As hard as it may seem to accept at first, we, along with various other lifeforms on Earth, actually are alien beings. Whenever one of us is alerted when we see a spaceship from outside of this world, the aliens piloting it most-likely are reacting the same way when seeing us as well. Its common for both of us to be in awe because of differently we may look and live. This tends to change our perception of what’s outside of what we have come to call “the norm”, possibly making us more accepting of what’s different and new. These kinds of changes inside of us are no different than if we travel to a new location on Earth, making us all strangers in strange lands. Perhaps the aliens that visit Earth may be our ancient ancestors, and their possible reason for being here is to watch over their decendents like any good parent would. (Although there’s no evidence to prove it,) the matter that was used to create Earth may have also been used to create their planets a very long time ago. It’s possible that our solar system may have looked and functioned very differently as well.  Try to imagine what they could’ve been like. What did our alien ancestors look like? How did they live? Were some of them more advanced than us or less? What were their planets like? If time machines were commonly used today, it’d be fascinating to travel back in time to get the answers to these kinds of questions, and experience what our ancestors’ lives were like. Unfortunately, it’s also possible that their planets had to die in order for Earth, and all of it’s inhabitants, to be born. After reading the above, you may develop a new appreciation for various types of lifeforms whether it be from Earth or the stars. Imagine how differently all of humanity would live or behave, most-likely for the better, when they realize they themselves are alien beings. Perhaps we’ll finally find the answers to what it means to be human and finding our place in the universe. I’d imagine that once this mental transition takes full effect across the globe, humans will reduce their superficial differences to mere labels and stop judging others because of them. Thankfully with space exploration on the verge of existence, this realization will one day come upon us. Like many of you, I too can’t wait for that dream to finally become a reality. 

As the late Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, once said, “I am an alien, and so are you. Yet this the loveliest thing of all: somehow we’re also a part of each other, and part of everything that is.”


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5 x 3 inches, heatseal backing


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