my day:

  • had a panic attack over a giant wasp that’s currently living in the screened-in porch outside my house
  • it is seriously massive….the biggest wasp i have ever seen in my life
  • like, look, not to exhaust the point, but it is scary as hell and STILL THERE and i don’t know what to do
  • then, worn out from this panic attack, i took a nap
  • i was woken from my nap with a call from my psychiatrist to follow-up with me about getting refills for the next few months
  • probably sounded like i was completely out of it while i was talking to her tbh
  • ate dinner
  • finished stranger things, which i enjoyed a lot
  • now i’m going to lie in bed some more thinking about how i waste my time
  • also i really want to watch season 6 of the walking dead but i can’t find any working links……when will it get put on netflix