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If jk ever smiled at me, I would ask him what he's smiling at and why he's smiling. Baby boy my back foot! I just want to bully him



Little Tokyo Live ~ Onee’s popular gags

Inoo’s “Kore-da! Kore-da! Kore-da! Kore-da!”

Yuto’s “Abe no harakasu” (Building in Japan)

Yuto’s suffering face after doing the gag XD

~ Most popular HSJ member among the Onees ~

Third place : Nakajima Yuto

Question : What do you like about him?

1. His eyes

2. His form. It is really straight.

3. I saw him acting. I thought he looks really naive.

Second place : Yamada Ryosuke

1. Somehow, I feel like I want to bully him.

2. He has a baby-face but has a muscle body

3. He looks really pretty when cross-dressing.

First place : Okamoto Keito

1. His sharp eyes. 

2. He can be a loveable or cool person underneath his baka-ness character.

3. I think it is good that he doesn’t look like a Johnny’s.


Doriyan : Congratulations Okamoto! You have beaten Yamada-kun! *in the ranking above*

Daiki : It is the first time for you right? To be above Yamada in a ranking.

Yuto : Please give a comment as a No. 1.

Keito : *in a girly voice* Mouuu~ Arigato minna ~


Okamoto being chosen to do a gag as closing act because the Onees will probably be happy to see it. XD

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)

Title: Hard Work and Helping Hands

Pairing: N/A; NaruHina hints, Hinata/Boruto bonding

Summary: Knitting takes a lot of work and Boruto wasn’t sure he was up to the task. Hinata has some advice.


I own nothing.

Note: Hope I’m not too late. This is written for tachipaws‘ #supporthinatasknitting. I hope you all enjoy!

“I hate this!”

Hinata looked up from her work to see Boruto’s little face scrunched up into a pout as he glared down at the mess of yarn. Pink thread sat knotted together in the sunlight, an indistinguishable clump on her son’s lap, and the sewing needles lay sprawled on the floor. Hinata smiled as she set aside her own knitting, placing a hand on the back of her son’s head.

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