also !! before i forget ?? i am so god damn thankful for all of you !! like idk i got so many sweet messages consoling me abt glenn’s death && i thought i was gonna lose all muse but !! the fandom’s support was so amazing && lovely !! thank you for making me feel welcomed here again !! xoxo


flavourius  asked:

The more you draw time-dog, the more cuter he gets. Unfortunately I have mixed feelings for the 2 panels after the realization of dry food: I hate you for bringing up this cruelty (no one makes fun about food, no one), but I also want to hug you for drawing the two most adorable panels in the entire comic. If you can't say "awwwww" to those eyes, you probably don't have a soul.

Awww thanks much! XD But yus, it is sad for Greatest Dog, but to a dog sometimes the littlest things are a big ol’ deal. 

Can’t resist the puppy eyes!


Which do you prefer?

s/o to everyone who identifies as bi/pan/poly/ace/aro/demi

you guys put up with so much shit from everyone but you’re so strong because you can deal with all this bs from straights and the lg community

you aren’t shallow, you’re not whores, you’re not prudes, you all rule and you matter

your identity matters


“There is someone in her that is kind of addicted to adrenaline and danger, but she wants to be a nice person who does good things and is trustworthy. That’s kind of a fun conflict to play.” ― Deborah Ann Woll talks about Karen Page.