The China Line Chronicles #HereComesNCT Ft. The8 & Jun

Kris: Okay it’s been a while because I know that we all have very busy schedules but thank you all for making it out.

Tao: You’re welcome Kris!

Kris: Um…I’m addressing everyone…not just you, so need to make it personal.

Tao: I like things personal.


Jun: Okayyy ignoring him-

Luhan: like usual

Jun: So we’re all here in Lay’s room…but where’s Lay?

Lay: *enters with guests* Here! I brought some new faces that were interested in joining our movement. We were a little late because Sehun was dancing to Lotto in the living room and wanted them to watch.

Chenle: Believe me we didn’t want to.

Kris: Woah woah woah Lay! Is it show & tell day at the dorms?

Renjun: We’re all a part of NCT.  SM’s newest super group. 

WinWin: Hey everyone!

The8: Younger members?! I vote them in the club already. It sucks being the youngest.

Tao: Tell me about it.

The8: Tell you what?? You’re the one who chooses to “act” like the youngest, not me.

Tao: Kris are you going to let him talk to me like this??

Kris: Yes. This is a group of equals.

Renjun: Nice!

Luhan: Oh yeah I’ve heard of NCT! It’s another 50 member group, because SM has such a stellar record of managing their produc- I mean artists.

Tao: I’ve heard of Taeyong, Ten and that Mark kid…but I don’t recognize any of you guys.

Lay: Well they’re Chinese so…

Kris: So of course we’ve never heard of you.

Jun: So what are your roles in the group?

Renjun: Well me and Chenle are in NCT Dream and I am a dancer and vocal.

Chenle:  And I’m a main vocal.

The8: What about you, WinWin?


Lay: Don’t be shy, tell everyone what you do.


WinWin: Woop Woop



Kris: We may just be too late to save him

Luhan: Moving on… to less pitiful things…Yixing what happened bro??! Golden boy Kai got hurt and SEHUN got the prime dance slot in the new MV?

Tao: You watched the new MV?

Luhan: It had autotune and I heard it had double meaning lyrics so of course I was curious. 

Lay: Well SM just thought it would be a better fit for me to take a back role and let the younger members shine.

Kris: If you sit back any further you’re going to be laying on the ground, limp and broken.

Lay: Oh? Like you’re acting career?

Luhan: *chokes*

Chenle: *whispers to WinWin* is this why EXO M failed?

Jun: I swear these moments are why I keep coming to these meetings.

The8: Same.


Chen: *knocks on door* Lay?! Why does it sound like Kris is in there??

Lay: *whispers* everybody be quiet shh *through door* NO KRIS ISN’T IN HERE. IT’S JUST ME AND SOME OF THE NCT KIDS WATCHING OLD SHOWTIME EPISODES.

Chen: *through door* Well okay that’s fine I guess, but hurry up and come out. The rest of NCT are here and Suho wants us to have a combined meeting and swap stories or some kind of mess. I don’t really know I never listen he’s kind of boring.

Suho: *from outside door down the hall*  I can hear you Chen!!

Chen: *to Suho* DID I SAY IT WAS A SECRET?!?! *through door* Gah! Just hurry up Lay. *leaves*

Lay: Okay guys you all just stay in here until the coast clears. I’m going to take the NCT boys and go to the meeting. *leaves*

Renjun: This was nice! *leaves*

Chenle: Thanks for letting us join! *leaves*

WinWin: I said more here than in my last 4 interviews…*leaves*


Luhan: That WinWin kid depresses me and I don’t even know why.

Jun: Well what do we do while we wait them out?

Kris: there’s a window here but it may be too high to jump out of.

Luhan: Yeah let’s not do anything dangerous.

Tao: I got it! We can sit in a circle and say our favorite things about each other! Kris you start!




Luhan: I’ll jump now.

Stockholm Syndrome

I’ve never wrote a fanfic before but I gave it ago and if anyone would like me carry this on I will? I don’t know, sorry if it’s shit, I know it’s short but it’s just a snippet, I just wanted to know if anybody would actually like this as a story…

Joker x Reader

Warnings: erm, mentions of violence? Mostly just fluffy, I think ahaha.

Stockholm Syndrome

“Were all just one bad day away from madness.” That’s what he tells me, every single day.

I met him back when I was eighteen, him and his goons had snuck their way into the Wayne’s annual Halloween party. I was new to town, just visiting Uncle Alfred while I took a year off from school to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
God knows I didn’t expect this.
Innocently, I didn’t know that the man that had asked me to dance was in-fact Gotham’s most dangerous and notorious criminal.

“May I?” he asked extending a hand covered with a white glove. Shyly I accepted and he quickly pressed me against his body, pulling me on to the dance floor.
Even though it was Halloween he was dressed completely normal, in a deep purple, three piece tailored suit and white shirt. His hair was black and he had the most menacing blue eyes that bored into my Y/C/E ones, as he twirled us around the dance floor.
“What’s your name?” he practically growled into my ear, grazing his lips against it ever so slightly.
“Y/N” I smiled pulling my head back to see his face “yours?”
“Joker” he replied seriously “I’m the entertainment” he grinned revealing his grill.
Panic devoured my body, anybody would recognize that smile. His arms hugged me closer as I began to breathe heavily.
“Shhh, kitten” he chuckled referring to my last minute costume “BOYS!” he shouted.
Out of nowhere, gunshots and screams erupted in the ballroom as he dragged me up on stage with him.
“Please stop” I whispered, squeezing the gloved hand that was holding mine. A creepy, evil laughter burst out of him, as he rolled his head and clicked his neck.
“Ohhhh, you’re funny sweets. I think I’m going to let you live.”

I’ve been with him ever since he’s tried everything to break me down, make me as mad as him. It’s like I’m his favourite play thing, kept in a cage for him to torment and torture. He’d never tell me why he keeps me here, hanging on for dear life but sometimes he shows weakness around me and it makes me fall for him… I mean feel for him.

“Today is the day, kitten” he purred waking me from my slumber, as he entered my cell. Dressed in nothing but sweat pants. Toxic green hair, glowing so bright it almost hurt my eyes.
“What, the day I descend into madness?” I asked , slowly sitting up.
“Exactly!” he beamed slapping my bare leg.
“I’ll never be crazy.”
Crazy for you, but never crazy.
“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” he sighed with a slight purr that made me want to smile “what have I told you?”
“We’re all one bad day away from madness” we both said in unison.
His expression changed into something sinister, his icy blue eyes glaring at nothing across the room. A growl rose from his stomach to his throat, with a snarl forming on his bright red lips. I know he’s thinking about Batsy. With a shake of his head he turned to face me again, he smiled swaying his head from side to side.
“Darling, I’ve bought you a dress and some shoes. Tonight we hit the town!”
“I get to go out?”
“Yes. With me, on my arm would you like that kitten?”
“Yes” I replied to quickly for my own liking.
“God, you’re so good” he smirked stroking the side of my face.

‘Tonight’s the night’ I repeated in my head all day. Every time someone brought me food or another present for me to wear later. I had butterflies and good ones this time, not just nervous ones, for when I had to figure out what mood Mr J was in when he’d enter my room. Weather he was going to talk to me or torture me. I let the presents pile up in the corner before I decided to open them so it felt like Christmas morning. I had the choice of two dresses, three pairs of shoes and about ten different accessories. I stared at all of the choices before choosing the short black dress with long lace sleeves, the burgundy thigh high boots and the gold knuckle duster necklace, for the dual purposes only.

After I chose my outfit the beauty products were brought in. Excitedly, I straightened my beautiful  Y/C/H hair and applied a grungy, burgundy smokey eye and lips. As I put down the lipstick Mr J walked in, in a matching burgundy shirt that was half way undone to show off his tattooed chest.
“Y/N baby, you look” he sighed “delicious.”
A nervous giggle escaped me. Just like the first time we’d met he extended his hand and I accepted, just to be pulled against him again. My free hand pressed against his heart.
“The car is ready, are you?”
I nodded my head so quickly it almost made me nauseous. Laughing he pulled me out of my cage and into a hall way that lead to his purple Lamborghini. He opened the front door and bowed as I got in. After snaking his way round and into the front seat he smiled at me.
“Where to, sugar?” he growled.
“Everywhere” I giggled.

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IM LAUGHING I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT A GENYATTA WALL-E AU imagine zenyatta's first interaction with genji... trying his best to impress him... wanting to hold his hand... the dance scene in space... a distressed genji holding a lifeless zenyatta, desperately trying to bring him

I got so happy and warm reading the beginning of this… then I reached the end. Why.

I love the Genyatta Wall-e AU though. Zenyatta as Wall-e is such a cute thought, given Wall-e’s curiousity and crush on Eve. In this case, it would be Zenyatta’s crush on Genji. Which is my favorite…

I’d love to see the dance scene with them, especially that sparky kiss they’d share.

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Hello!! I already sent this to Kate but I also want your view on this! I see many imagines about how Draco would react to you in ur dress at the Yule ball, or how he'd ask you to the ball, but I'd love to have a paragraph or two (maybe even some dialogue if you'd wish) about what you both would do during the ball! Like would you both dance all night together, or be lost in each other's own little world? Maybe even what you both do after the ball (can be dirty if u want lol)?? ♥️♥️

“Draco, let’s dance, please!” Y/N says, tugging on her boyfriends arm as he slouches back into his chair, rolling his eyes. “Love, I’m terrible at dancing.” Y/N pouts at him, squeezing his hand tighter. He tilts his head at his girlfriend, the way she her beauty is like her own personal spotlight in the dark room, the timid smile on her face as she tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. He chuckles slightly, grabbing her hand and pressing a kiss to it swiftly, “Okay, love. Let’s dance.”

He pulls her closer, burying his head into her hair, quite easily messing up her pristine hairstyle, although no protest erupt from her and she hums contently, leaning closer to him. “I love you. You look beautiful tonight, darling. ” He mumbles, arms tight around her waist. “Mhm, tonight huh? That’s not going to get you in my pants, Draco.” She chuckles pulling back to  grin at him. He rolls his eyes, eyes locked on her lips, “Don’t be crass.” She smirks slightly, pressing a finger to his lips, trailing it down his jaw, “Oh, I’m sorry, did you not want to get in my pants?” Draco growls slightly, as her hand wanders down the front of his pants. “You’re wearing a dress, darling.” He mutters before pressing his lips to hers. 

My mom, a wrecked old witch,
Full of venom, cruelty rich,
Nails of iron, smile promising torture,
She’s a woman by whom I was nurtured.
Makes me dance to her wicked tune
Once you hear it, boy, you are doomed.
Can you hear a rhythmic tap of my feet,
Unnatural twist of the body, you’re in deep,
Enchanted, bewitched - say what you want,
You should have listened to what you were told.
She’s a wicked witch, what does that make me?
I look in the mirror but still cannot see.
My da, a sly young wreck,
If you meet him don’t show him your neck,
It will be demolished by sharp teeth of his
With pure delight and purer malice,
Don’t you worry, he will leave some for his daughter,
Knows I have a taste for a slaughter.
He’s a werewolf, who am I,
Don’t be so quiet, please, reply.

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Romania, pretty please? For the weird headcanons?

Weird Headcanons! (3/5) 

  • What they smell like: I kind of imagine him to smell…spicy and sweet? Kind of like Paprika I guess. 
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): I could see him sleeping on his stomach, with his head propped up on his arm. When in bed with his s/o, he’ll probably want to spoon or face them while sleeping. 
  • Their music taste: Anything that has a really good beat to it. Generally likes fast paced music that makes you want to dance, but he does enjoy the occasional slow, emotion-filled song. 
  • How much time they spend getting ready in the morning: I don’t for see him taking very long. He’s really one of those people that can walk into his closet and know EXACTLY what he wants to wear that day. Vlad is also not too particular on his hair, so long as it’s combed, then, to him, it’s fine. 
  • Their favorite thing to collect: Romania has a really long history of tarot card readers and witches, so I think that he’d collect vintage tarot cards and witch amulets. 
  • Left or right handed: Right handed, with minimal ability in the left. 
  • Religion (if any): I can see him being Eastern Orthodox (Christian). He attends church pretty frequently, and prays sometimes, but I don’t think he’d be super religious. 
  • Favorite sport: Soccer! 
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): I think Vlad would be very interested in trying the local food, but not so much sightseeing or visiting museums. He’s more the type to check out the local shops, or even go to amusement parks/carnivals/fairs in the surrounding areas. 
  • Favorite kind of weather: Warm and sunny. Doesn’t actually mind when it’s humid outside. 
  • A weird obscure/fear they have: I think he’s very paranoid of loosing his imaginary friends (or magical friends). Not that there’s any reason to fear that, but it’s just always something that comes up out of the blue sometimes. When that happens then it’s usually just a spiral downward from there. Sometimes he questions his sanity, and becomes super depressed. 
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: I could see him being good at the game where you shoot darts at balloons (don’t know what it’s called). 

-Admin K. 

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My heart bursts at the idea of Gem couple or Human!Matsu and Half-Gem!S.O not needing a dance in order to fuse. They could literally just be in a moment of pure happiness, foreheads together and the next thing they know, they're a different being together. ... Could I request a mini-headcanon on how the Matsu would feel if he learned they didn't need to dance or anything?? Q-Q You can pick if he's a Gem or not or if it's even their first time fusing. I just need all the hearts!!

I’ll keep these vague so you can interpret them however you want~!

Osomatsu: The boy absolutely thrives from physical contact so to know what you two can create something so beautiful from simple action like hugging you or holding your hand makes him so happy.  Sometimes he like to dance because it’s a lot fun for the two of you.  He finds fusing to be a lot of fun regardless how you two chose to do it, he’d want to fuse more frequently after that.

Karamatsu: When he learns your love each other is that strong he get’s so emotional and sheds tears of joy, he’s so thankful to have someone in life who cares and loves him that much.  There are time when you fuse that he has to stop and look at the amazing being you two become, it’s never out of narcissism he just feels so blessed he’s able to create something that is a perfect combination of your love for each other.

Choromatsu: He’d be a little nervous hearing that, he would want to accidentally hold your hand in public and the next thing you know there’s a huge fusion for everyone to gawk at.  But at the same time he’d be very touched, he never would have thought he’d find someone who would love and cherish him as much as you do, and knowing that makes fusing more and more of a delight.

Ichimatsu:  He’d be in pure disbelief that you could treasure someone like him that much, inside he would be really touched and more confident knowing your bond for each other was that strong.  He’d be thankful he doesn’t have to dance anymore, he always get’s embarrassed and feels like he’ll trip up so knowing that just resting his forehead against yours could put his mind as ease.  He’s so grateful so have someone that understand him on that many levels in his life.

Jyushimatsu: He’s another one that lives for pda and would be overjoyed to learn how compatible the two of you are.  Much like the eldest he does find the dancing to be silly and lot of fun so he wouldn’t want to stop that completely.  He’d bask in the fact that you and him love and trust each other that much and would ask to fuse more often since he loves being that close you.

Todomatsu:  He’d feel so special and loved knowing that he could something as rare as not having to dance with you in order for the two of you to fuse.  He might playfully tease them a bit about like saying things like “wow I didn’t know you loved that much.” but in all seriousness he’d feel like he was on cloud 9 to know he was that important to you.  Held want to fuse a little more frequently because loves how much your fusion is a perfect balance of the two of you.

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i like really want to marry taehyung you know?? i dont think theres anyone else like him in the world, i want him to be so happy and i love him so much idk

oh i know i feel the same way about hoseok :”) i would love to marry that man, but that will unfortunately never happen so i’m just going to hope that he finds an amazing person that loves him, and excitedly watches him dance, and pets his arms at night :”) :”) :’’) / crying forever /

Ballet // Hux x Reader

Anonymous said: Can you write AU Modern Hux x Reader likes… Reader is Ben Solo’ s twin and she is a ballerina and Hux is CEO. He falls in love with her when Ben introduce her to him.

I’m interpreting this request as if Hux was the CEO of the ballet company?? I hope that’s what you were asking for. Thank you for requesting, you beautiful anon you. Is it just me or do I want to know all of my anons so I could send all of you sweet little messages because I love you all so much hehe.

As you grasp the barre with your hand holding on delicately, you rise onto your toes, extending your arm above your head. You and the three other girls in your dance class hold the position as your dance teacher yells off counts of eight. As she says to release, you come back down into a plié. The routine continues until you can feel your thighs burn as you breathe heavily.

With three firm claps of her hands, your teacher speaks in her French accent, “Alright, ladies. That’s enough for today. We will continue again tomorrow.”

You and your classmates chat as you grab you ballet bags, taking off your pointe shoes. As you pull them off, you release a sight of relief. Your toes are bruised as you grab ace bandages, wrapping it tightly around them before slipping them into your slippers.

Standing off the floor, your wave goodbye to your friends. “Merci, Mademoiselle,” you smile to your ballet instructor as she waves.

“Merci, (Y/N). Good work today,” she says before you exit the dance room. In the waiting room outside, your twin awaits your arrival.

Ben stands from his seat, sighing. “Took you long enough,” he huffs as you rolls your eyes.

“Shut up,” you shove your shoulder into him. Just because you were a ballerina doesn’t mean you had to act polite all the time. “Thanks for picking me up. I appreciate it.”

Looking over to you, he smiles. “No problem. Besides I got to see Hux today.”

Hux was a good friend of Ben’s who Ben refused to introduce you two. For what reason, you will never know. However, you thought you would get the chance when he decided that he would take over his mother’s ballet company. Now you thought it was funny that a completely masculine man would take over his mother’s ballet company. But I mean he was getting applications from hundreds of beautiful, talented girls to work for him. Smart move.

Of course, you being the dancer of the family, you had to get into this dance school. The company was known for being highly prestigious and you had to get in. You begged Ben to talk to Hux for you and within weeks you received your acceptance letter.

“Why can’t I meet Hux? I’ve met every other one of your friends, what’s so bad about Hux?” you ask as the two of you walk to his car.

Ben groans as he sits in the driver’s seat of your car. “Because Hux is a ladies man. I know that if I introduce you to him, he’s gonna want to pursue you and it’s gonna get messy. Trust me, I’ve seen it before,” he explain.

You roll your eyes. Being your twin brother, Ben has always been super over protective, it was twin nature. But in the situation of boys, he was too over protective. “Ben, I could say the same about you and my friends. But you know if you flirt with any of them, I’d kick your ass,” you laugh.

Your twin scoffs in response. “Oh, a wittle ballerina is gonna kick my wittle ass?” he says in a baby voice.

Slapping his arm, you speak, “I’m serious! Come on, Ben, you know I’m not gonna pull anything. And if he tries to, I’ll ignore him. Besides you said he’s not my type.”

At last, he sighs. “Fine. Before you go into class tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to him, okay? There, are you happy?”

You clap your hands in excitement. “Yay! Thanks, Ben. You’re the best,” you smile.

“But I’m warning you if he flirts with you for the rest of your time at the ballet company, don’t blame me.”

Like he promised, he took you down to Hux’s office, opening the door. “Hux!” Ben calls. Spinning around in a chair, a red head sits there wearing a polo shirt and some shorts. He wore a small smirk due to him recognizing his best friends voice. “You haven’t met my sister, so uh. Yeah, here she is. (Y/N), I’ll pick you up later.”

But before he leaves, he gives you a look as if to send you a message using twin telepathy. If he flirts with you, it’s not my fault.

You give him a snarky look. Shut up, asshole.

As Ben leaves, you turn back around to the red head sitting in his chair. “Hi, Hux. It’s nice to finally meet you,” you smile friendly as you can feel Hux’s eyes raking up and down your body. You suddenly felt a little uncomfortable standing in front of your brothers best friend in only a leotard, tights, and a sweatshirt.

Hux gives you a smirk. “Now I know why Ben never wanted me to meet you,” he says, his voice smooth like velvet. You furrow your eyebrows in confusion. “He knew I would get caught up in staring at his hot twin sister.” Your cheek flush as you knew Ben would be vindicated when you talked to him in the car. “Then again, I guess that means I’m calling Ben hot…Oh well.”

His comment made you giggle. “Thanks, I guess.”

“So did Ben warn you about me being a flirtatious little shit?” he asks as his comment makes you laugh once again. You nod your head. “Of course. He’s just doing that because he knows I’m the friend that gets all the girls.”

You were a bit hesitant to continue talking to Hux because of his overly flirtatious nature, but the more you talked the more fun you were having. He seemed incredibly intelligent and funny. You couldn’t help, but want to miss your dance class so you could talk to him more.

“Well, it was nice talking to you, Hux. But, I’m already a few minutes late to class and Mademoiselle will have my head if I’m any later,” you smile, heading for the door.

Hux smiles. “You too, (Y/N). I’m hoping that we can do this again. Maybe tonight over dinner and a movie?” he says smoothly. Your heart flutters at the mention of a date with him.

You slowly nod your head, “Yeah, sure. I’d really like that.”

Dropping his eye into a wink, he says, “See you then, beautiful.”

With rosy cheeks, you run down the hall, entering your class as your dance instructor, as expected, scolds you for being late.

Four hours later, you exit your classroom, finding Ben immediately as he stands outside the door. “Hey, Ben. What’s up?” you say happily, the conversation with Hux replaying in your mind.

“Fine, thanks…How was your talk with Hux?” he asks as he hesitantly laces his eyebrows.

You sigh. “Peachy keen, thanks for asking." Opening the door to exit the building, you look to your brother as he stands inside, his arms crossed.

"He was flirting with you wasn’t he?” he asked as he tapped his foot impatiently. You giggle like a schoolgirl at the thought. “He asked you out didn’t he?" You blush at the mention. Ben groans before turning around and walking down the hall to his best friend's office. "Hux!!”

boyfriend! dino

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  • outdoor dates!!!
  • he’s always down to try something new 
  • like making rings !!
  • and creating your own pottery
  • “hey…. do u wanna try u kno… that thing…?” (he means that famous scene where those 2 people are making pottery together while holding hands LMAO)
  • getting a pet together!!!
  • “i’m going to name him michael”
  • “???why?”
  • “michael jackson duh”
  • him trying to be cute and packing u lunch 
  • ends up being something really simple tho like a ham sandwich or something
  • (he decides that the next time he makes u lunch he’s going to ask kitchen god mingyu for help)
  • inviting you to come watch him practice!!!
  • when you watch him dance he feels nervous as heck but he really wants to show you how cool he is
  • and whats better than watching the person u love do something they love???
  • having to take care of him bc he’s a baby jeonghan’s baby
  • speaking of jeonghan, when you two first started going out jeonghan demanded to meet u asap
  • “so you’re the one dating my baby?”
  • he tries to be intimidating af but ends up giving in to dino
  • “if he likes u then i will too” - jeonghan
  • coming over to the dorm and being welcomed by all the members!!
  • like they’ll treat u like the baby dino is lmfao
  • if he wants something from u… he’s gonna bring out the aegyo ngl
  • “can u please bring over some ice cream?”
  • tries his best to make u happy!!
  • he’s actually v weak in the knees for u but he wouldn’t let it show bc he just wants to show u his cool side
  • but fails bc he gets so blushy and nervous from just holding hands!!!
  • actually from any kind of physical contact
  • like one time u dropped something on the floor and u both bend down to pick it up and u guys brush hands
  • and dino’s like oh my god???????? and then he’s a blushing mess
  • wouldn’t even be able to look at u in the eyes after that
  • after u guys date for a while tho he’ll get better at not blushing @ the tiniest things
  • but its so cute when he does 
  • tbh it takes him a while to get used to u after you guys officially become a couple
  • like he has to realize the fact that ???? omg???? he’s actually someone’s bf????
  • honestly it probably doesn’t hit him until like a few months into the relationship
  • like one day u bring him food during practice and he’s thankful but then he kinda slips “u didnt have to u kno”
  • and u look at him and smile and ur like “but i wanted to! ur my bf :)”
  • cue blushing dino
  • wouldn’t even be able to stop smiling all day
  • cute texts asking u abt ur day and how ur doing!!
  • when he misses u a lot more than usual he asks u to ft (bc no way in hell is he gonna be able to sneak out of the dorm late at night lmfao)
  • doesn’t tell you he loves you until he’s absolutely sure that you’re the one for him
  • and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you
  • bc he sees those three words as a commitment to ur heart and he isnt abt to make empty promises 
  • he’d probably realize that he loves you a couple weeks before he’s actually able to get it out of his mouth
  • one day you stop texting him??? and he cant reach you at all?? and he’s like ok maybe they need space or something?? so he sends only one or two texts like “i hope ur ok” and “call me soon”
  • but u never leave his mind bc??? omg ?? what happened ??
  • and he gets so worried like he’s sick to his stomach 
  • like he gets so paranoid bc what if u got sick of him??? did ur feelings change?? and he can’t focus for the whole day that scoups finally sends him to ur place to check on you
  • when he arrives and u open the door he realizes that u were literally sick as hell like u looked like u were on the door of death right there and then
  • and dino rushes to bring u inside and he’s panicking bc omg how is he supposed to take care of u???
  • so he does what he knows first like give u a damp towel for ur forehead and some hot ginger tea
  • then after he has u in bed w that he calls mingyu for help on porridge
  • and as he’s making it he kind of lets out a sigh of relief like he’s glad that u were sick instead of having changed feelings
  • then he pauses and hes like…. i rly don’t know what i’d do without them….
  • then he realizes he loves u
  • after he realizes he wants to tell u in like a super romantic way w flowers and everything
  • but tbh he probably ends up letting u know by a slip of the tongue
  • like on one of your late night phone calls he’ll be like “goodnight i love you”
  • and you’ll freeze and be like “….what?”
  • he’ll freeze too bc omg!!!!!! it was supposed to be more romantic than that!!!!!!!!
  • “………… i said i love you bye” then he’ll hang up really fast
  • would probably end up screaming into his pillow

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Can you please write part III of Bellarke in the OC! I love it so much its making me want to watch the show too. ❤️

You should definitely watch The OC.  Everyone should, because it’s gr9.  (Part I, Part II)

Bellamy kicked his foot out and watched the lights dance across the bottom of the pool.  The water was cool and still except for where his movement sent ripples flowing across the surface.  It was still hard for him to believe that this was his house, and every morning he opened his eyes wondering if it was just a dream.

But it wasn’t.  This was his life now, less than twenty miles from where he grew up and an entirely different planet.  The adjustment had been harder on Octavia but she’d finally found some friends, a couple of nerds who mostly liked to set off fireworks from the beach.  She was out with them now and the Jahas were at a benefit, leaving him home alone for the first time in weeks.  Charity galas seemed to happen all the time here— a fundraiser for something or other where the richest people in the county would spend thousands of dollars on dresses and dinner just to donate a couple hundred to some nameless good cause.  Bellamy had skipped this one, not quite up to seeing Clarke.  

He had been avoiding her since the party, the memory of her lips against his entirely too potent.  Something about her kept him off balance, but it wasn’t the piercings and tattoos because he could see through those easily enough.  It was something deeper, something that frightened him because he knew that if he let himself, he’d fall in love with her.  And no matter what, at the end of the day, she was from this world and he wasn’t.  The gulf between him and her was too big, no matter how much he wanted it to disappear.

The sound of sandals slapping against concrete made him look up and his heart skipped a beat.  Because there she was, in cut off shorts and a loose tank top but somehow still looking like a Renaissance painting come to life.  “Thought you had a benefit tonight,” he called, keeping his voice as neutral as possible.

“I bailed,” she called back.  “I hate those things.  What’s your excuse?”

“I got kicked out of the last one for punching Murphy?”

Clarke laughed and kicked off her flip flops to dip her feet in the pool.  She sat close to him— too close.  He could feel the heat radiating from her skin even though their legs weren’t quite touching.  “Don’t you always end up punching Murphy?”

“Pretty much,” he agreed with a rueful laugh.  Clarke bumped him with her shoulder and kicked her foot out, splashing his knee.  He laughed again, but then he looked at her and it died in his throat.  She was right there— closer than they’d been since they lost control in the closet.  Clarke dropped her gaze to his lips and fell quiet.  “What are we doing?” he asked, the words coming out before he could stop them.

Clarke looked down at the pool, but he reached out and tipped her chin up.  His thumb skimmed her cheekbone and she swallowed.  “I like you,” she said quietly.

“I’m not part of this life, you know.”

“But you are.  You’re Wells’ brother now.  And even if you weren’t, I wouldn’t— I wouldn’t care.”

Slowly he closed the distance between them.  That night at the party had been out of control, lust and need and sparks flying through his veins.  But this time, he just brushed her lips, gentle and searching.  Clarke’s hand cupped his jaw and opened her mouth, welcoming his tongue with a soft sigh.  

Bellamy pulled back, just slightly, and rested his forehead against hers.  This felt momentous somehow, and his heart was racing.  “I like you too,” he whispered.


Well! Wasn’t expecting that!
Ricky called me up and asked me out! At first I thought he meant with Nick and people from his dorm, but he meant a date. So I thought, okay, why not? We went to the Dinerama.
Geoff turned up out of the blue - I don’t know what for; Hallie must’ve been in class or something. He’ll give me the third degree later, but he had the decency to butt out for now. Ricky found some Heartocalypse songs on the jukebox and put them on, and we danced and laughed and had a good time. And then he took hold of my hands, and -
See, the thing about Ricky is, I knew him in high school and he didn’t date. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he had to work in his uncle’s insurance office after work and his mom isn’t very well and he never had time. So he wasn’t playing me and he wasn’t, he didn’t think he owned me, and he wasn’t tentative. At all. He was sincere and he was doing the work and -
- and I think I’m beginning to understand why Dad and Silver have such a hard time narrowing their choices down to one.

Where do I even begin? Yugyeom dropped his jacket like he was fucking born for sexy dance. Bambam losing his shit in the back is me. Jaebum ran from a mile away because he instinctively knew what came next. Jaebum and Jackson dead ass sat on Yugyeom to stop him from humping the floor. Jackson calling for security is also also me. I still want an encore.

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reasons to love seungkwan
  • his voice
  • he’s horribly slept on like?? I don’t understand how someone as talented as him can be so underrated
  • high notes
  • “ayo ladiessssss this is your storyyyyyy”
  • ad-libs
  • girl group dance queen
  • his voice is honestly so good I can’t wait for him to do an ost someday
  • MC Boo
  • i don’t ever think he’s been legitimately mean to another member
  • verkwan
  • i hope he knows he shouldn’t be so concerned about his body and his weight but he is insecure 
  • if he wants to lose weight that’s his choice obviously but i hope he’ll still stay healthy
  • he got asked to audition for the company from a video of him singing recorded by a shitty ass laptop microphone that’s how good he is
  • his best quality english
  • “have you ever heard of the land art?”
  • when the judge only talked about his singing and not seokmin’s, his first thought was to make seokmin feel better
  • “I explained it well”
  • his aegyo
  • him and his mom
  • he gets so emotional when he talks about her and it’s so sweet
  • especially on seventeen project when he saw her again and couldn’t stop crying
  • “My beloved Madame-Jwa. She’s the prettiest in the world.”
  • whenever other members are awkward on camera he’s always there to save them and make it fun again
  • he’s so shameless and is willing to do a n y t h i n g even in front of other older groups and that takes a lot of courage
  • while yes he’s very funny and all but he isn’t just a joke he’s human too
  • his speech at seventeen’s concert, where he cried and felt like he had to apologise for having emotions
  • the fact that he’s willing to make a fool of himself just to make other people laugh
  • he sacrifices himself to make the members happy and if that isn’t selfless i don’t know what is
  • he wasn’t afraid to cry on 17project and when they had their first win and to me that openness makes him feel more like a friend than an idol
  • he deserves so much more love :((
Jeon Jungkook As Your Best Friend

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  • Watching horror movies at midnight cause’ he likes to scare you and use it as an excuse to keep you in his arms for the rest of the movie
  • Sleeping over at his place as he’d pretend he’s scared to sleep alone just to hug you to sleep and maybe even take this excuse to bury his face on your chest
  • Building forts with your bed sheets and him snuggling with you as he’d tell you the weirdest things you heard in a  while “ Do you want to see my seagull dance?”
  • Him being obsessed with Seagulls.” I relate to seagulls on a deeper level. My seagulls understand me unlike you! They fly and they like fries just like me”
  • You, stealing his white shirts and hoodies while the guy cannot survive because of you. “ WHY DID YOU STAIN MY FAVORITE WHITE SHIRT *CRIES THE HAN RIVER*. “ Come on Jeon, you have like 100 white t-shirts”. “ Don’t take my white shirts for granted you cruel woman.They’re all precious to me. My children  * rubs his cheek on the fabric on the white shirt* ” he’d pout
  • Him stealing your beanies and you pulling on his cheeks as a payback because you never find them afterwards. “ I did not take THEM!!!”
  • Him randomly putting his arm around your shoulder, because he likes the feeling of showing off that he has a girl even you’re not even his girlfriend.
  • You, teasing him because he always calls himself “International playboy” yet he can’t even approach girls.
  • Him pushing your back with his head when he wants you to move because that’s how he rolls
  • Him turning casual and normal backhugs onto a fight because he picks you up along the way and throws you somewhere god only knows why. “ I like picking up things and throwing them. My BAD” he’d giggle at you
  • Him randomly grabbing your hands and staring at your fingers and finger nails because he’s fascinated over how girly they look and how tiny they are compared to his larger hands. “ You’re so tiny” he’d comment and you’d fire back “ Yeah, just like your dick” you smirk. “ HOW DARE YOU”, he’d glare at you
  • You and him going on an adventure at night because you like breaking the rules and getting out of the dorm after curfew.
  • Eating ice cream at 3 in the morning because Jungkook can’t eat alone and ‘he’s scared’ Yeah bullshit
  • Watching the Titanic and him getting all teary but not wanting to admit it so he says that his eyes are sweating.
  • You ,making him pigtails with your hairties when he’s asleep because you like to take pictures and use it to blackmail him for future purposes. #TrueFriendship
  • Him trying to pull down your American Appereal Tennis Skirt cause’ they’re too short apprently .  “ I CAN’T.” he’d hide his eyes before snapping out “ WEAR PANTS OR SOMETHING PLEASE.I CAN’T PROTECT YOU ONCE YOU FLASH PEOPLE”. What he doesn’t know is that you’re wearing safety shorts lol.
  • Getting Ice cream and him licking onto yours as if it was everyday’s normal shit and you finding it utterly gross but then you cope up with it,cause’ jungkook never makes sense.
  • Him touching your boobs or your butt by accident and freezing because he never thought something scandalizing like this could happen to him . “ I-I-I-I DID NOT MEAN TO T-T-TOUCH IT.” he’d blink before regaining his composure “ But damn, It feels so soft can I touch it again?” he’d grins at you “ Come on, WE’RE FRIENDS!! I’LL let you touch me too– “ he replies and you smirk at him.He panics as he replies “ Uhm no, you know what? On second Thought, I don’t think it’s a good idea If I let you touch me”
  • You accusing him of watching porn because all guys do it and he’s trying to seem innocent in your eyes. “ I DONT’ WATCH PORN Pffffft. * stares everywhere except you*”
  • Sharing your first kiss because Jungkook has these uncontrollable hormones that begged him to jump on you when you were freshmans in high school.
  • Shopping for you lingerie together because Jungkook likes how Victoria Secret’s bra shops smell good.People think you’re a couple because jungkook even helps you out to pick your bras. He chooses the most scandalous ones most of the times. “Ooh~ I like lace. Try this on~”He’d pick the most racy bra in the entire shop and you’d roll your eyes“ I’m buying this to support my boobs not to impress you, romeo” you nudge his head
  • You , patting his butt in an adoration manner , because he’s like your son in some kind of way and this is also the reason why you didn’t freak out when he touched your butt by accident.
  • Going to the movies and him being all sneaky and eating more than half of the popcorn because he does not give a single F and he’s too hungry.
  • You, glaring at him cause’ he always steals your food without permission but then he pouts at you and gives you the puppy face , so you can’t even retort
  • You, pulling on his cheeks endlessly because he’s so squishy and him cringing his face cause’ it’s hurting him so badly.
  • Getting asked out on a date by a senior, but jungkook randomly steps in and cockblocks you for no apparent reason cause’ he doesn’t like the guy.
  • Sending little silly notes to each other in class when the teacher is talking cause’ jungkook absolutely needed to share his discomfort about you going out on a date with Jimin while stating that he’s a pervert
  • You teasing him about his crushes in front of them because you just like seing jungkook acting all shy and embarrased.
  • Him threatening you with his eyes to shut it because he can’t bare with the embarrassement.
  •   Clubbing together and you chose to wear a short sparkly dress meanwhile he tries covering you up for the entire night with his vest no matter what cause’ he’s worried. “ STOP EXHIBITING YOUR BODY . I BEG YOU!!”
  • Getting drunk together and stumbling your way back home as he’s sobbing a river on your shoulder over how he’s sad that Sailor Moon is a fictionnal anime character and not his girl.
  • Him bitting your shoulder when you’re cuddling because that’s his way to show affection while staying close.
  • Him engulfing you in his arms whenever you try arguing against him cause’ he knows how much you soften up the second your face is buried on his chest
  • You, telling him about all of your crushes and how much you find Zac Efron sexy meanwhile he’s getting salty as hell and you don’t notice it.
  • Him pretending to be your boyfriend in the most random moments cause’ he doesn’t like it when other boys hit on you. “ She’s my fiancee. Don’t even f*cking try it.”
  • Sometimes he takes his game a bit too far . “ We’re having a second kid and she’s three months pregnant. I suggest you f*ck off sir” he’d smirk . “ WHO’S PREGNANT–” you’d be ready to shout at him but he’d put his palm casually over your lips “ Don’t shout babe,It’s not good FOR THE BABY!!” he’d keep on playing
  • You nagging him for not letting you date any guy because he’s always acting way too overprotective. “ Boys are dangerous Y/N. They’re savage!! Don’t go near them and find a man you can trust. Just like me” he’d reply with a smug look
  • You playing with his black silky while haor pulling on it a few times to get his attention and him complaining because his scalp is too precious to get totured by you. “ My hair is worth millions, don’t go around pulling on it as if I’m your doll”
  • Him randomly picking you up bridal style whenever he’s happy about something cause’ He likes to show off his strenght “ I’M THE MAN!!!”
  • Moving in together because it’s easier to pay the rent that way and you’re used to each other
  • Playing fight or having pillow fights as you make so much noise that your neighbors complain.
  • Sharing your shampoo and products because jungkook loves to smell the same as you. “ SHARE IT.” Jungkook would pull the conditionner away from you “ Dont’ all stingy. I still play half of the rent. Lets be eco-friendly oki doki?”
  • Him playing with your hair and making the most hideous hairstyles ever seen in history. “ Oooh~ you look like a witttcchhhhhh!!!!” he’d laugh “ Now you look like a poop” he’d play once again “ How about I turn you onto a Seagull? Do you have hair gel somewhere?”
  • Him bitting on your forearm with his bunny teeth when you work on your school project cause’ he believes that playing with him is better than getting a good grade. “ Come on Y/N. Get up or I’ll eat you” he’d bite your shoulder and you’d give him a  scandalized stare. He takes back his words “ O-Oh U-Uhm…* cough cough* NOT IN THAT SENSE OF THE TERM ” he’d blush franctically
  • Him stealing your nivea lipbalms because he likes to test them out but never gives them back “ I feel like I kissed you when I wear these lipbalms” he’d chuckle
  • Making out accidentally when you’re both drunk because Jungkook has been single for too long and he cannot keep his hands to himself. “Come on, It won’t hurt to just kiss. I promise I won’t go further than a kiss” he’d giggle at you
  • Him trying to get more everytime because once he got a taste he’d like to have more. “ Come on~~~ Y/N!!! I even chose your underwear with you.There’s nothing weird about this!! It’d be more weird if we’d stay away from each other “  but he eventually feels weird for wanting this since you’re supposed to be friends. “ Why am I feeling like this?” He’d feel hot and bothered when looking at your lips
  • You rolling your eyes over how horny he gets on a daily basis and him feelling extra embarrassed because you’re a witness. “ Sorry, it’s not like I can control this” he’d bite on his bottom lip
  • Him falling for you with time and you being oblivious.
  • Him looking at you with adoration for no reason and making up excuses just to keep you close to him. “It’s winter, lets not waste money on the heater and just cuddle instead.”
  • Him wanting to save money in other naughty ways too. “How about we shower together too? We’d save lots of money for tuition” he’d smirk at you and you being scandalized “ STOP BEING SO ECO-FRIENDLY. I’M NOT SHOWERING WITH YOU” you’d spit back “ Girl, Please!! Don’t be all stingy! I just wanted you to wash my hair for me” he tilt his head to the side charmingly “ HELL NO” you glare at him

This is a little gift to you guys for making me reach 6.5k followers<333 I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it!! Tbh I like Jungkook as a best friend more than as a Boyfriend lollll.

I made Jungkook and Yoongi as your Boyfriends a while ago and I thought this idea sounded kinda cute <3

Here’s the links to Jungkook and Yoongi as your Boyfriends : Jungkook / Yoongi

dating Nathan Adrian
  • being woken up by his early morning alarms
  • going to watch him practice
  • him walking around the house naked a lot
  • constant compliments from him 
  • “have i told you how much i love you”
  • lots and lots of cuddling
  • wearing his clothes 
  • him being super touchy
  • forehead kisses
  • showering together
  • him being very private about your relationship 
  • pool sex
  • washing his hair for him bc he’s tired after practice
  • him dancing around and singing while making dinner
  • him constantly smiling
  • very very intimate sex
  • wanting to be the little spoon when he’s upset
  • him being SUPER needy when he’s sick
  • picking you up and spinning you around when you hug 
  • having movie marathons when he’s not practicing
  • when you’re having a bad day he would do any and every thing to make you feel better
  • he would love to hold your hand 
Joker Dating Headcanons

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  • Getting cat called, and without a thought, Joker kills them right then and there.
  • Getting whatever you want
  • When Joker feels jealous, he pulls you close and squeezes your butt…hard
  • “Doll face ”
  • “Pumpkin”
  • “My Queen”
  • “My King”
  • On rainy, boring days, you will play cards
  • J constantly cheating
  • “My parents want to meet you”
  • “Why?”
  • Joker trying to protect you at all times
  • When J gets angry, he makes sure you’re far away from him as possible (he tends to randomly break or shoot things)
  • “I love you”
  • “I… can’t”
  • When he’s feeling down (in his own Joker way) you play some music and dance with him.
  • J speeding through the streets when he’s irritated or angry and you pretending your not scared but your knuckles are turning white from the clutching the door so much
  • Joker threatening the henchman with their and their family’s life to keep you safe when he’s not around
  • Batman constantly trying to “save” you
  • Not being as insane as him, but fairly crazy
  • “Daddy’s home!”
  • Joker never wanting to be around you when your on your period
  • Heated arguments
  • Passionate kisses
  • J sleeps with his shirt off, so when you lay on his chest, you constantly trace his tattoos until either one of you fall asleep
  • Morning sex
  • Angry sex
  • Loving sex
  • No matter how hard you try, you can never give Joker a hickey (the acid bleach kind of toughened his skin a wee bit)
  • “That’s cute”
  • “Do you want it”
  • “Yes please”
  • Joker stealing right in front of you… a lot