as many of you already know, @crackedverbosity ‘s family was deeply effected by the disastrous floods in Louisianan earlier this month. Though the waters have since receded, the need to rebuild her family home has been left in it’s wake. You can read all about her experience HERE.

Cracked, is a beloved friend and i would do anything in my power to help her family, but by myself i can only do so much to help raise money for their Go Fund Me campaign which can be found HERE. I’m hoping to help encourage others to give what they can by offering what incentives i can for helping them raise the money to continue with the mountain of repairs necessary to restore their home!

If you are able to help (and don’t mind me seeing your given name and mailing address) e-mail me a copy of your Go Fund Me receipt (along with your mailing address and tumblr @ so i know who it is! <3) to pidgymails@gmail.com (these can be verified against Cracked’s list, so please, please don’t attempt to send me fraudulent receipts, this is for charity!) and I will snail mail you the corresponding reward pack listed below…


  • two randomly selected mini prints from my existing body of work
  • a hand written note telling you how much i love you!!! <3 <3 <3


  • four randomly selected mini prints from my existing body of work
  • a hand written note telling you how much i love you!!! <3 <3 <3


  • six randomly selected mini prints from my existing body of work
  • one mini print of a new piece made just for this package! <3
  • a set of four 1″ kylux doodle buttons (hand pressed by me!) 
  • a hand written note telling you how much i love you!!! <3 <3 <3

[example of doodle button designs]


  • the prints you will be sent will be randomly chosen, so they may be canonical or AU, but everything will be kylux (and each will be different!). prints may contain some partial nudity (bare chests/legs) but will not be especially NSFW or contain blood, etc. You’ve all (maybe?) seen my work, you know what to expect! hahahah! XD
  • none of my work was ever meant to be printed, so the colors may be a little wacky, i draw in RGB just for Tumblr, so i can’t say what will happen for sure! but they will all be printed on glossy card stock! <3
  • i’ll send your prints anywhere in the world! i don’t know how long it will take to get there… but yeah! (O wO)
  • i wont be sending out the packages until September 30th. as some of you already know i’m getting married in the first week of September, so i’m mostly on hiatus from Tumblr ~ but Cracked’s family has to start repairs on their home right now, so i apologize in advance, but i hope the delay wont dissuade any of you from donating!
  • this post is valid only until September 25th, as i’ll need time to print, cut, and label all the packages to be sent on the 30th!

Thank you to everyone who is able to help! and also to everybody who reblogs this post and helps circulate the word! (-^ ___^-) this means so much to me, and i know that together we can all make a huge difference for Cracked and her family! <3 <3 <3 Much love and hugs to you all!!!

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We all know that Mako hugs are the best kind of hugs. But how would Mako rate the other Senshi in terms of huggability?

Usagi Hugs are like Usagi: sloppy and everywhere, but full of love and enthusiasm. Usagi wiggles a little when she’s hugged, every single time, like she just can’t contain herself. Mako loves Usagi Hugs.

Ami Hugs are always a little tentative, like she’s afraid she’s doing it wrong. There’s something about an Ami Hug that makes Mako just want to hug her more. Mako loves Ami Hugs.

Rei Hugs are few and never entirely comfortable. They rarely last long, as Rei seems to want to end them the moment they’ve begun. But for all that, they’re warm and genuine and the rarity of them makes Mako cherish them all the more. Mako loves Rei Hugs.

Minako Hugs … you never quite know what you’re going to get with a Minako Hug. Sometimes it’s condescending, a unconvincing “yes your pain is so great, there there”. Sometimes it’s filled with shallow joy, a “yay group hug!” to suck the too-close emotion from a moment. Sometimes it’s punctuated by a comment about Mako’s chest, which IS magnificent, but honestly. But sometimes Minako clings tight and doesn’t let go, and Mako knows how badly they both need that hug, and she gives and takes without reservation. Mako’s never entirely sure what kind she’ll get, but in all honestly, she never really cares. Mako loves Minako Hugs.

sometimes i see ostensibly cis people say “man i wish i was trans i’d be so much more comfortable if i could identify like that” and like… i want to gently hug them and go You Can Be The Trans. if you feel like you’d be more comfortable identifying as not cis, you probably AREN’T cis

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Hello! I'm crying right now because one of my friends I like told me on skype that he wasn't going to date anyone else and removed me and I'm upset. Could you please cheer me up with a big Woozi fluff like that expect instead of crush it's just your friend and Woozi comforts you? Thank you it would mean a lot! - Woozi Anon

Oh my gosh sweetie I’m so sorry! When I saw this I was ready to fight! I just wanted to hug you and punch that guy in the face! Sweetie if he’s gonna treat you this way you can do so much better. You deserve better. If you ever want to vent (and that goes for all of my readers) I’m here for you. I tried my best to make it as fluffy as possible, I don’t know if I did a very good job. I hope you like it and I hope you feel better. If you don’t like it I can rewrite it for you. I’m so sorry love, I’m sending a big hug your way! - Maya
Pairing: Woozi x (female) reader
Genre: angst, fluff

Originally posted by mountean

“Jin, you’re here!” You exclaimed when your laptop screen displayed the face of your long time friend.

He hummed and kept his gaze down onto his hands.

“Is everything okay?”

“No, everything is not okay. I thought I told you Y/N. I don’t know why I even put up with you.”

Your fingers tightened around the arm of your computer chair. He didn’t mean those things. He just wasn’t in a good mood. You smiled at him to try to mask the pain that was trying to seep through and show itself through your facial expressions.

“You don’t mean that, Jin. You-”

“No Y/N, I mean it. You just don’t get it do you? I told you I wasn’t going to be with anyone else. Yet here you are still trying to get me to change my mind. I know you still have feelings for me and honestly it’s pathetic. Don’t call me anymore, Y/N.”

With that he ended the call before you could even respond. You tried calling him back, but it said he wasn’t available at the moment. You sat in your chair, unable to believe what happened. He said you were pathetic. He didn’t want to talk to you anymore. You were the only one to blame.

Something wet fell onto the back of your hand. You lifted it up to wipe away the tears, but more clouded your vision. You held your head in your hands and stayed in that position until you heard your phone ringing from the bed. You would’ve let it ring if it was someone else. The familiar ringtone echoing throughout the room.

“Jihoon, what’s up?” You asked clearing your throat.

“I’m coming over.”

“For what? Why? Don’t come over!”

“I was calling to see if you had one of my sweaters, but I can tell something’s wrong. So shut up and deal with it. I’m on my way now.” He explained casually. Before you could deny anything he hung up the phone.

You sighed and laid on your side. Your eyes landing on a small picture of you and Jin. You were a little relieved that he was coming over. You confided in Woozi and he did the same to you. Maybe not as much as you did, but when he needed someone to listen to him you were there. You covered your face with the palms of your hands and turned over. It was your fault Jin ended your friendship. After being friends for so long you went and ruined it by having feelings for him. You didn’t blame him, but he didn’t have to be so harsh.

You didn’t know how long you’ve been in that position when you heard a knock on your bedroom door. You groaned in response and heard it open up.

“Your door was unlocked, that’s really dangerous Y/N. How long have you been like that? You look like death.”

“Jihoon.. What’s wrong with me? Am I really that horrible?”

“Y/N, what happened? Was it that asshole Jin?” Woozi asked sitting next to you.

You buried your face deeper into your pillow. Jihoon has warned you so many times about him. You just didn’t want to listen. You had faith in Jin and hoped maybe things would work out for you and him. Jin just didn’t think the same of you as you did of him. He sighed and sat you up so were leaning on him instead.

“I won’t say I told you so, but I will say I’ll kick his ass. Y/N you deserve someone so much better.”

“What if I never find someone Jihoon?” You asked leaning your head onto his shoulder.

“You’ll find someone Y/N. He’s missing out on someone beautiful and caring. Anyone would be lucky to have you.”

“Even you?” You asked wrapping your arms around him in a side hug.

“Even me. You don’t need him in your life. Besides you already have a best friend and that’s me!”

“Jin was never my best friend, Woozi. No one could ever take your place.” You giggled.

“It better stay that way too or I’m hitting you with my guitar.” You pulled away and pushed him playfully.

“Lee Jihoon, did you just threaten me?”

He stuck his tongue out and pushed you over on your side.

“So what if I did? What are you gonna-”

His sentence stopped short when a pillow hit his side causing him to fall out of the bed. The pillow falling out of your hands and onto the open space in front of you.

“You’re gonna get it now.”

Jihoon jumped on the bed and his fingers ran up and down your side tickling you. You squirmed underneath him and tried to push him away, but he wouldn’t budge.

“I’m sorry! Stop! Please, I can’t take it! Jihoon!” Your body shaking with laughter the more he tickled you. 

He released his grip and laid down next to you. He may not be affectionate and can’t always express how he feels, but he had his moments. He was the first person you called when you were upset. Although it may seem weird to others, it didn’t to you. For some reason his grumpy attitude brightened your day and you wouldn’t want to change that.

“Jin is stupid.” You said while giggling.

“Hell yeah he is!”

“Thanks Woozi.” You said grabbing his hand that was next to you.

“Anything for you Y/N.”

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Got some honesty coming in hot! I feel like I can't come out because I was teased my whole life about being a tomboy and if I do admit I'm gay then I'd be another predictable stereotype.

First of all, I want to give you the biggest hug -HUG-. Second, don’t let judgement from other people stop you from being who you are. BE who you are and LOVE who you are. You can’t stop people from judging it’s true, but that’s their problem and not yours and they will NEVER ever ever be worth hiding your true self. Those who love you for you will still be there and they are the only ones who are worth cherishing. Everyone is free to be who they want to be and to love who they want to love. Remember that labels are just a concept usually created by narrow minded people who can’t see beyond that. Please don’t hide. Embrace who you are with open arms! 💓💓💓💓

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P-Panda! I wanted to give you a big hug and thank you for all the fantastic fanfics you have written! Not only is your art amazing, but some of your writings have made me blush harder than a 5k run ever could! Thank you so much for being awesome! :D

@iron-cap i’m finally getting to this I’m gonna cry ;A; thank you so much for this, I really appreciate you and your kind words, I look forward to your updates for Viva La Vida (it is so fucking good i have so many feelings help me) and Heavy Metal was a part of my life for nearly half a year I screamed and cried happy tears when it was all finished, and I’m so happy you started another one. You contribute to any version of the villain au and I appreciate that so much oh jeeeeeeeezzz

i hope i make sense, i’m tired and achy omg, but thank you again, you’re so sweet to have sent me this and I will continue to support all your fics, you are a wonderful writer and i’m sorry i’m a awkward mess omg, just thank you thank you thank you >//////< ✨💖✨

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I love your blog so much and I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this blog. Seeing how much people still ships pewdiecry after so long makes me feel less lonely and omg I just want to give you a chocolate and hug you ♡

Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say!! Thank you so much <3 I could go for a chocolate now that I think about it…

@havetoknowyourname @francisperfectionbonnefoy * I heard about the thing (obviously, on the radio in the morning, but I just got to actually see it on TV…) and since neither of you live nowhere near the epicenter as far as I know, I figured you, your family and friends should be okay??? I mean, obviously you are not, but as ok as you can be under the circumstances?  Anyway this post doesn’t make any sense I just wanted to check on you, possibly sending virtual hugs. I know you can’t do shit with hugs but still. :((( 

*and every single one of my Italian followers I’m not on talking terms with