The last time Emma saw Hook, she kissed him and said, “I love you.” She said she wanted to tell him then when they weren’t dying, when they weren’t running, when there wasn’t extreme drama. We see that Emma is starting to try and put her life back together and keep her walls down and move forward. We’re going to see those two try to grow.
—  Edward Kitsis (x)
The last time Emma saw Hook, she kissed him and said, “I love you.” She said she wanted to tell him then when they weren’t dying, when they weren’t running, when there wasn’t extreme drama. We see that Emma is starting to try and put her life back together and keep her walls down and move forward. We’re going to see those two try to grow.
The Signs as Girls I've Fallen In Love With
  • <p><b>Aries:</b> You were out with your friends. Your smile was so big and so gorgeous. You looked over at me twice, a smirk painted on your round face. You were so cute, you intimidated me a little bit. But you had a softness about you.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> My first girl crush. Your eyes were storms, and your cheeks always rosy. You always made my knees quiver and my heart beat. I miss you. I miss you more than I admit. I wished I kissed you. You're still in my dreams.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> You taught me how to smoke weed in my car on a sunny September morning. The smoke danced through your golden hair and you laughed so hard. Your hands are very soft. I remember you coming into my room at 6 in the morning, wanting to go for a drive. I hope your head is clear. I hope you're still laughing.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Charming, magnetic, warm. You were always so warm. The time I saw the small of your back when you lifted your shirt is still alive in my memory. Your smile could stop the rotation of the Earth. I'm sure it has.<p/><b>Leo:</b> I saw you in a photograph. The brightest smile I've ever seen. So radiant that the sun should hang her head in shame. Glowing. Always glowing. I've only ever wanted to be in your arms. You are so alive in my imagination. I hope you're alive in reality.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> I caught your eye in a mirror. You were so beautiful and so eager. Your steely resolve melted my heart. I was standing against the wall, admiring your determination. I'm sure you saw me. I thought about saying hi, but you probably would have walked away, leaving me to imagine an intoxicating conversation.<p/><b>Libra:</b> I saw you at a concert. You smiled so much, and your eyes were so bright. I lost myself in them. Our eyes met a million times that night. You returned my smile and blushed a lot. I wanted to find you after the show, but you disappeared.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> I've always wanted to kiss you. So passionate. So loud. So unique. Always moving. Always working to be a better you. I admire you so much and have wanted not only to be you, but to be with you. You would probably break my heart. I would love to be broken by you.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> You were always running. You always sat a little too close to me. You always talked a little too loud. You were so electric. Sometimes I still picture you, you always looked like a painting. I hope he paints you.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> Quiet. But there was something brewing there. You walked around like you owned the place, and I wanted to run with you. You wouldn't let anyone break through to you. I wanted to so bad. I hope you know that.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> I love you. I'm so in love with you. I haven't stopped thinking about you since the day we met. I trust you. So beautiful and so weird. I love the way you talk and the way your eyes shine whenever you smile. I'm so caught up in you. I love you more than any girl on this list.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You don't believe it but you are so very important to me. You have so much to offer this world. I want you to believe in yourself the way I do. So strong. You love more than anyone I know.<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

I know I shouldn't look for a sense of belonging or however you want to word it by kissing a boy, but I am 18 and have yet to kiss anyone or be intimate with anyone and everyone says it's ok but I just feel like something is wrong with me. Am I damaged goods? I can't help but feel not good enough as I watch all my friends growing in relationships and feel left behind. I'm sorry I just needed someone to say this to

if you think something is wrong with you, then you think something is wrong with me and i am personally offended by that. 

i didn’t kiss anyone until i was 18 years + 8 months old. 

it’s draining to see things that way. everyone is going at their own pace. just because your friends are in relationships and you aren’t, doesn’t mean you are somehow less than. it is completely unrelated. if you want to be with someone, you’ll find your person. either way, romantic love isn’t the highest love there is, in my opinion. don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful, exhilarating, magical feeling, but platonic love is sooo beautiful. love between friends is so special. do not neglect one form of love just because you’re wishing for another. love the people around you in any way possible, and cherish the ability to impact others’ lives with yours.

you will meet someone, and you will kiss him, and it will be everything you’ve ever wanted, or it’ll be anti-climatic, or it will be a moment you cringe and laugh about with your friends. it’s just another moment in your life FULL of moments.

you will meet someone, and you might fall for them, and you will experience this new feeling, this new love, this new way of being, but you will still be you. i think what’s most important to focus on is that–being yourself, and welcoming whatever moments come, knowing that they will come at the right time–the time that’s right for you. 

how exciting is that? your story is completely unique from anyone else’s. i kissed a boy for the first time when i was over eighteen and a half, nearly two years ago, and he’s the only boy i’ve ever kissed, and i kissed him today, and i’ll kiss him tomorrow, and i’ll kiss him every day until i die (fate-willing). i’ve felt what you’re feeling. i remember being jealous of my pretty friends who got attention from boys in school, the boys who thought i was annoying and didn’t care about me at all. i let it get to me, but i shouldn’t have, because it didn’t matter. it really didn’t. i have this story that is all mine, no one else’s, and i love it. because it’s mine.

i hope you learn to love yours.

  • Dorian flirting:Hey Celaena want to go off into the bedroom and make passionate love to each other under the moonlight?
  • Dorian actually:*Celaena kisses his cheek* Uhm haha yeah so uh yeah I-I guess I'll see you later or uh not I mean either way its cool I'm totally cool *trips over the rug* hahaha meant to do that haha anyways uhm yeah okay bye *curses repeatedly under his breath*
Dating Elliot Alderson Would Include

i found this rlly cute so if you want more for other characters of his, please don’t hesitate and tell me!

- late night movies, either his favourite, back to the future, or the matrix
- him staring at his lover beside him instead of watching the movie itself
- a lot of shy eye contact, which ends up in blushes and awkward chuckles
- deep conversations at 2am, half of it tracing his veins or running your thumb across his bottom lip
- “i love you’s” between small kisses in the kitchen
- smoking at night on the balcony, you standing in front of him, whilst he’s behind you resting his chin on your shoulder, pecking your shoulder occasionally
- getting high, meaning lots of giggles
- “yo man, you’re really cute”
- him waking up a bit earlier than you, him tracing a finger down your arm then back up, watching you sleep peacefully, knowing that he wants you to be the one

It Wasn't Real (final part)

Pairing: Taeyong x (female) reader
Genre: angst, smut, and fluff
Summary: You’re a 17 year old girl who’s never had a boyfriend, never had your first kiss, never even had sex before. But when Taeyong gave you all those things and you find out it was a bet you start to wonder. Was it all real?
A/N: so i was thinking, and i really need your opinions on this, I don’t want all my scenarios to just be focused on females if you get what I mean. I was thinking of making a male version of this, it won’t be the exact same of course, but it will be similar. I am aware that there are male fans out there. So if that’s something you would like me to do please please let me know. - Maya

You felt the sun shine through the window and warm your skin. You opened your eyes, squinting at how bright the sun was. You felt an arm pull you closer and heard a groan from behind you. Memories of last night surfaced and you couldn’t help but smile so widely. You had sex - no you made love with someone that meant so much to you. You gave yourself to the man you loved. You turned around and was met with a pair of brown eyes staring at you. Your breath was caught in your throat. Even like this he was able to amaze you by his beauty. He was able to take your breath away so easily.

“Hi.” He whispered pushing strands of hair out of your face.


“How are you feeling?”

“Amazing.” You smiled and looked down shyly. You felt his finger lift your chin up. His smile widened as he took you in. The morning light warming you both as you laid tangled together in the sheets.

“I love you Y/N. I love you so much, please don’t forget that.”

“I love you too.” Something seemed a bit off, but you didn’t pay much attention to it. Not when he pressed his lips against yours in such a gentle manner. You loved him and he loved you and that was all that mattered in the moment.

You entered the familiar coffee shop needing to get out of that dark room. You sighed as you heard those stupid chirpy bells ring. You never realized how happy they sounded until now. You kept your head down until it was your turn to order.

“Can I get a medium Americano please?”

“That will be $3.78 ma'am.”

You reached for your wallet when suddenly a hand handed the cashier four dollars. You turned around and were met with those same chocolate brown eyes. Those same eyes that caused you to melt whenever you looked at them. Those same eyes that stared at you when he thought you weren’t looking. Those same eyes that used to have this beautiful spark in them, but now that spark was gone.

“Actually, you know what, nevermind. Thank you.” You quickly said walking away from the cashier.

“Y/N wait! Please!”

“How could you?” So much hurt in that one question. Your eyes brimming with tears the longer you stayed. You backed away from him when he tried to reach for your hand. He sighed and ran his fingers through his white hair that you loved so much.

“What I did was awful. If I could take it back I would, you know I would.”

“Do I? Do I really because I feel like I don’t even know you! You were my first Taeyong! I told you I loved you!”

“I know and I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Y/N, but everything between us was real. The study sessions at the cafe, the late night talks, the kiss, us. Everything was real. Please, don’t go.”

Tears were streaming down his face by the time he finished. You just wanted to hold him and kiss the pain away, but you were frozen. You didn’t know what to believe anymore and it tore you apart inside.

“I opened up to you, not because of the bet, but because of who you are. You’re this amazingly beautiful and kind person and I couldn’t help but fall for you. There is no excuse for what I did and I know no matter how many times I apologize it will never be enough. Y/N you gotta know it was real. What we did was amazing for me and I know I don’t deserve you. I didn’t deserve to be your first kiss, your first time, or your first love. I don’t want to let you go Y/N.”

“What was the bet?” You whispered. You needed to know. You needed to know if hurting you was really worth it.

“They bet me that I wouldn’t be able to fuck you in a span of five months. If I won Johnny and Hansol would give me two hundred dollars each.” He said quietly not meeting your eyes.

You scoffed in amusement. Four hundred dollars was betted to get in your pants. Breaking your heart was really worth four hundred dollars?

“So those four months we spent together, it was all for fucking money. Fucking money Taeyong!” You yelled unable to keep your anger and tears locked away.

“I was stupid I know! No amount of money is worth losing you for! I’m so sorry, I love you so much. Please believe me! What we did three days ago wasn’t just fucking for me. We made love Y/N, you know that. You mean so much more to me than four hundred dollars. Just please. Please don’t leave me.” Taeyong begged. His hair messy from the amount of times he ran his fingers through it. His eyes red from crying and his face flushed.

“You already lost me.” You whispered starting to walk away.

You needed to leave before you broke down. The pain became too unbearable, but deep inside you believed him. You believed everything he said. You just didn’t want to. You felt his hand grab your wrist and you pull you into his chest. He held you tightly as he cried onto your shoulder.

“No, please no. I can’t lose you. I can’t live with the fact that you hate me. I need you in my life. I can’t live without you Y/N. You became this huge important part in my life and I-” He couldn’t finish his sentence. You sobbed into his chest as you wrapped your arms around his waist. His hold on you keeping you from falling onto your knees.

“I love you Taeyong.” You whispered.

“I love you too. Please don’t leave. Please stay with me, I’m so sorry.” He kissed the top of your head and stroked your hair.

“I’m not going anywhere Tae. I’m not leaving.”

Me in my teens: I definitely need to find a boyfriend! We could watch movies together, play videogames, binge-watch tv shows and cuddle…but, you know, I would have to arrange my time to make dates and prepare myself to kissing him or worse…Nooo,I totally want to do that too, it’s just that I am very busy with the upcoming exams,you know. I guess, I can just do all that with my friend. Except kissing,of course! It’s not like I want to kiss my friend. *nervous laughing*

Me, a year ago: I definitely want to find a husband! I could get a dog with him and walk it in turns. We could watch movies. I would be a really cool wife. I would be completely fine with my husband sleeping with other women, in fact, I would be completely fine with having a threesome with one of his mistresses. We could be girlfriends…I mean, friends who are girls,of course. You know, have sleepovers and stuff.

Me now: Oh.

i wouldn’t say you broke me, because you didn’t. i was already broken before i met you but i was slowly gluing myself together, i was coming together again. and then i met you and you promised me you’d fix me. i believed you and somehow i let you in, somehow you got under my walls. you got under my skin. you’re in me, you’re in my veins. you kissed me and i felt forever, your body was on top of mine and i felt a home, i felt safe. i never thought that you’d be the one to break me, but now, i am shattered. i am crumbling and blowing away in the wind. i am scattered in the sunset. i am the bleeding orange sky at eight pm, i am the fading sun and the rising moon. i am high ocean waves controlled by the night. i am out of control and i can’t stop clawing at my wrists, i want you out of my veins, i want to see you come out of me, i want to pull you out. but you’re everywhere. i hear you in my music and i see you in my writing. i try to write you out but all i can think about is how good it felt to kiss you. i hate that it felt like heaven. i don’t even believe in god but i sacrificed myself at your holy alter anyways. i worshiped you, i bled myself dry for your power and now im stuck empty and shattered. // I’ll heal again, I’ll get you out, but please for the love of god let me go. stop trying to make me stick around. i want to go. i want to be free again.

he teaches me to grow up with my ankles crossed
and sweet words like “please” and “thank you” tucked
between my legs. wear just enough lip gloss to hide
the blood on my teeth, never too much war paint,
save the real fight for the boys who eat their fill
from my body on the streets. his voice makes me want
to kiss him, hard and bitter and intoxicating like the bass
pounding in my bones with all the times i felt like i wasn’t
good enough, never quiet enough, never soft enough for
him to sink his fingertips into my skin. pretty girls don’t
get angry, pretty girls don’t get torn apart when you
rip their guts out and make a feast out of their flesh; he
is all starving muscle ready to devour a girl whole and i
am only left with bare ribs and the imprint of his body
to call my own. my survival is a storm crackling with
electricity, my hips are lightning, my lips are thunder
and i’m tired of silencing the sky. he calls me “princess”
but i want to be the fucking queen.
—  royalty // t.e.

just-french-me-up  asked:

I cant remember if I've sent you a prompt already??? But secret hallway kissing for Enjoltaire??

(I’m sorry, it’s not as good as I wanted, but I’m leaving my job tomorrow, so my brain is a little out of whack. Hope you like it though, très chère <3 )

The entire year had been spent in anticipation of this moment. The grant students had been rewarded with a week-long trip for their excellent grades and motivation. Enjolras didn’t consider that passion deserved a reward, but his friends had so vocally screeched (yes, Courfeyrac had screeched, it had been embarrassing for everyone present) against his thoughts of not going that he’d simply let himself agree that a week of rest wouldn’t be unpleasant.
So here he was, finally, in the luxurious hotel where he and the other honour students were to spend their week of relaxation; Enjolras had even agreed to leave his much-thumbed text-books and course-work behind, Combeferre and Feuilly sternly reminding him that it was a holiday.
(“a holiday, Enjolras. You know, that wonderful time where you sleep, sleep, and sleep a little more. The rights of man will still be there for you to uphold when you get back.”)
The dinner had been delicious, the drinks just as pleasant, the conversation scintillating… yes, he had to admit that this week would probably be quite relaxing. He just needed to take a shower and roll up in bed with a novel Joly had lent to him, and it would be just fine…

Or it would have been if he hadn’t been jerked backwards into a utility corridor. Of course he recognised the figure immediately, but Grantaire had never been discreet. And in this high-end hotel, he stood out like a sore thumb in his messy hoodie and ripped jeans, and even more with his huge shit-eating grin.
- Hey, Apollo…
- …What on earth are you doing here?
- Yeah, I know, a fancy place, fancy suits, fancy shit everywhere, not a place for me, right? What will people think?
- That’s not what I was going to say, you know they’ll throw you out if you don’t have a room, and how did you manage to slip past security?
Grantaire grinned and waved his hands.
- Magic fingers~
- R, really. You’ve got to go, don’t get in trouble.
- I like trouble.

Without a single other word, he grabbed Enjolras by the shoulders and ground himself against him. Ah, how he loved seeing his boyfriend turn such a beautiful shade of deep carmin… His lips were warm and pliable, and they parted just enough to allow Grantaire’s tongue to enter without (too much) resistance.
Oh, there would be trouble as soon as the first hotel guard passed by and saw him. But he really did love trouble., when trouble could get him off just by kissing him back.

I don’t want you to shower me with beautiful words and sweet gestures. I don’t want you to see me as your whole world and promise me the entire universe. I don’t want you to compare me with the stars and the moon and how we have the same light. I don’t want you to tell me that you can’t live without me. I just want to be that person who will complete you day. That person you want to see at the end of the day. That person who will hug you and kiss you and take away all your worries and pain. I want to be that person you want to spend the rest of your life. I want to be your home.
Teen Wolf Preference: After Your First Time

Requested by anon:  Can you do an imagine for Scott, Liam, Isaac, Lydia and Hayden what it’s like after your first time?

A/N: So, I hope I got that right. I decided to do little texts about the situation after the sex for every person. I hope you’ll like it! :)

Scott Mccall:

You are taking a deep breath, wait a bit until your heartbeat calms down and then turn around to snuggle against Scott’s bared chest. He immediately wraps an arm around your shoulder and presses a kiss on your head. His skin is warm and he is still breathing heavily but it’s that satisfied kind of fast breathing. You inhale his scent and feel the soft sheet of his bed under your tiptoes because you want to remember every single detail of this moment afterwards.

“Are you okay?”, Scott mumbles with a hoarse voice that makes you shiver slightly.

You smile softly. “I’m more than okay, dumbie.”

“So you are not mad that it…kinda just happened?”

His insecurity is so adorable. You shoot him an amused look and shake your head reassuringly at the same time. You know that the two of you waited for this to happen for some time now. Because you wanted it to be perfect. But this definitely was.

“Maybe that’s the best thing about it. We just did it because it felt right. Always listen to your guts, right?”, you reason.

He answers with a soft chuckle that makes you feel all warm inside. Then he pulls you a little closer, pecking your lips softly and looking deeply into your eyes. You sink into his warm brown ones.

“I love you so much”, he whispers, his breath brushing your cheek.

A big smile spreads on your lips while you press your head against his chest. “I love you too.”

Hayden Romero:

“That was the best plan you ever had”, you state, earning an approving smile from Hayden. It wasn’t even a real plan. Your teacher just announced that you’d spend a week in an exchange school in Minnesota and you immediately decided to share the room with her. And then this just happened between the two of you and the tension you had since forever finally led to amazing sex. It was kinda easier to just go with this unfamiliar situation, for both of you, far away from home and everything familiar. There was and still is a certain excitement to it that makes it even better.

“We’d be so screwed if they found out”, Hayden says. She doesn’t sound scared though. Actually, a wide grin is spread on her face. Seeing her that happy makes you feel all warm inside.

“They won’t”, you retort. “And we’ll have a whole week in this room.”

“See? I knew this would be a great idea! All new, all forbidden. Just living”, she declares, letting herself sink back into the cushions with a satisfied sigh. You just laugh and press a kiss onto her reddened cheek.

“That’s why I love you. Bringing some excitement into my life every day.”

“And this time it has nothing to do with supernatural catastrophes.”

She is so right. It’s the best diversion from the usual Beacon Hills tragedy since a long time. You don’t have to worry about her. She is just lying next to you, sharing the soft blanket with you and she won’t go anywhere.

“This is gonna be a great week”, you declare before you lean in and kiss her on her smiling lips. You have never felt so free.

Liam Dunbar:

Originally posted by laydensquad

The room is filled with warm and flickering light from the candles and the soft matrass, blankets and cushions you are resting on right now. You just stare at the ceiling and follow its play that reminds you of actual stars while you are holding Liam’s hand and feel utterly peaceful. You want to lie here forever and never leave this room ever again.

As Liam turns around and looks at you, you finally rip your eyes from the fascinating image and return his gaze. You are surprised to discover that his expression displays a mixture of joy and nervousness. The dazzling blue eyes scan you inquiringly, as if he is searching for something specific.

“Liam, what’s going on?”, you ask him with a little frown.

He immediately turns red which you usually find adorable but now it disquiets you.

“It’s just…I don’t know…I mean…I just don’t know if you…did you like it?”, he rambles, making it hard for you to understand anything. As you get what he’s asking you, you can’t hold back a sound that’s something between snorting and chuckling.

“Are you serious, Liam? You prepared all of this for me, a perfect date, and we had pretty much the best sex ever and you ask me if I liked it?”

He pushes out a relieved breath, making you chuckle once again. You fully turn around now to face him and grin at him brightly.

“You worry too much”, you state. Something you’ve told him many times.

Liam just rolls his eyes. “Of course I do. It’s not like I’m super experienced and you are important to me.”

“Well, you don’t have to. Because I plan to repeat this many times”, you tease him and finally he’s able to smile again. He leans in to kiss you and you return it eagerly, almost as if it was your first one. Most of the time it feels like that. All new, all exciting, all perfect.

Lydia Martin:

“That was…an interesting kind of studying”, you state, looking at Lydia who is lying right beside you. A sassy smile appears on her full and now swollen lips.

“I bet you learned a lot.”

You giggle before you grab one of her hundreds of pillows and playfully punch her with it. “You are an idiot”

“Hey!”, she exclaims before she gets hold of her own one and a legit pillow fight breaks out between the two of you. You are giggling and screaming hysterically while waves of pure happiness drive through your body. Thank God you chose to “study” in Lydia’s lake house, otherwise somebody would’ve definitely heard you and thought you were killing each other.

As you are out of breath, the second time this evening, you sink back onto the matrass and push out the last few chuckles before you go quiet. Then you look over to her and brush one of her perfect red locks behind her ear, very lovingly. Afterwards your hand stays on her warm cheek. Her green eyes become a little softer and lock with your own.

“I just wanna stay out here forever”, you admit to her.

“Nice thought but the others know that house. They would totally just come over when they got into trouble once again and then this would become really weird”, she says with a little shrug.

You sigh. “Can’t you just daydream with me once?”

Lydia’s smile becomes a little wider. “We can’t both be dreamers. We would never get out of this bed. And you really need to study for this test on Monday.”

With that she gets up to fetch your notes from the living room. You look after her and it’s almost impossible to form logical words with that view. You only manage it after she left the room.

“Can we at least study in the bed?”, you beg.

Her soft, beautiful laugh sounds through the house. “Of course, babe.”

Isaac Lahey:

“That was…intense…”, Isaac mumbles. He’s still so close that your arms are touching and his body is definitely as heated up as your own. You can hear him breathing hard in the dark tent which is only filled with light from the moon outside.

“And surprising”, you add.

Surprising because this just developed since the others are on some walk through the woods, you were freezing in your sleeping back and Isaac wanted to warm you up a bit. And all of a sudden you felt so drawn to him and he to you. Well, you certainly never thought you’d sleep with the guy you were having arguments with all the time but…it definitely wasn’t bad. Not at all.

Isaac looks at you carefully, scanning your facial features as if he wants to find out what you are thinking. You just sigh and lean on your elbow to face him.


“Nothing. I don’t know. I just…it’s just nice to be here. Right now. With you.”

You raise your eyebrows. This is a real statement coming from him. It’s kinda confusing but at the same time pleasing. You enjoyed this, there is no way to deny it.

“Really? Do you feel like wrapping an arm around me and being all romantic?”, you tease him. That’s just what you do. Old habits die hard.

The corners of his mouth twitch lightly. “What if I do?”

“You can try and see how I react.”

He considers that for a moment, slightly frowning, obviously not sure if you’re serious or not. Then he just shrugs and pulls you into an embrace in one swift movement. And to your astonishment, your heart jumps a little as he does. You softly smile to yourself.

“Well, Lahey, I guess you’ll have to take me out now.”

A/N: I thought about writing a whole one shot about this Isaac tent thingy for a while now. So if you’d like that, let me know. :) Requests are open!

Letter to myself

You’ve always been
someone to look back twice,
a third time,
a fourth time.
Only to stare blankly
at someone’s back

if this is
what it means to be loved.
Expecting a second kiss
because one wasn’t enough,
waiting for a text
or a call because maybe,
maybe he wants to hear your voice because he misses you
just as much as you miss him.
Clenching your fist
until your bones start aching
so it doesn’t cling.
Stopping yourself from
taking those pills
because he likes
the healthy you
so much more
because she is funny
and she smiles
and she doesn’t expect
and she still has so much love to give
and you don’t.

You have him and
you are not quite as content as
you should be,
you are too greedy.
You think.

So you look a fifth time
at his back as he leaves you
at the bus stop,
10 minutes too early.
He is barely visible anymore
and you have the feeling
that so are you.

Blurry and on the verge of disappearing.

- smoking-snowflakes

Bahizel's House - Friday, 1:40pm

“I wouldn’t tell ANY woman that because it’s insulting and rude as all out, but you want me to be honest, so I will. No, Sado, you aren’t ugly. You may not have the quote, unquote, perfect looks like celebrities have with their duck lips and enhanced body parts. You’re a gorgeous girl and if I’m being COMPLETELY honest, you look better without makeup, but that’s just my opinion.”

It was comforting to hear an honest opinion from someone who didn’t owe her anything. Sado wasn’t her boss, she wasn’t writing her checks, so Aoba didn’t need to kiss her ass. Bahizel, on the other hand, wasn’t an ass kisser in any shape or form. He’d been honest with her, as much as he’d allow her to know and she felt he was being honest that night when he called, beautiful. Still, every woman had doubts every once in awhile. “Ya know, you wouldn’t just ask me that unless something happened.”

“…I slept with someone for the first time…and while it was an emotional, and breath taking experience, he hasn’t…”

“Shown any interest since?”


“Have you?”

“I…no. I don’t know how. I don’t know if I should. What if he…regrets it?”

“You won’t know until you ask him, dumpling. You can’t sleep with someone and act as if it never happened. That might work for some people, but that’s not in you. Women are emotional creatures, it doesn’t just happen that way. What ever hesitation or pride you have, shove it to the side for a few minutes, get up your nerves and ask him.”

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boyfriend! mingyu

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  • a really extra boyfriend
  • loves making jokes
  • and telling u abt them
  • like outta nowhere he’d come up to u and would be like “hey wanna hear what genius thing i came up with this time?”
  • teasing u 
  • loves back hugs!!!!! like wrapping his arms around ur waist and resting his chin atop of ur head
  • he’s a big sucker for neck kisses
  • like if u want to ask him for something and need to do some convincing just kiss him there and he’ll melt 
  • “…..fine”
  • occasionally surprises you by cooking you dinner
  • like you’ll just come home from a long day of work/school and he’d welcome you at the door with an apron and a big smile
  • “what are you doing here???”
  • “being the best boyfriend ever duh what else”
  • accepts thanks in form of kisses
  • honestly the type to wear “kiss the chef” aprons
  • outdoor dates!! like going mountain hiking or camping 
  • he’d pack ramen in his bag lol 
  • loves putting his arm around your shoulders in public
  • just to show everyone that you’re taken
  • gentle forehead kisses!!! 
  • like when he’s walking you home at night and you guys get to the front door he’ll gently grab you by your shoulders and press his lips against your forehead
  • he’ll tell u the softest goodnight u’ll ever hear
  • and he’d just linger there for a little bit more bc he knows he has to leave but he doesn’t really want to
  • texts you to come hang out at the dorm!!
  • when you get there half the time you’d find the dorm empty except for mingyu and other times it’s so loud bc the boys are playing some kind of game
  • “you’re finally here! ive been waiting for 500 years!!”
  • “its only been 20 minutes chill”
  • “in my book thats equal to 500 years “
  • when you’re out on dates and it’s late and chilly he’d automatically strip off his jacket and place it over your shoulders
  • and when you look at him like???? he’d just give u a cute lil shy smile omg
  • when you’re sick he’d come over and cook you all his home remedies for sickness
  • while lecturing you about getting sick
  • “i cant believe you got sick”
  • “i thought idiots dont get colds”
  • “mingyu shut up”
  • he’d put on some movie that wonwoo gave him to “put u at ease since ur  sick” 
  • “i honestly have no idea what it’s about but i trust wonwoo”
  • the type to ask you “me or _____?” as a joke but then gets salty when you dont say him
  • “hey mingyu can u pass me the sauce?”
  • “why dont you go ask minghao to pass u the sauce since u like him more than u like me”
  • he’d pass u the sauce anyway
  • his saltiness would only last like 5 minutes then he’ll forget about it
  • cuddling on the couch!!! with ur legs over his lap and some type of snack there for you two to munch on
  • sometimes when mingyus feeling extra cuddly he pats his legs for you to sit on his lap
  • cooking dinner together!!!!
  • he’ll tell you funny stories that the guys did while you guys are sharing the small space together, enjoying making you laugh
  • loves to hear u laugh
  • like he’d poke at your sensitive spots to hear u giggle
  • or tell you lame jokes that has u rolling ur eyes but u cant help but let out a small giggle
  • omg if u ever see a bug and scream he’ll come rushing over like “!!!! what!!! what happened!!!!”
  • but then when he sees it was just a bug he’d be like…….. u….. i’m leaving….. i can’t believe……
  • he’d kill it in the end anyway lmao
  • for your anniversary he’d buy you a diamond necklace that he’s been saving up for months for 
  • he’d put it on you himself like he’d tell you to hold up your hair and he’d come in really close like he was going to hug you
  • and he’d peer over your shoulders so he  could see what he was doing 
  • and when he steps back to look at it on your neck he’d just give you a smile with a special sparkle in his eyes and kind of mutters
  • “it’s beautiful on you”
  • he’d always gaze at you with that “wow i can’t believe youre mine” look in his eyes whenever youre not looking
  • and he’d wipe it right off his face when you turn back to look at him
  • if you ever catch him he’d put up a front like he’d scoff and would be like “me? do that? funny.”
  • he tells you he loves you for the first time late at night when you’re cuddled together on the bed at your house and your head is on his chest and he’s about to fall asleep
  • and he just cranes his neck to kiss the top of your head and mumbles “i love you” against your hair
  • after that first time, he continues to tell you he loves you at moments that you aren’t expecting it
  • like whenever you catch his eye and when the moment is right, he’ll just say it with a smile on is lips
  • whenever he isn’t feeling well he’d find you and just rest his head against your shoulder
  • loves it when you run your fingers through his hair
  • tells you about his problems over a cup of coffee, honestly just enjoying your company, like you wouldn’t need to give him comforting words or anything
  • he’d just be comforted by your presence 
  • loves falling asleep while laying in ur lap but would never admit this
  • becomes a giant blushing mess whenever one of the boys mentions u 
  • whenever you do something cute he’d coo and would pinch your cheeks
  • “awwwwwwwwwww omg”
  • just a giant puppy!!!
Where I go and what I do and how I spend my money it’s no one’s business but mine especially since they’re not paying my bills or helping me in any way. Today I was told that I go on too many vacations and trips and and I’m always on the go. I’ve always got somewhere to go and something to do. no wonder I’m tired !?! Well you know what I’ve got to create my own life now it’s a different life and it’s my own journey and if they don’t understand they can kiss it. My journey is not about them it’s about me and doing what makes me happy. I’m trying to create a life that I want and no I can’t keep coming home all the time to an empty house with no one here and nothing but 4 walls. When the time is right I hope that I find someone who wants to be my companion. I don’t believe that God created us to live alone and be alone. I think he created us to enrich ,enhance, encourage and love each other.Right now is my time for me to love myself and recreate a life with the ones who want to be in it….not apologizing.

Moodboard: Scott McCall + Stiles Stilisnki + best friends

‘We’re not watching Star Wars again guys!’ Scott shouted from the kitchen while brining the popcorn.
'Why not?!’ Stiles said from the couch.
'You’ve only seen it once and It was only because you lost a bet against us’ I told him, trying to convince him.

Hi guys! Just wanted to remind you of the poll I’m making to choose what character the new fanfiction I’m going to write will be about. Stiles is one of the options, but he is in 3º or 4º place I think, so if you’re a Stiles fan and want the fanfiction to be about him you can voteHERE.

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