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heard there was some cocoa and cookies ? I want cocoa and cookiesssssssss ! I bet Nico and Will want some too XD for the prompt maybe Will being pissed cause Nico is shadow traveling right and left to get ppl stuff but what he doesn't know is that Nico is trading everything against stuff like "I'm gettinf u that 3DS BUT you have to stay clear from the infirmary for a month" so Will can get some rest from his medic duty ?

Yes, hi, cocoa and cookies for you! ♥
Thank you so much for the prompt! You’re my Percy Jackson ramble buddy. ♥

“You smell of curly fries,” says the corner of his bed, Will’s elbows dipped as he’s toying with the beads of his necklace, worn and warm, his jacket unzipped and somewhere between being worn and not and Will’s mouth looks hostile, looks like he’s hiding emotions that can’t hold up a smile, properly, and Nico closes the door, with a sigh.

“I’m tired,” he says, dismissive, and he is; he wants that bed, for himself, he wants it to be empty and invitingly cool and while the lingering presence of Will is something he loves to indulge in, he was falling asleep halfway to his cabin, like the shadows fed on his substance and left him emptier than he’s been before, trying to take out the living out of him, keep the ghost of him in and Nico wearily toes off his boots; Will sits up in his bed.

“Using your powers continuously without proper rest does that to you,” Will tells him, as if Nico doesn’t feel it, himself, the cabin colder in seconds, the summery night withering into autumn mornings, drowsy and cold.

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Harry's POV seeing his SO make music or play an instrument when he comes home in her art "studio" or find her painting with focused eyes or come home to her writing on her laptop and just admiring and asking if she could tell him about it awe

Can you write something about writing songs with H or teaching him how to paint/draw or just making/interacting each others art together? maybe at night or on a rainy day?Doesn’t even have to be long, like a few lines but some pretty fluff please?

Apparently I am in a fluffy kinda mood tonight.  Enjoy!

It had been raining all day.  The kind of rain that kept humidity permeating through everything, floated fog up from the smallest body or water and soaked anything it hit.  So Harry and I decided to stay inside and spend the day lazily hanging out.

The day started with some cuddling in our warm bed while both of us whined about not wanting to get up.  But I knew that that would only last for so long though, Harry was not one of those people who lazed around in bed all day.  Even if it was raining outside.  Harry was a productive member of society and a little rain wouldn’t get in his way.

So he made breakfast for us both.  Egg whites and bacon for me to go along with her my plan and some oatmeal with blueberries in it for himself.  

They moved into the great room, flipping through the channels until Harry settled on Bravo which happened to be showing a marathon of Patrick Swayze movies.  I happily curled up on his chest to watch it with him until his natural tendencies to become a human furnace sent me running for my painting studio.

The rain always made me feel a little bit emotional and contemplative and what better way to work through that then to paint my feelings.  Harry followed moments later, taking his usual spot on a stool with his laptop while he thought through some lyrics and toyed some melodies on a guitar to go along with it.

Having him in the room made me feel better.  Like I was more connected to what I was creating.  I didn’t know if it did the same for his art, but it only made mine more real.  Besides, I liked it that he was as interested in my creative process as I was in his.  He made suggestions when he thought it would help.  And most importantly, he asked questions.

I listened to him toying around with something, smiling to myself.  It was still a little shocking to me that he felt so comfortable creating music when I was in the room.  Not that he should’ve been concerned with my reactions, but this music was in it’s rawest form…the first couple notes, the first uttering of words…it was his most intimate basic thoughts and feelings before he had a chance to refine them.  

If ever there was any doubt how much he loved me it was completely blown out of the water whenever he created music in front of me.

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Killer was staying in bed more often now. She wasn't used to being pregnant and so she wanted to stay down a lot. She could tell that the day was coming quick for when she was going to need a lot of pain killers. She also was in more pain as their kid moved around. "Skull! The kid's kicking again! I swear we should just name them 'pain in my stomach' for all of this."

“Don’t call my child like that… anyways, if I could, I would carry the kid but I don’t actually have the proper organs to do so.” Skull frowned a little. “And his or her name is Bones. Pain could be their middle name, alright?”

Hey guys, from Toast to you….
It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to indulge yourself in that sinking hole in your heart. You don’t always have to be strong. It’s okay to let yourself stay in bed that extra hour. It’s okay to decide you don’t have it in you to go out. Motivation is an exhaustive element, and if you can’t hold on to it that’s okay!

But I want you to know that no matter how long out stay in bed, no matter how tired you are, how far you sit in that dark place…. I care about you a lot. A lot of people care about you, but don’t know how to express it, and it might seem like you’re alone- but you’re not.

You’re important and loved, and it’s okay if you’re having a bad day. Bad week. Months. Even years– I believe in you, and that you will get better.

                  I posted a lot of ooc tonight, more than usual. ( and i thought about it and i refuse to delete all of them ) but i gotta go to bed and i wanted to publicly thank every single one of you that made me laugh / talked to me / made me feel like part of something tonight. I really thought tonight was going to suck but i’m so thankful for this fandom and all the love i’ve seen here. I love you guys! I should be hitting a milestone on this blog soon and i’ll have to make something special for it! I double in the morning but i’ll be on tomorrow night. Please stay safe and sleep well / have a lovely day. this is sort of repetitive and rambly but i’m so tired and full of love and adoration for all of you.

i’m sitting in my bed at 12am crying

everyone leaves me
nobody stays
even my dad left me and my mom hates me

i cant trust anyone anymore everyonr wants to hurt me

ach du bist auch noch wach XD


what do you do when you’re sad?

Isolate myself and not talk to anyone, it’s not very helpful. Also cry, but I do that pretty often anyway

what are some things you do when you can’t sleep?

…read fanfiction and surf tumblr which doesn not help XD

what was the best (non-romantic) night you’ve had?

hmm… sleepovers with @longdeadtemple I just miss her so much it’s ridiculous! 

what kind of covers do you have on your bed?

Just a sheet? it’s white. And my blanket :D

who is the last person you told a secret to?

That depends on what you define as a secret? Like, if you count my orientation then this one dude from uni but I don’t actually want that to stay a secret so I don’t know….


“I can’t do this anymore, Sam. You’ve changed- you care more about your powers then you do me..”


I like this more than any of the other gestures of affection that happen between them - the dramatic and sporadic reunion hugs and whatnot - because it’s a very natural, unselfconscious gesture. Mokuba stays up and sticks around to keep his big brother company while he strategizes over Duel Monsters. When he falls asleep, Seto blankets him with his coat.

(Maybe Mokuba tried to engage him in conversation about the day’s events - what did you think of the other duels, are you ready for tomorrow - but Seto’s so absorbed in the God Card that he gives brief, distant answers, and Mokuba settles for just watching him fiddle with scenarios and combos. A silence falls, long and cool. The ship lights go off. The only sounds are the faint hum of the engines and the subtle clicks of keys. Seto glances over to see Mokuba slumped over, fast asleep, breathing softly. He gets out of his chair, shrugs off his coat, and drapes it on Mokuba with studious care, trying not to wake him up. And then he gets back to work: there’s a tournament to win.)

LIKE…. even when Seto stays up late to obsess over God Cards he’s still taking care of his little brother; even when his big brother is wrapped up in strategies and card games Mokuba is still there for Seto. Also, it’s a scene so removed from the usual plot drama (brainwashing!! kidnapping!! forced flashbacks to their traumatic childhoods!!!) that by the power of headcanon I kind of take it as a nice indication of how they normally interact when they’re alone together. Small, unspoken gestures of affection. Who said they were allowed to be this cute.