trash aus
  • i borrowed ur pen and its been 2 weeks and i still haven’t returned it because every time i talk to u, i am reminded of the massive fucking crush i have on u which always ends up leaving me speechless” au 
  • “u caught me dramatically lip syncing/dancing and instead of laughing u joined in v v badly and we did a fucking duet together” au
  • u sat next to me on the plane and idk if ur nervous or something but wHY DO U NEED THE TOILET SO FUCKING MUCH” au
  • “i’m a bus driver and despite my no-coins policy, u always manage to weasel ur way into giving them to me w/ stories that cannot possibly be true” au 
  • i didn’t realise i was staring at u while daydreaming” au 
  • “i have never met u in my entire life but u keep sarcastically responding to my tweets and i wanted to punch u until i saw ur avi and now i sort of want to kiss u” au
  • i thought u had a crush on our friend and u thought i had a crush on the same friend when in reality, we have a crush on each other” au
  • “we fucked last night and i left before u woke up and ur standing in front of me right now… for a job interview” au 
  • we’ve been married for 2 years now and u just had surgery that left u real fucking dopey and u keep telling me that u wanna take me out and marry me” au
  • “this is my first time at a gay bar and i’m kinda nervous so i got real drunk and now ur listening to me rant on and on about how gay two characters are for each other,” au
  • i drunk texted u thinking u were my ex and in the morning i woke up to a hangover and a long ass text from u telling me i could do better and shit” au
  • “i’m a popular fanfiction writer and u catch me writing the latest chapter in a cafe, and we end up talking and i keep going on and on about this cute commenter who i find out is u when u comment on the next chapter” au 
  • ur my best friend’s older brother and u just caught me singing along to my to best friend’s brother by victoria justice with a bunch of dicks drawn on my face.” au
  • “ur in a band i really like but ur band name is fucking stupid so i made an anonymous twitter account with new band name suggestions except it got really popular and now u wanna meet me” au 
  • ur my daughter’s teacher and u asked to meet me after school so i got real scared and now i’m shouting at u about how u shouldn’t make assumptions about a child’s skills due to their disability” au
  • “u helped me shout at some prick at a bar” au
  • ur the really sassy blind kid in my class who always brightens up my day with ur remarks and one day u confront me abt why i always laugh” au
  • “its a school reunion and woah u got really hot and woah we’re fucking in the bathroom” au 
  • we’ve been binge watching this show for a while and then i found out u didn’t ship my otp so i spent the rest of the day convincing u to ship them together” au

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Sei di fronte a due opzioni che possono, in qualche modo, cambiarti la vita.
Ora, riflettendoci un po’ su, dovrai prendere una decisione e scegliere una delle due.
La scelta di una di queste porterebbe ad una conseguenza: positiva o negativa.
E a quel punto ti blocchi. Hai troppi pensieri per la testa, ma ti fossilizzi sulla paura di sbagliare. Paura di commettere un errore e rovinare tutto.  Il tempo sta per scadere, quale scelta farai?
—  Mia
boyfriend au ☁︎; kid monster

k.o sound entertainment, and hotshot’s kid monster

[ wow tumblr hates my life, so for some reason the gifs aren’t working again, and i don’t have a gif for this one as well, but i put his name in the tags so you can find a picture for him there, i’m truly sorry about this, and i’ll fix it asap ! enjoy !]

- looks like he can kill u

- is actually a cinnamon roll

- absolutely adorES your smile

- loves ur laugh sm, he’ll do anything to hear ur lAugh sjxjsoxj

- s t o r y t i m e m y d u d e s

- u n ur friends were walking around stores, and just hanging out, buying some fucking bomb ass food,,,

- anyways y'all went to a small hotpot place to eat,

- and bippity bam this hot but scary dude walks in w five other dudes

- and they’re placed next to the same table as urs

- and w0w what a convenience he sits next to u

- and ur like wow i’m fucking blessed

- so u kinda just stay silent the whole time ur eating

- and when u glance at him, he’s staring at u then and there


- he smiles at u, and joins the convo w his friends

- u look at ur friends, that witnessed the whole situation, making that, “snatch that bitch, he’s cute” face

- so when u guys finish eating, u guys walk out,,,,,, but

- u hear someone screaming, running after u, and ur like bitch wtf, then u see it’s the cute guy, and ur ;-;

- anyways, he comes up to u saying, “u dropped this while walking out !” as he handed u a piece of paper

- n ur like bitch wnxomefo, and u open it, seeing that it was his number and name, and he’s like, “txt me some time, ur cute, and my name is taehyun, urs?”

- u smile, and he blushes, “i’m (y/n)” skxkenksk


- so yall got real clost after that, as u guys became gf n bf

- protects u

- when he sees a bug, and ur like shit bitch gtf away, he comes to ur rescue, and starts punching the air

- recreates/ does the dances for u from pd101s2

- teaches u the dances

- B A C K H U G S ARE A MUST !!!!

- kisses ur shoulders, and neck a lot while cuddling

- when u hold hands w him,,,, he blushes sm skxoekxoekxo

- cuddles for days boi

- when he kisses u he likes to tease u and ur like pls stop i want to kISS U

- and when u tell him stop, he just chuckles and carries on his teasing

- fucking biNch

- when u fall asleep he braids ur hair/ runs his hands thru it, playing w it in general

- forehead kisses !!!!

- and as we come to an end w this au, i just wanna say that taehyun absolutely loves u, and adores u sm, and has sm pride in ur guy’s relationship !! hope u enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed writing it !

[sorry for any writing errors!]

I totally was not drunk 2 days ago, and i totally sketched this

my fictional woof husbando
ur so beautiful i want to die
but first i want to hug and kiss u

Walters is Chesh’s oc

straight up: I am really into jack being extremely romantic but not realizing it like he’s just doing something he wants to do and it’s like The Most Romantic Thing Ever™ and Bitty is swooning and jack literally has no idea that it was that romantic he just really wanted to do it and he likes doing it and bitty likes him doing it so ? he just does it?

like he doesn’t think “hmmm this would be Romantic™ he’s just like "wow I really want to hold bitty’s hand for the forseeable future” / “wow I really want to kiss bitty’s forehead and play with his hair” / “yeah bitty probably wouldn’t mind if I used his lap as a pillow real quick I’m tired” / “I should prob leave a note for bitty when I leave” (he signs every note ‘❤️jack’)

tl;dr jack zimmermann is the most romantic motherfucker ever and he has absolutely no idea