By tomorrow, we’ll be lost amongst the leaves, in a wind that chills the skelletons of trees. And when the moon it shines, I will leave two lines, find my love then find me… x

Your 30 day program for getting into the splits! (REBLOG IF YOU’RE IN)

1. First of all I want to know that you’re IN! So, everyday from today til July 1st, I’m giving away a set of Stretch Bands to a random POPster who has posted the above graphic on their Instagram! Make sure that you hashtag #JourneytoSplits and #Blogilates for your entry to be seen! Also follow @blogilates and @poppilatesofficial.

(If you don’t have an Instagram account or don’t feel comfortable posting on your personal one, just make a new one dedicated to your fitness! Feel free to use the words “POPster”, “POP”, or “Blogilates” in your username!)

2. Stick to the 30 days. Do not skip a single day. Promise? That’s how you’ll get into the splits. Every day I want you to post a picture of the pose of the day as a sign that you did your stretches. Hashtag #JourneytoSplits and #Blogilates.

3. Everyday I will need you to do stretches 1-5, your foundational stretches. You may not skip them. So, the first 5 days, you are doing the first 5 stretches! Then beginning day 6, you will just add one move on. So on day 6, you will do 1-5 and 6. On day 30, you will do 1-5 and 30. Get it? So you will do 6 moves a day beginning day 6.

4. How long to hold? I want you to hold each stretch for around 30 sec to 1 min per side. Total, each day you should spend around 10 min. stretching.

Yes, this is dedication! But, just like how I felt when I got into the headstand for the first time, it was PURE BLISS. You will feel so happy, accomplished, and just VICTORIOUS! Unlike losing weight or getting slimmer thighs, your goal is not driven by fitting into skinny jeans, societal pressures or vanity. It is genuinely for yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks. There’s freedom in knowing that.

Oh yeah and giving away a LOT of prizes for participating! To see what they are, head to my blog post: http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2015/06/28/30-days-30-stretches-to-splits-journeytosplits/

Have fun and good luck!!!! REBLOG if you’re in!!!



“Eight was too peaceful to fight in the Time War”

“Eight was too pretty to hurt anyone”

“Eight couldn’t have killed the Time Lords”

“Eight would never”


Have you ever found a recipe that looks so amazing and you want to make it so badly, but you can’t because it’s not gluten-free?

I know I have and if you’re gluten-free or know someone who is, I’m guessing this is an all too familiar feeling for you as well. So what do you do? Well you can either give up or you can try your hand at converting the recipe.

As bakers, we encourage you never to give up – we want to see you succeed! So today we’ve got a handy little trick for converting traditional recipes to be gluten-free. This gluten-free baking tip, which I know you’ll find super helpful, works for stir-together recipes like muffins, quick breads, donuts, coffee cakes, etc. – but not for yeast breads, cookies, pizzas or other recipes that require kneading, rising, or creaming butter and sugar together.

Making a standard recipe gluten-free – easy as 1-2-3.

  • First, replace the flour in the recipe with an equal amount of King Arthur Gluten-Free Flour.
  • Next, substitute 1 large egg for ¼ cup of the recipe’s liquid: milk, water, or oil. The protein in egg helps add the structure gluten-free baked goods lack, resulting in better texture.
  • Finally, add ½ teaspoon xanthan gum – again, for help with structure and texture.

To demonstrate how this works, here are few recipes we’ve successfully tested with this method:

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Doughnuts

Here we replaced the flour with our gluten-free flour, substituted ¼ cup of the oil with an egg and added ½ teaspoon of xanthan gum. The doughnuts were perfect!

Gluten-Free Cake Pan Cake

Again, we started by substituting the flour with our gluten-free flour, then replaced ½ cup of water with 2 eggs and added 1 teaspoon of xanthan gum. Once again, the cake tasted just like the original!

And here are just a few more recipes to try!

Donut Muffins

Here’s what we recommend trying:

  • Replace flour with gluten-free flour
  • Replace ¼ cup milk with 1 egg
  • Add ½ teaspoon xanthan gum

Apple Muffins

Here’s what we recommend trying:

  • Replace flour with gluten-free flour
  • Replace ¼ cup buttermilk with 1 egg
  • Add ½ teaspoon xanthan gum

Banana Bread

Here’s what we recommend trying:

  • Replace flour with gluten-free flour
  • Replace ¼ cup butter with 1 egg
  • Add ½ teaspoon xanthan gum

And now we’d love to hear from you! If you try this tip on any of our recipes, or even your own recipes, please leave us a comment and let us know how they turn out. Happy Baking!

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

Show me what you cooked!


You know, it’s… It’s funny. I’ve won a lot of trophies before for singing competitions and dancing competitions, but I’ve always felt like the girl who never gets the brass ring. And maybe I never will. But today and at Regionals, the way you guys believed in me and… took a chance with me… All I’ve ever wanted was to feel special and to feel chosen, and I just, um… I wanted to thank you guys so much for giving me that.

Mini Brain Explosion: The Feels

I feel like now more than ever, life goes by so quickly. And to be honest that shouldn’t be a surprise. Instead of experiencing a situation and indulging in the beauty of a moment, we snap an Instagram picture, post it and move on seconds later. Instead of celebrating accomplishments, we smile for a brief moment and than continue on with our to-do list. I for one am extremely guilty of this and I’m sure many of you can relate as well. 

Today I’m deciding to just sit in a room and dedicate time to FEEL. I know that sounds super crazy and cheesy but I miss feeling. I want to look back at my accomplishments and feel good about them. I want to look back at all my hardships and give myself a spiritual high five for getting through them. I want to think about all my wonderful family and friends and feel happy about having them. I want to feel forgiveness towards people who have hurt me. I want to feel all the emotions I rushed passed because I deserve to live life, not skim through it.

Even if for 10 minutes, I’m going to slow life down and just FEEL because in the book of life nothing is more important than being on the same page with yourself. I highly recommend you try it as well. I hope it brings you nothing but clarity and positive feelings.

Please share this if you think your friends and family could benefit.

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Keep smiling, 
Lil xoxo

it has come to my attention that I am notoriously bad at describing how people look in my writing!! like it’s always at my attention but more so today SO I wanted to fix it!!!

anyway if y'all wanna you can reblog this with your selfie tag and your pronouns and I’ll write a short little post describing how you look!! I think it’ll be really fun and it’ll definitely give me the practice do feel free you don’t have to be following me!!!!!!!

Shout out to all my mentally ill and neurodivergent black wlw, you can do it. Whatever you have on your plate today, tomorrow, or for the next month, you can do it. It may take time, it may not get done as quickly as you want it to, but you can do it. And you will do it. But Take care of yourself. Self care isn’t always something big. Sometimes self care is as simple as getting up in the morning and taking a shower or putting on a clean set of pajamas just to get back into bed. It’s hard having a mental illness, especially for black women in black communities where it’s often incredibly stigmatized. On top of your identity. My love goes out to you all today and I wish you the best, even if your best today isn’t what you really want. Its okay.

get your flu shot soon 

drink more water today

put on your softest socks today (trust me it will make you feel better about everything)

if u think you did not earn the bubble bath you want, if you tried your best, you earned it

tell someone u love how much they mean to u, give ur favourite parent an unexpected phone call or nice gesture (if you don’t have a good relationship with either, maybe a sibling, extended family member or good friend)

do good things for urself, put good out into the world! it will come back to u! 

You probably felt like ending it all or giving up today....

YOU CAN push through this.
YOU ARE a fighter.
YOU are NOT a quitter.
YOU just have to BELIEVE in YOU.
YOU have to WANT it for YOU

AND with this…


*And feel free to hit my inbox if you are feeling like this, or like you need someone to talk to. I’ll listen.*

EXO's reaction to your sexy MV

Xiumin: *likes what he sees* “So are you gonna show me that dance or not?”

Luhan: I’ve had a naughty thought today (lyrics of song) *gives you a perverted grin* "I’m having naughty thoughts right now.“ 

Kris: *jealous* "Why were there guys on the filmset?”

Suho: *wants you all to himself* “I’m paying them to take this off the internet." 

Lay: *flustered* "I’ve never seen you wear clothes like that before.”

Baekhyun: *acts like he doesn’t like it but secretly downloads the MV* “Gurl, I’ve seen better.”

Chen: *speechless because he can’t handle the all sexiness*

Chanyeol: *can’t handle them feels* “ASDFGHJKL;”

D.O.: *goes to find every single person who’ve seen the MV* “No living human shall see this but me.” Satansoo has his ways….y'all better run

Tao: keep me moaning (lyrics of song) “Well, I guess if you insist…” *smirks*

Kai: *innocent Jongin* “Turn that cherry out?(lyrics) What? What cherry are you talking about?”

Sehun: *sees the large number of views on the MV*


thanks for requesting! Lmao even I didn’t know what “turn that cherry out” meant, I had to look it up

If no one has told you this today then let me do it.
You are beautiful, strong and an incredible human being. Don’t forget to live out your dreams and fight for what you believe in.
If you are having a bad day and feel like you aren’t wanted, then believe me when I say that you are never alone and we all love you.
Come talk to me or anyone else and let us show you that you are loved and don’t give up on your life or your dreams ❤️

I'm not going to stop posting art

Because the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of you guys are bloody awesome and I’m not going to punish those of you who are wonderful because a bunch of people are incorrigible.

I just want to throw this up here in case any of you guys are worried that this will stop me posting.

It frustrates me beyond belief that this goes on, but I won’t hang my art over your heads as a ransom for this kind of behaviour being halted. I would ask that you report it if ever you see it, or fire me an ask. But I love you guys.

And I’m so grateful for your wonderful tags and comments. You guys make me want to continue when those ingrates make me want to stop posting.

And as we know.

Majority rules.

While this is an amazing day

I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to the thousands of LGBTQ kids out of and in the closet who are going to have to hear homophobic remarks and slurs from their family members today watching the news or talking about it at the dinner table. You’re strong and I know it’s hard but I believe in you and you can do this. If any of you need to talk or vent feel free to talk to me. I’ll do my best to reply asap. Reblog if you want to be there to support LGBTQ youth with homophobic families on what should be a joyous day for all.


  HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING KHAN! → November 2nd 1965

In 1995 Shah Rukh Khan said “I want to be a bigger star than Michael Jackson.”

Today, November 2nd 2015, his birthday is a worldwide celebration

"All of us share this world for a brief moment in time, it’s an honour to share this with you.”  This was said by Mr.President in MNIK. This time this is not for Rizvan Khan, this time it’s for Shah Rukh Khan. Thank you, sir. Thank you for adding a smile, a laugh, a tear, a dream, an inspiration and a motivation to our days for 50 years.
May life gives you only happiness and love, and if you ever feel alone or sad, just don’t forget about one thing: at this moment, right now, you’re changing the life of one person, who is watching your movies, copying your points of views or being happy just seeing a pic of yours…it’s not an exaggeration if I say that you teach more than the teachers themselves. Don’t forget that you are an example and an inspiration for everybody.
Thank you, thank you for being you :)
Congratulations, sir! I wish you the most fantastic and wonderful birthday!
Lots of love from Spain! <3

The wonderfully talented @Maly_siri surprised me this morning!!! Maly Siri wrote, “A little surprise for Angelique Noire, the lovely pin-up lady! Angelique, you are such an inspiring woman and i wanted to pay tribute to you today in this Women’s rights Day!
The pin-up genre is associated with *masculine* *white* popular culture, and now we can play with it and end up being the best version of ourselves, expressing our personality with creativeness and joy, feel powerful, self-confident, sexy ! So you are, Angelique, and, you add an inspiration for black women and give them confidence in their sexiness and feminity.
Pin-up: our way to be feminists !
Happy Women’s Rights day to all! — with Angelique Noire.”
#pinup #art #malysiri #blackpinup #pinupart

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The moon is big tonight.

I don’t know if it reminds me of you or if I just want something on the page, something to give you after today. I suppose it could, does, bring thoughts of you to me. Something poetic about a pure and comforting light shining in a darkness that would seek to swallow it whole, if I had the words. Even now we both lay under it, safe and protected under its shimmering blanket, though we lay set apart. Much, much too far apart you are from me, and I struggle with what that means or how you feel. How I acted. Some day soon I will make things right, properly, all my wrongs thusfar against you, but for now I shall admit that I know so much less about the strange creatures that are hobbits than I once thought I did. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to learn more about them before this quest comes to whatever end. More about you. From where I sit all I can see of you is the tips of honey brown curls tinged silver, across the camp, and though that which shines upon us is so bright and beautiful, I would not part my gaze from you for one moment that I could wrench from sleep’s grasp.
Do not ask me why, for I could not tell you.

The moon is big tonight.

A letter from Thorin to Bilbo, written shortly after the hug on the Carrock

It’s written in runes so that should Bilbo find it, he wouldn’t be able to read it. Maybe Thorin will translate it into Westron someday, if he ever can put into words his feelings for this remarkable and extraordinary Hobbit.

font found here, paper template found here

So I removed Mr Klotz from today’s mailing list (he was only going to be included today anyway just for the merch topic) but it’s great to see that our emails are getting through to Disney. 

“Admire your spirit though” This is such a great thing to hear. Let’s see if we can get the execs to feel the same! Keep those emails for the execs coming! 

(Also a note for the topic on the 16th August. It will be a fanart submission. So if you don’t have one already (It’s fine to email them old works) then I just want to give you all a fair warning so you can start early if you want to participate!)