Never Been Kissed

This is a drabble for Maplevogel because she likes to pull me into new fandoms and I haven’t written in awhile.  It’s not much.

Never Been Kissed

He should not have said that.

Oh, quiznak, he should not have said that.  

Lance slumped forward and wrapped his arms around his head in embarrassment.

He would never have even said it if he was not sure Voltron was going to explode into a hundred, thousand, million pieces of shrapnel.  He would have kept it to himself.  

He should have kept his freaking mouth shut!  

“At least then I could'a died with some dignity,” he mumbled into the sleeves of his sweater.  “I can’t believe I said that…”

“You know, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Lance glanced up to see Shiro leaning against the doorframe with an awkward smile on his lips.  He was flexing his cybernetic hand like he was in pain, open and closed, but his eyes were on Lance.


“That you’ve never been kissed,” Shiro clarified.  “It’s okay.  You have lots of time to figure it out.”

Lance groaned.

“But what if I die tomorrow?  Or the next day?  Or on a Tuesday? It’s not like I have a lot of options out in the middle of space. And, I mean, Voltron is really, really cool but defending the galaxy is a little, uhm, dangerous.  Or a lot.  Maybe a lot.”  

Shiro chuckled and stepped through the threshold.  

“You’ll figure it out,” he repeated, smoothing his hair back and kissing Lance on the forehead.  It was almost paternal.  Gentle.  “Sooner than you think.”

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so in honor of my current obsession and favorite sports anime, I made my own Volleyball Girls Team, Furry Addition!

I’ve been working on this on and off for a while and finally got it done! These are just the active players on the team, the main six ones, there are other players who don’t play as regularly too!

i had fun with this! i love these kiddos look at them go

Why do they deny

Let’s imagine that in response to the “are you introducing any new lgbt characters in the next series” question, Mark would’ve emphatically said “yes, in fact we are!” instead of saying no.

Everyone (casuals, also the press) would pick up on that immediately - oh they are gay?! They’re gonna turn them gay?! Why are they making them gay now?! It’s gonna ruin the show??!

Then the conversation turns into That instead of focussing on the story which is what they’ve been trying to do all along.

I think that if given the opportunity and any control over the situation, they would want to keep the focus on the brilliance of the story they’ve been telling all along – and then give the homophobic arseholes who come out of the woodwork after the kiss a giant narrative middle finger with a stellar ‘you were told and you didn’t listen’ build up to the resolution.

Kris Boyfriend Headcanons
  1. Protective boyfriend, he wants you to feel like a princess
  2. It’s a very serious relationship from the start
  3. “I want you to meet my mom, she already loves you”
  4. Gives you compliments in so many languages
  5. Probably you’ll end up learning them
  6. Most fashionable couple
  7. Tight hugs, deep kisses
  8. Romantic dates in different countries
  9. “Hey Suho I’m in Paris, are you here too bro? Let’s have a couple date”
  10. Going stargazing with you, because he enjoys the simplest things in life
  11. “Do you think the stars look back at us and think how pretty we look together?”
  12. Piggyback rides all the time, he is just so tall…
  13. “How’s the weather over there baobei?” *Dorky laugh*
  14. Needs a lot of affection, this boy needs love more like anyone
  15. Can stay all day in bed with you, just kissing you and tracing soft figures on your skin
  16. “I see a Galaxy in my dreams.. made of our love”
  17. Perfect dad material
  18. Always eats something new when you go out “This is not my style” and loves it.
  19. Proposes in the most romantic way one could ever imagine
  20. The flame of love never ends, he will always love you.

Xo, Admin A~

Fucking straight people have literally made a show that is about nothing but kissing absolute strangers. It’s called Love At First Kiss on TLC and every time I see the commercial for I want to fucking vomit. Like y’all will literally fucking make a show just to kiss fuckin randos but you think gay people being in love is gross okay

Also here’s an idea: what if we stop associating romantic love with sex and sexual activities (like french kissing)??? Like we really don’t need another fucking show about allo people pretending to fall in love, thanks. Just stop pushing your damn “norm” on the rest of us!

God just everything about this is fucking disgusting and I’m so ANGRY about it

bones throws jim a surprise party and at first jim can’t help but feel awkward. no one had ever celebrated his birthday before, not for real. his mother had kissed his forehead and tried to hide her eyes, red from crying; bones knew without asking that what jim needed most was a drink and some room to breathe. 

until now. bones throws jim a surprise party and he’s surrounded by his beaming crew and something dislodges inside his chest. he finds himself laughing even though he kind of wants to cry. 

i love you, he thinks, and he hopes every single one of them can somehow hear him. he hopes they know. his crew. I love you.

people begin to trickle away as the evening wanes until, eventually, it’s just him and bones left. they sit side by side on the couch and stare out at the skeleton of their ship. jim leans into bones’ warmth and bones slings an arm around his shoulders and jim is taken back to the first time they sat like this, way back at the academy, watching the stars from a rooftop and hoping, hoping, hoping. 

jim can hardly believe there was a time when he existed without bones by his side. bones pulls him closer and kisses the top of his head and jim never wants to exist without him again. 

“happy birthday, darlin,” bones says, and for the first time, jim thinks the words feel right.

You know those random impulses you get whenever you’re around a really attractive person and you kind of lose your chill???? Well that’s Kai around Sehun:

never mind me bro i just walked all the way over here to kiss your shoulder

im just gonna smack your ass bro dont think anything of it 

come on bro  i just want a hug

bro i know we just won the biggest award of the year but im the real winner standing next to you with you smelling like that

bro you know what? i just remembered that you looked real good today

shitnoire  asked:

WHAT IF (another headcanon for season 2 sorry if it gets annoying) post reveal adrinette established relationship and like they try to kiss but every time they get interrupted by something like akumas, chloe, friends, and family just every time adrien wants to kiss his lady or marinette wants to smooch her kitty its just like COCK BLOCKED

Dude, do you have any idea how much money I’d pay for this to happen, like? This is everything I want.

OTP Prompts: A Series of Firsts

I wondered if there was something similar to this going around tumblr, but I couldn’t find anything so I decided to compile an “A Series of Firsts” prompt list for anyone who wants to use this for any ship they might have. Naturally some of these are utterly cliché, but I am a complete sap so have this. 

Feel free to add more if you think of any.

  1. First Meeting
  2. First Date
  3. First Kiss
  4. First Fight
  5. First Night 
  6. First Dance
  7. First Gift
  8. First Public Outing as a Couple
  9. First Family Gathering
  10. First Holiday
  11. First Bath/Shower Together
  12. First Surprise
  13. First Secret
  14. First New Addition to the Family
  15. First Time Telling Them “I Love You”

You know… I’ve had enough.. I just want Taylor to be happy. I would support Taylor with anyone. It wouldn’t matter who she was with. It wouldn’t matter the other persons gender, race, culture, religion, political views, etc, I just want her to be HAPPY. I ship her with HAPPINESS. And the fact that some of her “fans” want to spread lies about me and my friends and say that we don’t support Taylor and Karlie because we are homophobic is absolutely disgusting. I don’t support Taylor and Karlie because Taylor asked everyone to stop accusing her of dating all her friends. Taylor has been spotted holding hands and kissing Tom. Tom confirmed he is dating Taylor so I support Taylor and Tom. Taylor and Tom are HAPPY. Stop trying to drag them because you’re unhappy your faves aren’t together. That does not make me homophobic. Do not paint me in that light. Do not paint my friends that way. Those of you who try to pair her with someone else are the ones who are tearing her down. You’re being hateful, not me. There’s a difference between hoping someone will date someone else and dragging others and being cruel. Be kind and supportive and the fandom would be a happier place. 💕

We loved each other even when the entire world told us not to. I remember the first time you locked arms with me after realizing that the distance between us was just too much. I remember the way everyone told us that we were no good for each other, that we were a flame just begging to be put out; they could not put us out. I remember the first time I put my mouth on yours and the way we both kissed each other like we were starving for love, and we were. I want to tell you that it will always be easy, but that would be a lie. I know that sometimes love is not enough, I have been told that my entire life. But what nobody ever dares to mention is that sometimes, it is. Sometimes love is enough. Sometime you can’t give up on a person no matter how many times they let you down because you know that they love you too. Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go. And sometimes, it doesn’t. Sometimes holding on is worth it.
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writing meme prompt MAKEOUT SESSION :D

“Ok. Hold on. Wait a second.”

Steve pulls back a little, his eyes blinking open with a kind of dazed lassitude that makes Tony want to bite his tongue. But he’s been thinking about it for…at least five minutes. Probably longer. And it really isn’t fair to Steve that he be preoccupied when Steve likes kissing so damn much. Steve kisses should have 100% of Tony’s attention. That is Tony’s general opinion. So he has to say it.

“Did…did I do something wrong?” Steve asks, his voice a little thick, like he’s been eating something sticky sweet just a moment ago.

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Eren and Levi: *kiss*

Squad: *collective ooooh*

Levi: Would you shut up!

Jean: Man guys, get a room!

Connie: Yeah, nobody wants to see that!

Eren: You guys are awful.

Levi: I`m going to kill them.

I love the idea of them being total kids about Eren and Levi`s relationship XD

He’s So Soft

Originally posted by veronikaphoenix

Bucky knocked when he entered the room where you lay sweaty and tired but holding your newborn son. You smiled weakly still rocking the sleeping child in your arms.

“I got you ice chips,” Bucky held up the cup in victory after an hour of scourging for them.

“Bless you love,” you gasped quietly. He smiled walking into the room and setting the cup on the side table. He leaned down and kissed your forehead and smiled down at your baby boy.

He paused and looked at him a while longer. “What are we thinking on a name?” Bucky asked.

“We already have a name picked out,” you pointed out.

“Minds can change…I just want to make sure,” Bucky assured you.

“Mmm, I still like Charlie Steven Barnes,” you smiled up at him as he stroked your hair out of your face and nodded in approval. “Well Sarge it’s your turn to hold him,” you offered up Charlie to him. He cautiously took him minding his head. Charlie’s eyes opened to look up to look at his dad.

“Hey Charlie,” Bucky greeted excitedly and smiled down at his child. “He’s so small,” he looked up at you with wide eyes, “and soft,” he chuckled.

“Well he is a baby Winter,” Tony said sarcastically as he entered the room. “They typically are.”

ok like i know everyones so excited abt gay sulu and lesbian holtzmann but i cant help be a lil pissy bc 

1) we get a gay man but he doesnt get to kiss his husband even tho we’ve seen kirk be a creeper towards multiple women

2) we never actually hear holtzmann talk abt being gay

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- when they're fused into stevonnie lets pretend that Steven can also reverse Connies age, "how old do you feel?", so basically she can also live as long as she wants to - connie does Stevens makeup when he wants to "feel pretty" - them talking about their first kiss a lot - sometimes Steven would activate his bubble and they'd go around town and in the ocean like when they first met - Steven being mad at cereal commercials and Connie buying that brand to piss him off even more

Would she want to live forever tho. I feel like she probably wouldn’t but steven sobs. he wants to live with connie forever. 

their first kiss would probably be super awkward though. WHO WOULD CLOSE THE GAP THO. prob connie. Steven would sweat. 

Sitting under the ocean would be perfect. I bet its relaxing

“WHAT? They’re selling lion lickers as a cereal now?”

Connie buys him those to piss him off and Steven divorces her

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There was this fic where Phil was a regular at a bookshop where Dan worked and one day it was really crowded and he started getting really anxious and Dan invited him over to his apartment and I think there may have been smut. Thanks in advance!!

Philosophical Graphic Novels“You’re my favorite person,” Phil confesses quietly, his voice slurred and closer than Dan had anticipated. They don’t speak for some time, just lying there and staring at the ceiling like it’s a work of art instead of a plain white mess that occasionally leaks water. Not much run through Dan’s mind besides the fact that he’s never wanted to kiss a person more in his life. “I’ve never had anyone in this apartment besides you, Phil.”

- Gabriela