“Naruto: Hmm …
Hima: Daddy works hard, so I decided to make a Ramen bowl for you! Although Mom helped me a little.
Hinata: Himawari is still not doing very well, but in a while she can do many times without help.
Hima: For the sake of Dad’s health, I also added all kinds of vegetables!
Hinata: To buy things for Dad, we take the money out of his pocket, right? Hinata smiles.
Hima: Hehe …
Boruto: But does Dad really like vegetables?
Hinata: Not at all … but …
Naruto: I’ll start eating!
Wow! This ramen is really super yummy! Himawari is a genius, you’re starting to look like Neji.
Hima: Thank you!
Hinata: While the kids are in the kitchen, regardless of the dishes, for the parents are the most delicious.
* Boruto smiles at Hinata. *
Boruto: Himawari, I want to eat too!
Hima: Yeah!
Naruto: Well, I’m going to want another bowl!
Hinata: Mommy will try it on.
Hima: All right!”

Anyway this is again credits to Julia Albuquerque who bothered to translate, and I thanked her too much for it ^-^

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“I’m just so pretty and amazing that people gawk at me and they’re, like, mean to me too when I’m out in public. And it’s because I’m not regular pretty, I’m ultra ultimate level skinny white bitch pretty”

Like sis, you don’t think there are fat people, super thin people, people with acne, or people with large breasts who face those problems too?? You thought you were that special snowflake hoe who everyone directs their hate toward? They just unleash all of life’s problems onto you, the ultimate pretty white bitch, huh? Yall it’s not that deep though. That’s all I have to say: it’s not that serious. Not to invalidate your experiences, but maybe people don’t like you because you have an inflated self worth and standoffish demeanor. Maybe you’re even projecting?! Either way, keep that “woe is me because I’m prettier than everyone else” off my mf dash.

  • Hoseok: I just want to kill myself I'm gonna go upstairs and eat a whole bowl of peanuts.
  • Jimin and Yoongi: (Stare in silence)
  • Hoseok: I'm allergic to peanuts.
  • Jimin and Yoongi: (Keep staring)
  • Hoseok: You don't know anything about me.(Runs upstairs)
  • Yoongi: Who was that guy?

The cage layout now that I’ve made it bigger

also can i be like @ravenmechanic, look at their new cage!! i think this is such a good size, it is the 180 by 60 cm i talked about before

Taehyung Scenario: Look Here.

Request: Hi. I saw requests are open again and I wanted to request something because you’re my favorite blog. I want one that has all 7 of them in but V and OC are either dating or they like each other and I want all 7 of the to go do something (roller skating, bowling, ect.) and I’m not sure what else. You can decide what they do and anything that happens.

Genre: Fluff / Friendship.

-Are you guys conscious you are ruining my date, aren’t you?-

Hoseok clinged to Taehyung’s arm. -Tae don’t say that, we just want to enjoy of a pretty family reunion- he said mellowly.

-Yes hyung, don’t go around saying we are the ones ruining your dates, we are here to make it better- Jungkook said in a smug tone but caressing Taehyung’s back.

- We could have had a family reunion any other day - Taehyung complained a little more, but still didn’t refuse the soothing caress of the hand on his back, he wasn’t going to lose his cool about this. Even if he looked as if he was just about to do so.

Taehyung had been planning this little date with you for a while, nothing too extreme, just a little fun activity to pass the well deserved free time he managed to get. After some time thinking the winning idea was to go roller skating, mostly because every time he was on his way back from the Big Hit building, he managed to catch sight of a big advertising announcing the re-opening of a roller skating place. It seemed catching, it seemed fun, it seemed like everything Taehyung wanted for his date with you.

What he really, honestly didn’t want, was the rest of BTS joining on a day that was meant to be for both of you only. But bless his luck, that was exactly what happened.

It only took one curious glance of Hoseok over his shoulder into Taehyung’s phone, Jimin catching him on a call with you, Jungkook somehow managing to sneak around the story browser of his recently visited places on the internet for them to connect all the dots.

Having the kind of friends he did was really a thing.

They invited themselves to it and there was nothing Taehyung could say or do to make them give up. It was almost as if they were enjoying his misery.

-We’ll stay in the background Tae- Jimin chirped in, his usual bubbliness didn’t ease Taehyung’s feelings about the whole thing. -And even help you if you need it - he added lastly, moving his eyebrows in a suggestive way that let the other three boys looking at him disgustingly.

-I’m sure I won’t need you -

Taehyung played with his phone, he was wondering if cancelling was the right thing to do but he didn’t want to do it, he had been liking you for way too long and you had just started dating recently so he was in no way ditching you today; with the rest of BTS along for the ride or without them.

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I want to do stuff so bad. Like. I want to just up and drive to California. I want to go bowling at midnight. I want to feel like I am alive and this is real. Because nothing feels like that anymore and I can’t remember what I do.

I really want the next season of Jessica Jones to be about Jessica and Malcolm solving “cases” at Alias except half of them aren’t even really cases they’re just people calling in with things like “help me Jessica I don’t know how to escape my abusive boyfriend”, “help me Jessica I’m an old lady who can’t make rent”, “help me Jessica my sister has an eating disorder and I don’t know what to do”, etc.

And Malcolm is like yes we must help everyone and Jessica is like jfc why can’t people realize I’m not a hero but she does all this shit anyway because she secretly likes being Good and meanwhile her and Trish are investigating IGH to figure out how Jessica got her powers which sets up the big conspiracy/over-arching plot of the season

also I really want Jessica and Luke to actually go bowling bonus points if some of the Daredevil cast is there too for a superbowling party

I really want to go bowling. Who is in?! Also, no hotels for me and babe. We’re staying with my family. I love being home and having my boys with me.

anonymous asked:

Hey mom? I'm going bowling tomorrow and I really want to present as masculine as I can. Is it okay to wear a really loose soft bra and a sports bra over it? If not, would wearing a compression shirt and one sports bra at least help a little bit? I want to be as safe as I can. -Darren

A loose soft bra and sports bra should be safe, but bring a backpack or something just in case you need to slip into the bathroom and tank the loose bra off, and you have somewhere to carry it. Have fun while bowling!

“KNOCK” Album 50 Questions & Answers (Heejun)
  1. Name: Oh Heejun (吳熙俊/오희준)
  2. Birthday: May 8, 1996 (Taurus)
  3. Blood Type: B
  4. Height / Weight / Foot Size: 180cm / 61kg / 255mm
  5. Hobbies & Specialties: Kicking balls & singing while playing the guitar
  6. Motto: Let’s always be thankful and humble
  7. My Good Points & Bad Points: I’m quick-witted and can process what’s happened quickly, but I cut corners
  8. When I was Touched by the Members: When I was hurt they took care of me
  9. When I was Happiest (Aside From Becoming a Member): When our debut song and choreography appeared, when our team name had been decided
  10. Envious of Something About Another Member? Youjinie-hyung’s shoulders
  11. The First Thing I do When I Wake Up: Drink water
  12. Favorite Drink: Cola and milk
  13. Favorite Food: Braised chicken
  14. Food I Don’t Like: Oyster rice soup
  15. A Trip I Want to Go On: The cosmos
  16. Favorite Sport: Soccer, bowling, table tennis
  17. Animal I Want to Try Raising: Monkey
  18. Happy Moment: When I sleep, when I’m recording
  19. A Thing I Really Want to do With Fans: Bowling and table tennis
  20. A Song I Want the Fans to Hear: Byeon Jinseop-sunbaenim’s “Back to You Again”
  21. How I Ended Up Dreaming of Becoming a Singer: I like to sing
  22. Sleep Habits: I sometimes talk to myself
  23. Nickname During School: Dark
  24. Favorite Karaoke Song: “It’s Love” by Mose
  25. My Lowest and Highest Score at Karaoke: I’ve always managed to get it in the 90s
  26. Bucketlist: Going around the world with my wife for a week after I get married, going running, go backpacking
  27. Rank the KNK Members: Inseong>Me>Youjin=Jihun>Seungjun
  28. A Place You Want to Go to With the KNK Members: Gyeongpo-dae
  29. A Thing I Need With Me When I’m Out: Lip balm, wallet, cell phone, earphones
  30. Eating VS Sleeping: Sleeping
  31. A Moment I Want to Revisit: None
  32. Something I Want to Do if the Earth was Ending: Being with my family and close friends
  33. Ways to Relieve Stress: Sleep
  34. My Number 1 Treasure: Cell phone
  35. The Song I Sang in My Audition: “It’s Love” by Mose
  36. A Movie I was Impressed By: Twilight, Bruce Almighty, The Intern
  37. Something I Want to Do in My Free Time: Shopping
  38. If We Reach #1 on a Music Show: I think I’ll cry
  39. When I Look in the Mirror, I Think This: I wish I could be just a little white
  40. Habits: Furrowing my brows
  41. The First Thing I Want to Do When We Debut: Appear on a radio program
  42. A Roommate I Want: Youjinie-hyung and Jihunie-hyung
  43. A Thing I’m Better at Than the Other Members: Singing folk songs
  44. Tips On Managing My Body: Exercise
  45. If I Had a Superpower: Go out into the cosmos
  46. The Mentor of My Life: My parents and myself
  47. What I’m Confident In: I have a voice that contains only my emotion. Thanks to my parents for letting me have this voice.
  48. KNK in 10 Years: We’ll have become artists that are doing our best in our own positions.
  49. A Word to the Fans: KNK exists from having all of you. Let’s be together for a thousand years, ten thousand years.
  50. “KNK” to Me is: To me it’s essential to exist. 

Translated by KNK International

I often find myself in the obligatory “doesn’t relate to anyone” mood where I watch tons of people interacting around me and having fun, but I feel like I’m already dead and just haunting the room.

My friends think I’m dramatic and phoning it in and my family thinks I’m mentally unhinged and a pain in the ass. And I guess I’m all those things. I don’t even know.

I’ve these intense periods of time where I’m so full of life and I want to do everything, and see every single place in the world, and meet every single human I can meet, but then they’re just gone. I want to live one minute and kill myself the next. I’m a fleeting mess of emotions.

It’s a lonely god damn disconnect. My hands are always cold. I always want someone to hold me but I don’t want them to actually touch me. I want to watch Alley Cats Strike and then go bowling and do the ‘spin the ball on your finger’ trick to nail a 50/50 split.

I want this all to make sense. I want someone to read this and be like “damn girl I know exactly what you mean” and be the best friend I’ve always wanted. I want solace in the form of doritos locos tacos. I want the entire god damn world.