Waking up to the sound of rain and the feel of Luke’s long arms wrapped around your waist and his face pushed into your chest was probably the most ideal way of waking up. You’d feel Luke rustle a little bit as he begins to wake up, groaning at the sound of the rain. His raspy voice echoing in your quiet bedroom “Princess please let’s just stay here. I don’t want to move from this spot.” as he buries his face further into your chest, his stubble tickling you a little bit and you’d hum in response and push your fingers into his hair and drop lil kisses on his forehead whispering how you would want nothing more than to hold your bubba Luke all day in your warm and comfy bed.

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Tomo+Kento being jealous scenario.


You giggled at Tomohisa his eyes closed and his cheeks had a scarlet rue to them. “Are you blushing because you’re mad or embrassed” you said pointing his cheek.

He looked at you and rolled over on the bed. “Come on Tomo I have to write a song for Thrive it’s not my choice” you whined and poked his side. He stayed quiet “its okay that your jealous I’m jealous at all your fangirls” you touched his white hair it was soft.

Tomohisa was always so quiet when he was jealous. Passive to the situation and didn’t want to show his strong dislike for it.

Throughout the day he was acting more weird when you mentioned you had to collaborate with Thrive soon. He was distance and wasn’t his cheerful self so it made you worried he wasn’t himself.

“I’m just being jealous” he said rolling back over to you. He smiled and encircled his arms around you. “Don’t you dare let Kento flirt with you” he joked. “Never ” you giggled when he started give kisses all around your face.


Kento glared at you and Yuta he was styling your hair for no reason and it was annoying the hell put of kento. He huffed in annoyance at them. “Oh are you mad Yuta is all over your girlfriend” Goushi teased.

Kento rolled his eyes “what is it to you” he bite back at Goushi. “Nothing but the jealous look on your face is so obvious” Goushi smirked.

“Whatever” he said. He looked at his phone trying to ignore you and Yuta close relationship. Even though Yuta wasn’t a threat to the relationship he didn’t know when to keep his hands to himself.

Being the leader Kento has to be mature about this. “Don’t I look good” you said sitting next to your boyfriend. Yuta put two pigtails in your hair. “Yeah I love it” he smiled.

Then suddenly he swiftly placed you on his lap he then gave you a sudden kiss. “What was that for” you said blinking in surpise. Kento grinned “just wanted to be affectionate” he lied with ease.

Goushi rolled his eyes “gross Kento”.

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But don't you share your bed with five other people? If you want to use it for these offers you're getting, you'll have to make sure they stay out!


Guess I have to plant fire ants in their sections of bed again :/

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I just wanted to say that I thought I was kinda crazy for 23 years ... I don't know, it's a bit of a shock, but it explains so much in the meantime. I had a terrible phase around 15/16. Once, I was on holidays and since staying in bed 15h per day was somehow suspicious, I would go on very long bike rides and go on with my daydreams. It was like a ritual, everyday the same one, for two weeks, the same rides. Until I was hit by a car because I crossed without even looking ... Thanks for this blog.

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Heyy, it's me again :) i want to ask you how to maintain motivation for clean eating. there are times when i eat healthy and then i have a few days of binge eating (or crap eating) in a row. I want to break this cycle once for all. Have a nice day :*

Hey girl!! Sorry it took me a while to respond, I’ve been really busy with school and research. It’s definitely hard for anyone to stay motivated. There are some days when I don’t even want to leave my bed let alone cook healthy meals and get in a gym session. But, I think there are a few ways to combat this:

1. Workout with a friend/family member - have someone hold you accountable for showing up. You won’t want to disappoint them, and it’s fun to exercise with your loved ones.

2. Switch up your meals - if you eat egg whites with toast and turkey bacon every morning, you may start to get sick of it after a while. Healthy eating doesn’t mean restrictive eating. You’re allowed to change it up and eat what you enjoy. I like to incorporate a couple of different breakfasts (like Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts/granola or toast with avocado and a poached egg). It helps me stay on track, because I don’t get bored of my “healthy” foods. This goes for lunch and dinner too!

3. Know your goals - list them out on a sheet of paper or even a note in your phone and post them on your fridge/wall so you see them every morning. If they’re on your phone you can use them as a background, or set a daily reminder to look at your goals list. This always helps me when I want to binge or don’t feel like going to workout. It reminds me what I really want, and that I need to put in effort to yield results.

4. It’s all about balance - I am an advocate for intuitive eating. You don’t have to count calories or macros to be fit (no offense to people who do), and you don’t need to follow a specific diet plan (like paleo or keto or whatever). You can eat your favorite foods in moderation. You can also make your favorite unhealthy foods, a little or a lot healthier with some simple swaps. For example, if I’m craving a hamburger, I’ll buy lean turkey or beef and put it on a whole grain bun or just wrap it in lettuce! I’ll skip the cheese in favor of avocado. If I’m craving pizza, I make my own! You can buy a whole wheat dough for most grocery stores or you can make a cauliflower crust as well. Load it up with veggies, low fat cheese, and organic tomato sauce and you’ve got yourself a pretty healthy and tasty pizza!

5. Be positive - take this journey one day at a time. Remember it’s your life. You get to choose how you want to live it. And honestly, if you need some ice cream today it’s more than ok to get a scoop. Don’t let yourself get caught up in being perfect. Just know that the healthy choices will make a lasting difference. Xx

TMI it’s shark week and it’s bad because I’ve had daily anxiety attacks so I’m super worn down and I haven’t had any exercise and I just want to stay in bed all day and cry and watch dumb romantic movies but I have to go out and see a friend who I haven’t seen in over a year and I can’t reschedule because she has to go back to Boston soon. 

I need snuggles, dammit.

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When are you coming back to England? Looking forward to it, or dreading it? Glad you've had a good time in Canada, I like to check in here from time to time to see if you're okay!

thanks mum

Nah, this is very sweet, thank you. 💕

Of course I’m going to miss boyf, but I am looking forward to getting back to the UK. I miss sleeping in my own bed without a giant snoring man next to me. And quavers.

I’m off home on the 13th of September, and my next trip will be in 6+ months time probably. Next time I hope my stay is under better circumstances as it really was the worst time possible to travel here (lost his job, had to buy a new car, rent was raised - like a week after I bought a plane ticket 😳) as nobody is at their best under such stresses. We have time to better ourselves and reflect on what we want and what we can do better, and then when I return, hopefully, it will be something I/we can use to foresee the future of our relationship as we won’t be stressed out of our brains and it’ll be a little more like what we imagined 3 years ago.

(Truthfully I do not recommend long distance relationships, unless you get together in person lickity split. It’s a very surreal position to know someone yet not know them at all.)

D'you ever just want to hug someone so bad it physically hurts you that you can’t

okay so i know it looks pretty bleak atm with jack and bitty hiding their relationship and it’s becoming clear to them it’s going to be harder than they anticipated. but my mind just keeps reminding of how perfect everything will be when they do come out. not necessarily out in regards to the whole world, but to the rest of smh 

think about how one day hopefully not too far away jack will stay over at the haus and get to sleep in bitty’s bed without having to cover it up and he will come down to the kitchen the next morning and kiss bitty on the cheek in front of everyone

shitty will be visiting, sitting at the kitchen table, and he’ll get the same warm feelings i’m getting right now when he looks at them standing side by side in front of the window. he’ll think about how scared and lonely jack was when they first met and be astounded and so goddamn pleased by how far his best friend has come and how happy he is. because he knows no one in the whole fucking world deserves to be happy more than jack zimmermann

ransom and holster will be leaning against the counter chatting about tonight’s kegster and will look up to see two of their best friends leaning into one another, completely at ease and peaceful. they’ll watch jack and bitty for a while before looking up at each other and smiling softly, knowing exactly how it feels to be that in love with someone

lardo will be standing by the coffee pot, half asleep and grouchy, but she’ll look up and nod at jack when he enters the kitchen. her eyes will follow him as he approaches bitty and she’ll smile for the first time that morning when jack’s lips touch bitty’s cheek

the frogs will have had a sleepover in chowder’s room the night before because they ended up staying up until 3am catching up with jack and shitty. so whilst they won’t stumble down the stairs until well after jack, they will walk in to see the rest of the haus sitting round the table eating breakfast. bitty’s arm will be casually slung over the back of jack’s shoulders, jack’s hand will playing with bitty’s fingers resting near his neck. the frogs’ll grin to each other and then nursey and dex will launch into a tale of something chirp worthy that chowder did when they woke up and the whole group will turn to tease him

and whilst they know that outside of this little bubble there’s still an unknown world full of hate, jack and bitty will be content at this moment to just enjoy this. to enjoy the people who are happy for them, who are here for them, who love them

I can’t wait to move into an apartment with my person and decorate it the way we want. I can’t wait to fall asleep by my person in our bed and wake up to her every morning. I can’t wait to cook her dinner and bring her shower beers and warm towels. I can’t wait to stay up all night doing our grad school work together with a pot of coffee between us. I’m so excited to struggle through adulthood with my person, ya know?

The Marauders Finding Out You’re Pregnant Would Include...

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masterlist // request here

  • you wouldn’t tell them at first
  • because you would be scared shitless of their reactions
  • and they wouldn’t get it until you didn’t show up to breakfast one day
  • and they came to check on you
  • you had morning sickness
  • “Y/N?  Are you- Oh bloody hell.”
  • they’d help you back to bed
  • Remus: “You’re really pale, Y/N, do you want to go to the hospital wing?”
  • and you’d get really nervous
  • “N-No.”
  • they get really worried
  • cause you never get sick
  • but they try to play it off
  • Sirius:” Our poor little baby Y/N!”
  • and you’d start crying at the nickname 
  • James: “Oh look what you did you idiot!” *hugs you*
  • you’re so scared
  • nervously playing with your covers
  • Remus: “What is it, Y/N?”
  • “Just, stay calm, okay?”
  • pause
  • “I.. I’m pregnant.”
  • there’s a huge moment of silence 
  • Peter: “What?”
  • the other guys just look at each other
  • and you want to cry all over again 
  • “Say something, please.”
  • Sirius: “It wasn’t me, I swear!” *ducks as Remus throws a book at him and James lunges for him*
  • you watching them in silence
  • until they stop and see you crying again
  • James: “I’m going to kill him.”
  • Sirius: “Who is it?! I’ll bloody rip his balls off!”
  • Remus: “Stop! You guys are scaring her!”
  • Remus hugging you tightly “You’re okay, Y/N.”
  • Sirius and James sharing a look that they’d kill the guy later
  • but joining you and Remus
  • Sirius: “It’ll be alright, love.” *kisses your forehead*
  • James: “We won’t let you go through this alone.”
  • them all cuddling you
  • “I’m scared.”
  • “That makes two of us, sweetheart.”
  • “SIRIUS”
  • them letting you sleep and not leaving your room all day
  • “I wasn’t lying, going to bloody kill the bloke.”
  • and they’re with you every step of the way

in an interview, it was said that michael tries to negotiate and make deals to get his way. i imagine he would do that in a relationship too. like you would be on the phone trying to make a dinner date reservation, but he keeps asking you to push the time back so he can game a little longer. or you ask him to do the dishes but he would much rather make out instead so he’d negotiate. “what if we make out first, then i do the dishes after?” “no michael.” “babe please? just five minutes.” or waking up in the morning to realize he is not at all in the mood to go to work, so of course he doesn’t want you to go either. he’d try to bribe you, whispering incentives of staying in bed all day and kissing your neck until you to call in sick