I probably should have realized I was asexual when my boyfriend (at the time) took me to the movies and I picked Avengers because I really wanted to see the film. I was pretty angry at him because he made me miss a part of the movie in favor of making out. Later, when I told my friends, they were all like ‘well what did you expect?’ and I was like 'what do you mean couples don’t actually watch movies together? Why the hell else would you go to the movies?’

I hate the way we can’t just like or dislike things anymore. Everything has to be a debate. If you dislike a thing, you have to prove that it’s objectively bad, preferably by calling it whatever-ist or whatever-phobic. And if you like a thing, you better be prepared to defend that preference against people who’ll tell you it’s whatever-ist or whatever-phobic.

Screw that. I like things because I like them. I dislike things because I dislike them. I don’t have to justify anything if I don’t want to, and other people sure as hell don’t have to justify anything to me. It’s okay to like different things. That’s why the world is so full of stuff, so that there’s something in it for everyone.

Noomi Rapace: “I respect you because you always change - you always switch into something that’s unexpected.”
Mads Mikkelsen: “I’m not doing it deliberately. I wouldn’t mind doing something that looked almost exactly like the thing I just did if that served the film best. I wouldn’t try to change a character just to satisfy myself but I’ve just been lucky enough that I’ve been offered things that are very different, and so I’ve had opportunities to go down different paths.”
Noomi Rapace: “I hope I get the chance to work with you soon.”
Mads Mikkelsen: “That is the plan Noomi, you know that.”

[The Lab Magazine, 2012]

When Moonbin (who is your fan) finally meets you

Thanks for the request! I had fun writing this~ Sorry for making you wait >< 

okay but like this request is so cute i cannot oh gosh ;u;

Words: 963

Fluff ft. smol blushing moonBEAN

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”Calm down,” Dongmin chuckled at Bin.

“I can’t,” he whined. “I’m too nervous.”

“Just be yourself,” the older one smiled. “There’s no reason to be nervous, she’s really nice.”

It had been two years since Bin had your fan. Dongmin had suggested a drama for him and he had checked it out only to become a huge fan of the supporting actress in the drama - you.

“We’re here,” the boys’ manager said from the driver’s seat and looked back at the two members. Bin hadn’t even noticed the van stopping.

“Let’s go,” Dongmin said and got out first. Bin followed him nervously, feeling like his knees had turned into spaghetti.

“It’s this way,” Dongmin said and glanced at Bin. “They’re probably taking a break now.”

Oh, great… Bin thought. He had thought he could just secretly watch you film and leave.

Don’t get him wrong though. He had been looking forward to this moment since the moment he became your fan. The reason he didn’t want to face you was because of how nervous he was.

I bet I’m going to say something stupid.

He considered running away several times while walking towards the set where you were currently talking with the director.

“Oh, God,” escaped Bin’s lips when he finally laid his eyes on you.

Dongmin chuckled and patted the younger one’s back. “There she is. Though you probably already noticed her.”

Despite having seen you in all those dramas and interviews, he couldn’t stop staring at you. You were laughing with one of the actresses who happened to be a close friend too. You were joking around which was not uncommon at all.

“She’s so pretty,” Bin sighed, looking at the smiling you.

Dongmin started dragging him towards you and the closer they got, the more nervous Bin became.

“______!” Dongmin called your name, catching your attention immediately.

“Oh, hi!” you greeted your co-star. “I thought you didn’t have to shoot today?”

“I just wanted to come see how the filming is going,” he smiled. “Also, this guy right here wanted to meet you so I brought him with me.”

You looked at Bin who was looking away, a little red in the face. “Hello,” you greeted him.

He did the same and glanced at you shyly while doing so.

You already knew who this was. You had been a fan of ASTRO even before becoming an actress. Even though you said you didn’t have favorites in the group, you had always been drawn to the guy who was standing in front of you right now.

“Moonbin, right?” you said.

He looked at you with wide eyes, forgetting his shyness for a few seconds. “Yes, that’s my name. Yes… Yeah…”

You looked at his pink cheeks and chuckled slightly. “I’m _____. Nice to meet you.”

“He already knows who you are,” Dongmin laughed. “He has been a fan-“

He got cut off by Bin who covered his mouth with his hand. “Hyung,” he whined.

“You’re a fan?” you asked, surprised.

Bin let go of the older one and scratched the back of his head. “Yeah… I enjoyed all your dramas… Well, not the one where you acted the crazy villain… I mean, I liked your acting but the drama wasn’t good… Yeah…”

“Really?” you smiled a little at his shyness. “We think alike, I didn’t like that drama either,” you confessed.

You knew Bin was usually extremely passionate on stage so seeing this shy, cute side of him was quite nice. You found this side of him just as charming as the one he had on stage.

Your comment left Bin smiling widely.

“I’ll go greet the others,” Dongmin stated and left before Bin could stop him.

Oh God… he thought, more nervous than before.

“You don’t have schedules today?” you asked him to break the nervous silence.

He gulped. “Y-yeah.”

You held back the chuckle that was trying to escape your lips. “Must be nice. I bet your schedule is always packed.”

“It’s not that packed, I bet yours is more packed.”

“No, no,” you shook your head. “I’m not that busy these days.”

He looked like he wanted to say something but couldn’t do it. No words came out.
“_____, we are resuming filming in a few minutes,” one of the staffs informed you.

“Okay,” you responded and turned to look at Bin again. “Are you going to stay and watch?”

“Probably,” he said, trying to hide his excitement.

“That’s not good…” you mumbled, a little nervous.

“What?” he asked, hoping he had heard you wrong.

“Oh, don’t misunderstand,” you gave him a smile. “It’s just that I’ll probably feel nervous, knowing someone like you is watching. I hope I don’t forget my lines…”

Someone like me? he felt giddy after hearing your words and blushed.

Still, just in case. “Would it be better if I left?” he asked cautiously.

“No, no, no!” you immediately said. “Don’t go, it’s okay. I’ll be okay.”

He stared at you and couldn’t help feeling good. She’s so nice…

“We’re starting!” the staff yelled.

“Yes, I’m coming!” you responded and gave Bin a look. “Let’s go?”

He nodded and you two walked to the set. You got ready and the filming started soon after. Bin couldn’t take his eyes off you. He was so immersed in your acting that he didn’t even notice that Dongmin had come to stand next to him.

So cool… Bin thought, eyes clued on you.

Dongmin was taking glances at him and couldn’t help but smile when he saw the expression on the younger one’s face.

He sure likes her a lot. Dongmin thought and shook his head a little with a smile on his lips. Who knows, maybe someday they’ll be more than each other’s fans.

If Park Jimin was a boyfriend.

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  • If Park Jimin is your boyfriend then get ready to die biTCH.
  • remember that sticky note thingy where almost all the boys said that Jimin would be a good bf or something??? Imagine him actually being so tho.
  • cutie would do some gooey mush type of stuff like stargazing from the highest hill of Seoul or something.
  • he would have snacks in tow.
  • feeding his s/o those snacks because his boo gotta be fed good.
  • s/o would suddenly say they’re cold; you’d expect a lovely boy to hand you their jacket, nah jimin shares. as in; “we can share my sweater?” and so then s/o is practically in their lap and their head is peeking out of the head hole of the sweater that jimin is also wearing and he just wraps his arms around s/o’s waist AND THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SEE IN FILMS FFS DIRECTORS.
  • cute parkdatass jimin has the actual courage to press the sweetest kiss to s/o’s cheek.
  • s/o blushes and turn red because they were blessed by bubblegum pink lips that are ethereal and fnoico2info4rnir what is life again?
  • jimin whispers his confession.
  • “i like you too” s/o whispers back as if they were 10 year old cuties on a cute date.
  • thus commences bf! jimin.
  • cute morning texts from him.
  • nighttime texts from him.
  • he’d do that cute shit like looking at the moon or something.
  • he’s the moon, you’re his sun. when one comes up for the other in another timezone, you’ll take a picture and be like ‘OH HEY YOU SURPRISED ME I WASN’T EXPECTING YOU!’
  • it’s like a mother’s meeting.
  • Tae hates s/o because stealing his bestie wtf jimin is breaking the bro code.
  • tae loves s/o when s/o comes to a deal of sending tae memes of jimin when jimin doesn’t notice.
  • party with maknae line.
  • aka snacks and video games.
  • not really jimin though because cuddling always overrules video games now.
  • #backhugsFTWAMIRIGHT
  • as jimin is parkdatassjimin, i suspect s/o to playfully squeeze his butt cheeks or do the yiken challenge on him because dat ass.
  • nose kisses ftw.
  • s/o dying because how did they land the ethereal beauty that is park jimin?
  • s/o actually bonds with Yoongi of their lord and saviour Park Jimin.
  • s/o protects jimin with Hobi #protectjiminsquad.
  • no but really, expect pans on their heads and wooden spoons as weapons against JK and Tae.
  • the #protectjiminsquad is no joke.
  • yoongi is a low-key participant of the squad but its corny and wait is jimin being attacked? yoongi will be joining s/o and hobi.
  • jimin twiddling his and s/o’s fingers together.
  • they end up making a handshake.
  • jk and tae are shaking.
  • but yeah, baby JIMIN is happy and so i’m happy.
  • i am once again, out.
  • thanks for reading :)
Guardian Angel - Part 5 - Jimin angst

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OKAY LISTEN TO ME, I KNOW THIS IS REALLY SHORT BUT THIS IS JUST A FILLER CHAPTER TO GET THE BORING CRAP OUT THE WAY OKAY???? For real though, I’m out of school for a while now so I have more time to write and I swear on my life the next part will be way way longer. I swear on my cats life. 

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

The car journey to Mina’s was the most awkward experience of Jimin’s existence. Even when the two of you met for the first time and he was decidedly favouring Mina over you - the thought of which made him cringe even now - it didn’t feel this unsettled and wrong. It made the journey last three times longer than it should have, and by the time Mina was sliding into the back seat of your car, sending Jimin a coy smirk through the wing mirror, he could have insisted that he tasted blood in his mouth.

If Mina mentioned anything to do with that night to you, he would do something drastic.

Angels didn’t often pray, but whenever they did, it was taken seriously.

“Hey Mina, how are you?” you chirped, the fake tone in your voice being so obvious that Jimin shrunk inside himself slightly and faced determinedly out of the window. You pulled away from the curb, heading in the direction of the cinema, and Jimin had half a mind to grab onto the steering wheel and made you turn around.

“I’m good, thanks, Y/N. How have you been?” Mina said, the very sound of her voice making Jimin’s skin crawl. “It’s been ages since we all hung out together.”

Now, Jimin often tried his best to see the good in people. He was an angel and angels were not petty creatures. Mina was a good person, and it was in no way her fault for Jimin’s actions; she was just as clueless as he was concerning his feelings for you and it was entirely Jimin’s fault that he had led her on like he had. In fact, now that Jimin was thinking about it, he had basically used Mina. At the very thought, the same sickly feeling rose in his throat and the idea of hurting both of the girls that meant so much to him.

She must have been confused waking up the next morning to find that Jimin had removed himself from her house so thoroughly it was like he was never there - Jimin didn’t even want to know what she must have thought of him in that moment.

Cheeks burning in shame, Jimin turned away and didn’t participate in yours and Mina’s happy conversation. To make matters worse, it had basically been Jimin’s fault that you hadn’t seen your best friend for the last few weeks. In addition, it would all come to a head when you inevitably found out that he had slept with Mina when he had lied to you in order to head to her house. Would that destroy all the good feelings you had towards him? Would it mean you would be unwilling to like him, to love him, if you thought your best friend did? That’s what most people did, wasn’t it?

The more Jimin thought about it, the more he wanted to dive out of the car and disappear forever.


It took way too long to get to the nearest cinema, even with the traffic being relatively good and the roads were mostly clear. Jimin all but dropped and rolled out of the car, forgetting to undo his seatbelt and being slammed back into his seat.

Ignoring the way Mina giggled at his error, he scrambled out of the car and waiting dutifully for the two women that he had done wrong to. A headache was beginning to press against the back of his eyes and he was shaking his leg in anticipation - nerves? - before you finally reached him and he was almost too preoccupied by the way that you smiled up at him for him to feel Mina wrap one of her arms around his left one, tugging him forwards.

“What film are we going to see?”

“Oh, I, uh…” Jimin stuttered, definitely not missing the way your face contorted as you took in the way Mina latched herself to him. “Y/N picked.”

“Oh, okay,” Mina said, smiling over at you. “What shall we watch Y/N? You’re the chosen one!”

You mustered up a half-hearted smile at her, but shoved your hands into the pockets of your jacket.

“There’s a showing of a film I really wanted to see. It’s an action film, is that okay?”

“Sure! Let’s go!”

Jimin felt sick again. Here the three of you were, him completely in love with you and your best friend was hanging off him like the two of them were dating or whatever. It wasn’t Mina’s fault. It wasn’t your fault. It was his fault for not paying attention when it was most important.

Subtly, ever so gently, he eased himself out of Mina’s grip, using the ruse that he was checking his phone. There was only a few texts from the tall doe eyed boy he worked with at the local café asking him to cover a shift tomorrow, and Jimin quickly replied confirming that he could. Some time away from both you and Mina was probably a good idea, and he could hide in the back room and beg Namjoon for help without getting weird looks from customers and other staff members.

In the queue for the tickets, Jimin’s face seemingly couldn’t lose the pink tinge and you still kept your hands deep in your pockets, shuffling around with your feet. Mina didn’t seem to notice, nattering about something and smacking Jimin jokingly when he merely shrugged in response to her questions.

His heart felt heavy with his mistakes. He liked Mina; he really did. She was a good friend and they had all had a lot of fun together over the last two years. But for the life of him, he couldn’t shirk the unjustifiable anger he felt towards her. It was his mistake, his actions that caused him to feel so unsettled and skittish, but he couldn’t help but feel mutinous towards her for her part in it.

Mina nudged him gently, breaking him out of his reverie. He could feel Namjoon’s gaze burning into the side of his face and Jimin blushed again, looking down to stare at Mina. She had obviously said something, waiting for a reply, but Jimin had been too lost in his thoughts to even listen to her. Feeling even guiltier, Jimin gently asked her to repeat herself and then his gaze locked onto you as you swept some hair behind your ear.

By God, you were so beautiful.

He could scarcely believe that he was given the honour of being your guardian angel, and he felt a sudden surge of affection for you again in that moment.

You were a stunner and Jimin wouldn’t rest until you were comfortably encased in his arms forever.

“I asked, are you okay? You seem distracted.”

He watched as you sunk your teeth into the flesh of your bottom lip and a sudden surge of something ran through Jimin’s entire body. He had never felt such carnal lust before, but watching you nibble on your bottom lip must have awoke the voyeuristic tendencies he didn’t even know he had and suddenly, he wanted nothing more in that moment that to sink his own teeth into your lip until the skin broke.

“Jimin?” Mina pressed, nudging him slightly harder and following his slightly unfocused gaze to your face. “What’s happening?”

“Hmm? Oh, sorry, I’m just thinking about work,” Jimin bluffed, gesturing to the phone he still had in his hand. “Jungkook wants me to cover his shift tomorrow and I’m trying to figure out how much extra pay I get.”

That was believable; Jimin was bad enough at maths that it didn’t seem so far fetched to believe that he had to take so long to add the two numbers together.

Even so, Mina looked suspicious and her arm latched around yours quickly, gently tugging you so yours and her bodies were leant against each others.

“Y/N! It’s been ages since we hung out, where have you been?”

“Oh, I know, I’m sorry Mina, I’ve just been so busy with life,” you genuinely looked upset by your separation from your best friend and Jimin’s heart sunk straight to his knees.

Nothing was going right at all, was it? He had accidentally pushed your closest friend away from you without meaning to, with little consideration as to how you feel about all this.

Shit. He was stupider than he thought he was.

“I could have told you that, kiddo.” Yoongi’s drawl echoed out of nowhere and Jimin grit his teeth in order to not curse out loud randomly.

“I get that, don’t worry,” Mina smiled, grinning at you. “You got a promotion right? I feel like such a bad best friend, we should have a girls night sometime! Come round mine and we can stuff ourselves on pizza and watch crappy films until we pass out.”

“That sounds really good actually, I’d love that.” you smiled brightly at your best friend, all signs of stress and anxiety melting from your face, and Jimin’s heart momentarily settled down.

Maybe everything would be fine.


Jimin could eat his fucking words. He was minding his own goddamn business, sitting between the two women (entirely accidental on his part, he just found himself jammed between you) and his hand was on his way to his mouth to shovel some popcorn in, when a hand slowly slid up his thigh and almost straight to his manhood.

The popcorn missed his mouth entirely as he lurched, turning with wide eyes to stare at Mina who was facing the big screen. She would have looked entirely innocent if it wasn’t for the devilish grin on her face.


“What are you doing?” Jimin hissed, easing her hand off his leg, begging, pleading, praying to every single deity higher than himself that you didn’t turn your attention from the film that you were so enraptured by.

Fuck, if Jimin didn’t know you at all and happened to be in the same room as you and see you from afar, he’d have a fat crush on you anyway just from the way you were giving all of your attention to a film with no shortage of explosions and gunfire. It was like you were made for him.

Oh wait.

“Do you not want this?” Mina questioned, eyes turning round and mouth pulling down into an adorable pout. Mina was gorgeous, she was; but she didn’t hold a candle to you at all.

“No,” Jimin snapped, before realising how much of an asshole he sounded. He was about to open his mouth and apologise before she pulled her hand back, bit her lip and stood up hurriedly.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” she whispered to your inquiry, and Jimin could do nothing more than watch as she rushed out of the dark room.

Fuck his entire life.

Jimin sighed dramatically, turning to you as you elbowed him gently.

“What was that about? Is she okay?” You questioned and Jimin could do little more than shrug, sighing heavily. “I’ll go and check on her.”

Jimin wanted to protest, he really did; particularly as it was his own fault that Mina was hurt, but he couldn’t stop you from comforting a friend without it weighing heavily on his conscious.

Perhaps it was better if you found out. At least that would give him time to think of a way to earn your forgiveness.

You carefully inched past Jimin who rolled his head back and sighed again, closing his eyes as if he could avoid the reality. Everything was blowing up around him and, for the second time that night, he watched as you hurried out of the room, the symphony of explosions and yelling as your theme song.

Any moment now you would find out his secret and that had the potential to ruin everything.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

Like on the list of things I want to see in future Fantastic Beast films:

1) More beasts. There were not nearly enough Dragons or Hippogriffs.
2) Credence alive and well, and becoming Newt’s apprentice, finding solace with the beasts.
3) The real Percival Graves
4) More about Newt’s backstory. Leta Lestrange. His brother. Etc.
5) The Goldstein sisters getting to do more. There was a lot to cram into FBAWTFT, but Queenie is an insanely powerful natural legillimens, and Tina used to be an Auror! Show us what they can do!
6) A really fantastic young Dumbledore.
7) Can we at least get rid of Depp’s mustache? Maybe he it grows into a beard while he’s in prison?
8) Dumbledore vs Grindlewald being the most badass wizarding duel we’ve ever seen.
9) Young Ollivander. Just because it’s something I need to see.
10) The Niffler making off with the ring when Newt and Tina get married.

April O'neil sketch! More I see trailers, more I want to see the film. It’s definitely growing on me. And I have to say, Megan Fox as April wasn’t a bad choice at all! Cheers, thanks for looking!

Sex Trip - Jay Park Scenario

As you might be able to tell.. this is smut. PURELY SMUT. 

Requested by anon. It was brought upon by this previous Jay Park scenario I wrote. ^^ Hope you enjoy this smut. I know I do. Hue hue hue. Jk that was really weird of me ahhh.

genre: smut

rating: M

characters: you x Jay Park

word count: 1,603

warning: this is just full of smut lol that’s all.


Late night cravings, aka Netflix and snuggling to your daily dose of the latest episode of your favorite show. And by snuggling, you meant, snuggling a bowl of last-minute cooked dinner while you surrounding yourself in comfort. Usually, you were alone in your apartment just doing your daily, but tonight, Jay had asked to hang out with you, even after dinner. Grabbing dinner with him was normal, almost every other day you guys got dinner.

I’ll be doing the same thing I usually do,” was your response to him asking to hang out afterwards.

He laughed, “that’s fine. I just wanna chill with you.

It was a little surprising since that had been the first time he suddenly asked that but oh well. He knew what was coming.

You got comfortable in your own home, showering while he searched through your netflix. When  you came out, in rather revealing clothes because it was summer, you just had a hot shower and you were also running out of some pajamas, you noticed him watching a movie without you.

Whatcha watching? On my netflix?

I don’t know it was on your recommended list. Plus I want to see what kind of films you’re into.

And you didn’t even wait for me?

Hey, you said to make myself comfortable,” he patted the seat next to him, “so come here and join me.

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walker-of-yggdrasil  asked:

Omg the rank strip in the vanity fair picture... Do you think Hhux isn't general anymore ??? It would totally make sense considering the story, but could you imagine how terrible it must be for him ?

Yea… I hate thinking about it, but I also love thinking about it. It’s looking more and more like he may have been demoted, which is fantastic awful.

I really want to see him start the film demoted, but scratch and claw his way up to emperor by ep.9, maybe. It is his dream, after all.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he holds an inner resentment for Snoke (and Kylo, of course) and he’s biding his time…

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Three things confirmed about JCL. He's from Australia, 25 yrs old and 185 cm tall. Uh-huh. I want to see him in future films and shows. He's a great actor and has a gorgeous and sexy face.

he was pretty good in TWP despite the poor material :/ so yeah, i really hope we will see more of him!

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I want to see an animated film with your characters (all of them, your bts and your original characters)!!!!!! You're so talented. I actually printed some of your drawings so I can put them up in my room. Is that okay? Ummm if it's not, i'll take them down i promise. I adore you ❤️

Hahaha, really??
And no, it’s fine! 😊


I knew there was a reason I wanted to see this film……