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Who worries about how they will look when they’re older
-I want to say Drew. May made a comment one day saying that when Drew is old she wonders if his hair is gonna look like a dry piece of lettuce and he doesn’t want that at all. But it’s nothing really serious.

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s
-Drew did for May at first because she could not figure it out herself. But it’s not really necessary anymore since she can just download it straight to her phone/iPod.

Clings to the other during scary movies
-May, which is totally okay with Drew because he loves cuddling with May and he’s a little bit scared himself.

Gets into the shower with the other randomly
-May would for a few reasons, maybe she needs a shower as well and doesn’t want to wait since Drew’s showers can take forever or she’s feeling frisky lol

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone
-May would I think, but she’d do it on purpose like, “I don’t have a good grip on my towel and oops I accidentally dropped it right in front of you Drew, what a coincidence.” Drew obviously enjoys this little show May likes to put on.

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving
-Drew does. May will be looking out the window, spacing out when she feels his hand slip into hers. She quickly whips her head around to see Drew looking out the front window with a small smile on his face. May smiles back, returning his grip.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events
-May, but this is after she’s had a little bit to drink. Drew will be talking to someone and May comes up and grabs his butt. Drew is momentarily startled by this but quickly recovers. May just stands there with a smirk on her face. Afterwards Drew pulls May aside to ask her why she did that, but they end up in a locked backroom for about 20 minutes.

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night
-May, especially when she can’t sleep. Sometimes, she’ll wake Drew up because something crossed into her mind that couldn’t wait till morning. She asked one night if he thought “vegetables have feelings and get sad when their friends are picked at the grocery store” Drew’s answers is a quick “go back to sleep May” while flipping over to his other side.

Asks “what are you thinking about?”
-Drew, sometimes it seems like he can never figure out what’s going on inside May’s mind. Sometimes she’ll get this dreamy spaced out look on her face and he has to ask, “what are you thinking about?” May just shakes her head, smiles at him and says “..nothing sorry.” Drew just shrugs in response.

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)
-I think they both would be, but Drew more. They’re a very hands on couple, when they’re out in public they’re holding hands, or Drew’s hand will be on May’s knee when they’re out at dinner. At home, he’s always coming up from behind to hug her, or to cuddle on the couch and even kissing. They can’t get enough of each other.

I’m gonna be SO upset if Miss Fame sashays away before the freaking costume/sewing challenges, especially that one near the end that they have to put together 2 looks and create another out of a random material (hair/candy/etc..).

She is a runway girl, bitch fucking owns a brand. I really wanna see what she comes up with. Up until now she didn’t disappoint me a single time on her runways.

I’m just SICK of these silly acting/comedy group challenges. Theyre really wasting some of the girls’ potential. I mean, Violet, Miss Fame, Max and Pearl all excel in fashion, they all have interesting and edgy aesthetics and I wanted to see more of their creativity. They’re really wasting these gorgeous glamour/look queens trying to make them clowns, it’s just frustrating. I mean, we don’t get to see a group of queens like this since season 3’s Heathers.

Because when I’m in a sari and a bindi, I feel the MOST beautiful, and yet, I grew up with people giving me funny looks for being Indian. When I showed up to school with mehndi on my hands, kids would ask me if I had a disease. Why did I draw on my hands? It looks stupid. And now you’re all about the henna craze. I grew up with my mom telling me to stay out of the sun so I would stay as light as possible, trying to make me look white instead of my beautiful brown color. I asked her to stop putting coconut oil in my hair because the girls at school made fun of me for how oily it looked, for the smell. Now you’re all paying a shit ton of money to get that oil. That oil, that mehndi, my skin, those bindis, that I grew up hating, because of you, and now you want to take it for yourselves and use it without a damn care in the world for where it came from? No.

Wipe that mehndi off your hands and get that bindi off your forehead. This is not your culture. It’s mine. And I will not let you take it from me. From us.

“Because being brown is hard but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” #Reclaimthebindi #coachellashutdown

You fall in love with her sharp wit and sharper tongue.
You love her wild eyes and wilder hair.
You adore her unbridled strength and bravery.
You fall in love with her selflessness and compassion.

You can have anything you want, whatever you crave.
You discover you can’t have her.
You mourn the differences that keep you apart.
Your age, her age, her friends, your choices.

You watch her stand out, watch her ripples make waves.
You stand at the shore, wide-eyed and proud.
You let her successes wash over you.
You wish her celebrations were with you.

Your performance in sports and school drop.
You can’t focus on anything but redredred.
Your mates and family berate you.
You wonder when you became so lovesick.

You note the close relationship she shares with your siblings.
You shove down feelings of envy, jealousy, and regret.
You struggle the intensity of your feelings and temper.
You decide that something needs to change.

You turn your focus back to sports, to school.
You improve your grades, win all of your games.
You swell with pride when you see her at matches.
You try harder when you realize she’s cheering for you.

You kiss her once and it sets fire to your insides.
You swallow disappointment when she tells you it won’t work.
You force yourself to breathe when she dates your brother.
You learn to take what you can get from her.

You earn a place in her close knit group of friends.
You stay up late, count the stars with her when she can’t sleep.
You exchange stories, compare your world with hers.
You decide that you can be content with just this.

You attempt to date other people, but nothing sticks.
You watch as her relationship crumbles before you.
You try not to feel joy, happiness, because she’s wounded.
You can’t help but feel smug while your brother glowers.

You don’t act immediately, preferring to bask in the aftermath.
You find you wait too long to tell her you love her.
You miss your chance, watch her fall in love with someone else.
You gulp down unsaid words and bitter feelings.

You distract yourself with graduation and future plans.
You move across countries, take up dangerous jobs.
You love the adrenaline that comes with the risk.
You pretend she doesn’t cross your mind at night.

You write her letter after letter, one for every day you’re gone.
You never send half of them, your confessions etched in paper.
You meet a girl and while she isn’t her, you work well together.
You think this might not be what you wanted, but you’re content.

You come home one summer and she’s there.
You feel your heart race and your breath catch in your throat.
You forgot how strikingly beautiful you find her.
Your eyes meet hers and you can’t keep from grinning stupidly at her.

You spend the entire week by her side, giddy from her presence.
You ignore the knowing looks your sister throws your way.
You return home and break up with your girlfriend.
You learn she runs away three weeks later.

You chase her across countries when she runs.
You locate her in tombs and cafes.
You’re enamoured by her recklessness.
You would chase her to the ends of the earth.

You catch her twice, someone else beats you third time.
You leave, despite your instincts and better judgement.
You return home and to work feeling dejected, defeated.
You dream of her every night and she continually slips away.

You travel home a month later and spot her in a cafe.
You hear all of her stories, reasons for running and coming home.
You hide your pain when she tells you why she’s returned.
You knew it wouldn’t be because of you.

You’re caught off guard when she shows up at your door.
You hide your confusion as she backs you up against a wall.
You grab hands when she barks, you should’ve chased me then.
You lace your fingers in hers and say, I thought you wanted him.

You’re surprised when she kisses you fiercely.
Your insides are alight with a renewed fire.
You feel a hunger you’d thought you long repressed.
You press kisses all over, to make up for lost time.

You whisper all the things you waited to say into her hair.
You say always when she asks how long you’ll love her.
You grin when she says I think you’ve always been my forever.
You pull her closer and tell her, you’ve definitely been mine.

—  20 stages of loving the flight-risk girl (s.s.)

I still have no clue where I am, I think it’s a magic fairy palace, but I love it so much. So many people have my hair but they have it like, a ginger red while mine’s more cupcake-y. I wonder if they have cupcakes here, I love cupcakes. One time, I ran out of red food colouring for my red velvet cupcakes and put my hair dye in. It was funny at first, until I had to spend three nights at the hospital, then it really wasn’t funny at all.

Hide - Addendum

You might want to read Hide first because otherwise this will make very little sense I’m afraid.

I had half of this scene written, but decided to leave this part out of the fic because it didn’t fit with the feel I wanted at the end. Three people however mentioned it in their comments/reviews/asks (without knowing I’d thought about it already), so I said I’d consider writing it. And I did.

It’s late, almost dinnertime, when Robin makes it back to his camp.

They’d kissed and talked and kissed some more, and he’d dragged her back to bed, back to his arms. They’d snuggled for a mid-morning nap, all smiles and giggles, her back pressed to his chest, his nose buried in her hair. Her curves moulded his body as perfectly in the light of the morning as they did in the dark of the night, and he’d taken that moment to reassure her, to remind her that he meant every word.

This was new. This was unexpected. But he was so, so very happy he came tonight. That he’d found her. That against all odds, it was her.

They’d slept through morning, woke up and ate a light lunch before she’d finally agreed to go with him, to leave her cursed existence behind and to never look back.

They’d taken with them but the bare minimum. She wanted a new life, she’d said, and that had made Robin happy beyond reason, the small sparkle of hope glistening in her eyes making his heart soar all over again as he kissed her tears away before they could reach her chin.

This woman was beyond his comprehension, beyond reason itself. It was all happening so fast, but he’d always trusted his guts, and he’d trust them now. She was danger and passion wrapped up in one, and she already had all of him, even if she didn’t know it yet.

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Fina for my Skies of Arcadia redesign.

Fina surprisingly gave me a lot more trouble than either Vyse or Aika did. I ended up keeping the dress-type outfit she had in the original game, as it makes her look more out of place on the sea in contrast to Vyse and Aika. Additionally, I made Fina’s hair straight and orderly to contrast with Aika’s to represent their differing personalities. I wanted Fina to read as someone who’s more serious and slightly more introverted.

Because Aika already had a flying bird as a weapon, I had to change Cupil so there weren’t two flying animals as weapons. Instead, I gave Fina a staff with some kind of exotic Silvite crystal that I imagine is able to change shape just like Cupil can. So as you upgrade Fina’s staff, the crystal is able to change shape into other types of weapons such as an axe, spear, halberd, hammer, etc. In this way, she can also physically attack as well as cast spells.

Xe wears short skirts, tight shirts, and skinny jeans,
body-hugging dresses that accentuate her curves
and her femininity, because xe likes to feel pretty,
but sometimes xe feels sick to xyr stomach
from the way people look at xem and see only her: 
long hair, her breasts, her eyes, her smile, and their words fester
in xyr brain: “Girl, lady, miss, daughter, sister, niece, girl”
and it feels like xyr flesh has been flipped inside out
and stitched together from mismatched body tissues,
a mess of odds and ends and hollow spaces
where dysphoria settles in and makes itself at home,
easing into the curves of palms, the cavities between ribs,
the lining of xyr uterus, expanding,
and xe can’t breathe, xe wants to scream,
Don’t call me a girl! I’m not a girl! I am a storm wearing skin,
a raging tornado vortex contained in a body
that may not be the right shape to hold it,
but that does not give you the right to try to mould it for me.
Try to contain me in a box of labels and gender roles, I dare you—
I will erupt, a tsunami spilling over the walls
of the social constructions you try to hold in place,”
but they don’t hear xem because they’re too busy
trying to find excuses for her, reasons why she would want
to bind her chest so flat it’s difficult to breathe,
why she wants to wear a tux to prom, why she cut her hair short,
any explanation except for the one looking at them from her body
with silent screams stuck on xyr tongue.
Xe wants to take a razor to her swollen breasts,
to carve out the mounds of white fat swelling like tumours
from her chest, push around her flesh so there’s more room
for xe to breathe beneath the pressing weight of her femininity,
unzip her skin and leave it by the side of the road,
no better than carrion for the birds to devour.
Suddenly the body that xe once loved
has become a cage trapping xem inside of herself,
forcing xe to become she as the people around her say
that it’s just a silly phase because she is just teenager,
that she has no idea what she is talking about
because xe is just a stupid, silly, confused
It's a surprise! || Kaden & Addie

Today was the day. It was Kaden and Addie’s first date since she’s been in the house and you could tell the he was a bit nervous. All he wanted to do was make this perfect. He pulled on a hoodie and pulled the hood over his head. He sighed, smoothing down his outfit. Running a hand with his hair, He made sure he had everything before heading outside his room. As soon as he got out he went down the hall to Addie’s room. Knocking on her door lightly, rocking back and fourth on his heels until there was an answer.


I have one thing to say:

 Meredith Foster A.K.A. HolyKalelCullen, is the evilest, foulest, most despicable person I’ve had the misfortune to meet on the internet yet.

Not only has she told Anthony to kill himself and his family, she’s made accusations that Kalel will kill herself because of him.

I’m not usually a very angry person, I try to be rational but this thing hahas tweeted so much bullshit I literally tore out some of my hair.

She needs to be stopped.

Not only are her tweets triggering for people contemplating suicide or that have depression, but she literally has no compassion or morals.

I wouldn’t normally make a rant post or hate post but this bitch is ridiculous. She tagged Anthony with a bunch of hate tweets that made me want to cry.

I’m reporting her.

She. Cannot. Get. Away. With. This.

I will not stand by and watch tell Anthony he is the reason for “Kalel’s need to commit suicide" 

Rant over.



Or at least the prototype for my pairing plushie set with Jasper that I planned. I wanted to make Jasper bigger, but that would require to top the 50 cm of Peridot here, Peri just came out way too HUGE. Her hair was quite the challenge to knit as well. I used neon yellow, because I didn’t really know what else to choose as a color.

So yeah, Jasper will be done next. :3 And then, if people are interested in these, I can put them up on my etsy or something, as it would help me pay for moving out and for my studies.

Jonathan Crane stood to welcome his new patient to his private practice. Dealing with the broken minds in Arkham Asylum sometimes drove him near to crazy himself - the petty tribulations of suburbanites who worked in the city near his office were the perfect thing to keep his mind fresh and agile for his research. He chose to see relatively few, always referred to him by close associates who knew his tastes. 

He was surprised to see Jess come through his door - it was rare that someone younger than 30 sought him out. Most often it was people with marital problems seeking to understand what they wanted who entered his world through this office door. Jess was a bright spark putting shame to the darkness that lay upon his usual clients. The only visible darknesses about her were her raven hair and soulful eyes.

Crane came around his desk to take her hand, making solid eye contact to take her measure: “Hello, i’m Dr. Crane. How can I help you?”

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I know you have the trailer for Unfriended listed but I wanted to let you know I saw it and one main character implied that another was molested by her uncle when she was young. One girl died by being forced to deepthroat a hair straightener while it was turned on. It shows a video of a girl passed out drunk and covered in feces. She's cyberbullied bc of this and shoots herself (which it also shows). Plus so much slut-shaming! Idk how much of this qualifies but I wanted to let you know.:)

Pretty much all of it.

Christ. I doubled down on the warning without being descriptive.

Seems like they are taking the realities of cyber bullying and using them to make a gratuitously disgusting film for shock value.


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Since the new trailer just got out, what are your thoughts about the LL trailer?

Nico wakes up with an Alpaca in her bed and no memories in her head. She only remembers driving to her graduation party with her crew and drinking lots of cocktails of the color blue. Things got wild and out of control, and before you know, Nico’s alone and everyone’s gone and she can’t reach them on the phone because she fucking woke up in America before dawn. 

Now it is Nico’s job to find the rest of her team before it is too late. ‘Too late for what’ you ask. It’s more suspenseful if you don’t know. Stay tuned.

- Hangover IV, new movie coming soon

Surprise DeLuxe download - Part One

All her outfits except everyday are (probably) randomized, and I have absolutely no idea what her traits are - so please make them whatever you’d like!

TOU: Do whatever. I’d love to see her in a bunch of games, so tag/message me (@simsandgiggles) if you use her and you want me to like the heck out of all your pictures!

Diamond DeLuxe, DeLuxe 100 baby rainbowcy founder

Skin (Cookie)
Clothes (from the store and Late Night)
My sliders (very minimally used)

Download Diamond: (Dropbox)


Happenings in Silvermill :D

Lady Jacqueline got a shiny new hair (although I still haven’t decided if I like alpha hairs in this game or not). And I have to convert more stuff for kids! (And finally figure out how to make clothing morphs appear on converted clothes, duh)

Also, I didn’t expect that Princess Phylippa will actually use her bed, but she does! I kinda want to make her playable, but I could only play in free mode after then… decisions

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I think Disney changed their mind on Tiana's hair because of Rapunzel & Merida's hair before her, they both had dramatic hair, and they wanted to have variety in their princesses hair.

I didn’t make or comment on this post, I just reblogged it.

Anyways… no.

Rapunzel and Merida came after Tiana. TPATF was released in 2009, while Tangled and Brave came out in 2010 and 2012.

When you consider  Pocahontas, Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel, Esmeralda, Kida, Meg… pretty much all of the princesses/heroines that come before Tiana (and after…) have incredible, extravagant hair. Disney has proven time and time again that they can animate amazing hair. They could’ve given Tiana beautiful, bouncy curls- they certainly had the ability to. They just didn’t give a fuck.

Before I was as outspoken as I am now, I was a little girl who hated the color of her skin. I would take baths and try to scrub the blackness out of my skin. I would cry and pray that God would make my skin lighter every day. I hated that I was the only black child in my class and I wanted to have hazel eyes and light brown hair. I wanted to be accepted so badly. Do you know how damaging that is to have that mindset at four years old? How fucked up is society that a four year old hates herself? I was too black. I was ugly. If I was lighter, everyone would love me and would want to be my friend. This picture was almost twenty years ago and I’ve only recently realized how beautiful I am. Centuries of systematic oppression has forced generations to be brainwashed into thinking that European standards of beauty are the only standards worth having. I say FUCK that. Melanin is BEAUTIFUL in every culture. BREAK the cycle. Our mothers, aunts, sisters, and daughters should be told they’re beautiful. || #locsofpoetry #mylife