Dear C,

I wish I could have a last name as beautiful as Angelique. Hell, even your first name is gorgeous.

Roy may stem from Royalty, but the way saying your last name feels like silk hurts more than that. Your entire being is beautiful - Your name, your body, your mind. Though I don’t know you too much, I knew you before him and I could immediately tell you were his type.

You look like me in some ways.

The passion in his kisses was the hunger he satisfied like a wolf feasting on a lamb, my virgin lips craving his sweet touch that left me breathless. Caressing my thighs, my back, biting my neck, his fingertips ignited every nerve in my body. My knees would buckle. His truck brings back memories, and I can still remember waking up beside him on a Saturday afternoon. His arm will serve as your pillow, his lips your wake-up call. You will never want to leave this second home, but will want to make it your only. 

Will you experience his love the same way I did? 

Last week, he told me that he wasn’t over me. He wanted to get back together, even if he knew how back of an idea it was. Neither of us wanted to break up; we knew it was for the best because he isn’t ready for a relationship. 3 months later and I come to find you’re in the picture now.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re beautiful, sweet, and kind. You could make him really happy.

But I don’t know what he’s thinking. Or feeling. He’s either lying to me or you, and both are red flags. I’m keeping my distance, but that doesn’t hide the fact that I spent 20 minutes and work crying after he told me on his break.

Please be careful. He doesn’t keep his word. He hasn’t texted me first in 9 months. Constantly leaves me hanging, ditching me and making up excuses instead of being honest. Won’t speak to you unless he wants something from you. And he’s the one who fought to keep me his friend.

I want to be the one who makes him smile, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be for me.

Maybe you will be different. Maybe you will crash and burn like me.

(BTW, you wait 6 minutes before calling 911 for a seizure. They’re more unpredictable than you think. He doesn’t take enough care of himself.)


K (To him, Gummer)

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*I read your text and replies once I get home* Sure if you want *I bite my lip as I take a seat on the couch still thinking about what he said about you. I shake my head as I turn on the tv to distract myself* -Madison /// So impatient *I chuckle softly before I bite my lip while lining myself up with you, slowly teasing you before I carefully push into you, thrusting slowly* -Zayn (No way!! 😂 Ah who did you go see in concert?)

*I drive to you house and gently knocks on the door wanting to know what he told you since I sense something is off* hey.. -harry
*i moan softly as you start moving your hips* shit.. keep going babe *I mumble looking up at you as you slowly thrust into me, my hands wrapped around your neck* -Maria (yeah she had a friend that helped us sneak in 😂 it was this Mexican artist I swear they keep coming here and I’m gonna be broke 😅)

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So you & Harry are at a bar (I can definitely see this with frat boy harry) & things get a little sexual between you two & you both end up in this dingy bathroom at the back of the bar & you guys can hear the muffled bass from the band that's playing (I have songs that would fit this scenario; I'll send them in later) & he puts you on the edge of the sink, the air is so full of animalistic lust & want. The kisses that you guys share are so sloppy & wet & he practically rips your (cont)

shirt off & starts leaving bite marks along your neck & collarbones & he bites so hard at times, but you love it so much & it just turns you on even more & you’re pulling at his shirt, exposing the skin of where his neck & shoulder meet & you’re trying to kiss his skin but his kisses on you feel /so good/ & he’s grabbing at your skin, pulling at your bra & tearing it off of you & you’re a whimpering mess because you just want his shirt off & he pulls away momentarily to do so & you’re given a few seconds to see that he’s practically a Greek god before he’s pulling you into his body & your hot skin meets his, your breasts crushed against his chest & he starts tugging at your jeans & you lift yourself up a bit to allow him to take it off & your ass meets the cool tile of the sink & you pull at the belt loops of his jeans to bring him closer & his hands are at your hips, desperate for some sort of contact & he thrusts his hips forward to meet with your thong-clad center & he pulls at the back of your thong, tightening the material & giving you even more friction & you’re a whimpering mess, so he pulls even harder on it & he moves his hand to the front & rubs your center, but you’re so /needy/ that you just say “fuck it” & unzip his pants & pull them & his boxers down enough to release him & he moves your thong to the side just enough to enter you & he’s soon pounding into you so fucking hard, you’re back is against the dirty mirror & you’re grabbing onto anything, his shoulders, his back, the sink, his ass, to somehow ground yourself & he’s slamming into you to the beat of the drums & bass & he’s burying his face in your neck, biting on your collarbones & you’re moaning & he’s grunting & he can’t help but to talk dirty to you: “you like that, huh?” “like it when I fuck yeh, yah?” & soon someone’s knocking on the door, yelling about how the bathroom has been locked for such a long time, but that doesn’t stop him or you from fucking each other; instead, it only spurs you on more. He’s covering your mouth with one of his hands & he’s looking at you with such intensity & you know your eyes are practically rolling to the back of your head & he’s whispering “does this get you off? Yeh like takin’ my cock knowing people are out there, huh?” “careful, kitten, don’t wan’ people to know what we’re doin’, yeh?” & there’s sweat covering your bodies & your hair is a mess & you guys are so close to your high & when you’re about to reach yours, he’s egging you on “come on, Love. Let me see you come for me.” & your moans & the sound of your guys’ skin slapping against each other fills the damn bathroom & he makes you suck on 2 of his fingers to stop you from screaming & then he remembers that he isn’t wearing a condom & he pulls out & comes all over your stomach, his cum glistening on your skin & even though people are banging away at the door he cleans you off with toilet paper & water, apologizing for ruining your underwear & promising you to buy more, but better ones. & as you fix your hair in the bathroom mirror, he can’t help but to look at how beautiful you are, even though you’re still covered in sweat & cum, & helps you fix yourself. ~S 



((Haha, I swear I’m still trying to go through these chronologically, but I noticed these three are characters I don’t know yet/don’t know a lot about, so I decided to do them all at once. Hope these are all okay! <3))
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accidentally turning on Tommy Holland would include

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  • finally Tommy had a time off from all his shootings and for the weekend, he was all yours to have
  • and on this particular afternoon he decided to teach you how to play the guitar
  • sitting on his lap on the floor
  • as it’s a really hot day, you are wearing a baggy shirt of his and some denim shorts
  • having his hands over yours
  • feeling his hot breath on your neck
  • “and your finger goes right here”
  • “okay, professor Holland”
  • him being a really good teacher
  • biting your lip as you’re concentrating really hard
  • “it’s too difficult, Tommy, i can’t do this”
  • “you can do anything you want to, love, let’s try again”
  • you moving around on his lap to find a comfy position
  • feeling him harden through his sweatpants
  • “really Tom?”
  • “i’m sorry love, i can’t help it but having you like this in my arms and your fingers moving so smoothly on the guitar and you biting your lips as you’re concen-
  • cutting him off with a kiss
  • him being excited about what’s about to happen
  • “Tommy?”
  • him letting out a small moan
  • “yes love?”
  • “go to the bathroom and handle yourself”

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hey, look at me - kookie??

“Hey, look at me. Let me see it, love.“ 

The words were soft, gentle – coaxing you out of a stupor as your hand pressed over the ice against your cheek. Jungkook’s thumb was constantly swiping over your cheekbone, pretending the biting cold of the ice wasn’t numbing his skin. He frowned when you didn’t retaliate to his words and after a moment or two of silence, he pressed his free hand against the side of your neck and tilted your chin up to meet his appraising gaze. 

“I don’t think I want to go near a basketball field ever again,” you mumbled. Your voice came out slightly muffled by how firmly Jungkook’s hand had begun to press over yours on top of the ice bag. 

“Move your hand,” Jungkook said gently, shifting your fingers away from the cold until both of your hands fell into your lap. In your place, his fingers curled around the plastic bag and lifted it to the forming bruised once more. 

With a sigh underneath his breath, a frown etched over his face. As his dark eyes slanted low, he could have looked angry, but both of you knew he was just worried. Not even a second after the incident had taken place; his hand had already been covering the spot that had caused you to hiss in pain. His words had been quiet then, too, asking if you were alright, if you needed ice, telling Jimin to fuck off as menacingly as he could. 

You rested your forehead against Jungkook’s chest, curling one of your hands at his back so you could crumple the fabric of his jumper in your fingers. “How bad is it?” 

Jungkook very lovingly, very softly lied, “It’s not all that bad. The ice brought the swelling down a bit, I think.” 

Behind his words, you could hear his apprehension. To dull his worry, which seemed more heightened than yours had ever been, you asked teasingly, “Are you going to have to put me under, Doctor?” 

Jungkook cracked a smile, one that was small enough to barely enhance the bunny look on his face. “No,” he murmured, pressing his mouth into your hair to kiss the strands that had been mussed by his anxious fretting. “I think you do deserve a few kisses though.” 

“Just a few?" 

Moving the ice bag away from your injured cheek, Jungkook pressed an affectionate, open-mouthed kiss to the area of skin. “Okay, maybe more than a few,” he agreed.

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Look at this cute bunny. 

- Nageoire 

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The mukami brothers reacting to there s/o asking to bite them for the first time?

Ruki - *frowns softly at the request, but nods, holding out his wrist* “Make sure it is clean, livestock, like I taught you.”

Kou - *giggles softly* “Does m-neko-chan desire to mark me as all hers~? How cute~ Make sure the claws don’t dig too deep, mm~?” *tilts his neck for you*

Yuma - *chuckles softly and pulls you close, pressing your lips to his neck* “If ya thirsty sow, go ahead and drink.”

Azusa - *blushes softly and nods, tilting his neck for you* “Please… make it hurt… I want to feel Eve’s fangs deeply.”

Obsession - Kihyun Smut

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“Why can’t you look at me, why can you only look at him,” Kihyun shouted gripping your hips to bring you closer to him. “I’ll make you look at me,” he crushed his lips to yours, he let out a small groan pulling you closer when you started to kiss him back. You trailed your arms up his chest to his shoulders melting into the kiss.

His hand hooked under your leg lifting you onto the countertop. He pulled away from your lips staring into your eyes momentarily. His eyes darted towards your neck than back to your own. “I want you to moan my name,” he leant towards your neck, gently kissing it before attacking you with merciless bites. You tilted your head allowing him more access.

You let out a gasp as one of his hands worked its way into your pants, rubbing circles on your clit. You unintentionally rested your head against Kihyun’s shoulder as he continued his motions. He roughly pulled your pants down pulling away from your neck. “Say my name,” he muttered using his thumb to continued the motion on your clit while another digit crept inside of you. He inserted another shortly after, then began to curl them, you moaned against his shoulder.

“Kihyun,” you gasped out, he pulled his fingers out of you pushing you back to make you watch as he licked your juices off from his hand. “Only look at me from now on okay,” he smirked looking you over, “if you do, you can get more of this,” he lifted your shirt up his hand tracing over your stomach before going back to your aching core. He continued back to his previous motions.

This time rougher than before, he then removed his hand once more replacing it with his tongue this time. He blew hot air onto your core before he continued to explore you. You could feel your orgasm approaching, your stomach filled with heat, your back arching off the counter trying to get him deeper inside of you. His hand held your hips still, as you became a moaning mess, spilling profanities mixed with his name.

He allowed you to release, leaving you a shaking mess. His tongue lapped you a few more times to gather your juices. “Will you only look at me, or-” you cut him off by crashing your lips against his. You wrapped your legs around his waist as an attempt to get him closer. You pulled away resting your head in the crook of his neck pulling at his pants desperately.

He chuckled lowly, “do you want me that bad, beg,” he whispered out the word beg moving your had into his pants allowing you to feel him. You let out a whimper imagining how he would feel inside of you. “Beg,” he commanded pulling your hand out, “Kihyun please,” his hand trailed up your side, “please what,” he continued the motion up your side making you shiver slightly. “Please fuck me,” he pulled you off the counter instead slamming you into a wall.

You placed your arms on his shoulders, he had slipped out of his pants and boxers and was positioning himself at your entrance he rubbed himself against you teasingly making you whine trying to push down onto him, but his grip wouldn’t allow you. He pushed you onto him roughly making you scream out his name.

You moved your hand to cover your mouth, “let your neighbors hear,” he growled, you removed your hand from you mouth digging your nails into his shoulders as he thrust up into you. You tried your hardest to bite back the moans as he pounded roughly into you.  His head fell against your shoulder, you could hear his heavy breathing as he sped up.

“You’re so tight,” he mumbled against your neck, placing feather like kisses. Pleasure pulsed through your whole body, you screamed out his name releasing for the second time that night. He buried himself deep into you releasing himself, he gave a few more thrusts to help you both ride out your orgasms.

He pulled himself out of you still holding you up by the waist. “Let’s go to bed,” he muttered tiredly, you nodded. He carried you to your bedroom laying down with you on his chest. He smiled kissing your forehead. “I didn’t hurt you did I,” he asked, you shook your head burying it in the crook of his neck.


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Yes, just like that~ *grins, releasing your neck for a few seconds before biting into it and drinking greedily for a while; deep, long thrusts sending shivers through your body as he reaches his hand down to play with your clit, surprisingly gently*

*starts moaning out loud, trembling from the pleasure and slight pain and subconsciously bucks hips against him* M-mh, Laito…kun… m-more… >////////<


I just want to be kissed. Slowly. passionately. I want to be pulled into it, heads tilting, breath being held. A slight smile before our lips meet. The explosion, the butterflies swarming, fireworks. The small grips at clothes, hand on the back of my head, my neck, small of my back. Lips parting like red seas, tongues mingling. Small bites. I want to feel wanted in a single kiss. The moment, the momentum, the stillness and quiet. The earth stopping. Just fuckin kiss me like you’ve dreamt you wanted to, like we’re meeting for the first time and it’s all you’ve wanted to do. Make me jump out my skin, make those goosebumps dance, make the small hairs stand on end. Give my adrenaline something to rush for. Fuckin kiss me with the fullness of your lips. Please.

I want to pleasure you so much
I want to make you moan
I want to whisper naughty things in your ears
I want to make you speechless
I want to climb on top of you
I want to bite your lips
I want to kiss your neck
I want to bite you softly
I want to give you all of me

wlw aesthetic: me

white sneakers, glitter, swimming in the sea, waking up at 5am, biology books, my heart beating too loudly, pink and brown eyeshadow, wearing too much highlighter, looking at the night sky, wanting to be a jedi, lemon water, lots of plants, not being sure if i can hold her hand, the sound of a cat purring, wanting her to bite my neck, mangoes and pineapples and peaches, fantasy and science fiction books, “it’s mine and it’s not yours and you can’t have it”, procrastinating, watching the sunrise, berry coloured lipstick, walking alone, wild animals, being possessive and territorial, sun rays on a wooden floor, studying for hours, dreamy and upbeat music, watching the lotr movies over and over, kissing with eyes open, pyjamas all day, green things growing, the sound of thunder, recovering and healing, sitting on a girl’s lap, feeling the warmth of the sun on your back on a cold day, understanding that you are very small and very big, weak and powerful, ugly and beautiful, insignificant and all consuming, nothing and everything at the same time.

wanting to love, desperately.

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Holding hands | Cheek kisses | Hugs from behind | Cuddling | Hand kiss | PDA | Spooning | Shared baths | Whispers | Affectionate texts | Caressing | Stroke hair | No displays of affection (You seem a bit uncomfortable and like to keep your distance, I don’t think I should do any of those things just yet.)

Shower sex | Wall sex | Neck bites | Oral | Morning sex | Drunk sex | Public sex | Backseat of car | BDSM | No sex (Seriously, I mean it with this one)

Picnic | Cinema | Restaurant | Sports game | Hike | Coffee | Museum | Club | Bar | Beach | No dates

Would my character…

Marry them? Yes | No
Have sex on the first date? Yes | No
Confess their attraction first? Yes | No
Have children/adopt? Yes | No
Die for your character? Yes | No  (I don’t really know  you that well..)
Cheat on your character? Yes | No
Lie to them? Yes | No (Again, don’t really know you that well..)
Cuddle after sex? Yes | No (Hypothetical situation!!)

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holy shit i literally just want to pin you hard up against a wall and kiss your neck and bite your lips and tease the fuck out of you while grabbing every bit of you that i can to pull you closer to me and bring you as much pleasure as possible. sinners turn me on.

this sounds delightful honestly

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[Tenli] ❤ (PAYBACK)

Holding hands | Cheek kisses | Hugs from behind | Cuddling | Hand kiss | PDA | Spooning | Shared baths (It’s not like something needs to ‘happen’) | Whispers | Affectionate notes | Caressing | Stroke hair | No displays of affection

Shower sex | Wall sex | Neck bites | Oral | Morning sex | Drunk sex | Public sex | Backseat of car | BDSM | No sex (Don’t worry, I’m not gonna lust after you, but we had fun, right?)

Picnic | Cinema | Restaurant | Sports game | Hike | Coffee | Museum | Club | Bar | Beach | No dates

Would my character…

Marry them? Yes | No (There was a time I would have..)
Have sex on the first date? Yes | No
Confess their attraction first? Yes | No
Have children/adopt? Yes | No  (I don’t even want to think about this one…)
Die for your character? Yes | No
Cheat on your character? Yes | No (It’s not cheating if everyone is open and okay with it) 
Lie to them? Yes | No
Cuddle after sex? Yes (ah, good times~)  | No

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Moan (from Armin)

[24: My muse fawns over your muses neck (biting, kissing, etc.)] 

Levi kissed him nice and softly, gently pushing him against a wall. “You smell and taste so sweet, I want more~” he whispered. holding Armin’s arms above his head, he got to work on the younger’s neck, kissing and biting hard enough to leave a mark but not so hard that he draws blood. 

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perditusfeles & whiiskerisms replied to your post “team 7 ot3 for life”

bites sakura on the nECK

gives a butt slap tbh

    ⌠⦾⌡—— Awk noises because butt slaps makes her want to hit you dummy but the atmosphere distactys as well as pain on neck and she sorta cheats using the tingle softness of healing chakra through her fingers on both of them.