Calvin raised an eyebrow.
“Yes of course, i’d be lucky to have you as my boyfriend” You said while smiling like a complete idiot as you nod your head.

Calvin decided that for the rest of the day he would spend it completely with you, no more ignoring you for his Youtube videos like he usually did when you came over and visited. You both lay in his bed together, talking and joking around like you normally would except for the occasional shy cheek kisses and little lip pecks as well as cuddling. You both were new to this but slowly adjusting perfectly to the new found physical touches between the two of you. 

All the coffee you had drank earlier finally found its way to your bladder and you left momentarily to the bathroom, forgetting that your phone was in your pocket it vibrated, you took it out and saw that Calvin had posted a tweet saying that he was finally in a relationship and could not be happier right now. Your stomach immediately dropped and you panicked a bit. You quickly finished up your business in the bathroom and went back to his room where he was still on his phone. 

“Calvin” you said nervously.
“Yeah?” He looked over at you as you stood in the door way.
“Please delete that tweet” you asked.
“What? why?” He blinked his eyes a few times.
“I don’t… I don’t want your fans knowing about us.. not yet at least it’s too early” you explained to him.

“I don’t understand why but alright” He nodded and immediately deleted the tweet.You sat down on the bed and sighed. “Are you gonna tell me why you don’t want anyone to know? Do you just want this to be a secret relationship where we just don’t tell anyone at all?” he questioned you sounding a bit annoyed and hurt. “Calvin no it’s not like that, I just don’t want your fans especially the younger female ones harassing me.” You explained to him. He sighed and kissed your cheek softly and whispered against your skin “Don’t worry, I will protect you and I will not let anyone hurt you in anyway” You smiled and wrapped you arms around his neck, you both hugged each other tightly and continued to spend your first day together as a couple happily. 

LMAO, i did this one in completely one sitting so i’m sorry if it isn’t as good as you thought it would be, but i hope you enjoy it regardless !!


all I want in life is to be with you. Wake up beside you. Fall asleep beside you. Talk to you. Hold you. Kiss you. Hug you. Marry you. Have a family with you. All I want is to be with you forever. And only you.

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hit me with that t'challa relationship headcanons. go all out. please. if you want to of course, you don't have to! (also can you add some nsfw stuff?)

So first of all thank you for being first ever request! I LOVED writing these, I’m always a slut for T'Challa!

• He! Is! So! Sweet!

• Because he is just so in love with you
- He always wakes up slightly earlier than you and he’ll just lie in bed staring at you for ages in wonder
– and when you wake up he covers you in gentle kisses
— Mornings with him are always… soft. I can’t think of any other way to describe it
- Every time he sees you he can’t help but smile
- It’s ridiculous really you’ve been together her for months but he still is always so chivalrous to you and always gives you nervous compliments all the time like he’s talking to his crush for the first time.

• He treats you like a fucking QUEEN
- Only the best of everything for his love
– Oh yeah “my love” is something he says a lot
- If somebody is disrespectful to you he will fucking END THEM
- Everyone treats you as if you were the actual Queen because you might as well be

• Kind of a sugar daddy?
- He buys SO much stuff for you
– Clothes, jewellery, ornaments, useless little trinkets, even animals and a dagger
- You often tell him that you have enough things and to stop buying you stuff
– “but I can’t help it, I see something beautiful and think you would like it, and I simply can’t not get it for you”
- Secretly he does get quite a kick out of buying you things and seeing you enjoy them

• He would do ANYTHING for you and he is fiercely protective of you

• You go to lots of important events and dinner parties with him
- He likes to show you off because he is so proud of you
– as he can’t believe the fact he’s dating YOU despite the fact his is literally a King and as near to the perfect person as you could get

• Sex with him isn’t rough necessarily
- but it is always very passionate
– yet gentle
- If you’re facing each other during sex, he WILL be kissing you

• The thing that gives him the most pleasure is giving you pleasure

• Oral
- He’s fucking amazing at it
– I mean that’s not surprising tbh have u see those lips? Even if he wasn’t skilled at it, it would still be great
— but he is skilled at it. Very.
- he absolutely adores giving it
- This is when he’s at his roughest, pushing you down, his hands squeezing your thighs

• He’s a very emotional person, but not a very open one
- You’re the only person he ever talks with truly openly
– Though it takes a lot of time for you to make him

• He cooks.
- Really well???
- You were so surprised after your first night together when he woke you up with a amazing breakfast in bed, and even more so when he said he cooked it himself.
– You voiced your surprise saying you would’ve thought he’d have a chef to that.
— “I do. But just because one has servants, it does not mean one ought to be reliant on them”

• He worries. Too much.
- You can always tell when he’s worried and you go and stroke his head. He likes it.

• He’s always very amused when he sees you drooling over him when he’s training

• You sometimes join the training
- He makes fun of you because you literally can’t do anything
- But he does actually help you get better
– He finds you being able to fight and be badass hot

• Cat jokes. Soooo many cat jokes in this relationship.
- It is the single straining point of the relationship.
- He is extremely patient but you constantly push it too far and make them too often.
- You think it’s worth it.

- Sleepy time is the best time
- You snuggle while reading your respective books occasionally glancing and smiling at each other.
- He loves to just hold you for hours on end
- He nuzzles at and kisses your neck when you’re both half asleep

Wow I didn’t know I had that many T'Challa headcanons! I hope you like them!

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hc's for if the gang got a trampoline?

- Soda will be the first one to put a hole in it

- Mostly used to make out with girls/boys

- Darry doing the most amazing backflips

- Soda always competing against him

- Johnny always getting bounced the highest by Pony or Dallas

- Johnny using the trampoline at night to pretend he’s catching the stars

- Dallas falls asleep on it one time only to wake up by down-pouring rain

- Two-Bit eats breakfast out there with Ponyboy all the time much to Darry’s dismay

- Steve purposely falls on top of Soda so they will make out on it

- “Steve this is for having fun on.”

- “We are having fun.”

- “I want to jump.”

- “I want you to jump on me.”

- Two-Bit and Tim naturally falling asleep on the trampoline like Dallas does except they coincidentially get it in good weather and Dallas always complains

- Darry has /accidentally/ jumped so hard it causes some of them to fall off as they jump

- Ponyboy always falling off of it anyways

reaction when she is angry at him and ignore him the hole day


starts to internally scream trying to find out why your mad. most likely will try to stay away and let you get upset all by yourself and become calm and figure it out by your self

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puppy dog. thats it, he gets upset and will lay his head on your lap and try to figure out why your upset. he’ll be cute and causes you to tell him.

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like shownu left you alone so you could just calm down, he’d probably take a nap. and then you’d wake him up and tell him the reason why.

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(couldn’t find the one i wanted :’()


momma k would make you sit down and make you tell him why you were upset or he’d tickle you until you cried from so much laughter. then cuddles so you’d be ok.

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will be cute and cuddly and make you giggle until you weren’t upset anymore. and how could you be angry at this cutie pie

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aegyo. just aegyo. he’d be upset too if you ignore him and his cuteness

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he would calmly ask whats wrong, if you didn’t answer him, he’d let you be and when you come back, he wouldn’t ask why, he’d just let you be cute and love him again

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Get To Know Me

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Birthday: March 3
Gender: Girl
Eye color: Blue-ish green-ish
Hair color: Blonde
Relationship status: Single
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Siblings: 2 older brothers
Pets: 4-5 cats, 1 dog, 6 ducks, 7 chickens, 1 rooster, 2 turkeys, 6 guinea hens, 2 peacocks & soon to get pigs!
Wake up time: Usually around 10:00 AM but sometimes I sleep a few hours later
Lemonade or Sweet Tea: Lemonade
Cats or Dogs: I have both but I prefer dogs
Day or Night: Night
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Call or Text: Text
Meet a Celebrity: I haven’t met any but if I could choose it would probably be Jared or Jensen, or Sebastian Stan
Smiles or Eyes: Hmmm…. Smiles
Chap or lipstick: Chapstick, I can’t stand lipstick!
Last song I listened to: Break Up in a Small Town by Sam Hunt

I tag: @ledledledledled, @one-giggling-unic0rn, @savh222, @i-like-your-assbutt, @jared-padaloveme, @fanboyswhereare-you, @meggan-supernatural, @my-sugarskull-me, @magicalsis11, @damalseer (If any of you have already done this then just ignore little ol’ me)

Title: Found Out About You
TV Show: The 100
Ship: Kabby
Note: Third part! I had so much that I wanted to write for this chapter, but I’m gonna split it up. THANKS FOR ALL THE NOTES AND KIND WORDS AND LOVE. 
Disclaimer: I don’t own the 100 or the characters. Don’t hurt me! :)

Part One | Part Two 

Days go by without either one of them seeing each other again, but she makes it a point to text him at least twice a day: once in the morning when she wakes up and once before she falls asleep at night. They’re friendly messages, nothing too eager or flirtatious, with a few exceptions from last night’s text exchange.

He finds himself checking his phone more often as the days progress, wishing she’d text him more frequently, but he chalks it up to her being busy with work or school. And after checking his phone for the umpteenth time that day, he unlocks his shared apartment and steps into the living room to find Diana in the kitchen.

“Classes over for the day,” she asks, trying to keep conversation light.

“Last one was cancelled. So here I am.” He drops his keys onto the kitchen counter and grabs a cold bottle of water from the fridge.

“You just missed Jaha,” she says from where she stands in front of the sink, washing dishes from her and Jaha’s dinner date the night before. “He left for his night class a few minutes ago.” She glances over her shoulder to look back at him and catches him thumbing through his phone. “Marcus,” she says flatly, letting the dishes fall into the sink, forgotten.


“You know what. That girl… Abby?” He pushes himself away from the counter, groaning in frustration. He makes a move to leave the kitchen and maneuvers through the apartment to get to his room down the hallway. “What are you expecting to happen?”

“She’s a friend. I like her. Indra likes her. Jaha likes her.”

“And how do you think Callie will like her,” she asks, finally, unable to stop the words that leave her mouth.

“Why does that even matter,” he stresses, falling back onto his bed with both hands clasped behind his head. “She left me. Remember?” Diana leans against his doorframe with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Yeah, because you weren’t ready for a serious relationship.”

“There was more to it than that, Diana, and you know it.”

“How do you think she’s going to feel when she see’s this Abby girl hanging around all of us?” She ducks her head to catch his brown eyes. “Around you? I’ll tell you how. She’s going to feel forgotten, replaced… betrayed.”

“We can all be friends,” he says weakly.

“I’m not saying we can’t… I’m just asking you to be careful,” she pleads softly. “Callie was our friend first.” And with that, Diana falls out from his room and walks back into the kitchen where she resumes her previous tasks.

He lets out a long sigh, stares up at the ceiling, and closes his eyes when he feels the start of a migraine coming. Callie would always hold a special place in his heart. She was the first girl he had attempted a relationship with. She was beautiful, smart, all of his friends adored her, but as the months together progressed, he lost interest in her.

It was horrible, he knew. He had never intended to hurt her, to send her storming out from his apartment with a few unwelcome tears streaming down her face, but he had honestly thought he was doing the right thing by cutting her loose before she had gotten too emotionally invested.

Abby, on the other hand, was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. There was something about her that kept him guessing, kept drawing him in, and no other girl had ever managed to do that. Not only was she smart and beautiful, like Callie, but down to earth and confident all in one, stunning package.

He reaches up with his hand, letting his fingers pass over the still tender skin from where she had punched him nearly two weeks ago, and smiles. It still ached, much like his heart, a constant reminder that her perfect soul existed… and is interested in him.

Giving in to temptation, he reaches for the phone that’s in his back pocket, and opens their shared text message thread. He begins typing, erases his message, shakes his head, and tries to think of something clever enough to get her to come over to the apartment. He repeats the process a few times before coming up with something he’s almost positive will work.

‘Hey. I know it’s getting late, but I was wondering if you’d like to come over to my apartment and watch a movie?’

He holds his breath as he presses the send button, lets his phone fall to his chest, and waits nervously for her text back.

Would she reject his offer? Make some excuse about homework or studying to get out of it? 

His phone vibrates.

‘I’d love to. Should I pick up dinner on the way?’

He smiles.

There’s a knock on the front door, and Marcus is all too happy but to answer it. One hand nervously running through his hair. He lets his hands fall to either side, shakes them quickly, and then opens the door to reveal a homely looking Abby.

Her sandy brunette hair had been straightened, her face is free of any makeup, and she’s dressed comfortably in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. In her arms is a brown paper bag, filled with what smells like Chinese food.

“Is that what I think it is,” he asks, taking the bag from her and inviting her into his apartment. She toes off her shoes at their door, kicks them with the rest of the pairs, and slowly follows him into the kitchen. “How much do I owe you,” he asks, unloading the contents of the bag.

She’s too caught up in memorizing every detail of his apartment; the neatness of it all, especially for two boys to be sharing it. There’s a large flatscreen television mounted to an all glass coffee table that’s pushed up against the wall, a leather couch that sits across from it, and two Xbox controllers that sit on the wooden coffee table. There are movie posters, football paraphernalia, and framed vinyl records that decorate the walls of the apartment, and it excites her even that much more to see his bedroom.

Across the living room, there’s a sliding glass door hidden by a series of plastic panels. It leads out to a small balcony that overlooks the rest of the campus, big enough for a small set of patio furniture. From where she stands in the kitchen, she can make out the familiar blonde who’s sitting in one of the padded-wick seats, smoking a cigarette.

“Don’t worry about it. You bought me lunch last week, remember?” She begins uncovering the containers of lo mein noodles and fried rice. “You think Diana wants some food,” she asks, pointing out to his friend who’s out on the balcony by herself.

“I think she and Jaha already ate, but we can leave out some for her,” he offers, returning with two plates and utensils. He gives her first take, watching her fill her plate with food before he takes his turn. “So.. what are you in the mood to watch,” he asks, leading her across the apartment and into his bedroom.

“Something scary,” she decides, coming to stand in front of a bookcase that houses his DVD collection. It’s also home to a few framed pictures, which she takes time in studying.

He grabs the first scary movie that comes to mind, pops it into his gaming console, and nods over to his bed, which is pushed up against the window. She climbs up first, making herself at home with one of his pillows behind her back. She rests the plate of Chinese food in her lap and waits for him to join her on top of the bed before she starts eating.

The eat together in a comfortable silence. He pauses the movie to bring their empty plates into the kitchen, where he runs into Diana coming back inside from the patio. She notices the two empty plates in his hands and narrows her eyes.

He dismisses her judgmental looks and slips back into his bedroom, closing the door to give them some privacy and flicking off the lights. She glances at the alarm clock on his nightstand, notices how it’s almost eleven o’clock, but can’t convince herself that it’s late enough to actually go back to her own apartment.

For the next two hours, they sit close together on his bed, watching the horror movie. There’s a few scenes that make Abby nearly jump out of her skin, effectively scooting her closer to his body. He smiles to himself when the scariest part of the movie plays, making her loop her arm through his and bury her face against his shoulder, slightly peeking over his arm.

“Abby,” he says her name softly, lifting his arm to get her to watch the rest of the movie.

“No,” she pleads, clinging tighter to him. “Don’t make me watch it.”

“You picked this,” he reminds her. “You don’t like scary movies?”

“I hate them,” she confesses. It takes him a few seconds, but he understands her motives for playing a scary movie, and smirks.

“Come here,” he murmurs, snaking his arm around her waist and pulling her across the bedspread, closer against his body. Her head rests against his chest, against the crook of his shoulder, and she wonders if he can feel how fast her heart is beating whenever she feels his hand smooth back her hair. She savors the way his fingers gently rake through her thick curls and closes her eyes at his touch, softly sighing against his shirt.

The movie ends, they reluctantly pull away from each other, and she slips off from the bed, stretching her arms above her head and yawning. It’s 1:36 in the morning and she’s got class in six and a half hours.

“Thanks for inviting me over. I had fun.” Her voice is heavy and he feels bad for keeping her up so late.

“I’m sorry the movie ran so late,” he says, walking her out from his room and into the living room, where her shoes are thrown with his.

“Don’t be. I like staying up late,” she says with a wink, pulling her shoes on.

“You drove?”

“Walked, actually. My building is a street over.” He nods, bending at the waist to slip on his own shoes.

“I’ll walk you home then.” It’s not much of an offer, because she knows he’d still do it even if she turned him down.

He grabs his keys and they’re off, walking side by side down the dim lit sidewalk.

“So… Diana lives with you and Jaha?” He shakes his head.

“She’ll sleep over every now and again, but she’s got her own dorm somewhere on campus.”

“I don’t blame her for it. Those dorms are miserable.”

They make small talk effortlessly, and when they make it to her building, she slows to a stop.

“Well… this is me,” she says, pointing up to the apartment complex. “Thanks for walk-.”

“Can I kiss you?”

She swallows hard at the unexpected question, her brows knitted together in confusion at the suddenness of it all. She’d been thinking about this for quite some time… since the night at the party, she realizes. But she nods her head, regardless of the butterflies in her stomach.

And when he starts to lean in, she finds herself frozen in her place. She can’t help but close her eyes when she feels him close, his lips brushing ever so gently against hers. She’s not even sure if she would classify it as a kiss because it’s so light. Her head tilts back to give him a better angle, her lips seeking him out this time. She captures his bottom lip between her own, drawing it into her mouth to gently suck on.

Time seems to be standing still. There’s no other care in his world in this moment, except that her lips are on his and she’s kissing him. He wants to touch her… needs to touch her.

His hands pull at her waist, fingers digging into her muscles as he closes the space between them and drags her closer. She gasps when their chests meet and he takes the opportunity to deepen their kiss, but she pulls away teasingly, biting her bottom lip and leaving him breathless. Her hands come up to press against his chest, keeping some distance between them so he won’t try to kiss her again.

“You asked for a kiss, not a make-out session,” she whispers before taking a step back, towards her apartment. “Don’t make me punch you again.” He licks his lips and watches helplessly as she walks away from him, determined to kiss her again… and soon.

“Abby,” he calls out to her when she makes it to the highest step of the staircase. “Goodnight.”

Her smile melts his heart every time he sees it, and he vows to himself, that as long as he’s with her, he’ll try to see that beautiful smile every day.

“Goodnight, Marcus.”

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I'm ready to die now

first off I’m just gonna tell you, i get it. I understand. I too, have wanted to die a countless number of times, even tried to attempt. Sometimes I even think about it. But let me tell you this. I don’t know what youre going through, but everything youre feeling now will not last forever. If you stay alive, you’ll look back on this very day and say “wow im so glad i stayed alive”.

If you don’t wanna do it for yourself, do it for your family. your friends. even if you feel like you have none, they would be devastated. can you imagine waking up one day and finding out someone you loved so dearly took their own life? it is mortifying. 

I know everything hurts right now and it feels like theres no point in living and that nothing will get better…..but it does. It can’t rain forever. You will heal, and you will try again, and you will love, and be loved. so many good things can happen in life if you choose to stay alive for it. please, hang in there.

If you need someone to talk to, my ask is always open for anything at all. I am on your side, friend <3

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Heroes of your choice reacting to being woken up in the middle of the night by their S/O getting out of bed because "there's a Dratini across the street, I have to go catch it!"

ahahaha awesome .. did this with dragonite #nolife

D.Va: She’d go with you and race you to the spot. 

Zenyatta: “What’s a .. Dratini?”

Junkrat: Wouldn’t even wake up. 

Reaper: He’d call you a loser. 

Hanzo: He’d just sigh at you, and go back to sleep. 

Mercy: She’d say that you are too addicted to that app and it’s not healthy. 

Tracer: Would just laugh, a lot. But maybe go with you. 

Genji: He’d go with you, not because he wanted to, but to make sure you stay safe. 

skeletonkeyng replied to your post:“Hey, Papyrus. What’s up?” Yup. It’s totally your…

Who the heck is Poff? Well, he knew better than to ask that. “Really? Let’s see, then!” What the heck is a kitten, for that matter?


He may have been getting just a bit carried away with his babbling, distracted with thoughts of the kitten that was waiting in the room for him.