Fic: Poem Without Words (9/?) (M)

Author’s note: Here is the first of what I HOPE will be two updates this week. Fingers crossed! Enjoy!

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Chapter 9

She was going to be late.

It was all Killian’s fault.

Okay, so he hadn’t needed to twist her arm to oh so charmingly get her to stay another night in his bed. If Emma was being honest with herself, she didn’t want to leave their bubble. Those first twenty four hours of their budding relationship were heady and intoxicating and she’d never felt anything quite like it. Going back to class and after that, to work, seemed dreadfully dull and mundane. So she allowed herself to be persuaded. With his sweet words and toe curling kisses and dexterous artist’s hands.

But that wasn’t all that kept her. They did eventually find their way back into his studio, where he showed her more of his work. She even got to see a couple of his paintings. There was one she really liked, a depiction of the ocean at sunset. Emma had always loved the ocean, despite only seeing it herself a couple of times in her life. The colors he used really spoke to her; she could simply tell that he felt connected to the water too. She was tempted to ask if she could have it, but changed her mind. It was far too early for something like that. Instead, she listened to him talk, reveling in his passion for his art. Now that she’d witnessed that same passion turned toward her…she wondered why she resisted the pull toward him.

Men like Killian Jones certainly weren’t typical in her experience.

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Girls Like Girls

Apparently when you tell yourself you’ll go to bed earlier than 6 freaking am, you just end up staying up anyway writing princess mechanic smut.


“Hey,” Raven grunts when Clarke strides into Mecha station. She’s alone for the evening and trying to work through a damn radio system that’s on the fritz and frankly, she’s frustrated as hell and just wants to get it done with without any interruptions.

“Hey, Raven,” she replies, voice even and firm. There’s something on her mind, that’s for sure. Raven can see the hesitation and deliberation battling in her motions as she leans against the edge of the table strewn with the deconstructed radio bits.

There’s a moment of silence between the two girls and Raven isn’t sure what’s going on, standing there with a pair of pliers in one hand and her hair thrown up in a messy ponytail. Then Clarke clears her throat.

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Shout out to whoever the person was that gave me strep throat. Now not only do I have inflamed tonsils, the chills, and massive headaches, but I have to stay in bed for the next twenty four hours. While I’m all for missing any activity, that also means I’ll miss out on Mango Smoothie Day at my favorite smoothie store. Unless someone wants to be the biggest angel and get me one.

Like Broken Glass

Summary: Dan locks himself in his room and refuses to leave. His feelings for Phil are tearing him apart. 
Word Count: 1076
Warnings: Swearing, depression, slight mentions of self harm

“Fuck” I muttered to myself as I opened my eyes. The blinding sunlight piercing through my blinds was too much for me to take. I forcefully shut my eyes as quickly as I had opened them. I couldn’t take another day like this. I tried to block it all out and stay in bed for the rest of the day. I didn’t want to face Phil, I was feeling so weak. I felt so vulnerable and breakable. One look from Phil and I would shatter on the floor like broken glass. Would he pick me up if I fell to pieces? If he knew how I really felt about him would he stay? Could we still be friends? I shrugged off the thoughts again, they haunted me everyday. I knew one day my secret would come out. It was eating me alive, consuming my whole being, leaving me hollow and broken inside. I was so twisted and torn up. I loved him. I loved him too much to lose him.

I laid in my bed, wide awake, for several hours. I had ignored several knocks on my locked door, and didn’t reply to Phil’s texts. I knew he was worried about me. It was almost six in the afternoon and I hadn’t left my room since the night before. I felt bad, but I couldn’t face him, not in a time like this. I couldn’t let him see me so broken, so far gone beyond hope. I was hopelessly, desperately, and endlessly in love with him. I was reminded of it everyday. Every time I ventured out of my room was just a reminder of the feelings that were eating me alive. I couldn’t bear it again. I sent Phil a text, letting him know I was still alive. He called me three times, but I ignored each one. I couldn’t hear his voice, it would break me again.

I laid there, as this carnivorous animal consumed me from the inside out. I was growing thinner and frailer each day. Today I felt it stronger than ever, clawing at my insides like a tiger, or a lion, rather. My solitude was disturbed at around 8 PM. Phil was banging loudly at my door. For a moment I contemplated leaving the room that I hadn’t departed from since 7PM the night before. I scratched that thought and buried my face deeper under the covers. Phil was yelling at my door, crying, screaming my name. I couldn’t ignore that. I never wanted to hurt Phil, and lately that was all I had done. I knew he was worried about me. He didn’t want to lose his best friend, but he didn’t know that he already lost me. I was gone the moment I looked into his eyes and realized that he was the only person I could ever love.

I couldn’t ignore Phil’s cries. I stumbled out of bed, my frail body could barely move. I limped my way to the door. Phil had quit pounding at my door, he had quit shouting. Phil was just standing there, outside of my bedroom door, sobbing. I could hear his cries, felt in that moment like I could die from guilt alone. I wished I had never existed so I would have never caused him this pain.  

“Phil?” I said weakly, it was more of a yelp. My throat was aching. My whole body felt like it was within moments of collapsing.

“Dan…are….are…you okay?” Phil chirped. His voice was full of relief, yet worry, such a strange mixture.

“Phil, please,” I breathed out, needing a moment to catch my breath. Exhausted from the exertion of just getting to the door. “Please go, I’m fine.”

I heard no reply for several minutes, I knew Phil couldn’t speak. I could hear him crying again.

“God damn it, Dan. Why can’t you just let me in?” Phil said through his tears. I couldn’t reply. “Dan, I swear,  if you don’t let me in…”

He trailed off in tears again, and I couldn’t stand myself for doing this to him.

“I’m sorry.” It was all that I could say, and I meant it more than he could ever know.

“Please don’t hurt yourself, please” Phil cried. “Please let me in. What’s wrong? Did I do something? Dan please”

He didn’t do anything wrong. He couldn’t. Phil was perfect. Phil didn’t deserve any of this. I got the courage and I unlocked the door, and opened it to find Phil collapsed on the floor. I couldn’t keep myself from collapsing on the floor next to him. He instantly grabbed me and pulled me into his embrace, and I just felt so guilty.

“God, Dan.” He said, his voice muffled, his face was rested on the top of my head. “Please talk to me.”

I felt the animal rage at full force. It had taken control of me now, I was helpless as the words erupted from my throat.

“I love you. I fucking love you, don’t you see? I love you and it’s killing me”

Phil looked at me for a moment with a confused expression, he looked as though he was struggling to process what was going on. I was a mess in front of him. I knew I had lost it. Without saying a word Phil carefully placed his hand under my chin and slowly pulled us closer. He connected our lips in soft, yet passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around him, and returned the kiss. Phil pulled away slowly and whispered, “I love you too, Dan.”

We laid there like that for hours. I was afraid he was going to make me explain or talk about my breakdown, but he didn’t. He just kissed me and held me. He knew exactly what I needed more than anything in the world. Phil understood me in a way that no one else could. I apologized profusely for scaring him so bad, but he didn’t seem to mind. Looking back on it all, I really wish I hadn’t let it get this bad. I wish I could have told Phil how I felt and didn’t let it eat me alive. I had Phil now. He was mine. He picked up the pieces of my broken glass, and put me back together. I was finally complete in his arms now, and I never wanted to leave.

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Omg omg omg I'm so hyped for the news you'll be bringing us when the latest issue of Famitsu is released. You're not going to stay up super late for it are you? Make sure you get yourself to bed on time mate, we wouldn't want you to fall ill or anything from overworking yourself.

As I do every wen I’ll download at midnight and do a video on the spot. You’ll get the news literally before Japanese people even wake up and it’s on stands ^^

Update on my snowman.  

I’ve been getting off some medication and one of the side effects has been really wonky periods of insomnia followed by sleeping for like 15 hours straight.  I’m mostly normal now but my sleep schedule is all messed up (case in point, it’s after 11am and I haven’t gone to bed yet).  So tonight starting about 8pm I’m challenging myself to a 24 hour stitchathon to try and get me back on some sort of a schedule.  I’ll be posting every hour and can use all the help I can get staying awake, so if you have any questions for me or comments or just want to chat, now’s a great time to send me an ask.

If you don’t want your dashboard spammed with my stitchery, I’m tagging everything ‘stitchathon’.  :)

Stay Awake

Ponyboy, Soda, Darry

Summary: Ponyboy is tired, Soda is being annoying, and Darry is being Darry.

A/N: I read The Outsiders while I was on holiday, and I’m now marrying this book and you’re all invited to the wedding.

This was btw better in my head, but I hope you like it!

Words: 545

It was one of those days where Ponyboy had been more quiet than usual, and all he wanted was to lie on his bed with a pack of cigarettes and just ignore the world for a while. He managed to slip by Darry before he started nagging him about homework, but before he could fully enter his bedroom he ran straight into Sodapop who was apparently in the middle of changing.

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Hi angel, I just wanted to say good morning sunshine/good night lovely, depending on where you are. I want to let you know that people like me are proud of you for getting out of bed and lasting through the day, no matter what has happened. I know real life sucks and sometimes he wish we could be in a disney movie or just be imaginary for a while, but I promise you that this feeling won't last forever because you're going to end up happy. I love you. I'm always here. Stay strong, lovely.

Aw this was so cute<3 Thank you so much!

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Top 5 DadMax+ MomFuriosa Au Moments/Headcanons (but only if it doesn't force to write out whole stories out for the sake off the meme.) If that's the case an alternate would be: Top 5 favorite books if you have any.

  1. Max is literally a hobo living out of his car when Furiosa finds him and is like “yes this is the man I want watching my five adopted daughters when I’m away”
  2. Max unironically wearing a “kiss the cook” apron because the girls got it for him
  3. Cheedo trying to worm her way out of going to bed and Max always lets her stay up late because he’s a softie but Furiosa is able to control her because she knows better than to look Cheedo in the eye
  4. Despite sharing a house with six women, there is inevitably a time when Max has to go to the store to get feminine protection. There are several times when this happens, in fact, and finally one year Max buys divacups for all of them because he hates getting weird looks while he’s debating  tampon purchases. And also he read they’re better for women and he wants his wife/daughters to be happy and healthy.
  5. Grandpa Max drinking a beer and watching pro-wrestling while his grandbabies sleep in his lap. Grandma Furiosa turning into her Vuvalini relatives by riding her bike all the time and getting way too involved in her tomato garden.

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"Stay a bit longer. I want you in my arms" [don't mind me, just being trash]

Send “Stay a bit longer. I want you in my arms.” For my muses reaction to yours grabbing them and pulling them back to bed.

“Jack- I have work to do!” She’s laughing, though, and… Let’s be honest, she doesn’t do that nearly often enough. Really, though, she’s not pulling away. She loves this. It’s not going to stop the verbal objection, though. She does have stuff to do today. But then, she has that every day, doesn’t she?

Aries - Kids learn to swim by being thrown into the water and having to fight to save themselves. Baby birds get pushed from the nest and either have to learn to fly or that’s the end of them. I think you need to be pushed from the nest and find out if your wings work or not.

Taurus - We all spend so much of our youth angry at the world because they don’t remember what it felt like to be a teenager. When you constantly run into “most wanted” posters with your face in the middle and your eyes blur when you read that you’re wanted dead or alive.

Gemini - It’s nice to have found a distance between myself and the heavy sadness. Happiness weighs a lot less so it’s easier to forklift myself out of this bed in the morning.

Cancer - If you look around, I mean really look around, you’ll see two distinct sides forming. Your reasons to stay are diminishing and your threats to leave are growing. This town doesn’t seem so big anymore, does it?

Leo - Remember last summer when you hardly slept and you didn’t seem to mind? You couldn’t decide if you loved the moon or the sun more but you knew that you’d stay awake long enough to say hello and goodbye to them both.

Virgo - Dangerous goes hand and hand with self-destructive behavior when you’re growing up. I stumbled into houses in flames to save the boy trapped inside, and we were both coughing up ash. But when I found the boy who was wearing soot like warpaint, I left and decided to turn my lungs into a trick of the light, more smoke than flesh.

Libra - You always stay an enigma to us all and that’s why I continue writing poems about your disappearing acts.

Scorpio - These next nine months are going to fly by and I hope you stop and take the time to look around. You grew up here. You can hate it all you want but you wouldn’t be who you are today without it. And I know you’re finally happy with who you are. 

Sagittarius - When you were younger, you were royalty, you were a hero, you were the villain. As you grew up, you decided you wanted to be all of the above, all at once.

Capricorn - Maybe one of these days we’ll both learn how to stop being so stubborn and that keeping our guard up only makes us miss out.

Aquarius - I can’t find an in-between for you. I wish you’d see that this doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Let’s learn about compromises together.

Pisces - Please stop allowing yourself to feel so small. There’s a whole world inside of you. Don’t pretend that it doesn’t exist.

—  poetry for the signs, a.l.
  • Dad:that's because you're too damn lazy to get a job
  • Me:
  • Dad:
  • Me:
  • Dad:
  • Me:
  • Dad:
  • Me:i came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now