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I'm 50/50 with RL being endgame. I'm cool with either outcome as long as they stay friends and there's no awkwardness. But it would be so great if they were endgame after the torture it's been being in this fandom. Plus MJ had an interview early on about how "Riley and Lucas will show us if a Cory and Topanga relationship is possible in today's world." So that gives me a little hope, but we'll see.

I completely agree with you. That’s why there are days when I’m 50/50 about all of this as well. 

RL have been through a lot and it would be stupid to put an end to them now, but I can’t help but feel like he wants RM to be Riley’s stand out/end game relationship. 

It would be great if they ended up together though. They’ve been through a lot and they deserve some happiness. Heck, so do RL shippers lol Being a part of this fandom hasn’t been a walk in the park lol

We all feel the Gods call in different ways.

Sometimes it’s soft and subtle. A feeling that comes over you while you watch a gentle rain. A low rumble of thunder while giving an offering.

Sometimes it’s a distracting thought guiding you until you realize what they want. Sometimes it’s symbolism finding you over and over in the form of a bird. Sometimes it’s sudden inspiration.

Sometimes it’s a touch. A whisper. A calling in your heart.

All of us feel it different. And yet it’s powerful all the same…

So I removed Mr Klotz from today’s mailing list (he was only going to be included today anyway just for the merch topic) but it’s great to see that our emails are getting through to Disney. 

“Admire your spirit though” This is such a great thing to hear. Let’s see if we can get the execs to feel the same! Keep those emails for the execs coming! 

(Also a note for the topic on the 16th August. It will be a fanart submission. So if you don’t have one already (It’s fine to email them old works) then I just want to give you all a fair warning so you can start early if you want to participate!)

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Sans i have a big box of pocky! Do a pocky chaleange with me and i give you all of theam! *thinking about kissing(fuck that he don't have lips) Sans feel you with determination*

he kissed too much today, y'know.

looks like you’ll have to try something else if you want to kiss him.:^)

(btw don’t worry about the lips. Even if he’s a skeleton, I still draw him squishy with lips, eyelids and soft cheeks xD)

i was talking to my grandma about relationships and things today. she heard things had been rough with me and my boyfriend lately. I told her that giving up on someone you love isn’t the way I do things. she told me I was exactly right. always fight for someone you love and work things out. that’s what I did. that’s what we did. that’s what we’re continuing to do and grow together. I was explaining my feelings to her about my boyfriend. about wanting to marry him. about being in love with him. I had tears in my eyes explaining all of this because the amount of emotions I have for this man are unreal.

anyways. all I’m trying to get at is, don’t feed in to this whole new thing that were faced daily in this day and age of giving up and moving onto the next best thing. the person who gives you attention when things get rough. the social media attention you may receive. turning to twitter or tumblr to bash your significant other or to find someone who will like all of your pictures and tell you you’re pretty. don’t do it. I did parts of this. I’ve seen people do these things. I’ve seen relationships get torn apart when they could have worked out, over these things. and it sucks. it fucking sucks.

work it out with the people you love and care about. and this goes for all relationships (friends, family) not just romantic relationships. fix it. make it work. relationships are not easy. they take time and work and growing TOGETHER. they take supporting eachother. putting petty things to the side. explaining what eachother can do to grow and expand together.

go do things you love together. see new things. explore the world. explore eachother

it will create such a beautiful thing.

I’m in an odd mood today!

Not bad odd just…

For some reason, I feel like I’m in love

“with who noodle?”

I’m glad you asked: Nobody. I have nobody coming to mind, but I’m smiling to myself, with love songs stuck in my head, twirling around, dancing, and all I want to do is give….someone…a kiss on the cheek and dance around with them some more

Honestly it’s gross how in love I am with nobody in particular, why the flip am I so h a p p y 

1 year!

Okay, so as tumblr informed me via e-mail, my tumblr turned 1 today ;) I knew it was somewhere around that time but well, good to know xD

Maybe it’s not that big of a deal but I guess I just wanted to say I’m really happy that I could spend that year with you all and get to know you 💕 And that all of you made me feel so welcome here!

As I got so many wonderful wishes and gifts from you for my birthday *still emotional!*, I thought I’d celebrate this occasion by giving something back. I’ll be reblogging some prompt lists for mini drabbles throughout the week (tagged, very inspirationally, “prompts”) so feel free to hit my ask box with those!

Real life’s been a bit crazy lately but I will try my very best to answer the prompts in a timely manner 💝


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Any Chance (Kush)

Anonymous asked: OMG! i just saw that you now write for kush!!!! do you think you can do a one shot where u like him and he knows (you dont know he knows) and he doesnt like u back at the beginning? so like u are going to confess to him but that same day he introduces u to his new girlfriend back off, but then u back off for real and give up, but not having u around makes him realize how he feels. THANK YOU AND I LOVE U!

    Today was the day. You were going to make all the motivational speech-makers you’d ever heard in high school proud- you were finally going to carpe the diem. (Although the botched Latin probably wouldn’t have made them so happy). You dressed as you usually did, maybe taking a little extra time with your makeup, though you didn’t really want to acknowledge that to yourself. You spent the morning as you usually did, working on the music project you’d been assigned that day, after which you headed to lunch, your plan clear in your mind. As soon as you got back from the noodle restaurant where you usually ate, you headed to Byeonghoon’s studio, and knocked lightly on the door, steeling yourself.

    “Come in!” his voice called, and you pushed open the door, stepping inside. “Oh, hey,” he said. “What’s up?”

    “Um, I just wanted to talk to you about something,” you said.

    “Oh,” he said, “Sit down!”

    You did so, trying not to seem awkward as you did. You cleared your throat. “So, um…” Just then there was a knock on the door and you watched Byeonghoon’s face light up as he jumped up to get the door. He opened it, wrapping his arm around the waist of the woman standing on the other side. He kissed her cheek and ushered her in before turning to you.

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Did you watch today's Grumpcade? I always get feels when Brian talks about his childhood because he seems so cool and confident now. I love that nerd and want to give him a long ass hug.

The Grumpcade here was the RIO Games one and I LOVE when Brian tells us about his past. I love that he was shy and nerdy and I feel like him sharing embarrassing stuff kinda helps us all relate because who hasn’t had a bad or embarrassing experience in their childhood? 

My dear @crmediagal ! Since today is a Fanfic Writer’s Appreciation Day, I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything. You’re an amazing writer. The best Snamione writer. Your style is wonerful and only you can describe all the emotions in such a powerful way… You created fabulous OC ( all the precious UL girls <3 ) and the world you’re describing in your stories is always so full of details, so real, so easy to imagine. Your stories are my best medicine! Re-reading UL series can always give me a comforting feeling and make me smile…It always feels like coming back HOME <3

I can’t describe with words how grateful I am for your friendship and your wonderful stories. And I can’t do much but I hope you will enjoy this little manip! 

Love you so much!

@dracaspina asked for: “Really, that’s what you’re choosing to focus on right now?” Nine/Rose

“Would you rather I focus on something else?” Rose mumbled against his cheek where she was currently laving her tongue across the mole she had always wanted to kiss.

“If it’s all the same to you, yes,” he whispered, tilting his head back as she nibbled her way down his jaw. Her lips felt fan-bloody-tastic, and he never wanted her to stop.

“Hmmm, but there’s so much more of you yet to explore,” she murmured into his skin, sucking lightly at his pulse point, where she could feel the odd double-beat. “Might take a while. Might not get to it all today. Might have to give it another go tomorrow. Maybe the day after that too.”

He sighed contentedly as her lips finally pressed completely against his.

Write a sentence of a story for me and I will give you the next five several

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after not eating enough this summer and losing my period because of it, I've decided to say screw it and eat however much I want starting today and I feel like I've eaten sooo much today... like already 2000cals (cuz I love pb) and I haven't even had dinner yet. I dont feel guilty, more nervous than anything. I'm sure my body is trying to compensate for all that I haven't given it but I'm still nervous even though according to online sources I should be eating easily ~ 2500 for my activity level

Yes baby EAT!!!! It’s just fuel– and your body and period will thank you for giving it adequate nourishment and energy, that’s it!! I’m so, so proud of you. Keep it up.

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I have to let go of my girlfriend today, we're in a long distance relationship. I'll be home soon but she can't wait. It hurts so much man i don't want her with anyone else but I can't let her be unhappy. She wanted an open thing but I can't give you her my heart and allow her to fuck around with other dudes. I'm torn, I'm hurt, I'm scared; I'm. . All alone. I should have never let her have this much of me. I feel like a fool.

I completely understand and I need to tell you that right now it will hurt and sting you like thorns but in the long run it would be best for you instead of staying in something for longer which would hurt you even more, believe me. You need to let go and let her get on with her life whilst you get on with yours. It’s so much easier said than done but try remove her from your life as much as possible because it’s not worth keeping her if she’s going to hurt you. I wish you all the best

Alert: It’s About Time

Thought that I’d just give you all a heads up about something..possibly…maybe going up tonight!! 

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I’m actually not feeling all that great and really just want to crawl under my blanket and sleep, but I can’t..well more like I refuse. I have told you all that an update was yet to come (I guess it isn’t much of a secret since most of you must already know what is going to be posted xD), and I am very driven to have it up for you guys!

I really had every intention of posting it up later today but from the looks of it, I don’t think I can really push myself much longer…so..despite my head feeling like it’s ready to explode, on the positive side, the update will have an earlier release (: 

And I know I have kept you guys waiting for long enough so hopefully with excited hearts and with your loving anticipation, the update will make you all dislike me less <3  

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If it's okay with you, can you post about bullet journaling? I want to try it out but I don't know when and how to start because it's already August and my school started last June. :( Thank you! -a

Hi dear! Do you mean like to post a guide on how do bullet journaling? I could definitely do that if you want to, it would just take some time to write it all down :D. The best piece of advice I can give you is to just start now. Today, if you feel like it! I started mine in the middle of November without any further planning (to this day I don’t have a key…) and have gradually improved my spreads (the first ones I did were really experimental :D). If you don’t feel like doing all the experiments in your journal (although I think it’s really cool to see the way your journal evolved over time :D), you can start an “experimental” bullet journal in an old notebook or on some loose papers even, to see what works for you and then start the “actual” bullet journal e.g. in September. If you want to see some organized bullet journal with actual index and key :D, then @studypetals has a really nice bullet journal guide here! Feel free to ask me some more because I’m not sure whether I’m actually being helpful here D:

I hit 50 followers today… Wow… Just wow…

I can’t thank you all enough for the support you’re giving me and my passion and I hope you continue to support me for the years to come!!!

I’m always here if you need me. Feel free to ask me anything! I’m open to suggestions and commissions so just message me if you want anything :)

I love you all!!!
~Rose 🌹

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Sit down, and listen to my tale of woe: I was playing turf wars today. On the other team, there was a girl with a krak-on roller, not covering any turf, just walking around all casually. They looked like they didn't want to fight, they just wanted to be friends. I tried to approach them, but they kept getting splat before I could get there. Finally, in the last few seconds of the match, me and a teammate finally found the krak-on and tried to party with her.... AND SHE SPLAT US. I feel betrayed.

OH NO!!!! That’s the worst QAQ

If you’re gonna give up anyway at least let people chill with you squiddos!! Not all of us are trying to get an absolute destructive win! I can deal with not pinning people to the base!

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I want to pull harrys hair when he eats me out and I also want to rub his temples, making him moan into my core.. and he would give a little smirk and lick his wet lips and tell how good you taste

My god … You All are on a roll with Harry oral today, aren’t you? And he would press his thumbs into your thighs, knowing good and well he’s going to leave a bruise . When you walk you’ll feel your thighs rub together and wince a bit, your body lights on fire when you realize what the pain was from. Sweet, painful, loving memories.