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I'm watching TSoT and something is really playing on my mind... When Mary tells to John to take Sherlock on a case and we get the horns shot... Well I'm thinking why was she so desperate to get them out on a case then? So she was left in 221b alone. What do you think she was doing? She didn't just get on with wedding planning clearly... But like I just wonder what exactly she wanted to do... Any ideas?

Hi Nonny!

I actually discuss this a little bit in my All About David meta… I thought Mary was WAY WAY WAY too happy to get Sherlock and John out together… but holy shit, you did make me suddenly realize something… DID she stay at 221B??? Huh, that actually just clicked to me.

Oh God, what if… she had David over… on Sherlock’s bed.  Ew I just grossed myself out. DELETE ERASE.

ANYWAY. I think she was either looking to go cheat on John or spy on Sherlock. She had free reign of the flat all to herself… Hmmm. Putting up spy cameras around the flat? Maybe she found Sherlock’s “file” on John, and that’s why she’s so cruel to Sherlock at the wedding….

Hmm. Any thoughts, anyone?


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“Anything you need, anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask. I promise you that I will never let them take you from me again. Now, get some sleep, Lady (Y/N). I’ll wake you in a few hours.”

Just as the god was about to leave, (Y/N) grabbed his hand, “Thor, will you stay with me? I really don’t want to be alone right now.”

“Of course.” he gently got into the bed beside her and she rested her head on his chest as she got comfortable, her eyes closing as she willed herself to go to sleep. Thor smiled softly, pressing a soft kiss to her forehead before he fell asleep too.

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Hi! I'm soo in love with your blog, you're awesome ~ uhh, I'm a little shy to ask something, but can you (pretty please) make some sleeping headcannons for Chuuya?

Thank you so much dear ♥ and don’t worry about being shy, I won’t bite (unless you want me - jk)

Chuuya Nakahara

- Chuuya is a light-sleeper. Since he is a mafia executive, he is used to stay up early and alerted 24/7. That makes him shift in his bed often because he can’t fully relax

- he is a big cuddler. When he lays in bed with his s/o, he instantly pulles them close and holding them protective in his arms. His grip isn’t too tight but not to loose either. He loves to fall asleep next to them and wake up to see them as first thing in the morning

- he don’t snores - but he is a sleep talker. Ranting over Dazai in his sleep are common and sometimes he even says cute things. I could imagine he stuttering a confession in his sleep and being totally embarassed the morning after

- he small glass of his favorite wine is a must before he head to sleep. He isn’t drunk or wasted but the wine calms him down for night and he is able to fall asleep easier

- he is a complete mess in the morning. before he got a coffee he is not working at all. So wake up before him and make him some coffee before he wakes up!

Imagine// Period Sex [Corey]

A/N: read at your own risk.

It was that time of month again, but it usually sucks. Corey and I have done it a couple of times so it’s good to know I’m not pregnant. But usually during my period I get extra hormonal, which is no help. I usually tell Corey not to text me or talk to me during this time because it’ll only make me want him more. Time spent away from each other totally makes the sex hotter when we reunite.
I was cuddled in my bed in a fetal position trying to comfort myself because of the cramps. But nothing helped, it felt like little monsters clawing at my uterus lining and my internal organs. I didn’t want to move at all, I was completely fine just staying in this position all day. I heard my front door open and slam shut, but didn’t bother leaving this position. My door flew open and there was a teddy bear, brown bag, and my boyfriend, Corey. I could feel all my hormones begin to rush throughout my body, my blood began to heat up just a bit, and I grew a little anxious with him near.
“I thought I told you not to come around,” I say trying to hide myself underneath my bed covers.
“My girlfriend not wanting to talk to me for a week, I had to see her,” he says as he places the items on the corner of my bed. “Corey you don’t understand,” I say.
“Understand what?” he asks.
“How much I want you right this moment, but it can’t.”
“What’s holding us back?” he asks.
“It’s that time of month Corey, I don’t think we should.” I say.
“It’s never stopped us before,” he says.
“Corey, we’ve never done it before,” I say.
“We’ve done it multiple times,” he says.
“Sex? While on my period?” I say.
“We’ve had sex multiple times, what’s a little blood going to do?” he says.
I was feeling a bit nervous, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do this. “What if I get blood on you?”
“Don’t worry about it, we can always do it in the shower,” he says with a smirk.
“Okay, but let me go in first, you can come in whenever.” I say.
I got in the shower with my nerves probably through the roof, I don’t know how I feel about this. Disgusting, that’s how I feel about this. I disposed of my tampon and got into the shower to clean off the clumps of blood that might still be on my mound. I heard the door open and the glass shower door slid open, I froze in my tracks immediately regretting to agree to this. That boy is just so persuasive.
I took a glance over my shoulder and he was bare naked as well. The warm water from the shower head was pounding against my bare skin. Corey grabbed my wet hair and pushed it so that it was over my right shoulder. His lips pressed against left shoulder, “Corey– I don’t know about this,” I say nervously.
“You’ll be fine, just relax babe,” he says and continues to kiss my shoulder leading a trail to my neck. His arms snaked around my waist, pressing me against his chest. We stood there, warm water falling down on us. He finally turned me around so that I was facing him. He stood there, looking down at me, and I looked up at him. His eyes were observant. His hand reached up to hold my face so that I was looking at him. His hair was wet and dripping, it wasn’t the same as his “hat hair”.
Without even noticing, he had already inserted his length in me. I felt myself leaking and immediately apologized, “I’m sorry Corey,” he placed his finger over my lips telling me to stay quiet. His thrusts were short but impacted. His length went in and out of my mound causing me to leak a little more every time. He finally came out and washed his erection. I looked down and saw it was covered in blood. His hand ran over it to get rid of the blood and it was finally clean again. “Seriously Corey, we can do something else.” I say.
“I’m just getting started,” he says with a wink at the end.
He turned me around and inched me closer to wall, my hands pressed firmly against the wall, as did his. His length came in from the back, something we’ve never done before. I felt it hard inside of me, but this time I didn’t feel myself leaking. It was the same kind of feeling I get when we have sex. I felt his torso moving in a body roll motion as his length thrusted in and out of me. I could feel him deep inside causing me to breathily moan. The water still running down on us, the sound of his wet skin clapping against mine filled the room. My voice began to become shaky as every thrust grew a little harder. He was finally reaching his climax but pulled out immediately. Letting his cum fly into the shower wall. He looked down at me and kissed my forehead.
“Let’s get you cleaned up,” he says reaching for my shampoo bottle.
He ran his hands through my hair and massaged my scalp as he washed out the shampoo. “Now go get dressed while I clean up the mess I made.” he says opening the shower door for me. I grabbed a towel and walked out. I changed into a new set of sweats and a shirt. I laid on my bed and felt something I haven’t felt all week, I felt no cramps. I held onto my stomach trying to find a source of pain, but there was none. Corey walked into my room, towel wrapped around his waist, and he was scratching the back of his head.
“How’re you feeling babe?” He asks.
“Not in pain for the first time this week,” I say.
“Who said that you can’t have sex for a week a month? We just made it possible,” he winks at me and gives me that flashy smile of his.
“Why are you so darn attractive!? I don’t get it!” I say smashing my face against a pillow.
I felt him flop next to me on my bed, “I don’t know actually, why are you so darn cute?”
He pulled me in against his chest to cuddle and we fell asleep.

Stubborn 👅

Warning: Smut, swearing?
Words: 1296

I’ll probably just be posting smut from my wattpad - https://www.wattpad.com/user/dylanobrienyo

(This is all written from Dylan’s p.o.v)

I was now staying in our apartment we’d bought for when we wanted to get away from the city for a while. I couldn’t stand to stay in the house we’d shared as everything in it reminded me of her. Not that the apartment didn’t, it was just less her than the house was.

Every morning starts the same way now that i’m on hiatus. I turn to see the empty space next to me in the bed. I tear up flashing back to the words that were thrown around and the reason she left. I pour myself a glass of whatever liquor I can find, smoke a cigarette. Then I start my day.

I heard the front door being unlocked. The only other person who knew about this apartment was Tyler so I didn’t bother to get up to see who it was. I heard him moving around in the kitchen, fucking Posey, always going through my cupboards. I start to make my way inside since he was going to be a while in there.

“What the fuck? This should be off by now.”

That voice. What was she doing here. I near sprinted into the kitchen to see her, her back facing me, holding a bottle of milk up to her nose.

“Y/N?” my voice cracking as her name left my mouth. Her head shot up, the milk slipping from her hold spilling across the floor.

She turned around to face me, god I missed that face. “What are you doing here?” she asked, her voice shaky.

“I couldn’t stay in the house, where have you been staying?” I asked.

“I was away filming, remember? Why couldn’t you stay in the house?”

“Everything reminded me of you too much in the house.”

She nodded turning around snatching the paper towels off the counter to wipe up the milk.

“Oh I got it,” I said reaching for the paper towels in her hands, “Just sit, I’ll clean it.”

“Dylan, you don’t have t..” she trailed off seeing I’d already crouched down cleaning.

She huffed out a sigh and took a seat on one of the stools, resting her arms on the counter. When i’d finished cleaning I stood on the other side of the counter facing her. Neither of us said a word for what seemed like forever until she looked over my shoulder, noticing the nearly empty bottle of bourbon next to a half a pack of cigarettes. “You’re smoking again? And you’re dr-drinking in the morning now?”

“Oh um y-yeah”

“What happened?” she asked.

“Did you seriously just ask me that?” I snorted. The look on her face said she didn’t know where I was going with this. “We broke up, that’s what happened. You left.”

“You told me to leave so I did.”

“We both said heaps of shit that night.”

“Yes, and you told me to leave,” she replied stubbornly. I hated how stubborn she got when she was shitty.

“You told me to do a few things too but I didn’t do them.”

“Yeah and you told me to le..”

“Stop being so stubborn and talk to me Y/N!” I shouted cutting her off.

“Oh, i’m stubborn am I?” she scoffed.

“Oh don’t act like that, you know you are.”

“I don’t have to listen to this, i’m not yours to push around anymore.”

“When did I ever push you around?” I asked.

“Well..” she began.


She stood up reaching for her bag and walking towards the door.

I grabbed onto her arm pulling her around to face me, she looked up at me as I smashed my lips against hers. She stood there, not pushing me away but also not kissing me back, she just stood there. I pulled back laughing.


“You’re so stubborn, kiss me back.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Push me away then,” I whispered, my lips gently grazing hers.

“I don’t want to.” she mumbled dropping her head. I placed my fingers under her chin lifting her face up to mine.

“Let me kiss you then.” A smile found it’s way onto her face and quickly faded as she pushed me away.

“You can’t just kiss me and expect us to be fine.” she shouted, her voice cracking.

“I’m sorry about everything I said that night. Telling you to leave was the biggest mistake i’ve ever made, i’m so sor..” I was cut off by her lips pressing against mine, immediately I kissed back and I could feel her smiling. I pulled back, leaving little to no room between us lightly laughing.

“I’m sorry too. I was being stubborn when I left that night and when i’d got over myself I thought it was too late to come back.”

I grabbed her face pulling her up to me, “Better late than never” I winked, pressing my lips to hers. We continued to kiss for what felt like hours, I swear I could kiss her all day and never get sick of it.

She stood up pulling me into the bedroom we’d once shared. I wrapped my arms around the backs of her thighs pulling her up, hooking her legs around my waist. Her arms instinctively found their way around my neck as she continued to kiss me. I backed her up against the dresser, sitting her on top as I ran my tongue across her bottom lip begging for entrance. She opened her mouth letting me slip my tongue into her mouth, sliding my tongue over hers. We pulled back for air then I moved my mouth down to kiss on her neck.

“Dyl, fuck me already,” she moaned out. I smirked against her neck lifting her again and carrying her over to the bed. She sat up undressing herself until she was fully naked. “Stop staring and take off your clothes” she grinned.

I stripped faster than i’ve ever done anything in my life then crawled up her, my face hovering above hers when she asked the question i’d been dreading.

“Did you sleep with anyone while I was gone?”

“Once. It was just to get my mind off things but it made everything so much worse.”

She reached up cupping my face in her hands, pressing a soft kiss on my lips, “I did, twice, same person, same night, so I guess it was only once, I was so drunk though.”

“Baby you’re rambling” I laughed “It’s ok, i’m just glad you’re back my girl,” she blushed at the name pulling me down on top of her. I stroked myself a few times before slowly pushing into her. After letting her adjust to the feeling of me inside her I started to slowly roll my hips eliciting a long moan from her.

“Faster Dyl” she breathed out. Following her orders I sped up, moans spilling from our mouths. Minutes later I found myself unable to keep up with my rhythm, beginning to lose myself in her.

She let out one last loud moan, almost a scream as she came around me which brought me to my orgasm straight away. I spilled into her falling limp on top of her, sloppily placing kisses on every bit of skin I could get to on her.

“I love you so much, Y/N, I’m never letting you go again,” I pulled her into a kiss, “Ever.”

“Can we go back to the house? Not right now though, i’m so tired.”

“I’ve hated staying here, I missed you, I missed our house.”

“So are we ok?” she asked rolling me off of her and snuggling up to my side.

“Of course we are,” I mumbled sleepily pulling her closer nuzzling my head into her neck.

Omg so after @ylime94 went offline last night and haha I should have too cos we’re in the same time zone and that was so bed time haha I did exactly what I thought I’d do when she started reading and stayed up writing but omg

My poor beta that was like the worst spamming I’ve done so far haha the scene I wrote omg right @lizziebennetinjapan

I kind of want to show some screen caps of my incoherent freaked out messages to her cos haha omfg they’re so funny now I’ve calmed down cos it was like after 1or 2am and I was so caught up in the scene I was writing but also haha they’re indecent and embarrassing hahaha omg

That’s probs the most intense smut scene I have ever written and just damn CTS is killing me omg I need to get another test reader on this story. One who knows nothing but what’s on tumblr that I haven’t talked to about it cos I did say some stuff to @ylime94 at pathfinder. Hmmmmm @frankenstitch you keen? (I’m so bad at sharing my wip around like omg someone stop me lol)

When you fight and fight and fight and fight and fight and even trying to make up leads to more fighting… Eventually you just snap.

I packed a suitcase and my bedding. I may only be gone for a few days, but it is a break that I need. I may be staying somewhere other than my apartment tonight, but I need to feel something. You may think I didn’t try hard enough, but I gave this everything I had. There are three sides to every story: her side, my side, and the truth. We both have exaggerated a little to the people on our sides, I’m sure. We want them to validate our feelings and accept our narrative. But in the end, we’re both to blame for this. I pushed too hard. She retreated too much. And here we are. No compromising. Either I give her what she needs or it’s over.

It already feels over.

And as much as it hurts… Maybe that is what we both need.

I loved her. I love her. So much. But maybe that song is right. Maybe sometimes love ain’t enough.

NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Lay In Bed For 70 Straight Days

Ever wished you could get paid to hang out in bed all day? Of course you have! For a few lucky candidates, that’s going to become a reality. And you’ll be employed by NASA. So in a way, you’ll be able to live the dream of being an astronaut like you’ve always wanted…

NASA is currently on the lookout for people to participate in their “Bed Rest Studies”, in which participants will have to stay in bed for 70 days straight. Do you have what it takes to lie in bed all day and do nothing? I sure hope so. 

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I wanted you to stay . And I think you wanted to stay too. But something wasn’t right. Maybe it was the timing. Or fate just pulling us apart. Maybe it was because I didn’t trust people and you thought I’d never trust you. But you left that Sunday morning. I don’t know which felt emptier the bed without you in it or my heart.
—  I never trusted anyone after you
How I imagine Rhys when Feyre is pregnant:
  • Feyre:*vomiting in toilet*
  • Rhys:*holding her hair and rubbing her back* You know, this reminds me of when you first came to Velaris and I sat with you after your nightmare. It's kind of romantic when you think about it.
  • Feyre:Romantic? *gags* You and I have very different ideas of what constitutes as romantic. This is like when you said you fell in love with me cause I reminded you of Cassian. Do you want to sleep on the couch tonight?
  • Rhys:It's romantic smart ass *flicks her nose*, because it was the first night you let me comfort you without pushing me away.
  • Feyre:*catches breath* Oh, you're staying in the bed tonight.
  • Rhys:*smirks* I know, darling.

“Cold beer, leftover pie, safest place against demons and other miscellaneous crap?” you asked, stabbing your last bite of pie onto your fork. “This place is kind of amazing.”

“You have no idea,” Sam said with a smile. “You should see the some of the titles in the library. I mean, things you would never be able to find anywhere else. I was looking through a few on my own time a couple weeks back and some of the art alone would be enough to…” He trailed off, looking between you and Dean with a small, contrite laugh.

“Am I babbling?” he asked.

“Little bit,” Dean replied. Sam nodded, grinning down at his empty plate before standing.

“Right. Well, I’m off to bed anyway,” he said, taking your plate from you as he passed by. “Y/N, feel free to stay the night if you don’t want to grab a hotel back in town. We definitely have the room.”

“And you can show me the library in the morning,” you added. He nodded, pleased, and headed out, leaving you and Dean alone. You watched him a moment in the quiet of the small kitchen. He used his thumb to push his last bite of pie onto his fork, then looked up to you, feeling your eyes on him.

“So what’s your story?” you asked. He chewed, swallowed, licked the crumbs from his thumb, and gave you a shrug.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we’ve worked together a few times now. You’re a hunter, got your brother, got this place. You like pie,” you added, watching with some amusement as he served himself another slice.

“Love me some pie,” he said with a grin. You put your chin in your hand and waited. “I don’t know. My story? I guess I’m just trying not to die.”

“Then you seem to be doing pretty well so far,” you said, earning a sudden, barking laugh from him like you’d told a joke. He shook his head and smiled.

“Did it today with your help,” he said, meeting your eye and holding it. And those few extra seconds of eye contact put a new, exciting twist in your stomach; a realization that for the first time since you’d met, it was just the two of you. You waved off his thanks with a shake of your head. 

“It wasn’t a big deal.”

“Yeah, alright,” Dean said, eyes softening some. “You keep telling yourself it wasn’t a badass move.” You laughed quietly and pushed your chair out, standing and stretching your arms in front of you.

“I better get to bed before you keep complimenting me,” you said. 

“Down the hall and to your left, pick any room,” he replied. You nodded and started for the door, but his voice stopped you, saying your name once, soft.

“I know hunters are kind of loners by nature. We have a tendency to just take off in the middle of the night,” he started. You waited, hand on the door jamb. Dean looked down at his pie for a moment, cleared his throat, and forced his eyes back to you.

“Just…maybe you could stick around for a little longer. Even just a day,” he said. Your cheeks flushed with his words, with the meaning behind them, and you gave him a small nod, letting yourself sink into the way his eyes felt on you.

“I’ve got nowhere better to be,” you said.


Imagine Getting Invited Back to the Bunker By Sam and Dean After Working a Few Cases With Them, and Dean Beginning to Fall For You

More gif imagines! (links being updated)

I remember when I was love sick. You block out everyone. You feel so tired, because you haven’t slept in forever. You know he’ll be in your dreams but you don’t want to stay awake laying in your bed crying either. You’re starving, but you can’t eat because you’re starving for him and every memory just leaves you with a bigger hole in your heart. Even your clothes reminds you of him, what you wore when you hung out. You can still smell them all over him, even though his scent hasn’t been there for long. You wish his scent would be stuck on you, but you know you’d be pulling at your skin trying to get him off you. You’re online, he signs on, and you want to scream at him to go away, but you just watch the screen waiting for him to say anything, but then he signs off, and you tear yourself apart for not saying anything to him. You stop talking to your friends, and they get worried and try comforting you, but they just make you feel worse because they think they know, but they don’t have a damn clue.

D'you ever just want to hug someone so bad it physically hurts you that you can’t

morpheus: You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
dog: what about the grey pills what do they do woof woof
morpheus: ..what
dog: woof woof

BTS Reaction #57

BTS’ reaction when you’re pregnant and clingy.


*starts giggling at how cute you’re being*

*whips out his pink phone* “hELp 911, SOmE STranGEr iS FOllOWinG Me!!!” 

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“Babe, you’re pregnant, you should rest more. If you want to cuddle all day, then let’s just stay in one place.” *plops into his bed* 

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*always prepared to help you and his future son*

“If you’re going to follow me all the time” *whips out some dumplings from this morning* “then you might as well eat! Our baby must be very hungry~”

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*all shy and giddy over how adorable you’re being*

“Ah… if you REALLY want to, you can come to the studio with me. I wanted you to listen to some of my work anyways!”

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“I’ve never seen you this affectionate, awwww come here babe” *pampers you with kisses and hugs*

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*secretly wants to go out and play* “I’ll take today off just for you then honey~ Where does our little peanut want to go? The park? Around the neighborhood?”

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“Awwww you’re so cute, it’s like a little puppy is following me~ HERE HUG ME ALL YOU WANT!!!” *holds his arms out waiting for you*

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