Short Fandom PSA

You may or may not have heard that an MTV reporter talked to DP about the “hate” they have both received from Westallen fans for shipping SB. Obviously we know that none of us have ever sent her hate, but unfortunately they are bigger names and it paints us in a bullying light. It’s the same argument people who try to say that calling out racism is worse than racism itself use.

So I just want to urge my fellow Iris West and Westallen fans to not respond to this. The temptation is strong because we know we’re in the right, but there’s no use trying to change their minds. They’ll just use it as more evidence that we want to spread hate. In fact, just as DP said she uses the mute button on us, do yourselves a favor and do the same. If you think you’ll ever be tempted to @ her? Just unfollow/mute/block. Do whatever you have to do to avoid seeing the promotion of a ship that erases Candice, and to avoid being filled with rage.

The important thing is to make our love of Candice, Iris and Westallen strong and loud. Tweeting hate and negativity about the other team just adds to the conversation about them. So let’s talk about what we love instead! Don’t give hits and comments to these places that ignore or demean Iris. Instead let’s find and promote the places that are willing to do justice to our leading lady. Thanks!

Friendly reminder that :

- Snape’s love for Lily wasn’t just a crush.
- Snape VS The Marauders wasn’t rivalry.
- Snape’s anger toward Sirius wasn’t a childhood grudge.
- Snape wasn’t friendzoned.
- Snape wasn’t a blood supremacist.
- Snape wasn’t a stalker.
- Snape wasn’t a coward.
- Snape wasn’t a mass murderer.
- Snape wasn’t evil.

FIFA 17 | Juventus: Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci vs Paulo Dybala and Andre Barzgali

Rap Monster is really inteligent. People brush him off because he is telling those wise or deep thoughts in a not-so-smart context most of the time. In a way I want him to stop since I don’t want him to be bullied or people to mock him anymore (I know how he is feeling, I’ve been in his place a lot of times), but in a way I want him to be confident and say those deep thoughts. Idk, I feel like he’s gotta learn when to shut up and when to speak up. I’ll cheer for him to learn to read the atmosphere, Rap Monster fighting~


“captain fockin new japahn??”

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OmgCP headcanon #2

I just want someone to write a fic in which Jack and Bitty are already out and Bitty’s going to his high school reunion because they were horrible to him and he just kind of wants to rub it in their face how much better off he is compared to them in that passive aggressive Southern way of his.
(Also bonus points if both Jack and Bitty refer to each other as the other’s trophy husband at one point in time)
And basically everyone from his high school just kind of dies a bit because damn, little Eric Bittle did well for himself. (Award-winning baker and cookbook author, married to 4-time Stanley Cup winner, star NHL player Jack Zimmermann etc.)
I just really want Bitty to show up all the dumbasses who bullied him in high school.


Little Tokyo Live ~ Onee’s popular gags

Inoo’s “Kore-da! Kore-da! Kore-da! Kore-da!”

Yuto’s “Abe no harakasu” (Building in Japan)

Yuto’s suffering face after doing the gag XD

~ Most popular HSJ member among the Onees ~

Third place : Nakajima Yuto

Question : What do you like about him?

1. His eyes

2. His form. It is really straight.

3. I saw him acting. I thought he looks really naive.

Second place : Yamada Ryosuke

1. Somehow, I feel like I want to bully him.

2. He has a baby-face but has a muscle body

3. He looks really pretty when cross-dressing.

First place : Okamoto Keito

1. His sharp eyes. 

2. He can be a loveable or cool person underneath his baka-ness character.

3. I think it is good that he doesn’t look like a Johnny’s.


Doriyan : Congratulations Okamoto! You have beaten Yamada-kun! *in the ranking above*

Daiki : It is the first time for you right? To be above Yamada in a ranking.

Yuto : Please give a comment as a No. 1.

Keito : *in a girly voice* Mouuu~ Arigato minna ~


Okamoto being chosen to do a gag as closing act because the Onees will probably be happy to see it. XD

(Disclaimer : Rough translation by me)

Teacher Tom: Punishment Doesn't Work
Reflections on teaching and learning from preschoolers
By Teacher Tom

I’m not a fan of punishments of any sort, mainly because they don’t work. Or at least they don’t work the way we think they do. Yes, since I’m bigger and stronger than a child, I can bully him into doing what I want, but what I’m teaching him, no matter how many times I say “I’m doing this for your own good,” is that bigger and stronger people, those with more power, get to tell the weak what to do. Even when children comply in the face of these threats, they aren’t doing so because they’ve seen the wisdom of their ways, but rather because of the external “motivation” of punishment. I want the children I teach to be internally motivated to do the right thing, rather than to simply obey, and you just can’t get there through punishment.