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Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: “Hey! Can you write a JeffxReader? Where the reader is Clay sister (and have a secret crush on Jeff), someday she was going to sleep in Hanna’s house, but for some reason she didn’t stay to sleep and when she go home she find Jeff slepping in her bed. You can choose how it ends. Thank you! :D”

Words: 1.247

A/N: I am happy that I received a Jeff imagine! Although I didn’t want to leave Hannah alone, because I can imagine the reader being on the tapes after because of it. Yup, I am a little bit paranoid. Sorry. Anyways, I hope you like it and I would be grateful if you send other requests!
Thank you.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour.

“Oh my God, you seriously like Jeff Atkins?” Hannah exclaimed excitedly and energetically as she knew the secret you’ve been keeping for years.

“Who wouldn’t like him?” You stated as if it was normal to like Jeff. Well, he was good looking, kind and funny. He had the characteristics you were looking for a boy and you knew that he was the one when you met him.

“Aw, I hope he likes you back.” Hannah honestly said as she played with your (Y/H/C) hair while you both sat on her comfortable double bed. You decided to have a sleepover because it has been awhile since you last spent time together. She was one of your close friends and you loved her presence.

“Well, he’s older than me and I am out of his league.” You shrugged your shoulders as you felt a little bit down for what you’ve just said.

“Oh, cut it off! You are beautiful, intelligent and sweet, it is impossible to not fall in love with you.” Hannah comforted you as she praised you with her sincere words.

“Aw, Hannah.” You looked at her with a wide smile and you hugged her. “Thank you.”

“It was the truth.” She hugged you back as a nice friend she was.

“Talking of these boys,” You started as you broke the hug and she hid her face behind her hands as she already knew the next question. “how are you and my older brother, Clay?” You flashed a smirk and you saw her cheeks turned red.

“Oh my God, I knew it.” She laughed, still having her face hidden. “We’re friends, (Y/N). We work at the movie theatre and we talk at school, that’s it.”

“Jesus, Clay never asked you out?” You shook your head for your disappointment because you rooted for them being together. You considered Clay and Hannah as a perfect couple.

“He’s shy.” Hannah shortly answered.

“But it’s not an excuse! I would slap that dork silly, seriously.” You unleashed a long and deep sigh because Hannah seemed disappointed too and her being dismayed was one of the things you wouldn’t want to see. “I’ll talk to him, because I know that he likes you too, a lot!”

“Geez, really?” Hannah smiled widely and you nodded happily as her happiness came back once again.

“You can count on that!” You winked at her and she bit her lower lip. You stared at each other and you both let out some soft giggles for no reason, but it was interrupted as you heard some noise coming from the living room.

There was a discussion happening between Hannah’s parents and you could tell that she felt embarrassed for it. She hated it when they fought and having a friend hearing their complaints wasn’t one of the things that she wanted to happen.

“Are you okay, Hannah?” You worriedly asked and she just shook it off, obviously avoiding herself to ask you some help.

“(Y/N), do you mind if we cancel this sleepover?” She fidgeted with her warm blankets as she was nervous for your possible reaction.

“Oh no, it’s fine for me if you don’t feel comfortable. I mean, I would stay to cheer you up, but I will give you space if you want.” You sympathetically said as you understood her situation.

“I am fine, really.” She assured you. “I will call you if I ever need some help. Thank you.”

“Don’t bother to call me, okay?” You reminded her once again as you got up from her bed. You gathered your things and you put them in your backpack.

“Noted.” She smiled widely at you, not minding her parents anymore. She got up too and you both went outside her room as she led you to the house’s front door. Her parents stopped throwing shit at each other as they saw you going away and you could say that they felt guilty because of it.

“Good night, Hannah.” You sweetly greeted. “Call me or text me, okay? I am always here.”

“I know and I thank you for that.” She hugged you and you responded to it by hugging her back. “Good night.” She then let you go.

“Good night, see you tomorrow.” You said as you unlocked your bike’s chains. You then rode it as you said goodbye to Hannah once again. She watched you as you started to pedal way back home.

During your journey, you thought of Hannah’s family situation and you knew that it wasn’t your business but you wanted to help her. You wanted to help her, because you didn’t want for it to be one of the reasons she would feel sad or disappointed. Her life was already hard and you didn’t want for her to carry another problem on her back.

Once you arrived home, you silently went to your room, not wanting to wake anybody up. You plopped your things on your desk and you let yourself fall on the bed carelessly.

“What the fuck, Clay?!” You heard a deep voice complaining and you were shocked, mostly scared, for a moment. You were afraid to move, but you quickly searched for the lamp that rested on your bedside table and you turned the lights on. “Oh, it’s you (Y/N)!”

“What the hell are you doing in my room, Jeff?” You corrugated your forehead as you wondered why. You liked Jeff, but you knew that you had the right to be furious after what happened.

“Clay said that you were staying at Hannah’s!” Jeff sat up as he covered his shirtless body. “Boys can have sleepover too, duh!”

“Jeez!” You laughed even though you were annoyed. “I am sleeping on the couch downstairs then.”

“No, I am sleeping there. This is your bed and it’s not okay to let a woman sleep uncomfortably.” He ranted as he searched for his shirt and wore it soon after.

“It’s okay, Jeff. Stay here.” You flashed him a smile and you got up from your bed, ready to go out of the room.

“No!” Jeff protested. “We can share! It’s a double bed and I can sleep on one side and you on the other.”

“Hmm?” You raised an eyebrow as you considered his proposal.

“Only if it’s okay with you. If not, I am sleeping on the couch.” He smiled as he scratched his nape.

“Alright, I’ll share my bed with you.” You went back on the bed and you sat on your space. “Only because I don’t want for you to be uncomfortable, okay?”

“Alright, (Y/N).” You could bet that you saw him smirking before you turned the lights off.

“No malice, Jeff!” You slapped his muscular arm and he just let out a laugh. Oh, how much you loved that laughter. “Thank my parents because they taught us that sharing is caring.”

“I’m thanking Lainie and Matt tomorrow, don’t worry.” He jokingly answered and you just giggled because of it. “Good night, (Y/N).”

“Good night, Jeff.” You smiled while you had your eyes closed. You couldn’t believe it, so you had a hard time drifting in your sleep, same for Jeff.

You were happy that you had a chance to share the bed with your ultimate crush and both knew that you would wake up hugging each other, but who cares? You both liked each other, you just had no guts to admit it and this is a great coincidence to show the affection to each other.

Sunday Mornings (Smut)


A/N: This is requested. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but here you go, then I might just delete it later. 

Word count: 2,536

“Are you watching me sleep again?” I asked, covering my face with my palms.

I still didn’t open my eyes, nor did I unravel myself from the comfy position under the warm blanket.

Sundays were for staying in bed. At least that was my opinion. Shawn on the other hand, had a hard time spending his time doing absolutely nothing. Usually, he would go to the gym early in the morning, before I’d even opened my eyes.

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I want to go anywhere we possibly can. I want to stay in beautiful hotels with comfy beds and soft sheets and balconies with amazing views. I want to stay at crappy motels with neon signs and creepy workers at the front desk because I’m sure we’ll have stories to tell about those stops. I want to stop at diners at 3am and drink milkshakes and eat French fries and dream about our next destination. I want to lay in a hammock somedays and listen to the wind and others I want to zip line through a forest or swim with dolphins. I want to listen to the rain while it hits the windshield. I want to pull the car over just to watch the sunrise. I want to be like tourists and take pictures at the landmarks. I want to be like a local and find adventures on my own in places I’ve never been. I want to try foods I’ve never tasted and dance to songs I’ve never heard. I want to have fun and laugh with strangers who may become lifelong friends. I want to see things with my eyes that no photo can ever capture. I want to watch sunsets on the beach and I want to breathe in mountain air. I want to see what people are like from one place to the next. I want to see small towns that we pass through in the blink of an eye and I want to see big cities. I want to see what amazing places our earth has to show us. I want to do it all with you by my side
—  My future

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The first time reader and Cassian had to share a bed? Maybe they're not dating yet but both like each other?

“I can’t get this repaired until it’s light, we’re gonna have to find somewhere to stay ‘til morning.”

You sighed in exasperation at your partner’s words, collapsing onto one of the benches of the ship. All you wanted was to get back to base, but yours and Cassian’s landing on this practically empty planet had taken its toll on the ship. Cassian climbed back into the ship, heading up to the cockpit to grab his blaster.

“I saw an inn not far from here,” you suggested, picking up your blaster and tucking it into the holster at your hip. “This place is practically deserted, they must have a room.”

“I don’t have any better ideas,” your friend sighed, picking up his heavy coat.

“You never do,” you retorted with a grin, sticking your tongue out at him. He rolled his eyes, tossing his coat to you.

“Wear that, it’s freezing out there and you don’t have a coat. I did tell you to bring one but-”

“Shhh Cass, life would be boring if I listened to you all the time,” you grinned, slipping your arms into the sleeves of his coat and pulling the heavy fabric across yourself. It was warm, and smelled of metal and cheap soap. It smelled of Cassian.

The inn was only a short walk away, and with Cassian’s coat you barely noticed the cold. You noticed that he was shivering slightly, and slung an arm around his shoulders so that he could share in your warmth. He wrapped an arm around your waist in return as you reached the door to the inn.

“Room for two, please?” you asked the man at the counter. He stared suspiciously at you and Cassian, and your hand twitched, trying to reach the blaster at your hip. Rebel spies like you two weren’t exactly people’s favourite customers.

“You two married?”

You carefully hid the surprise on your face as Cassian wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“I sometimes can’t believe it myself,” he gushed, and you bit your lip as you tried not to laugh at his lovestruck tone. This was not the Cassian you knew.

“Alright then. Second floor, first room on the right. Don’t keep the other guests awake.” The man tossed a key across the counter which you caught, before following Cassian up to your room.

“That wasn’t your worst acting,” you teased, unlocking the door quietly. “I almost believed you.”

“I panicked!” he replied defensively, pushing the door open. You both frowned as the door hit the foot of the bed.

“Well, it’s certainly cosy,” you observed, edging into the room. Most of the space was taken up by an ancient double bed, with a tiny gap between the edges and the walls.

“That’s one word for it,” Cassian replied. “You take the bed, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“There is no floor,” you pointed out in amusement. “We can share the bed for one night, surely?”

He nodded slightly, before sitting on the edge of the bed to take his boots off. You removed his coat and your own boots, before lifting the thin blankets of the bed and lying down. He joined you a few moments later.

In the darkness of the room, with Cassian so close to you, it felt wrong to speak. It was oddly intimate to lie next to him, your weapons abandoned on the floor and your guard down.

Facing away from each other, you both tried desperately to fall asleep, but your efforts were in vain. The room was freezing, the sheets were scratchy and thin, and the pillows felt as if they were stuffed with bricks.

“This is ridiculous,” Cassian announced, rolling onto his back. “It’s freezing, and at least you’ll have a decent pillow if you lie on me. C'mere.”

It took you a moment to realise that the pillow he was referring to was himself. Not trusting yourself to speak, you shifted over so that you were lying with your head on Cassian’s chest. He wrapped his arms around you carefully, and you immediately felt warmer.

“Goodnight,” you whispered, resting your hand on his chest. You felt him press a kiss to the top of your forehead.

“Goodnight, (Y/N).”

Feeling blah...

When you are so used to not being touched, wanted, kissed…. really any form of affection you just get used to having your own space. You build up walls of defense. At 1st it used to bug me and make me sad and mad. And I used to complain about it all the time. I felt like that’s all I did was complain. Then I stopped cause it got me no where except frustrated all the time. I couldn’t tell you the last time I was cuddled, kissed, hugged anything like that without me initiating it or him doing it for real and not being a joking ass about it. When I go to bed now I want my space. Don’t touch me. It’s been years since he has. He stays on his side and I stay in mine. So when I’m laying in bed and you reach over and try and get handsy and I tell you no a word that he uses all the time. I’m the bad guy. It’s my fault we don’t do something right then and there. And if I happen to be out of commission that week and his response is not all of you is. Would I be an asshole for saying it’s been over 2 months since you have touched me so yes all of me is fuck off??? Cause I feel like i would be but I don’t say it cause again I’d be the bad guy…
Every other aspect of my life is good. I have great kids who are healthy and happy, I have a nice home, I have great friends and family…. my sex life is just beyond depressing.
I’m gonna go enjoy the sunshine and get out of my own head…

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staying the night at eric or dylan's house for the first time?

- eric’s parents would probably be away for the weekend, for some family thing that eric didn’t want to attend, and he’d take that opportunity to take you home with him on a friday night, after school. 

- you’d be pretty nervous, it’s not that wayne or kathy didn’t like or trust you, it was just the first time that you’d actually sleep in a bed with him. i mean you’d cuddle, but you wouldn’t get under the sheets and sleep. 

- you’d ask eric for some clothes as you didn’t bring any, and he’d throw you one of his shirt and some boxers as you’d walk to his bathroom, changing into them before walking back out. 

- eric’s eyes would widen a bit as he look a look at your soft legs in his boxers, and he’d be situated in the sheets, shirtless as he watched you. and you’d blush as you shyly looked down, walking towards the bed. and he’d reach forward and grasp your wrist, pulling you in next to him. 

- and you’d both lay there, in darkness as crickets creeked outside. you’d feel him move, before he gently placed his hand on your soft thigh, and you’d giggle at the feeling before turning around to face him, and in the process of doing that, he’d wrap his arm around your waist, burying his head in the crook of your neck. 

- and he’d scatter small kisses all over your neck, as you two began to talk. talking about anything and everything as you took in each others warmth, taking comfort in your body pressed against his. 

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Harry with a tummy ache and all he wants is for you to sit with him and rub his belly and baby him. You find it funny but you laughing upsets him so you play along and act concerned and he keeps playing it up. "It really hurts love, I might need you to stay home from work. I don't want to be alone. I'm so weak." "Oh Harry you'll be alight love, let's get you up to bed now." "Can you get my Mom on the phone? I need my mom."

Men are such babies when they’re sick or in pain and I would loooooove to see Harry this way because I would kill to be able to take care of him haha. I could so see this happening!

Lately I’ve been trying really hard to better myself because my life isn’t what i want it to be. So i started eating better and going to the doctor and getting out more and going back to school. I’m on meds and I’m doing what i thought would be best for me but it’s becoming so damn hard. Waking up in the morning and going to school and work is such a struggle when all i want to do is stay in bed and forget about the world. I’m trying my best and i know it isn’t going to be enough but i honestly don’t know what else to do. But i know i have to keep trying because if i don’t i won’t make it to see the good times I’m going to have in the future. I keep hoping it’ll get better so for now hope will have to be enough.

im wine drunk and im thinking about emptiness and nothingness in my life and how much ive fought to make it a coherent part of myself and for someone who wants to stay in bed all day I sure put a lot of work into everything.

I see your Frat Boy Vitya headcanons and I raise you:

Yuuri Katsuki being dragged to his first frat party after line three years at college spent just trying to blend into whatever wall is nearest. This is never going to happen and Yuuri thinks it’s because everyone is just amazed at how little of his shit he has together.

(They aren’t. “Fucking LOOK at him,” sighs many a sexually frustrated undergrad while pining loudly in Yuuri’s direction. Yuuri scuttles away with his hood closed almost completely around his face.)

Yuuri arrives at the party and immediately finds The Dog.

“There’s a dog here,” he tells Phichit, and spends the next three hours sitting on the floor with the dog.

“How are you?” he asks the dog very seriously as the dog slowly licks his shoulder. This is a Premium Dog. “Yes, good. Is my shoulder tasty? I’m so glad. I’m so glad you find my shoulder tasty. Whose dog are you?” The dog’s tags are in Cyrillic, which is really weird. Yuuri squints at the tag and finally says, “Whoever Binktop is, he has a really good dog.”

“Makkachin,” someone says eventually, and the dog gets up and goes to the interloper. 

“No, come back,” Yuuri whimpers as the dog leaves. He doesn’t go far–the guy who called him is standing on the edge of he crowd wearing Chinos and Gucci sunglasses.

They’re inside. At night.

“Are you Binktop?” Yuuri asks him blearily. People have been bringing him drinks the whole time he’s been sitting with the dog and he doesn’t know what that’s about. Probably they feel sorry for him.

(”I brought him a drink, Chad,” says a certain dejected brother of Iota Sigma Upsilon. “He took it but he looked like he was going to cry. All he said was I don’t need your pity. I don’t understand?”)

“Excuse me?” asks Binktop. There is some sort of expensive imported cider in his hand. He looks down at his dog as though he will know the answer.

Yuuri points at the dog’s tags. “Binktop. His owner.”

“Oh,” says Binktop. He bends down to show Yuuri that, on the backside of the tag he’d been looking at, the same information is listed in English. “No. Viktor.”

Yuuri frowns and squints. “You look more like a Binktop to me.” He holds out a hand for Makkachin the Dog and waits until he comes to sniff it. “You have a really good dog, Binktop. He’s a great dog.”

“You’re that figure skater, right?” Binktop asks, crouching down next to his dog. “Yuuri Katsuki?”

“Yes,” Yuuri sighs dejectedly. “That’s me.”

“Sick,” Binktop says.

“Yes, I am,” Yuuri says. “Do you have a bathroom, Binktop?”

He and Binktop spend half the night on the floor of the president of Iota Sigma Upsilon’s en-suite bathroom. Yuuri doesn’t know why Binktop chose to bring him to this bathroom, but it’s the one they’re in. Binktop doesn’t really seem interested in leaving, either. He holds Yuuri’s hair for him and listens to him talk about his family. Makkachin the Really Good Dog is there.

“It would probably be a good idea if you stayed here tonight,” Binktop says slowly after several hours of this. Yuuri stopped puking a awhile ago, thankfully. “I don’t know who you came here with, or where you live. I don’t think you do either.”

“Okay, I’m just gonna–” Yuuri climbs into the shower and curls up at the bottom. “This is good. I’m gonna sleep here, okay Binktop?”

“You could–I mean, if you want–my bed is softer.”

Yuuri glares at Binktop over his shoulder.

“No! I swear, no funny business. I’ll crash in Chris’ room. Or Micky or–someone, I promise.”

“Hmm. Okay.”

Binktop helps Yuuri get into bed and leaves a bucket next to him and makes him drink a glass of water. When he tries to take Makkachin with him, Yuuri tosses the covers back and says, “The good boy stays,” and Makkachin hops up. Binktop looks at Yuuri like he’s stolen something from him. The dog, probably.

(”I’m in love,” Viktor says to Chris later that night, swooning on Chris’ floor. “He stole my heart, right there!”)

Yuuri finds out later that Binktop is, in fact, Viktor Nikiforov. Viktor Nikiforov whose parents are major benefactors to the university. The gym where Yuuri trains is called the Nikiforov Intramural Sports Complex.

Viktor Nikiforov is the president of Iota Sigma Upsilon.

“Oh shit,” Yuuri whispers to himself.

“Do you want to go to breakfast?” Viktor Nikiforov asks him, looking a little less douchy in the light of day. Now that he’s not dressed up for a party, he’s wearing normal-person clothes, jeans and a university sweatshirt. His hair is ungelled and he looks nice and handsome. “I’ll walk you home first so you can change.”

“Okay,” Yuuri says softly.

Yuuri goes to breakfast with Viktor Nikiforov and then goes back to the Iota Sigma Upsilon house, where Viktor skillfully eats him out and announces that he intends to become Yuuri’s boyfriend.

The brothers of Iota Sigma Upsilon hoot and holler at Yuuri and Viktor’s wedding when Chris gets up with a microphone and says, “Let me tell you about how Yuuri and Viktor met! It started with a party and a dog…”


Lexa figures sharing a bed with the demon would be better than either of them taking the couch or floor. (”Please no horns, I don’t want to poke out an eye, Clarke”). As long as they stay on their own sides of the small twin mattress it should be fine, right? 

Too bad Lexa seems to be a cuddler.

Scene from chapter three of the fic Bloodbound!!!!! by @raedmagdon

yousef wants to have lots of kids but you know he’d actually…change diapers, be the one who wakes up at night when the baby is crying, he’d pick them up from school, he’d stay at home with them while the other parent is working, he’d play with them (sure, he’s a fan of football, but his son likes dolls? let’s play with dolls! he’d take him to the store and let him chose one he likes) he’d cook diner for the family, and clean the house, he’d have these random dancing sessions with the kids in the living room, putting on a fun dance song, and sure they’re not necessarily skilled and they mostly just jump around and laugh, but honestly? moments like these are one of his favorite things in the world. and these kids? yeah, they’re definitively his favorite thing in the wolrd


the happiest kiss & cry

zach dempsey: dtf (smut)

Request: “Hey can I get a Zach Dempsey smut please! Lol”

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Warning(s): Smutty.

Word Count: 1,158

Gif: @zachdempsey

A/N: I wrote this at the pool with my parents. Appreciate this lol.

Zach was over at your’s to study for the communications exam. Your parents were on a business trip, so you had the house to yourself.

You and Zach, rather than study, took the empty opportunity to make out on your bed.

His body laid atop yours, his thigh between your legs. You had your fingers entwined in his hair, keeping his lips close to yours. Your throat let out a moan when he pushed knee up to gain leverage, hitting the one spot you needed him most.

He held your elbow and started to pull away. You pouted when your once warm lips met the cold air. He panted and pecked your nose.

“Come back here,” you begged, cupping your hand to the nape of his neck. He shook his head.

“I gotta go, (y/n). I’m babysitting my sister tonight.” He sat up on the bed, swinging his left to the edge. “Maybe tomorrow?”

You groaned. Tonight was the only night your parents wouldn’t be home. You really wanted to take advantage of it.

“But Zach,” you mumbled. You cuddled up to his back, your legs wrapping around his waist. “I want you to stay,” you whispered lowly into his ear.

You kissed the area beneath his ear, his weakness. Your hands roamed his torso while you kissed down his neck. Zach let out a deep growl. His gripped your thighs, giving into you entirely.

You unlatched yourself from him. He stood up to face you and you kneeled on the bed to gain some height. He cupped your chin, forcefully, but passionately kissing you. Your hands found their way up his t-shirt, your fingertips grazing over his muscles.

He led you down on the bed, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck before his stood again. He took off his top, revealing his perfectly sculpted body. You bit the corner of your lip at the sight of him.

He leaned toward you, connecting your lips once more. This time, his hand reached under your shirt. He grasped your bra, pulling the cup down. His course hands against your sensitive bud sent shivers down your spine. You moaned in his mouth, biting his lip. He helped you pull of your shirt.

His mouth quickly attached to your chest, kissing the round tops of your breasts. You arched your back in pleasure, which gave Zach the access to unclasp your bra. You shimmied the straps down your arms and Zach threw the piece to the side.

He attacked your neck forcing your chin up. His hands palmed your breasts, his knee pressed against your heat. Your hand covered your mouth- a frequent reflex- to muffle your moans.

“Y/n, don’t try to be quiet,” Zach begged. “I need to hear you.”

You bit your lip, embarrassed. He tugged the top of your jeans, unbuttoning them to slip off. He stood to take off your pants. You gladly helped him by pulling your legs out. You sat up,  toying with the straps on his pants.

You cupped his bulge causing his eyes to close. He let out groggy whispers, cursing your name. You slowly pulled his pants down, taking in your time to witness his anxious pleasure. You tugged at the waistband of his boxers, kissing his v-line.

When you pulled down his waistband, his hard on pulsed in the cold air. He shivered, begging you to do something.

You kissed his swollen tip, shallowly taking him into your mouth. He let out a throaty groan, grasping your hair in a knot.

“Deeper, babe,” he groaned. “Deeper.”

You did as he asked. His tip reached the back of your throat, which caused him to twitch. You found a steady, yet fast pace. His eyes were screwed shut, his mouth gaped open. The moans echoed off the walls.

“Fuck!” He growled. You knew he was getting close. “Stop, babe. Not here.” You saw the pain in his eyes when he pushed you away.

You pulled away, slightly confused.

“Lay back,” he ordered. He was trying to prevent his high.

He propped your legs up, spreading them to get access to you. He kissed your center, already feeling your dampness. You exhaled sharply when he licked up the middle.

“Zach,” you whispered. “Please.”

He slipped your undies down your legs leaving you bare. He spread your legs again, kissing down your thighs. He took his time to build up anticipation. He kissed your lips, allowing his tongue to slip between your folds. You gripped his hair, cursing his name.

His hands wrapped around your thighs, keeping your body from squirming around. Your head dug into the bed as you let your moans echo.

Zach slipped a finger within you, causing your back to arch. You begged him for more, feeling your toes curl.

He left you thighs, letting his swollen lips meet your hungry once. He put his finger in your mouth, which you gladly sucked on.

He positioned himself between your legs. He teased your slit with his tip. You wiggled around, causing him to giggle.

“Sit still, babe,” Zach panted.

He thrusted into you slowly, but still causing you to gasp. He was only half in before he pulled back out. He dove in once more, letting his entire length into you. You groaned into your arm.

He pumped himself a few times before leaning over you. He propped himself up on his forearms, right beside your face. He kissed you, letting your tongue into his mouth. He huffed as he thrusted.

“Zach,” you moaned. Your nails dug into his shoulder.

He buried his face in your neck. His grunts and groans were loud in your ear. His pace was slow, but hard and deep. Your throat only allowed you breath heavily.

Zach pulled himself up, leaning on his hands to get a higher angle. You gripped his forearms, leaning your head back. He found a steady pace that hit your g-spot perfectly.

He used his thumb to massage your clit, sending vibrations up your back. Your nails scratched his biceps, embracing every sensation you felt.

You called his name, making him ware that you were about to come. He continued his thrusts till you arched your back, releasing your pleasures onto him. He bit his lip as you rode out your high on him.

He pulled out and you took him into your hand. You pumped his hard on over your stomach.

“Fuck, y/n,” he grunted.

He let out groans of pleasure when he came on your torso. He pulsed in your hand, letting his high down. You sat up, and pulled him down for a kiss.

He panted as you pulled away.

“You should probably go,” you said sadly.

Zach looked at you, taking in the sight of his beautiful and exhausted girlfriend. “My sister’s bed time is nine, and she’s a heavy sleeper. You want to come over?”

You bit your lip, debating the idea.

“Sure, why not?”