X-Files Season 10 Plot Revealed!

Mulder: Pack your bags, Scully, we’re headed to Vancouver.

Scully: What’s in Vancouver?

Mulder: (Tosses file on desk) Look.

Scully: Mulder, you can’t be serious.

Mulder: Three different women, all different ages, nothing in common, except similar tumblr habits and this: All three report that their computers started playing something on their own.  Each heard the same thing: Felicity, said multiple times in different tones.

Scully: You’re talking about the Arrow Season Four trailer, Mulder.  Everyone knows it’s just an urban legend.

The cast and crew have promised fans of an explosive ‘Supernatural’ season 11.  While the Winchester boys reunion are expected, Cas and Dean will get back together and together find an answer to the mistake they made before.

Aside from the brother’s reunion, Cas and Dean will be back together again to fight against their ultimate enemy. Previously, the two experienced a fractured relationship. But ‘Supernatural’ season 11 will see how they will cast aside their differences and try to clean up the mistakes they made.
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Whats the deal with bernstein bears?

basically, everyone all of a sudden came to the realization that they aren’t actually called the Berenstein Bears. they’re the Berenstain Bears according to books and wikipedia and basically all sources anyone can find. but no one remembers them ever being called that/spelled that way. and it looks really strange to most people. so now there are folks going all x-filey and saying this rift between reality and almost everyone remembering differently is proof of parallel universes and perhaps some people from the  Berenstein universe have crossed over into the horrible monstrosity that is the Berenstain universe.

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