ahahahaha no i will not go bowling it is freezing outside

also i had the weirdest dream while i was supposed to be rushing out the door for class (i ended up not going oops) It started with some catastrophic event with earth ending up with 2 moons and hundreds of planets appearing in the sky, they were all around the size of half the moon. And because of the gravitational pulls of all these objects, we moved thousands of miles from our original spot in our orbit. It was a sudden world shaking kind of movement where everyone felt it and it was scary. But then people had the ability to teleport by imagining where they wanted to go but i was in a big group so we teleported to two locations so we could meet up nearby. there was more but I don’t remember 

I went to the thrift shop and scored a blazer from j crew for 8 bucks, a mini stack of books, a vase thing for my pencils to go on my table, a shirt I’m going to wear with shorts in the summer, and then I went to the bookstore and bought two more books. After that my best friend and I bought alcohol, pizza, and fries, brought it home and watched Mulan on her TV and now I’m exhausted from getting turnt and I want to sleep for ten years.

Tomorrow I’m going bowling with my university friends.

Listen to me kids.

Books. Are amazing.

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My biggest fear is that I will never find love. I get the whole "you're only 15, you have time" very often, but it really isn't like that. I understand I'm young but my age does not mean I don't feel horribly lonely and unloved all of the time. I'm terrified of dying alone, dying without knowing what it's like to be in love. I'm scared.

I feel the same. I’m honestly terrified. But think about it: do you know ANYONE who’s an adult who’s never had a boyfriend or girlfriend. I honestly don’t. Think of all those WEIRD ASS aunts you have- they found someone to love them!  You will find someone i promise you there are so much people in the world.

Isn’t it just peachy to have a disability that makes it nearly impossible to work at most places you’re otherwise qualified to work at, but the government doesn’t think you’re disabled enough so you can’t get any help whatsoever, and because your disability isn’t immediately obvious, stores and places aren’t all that willing to give you a job you can do, or just make up a job position you can fill?

And when you get desperate enough to apply to jobs that are going to be absolutely terrible when mixed with your disability, no one will hire you anyway, either because you aren’t qualified enough or because you did poorly at the interview, and you end up stuck with no jobs that you can work at and no way to get any help?

And then people bitch about you being a lazy, good-for-nothing, welfare-abusing, entitled youth, even though you’ve been trying to get jobs for months, and the “welfare” you get is barely enough to feed yourself for two weeks. And you end up falling with an increasing speed, into a whirlpool of self-doubt and depression, where you’re not even sure of your skills at anything else. No one will hire you to do even simple tasks, no one will buy anything you’re selling, you can’t do anything as well as you used to, you can’t even wash dishes all that well.

And you can’t even go out to buy a tub of ice cream to comfort yourself because you have no money because you can’t get a job.

“I’ve literally spent my weekend watching Dexter and Orange Is The New Black, and I think it’s high time I got off my ass. Who wants to grab something to eat, go bowling or paintballing or anything interesting? I’ll pay.”

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What do you think about Kankuro from Naruto

kankuro is a good egg if a little weird. he looks kind of like a juggalo and that makes me question his life choices a bit but on the whole he’s a solid fellow. i would go bowling with him if he wanted me to. he seems like the kind of dork who thinks going bowling is a fun thing to do.

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I hope you don't mind me asking but how did you start finding legitimate sugar daddies? I'm on a website and I've gotten a few potentials but they end up not being able to fulfill their end of the agreement because they've lied about their status or they want an actual relationship it's become frustrating

I’ve used Seeking Arrangement to find my sugar daddy. BMW is my first and I’m trying to find another one at the moment. There is a lot of salt out there, you just have to make the time to weed them out. It’s hard! And I’m not going to lie, sometimes I want to quit the bowl because I’m so discouraged. I feel like I should be at the place where girls on here get $4k a month, shopping sprees, Jimmy Choo’s and all that glamour…

Make a list of things you want in an arrangement. Stick to that list. Don’t compromise your standards for salty ass bitches. Also, the prepared list is good for when you get the same question “so what are you looking for?”

Happy sugaring 😘

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Do you want to go bowling, cousin? Do you want to go bowling, cousin? Do you want to go bowling, cousin?

i fucked ur mom and came inside her dozens of time u fucking virgni

I really want to go outside and smoke this bowl but I’m getting delusional that this weird entity alien thing with two legs and nothing else I saw on the Internet is going to slowly walk past me and if I make the slightest noise it will turn around slowly and literally rip me apart with its alien entity abilities

I hate this week, it’s barely Monday and I hate it I hate it why is my life so uggh

All I want is to sit on a hammock with a book, some milk and a bowl of ripe, juicy strawberries. I want to go home but even being home makes me feel homesick.