The fact that Yamada is going to be featured on an Elle Magazine issue makes so freaking happy and excited! Like, it’s ELLE MAGAZINE!!

Oh, and best part, Emma Watson is on the cover .. he must be over the moon by that ❤️😂

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The guy that wins the sexiest man live does a photo shoot for people and I honestly can’t ever picture Harry doing a photo shoot for that reason like him getting a call saying “hey we nominated you for sexiest man alive” and then him showing up to do a photo shoot for the tag lines of “sexiest man” like I just can’t see Harry doing that. It’s comical to me like he knows we find him fucking hot but he keeps that knowledge to himself and doesn’t share it so that photoshoot would be so funny to me

i want to see the photoshoot tho i feel like he’d have that classic smug look on his face lmfao

Enjoyed that last interview with Andrew. It’s great that he wants his character to have the full experience in life: not just conflict, struggles, and the ability to overcome adversity, but love as well. He understands the power of love and he wants Rick to enjoy that with Michonne. I smiled when the interviewer stated how AL would like more “lovey scenes” with Rick and Michonne.

Also, this is amazing. In the past week, I have seen the official Walking Dead twitter and FB account promote the hell out of Richonne. This is it people. Rick and Michonne are IT. They are the leading couple, the main couple of this show now. TWD is making their position known and it doesn’t matter how much the haters bitch and whine about it, Richonne is at the forefront now.

I CAN’T wait for SDCC this year. They better have Danai and Andy’s characters together on everything! I want to see it all! Photoshoots, interviews with them…The works!