I don’t really want Phan to “come out”.

I want Dan to casually say “So, when Phil and I were on a date a few weeks ago…”

I want Phil to comment on how he went to 5 stores to find Dan that anime he wanted for their anniversary.

I want them to read an email that says “Dan, kiss Phil” during PINOF 8 and for Dan to say “okay” and do it.

I want them to eventually start making videos in the same bedroom.

I want them to one day be wearing rings and not say anything about it.

I want a day in the life video where they go shopping for baby clothes and put together a crib.

And I want them to hold hands and kiss and show affection whenever they want and not care what other people think and not be pressured by the phandom because they’re really, really happy.

I would watch an entire movie about Flynn Rider. I want to know what happened with his parents, where he was born, what the orphanage he lived in was like. I want to know if he ever fell in love before Rapunzel, or if he ever had his heart broken. Was he always a sarcastic little shit? I picture little Flynn, being the one who steals candy just to give it to the younger kids. He was probably like a big brother, the one all the others looked up to. 

I bet whenever he read them the story of Flynn Rider, he would watch their eyes light up. He would feel their excitement, and it would be contagious. I bet those were some of the happiest moments of his life. I wonder how many times he read about Flynn Rider, how many times he found himself dreaming about a different life. 

Did he ever have a chance of having a family? Did anyone ever show interest in him, besides the other kids in the orphanage? Did he ever have a true family? How and why did he leave the orphanage? Once he did, was he broke, homeless, lonely? What drove him to the point where living a fantasy as Flynn Rider, and stealing to make a living, was the better option? Was it a small lie that grew, and grew, until it became his reality? Did he ever feel guilty about it? 

I want to see the events of Tangled through his eyes. Had any adult shown genuine interest in him before Rapunzel? Did Rapunzel remind him of someone he used to know at the orphanage? How did he feel when Rapunzel treated him with respect, didn’t take any of his shit, took interest in his real story, showed no judgement for his life choices? How did he feel when she saw the real Euegene Fitzherbert, despite the walls he had spent years and years building and perfecting? How did it feel when Rapunzel’s family took him in despite his wrongdoings, and was that the first time he experienced that kind of affection? 

I want a movie. Or a book. I want the whole backstory of Flynn Rider Eugene Fitzherbert. I want all the dirty details, all the moments that lead him to stealing the crown, and finding himself stuck with Blondie. 

Can we please have the first Disney Prince movie, and have it be a prequel to Tangled, all about Eugene Fitzherbert? 

I need it. 


Lance: I’m going to kiss you in all the most beautiful places so that whenever you visit them, my lips will be what always comes to your mind first. I want you to visit just to be reminded of us, and I want you to never forget that our relationship is just as wonderful as where we’ve kissed-

Keith: Lance, this is a McDonald’s parking lot…

Lance: Offended. Blocked and Unfollowed.


I left my number in a library book once when I was in college, hoping I’d get a late-night call sometime and someone would want to talk about it. I can’t remember for sure what it was, but I think it might have been Proust. I’m still waiting on that phone call.

Whenever I see phone numbers in books, I always want to call them. A new series for the Tumblr? Hey, Martha. I found your book and just wanted to say hi. How’s it going? What are you reading these days?

If you had to choose one book to leave your phone number in, what would it be?


I keep wondering how it came to be that Han and Leia named him Ben. When I think about this for some reason I imagine Leia being around 7 months pregnant and being so frustrated because Han isn’t being helpful at all and is not putting forward any ideas. It has gotten so bad that Luke has to mediate between them whenever they sit down to talk about it. So Luke is sitting off in the corner reading something or working or whatever and Han and Leia are sitting across the room talking about baby names and Leia is getting so annoyed that she just bursts out and says, “Well what do you want him to be called?” and Han just goes really quiet and say, “Well I do have an idea but well I don’t really want to name him that”, and Leia is so relieved that Han at least has an idea that she bugs him until he eventually just says, “Ben”. 

Then Luke looks up quite suddenly and just stares at Han, Leia is doing the same and Han just goes red and gets super embarrassed and stumbles over his next words because he feels the need to justify his choice, “Well the man did save all of our lives and if it wasn’t for him we never would have all met each other and..” and he just trails off and looks away. Eventually Han meets Luke’s eye and Luke just asks, “Why wouldn’t you want to call him that?”.
Han looks mildly surprised, “Because I figured that you’d want the name if you ever had a kid” and Luke just goes a tad red and mumbles out a surprised, “Oh” and then when he finally gets over his shock says, “Ben obviously meant a lot to you as well, I think you should have the name” and Leia just rubs her stomach lovingly and whispers out, “Baby Ben” and then finally Han just smiles slightly and says, “He’ll do the name justice, he’ll make the old man proud”.  

I want to remember how my heart beats fast whenever my phone beeps for a message. I used to be always excited from the words that will show up. It may or may not make sense but every word coming from you makes my heart stops. It’s like your words have magic that it makes me feel so loved every time I’m reading them. They are so sweet that I couldn’t help but fall for you even harder.

I want to remember how fire starts building up in me whenever you skin kisses mine. There was this electrifying sensation all around my body whenever our skins touch each other before. It seems like a strong volt is hitting us for that intense love we have and it doesn’t feel nonsense because it actually makes a complete sense having you around.

I want to remember how my heart sinks whenever you hold my hand as we walk down each path. It’s funny that there has always been an overwhelming feeling whenever you hold me. It gives me the secured thought that nothing can break us apart and the warmth I’ve been longing for all my life.  As much as simple they look like, feeling them is an entirely different story.

I want to remember how your hugs stop the turning of the world. It used to be the most comfortable place I have been. I always wanted to stay there. Like, I could just let a day passed by staying in your loving arms and endless comfort. None of all the problems I have stays whenever you cling to me firmly.

I want to remember how my tummy ties a knot whenever you lips touches mine. It didn’t make sense in the past. It’s inscrutable having a home of butterflies in your stomach and not having the strength to stop them from flying all around. I never knew that was all because of your kiss. I used to look for that same sensation to others but it never showed up like the way you did.

I want to remember how it feels like when you’re falling in love. It’s been awhile and my heart has been empty all this time. I have almost forgotten every beauty falling in love can give me. The only memories that are so clear to me are all the hateful feeling I had when you shattered the most precious thing I have – my heart.

So I want to remember what falling in love is.. I want to fall in love again.

Being a girlfriend.

I’m kinda possessive sometimes. It’s natural to me. I’m clingy. I’ll spam your inbox every morning with sweet messages so that you’ll automatically smile as you read my messages. I’ll call you nonstop whenever i got no reply from you. I’m selfish and all because i only want you to be mine, deal with it, what’s mine is only mine. I’ll protect what’s mine, i won’t let them harm you, i won’t let them take you away from me. I need to set some boundaries in here that’s why they should know where to stand in someone’s life especially when it comes to my boyfriend. I am his girlfriend and some other girls who wants to flirt with him should back off. I mean, this isn’t just me, right? Like I’m not alone in this kind of attitude. I easily get jealous. It isn’t because I don’t trust him, it’s just that i can’t help it especially when someone is making him smile. I trust him from the moment we started our relationship, but it’s just that I don’t trust the people around him.

I’ll sing a song for him whenever he’s sad or he can’t sleep. I’ll cook his favorite food and every night we spend time to watch our favorite movie until we fall asleep. I’ll hug him tight whenever he least expect it because nothing i just feel like doing it, i just want to make him feel that i’m always here for him. I’ll kiss him, i want to make him feel how much i love him. I wouldn’t get tired telling him how much i love him. I will always tell and do the things that can put a smile on his face. I’m not perfect but i can be the best girlfriend for him. I’ll be his better half. Someone he can lean on to, anytime. I cant say whether how long we’ll be together but as long as were both trying.

Perihelion || Whenever people ask me what I want to do with my life what they usually mean is “how are you going to make money?” And all I can offer them is awkward, incomplete mumbles of various things I’m interested in.

But the truth is I don’t know. I’m a little lost, which is fine. But I do know when I listen to certain songs, watch certain movies, talk to certain friends, see certain people that make my heart leap, read poems, cry and laugh, I have a moment of clarity - “this is what I want to do with my life.”

I want to feel it all; the ethereal, the beautiful. And I want to make others feel the same. I don’t think life is about making a living, I think it’s about finding the moments that make us alive.

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We Were Born to Rise (A Marauders Era Fic)

A/N: Dedicated to Caroline, also known as the reason I became Jily trash. This fic wouldn’t exist without you. (Btw you don’t know how hard it was for me to not spill the beans on the fact I was writing a fanfic. I almost told you like a thousand times.) x

A/N: So this is the first fanfic I’ve ever written. Wow. I’m impressed by myself.

Anyway, I just want to give you a bit of info before you begin reading. This started off as a Jily fanfic but, halfway through planning it, I realised that I cared too much about Sirius, Remus, Peter’s and other minor character’s backstories to not give them as much of a chance as Lily and James at showing them. I don’t want them to feel like props I use to fill my story whenever I’m not talking about how Lily and James fall in love. I want them them to feel involved and important in the story so basically this has become a Marauders’ Era fanfic set in their 6th year. I gave it the best shot I had and I hope you’ll like and please keep in mind this is the first fanfic I’ve ever written so it might not be very good. And I promise that there will be Jily, because they’re the reason I wanted to write this.

Summary: The story of children that were stripped of their innocence and forged to fight a war whose enormity they couldn’t fathom. (AO3)

Chapter 1 - A New Home (James’ POV)

James sat at the dining room table ignoring his parents’ concerned looks. Despite the big summer storm blowing up outside, he was too enthralled in his own thoughts to be bothered by it and didn’t jump when a clap of thunder shook the whole house. A flash of lightning caught his attention and made him look up at the window. The raindrops sounded like pebbles hitting the glass and the wind was pushing against the house making it shake under its pressure. Every so often, Mr. Potter would glance at the family’s relics with an eagle eye to check if they were in peril of falling.

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I make little high pitched keening sounds to myself whenever I think about Jeremy Brett’s Holmes, it’s very embarrassing

Hello everyone~! I have some little updates about WLITW.

Firstly I have actually started working on the pages~! To be honest though this I’m actually working on redrawing the previous 13 pages I’d already made, yeah, its already getting rebooted before I even post it haha. but the new pages are looking a lot better and are something I’m a lot happier to post.
I’m still not sure when I can give a proper launch date, as I would like to get a good batch of pages made before I start posting them, but hopefully it should be sometime soon! I’m really excited to share this story as soon as I can, but I want to be able to keep to a schedule, instead of just posting whenever.
Secondly I won’t actually be posting the comic on tumblr, but it will be available to read on Tapastic~!

As for this blog, I’ll be using it as a little development blog, I’m alreday in the process of giving it a new look.
I want to keep comic updateses on here and share more of my sketches and comic work, and hopefully introduce the characters a little better.

So hopefully I’ll be posting more sketches and concepts soon~!
To start here’s a little Alexa I drew to warm up before I started drawing page 03~!

So I really love sexy boyfriends or newly weds!Ereri where they can just do whatever they want when they want to and have crazy wild sex all over their house and stay up late watching movies and travel the world whenever they choose to and just live life to the fullest. 

But I also really love domestic!Ereri where they’re both super awkward parents trying to raise an adorable little child and read them bedtime stories and make sure they eat all their vegetables and that they take a bath before bed. Levi watching as Eren lays on the floor and allows their child to romp all over him, pretending like he’s being utterly defeated and overpowered. Levi cooks the meals for them and keeps the house clean, trying to teach their child proper manners and cleaning rituals and Eren laughing at how finicky he is about everything and oh my god domestic!ereri.

hi taylorswift! This is me taking my AP chemistry midterm today. You may have noticed that I decorated my desk area with a bunch of your polaroids from 1989! I brought them in to help me out throughout the two hour exam. Whenever I needed a little inspiration, I would look at them. Or if I needed a smile I would read the lyrics and look at how pretty the pictures are. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me survive my chemistry exam today. I don’t know what I’d do without you there (in spirit of course!). Hopefully I can actually be with you soon, but until then I just want to say that I love you so much! And thanks again for helping me out on my exam!

*** do not delete the text or a tiger will cry and be really sad :( ***

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  • Hey guys! So hopefully I'm going to be meet and greet for my next PTX concert. And I have this idea of giving each member their own personalized scrapbook. With your help they're going to be filled with well wishes, fan photos, meet and greet photos, quotes of general feelings towards any member (or the group in general) basically anything you want to say to any member ( or if you want PTX in general) so that way whoever can never meet them or have a follow on Twitter from them can rest easy knowing PTX knows how they feel! All submissions will be kept private and only me and the member/s of your choice will get to read/see them! Drop a Twitter or Instagram name so PTX knows who each letter/picture/whatever is from! I know whenever I meet or miss someone I love I wish they knew how I felt. And I would be so happy if I could say what I wanted to them. Well if you feel the same now is your chance! Deadline is September 30th! If you can please send it in before so I have time to include all of you and still make the pages nice! Thanks guys!
The Motivation Self Talk

My advice is to write this down on a little piece of paper & keep it with you so that you can read it whenever you are feeling low, unmotivated, stressed, overwhelmed, lost, etc. You can read it when you first wake up, before you go to bed, when you don’t know what else to do, just whenever you want. You’ll be your own personal motivator, ready to face whatever comes your way. (Taken from the book, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself by Shad Helmstetter)  

*I can do anything I believe I can do! I’ve got it & everyday I get more of it. I have talent, skills & ability.

*I set goals & I reach them. I know what I want out of life. I go after it & I get it.

*I feel good about myself. I have a sense of pride in who I am & I believe in myself.

*I have a lot of determination. I turn problems into advantages.

*I have a lot of energy - I am very alive! I enjoy life & I can tell it & so can others.

*I know that I can accomplish anything I choose.

*I have strength, power, conviction, & confidence!

*I am on top of the world & I’m going for it. I have a clear picture in my mind of what I want. I can see it in front of me. I know what I want & I know how to get it. I know I can do it.

*I trust myself. I’ve got what it takes - plenty of it - & I know how to use it. Today more than ever. I’ve got myself together & I’m getting more together every day. & today - look out world, here I come!

*I am honest & sincere. I like to deal with people & they like me. I think well; I think clearly. I am organized; I am in control of myself, & everything about me.

*Today I have the inner strength to do more than ever.

*My goals & my incredible belief in myself turn my goals into reality. I have the power to live my dreams. I believe in them like I believe in myself, & that belief is so strong that there is nothing that diminishes my spirit.

The book suggests you read this list to yourself 3-4 times a day for a week or more to help reprogram your mind to stay motivated.

I want to set foot to all the planets and stars on your universe and I will carve my name on them so they won’t forget me. I want to chase all your comets until they crash through the asteroids and they would ablaze giving light so that I can see more of your insides.

I want to read all the chapters of your book the way I read my favorite novel when I was fifteen. I want to memorize each word by heart so that I could recite them on my mind whenever it is midnight and I am missing you.

I want to climb all your mountains and swim through your entire ocean. I want to hike through your forests and watch your volcanoes explode as I collect all the lava, for they are parts of you that I would like to accept.

I want to find the way out of your labyrinth and untangle you as if you are my own earphone. I want to find the hidden places from the chambers of your heart to the parts of your mind that were never been penetrated.

I am just a wanderlust and I want to explore the world that is you.

—  n.a., Wanderlust
How to Fully Enjoy the Perks of Being Iwa-chan's Boyfriend

Read this masterpiece on AO3 at http://ift.tt/1TfIx3o

by afuzzyowl

Ten privileges of being Iwaizumi’s boyfriend: a guide by Oikawa Tooru.

Number one: getting to grope Iwaizumi’s biceps whenever he wanted to. 

“Mmmm, Iwa-chaaaan,” Oikawa moaned obscenely as he rubbed his face against Iwaizumi’s arms. “Your biceps are so buff, so manly, so hard, I just want to touch and lick and suck and bite them all day, oh god, look at the veins.”

“Oikawa, I’m trying to cram for the English test.”

Words: 2528, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on AO3 at http://ift.tt/1TfIx3o

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