So loving the stormy days lately. Makes me want to crawl in bed and just stay there forever. On my way to work, I saw a rainbow! How cool!

Today has been a great day. I am thankful for my job and the people I work with. My work is stressful, but I get by. I’m so lucky to have this job.

Anyway… Time to clean my room!!!

all i want ; a mileven fic ; part four

“all i want is nothing more, than to hear you knocking at my door. cause if i could see your face once more, i could die a happy man i’m sure.

when you said your last goodbye, i died a little bit inside. i lay in tears in bed all night. alone, without you by my side,”

all i want // kodaline

eleven returns to hawkins five years later, but she doesn’t seek out familiarity right away. instead, she stays with hawkins high school counsellor, camilla adams, who is absolutely fascinated with the girl. it takes a while, but camilla turns eleven into a normal teenage girl before bringing her to where she truly belonged, the arms of mike wheeler.

find other parts here

part four ; camilla, el, dustin, will and lucas make ‘the plan’ 

arriving into work that next morning, camilla started sweating at the thought of mike coming and talking to her. she feels absolutely terrible for keeping eleven a secret from mike this long and will continue to feel terrible for the next two weeks as they plan the ‘big reunion’ as dustin calls it.  

stepping into the safety of her small office, camilla closed the door behind her and leaned against the it.

“okay cam, you’ll be fine,” she told herself, “it’s not like you’re keeping this possibly life changing secret from a boy who’s pretty much ripping apart at the seams. yes, this is totally okay.”

“camilla?” there was a knock on the door, “it’s dustin.”

“uh, hold on a sec,” she threw her bag to the side and made her way to her desk, “alright, come in.”

the door opened, revealing the three boys, “good morning, boys! sit down, sit down.”

the three of them pulled up chairs and sat across from her, “okay, so what’s happening here.”

“eleven, she wants to see you guys,”

they all looked around, assuming she was somewhere in the office, “is she here?”

“no,” camilla shook her head, “she’s still at my house. we both agreed that if she did come with me, there would be the chance of us running into mike. so i told her you guys would go to her. now, i wouldn’t normally do something like this, but this is different. i’m gonna write my address on this piece of paper and you can swing by later this evening, okay?”

“how much longer are we going to keep this from mike?” lucas asked. camilla assumed dustin had told them about the formal thing, she assumed wrong.

“two weeks,” dustin cut it, “mike and el are meeting again at the winter formal.”

“yes, that’s why el wants to talk to you. she wants your help, she wants it to be special and i feel like you guys can help her with that. there’s really only so much i can do,”

“you’ve already done so much, you’re the one who found her!”

“technically she found me, but we can overlook that,” camilla nodded, looking at her watch, “but class starts soon, so you guys better go.”

they all nodded as they stood up, “right. mike starts getting suspicious if any of us show up anywhere late.”

camilla sighed, “you can’t tell him about any of this, got that?”

the three boys nodded again, picking up on how stressed camilla seems about the situation.

“don’t worry cam,” dustin smiled, opening the door for lucas and will, “this secret is safe with us.”

she watched them exit the room, and waited for the door to close, “i sure hope so.”

the day dragged on slowly, with camilla having nothing to do other than random paperwork. camilla, like most, doesn’t particularly like monday.

finally walking into the comfort of her house, she kicked off her heels and made her way to the kitchen. all of the counter space seemed to be covered in cupcakes?

“eleven?” she called out, not seeing her anywhere.

“i made cupcakes!” eleven exclaimed, popping up from behind the counter, startling camilla.

camilla lightly laughed, “you did, and a lot of them.”

“since you told me that dustin, will and lucas were coming over, i made them these!”

eleven seemed extremely proud of herself and camilla loved that.

camilla nodded, picking up a cupcake and taking off the wrapping, “see, i told you that learning how to cook and bake wasn’t a useless skill.”

she looked around to also see the giant mess eleven had made, “now, i need to teach you one last thing. cleaning up afterwards.”

“i was getting there,” eleven furrowed her brows, “you interrupted me.”

“is that so?” camilla raised an eyebrow, “then i’ll leave you to it.”

eleven nodded, “it’ll be like i was never even here.”

“oh i’ll be the judge of that,” camilla chuckled, entering the living room and collapsing on the couch. “oooh i hate mondays.”

her eyes fluttered shut slowly, “hmm, nothing a good nap can’t fix.”

“i bet you it’s because of the stress,”

“stress? what is that?”

“something you get a lot when you’re her age,”

“dustin! that’s rude, everyone gets stressed,”  

“she’s not even that old,”

“how old do you think she is, anyways?”

“what does that have to do with anything?”

“it doesn’t, i’m just curious,”

camilla jolted up suddenly, “what’d i miss?”

around her sat eleven, dustin, lucas and will. all holding back their laughter, especially eleven.

“when did you guys get here?” she asked, sitting up and fixing her hair.

“about an hour ago, eleven let us in,” lucas informed her, “don’t worry, we actually did something. we were just waiting for you to wake up so we could run it by you.”

“alright, show me then,”

will grabbed a piece of paper that was sitting on the coffee table behind them and handed it to her. she scanned over it and it didn’t seem too bad. they had one thing circled though, getting mike there.

“you still don’t know how you’re getting mike there?” she asked, her eyes darting between the three boys.

dustin shrugged, “we have an idea, but we’re not sure if it’ll work or not.”

“an idea is better than nothing,”

“okay, so we’re just gonna tell him that it’s his senior year blah blah blah and that he can’t keep skipping out on these things. this is where you come in, once we kind of get the idea into his head we’re fairly certain he’ll come talk to you about it and then you’ll convince him to go and then we’re on our way,”

“that’s actually pretty good,” camilla looked over to eleven, “now, a lot of this is all for you, did you have any ideas?”

a few days ago camilla had told eleven that whatever she could think of, she would promise to make it happen. since camilla was the head of the ‘school dance committee’ there probably wasn’t anything she couldn’t do.

eleven happily nodded, “i want him to walk in and i’m the only person in there. that’s it.”

that’s like one of the scenarios mike told me about, ‘one day, i just want to walk into a room and she’ll be there.’

“consider it done,” camilla nodded, earning one of the brightest smiles she’s seen from eleven. “and boys, since you’re curious, i’m twenty four.”

(the following is a load of horse shit, but since this is fiction i can do whatever i want)

“b-but you have a master’s degree, it’s hanging in your office. how is that even possible?” dustin asked, earning a smack upside the hide from will and lucas. eleven laughed at the gesture.

“you never learn, do you?”

camilla laughed, “no no, it’s okay. i usually don’t tell people this, but i have an above average iq and because of that i was able to complete my master’s at this age,”

“then why don’t you have a phd?”

“i could have one, if i wanted. but really, i’m a high school counsellor in a small town. i could have gotten this job with just a bachelor’s degree in psychology. you following me on this?”

(load of horse shit over)

they all nodded, clearly wanting to drop the subject, which camilla picked up on, “all that aside, let’s just make this clear one more time. mike cannot know about any of this, especially the fact that you guys got to see eleven.”

they all sighed, “we know.”

“only two more weeks boys, i know you can keep the secret,”

“we know we can, we’re just worried about you. it’s obvious that keeping this from him is stressing you out a little bit,” will told her.

camilla sighed, “don’t worry about me, i got this.”


later that night, once the boys had left, camilla had trouble looking for eleven. after looking in every room of the house, she found her sat in her closet, with camilla’s pair of floral heels sitting in front of her.

“are those the one’s you want to wear?” camilla asked, catching eleven off guard slightly.

eleven looked up to her, “yes.”

“since they’re printed, your dress needs to be a solid colour. how are we feeling about a black dress. they say black compliments curves the best,”


“yeah,” camilla ran her hands along her sides, “curves.”

“oh, i get it,” eleven said, even though camilla knew she didn’t. they could get into that another day, “anyways, are you excited?”

eleven stood up, meeting camilla’s height, “i’m so excited. i’m happy you’re here to help.”

camilla never had siblings, but spending these past few weeks with eleven made it feel like she did.

without another word, eleven moved forward and wrapped her arms around camilla.

“thank you, cam,”

camilla wrapped her arms around eleven as well, “you’re welcome, my darling.”


i’ve also decided this will have eight parts and an epilogue. that seems like a good length, right?  

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The body arrived wrapped in a simple linen cloth like a mummy. The smell of blood and infection soaked the fabric creating a horrid stench. The figure beneath was obviously missing an arm. Pinned to the chest with a nail was a note: "Your wolf."

A knock rapped upon her door, rousing her from her slumber. The sun well within the sky as the day continued on without the night owl. She sighed softly, twisting her figure in a much needed stretch before kicking her legs over the edge of the bed. Slowly, she climbed out of bed and wrapped a robe around her nearly nude figure. 

“One moment.” She called out, peering out towards the water as she had been staying aboard the Broken Sparrow for several days now. With a slow breath, she splashed a bit of water on her face from the clean basin and pushed towards the door, patting her skin dry with a fresh cloth. 

“Ma’am, I didn’t want to wake you… but there is a..” She lofted a brow, canting her head to the side as he stammered over his words. “There is a what? Come out with it.” She purred softly, much too tired to deal with patience. 

“There is a … body.” He gestured towards stairs that lead up. “A body?” Vermilion eyes squinted as she closed the door and dressed quickly. He remained there, eyes locked onto the floor until she opened the door again. 

As she walked, her fingers quickly braided her crimson curls, tugging at a few of the snarls created in her night terrors. “Where is it?” She inquired, glancing around to finally spot the wrapped figure. Lips pursed into a thin line as she glanced over the note. “You didn’t unwrap it to see who it was?” 

“No, ma’am.” 

The expressions that took in the ‘package’ were near lifeless and those that held some emotion gauged between rage and sorrow. “Mm. Very well. Keep watch over it and call the wolves for a meeting.”

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I’ll stay home on a Friday night laying in bed thinking of you.
My cheeks are cold but the tears running down them sting.
Where are you?
I bet you’re at the bar looking at the woman sitting next to you.
Nothing but lust in your eyes.
Do her lips taste like mine?
I’ll wait until morning to call and ask when you’re coming home,
You’ll say something like,
“Don’t worry about me baby, I’ll get home just fine.”
I want to scream in your face the second you walk through the door,
But when your brown eyes meet mine I can’t help but forget.
You’re so fucking beautiful, but you’re still a fucking mess.
—  I love you anyways.
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Relationship status: single af

Pets: 1. a cat. the ruler of the house. bow down to her.

Favourite Colour: black. 

Wake Up Time: everyday. idk. 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:00am, or 7:10-7:30am, or today maybe 9:57ish am approx. well i was wake for a time. usually wake up before 8:30am, but stay in bed, well usually i wake up around 7am or before and like nope. need sleep.

Cats or Dogs: i love both. but only hve had cats and birds as pets. currently cat. so cats if had to pick. 

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi max. prefer the taste. not really a coke person anymore. used to be. 

Call or Text: text. i hate phone calls. doesn’t matter who you are. talk to me in person or text or message on fb or something. i know i need to get more comfortable wit phone calls. but i hate them.

Chapstick or Lipstick: neither

Last Song I Listened To: ‘zombie’ by The Cranberries

Pick your ideal next vacation spot, regardless of cost: cardiff and the doctor who experience, and maybe london, but mostly dr who exp. 

What are your current top three fandoms, and why do they appeal to you so much?:
ummm thatis tricky, as i hve lots of fav, obvs dr who, but other than that in no particular order: 
1. Doctor Who!!!!!!!
since 2001 i have had it through everything, the doctor and the tardis. and it just sparks the imagination. all of time and space. great characters, great stories, it is my fav forever. the first show that sucked me in and gave me life. i was nothing before doctor who. spent my holidays being bored, just sitting looking out the window. doing nothing. then dr who came, and bam. i was born again. i had meaning. doctor who is so important to me. if i see you post legit hate on dr who,i will unfollow your ass. legit criticism is defs okay though, i am okay with that. i’ve criticised the show before. but hate on my fav characters or on the show, and i don’t want to know you anymore. rant over. i love dr who.

2. Stargate.
probably the second show that sucked me in. stargate sg1, and later stargate atlantis, and sgu is okay. but i would have prefered 2 more seasons of sga. still upset we won’t be getting those movies. but instead a reboot of the original film. fml. 
I love stargate because of both the characters nd the mythology, but the characters and humour is what really makes the show. The original movie didn’t really have it. TBH the original movie would probably eb a 1 or 2 watch movie, then i wouldn’t see it again. the tv series is what makes me see the movie again. i just love it. just my opinion. movie still is good, but o’neill with 2 l’s okay. 

3. Star Trek
Going with this one. Used to not be a big trekkie, but recently i have had a blast. watched tng and voyager years ago, and later on finally saw tos. and a couple of ds9 and maybe 1 of enterprise. but really wasn’t that big of a deal for me. But now I have seen them all (and currently rewatching tos now). I just love the optimistic future, no poverty, no war, that humanity finally grows up. I mean yes there is still war, and humanity is still portrayed as violent sometimes, but on the whole it is a better future, and one I wish we will have. i also love space, and the finding new civilisations and bettering oneself. 

Your icon, the protagonist of the last game you played, and the protagonist of the last show you watched are your zombie fighting team for the apocalypse. Are you going to survive? Twelfth Doctor, i don’t really play video games, but have been playing this angry birds bubble pop game. so one of those angry birds??? but don’t know what video game i played last, oh maybe my mii character playing mario kart wii, so yeah my mii from Nintendo wii, and just finished 3 eps of star trek tos, so james t kirk.
So Twelfth Doctor, my Mii, and Captain Kirk. Will I survive? I have the Doctor. So yeah.

What’s your favourite sabotage on Cutthroat Kitchen: i have no idea what that is. Is it a cooking show? google says it is. so idk. pass. next question please. sorry.

What’s your favourite line from any piece of literature you’ve read (fanfiic counts): i’m so tired right now and can’t remember, and it would be hard to pick a fav, so it would have to be one of my favs, i will now have a short brainstorm, and in my time might be gone for 10 minutes, but due to you reading this when i am done, won’t have to wait for the answer. lucky you dear reader. :)
“Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
(part of poem by Dylan Thomas, i just love it, and it speaks to me)

Would you smooch the last person you texted: nope. no. that’ll be weird. 

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I don’t feel like going to an event I applied for (BYOB). I want to stay in bed the whole evening.
But I better go……..
Show some work. Might meet some interesting people. Probably not because I’m not that socially skilled. Oh well.

First step is to take a shower.

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You're first time sleeping over adam's place would be like...


Your first time sleeping over adam’s place would be like:

- Adam being all sleepy by like a super early hour of the night but he’s just so cute like he wants to stay up with you and hang out omg 

- Him being really gentle and asking if you want anything before you both settle into bed

- Him being so cuddly and honestly, i’m signed the fuck up for it 

- tbh he’d probably be so snuggled up with you and you’d be on your phone and he’d be on his phone but like one arm is around you and he’s bein’ all cuddly an shit 

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40 for all your ocs?

OK SO I DELETED THIS ASK MEME since no one asked me anything and i realized i reblogged it at like 4AM but since i loved it so much i saved it to do in my own time for all of my characters so i still have the questions! (EDIT: i reblogged it again after this since i got a couple more, oops)

40. Do they like energy drinks? Coffee? Sugary food? Or can they naturally stay awake and alert?

Felix: Felix is one of those people who acts like they need coffee in order to exist, but in all actuality he just doesn’t want to let people know he’s a HUGE morning person in every form of the word. He has this weakness for a few sugary foods (slushies, pies, and hard candies own him), but pretends the rest is disgusting? He is also The Old Man ™ who needs to go to bed at or before 9PM every night, even though he never really seems tired - he crumples like a newspaper when he hits a pillow.

Arabelle: Here’s the thing, Arabelle loves energy drinks and coffee and sugary foods; the issue is that no one likes Arabelle when she gets her hands on energy drinks, coffee, or sugary foods. She talks at 200 WPM without the extra energy, with it she’s just like one of those Tickle-Me-Elmos at ten times speed. Sugary foods are the hardest to keep away from her, and she has no self-control once she starts eating “just a little bit” (read: she’ll eat a three tier cake in under twenty minutes if no one stops her). Luckily for her (end everyone around her), she’s always pretty alert and though she believes in a healthy 10+ hours of sleep a night, she can stay up if she has to.

Harvey: He’s pretty much a giant walking energy drink, in reality. Thankfully though, that means that it doesn’t affect him much when he chugs two at 3AM because “he likes the taste”. The bets have been placed on when he’ll just keel over and die because of his unhealthy habits, but no one can deny that his mere existence is impressive at this point. He claims coffee is gross and will spray Febreze directly on the pot if he has to smell it for too long. He likes all food, proteins mostly, but if you’ve ever seen him with a gallon of chocolate milk or a plate of cookies - you know he’s not too picky. He’s the only guy who doesn’t care if his food is burnt, either (except for his steaks, then he’ll throw a fit). Besides never wanting to get up in the morning, he’s like this endless well of energy. He pulls regular all-nighters without even flinching. His sleeping habits are probably even more unhealthy than his eating ones.

Cass: Cass does not like these things. Not for taste or principal - but because they make her crash. After a 15 to 20 minute bout of unstoppable manic energy, she’ll collapse onto the nearest somewhat soft thing (she doesn’t discriminate between beds, couches, plush rugs, Harvey, dog beds, or any carpeting) and sleep for a good five hours. She loves sweets in moderation though, so she’s a Skittles/M&M type of girl, since she can have one or two every fifteen minutes and avoid what Ara has fondly dubbed “Hurricane Cassi”. Luckily, she’s generally pretty awake and alert, and as long as she gets a cat nap at some point, she has no troubles with staying awake.






I don’t know what was going on but after Ana showed me her room and how she had all my cds and I signed every last one she had and her posters. Listening to her talk I could hear it in her voice now but you wouldn’t know it if you looked at her that anything was different about her. After she finally allowed me to leave I went looking for Dapp and I found her in her room she was laying on her bed eyes closed. I stood there just looking I didn’t wanna bother her but I had to go



“Dapp” I said



She opened her eyes and looked at me “Hey sorry dozed off a little” she said sitting up slowly.



“It’s okay I just wanted to tell you I can’t stay too long-“ I said but was cut off by the look on her face.



“Your leaving umm ok” she said I went and sat down next to her.



“I don’t wanna go but I have to get to the studio and well get some stuff done” I said



She nodded “Oh okay” she said then placed a small hand on the front of my shirt but when I didn’t move, she realized that she was waiting for me to kiss her. That she wanted me to kiss her.



Her hand slid up round the nape of my neck and pulled ever so slightly. I bent. Closing her eyes, she tilted up her face and kissed me. Her breath caught in her throat at the sweetness of the kiss. It was so perfect, she was afraid I would break it off if she moved. She was moaning in deep pleasure as I took over the kiss. She wound her arms around my neck and increased the pressure of my lips on hers. I let her pull me down for another kiss.



“We gotta stop now, Dapp,” I rasped.



“Why?” she asked and I didn’t have an answer for her at all. Our noses were touching again after a second’s hesitation; I closed the narrow distance and kissed her again.



“I found myself wishing you spending the afternoon with me.“ I said she smiled at me.



“I don’t have anything to do, I can come with you if you want me too but Ana will have to come with us” she said



“That’s fine” I said and with that I left the room to let her go shower and change.



1 hour later we was in the studio and I thought I was special to Ana but I found out she was crazier about Alex when she had took a picture with him coming to me and Dapp showing us.


“I see” Dapp said smiling Ana went and sat back down. We all talked Enos was there so was some more of my crew.



“I’m going in the booth” I said I leaned down to Dapp’s ear “Listen to the words of the song” she looked at me and I winked at her.. I went into the booth putting the head phones on.



“Want me to play it back?” Lyric  asked



“Yea” I said



“ight” Lyric said and the music started up.



“I wanna make love, yeah

I wanna make love to you baby, that’s all I wanna do, oh girl

I can’t get enough, ooh yeah, hey

I’m loving you baby, that’s all I wanna do


Girl I wanna love you, baby

Oh I wanna make love to you, yeah

I said baby, baby, baby, woah

I wanna make love to you, yeah yeah yeah


Yeah baby, girl you look so good

You’re all I can think about, the only one I can’t be without, yeah

Everything you do, woah, oh no

Girl I swear I have no doubt, I’m gon’ make you scream and shout



Girl I wanna love you, baby

Yeah I wanna make love to you, yeah

I said baby, baby, baby, yeah

I wanna make love to you, yeah yeah yeah


Baby girl, give me some, give me some loving, oh yeah

I love the look on your face when I’m deep in love

All I need in my life, girl is your loving, yeah

Girl give me some, give me some loving, oh


Girl I wanna love you, baby

I wanna make love to you, yeah

I said baby, baby, baby

I wanna make love to you, yeah yeah yeah


Girl I wanna make love to you

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Girl I wanna make love to you

Wanna make love to you” I sang looking dead into Dapp’s eyes



“Real good T” Lyric  said



“I wanna do I wanna be” I said



“Ight nigga I got you” Lyric  said and the music started.



“Look. I know we’ve been friends for a while now.

But, I just feel like I can confess to you.

It’s gonna be hard but.

Alright here it goes…


Imagine that the pillow that you cried on was my chest,

and the tissue that you wiped your face with was my hand.

Girl, imagine: if you needed advise about some other guy, I’m the one that comes to mind.

Not tryna hear you tell nobody that I’m just a friend,

just trying to make sure I’m that body that you call your man,

and anytime you need a shoulder – it’s yours, night or day,

but what I’m tryna say is, I wanna be…



The last number you call late at night (said I wanna be),

The first one that you dial when you open your eyes.

Wanna be the one you run to,

wanna be the one that ain’t gonna hurt you,

I wanna be yeah, I wanna be yeah..

Be the man making your girl jealous,

be the guy shuttin’ down all the fellas..

whatever you need, girl, it’s all on me:

soldier, your friend or your lover, girl,

I wanna be…


Would it be cool?

Would you mind if I called you my boo,

what if the next whip you was pushin’ was the one I bought for you?

Can I be the one that meets your pops and take your mama shoppin’, be the only one they like?

Have you thought about it – wait – really thought about it?

Maybe you should take some time

call your girls and talk about it, yeah.

‘cause I done already made up my mind,

don’t need no more time to know if I wanna be with you,

I wanna be…



The last number you call late at night (said I wanna be),

The first one that you dial when you open your eyes.

Wanna be the one you run to,

wanna be the one that ain’t gonna hurt you,

I wanna be yeah, I wanna be yeah..

Be the man making your girl jealous,

be the guy shuttin’ down all the fellas..

whatever you need, girl, it’s all on me:

soldier, your friend or your lover, girl,

I wanna be…



Put me on your screen saver, all over your facebook and make me one of your top favorites,

that’s where I wanna be…

The one you cryin’ for (stand up for and fightin’ for)

wanna be your good, bad, love, hate girl..



Cross my heart hoped to die, on everything that’s good,

I’m gonna do you right, show you right, get this understood.

Cross my heart hoped to die, on everything that’s good,

I’m gonna do you right, show you right, get this understood.



The last number you call late at night (said I wanna be),

The first one that you dial when you open your eyes.

Wanna be the one you run to,

wanna be the one that ain’t gonna hurt you,

I wanna be yeah, I wanna be yeah..

Be the man making your girl jealous,

be the guy shuttin’ down all the fellas..

whatever you need, girl, it’s all on me:

soldier, your friend or your lover, girl,

I wanna be…


Girl I wanna be yours, I wanna be yours…. [sigh]

I wanna be yours, I wanna be yours…” I sang I saw her stand up then next thing I knew she was running out the door…







I was loving his songs and before I could say anything about them. I felt like I had to throw up so I took off out of the studio and right to the nearest bathroom. Enos followed me out moves slow to the bathroom door and look back to see if anyone followed him out anyone mean Terrence. But it was just him so he lean to the door and listen to me throw up.









“It’s Enos let me come in” Enos says



“K” I say I open the door for him and Enos walks in closes the door he leans against the wall and looks down at me as I keep throwing up.



“Are you drunk? Is this from a hangover?” Enos asks and I laugh a little then start back throwing up.. I was finally done I flush getting up going to the sink and wash my face then wash out my mouth and I look to my right where Enos is standing looking at me.



“What?” I ask using a paper towel to dry my face



“Are you pregnant?” Enos asks and I look at him



“What?” I ask again



“You heard me!! Are you pregnant?” Enos asks


“To be honest I am pregnant I found out today” I say as I dry my face some more



“Are you going to keep it?” Enos asked



“KEEP IT? Are you kidding me NO, I wouldn’t keep it this is the last thing anyone needs is a baby right now and I struggling now I just got Ana back. I won’t be able to take care of a baby, no Enos last thing is needed is a baby.I said

“Okay” Enos said and we left the bathroom and went back into the studio Ana came right to me.



“Mommy you ok?” she asked



I smiled at her “Yes I’m fine” I said then looked at Terrence who came right to me.



“I thought my singing did that to you” he said we all laughed he put his arm around me and pulled me close. He kissed me on the forehead we sat on the couch for a long time, neither of us speaking, we was listening to music.



After a while he got up and he told us to come with him and we went into a bigger studio and he turned to me and smiled. I can feel like he is up to something, but I just don’t know what.



“See that there, is djing equipment and I wanna hear you dj please any song you want” he said



“Terrence” I said but was cut off.



“Ohh mommy please please” she said jumping up and down.



“Okay” I said walking over to it putting on the head phones checking and seeing what music was available. I saw a few songs I loved and I got into my zone and started mixing and scratching different songs, I happen to look up and Alex was getting down to it.


I was in my zone and loving it, I must have dj just for them for about 35 or 45 minutes. After we was done we went to his house and his house was and is BEYOND amazing. I mean why leave home if you had all he had the moment Ana saw what he had she went off in her own little world, I tried to stop her, but he said it was cool that she was free to roam around, Judi wasn’t with us. Enos went to hang out with Ana to make sure she was ok. We was now on the couch chilling I appreciated that he wasn’t all over me, although a part of me would have been okay with that, too. Instead, we cuddled his arms felt so good around me. I loved listening to his heartbeat. And I was watching tv and thinking about the songs he sang, and how they made me feel.



Eventually, I fell asleep in his arms, at some point, he carried me to his bedroom. Through the haze, I felt him lay me down on his bed then spoon up behind me. His strong arms enveloped me, but he never groped my body. He brushed the hair out of my face, and then kissed me on the cheek. It may have been my imagination, but thought I heard him whispering to me.



"Julian, what do I have to do to make you fall in love with me?” he asked whispering.