Catch Me (Day 5)

Summary: In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,922

A/N: This update is LONG overdue. I was on vacation with my family and was I thought I’d be able to update from there but I was wrong. Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy this :)

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As always, thank you to @avengerstories for polishing this up and constantly giving me your honest opinion about my writing. 

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“I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?” Wanda asks drowsily from your king-sized bed.

Following a particularly grueling mission today, she came by your room because she didn’t want to be alone. This isn’t the first time she has done this and you highly doubt that it’ll be the last. Impromptu sleepovers have become the norm since befriending Wanda and you don’t mind them in the slightest. There’s comfort in going to bed at night knowing that you’re not alone.

“I’m going to grab a snack.”

“Okay,” she yawns, pulling your blanket up to her shoulders and letting her eyes flutter shut.

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Back to work tomorrow

A week off has been such a blessing and it was so great to have some time with Sweetheart while he was here. :)

I have everything ready to go for tomorrow… But I never feel emotionally ready to go back to work after vacation…I always want just one more day.



>>First studyblr post!

Hey everyone! I have a lot of names, but here you can call me Maka. I’m from Hawai’i and going to school in the state of Washington, majoring in Creative Writing, and minoring (hopefully) in Film and Visual Narrative, and Biblical Languages. I’m also self-studying Japanese (+ I read manga watch lots of anime!), and have a strong music background (+ I’m a vocalist and guitarist)!

I’m starting this blog because I learned a lot about keeping myself motivated during my freshman year, and don’t want it to go to waste. It’s summer vacation now, but I’ve still got a lot going on, and a lot that I want to learn. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions for me, or just want to chat! This is a secondary blog, so all follows will come from @kawaimakaokalani ~


I look forward to studying with all of you!

- Maka

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Message to every army never out there, on the V App you can request a gift for a group with an explanation why so PLEASE suggest BTS getting a break or vacation with no cameras and for more then just a few days! I'm sure it would mean a bunch to them that the army cares so much for them and wants them to rest! ~Timid Anon

Ok I’m sorry, I’m down now. I just needed to rant to someone who understands. ~Timid Anon

YES! That’s a FANTASTIC idea tbh… I want them also to go some place where they probably won’t get recognized as much too because they deserve to be able to do things the rest of us take for granted ;^; Also you’re good, fam, that’s a real reason to be upset ;3;

- Devi ;3;

mini semi hiatus

Hey you all! I’m going on vacation from tomorrow (25/07) until the 13th of August. I’ll be visiting my best friend @blackchatstilinski​! And I’m so so super excited because we only have met once before last year.

And of course we are going to be lots on tumblr together (bc lbr we can’t live without this damn website) but I still don’t want to promise anything. It can happen that I’ll be as active as always and that you’ll get tons of fics, but it also can happen that I wont write anything at all and am just going to spam you guys with vacation selfies.

It’s going to be some crazy 3 weeks and they are going to be amazing and I just wanted to let you know, because I didn’t wanted to leave without saying anything :)

Texts || Water Bros
  • Sam:I’m not mad at you, man, I’m just worried. I know what those things are and…the fact that two of my good friends were…I don’t want to think about it. The important thing is you both are here. You’re okay though, right?
  • Sam:Hey, don’t worry about that, man. You’re important to me whether I am on vacation or not. So what happened exactly?
  • Ryder:Yeah, I went to the healing waters and rested most of the day. Marley and I are okay, so is Santana.
  • Ryder:Sorry, I'm just not used to having friends. And well
  • Ryder:We all got into a fight with AAA. Then we were packing up to go home. But Marley got lured. Then she screamed and Santana called and I ran then fought until I passed out. I woke up in the thing's mouth, saw Marley, passed out. Then when I woke up again, I was on the beach. Quinn, Blaine, and Madison like brought the Merr out of the ocean to finish it off.

i’ve been getting tagged on a few tags already and i still need to do them oops   but thanks to the lovely @imagine-peterparker for tagging me! (loved reading yours btw) 

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Relationship Status: single and not ready to mingle (unless your name goes by Tom Holland then hit me up)

Pets: My two angels, Baylee and Ladee. Baylee is a brown mixed with white pomeranian, she’s only 14 pounds. And my little fatass Ladee is an all black cocker spaniel who weighs 26 pounds. 

Favorite Color: I wear black almost all the time but it differs between burgundy and purple. 

Wake up Time: since I’m on summer vacation right now, i wake up at around 11 and don’t go to sleep till after midnight. 

Cats or Dogs: i love all animals but i’m gonna have to say Dogs.

Coke or Pesi: Dr Pepper, bitch 

Call or Text: I absolutely despise my voice over audio so definitely texting. 

Chapstick or Lipstick: LIPSTICK ALL THE WAY. I own probably every dark red lipstick there is out on the market by now.

Last Song I’ve Listened to: Second Chance- Shinedown 

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Escape to Jamaica

I was at the beach, in my home land Jamaica when I saw this vanilla hunk from afar. He approached me, clearly checking out my ass and asked me if i wanted to go to a festival with him, i said sure, I can show you a good time around where I’m from. We downed rum, I shook my ass for him as he stared at it mesmerized. Wondering how exactly i make this thang do jumping jacks. After we were drunk, walking down the alleys, he led me to his vacation home and it was then i knew this attractive European was living lavish. I love rich men, so i got on my knees for the dough. I slobbed on the cock then i stuck that white chocolate dick deep in my pussy, cream covering it making it look like a melting french vanilla ice cream. This foreigner wont be forgetting me anytime soon. he’ll be back. @henvoiv @platinumxentertainment-vu X @imperialxxxstacy


So I went on vacation to the Dominican Republic last week with my boyfriend :) He’s in the army and will be going away for 6 months in August, so we took this trip together to spend some quality time with each other before he leaves. One night, before drinner, he gave me this beautiful rose gold promise ring. He said that he wont be able to afford the real engagement ring he wants to buy me until he gets back, so he bought me this to show me how much he loves me. He said the three diamonds represent our past, present, and future :) Ive never been so happy!

lazarebitching  asked:

Tavarro 8, 9 SFW and 1, 12, 5 NSFW I'm a greedy bitch today.

8: Who knows how to swim? Who doesn’t?

Navarro is fucking Olympic Gold material, fucker can swim. Talbot actually never learned how to swim, and he gets embarrassed about it. Navarro teaches him after he finds out that’s why Talbot never wants to have a beach vacation.

9: Is someone multilingual? Do they try to teach another language to the other? How does it go?

Navarro speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Talbot speaks a little, tiny bit of Arabic from his time there, but only selected words and phrases. Other than that, he just speaks English. Navarro teaches him only dirty stuff in Spanish, so it doesn’t help much.

1: Who cooks?

Navarro is a great cook. He makes the most delicious dishes, even though he has to make them less spicy for Talbot or else he’ll die. He just puts on some spicy stuff on his own plate later on.

12: How are their afterglows?

Talbot straight up falls asleep. Navarro just rolls his eyes and cuddles onto him, grumbling about how he’s so happy in this relationshipTM. (But actually, he really is happy.)

5: Favourite positions?



Alright guys, I’ll be heading on the plane in a little over an hour! For those who didn’t see my post as a notice, my family and I are going to Vegas for vacation. That means activity will be limited if not at all. I WILL, be lurking however. Most likely ♥'ing posts and commenting here or there; probably write replies.

But most importantly I just want you guys to know I love you, you may not be perfect but wOW are you WORTHWHILE. You’re so worth it, and the perfect YOU, you can be. I’ll miss you guys sm, pls stay safe don’t do anything too stupid. I pray you’ll overcome despite your situations because you guys are amazingly strong, capable, beings. If you need/want to talk you can IM me here or through Skype!

-With lots of April smooches, Me.


Well, VLIVE possibly can~ ^_^♥

It’s VLIVE’s first anniversary and they’re doing this thing wherein you can choose a group and what you want to give them as a gift.

So as a suggestion maybe we can write on the gift part “rest time/healing time or real vacation without broadcast/cameras” and I’m sure you don’t need any help with the reason message part. 


1. Of course there’s no guarantee vlive can give it to them but we can try.
2. Maybe add another item like “A day at a spa” “Get a massage”.
3. Pls don’t suggest vacation to another country maybe just somewhere in South Korea is enough. They did say they want a real road trip just the seven of them.
4. It’s ok to suggest something else!!
5. Let’s put this more than 2Million subscribers to use!! Go!!!
6. It’s very tempting to write “ME” in the gift part (the struggle is real) but please do suggest a vacation too! or healing/rest time!


not sure if it works on mobile~ or if you can vote without being logged in. DEADLINE JULY 31!!!

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could you do a one shot where Harry and y/n are on a cruise for their anniversary and your room has a balcony and one night when Harry orders champagne you decide to put on the lingerie you got specifically for the cruise and surprise him when you go out on the balcony and you guys have sex on the balcony not minding that people are next door and could come on their balcony at any moment  - hopelesslyinloveornot

I mean, why wouldn’t I want to start my vacation by writing something incredibly dirty? Pleasant dreams, loves! ;)


You knew that Harry was planning something big for your anniversary. He wouldn’t tell you what it was or anything it involved, but the way that he secretly went about gathering the necessary items and conveniently changing the subject whenever you would ask him about it, told you that it was something that he thought would be special.

When you woke up on the morning of your anniversary, Harry was already awake. He was propped up on one elbow staring at you with a smile on his face.

You frowned a bit in the harsh light of the morning and covered your face with the pillow, letting out a low moan.

“Mornin’ love.” Harry said, chuckling.


“Happy anniversary.”

It was, indeed, your anniversary. Four years that you had been together, and they were four of the best years of your life. They hadn’t been without their challenges, of course, but you and Harry had so much love for each other that the bumps in the road only proved to make you stronger. You had been through a lot with him by your side and you couldn’t imagine going through life with anyone else.

You felt the pillow being slowly pulled away from your face and you squinted again as the light invaded your eyes.

“What are you doing?” You whined.

“Wanna kiss my girl, if you don’t mind.”

You pouted, sticking your lower lip way out. Harry laughed and brought his face down to meet yours, connecting your lips together in a sweet kiss. When he pulled back, he caressed your cheek with his hand.

“I love you.” He said, softly.

You finally broke into a smile, turning your head slightly to kiss his palm.

“I love you too. Happy anniversary.”

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