treat yourself 
like your girlfriend.
i don’t just mean love her, i mean
show her that you love her,
i mean bask in it. write poems to 
only your ribs. when she’s hungry,
feed her and make sure she likes it. 
if she’s craving chocolate cake 
laugh while you eat it.
love isn’t just saying 
“you’re beautiful,” love is waking her up
gently, is taking her seriously when she has
a problem, is letting her get angry or tired or mad,
is telling her: hey, it’s okay, i’m here, and we’ll get through this.
love is making her pancakes when she says she doesn’t want to eat,
it’s watching her favorite movies, it's 
keeping every picture you take of her. 

love her like wearing a seatbelt and like going on the roller coaster
even though you’re scared. love her like 
yeah maybe chicken nuggets aren’t the best breakfast
but you’re eating and that’s a good thing. love her like
there’s six dollars in your bank account but yes, 
you can spend it on your coffee. love her like
buy that ring, like save for a future together, like 
the first person you call in an emergency is her, to ask her
if she’s okay,
love her more than just on pretty mornings or 
in the light of picnic afternoons. love like 
sirens, like let me kiss the bruises, 
like yeah you made a mistake but we all do
like even after watching her spiral hard,
crying on the floor of her room at two in the morning,
her tongue numb and her heart turned to wood -
you wake up and tell her,
“it was a bad night
but you’re alive,
so you’re doing pretty good.”

—  Relationship goals // r.i.d

i cant believe her name is hekapoo but i love her already

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Congrats on your follower milestone, and I'm proud to count myself as one of them! For a prompt, how about “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

It was difficult to stop internally screaming that one of my favorite blogs is proud to follow me back long enough to write this and then it almost got like, to legit fic planning ideas but i reigned it in because i’d rather not make you wait months instead of weeks to get something for this ♥

Derek settles further into the horrifically uncomfortable hospital chair.

“I want curly fries,” Stiles says, rapidly flicking through channels on the tv from the bed.

“No,” Derek replies placidly.

Derek looks at the notifications on his phone which has been studiously ignored up until this point. Mainly because up until the last half an hour Stiles has been, in surgery, followed by recovery and then slowly waking up and working through the last of the anesthesia in his system.

And up until about 10 minutes ago Derek was a panicked, anxious mess.



Derek knew what he was signing up for when he starting going out with Stiles. He knew that life as a police detective isn’t the safest. Hell, he’s a firefighter he isn’t one to judge a person’s career choice. He’d just rather Stiles was behind a desk more than he is. Probably just as badly as Stiles wishes Derek only rescued kittens from trees.

“Hmmm how about some ice cream?” Stiles asks.




Stiles is pouting now but Derek doesn’t think he’s ever seen anyone as beautiful. Stiles is pale under his summer tan, there are circles under his eyes and he can’t hold his head up off the pillows keeping him propped up. But Derek has never loved someone as much as he does the idiot in the hospital bed that got himself stabbed on their anniversary.

Apparently mixing an angry drug dealer, a teenager, and a Stiles together on a dark street equals an arrest, a runaway found and a profusely bleeding Stiles.

Derek had been woken from some of his precious few hours of sleep while on shift to his buddy Isaac calling from the ambulance as they drove Stiles into the hospital. That was at 2 am and it’s just pushing 1 in the afternoon now; Derek’s body is used to running on adrenaline for that long but the crash after has never gotten easier.

“Please, Derek?” Stiles whines and Derek sighs.

“Stiles you can’t eat solids. You’re on only liquids until Thursday, at least,” Derek replies as patiently as he can and Stiles sinks back into his pillows a little more with a sigh.

“There is such an offensive joke that should be made following that sentence, especially given the momentous occasion this evening was supposed to hold. But alas, I am,” he pauses as his side twitches and Stiles’ face scrunches reflexively in pain. “unable to follow through with the proposition I was thinking of making so.”

Derek heaves himself up out of the chair and stumbles the few steps back towards the bed, grateful for the side rails he can lean on to keep himself upright. He is really, really in need of a nap.

“Stiles, how bad does it hurt right now?” he asks, completely prepared for Stiles to ignore him until he’s finished.

“I guess it’ll be what, juice for me and hospital food for you tonight, huh?” his tone says ‘lighthearted’ but his eyes are sad. Stiles has been looking forward to taking Derek out to the fancy new restaurant in the next town over to try their steak and extra fancy potatoes.

Derek was honestly just looking forward to having the evening off from work and being on call to spend with Stiles.  

“Scale of one to ten, Stiles,” Derek insists and Stiles closes his eyes and winces again.

“About an eight ‘n a half?” he admits quietly, coming out like a question. Like he’d say nine if it wouldn’t invoke shouty Derek.

They both try really hard to keep shouty Derek in his place.

Instead calm Derek takes the morphine drip button the kind nurse had put in his boyfriend’s hand and pushes it. Then pushes it again.

“Noo,” Stiles enthuses but Derek knows it’s a token protest, “now I’m going to get all loopy again.”

“I’d rather have you loopy and not know who I am for a few hours if it means you’re not in agony Stiles,” Derek says, leaning down to press his forehead to Stiles’ as he does.

“I love you, you know?” he whispers and sees the side of Stiles’ mouth quirk up.

“Love you too, babe. See you when the morphine wears off,” he responds and Derek presses a quick kiss to his lips.

“I’ll be here, glass of juice at the ready.”


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Jackson Cut. Go Fridge wins best variety program 161210

Jackson wins best variety star at tencent star awardsI think a lot of people here don’t know who I am.Not just here,at airport, train, taxi or bikes, there are a lot of people who don’t know me I am Wang Jia Er, Jackson, you can call me JiaJia. First, I would like to thank 腾讯 for giving me this award. I think this belongs to us, who we are? He Jiong is us leading me on a road that I don’t know how to travel.Every single big sis and bro on production team. Everyday they,wake up earlier than us, to arrange things for us. Getting off work later than us to prep for next day. Also, all the PD’s that do not want to miss even a second of moment.They are even scared to use the washroom.All the drivers that waited for us for our long filming period.Under such hot weather, covered in sweat, couldn’t even change their clothes, our camera big brothers!!Also, also!! My dear…the ones that support me every minute, every second… the ones that belong to be (Jackson chokes up)I think all of this isn’t a given. It is precisely because of this, I know how to cherish and be thankful for all of this. Thank you to all of you. I will be a greater and better Jackson Wang.transed by:HeyYouNotYouYuu|vid:daisyyfields

JACKSON Won ANOTHER AWARD. Best entertainer of the year

All I want for Klancemas is Headcanons

•Keith gets really into the decorating. He has the spirit of a child during the Christmas season.

•Lance waking up one morning to the house fully decorated, or at least almost fully decorated. The tree is left bare.

•Christmas tradition that the Tree can only be decorated together.

•Lance sings obnoxiously along with the radio Christmas carols as the two string popcorn.

• “ They called me ‘the tailor’ because of how I thread the needle ”

•Lance makes bomb Hot cocoa with cinnamon

•Keith and Lance decorating a gingerbread house together.

•Frosting and candies get everywhere

• ( s w e e t ) kisses

•Keith can’t reach the top of the tree to put the star on.

•Lance picks up Keith by the waist and helps him reach the top of the tree.

•Mistletoe kisses!!!!!!

•Matching , opposing color stockings.

•Cuddling on the couch Christmas Eve.

•Keith falling asleep in lances arms on the couch so they stay there all night.

  1. objectively i understand that one day i will feel better, that this is how depression works, it hangs and it hangs and it hangs, but in the meantime i am buzzing around, trying to find a place to land that feels Good, becoming more & more frantic every time i can’t call up even the echo of enjoying myself. i want to text everyone i’ve seen in the last month and say sorry for not being any fun at parties yet.
  2. it helps to hear other people say it, though. “i feel bad.” friends & former coworkers & podcast hosts & you all. it helps! it’s not just my hellish maze brain! we are all waiting and angry and sad!
  3. here is one good thing: i love new york so much it stretches me taller. it’s not a cycle, either: every day i wake up and love new york. every time i leave i come back and love new york. i love bodega coffee & the grimy yellow line in subway stations & the clang of the gate outside my apartment even though it makes the dog bark, her ears up in warning & that i can walk down any street performing to myself or crying and no one will spare me a second glance & the christmas lights in the business districts i’m sorry i know new york is for me, young and free and privileged, but does it help if i know that loving new york is a privilege that i am lucky to have?
  4. the particular dark of new york, the sky grey with lamps in windows and streetlights and those horrible NYPD LED anti-crime lights, it never quite gets black and you can never see the stars but that’s ok, you know they’re out there just the same – these days the only time i feel like maybe i could one day write again is when i’m tugging and rewrapping a scarf around me, waiting on the corner for the bus in that dark glow and crisp christmas cold.
  5. we’ll never forget that something went wrong and this is not the world we should be living in, not like this, but maybe we could enjoy it sometimes. i cleaned the bathroom and called my mom and ate a bagel with the dog asleep on my sock feet & i don’t feel good yet but i’m trying, i’m trying!

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Hey Donnie. I hope you can help me out with a problem. My legs have been cramping up so badly these past few weeks when I go to the gym and in the night when I sleep. They cramp all night, waking me. :( My I.T. bands have been ridiculously tight as well, putting me in more pain. I've tried stretching. Going to increase my water intake and vitamins but nothing is reducing the pain. Any suggestions? I'm tired of hurting and only 800mg of ibuprofin has helped somewhat. I want the pain gone. T_T

It may take a week for the water increase to start working. Vitamins good. Have you tried eating more salty foods? that is supposed to help. When you sweat you lose salt as well as water, so you want to replace that as well. That may be causing your cramps.

Are you eating more carbs? Carb increase can  help too by increasing the energy stored for exercise. Maybe increase on the carb heavy foods.

Dating Negan includes

° Him making you his only wife.

°Him showing you his soft side when your alone.

° Kisses, cuddles , hugs from behind.

° Well…. him being Negan… you know what I mean.

°Him being very jealous and possessive.

°A few saviors getting Lucilled or a burnt face after making inappropriate comments about you.

°Him ranting about his day in bed with you.

°Comforting him when his emotions gets the better of him and he breaks down.

°Him waking you up by giving you kisses all over your face.

°Him comforting you after a bad day.

°Running your fingers over his beard every chance you get.

°Him constantly reminding you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you.

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So I made a small comeback and I hope you liked it :)             If you liked it and want more of these please tell me, I enjoyed making this one :)                                                                    I don’t own any Gif’s.


While I was setting stuff up for the stream yesterday, I did these minute doodles to help wake up my artistic skills.

And then I made Underload Temmie. I suggest you only clock the “Keep Reading” if you can handle creepy Temmies and that they won’t ruin Temmie for you. But I had to give Span an extra reason for his phobia of Temmies besides one trying to force feed him Temmie Flakes that one time.

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Spoiler ep.13 from novel

A:“Are you tired?”

K:“No, I’m not.”

A:“I want to ask for real… Aren’t you tired from walking after me like this? Following me without knowing where I’m going or where the end is.”

K:“Even if I don’t know what I’ll encounter or no matter how far away, I still want to walk beside you.”

A:“You know that I’m a man and you’re a man, right?”


A:“You know that I’m your senior and you’re my junior, right?”


A:“You know that I like to drink pink milk, right?”

“You know that sometimes I’m an idiot, bad tempered, make a big fuss, wake up late, I’m foolish… and if you know, can you really still accept me for all that I am?”

K:“Yes. I can accept it. What about you? Can you accept me?”

A:“I still don’t know you well enough.”

“But I want to get to know you more.”

K:“What do you mean?”

And before he knew it, Kongpope’s necktie was pulled over to the person in front of him, followed by the feeling of something soft on his lips.

… A gentle kiss, but one that would last forever in his heart.

It was only a few seconds before the other person pulled back, at the same time as his short mumbling.

A:“This is my answer.”

Arthit then turns around and starts to go down the bridge, Kongpope finally realizes what just happened and he smiles and shouts after Arthit

K:“Hold on, P’Arthit! I didn’t hear your answer clearly! Can I ask for another one?!”

A:“I’m not doing it again!”

  [CREDIT: Delightful]

Flowers and Braids || Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

Type: Fluff!
Warnings: None!
Characters: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black (mentioned) Reader.
Summary: Sirius plays a prank on the reader in her sleep, and she wakes up to dangerously long hair that prevents her from getting through her day,
A/N: I was feeling hair-crazy today, so it just popped up in my head….
Remus and James were crouching over revision books in their common room, unbelievably bored.
“Moony, let’s do something fun,” the messy-haired boy whined,
“You know we can’t, James, there’s an exam next week!”
Remus sighed, obviously not wanting to shut him down so quickly.
So they continued skimming over pages and tediously stacking notes when from the girls’ dormitory came a scream,
it was Y/N, undoubtedly, and she had been the victim of Padfoot’s latest prank. Moments later, she came sprinting down the stairs with something H/C and extremely long behind her.
Good lord, has she sprouted a tail? thought Remus.
But one glance from Y/N made him sink back into his chair, barely holding back a whimper.
Her eyes were burning with fire as she clutched the silky thing trailing the staircase.
“W-what is that?” James stuttered.
Y/N was the only one who could make them nervous, since she was basically their “mommy marauder”.
“MY HAIR!” the raging witch bellowed, throwing her rapunzel-length locks all around.
Sirius had magicked some sort of hair-growth spell on her, and he was definitely in for it this time, at least three jinxes to the face.
“Can’t you just cut it?” Lupin inquired, only to be snapped at,
“Don’t you think I tried that? It’s as strong as the titanic!”
James smirked, “Well the Titanic sank, so-” but shut his mouth when Y/N growled at him.
“I’m going to breakfast.” she fumed, and slammed the portrait hole closed after herself.


Y/N’s POV:
The day was miserable. My hair got caught in shelves, chairs and pretty much everything. Once, a Slytherin Snob ‘accidentally’ spilt her pumpkin juice on the tips of my hair at breakfast and then tied it to a door handle when I was walking to Defense Against The Dark Arts class - I was pulled backwards by my scalp just when I reached the entrance, making everyone laugh. It must have been the most embarrassing moment of my life, and I was going to get her back for it. Hiding her uniform and smearing butter on it seemed like a good one, actually. As I was tugging the cause of the agony behind me, my best friend, Remus, appeared at my side.
“Do you need help with that?” he offered. At first I was confused, how could he possibly help me?
“Great, sit down.”
I was a little shocked, to put it mildly, but did anyway.
He sank to my level and started braiding my hair, twisting his fingers through it gracefully and adding freshly picked daisies to the strands. I hummed as he did his work, occasionally feeling him brush the tips of my ears.
“Done,” he told me.
Careful not to fall down again, I stood and observed Remus’s masterpiece. I have to admit it made me feel like a little girl again, playing with beauty without a care in the world.
Now that it was in a plait, my locks were shorter and kept out of my face, allowing me to get things done.
Thank you,“ I smiled for the first time that day, jumping up on my toes to lightly peck him on the cheek.
"O-of course!” he stammered, going slightly red in the face.
I chuckled and led him back to the castle, where Sirius and the rest were waiting. It was clear I developed a liking towards the werewolf, but we were young, and with so much time on our hands, I had better make sure it was clearer to see.


Pairing : Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: Snow is a cute little story that I made for Chritsmas, in the future others ones will be released.

Word Count : 798

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“Steve, wake up please.” You murmured gently in his ear, knowing that Steve was deep asleep and that you will need others attempt to wake him up.

“Steve” You raise your voice a little, and caught his arm slowly trying to push him out of the bed.  

You saw him grumble and moved a little bit in the bed as soon as he started to wake up.

“What is happening honey?” He sat up, his back against the wooden board, and looked at the alarm to discover it was only 5:30 am

“It is finally snowing outside Steve, I’ve been waiting for so long. I want to go, come on babe.” You asked him, with a big smile on your face.

“Honey, it is too cold outside at this hour, could you wait a few hours please?” He asked and pulled you out in a hug, his head in the curve of your neck, his arms around you.

He slowly lifts your head and put a kiss on your lips who were still swollen from the previous night.

“Fine, just 5 seconds?”  You stand up to open the shutter and the drape, so you could both have a beautiful view when you wake up.

“Come back to bed.” He told you smirking a little bit as he opened the blanket for you go in.

“I am coming Captain” You said to him before jumping on the bed and stick yourself as close as you could of him.  

You felt him put his arms around you, snuggling his head in your neck. You felt him smile and give a little kiss.


“You’re as cute as a puppy”. You exclaimed without any envy to fall asleep after these neck kisses.

“You will see what the puppy will do to you.” He declared before he turned you around and put his lips against yours, not ready to let you go

“A hot puppy” You whispered as you decomposed under his kiss.


A few hours later, as you were beginning to recover from the good sleep you had, you started to feel kisses on your cheeks and a hand running down your hair.

“Y/N, it is time to wake up, it’s entirely white outside.” You heard the husky voice of Steve whispering those words in your ears.

You cuddled against Steve’s pillow not feeling him by your side, and slowly opened your eyes only to discover one of the most beautiful view you never had, Steve and just behind him a white scenery.

“Whoa, this is so beautiful. You are both really handsome.” You chuckled a little bit.

He started laughing and put you up, taking you out of the bed before carrying you in his arms.

“Let’s go in the snow.” He shouted happily before bringing you in the bathroom putting both of you under a hot shower.

After a few minutes to cuddle under the shower, you both decided to dress up, pulling some really warm clothed so neither of you will be cold, even if Steve wasn’t sensible to cold temperature but at least you could go out in the snow.

A few minutes after, you were in front of the front door, both really excited. It has been such a long time that you wanted snow that it was difficult for you to stay calm.

“Are you ready, for the first snow of the year?” He asked you while you were putting your shoes on, and you immediately nodded as you finished to lace your shoes.

“I am ready”. You said looking at your fiancé while he put back on your scarf and beany.

As soon as you opened the front door, you were immediately in the snow. You did not wait a long time before taking a good amount of snow in your hands and threw it over your lover. This is how you both started a battle of who will have the most snow on him. The snow was falling as you were running all around the garden, trying to escape the snow that was flying in your direction. After almost half of an hour, you both stopped, tired of all of the running and without any warning, you felt a weight on you, flattening you on the snowy ground.

“Got you.” You heard Steve voice, only a few second before he kissed your pink nose.

“I let you catch me.” You smile before trying to kiss him on the mouth.

“Mmmm, I believe you.” He slowly whispered against your lips.

After a wanted kiss, you both kept playing in the cold snow until you were both too cold to play anymore.

“Let’s get inside, before you nose fall from your beautiful face.” He smiles and pitched your nose.

“Okay, let’s warm up inside.”

Missing You Ashton Imagine

You wake up to the rain trickling down on the roof and the sidewalk, the early morning light peeking through the blinds. You and Ashton are cuddled up under the flannel sheets. You roll over to look at your sleeping boyfriend. Lying there you watch him breathing peacefully while he sleeps with his hair a mess. You’re pulled from your thoughts as Ashton sighs and rolls to face you. He cracks open his sleepy eyes before pulling you closer to him. You smile, continuing to look at him. He shuts his heavy eyelids before speaking softly, “You should get some more rest, it’s not like we have anywhere to be… unless of course you like watching me sleep” he teases, revealing his deep dimples. With his comment earning no reaction from you he peeks again to see you staring at him pensively. “Hey…” he says reaching over to push your hair behind your ear “what’s going on in that pretty head?”. “Oh nothing, it’s nothing” you say brushing it off. “It’s not “nothing”, what’s wrong?“, his eyes watch you questioningly. Ashton’s thumb traces patterns on your hip, “c'mon it’s just me”. You sigh “Nothing’s wrong it’s just..” you hesitate before it all comes rushing out “..it’s just that your break is almost over and then we’re gonna have to go back to good morning texts and face timing and different time zones and sleeping alone and sending each other links to the songs we like instead of being able to play them for each other and…” the lump in your throat continues to rise as your eyes well with tears, finishing just above a whisper you manage to choke out “and I’m gonna have to go back to missing you.” You stop, taking a deep breath. You sit staring at the ceiling willing your tears to go back to where they came from as they threaten to spill over. Ashton watches you, his heart aching, and his mind understanding exactly how you feel more than you could ever know. These thoughts have been racing across his mind everyday for the past week constantly dreading his inevitable departure from you. He sits up pulling you in to his chest. Slightly more collected you tell him “So I just… I just want to try and remember all the details. I wanna remember what you look like, and smell like, and sound like, and exactly how this moment feels with you so maybe I won’t miss you as much when you’re gone.” You two lay back down with your head on Ashton’s chest. He presses a kiss to the top of your head, as you begin to doze off you hear him sigh followed by a whispering of
“Me too”


I was tagged to do the 6 selfie thing by the stunning @onotriel… I just put 6 photos of me from September-November because I haven’t taken a photo in at least a month and I’m sure we can all agree that’s for the best.

I tag… all of you. Every single one. And I want you all to tag me. I want to wake up in the morning and have 100+ notifications of your lovely faces. It keeps me going TBH

taek-danada  asked:

post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves 💜

1- I’m turning 28 in March

2- I’ve never been in a relationship ;;

3- I work as a translator

4- I’ve been trying to lose weight for 3 years or so lol

5- I don’t like changing bags / purses, I use the same bag for work / school / shopping 

6- I hate waking up early

7- I haven’t had a crush in a couple of years, and let me tell you it feels good not to worry about a crush lol 

8- I want to teach but having to work with other teachers / admins annoys me, I prefer to work with students only 

9- I don’t like sour foods

10- I can’t walk in high-heels 

Thank you for asking me ♥

Star Wars Rebels: Visions & Voices

I am getting far too frustrated with this show to really keep watching. I hate seeing potential wasted and shortcuts being taken, even though I know that the target audience, budget cuts, and time frame make it tricky (but don’t excuse everything). So here are my ideas on a few ways this ep could have been tweaked (behind the cut for spoilers):

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On their way to the grocery store, Sonny notices that Elisa fell asleep in her car seat, and starts trying to convince Rafael to turn around and go back home, because he doesn’t want to wake Elisa up while they shop. Rafael is quick to refuse though, saying, “Love, the only thing we have in the house to eat right now is canned. Do you really want to serve that to our daughter?”

Sonny grumbles, because Rafael is right, but once they get to the grocery store Sonny refuses to try and put Elisa in a cart, insisting on carrying her instead because he thinks that she’ll stay asleep better that way.

And Sonny’s right, because Elisa only wakes up a little tiny bit when Sonny pulls her into his arms once they get to the grocery store, but she quickly wraps her arms around his neck and buries her nose underneath his chin, and she’s passed out again.

Sonny’s lucky that Elisa is relatively light, because their “quick” grocery store trip ends up being an affair that takes over an hour. Rafael offers to carry Elisa some too while Sonny pushes the cart, but Sonny’s too afraid that Elisa will wake up if they switch.


I was tag by my cuties @fullofloveforeveryone​ and @mingyoose​, thank you ♥ !

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • My medication because I need to take these everyday
  • My charger because I use tumblr on my phone too much ~
  • My ipod, I can’t live without it seriously
  • A pouch with a mirror, a balm and some other things for fix my makeup during a long day
  • TicTac

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • Three plushies in my bed even if I don’t cuddle them
  • A bluetooth speaker I use with my ipod when I wake up
  • A bottle of water
  • Books
  • My clothes and my accessories, obviously

5 things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

  • Go to Japan, it'ss one of my dream since I have like 11-12yo
  • Travel a lot in general and visit as many countries as I can
  • Have my own dog (not as the dog of my family like rn)
  • learn Japanese and Korean (I have some base for the two but I no time for learn them correctly) and be able to be fluent in english
  • Find my place in this world in general, find the things who make me happy

5 things I’m currently into:

  • Kpop of course
  • Programming
  • The let’s play of The Last Guardian (this game is so beautiful)
  • Million Eyes of Loïc Nottet, this guy is so precious !
  • Hwarang, it’s been so long since the last drama I watched but I can’t wait to see this one

5 things on my to-do list:

  • Be more positive
  • Work better
  • Having a Healthier Life
  • Buy christmas presents
  • Go to the zoo of Beauval for see the Pandas before they return in China ;; (It’s been three years I plan this with my friends but we never had the time until now)

5 things people may not know about me:

  • I was a student in art before changing to computer science (don’t search a logic)
  • I lived in eight different towns until now
  • And I have frequented ten different schools since I was 3yo, my life is a mess ~
  • I was at KCON Paris this year and it was like a dream (it was my first kpop concert ever even if I listen to kpop since 2009-2010)
  • Another dream came true this year because I passed two week in South Korea this summer

I will tag (always optional of course) : @this-is-entertainment, @function-of-meu, @we-pray-for-our-sorrows-to-end, @chimchimshi, @kae-popx, @ogatalata, @minhyuku, @chenthusiastic

Christmas with you. Chapter 11

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Gif not mine

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Summary: Christmas, the time of the year when you have to go back home and see your family. Maybe it won’t be that bad this year. I mean you meet your high school crush and you finally go to a date after few years. 23 days’ till Christmas, 26 days ‘till you leave your childhood hometown. Is this just a fling or something more serious.

A/N: I’m bored pleas ask me anything. I will answer everything. It can be about my writing or about me. Anything goes. And even if I’m not bored feel free to ask me anything or come and talk to me

All you wanted was a day with Jackson, just cuddling, no Mark, no blood but that was too much. The morning started with Mark waking you up because he wanted to know if there was any free apartments close to yours. You didn’t want Mark to live that close to you so you just said no.

Later Jackson asked if you wanted to go for a walk and so you did. But when you got back… Mark tried to cook while you were gone and he accidentally cut his finger. It wasn’t a deep cut but he was freaking out. Once you stopped the bleeding you had to cook because Mark said he won’t do it and Jackson said he can’t. “Mark if you want to live on your own, you need to cook. You can’t afford to always eat  take out food.” you nagged and Mark told you that you were turning like your mother.

In the evening Mark was really driving you crazy. You were watching tv and somehow Mark got the remote and he was changing the channels all the time “Mark just pick one!” you and Jackson screamed at him “Jackson, this is your house kick him out.” you whispered but Jackson just shook his head “He has no place to go.” he said. You got up from your seat and headed back home.

All the lights were off and you just thought that everyone was asleep so you just went to your room and tried to sleep. You woke up at 23.30. You heard strange noise from your parents room. It sounded like your worst nightmare. You tried to cover your ears with a pillow but that couldn’t block the sound. Soon enough your front door slammed shut “Jiyoung!” you heard your father yell. He just got in… “Wait if dad just got in who the hell…” your thoughts were interrupted by a lot of yelling between your uncle, mother and father. It was like someone made your worst nightmare into reality. You took your phone and your headphones and turned music on and the volume as loud as you could. Your family was fucked up.