The first acting thing I remember is that I did a play in school called A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Shakespeare play. I played Oberon. I remember walking on stage for the first time and seeing the audience look at me, and me looking out at them. Just seeing everyone’s faces along with the silence, that’s when I realized I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. So the first gig I did was through school.

*Stealthily unstealthily continuously checks Facebook messages for any sign of Hartwin photoshoot pictures arriving in the near future*

*Groans sadly every time there is nothing*

*Checks again five minutes later*

No, but there is really no rush. xD I’m just excited.

My favorite photographer did a shoot for my wife and I in our hotel room so there are some in particular I really want to see.

I can still feel the butterflies fluttering at the thought~

Ellan is  a saint. Bless her beautiful soul. (She got this shot for us on our camera, by the way)

Eggsy is my beautiful wife sniperplushie 

(Please excuse the painted nails. Daisy found Eggsy asleep on the couch and decided he needed a manicure…)

I think it looks lovely, personally.  xD


Anime North 2015 Diseny Shoot, Big Hero 6 edition!

All I wanted this year was to find a Cosplay group for Big Hero 6 and I did! This pretty much made my whole weekend, aside from finding actual BH6 merch in the convention. If you see yourself or your friends, please message me their username so I can tag them!

anonymous asked:

See i understand your point when you say that people are scared she will regret her decision in which photoshoots she does, however again its all about how different genders are treated. When we see men in photoshoots only in underwear i never hear anyone say "Oh no, they will regret that" and this really bothers me. People assume a girl will regret it just because of a slight minority viewing her as "wild" or even slutty. This isnt having a go at you honestly i just wanted to say my point. x

I understand what you mean and I agree with you, but i think no matter what gender the person is, when you are 17 and doing a photoshoot like that there is a chance of it coming back to hunt you when you want to get a job etc. I have heard of a lot Young people Who have done that and haven’t been able to find a job because the people Who would hire them just googled them and found the old pic and thought they were too stupid and stuff like that since they pose like that and i know kylie isn’t

Short hiatus

Hi guys! I just wanted to inform you that I’ve to go on a short hiatus (about one week), because I’ve a very important exam next Thursday and I’m superbusy studying for it. I’ll have a queue running and will also check my blog once a day to see if something new has come up (Sica’s photoshooting for Beauty+ Magazine should be released shortly and I’m excited for that!).

Wish me luck for my exam! See you in a week, ne?! O(≧▽≦)O



  • In game pose. 
  • Default Replacement.
  • Make Adult cuddle with child on a sofa or bench.


  • Unisex.
  • Found in Bracelet.

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“I don’t want to put labels or criteria or pressure in any capacity on what I’m doing. I just want to see how everything unfolds. I’m not close-minded in that way. TV is amazing these days, and the quality on television is incredible. I would love to do more TV if it’s good quality, and I would love to do film that I’m passionate about.”


“Growing up, I watched Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid and what struck me—and still does when I re-watch them—was that these are girls that dream and want to see the world. They’re free spirits—free thinkers—and they don’t really obey what they’re supposed to be doing. That’s what I took from it: a sense of adventure and a sense of abandon. They’re so full of hope.”

qochii asked:

Do you think it's okay to cosplay outside of your body type? I'm quite short and chubby, and wanting to cosplay a very thin and tall character. People say it's a bad idea, as the costume is fairly revealing, and no one wants to see me in a miniskirt. Thoughts? Thank you!

Imo I think people have this romanticized idea of what cosplay is. We’re literally just dorks in silly costumes – and I mean that very lovingly. Sometimes we’re dorks that really look like the characters we are trying to portray and sometimes we look…well, like dorks in silly costumes lol. Sometimes the costumes are well crafted, sometimes they are held together with hot glue and prayers. 

If you’re worried about people judging you while cosplaying, I suggest looking through some convention photo galleries. Not a photographer’s collection of private photoshoots, just hall photos of a con from some random attendees. I found a collection from Dragon Con here.  I’ll even put a couple or links to some galleries to make it easier: [x] [x] [x] [x]

Tons of different body types, different ages, wearing wigs or going without, different skill levels – just a bunch of dorks, in silly costumes, having a good time! Not only that, but that congoer with a camera thought those cosplayers were awesome enough to photograph, regardless of how well they matched to the character. 

but back to the question…
Yes, I think it is perfectly acceptable to cosplay outside of your body type.  Otherwise many people who do cosplay may have never have joined the hobby in the first place, and even if they did the choices would be so limiting. 

Before you think about other people, what do you want to do? I am guessing you want to cosplay the character. So what is stopping you? Oh right, other people.

Do you share their concerns? Do you feel uncomfortable wearing a miniskirt? If so you can look for alternate outfits that the character might have worn, or make the skirt not-so-mini to make yourself feel more comfortable and confident in the costume. You can wear a pair of shorts underneath to avoid accidental flashing.

If it’s just their concerns, and not one you really share, then you can choose to listen or you can choose to ignore them. There are always ways to alter costumes and there are always more characters to choose from. But I definitely think there is empowerment that comes from dressing as the character you want in the way that you want, and giving it 110%. 

Best of luck in whichever you choose. 


Tbh, I’m not even sure what I was doing. Just experimenting with colors, lines and brushes. I wanted to branch away from my usual neat style and try something different.

I was initially just going to go with the colorful one on the left but my bestie said she preferred the simpler one on the right because it reminded her of Disney’s Paper Man (Does it?). In the end I couldn’t choose between the two and wound up posting both haha~

This is based off one of the photoshoot pictures Daniel Henney did with ELLE~ (Click ‘Keep Reading’ below to see)

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I don’t know if I want to play [Scarlett O’Hara], but [Gone with the Wind]’s my favorite movie. I watch it all the time. I watched it yesterday morning. You know what I love about it—which is the reason I also love the character of Martha [in Martha Marcy May Marlene]—is that you want to hate Scarlett the whole movie, but you still want her to succeed and to make it. Because you see her goodness.


“You’ll be told, ‘well, we don’t have the budget… And you’re lucky you’re getting the exposure. You’re lucky to be working with these people…’ And that ball keeps rolling. Ten years down the line you’re like, ‘am I still lucky to be working with these people?’” Agron snorts. “It’s not just for actors, it’s for hair and make-up and stylists and everything. Nobody wants to pay anybody any more. And yet if you talk about this in depth, you’ll see studio heads lash out and say, ‘no it’s not that way.’ But it is.”

“I know what my fans like in a song at this point. They like a really hooky, juicy chorus but without stupid stuff. They don’t want unnecessary ‘ooooooohs,” stupid, pointless sing-alongs. They see right through that. They’re smarter than that. They really like zingers, lines like “Darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.” they like “You call me up again just to break me like a promise/So casually cruel in the name of being honest.” A lot of the time, I’ll get an idea that is one of those line and I’ll just save it til my life fits with whatever metaphor I came up with.”

This is definitely the most complicated to explain.
I wanted to reproduce the Dirty Dancing cover. I asked to Misha if it was okay for him and he agreed. I started to strike the pose and there was a guy who held the original photo and showed it to us and another girl who fixed our hair. It was like an official photoshooting. Everything was awesome until the ventilator raised my skirt.
I left Misha and I tried to fix everything. Then we finally made this photo and, as you can see, I was trying to hold my skirt down.
Good Lord.