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I'm glad you're feeling better! "Y/N come back to bed I'm cold...." Luke xxx

Thank you sweetie

“Y/N, come back to bed, I’m cold.” Luke mumbled sleepily from in his bed, his covers pulled up to his chin and his eyes dropping still. Your boyfriend still looked a picture even after just waking up and it shocked you sometimes.

“Baby, you know I have to go. I had a day off work last week I can’t miss it again.” You said, sitting on the bed as you tied your shoe laces. Of course you wish you could stay with your gorgeous boyfriend; the last thing you want this week was spending 8 hours with colleagues you hated and a boss you hated even more. The bed shifted behind you as Luke crawled over to you, his bare chest pressing to your back, his arms moving around your waist and his legs hanging either side of you.

“Y/N, you work so hard though. They give you so much to do and as a reward they give you even more, I don’t see why you’re still at the stupid job but I know I’d much rather see you laying here with me until some stupid time in the afternoon.” His voice was still full of sleep and the husky tone almost made you melt against him as he pressed a few light kissing to the side of your neck and pulled you closer to him.

“I’d love to stay baby, but if I do then its gonna make my job harder than it already is and I can’t deal with the extra stress right now.” You sighed, your head hanging down sadly as you rubbed over your eyes. Luke breathed against you before pushing you up and twisting you so you could straddle him comfortably.

After seating on top of him, your eyes stayed downcast as thoughts of your terrible job ran through your mind.

“Hey.” Luke said softly, trying to grab your attention and lifting your head with his finger. You met his gaze and almost felt yourself relaxing as you stared into his distracting blue eyes. “You have a shit job, and a shit job and even shittier colleagues. But that’s only one thing you have to worry about. And I know that if you ended up quitting you would find a much better job even quicker because of how amazing you are. Anyone would be stupid not to have you. But, I know you don’t want to quit just yet because you’re worried. So how about, if i really can’t make you stay now, that when you get home, I’ll have a bath run for us, I’ll rent a few movies that are probably really shit so we can just make out instead, and I’ll order us a pizza and we can just have an amazing night together. Plus, if it goes even worse I’ll give you a massage.”

The smile on your face was too big to deny and you giggled at your cheesy boyfriend, who had a shy smile on his face as well. “Make the pizza a Chinese and you have a deal.” You giggled, moving your arms around his neck and leaning your forehead against his.

“Gotcha, baby.” He agreed, leaning in to kiss you softly. “Now go to work and whenever something goes wrong, just think about how amazing your boyfriend is and what a fabulous night he has planned for you.” He joked.

You laughed and nodded in acceptance, pressing one more kiss to his soft lips before regretfully climbing off him and grabbing your purse.

“I’ll be sure to do that, Lu. I love you.” You said as you started leaving.

“Love you too!”

Taking my daughter to see Jurassic World in a few minutes but… I’ve gotta be honest… I really wanna stay home and write more Firefly crossover fic (Chris Pratt in 3-D is a good consolation prize, though). 

I have ideas guys. God damn it, I hope this doesn’t blow up into a whole plotty fanfic. I don’t have the time for that. 

(But I 100% want to write angsty UST with Olicity having to share a bed because that trope is fantastic and it’s been a damned long time since I’ve written it)

How do your pups react to fireworks? Beebs has a date with the underneath of my bed tonight. No matter what calming treats we try…Benedryl, Xanax, or even putting her on top of the bed to be cuddled…she still wants underneath the bed until it’s all over. Stache also hates fireworks and demands to be loved on while it’s happening. We’re not sure on how Jax will react yet, but earlier when they were outside going potty someone let one off early and Stache & him came running back inside, so I have a feeling he’s not gonna be a fan either. We’re staying in with the pups tonight since they get so stressed. If your pup doesn’t like the noises please keep them inside & safe!

Jealous: Part II

“Or you can just move into my room.” I smiled up at Sam, whose hair had fallen into his face as he picked up one of my boxes.
“You’re already half moved in, Y/N.” He pressed his lips to my forehead before taking the box down the hall.
Sam and I had been together for six months now. I had always been worried that things might get a little weird, since we already lived together, but we had decided to keep our separate rooms until now, only staying in each other’s rooms a few nights a week. My relationship with Sam was everything I had ever wanted and more, nothing had changed except for the fact that I could act on wanting to lean over and kiss him, and hug him from behind when he was reading or on his laptop, and I could tell him that I loved him and have him know what I really meant.
I picked up my pillows off of my bed and carried them over into Sam’s room. “Sammy, I might need help, these are so heavy.” I pouted jokingly at him. He smiled walking over to me, taking the pillows from my arms.
“I’ve gotcha.” He grinned, wrapping his other arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.
“My hero, how will I ever repay you?”
“You can repay me by not being so damn disgusting and cutesy, and turning my brother back into a girly man he was.” Dean said, walking past the open door.
“Don’t mind him.” Sam leaned down, and pressed his mouth to mine. This kiss sent shivers down my spine, all of the nerves in my body now on end.
“YOU TWO NEED TO GET OUT HERE.” Dean shouted from the library.
Sam tossed my pillows onto his bed and grabbed me by the hand, dragging me out into the hallway behind him. When we got the library, Dean had Sammy’s laptop open, and had a video playing with the volume turned all of the way up.
*This is the third body that we’ve found in the last week, the skin completely missing. It’s been sent to the lab, like the other two, for the police to identify.*
“What is that?” I asked, stepping forward to get a better look at the screen.
“Three bodies found completely skinless in Oregon in less than a week. I don’t know about you guys, but this sounds like something up our alley.”
I looked from the computer, to Dean, then to Sam. “I have never heard of anything that does this.”
“Well, you guys can start the research, and I’m going to do some shopping. You guys want anything?” Dean asked, picking his car keys up off of the table.
“Coffee, two cranberry redbulls, and one of those caffeine chocolate bars with the cute little owl on it.” Sam looked at me, eyebrow cocked.
“Make that two redbulls and a few regular chocolate bars, I’ll cook some real food.” He told Dean. I glared at him playfully and pouted. He made his way over to me, wrapping his long arms around my body. “I don’t want you to overdose on the caffeine.” Sam pressed his lips to my forehead before disappearing towards the kitchen.
I walked around the library, pulling books off of the shelves, and curled up in front of my laptop. After flipping open a notepad, I got started on my research.

After what seemed like hours of the three of us sitting in silence, one of us occasionally making runs to the kitchen for refills on coffee, beer, or snacks, Dean’s voice finally broke the silence. “What time is it?” He asked, standing to stretch his legs.
“3:49.” I answered, not breaking eye contact with the screen. I had somehow found my way to some Japanese monster database and things were getting very interesting.
“Already? How long have we been working on this?”
“15 hours, since you’re up would you mind bringing me more coffee?” Dean grabbed Sam’s cup and walked across the library.    
“I think I found something.” I said aloud, my eyes still scanning over the article.
“What is it?” Sam bolted up from his chair to stand behind me, reading the article over my shoulder.
“She’s called a Nikusui. She’s a Japanese monster that looks like a young girl, and she eats human flesh.”
“Well that’s disgusting.” Dean said, as he reentered the room. “How do we gank this bitch?”
“It says that we have to show her the bones of one of her victims, and she turns to dust.” Sam read out loud.
“That’s going to be difficult, and gross.” I said shutting my laptop.
“We’ll figure it out on the way, in the meantime, we all need to get some shut eye. We roll out in about four and a half hours.” Dean ordered, before turning and heading to his room.
Sam lifted me in his strong arms, and carried me to his, now our, bedroom. Very gently, he set me down on the bed, walked over to his closet, and tossed one of his plane grey t-shits at me. He stripped down to his boxers, while I removed all of my clothing except my panties, and slide his large shirt over my head. Sam shut off the lights and got into the bed with me, pulling the covers over us, and me closer to him.
“Try and get some sleep Y/N, you’ve worked very hard today.” He placed a light kiss on my forehead.
In return, I pressed my mouth fully against his, put my head on his shoulder, and said, “Goodnight Sam, I love you.”
“I love you.” I closed my eyes, not realizing how sleepy I actually was until this moment, and sank into the darkness.

“This is seriously gross,” I peered over at the skinless body laying out on the silver table. “In all of my time, I have never had to remove bones from a body.”
“Good thing you’re not, Sammy is, now get your butt back over to that door and keep watch.”
I rolled my eyes at Dean and walked back over to the door, looking down the hallway to make sure that the coast stayed clear. After what seemed like far too long, the boys came out with a bag full of bones.
“Okay, now let’s find this freaky bitch and end this.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t get so close to her Dean, she might look like one of the girls from your porn stash.” I laughed.
“She does have a point.” Sam said, a smile on his lips.
“Ha ha, very funny guys.” He hitched the bag up onto his shoulder and kept walking, Sam and I following suit.
We didn’t know exactly where she was going to hit, so we had just been circling where she had attacked before. It’d felt like we’d been driving around for hours, before out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. “Dean, stop.” I nearly yelled, pointing out of the window on Sam’s side.
There was a girl walking around, aimlessly it seemed. She was hunched over, her dark hair falling into her face, slowing trudging forward.
“So what’s the plan? It’d seem a bit easy to just walk over there and flash her with the bones.” I asked, looking back and forth between the boys.
“Not going to be so easy,” Sam said, unbuckling himself, “Looks like she’s going to be a little distracted.” Sam bolted from the car, I looked at what he was running towards. The Nikusui was gaining pace, towards a couple that was walking down the street, holding hands, and looking up at the sky.
“Come on.” Dean jumped out of the car next, I had to fight with the seat to get out. “SAM, STOP!” He grabbed the bag of bones, and I reached for the metal pipe in the back seat and we both shot after Sammy, who was running and screaming towards the monster, and the couple who were looking at him, and the monster, and scared frozen.
I almost couldn’t believe what had happened next. The Nikusui jumped Sam, who was completely weaponless, and tackled him to the ground. I pushed harder as I ran towards them, Dean now behind me, Sam choking the monster.
I smashed the pipe into her head, knocking her off of Sam, then grabbed a fist full of her hair, and shoved her head towards Dean. “Do it, show them to her.”
He opened the bag and spilled the bones onto the ground in front of her. She screamed and started to turn to ash, I could feel her hair crumbling in my hand. Sam got up off of the ground and came to wrap his arms around me, pulling me to him tightly.
“Okay, okay, that’s enough. Let’s get home.” Dean said, tossing the bag onto the ground, and making his way back to the car. I pressed my mouth to Sam’s before grabbing his hand and following his brother.

“This is the last one.” Sam walked into the room with my last box, kicking the door shut behind him, and placing it on the floor in the corner.
“Thank you.” I smiled up at him. I was sitting cross legged on the bed, fresh out of the shower after the long drive, only in underwear and a baggy t-shirt. Sam crossed over to the bed and stretched across it, pulling me into him, wrapping his arms around me.
“So this is real, huh?” He asked, looking down at me.
I pinched him lightly, and then kissed his jaw. “Yes, very real.”
“And to think, a little over six months ago we weren’t even together. I’m so happy that you’re here with me.” Sam brushed his fingers across my cheeks.
“Six months can be a long time for people like us.” Time was never guaranteed for hunters, especially the Winchesters and anyone close to them.
“It really is. You know, with us time isn’t promised, and we don’t know if we’re going to make it past tomorrow, but whether I don’t make it past next month, or I live for the next fifty years, I want to be able to say that I got to spend every minute from here until the end, knowing that you were mine.” He was staring into my eyes, his face serious.
“I’ll always be yours, Sammy, always have been.” I tried to reassure him.
“I know how dangerous it is, but, it can’t be any worse than what we’ve got going for us now. Y/N, will you marry me?”
My pulse quickened in my veins as my heartbeat sped up, my entire body tingled. I pulled his mouth to mine, kissing him hard. “Yes, Sammy. Yes, yes.” I said in between kisses.      

It’s 630 pm I may as well take my clothes off and get in bed I’m not doing anything tonight I don’t want to go out loud noises scare me and I have to protect my kitten tonight I don’t want her worried and man I really just wish someone was here with me; all the time I wish I was being kissed and held and touched because it’s been a long time since I’ve had that and I’m starting to get rusty within my loneliness

i mean luis was always the one telling tony to stay off the drugs, stop taking the pills, lay off that shit man, luis was always the one picking him up off his feet and dragging him out of bed when he didn’t want to get up, when he’d rather stay in and sleep his problems away, luis was always the one telling him to take it easy, get some rest, go to bed you’ll feel better later

tony would be a wreck w/o him lol

Columbia is first U.S. university to divest from prisons - CNN.com
Columbia University has become the first university in the United States to divest from private prison companies, following a student activist campaign.
By Wilfred Chan, CNN

Alex Friedmann, the managing editor of Prison Legal News, a project of the nonprofit Human Rights Defense Center, predicted the divestment would have little to no effect on companies’ stock price or operations.

“I don’t see divestment campaigns making a big dent,” he told CNN. “They serve more as public education on private prisons, organizing tools, or as social commentary on what people believe is acceptable to be investing in.

"As long as prison companies have the bed space the government needs and wants, they will most likely stay in business.”

ppl always talk abt pining!harry but what about pining!louis tbh like louis thinking that harry is THE ONE until harry brings home a girl and he can hear them going at it all fucking night, and then it hits him that harry’s just the same with nick as he is with louis, and with that bloke at the bar last friday, and a girl the night before, and harry says they’d never said, never made it official, and louis thought all the ‘i love you so much’ and louis never sleeping in his own bed and harry wearing his clothes made it pretty clear, but harry doesn’t want that, he loves louis but he wants to be ‘young and free’ or whatever he said, so louis backs off but he’s always hoping, on the (very) rare occasion that harry sneaks into his hotel room on tour that it’ll finally be the time when he says he’s staying for good. it never is, but louis will take anything he can get

Aries - Kids learn to swim by being thrown into the water and having to fight to save themselves. Baby birds get pushed from the nest and either have to learn to fly or that’s the end of them. I think you need to be pushed from the nest and find out if your wings work or not.

Taurus - We all spend so much of our youth angry at the world because they don’t remember what it felt like to be a teenager. When you constantly run into “most wanted” posters with your face in the middle and your eyes blur when you read that you’re wanted dead or alive.

Gemini - It’s nice to have found a distance between myself and the heavy sadness. Happiness weighs a lot less so it’s easier to forklift myself out of this bed in the morning.

Cancer - If you look around, I mean really look around, you’ll see two distinct sides forming. Your reasons to stay are diminishing and your threats to leave are growing. This town doesn’t seem so big anymore, does it?

Leo - Remember last summer when you hardly slept and you didn’t seem to mind? You couldn’t decide if you loved the moon or the sun more but you knew that you’d stay awake long enough to say hello and goodbye to them both.

Virgo - Dangerous goes hand and hand with self-destructive behavior when you’re growing up. I stumbled into houses in flames to save the boy trapped inside, and we were both coughing up ash. But when I found the boy who was wearing soot like warpaint, I left and decided to turn my lungs into a trick of the light, more smoke than flesh.

Libra - You always stay an enigma to us all and that’s why I continue writing poems about your disappearing acts.

Scorpio - These next nine months are going to fly by and I hope you stop and take the time to look around. You grew up here. You can hate it all you want but you wouldn’t be who you are today without it. And I know you’re finally happy with who you are. 

Sagittarius - When you were younger, you were royalty, you were a hero, you were the villain. As you grew up, you decided you wanted to be all of the above, all at once.

Capricorn - Maybe one of these days we’ll both learn how to stop being so stubborn and that keeping our guard up only makes us miss out.

Aquarius - I can’t find an in-between for you. I wish you’d see that this doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Let’s learn about compromises together.

Pisces - Please stop allowing yourself to feel so small. There’s a whole world inside of you. Don’t pretend that it doesn’t exist.

—  poetry for the signs, a.l.
  • Dad:that's because you're too damn lazy to get a job
  • Me:
  • Dad:
  • Me:
  • Dad:
  • Me:
  • Dad:
  • Me:i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now