I was scared to fall for you. I didn’t want to be let down or disappointed again. I let my feelings take over and it blurred my judgement. I was naive. I would have given you anything you wanted and you knew that. You took advantage of that. The day I ended it you said nothing. So I guess that means in your eyes I meant nothing.
—  Raenuet - Pages from my journal.
BTS react to your paranoia

A/N: Hey anon, just wanted you say that your english is perfectly fine and that i find it very brave of you to admit your mental disorder like that ~ I hope that that this disorder does not limit your quality of life ^^

// I did some research to be able to write this reaction without spreading false information but please DM or send me a message if anything i wrote is not a correct fact//


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Jungkook would be woken up from his sleep when he felt you shuffle around in bed more than usual, after rubbing his eyes and reeling into consciousness he would look over at you only to find you wide awake and looking around anxiously. “Y/N? What’s wrong” he would sit up to look at you better “Jungkook, there are spiders on my legs” he would throw the covers off of your feet and soothingly reminding you “there’s nothing there Jagi, don’t worry.” He would pull you closer to him, throw his legs over yours and rub comforting circles on your back as he waited for you to fall asleep before he too went back to sleep. 


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When you first told him about your paranoia, Taehyung would be so utterly confused and clueless. He would attempt to understand and want to be able to help you but wouldn’t understand how to, at night when he experienced your paranoia first-hand he would immediately wrap his whole body around you and whisper comforting words as he hoped that this would help.


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The first thing that would come to his mind when you were experiencing paranoia was to consult and comfort, he would hold your hand, run his hand through your hair and just listen to whatever you had to get off of your chest. After hearing your worries and anxious thoughts he would sooth you with comforting words “it’s okay, I’m here, I won’t let anything get to you Jagi” 


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Namjoon would jump awake when he felt you shake him from his sleep, he would turn to look at you and immediately engulf you in a hug. After you had told him about your paranoia he did some research so that he would be prepared whenever it happened. Although sleepy, he would immediately converse and consult with you before waiting for you to fall asleep, happy that he was able to help you. 


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As soon as Hoseok woke up in the middle of the night after hearing your voice, he would know the deal and already know exactly what to do. he would shift in bed and switch both of your positions so that you could comfortably lean against his chest and so that he would engulf his arms around your body making sure to whisper in your ears “It’s okay, there’s nothing there” and smile to himself when he realised you were sleeping peacefully again. 


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Yoongi would be pretty grumpy that he had to be waken up but would still be worried about you, he knew that you had no control over this and would attempt to comfort you by switching onto the TV and cuddling, even having late night conversations just so that you would feel slightly better. 


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Seokjin’s mom mode would activate and he would get up and was about to go to the kitchen to make you a cup of tea before deciding that he shouldn’t leave you alone and so he lifts you up and brings you with him “you need some fresh air” he would tell you. And so there you both were at 3AM drinking Chamomile tea on the balcony having a soothing late night talk before he brought you back to bed making sure that you fell asleep first before he was able to sleep too. 

                                                 -bangtan angels-

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           “Oh, please. You’re all talk” you shrugged off your boyfriend, wriggling your eyebrows and turning on your heel, leaving your dumbstruck, jaw slacking, smirking boyfriend behind you as you opened the front door. Tossing the keys into the bowl and shrugging off your jacket, you heard his boots click in on the hardwood floor of his home, the door shutting and locking behind him.

           “Yes, I can!” He continued, even though you were halfway into the kitchen by now, leaving him by the door as he took off his expensive boots.

           Nothing at all sounded better than the bottle of wine you’ve been thinking about since after his dinner meeting, you all but sighed when it came into view on the rack in his kitchen. Grabbing two stemless wine glasses from the cupboard, you set them on the cool granite, reaching into the familiar drawer under you for a cork screw.

           “You need to give me a chance” you heard him behind you suddenly, jumping and gasping just a bit, clutching the corkscrew to your chest. The moment you opened your eyes and swallowed, he was leaning up against the counter next to you, that stupid smirk on his face, plucking the corkscrew from your hand, the bottle in his other hand.

           “What if I beat you?” you challenged, wriggling your brows and circling the massive granite island before you, perching yourself on one of the barstools across from him, your elbows on the cool stone, licking your lips.

           “Oooo, love”, he swiftly removed the cork from the bottle, pouring the liquid into both glasses, plopping a wine stopper into the bottle and joining you on the stool next to you, handing you your drink, “is that a challenge?” he leaned in close and smiled, taking a sip from his glass.

           “Possibly”, you shrugged, “but I think I’ll win”, you smirked and took a sip from your glass, eyes trailing off from him to the living room in front of you.

           “Confident little thing, aren’t you?” his free hand was now on your ear, tucking your hair behind it. Glancing over, you sipped from your drink again, blushing faintly. He took notice.

           “Looks like I’m already winning”, the back of his index finger danced over your cheek and you huffed, putting your wine glass down on the table, turning to face him.

           “Don’t be so sure, Styles”, you glared standing from where you were, slightly annoyed that he was taking you from your wine. It was your turn to put your hand on his face, cupping his cheek, your cold fingers making him shiver a bit, leaning in to kiss his forehead slowly, “bedroom. Now.”

           Your lips left his skin and once again, you turned from him and made your way into the bedroom, this time is hand was holding yours. Butterflies started to creep in your stomach at the coming events, the anticipation and sheer excitement that he was okay with experimenting, this early in your relationship, made your ears burn.

           Before you hit the threshold of the bedroom, you glanced over your shoulder to only make your stomach jolt even more: he was smirking, the shirt he was wearing was halfway un-buttoned, eyes half-lidded, holding his large hand in yours, the other hand still holding a glass of wine, taking a tiny sip.

           Stopping, you turned to face him, he bumped your chest lightly, his half-lidded eyes peering down at you, bottom lip stuck between his teeth.

           “Hello”, he hummed playfully.

           “Wait here”, you were so drunk off of his smell, his aura, his everything – that you were tempted just to give up and let him have this, let him have you, let him win – but somehow, you caught your second wind and watched him take another sip of his wine, pushing his chest further into you when your hands rested on his pectoral muscles, taking a step back, “come in before I say so and I’ll chop your balls off” you peered and pointed your finger, fleeing to the bedroom, closing the door on him.

           Even though you were crashing at his place this weekend, you knew you had to have packed something, some sort of toy, that if, just in case, this conversation came up, you’d be ready. And here it was, right before you, as you ransacked your bag, in the tiny zippers and compartments, swearing yourself off that you didn’t’ think about this – until your fingers landed on it. You could cry of happiness when you took it out and realized it was not just what you needed, but it was the right one. Grabbing a few more things, you hid it in his nightstand quickly and made your way back to the door, glaring at it to see that it was opened just a hair.

           “Hey!” you swung the door open and put your hand on your hip, “what did I tell you?” his finger was pointed out as if he had been poking the door, the cockiest grin on his face.

           “I didn’ open it allllllll the way”, he rolled his eyes and made direct eye contact with you, his free hand wrapping around your waist, “may I come in, now?”

Crazy Monsoon Rain {S.M}

requested// imagine where you and Shawn are a new couple and you really wanted to see him but it’s raining like crazy and when you get to his house he lets you borrow his clothes 

author’s note// wow i like never write anymore but i am trYINg my hardest hope this one is better than the last one! also we are rewinding to like, the earlier magcon dayzzzz cause i dun miss those evn tho i hate all the other magcon boizzzzz


The rain was pouring down at a completely unholy rate. It beat down on your shoulders to the point where it hurt. You pulled your raincoat tighter around your body as you made your way over to your bike, which you stupidly left outside in the rain. Only moments ago, your boyfriend Shawn had texted you and asked if you wanted to come over. You were only sophomores in high school, so you both couldn’t drive. 

“Baby, the weather is absolutely dreadful.” He had groaned into his phone. You imagined him flopping down on his bed, dramatically. He sometimes had a bit of a flare for the dramatic. 

“Yeah I know. Good snuggle weather.” You stated, not really thinking anything of it. I mean, you weren’t lying. Stormy weather was always your favorite to snuggle in. 

“Yeah? Then come over.” He suggested, probably not thinking much of it either. He always wanted you to come over when he was in town. Like, literally always. And since he almost always suggested you come over, you had to say no sometimes, especially at times he knew very well you couldn’t. A perfect example being when he was on tour with the guys in Texas and he casually suggested you come to dinner with him. This was probably one of the times he knew you probably couldn’t come over. 

But sure enough, you stupidly said; “Yeah sure be there in like twenty minutes.” 

Which was a horrible choice. Because it would have been extremely simple to just ask your mom to drive you the ten blocks down to Shawn’s house. She never had a problem doing so, but she wasn’t home. So here you were, only in jeans, a t-shirt, and a rainjacket about to bike the ten blocks when it is literally raining cats and dogs. And you knew if you told Shawn that, he would say no way in hell you would be coming over to his house. But you got on that bike. You rode that bike. You pushed through the weather. You literally felt like you were going to die. You were a dancer, but that didn’t matter because as you pedaled up that hill with the rain pelting you, you felt like your thighs were being physically burned off. Only five minutes into this endeavor, you regretted it. LIke, you seriously wished you were back home, you would’ve rather facetimed Shawn than be with him if you had to be in this disgusting rain. But you were about halfway there, and you really couldn’t stop now. So you kept going, powering through, curses against the rain, yourself, and Shawn leaving your lips just about every two or three seconds, until you finally got there. You basically threw your bike on his driveway, not caring if it gets rusted over or even if someone were to run over it, and you sprinted to the front door, and jammed your finger on that doorbell over and over until you saw the doorknob turn. You heard a chuckle before you saw his face. 

“Hey baby wh-” When he saw you, his eyes widened. “What the hell… Y/n did you walk here?” He grabbed your hand and pulled you inside, slamming the door behind you. He looked you up and down, your leggings completely soaked through as well as your oversized long-sleeve t-shirt, and you were basically sloshing in your blue converse. 

“Biked, actually.” You crossed your arms and shivered as you slipped your shoes off and placed them by the door, careful not to get any water on Shawn’s hardwood foyer. 

“Come on, you can borrow some of my sweats or something.” He takes your hands and leads you up the stairs. “Mom, Y/n needs to borrow some clothes I promise we will be back down in a few minutes!” Shawn’s mom didn’t let the two of you in his room alone. You also weren’t allowed home alone, which was understandable. So you quickly walked up the stairs, your hands still touching, and went into Shawn’s room. He went over to his dresser and grabbed some grey sweatpants and a red hoodie, a MagCon one, cause what else would you expect from him and tossed them at you. He scurried out of his room, knowing his mother would get the wrong idea, and he never ever wanted her to get the wrong idea. He was a bit of a mama’s boy. You quickly took off your wet clothes, taking them into his bathroom and hanging them over the bathtub. You took your long, stringy wet hair and pulled it up into a bun. You went into his dresser and got a warm pair of socks and slipped them on her cold feet, and then made her way out of Shawn’s room, and down the stairs. You saw Shawn sitting on the love seat, with his sister on the ground playing with the dog, and his parents on the couch. They all turned their heads to you. 

“Hey y/n!” Shawn’s mom smiled, his sister smiled too, and his dad nodded with a smile. They really liked you. 

“Did you walk here?” His dad laughed, putting his arm around Shawn’s mom, Karen. 

“Biked.” You and Shawn said in unison, which caused you too look at one another and smile with a chuckle. Aaliyah rolled her eyes. You walked over to Shawn, and sat next to him, but you swung your legs over his so you were basically sitting on his lap, his hand on your thigh. The entire Mendes family plus you, just sitting in the living room on a rainy day, watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother. 

Biking through the rain was worth it. 

author’s note// guys this is actually cute i actually enjoy this one lol im the worst i never ever post 1!1!1! i met a cute boy i wanna hug him but i have literally talked to him once and then slid into his dm and he left me on read someone hel p me

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idk why gilmore girls is such a critical darling either like. i want to give it some credit for focusing on Female Relationships and Girl Power but 75% of the show is rory’s insipid romance plotlines with her insufferable boring boyfriends and then amy sherman-palladino has the audacity to whine about how her whole fanbase is so focused on who rory ends up rather than her career and it’s like! you sowed these seeds amy! you created a string of shitty unlikeable partners for rory for the sole purpose of giving your fanbase something to argue about and now you have to live with that! sis! and if you actually cared about depicting rory as a serious and focused journalist why would the entire revival revolve around rory pitching a story to conde nast!!! conde nast isn’t a publication!!! you don’t pitch stories to conde nast!!! you don’t go to conde nast and sit in a room with two conde nast employees and get handed a writing assignment because conde nast ISN’T A PUBLICATION THEY’RE THE PARENT COMPANY OF SEVERAL DIFFERENT PUBLICATIONS NONE OF WHICH THEY HAVE ANY EDITORIAL CONTROL OVER AND THAT’S COMMON PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE HOW ARE YOU GOIN GTO PRESUME TO WRITE A STORY ABOUT AN ASPIRING JOURNALIST AND FUCK UP THAT BAD I OOOOOOOOOOOOH IT’S NOT EVEN 9 AM I HATE GILMORE GIRLS

Here :))) I hope you like this ;-; and your English is just fine ok -.-

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  • The unromantic boyfriend.
  • He’s more of a best friend than a boyfriend, I suppose.
  • He will be sweet and caring, but it will be in a friendlier manner.
  • Doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. It’s more like he cannot really express himself romantically.
  • He was very scared to tell you at first, and didn’t want to ask you out bc he knew he won’t be as available for you.
  • but you wouldn’t have it
  • one day you asked him directly
  • at first he laughed it off and tried to deny it.
  • but your lingering gaze made you spill the beans
  • he at last confessed, but also said it’d be better if you didn’t date him bc he wasn’t confident he’d make a good boyfriend.
  • you. wouldn’t. have. it
  • and i’m proud of you for that
  • you kept on persisting and trying to make him understand
  • you didn’t try to burden him and you weren’t because apparently he had put a stone in his heart to not date you and that itself was a bigger burden
  • one day you lost it and just kissed him
  • “If you’re still going to deny me idk what else to do”
  • he kissed you again, and a tear escaped his eyes.
  • he was very scared bc he knew he couldn’t be the perfect boyfriend
  • but he realised he liked you a lot and it was perfect in it’s own way.
  • okay now back to present -
  • you both didn’t get to meet a lot
  • but you both would talk over the phone at least five mins before going to sleep
  • and every time you both managed to meet
  • you couldn’t stop kissing him
  • it barely gave you both time to talk but you did it over the phone so it kinda compensated
  • and Mark was kinda shy so he was glad you initiated the kisses because he couldn’t
  • poor baby
  • Donghyuck was a sidekick who always said he won’t help you out with A N Y T H I N G
  • but he always had both of yours’ back and could put his life at stake to make sure you both are doing well
  • Johnny was like an irritating older sister nosing too much into your relationship
  • Taeyong offered to teach you how to make Mark’s favourite dishes
  • though he wasn’t the most expressive you knew he cared about you
  • and loved you to the moon and back ♥

Hope you liked this it was so rushed

E&G being Jealous would Include

both grayson and ethan ‘would involve’ for when their jealous ? 

Requested by: Anonymous 

a/n : I’ve been slacking im sorry. 

thanks @doland1sturb1a for helping 


-giving dirty looks 

-grabbing your hip rlly tightly and pulling you very close 

-kissing you 

-just generally grabbing you possessively

-”she’s got a boyfriend asshole”

-”fuck off bro”

-”it’s okay E, I’m yours”

-kissing him to keep his mind off of wanting to punch the guy

-balling his hands into fists 

-breathing heavily

-his eyes not moving off of the guy



-he’d be quiet, but angry 

-his arm musles tensing 

-his face would go red

-i feel like he might push the guy a few times, if he got to close to you

-”back off bro, she’s taken”

-”gray calm down”

-breathing heavily as well

-roughly kissing you 

-griping you hips roughly

-growling (ummmm please?)

-rough sex when home (ooppss)

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Could you please do a peter parker headcannon when the reader is blind and he does cute touchy things with her and lots of fluff? Thanks

(I drifted away from this being about touch because it just started to flow nicely the way I took it, sorry! If you want me to do more headcanons about touch, feel free to request again)

Peter’s fingers threaded through yours carefully, squeezing your hand reassuringly as he always did. You could tell that he was smiling.

Cool grass tickled your cheeks as you lay in the park next to your boyfriend. You could tell that it was a beautiful day, because the sun was warming your face and you were with Peter. Any day with him was a beautiful day to you.

You were aware of Peter lying down beside you, and smiled softly when he rested his head against your shoulder. The smell of him dominated the sharp sweet smell of the grass you lay on, and your smile widened.

“Tell me about your face again,” you requested, tilting your head slightly to the side so that your cheek was pressed against the top of Peter’s head. He chuckled, the sound bubbling from his lips. It was a sweet sound, and reminded you of the taste of lemonade.

“I told you last night,” he replied, but you could hear the smile in his voice. “Have you forgotten already?” he teased.

You nudged him playfully, and he kissed your cheek gently.

“I have light skin, and a thin nose,” he began. “It’s crooked because I broke it a couple years ago, and I love when you bump your nose against mine when we’re kissing. I have really dark brown eyes, and you make them sparkle whenever I look at you.” You could hear the grin in his voice, and you buried your face in his neck in embarrassment.

“You’re so soppy,” you told him, your voice muffled. He wrapped his arms around you and shifted his head so that your head was tucked under his chin.

“Tell me about my face,” you mumbled.

Peter froze; you hadn’t seen your reflection since you were really little, and whilst you knew how you generally looked, you had never asked anyone for the details before.

“You have beautiful (eye colour) eyes, and you look adorable when you screw them up when you laugh,” he told you, speaking carefully now. You could feel that he was examining your face, trying to find the words.

“You have a little spot on your chin at the moment, but it doesn’t look bad, don’t worry. You have a tiny scab on your lip because you bit it, and you have a little bit of dust on your cheek.”

You felt him rubbing your cheek gently, and you frowned.

“But those are all bad things,” you replied in confusion. Peter leaned down and nuzzled his crooked nose against yours.

“They’re beautiful to me,” he whispered.

You ask me time after time, and I tell you no, that I’m not ready for anything more. But you beg and beg, and ask me why I won’t. “I just don’t want that to be all you want” I say, looking away from your face. You take my hand and I slowly look back up at you. “That’s not all I want, that’s definitely not all I want. I’m happy just being with you” you say. Even though I know it’s true, I can’t help feeling as if I’m going to cry. I lay back down on your chest and hold back that sick feeling. “I won’t ask you anymore. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable.” I half-smile, like one of those smiles when you’re pretending to be okay, but on the inside you’re crying. “It’s okay”, I softly reply. Those were the words I needed to hear. Now, if only those were the last words I heard. Soon enough, you ask just one more time, and I reply with the same answer. No, I can’t, and I won’t. The whole thing scares me. It’s not that I don’t love him, it’s not that I wouldn’t do anything and everything for him, I’m just not ready yet. He needs to understand that. And I’m afraid that if I don’t do it, I’ll lose him. I’m afraid that if I keep saying no, he’ll eventually leave me for someone else who will. These worries flood my mind all the time. And although I know it’s not true, he wouldn’t leave me like that, I’m still afraid because I don’t know. I can’t afford to lose him. And if he really loves me like I know he does, he would understand.
—  I just don’t want to lose you… 3.24.17
Welcome to the Netherlands, part 3 - Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

Nobody requested but I wanted to write it.

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When everyone leaves the atmosphere got much more relaxed. Your mom tried to talk with all the boys at the same time, which was a disaster. Everyone ordered food that you paid for because you were in a good mood now that your cousin was gone.

‘Dus, Y/N, hoe gaat het dan met vier vriendjes?’ Your sister asked when you two were in the kitchen searching for the pizza cutter. (So, Y/N, how is it to have four boyfriends?)

‘Vier keer zoveel liefde.’ You answer. (Four times more love.)

She laughs and then hugs you. ‘Het is zo fijn om je weer te zien. Ik heb je gemist.’ (It’s so nice to see you again. I missed you.)

John enters the kitchen and puts his arms around your waist, kissing your neck. ‘How’s my sweetheart?’

‘Ugh, stop making my neck all wet.’ You whine, pushing him away.

‘You’re all too cute.’ Your sister says in heavily accented English. ‘After dinner, are you all going to… how you say… stay at a hotel? Or stay here?’

‘I don’t know.’ You say. ‘John, what do you think?’

‘Well, I think your parents would like it if we stayed here.’ John says, kissing you behind your ear.

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Seriously stop. You guys call yourself shippers but do you even care about them as a person? Baekhyun is a guy, a man, a boy call him whatever you want but he is not a girl get that through your thick head. If you are really his fan you would know that he stated multiple of time that he is a man. He is manly. Baekhyun is not a “fragile, delicate princess” who needs his “boyfriend” to protect him. He did freaking hapkido ffs. I was fine with you guys shipping them but sometimes shippers are taking it too far. Making up rumours of them? Like the only reason baekhyun might be limping is because he did “something” with chanyeol. Not because he was dancing his ass off on stage doing what he likes to do. What is wrong with just using real moments of them to spazz. Why must you make something up? Sometimes you guys just like to jump to conclusion without even knowing if its real or not. That hand on baekhyun’s skechers video? Well newsflash its not chanyeol’s. If they are really gay then good for them but dont push your fantasies on someone when they themselves didn’t confirm shit. Some of yall talk like you are so sure they are gay. So what if baekhyun and chanyeol wants to follow some girl on ig. Its their life. If you want to be a shipper, be a fun one not a delusional one.

Rainy Days ~AJ Greer Imagine~


Author’s Note: Requests are open. Sorry I couldn’t find a gif of him. 

Summary: You and your boyfriend, AJ Greer decide to just have a nice day indoors during the rain. 

You and AJ have been dating for almost a year. Since he had a day off, you both decided to walk around the city. However, your plans get ruined with the rain. You sat by the window in some sweats and in AJ’s shirt. 

“So the rain is pouring pretty hard and luckily, we’re in the fifth floor so, what do you want to do?” AJ asks. 

“We can watch some movies on Netflix and cuddle. We can also play some bored games,” You say to him.

“Okay. Let’s go play Egyptian War,” He says. 

“You’re on,” You tell him. You both sat on the ends of the coffee table while some random movie was playing on the TV for background noise. AJ shuffles the deck of cards while you lied your head on the table,staring at him.

“See something you like?” AJ jokes. 

“Yeah, you.”

AJ smirks at you and he finished his shuffling. He walks over towards you and gives you a kiss on the lips. 

“What was that for?” You ask him.

“I love you,” He smiles. You blush at him before punching his arm lightly. 

“Do you still want to play the game?” He asks.

“No. Help me up,” You say. He helps you up and you wrap your arms around his neck. You lean up to kiss him who kissed you back. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you made out. Once you pulled away, AJ frowned a bit making you giggle at him. 

“We should binge watch something,” You tell him.

“Is that what you want to do?” AJ asks. 


“Do you want to be the big spoon or little spoon?” AJ asks you. He knows when you want to binge watch a show, you would want to cuddle with him.

“Little spoon,” You spoke softly. 

“Okay,” AJ said before kissing your forehead. 

You both lied down on the couch and he had his arms wrapped around you. You put on Arrow as AJ held you closer. 

“Do you remember the first time we met?” You ask him.

“Yes. You were at a bookstore nearby the coffee shop I was in and I saw you looking through the books by the window. I ran across the street just to meet you,” AJ remembers. You smile at the little memory.

“Then you tried to impress me with the book I remember reading,” You tell him.

“I know.”

“And you tried to know it so well even though I had read it more than five times,” You smirked at him. AJ had tried to impress you but you knew the book by heart. 

“Stop,” AJ blushed in embarrassment. He hid his face in your neck tickling you a bit. You giggle as he placed light kisses. 

“I love you,” He mumbles into your neck. 

“I love you too,” You smile over at him. 

Get To Know Me Tag!

Why hello there fine stranger! Having been tagged by @dotson12340 I am now spending my Friday night in the most fantastic way possible…writing alone in a dark room on my laptop. So, here is more than one could ever want to know about me!

Rules: Must answer the questions below and tag 20 of your very own followers to answer them themselves.

Name: Amber 

Nicknames: I mean I have a few, depending on who it is! My friends and history teacher call me Amberino, which kinda sounds like some samba dance to me but since I need an A in history I let it slide. My boyfriend calls me “smol bean” mostly because I am 5 foot 4…but I don’t even like beans. I’ll have to ask him why I’m a bean. My grandparents call me Amber-lance because of their boundless humour and my boundless clumsiness, while my best friend calls me Amberlicious…like the pizza. It’s complicated. 

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio …November baby!

Height: I think I answered this before, 5 foot 4, though I’m 5′5 on a good day!

Orientation: I’ll let you know when I know myself…

Ethnicity: White British, though to be honest it doesn’t even do justice to how pasty I am. In my Year 11 leavers’ photo I look like an extraterrestrial snowman. 

Favourite Fruit: Banana, or as I call it, the *trusty* banana. Not even a euphemism, I just love a good banana…. *wink* 

Favourite Season: Spring or Autumn; I like being able to wear comfy hoodies without freezing, however in the summer I burn like a crisp. (Last summer I went to the beach and I thought I had baptised my body in enough sun cream to be spared from Satan’s rays, but nope! I forgot to plunge the back of my knees in that white goo, which ultimately resulted in me walking like a cripple for the next week.) 

Favourite Book: Oh boy, I remember when I had time to read books, back before Year 13. And well, given that I haven’t read since the sands of time decided it was impossible to enjoy life without plunging into impending doom and missing my university offer I am going to tell you the next book I want to read. That book is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. 

Favourite Flower: Gosh I don’t know my flowers…pretty ones!

Favourite Scent: Gingerbread and clean sheets, just perhaps not together…

Favourite Animal: Anything smol…little piggies, little doggos, lil’ tortoises  

Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa: Hot Chocolate every time, unless I have an exam to cram for and then coffee is my last hope. 

Cat or Dog Person: A cat person, I’ve spent the last year plotting a scheme to make my boyfriend’s cats like me, though they are very high maintenance felines and Socks still runs away from me, despite my best efforts to appease him. 

Favourite Fictional Character: Having not read any books recently I really don’t feel educated on this topic. Therefore I am going to wimp out and say that since I am on Season 2 of Game of Thrones (I am behind the times) Ayra is my favourite character! 

Dream Trip: Travelling through Europe. Although one day I would also love to visit Canana. My history teacher is from Canana and she is ever so lovely!

Blog Created: I am guessing, but I want to say late January or February 2016. 

Number of Followers: As of today, 35,817 wonderful people follow my blog. 

What Do I Post About: I really think the dynamic of my blog has changed over the last year or so that I’ve been posting. At the beginning, I used it as a method of dealing with the anxiety and depression I was facing at the time. This largely anonymous blog was a method of releasing negative emotions and thoughts that I didn’t feel I could continue to burden my friends with. However last summer I met my now boyfriend, and he was a huge help in coaxing me out of a dark time. At the end of the summer when he went back to university, this blog became my venting space for the challenges of a Long Distance Relationship. Nevertheless, sometimes I just post completely random poetry on here, things that I’ve written and would like to share as well as the weird and wonderful thoughts that simply pass through my mind. 

Do I Get Asks on a Regular Basis: I would say yes, and I try to respond to as many as I can. I certainly read all of them. At the moment I’m not taking submissions as I am trying very hard to build up my own presence as a writer first. Though saying that, it is one thing I would really like to do. 

Aesthetic: I’ll be honest, I have no idea. If you’ve made it this far (god bless you if you have) why not drop me a comment or send me a message telling me which aesthetic you think my blog is! 

Favourite Band or Artist: Look, I’m not here to lie to you, I’m a huge Swiftie. I also love Ed Sheeran, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, Simple Plan, Coldplay, Lewis Watson, Twenty One Pilots, Woodkid, Anarbor, Melanie Martinez, Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, The 1975, The Fray…I’m going to stop now, I have no doubt you get the picture. 

Fictional Characters I’d Date: Another fictional character question I cannot answer, one day I must return to these. 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw! 

I really hope you feel you’ve learnt something new about me. Feel free to ask any questions! :) 

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// A.S 


I could really use your help.

My name is Savannah. I’m 18 years old and I live in Kentucky. Not much happens where I live, and I don’t have too many friends. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to go to prom. I watched all my cousins go, and I was there for picking out the dresses and etc. 

I always thought I would have a date. Thought I’d have a boyfriend to dance with. But, as it turns out, I don’t. 

I’ll be going alone, since most of my friends will be too busy to go and since I don’t have a date, I just thought that I wouldn’t go as well. 

Then I got the crazy idea of… asking Markiplier to prom.

Mark has been my inspiration, my fuel to keep going and keep pursuing my dream when the tough gets too tough. He was the only thing that helped me smile while I battled my loneliness and depression. And, I’ve yet to thank him. While I met him a few years back at IndyPopCon, I was so shaky, I could barely say a word let alone tell him how much his existence meant to me. 

It would mean the world to me if I could dance with him, even for just a few moments.

So please, spare some kindness and spread this as far and as wide as you can. Tag Mark in this post, and put this picture everywhere. Help me make my dream come true. :)

Erik Haula #1 - Bad Day

Originally posted by mikaelgranlove

A/N- Hey everybody! I’d like to say a big thank you to the overwhelming support I’ve received almost immediately! y’all are so cute and sweet. I just wanted to say that keep requesting! I love writing stuff for you but just a warning that come Monday my break from school is over so I won’t be able to have unlimited time to write. Also to all those who have been requesting Jakob Chychrun I will for sure write these as I absolutely love that dude he is so pretty wtf but you might have to wait a little bit as I don’t want to put out 5 Chych imagines one after the other so I’m going to stagger them if that’s okay!

Anyways, rambling aside this one is for @enskuensku: my request is that you play soccer and you have a bad day and your boyfriend erik haula comforts you?? thank you and also it’s really nice to see new people writing imagines!!

Hope you like it <3


As you walked out of the stadium with your soccer bag slung around your shoulder you tried not to hiss in pain every step that you took. Damn that scrimmage that Coach had made you do at the end of practice. If he had just let you guys end practice early to rest before your game against your rivals tomorrow you wouldn’t be in this mess. In the back of your mind you realize that it wasn’t your defender’s fault that now your knee feels someone is hitting it with a sledge hammer each time you put weight on it but seriously, who slide-tackles their own teammate during an end-of-practice scrimmage?! It was the worst ending to a practice that had been doomed from the moment that you woke up, realized that you had slept through your alarm and had 10 minutes to get the field for practice. Meaning that you didn’t have any time to eat anything other than the granola bar you had stashed away in your bag for what you had planned on being your recovery food source after. Then you had been cheered out by your coach for being late and forced to stay late after practice to go over extra video before tomorrow’s game.

You were not having a good day. Is all you could think of as you hobbled over to your car and started to drive back to your apartment.

When you walked in the door you didn’t even have enough energy to make yourself a proper meal so you just grabbed whatever leftovers were in your fridge and a glass of water. You limped over to your couch, put your injured leg up and didn’t even bother to check how much you were sure it was swelling. You decided to just close your eyes like this, maybe after your nap, you’d feel better.

You heard the door to your apartment open and close and then the voice of your boyfriend, Erik Haula, call out “Hey babe-“ he suddenly stopped when he saw you sprawled out on the couch.

“Hi Erik,” you tried to smile up at him but you are pretty sure it came out more like a grimace than anything.

“Mura, are you alright?” he asked while crouching beside the couch and taking your hand in his, rubbing his thumbs reassuringly over the back of your knuckles.

“Bad day.” you said lamely while nodding in the direction of your knee.

“Oh no,” he said when he caught sight of your knee which had swelled up to twice the size it normally is, “Hold on one sec.” he jumped up and kissed you on your forehead before running off somewhere in your apartment. A couple minutes later he returned back to you.

“Alright, up we get.” he moved to your side and gingerly lifted you up from the couch bridal style, forcing you to wrap your arms around his neck and lean into him.

“Erik!” you squealed, “What are you doing?”

“My baby is injured, tired, and hungry and I don’t like seeing her sad.” he said simply as he walked you over to your bedroom, “So I’m taking care of her.”

He walked into your room which you saw had been set up with some of your favourite things and set you down carefully on the bed. “First things first, let’s get you into something more comfortable” he reached for the old pair of sweatpants and one of his t-shirts that he had put beside you on the bed, knowing they were your favourite things to wear on lazy days. He helped you change into the comfy clothes before helping you rest on the bed with your leg elevated.

“you don’t have to do this Erik, I know you have a game tonight.” you smiled up at him.

“Nonsense! of course I have to take care of the woman I love when she needs me.” he kissed you lightly on the lips before pulling back and handing you the remote to the TV, “Ok I will be right back, want to choose something for us to watch?”

You shuffled through channels on the TV before deciding that netflix was the better option and landing on old episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

When Erik returned he had a tray in his arms complete with two sandwiches, a big bowl of popcorn, two glasses of water, an ice pack and some Advil. He set the tray down by your feet handing you the water and Advil before gingerly placing the ice pack over your knee. When you finished swallowing the pill he handed you the plate with your sandwich before grabbing his own and sitting back with you on the bed.

“You did not just make me my grilled cheese!” you smiled at his sweetness

“Melted brie and sliced granny smith apples?” he asked, “I know how to treat you right babe” he winked at you which earned him an eyeroll but a thank you kiss on the cheek.

“God, how did I land such a sap like you.” you smiled, mood having improved 1000x

“I don’t know, I ask myself that every morning when you wake up with that beautiful bed head.”

“Hey!” you slap him lightly on the chest before leaning into his shoulder and snuggling up against him, “I love you”

His arm comes up and around your shoulders, snuggling you farther into his side, “minä rakastan sinua, I love you so much (Y/N)“


Finnish translations (I don’t actually speak Finnish but I tried my best so if I screwed up feel free to correct me!): 

Mura - honey

minä rakastan sinua - I love you

Fallen For You - Cody Fluff

Request: Cody Martin where it’s after he and Bailey broke up so he asks you to help him make her jealous but you guys end up falling for each other ❤️🙏🏼

Warnings: None :)

Notes: The nicknames are so fucking cringey - I’m so sorry

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess   @kindfloweroflove


“Y/n, I need your help”, Cody says, bursting into my room.

“What on?”, I question curiously, secretly hoping he wasn’t going to get me in trouble, like he did the last time I helped him out. 

“You know how Bailey and I broke up?”

“Yeah…?”, curiosity was killing me by this point but I was also still very unsure what kind of mischief he was planning.

“I think she has a new boyfriend”

“So you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend to make her jealous?”

“Could you?”, his voice sounded like he was pleading and desperate. I though about it for a moment, sighing after my made my decision;

“Fine. As long as we don’t get into trouble like last time I helped you with something”. Cody laughs.

“You won’t. I promise”, Cody laughs. “So, here’s what we’re going to do”


Cody and I were sat at a table in the main area of the deck, me sitting in his lap and lap and us laughing at some jokes we were telling each other. We notice Bailey walk in and we nodded at each other - putting the plan into action. 

“Hey, Y/n boo, would you please get me a smoothie”, Cody asks. 

“Sure thing, Cody boo”, I reply, leaning down to give him an eskimo kiss, before getting up. 

I brought his smoothie over to him, feeling Bailey’s eyes on me the whole time. 

“There you go, sweetie”

“Thank you, dearest Y/n”. I sat on Cody’s lap again and notice Bailey walking over to us. 

“Don’t do anything. Just trust me, okay?”, I say before leaning in and kissing Cody on mouth. He was caught by surprise but kissed back after a second or so.  We kiss for a good minute before pulling away. I look around for Bailey and she was nowhere to be seen. 


It’s been about 2 weeks after the kiss incident. Cody and I haven’t failed our mission of making Bailey jealous and it works every time. 

“Okay, so for this next thing, I think we should take each other to the dance an-”

“Y/n?”, Cody interups me.

“what’s up?”, I question, noticing the change of attitude in the room.

“I love what we’re doing -”

“But…”, I sigh.

“- But, I think I’m really starting to fall for you”, Cody confesses.


“We’ve been spending so much time with each other and getting to know each other in the most simplest ways, and I just couldn’t help myself but let myself fall for you”

“I-I’ve fallen for you too”

Protecting Mr. Wiles Pt. 15

***Slightly Mature***

The next few days, Taylor managed to just barely avoid Adam. She timed her activities perfectly so they were never eating together or training together, and although Adam definitely noticed, he didn’t say anything. She called Nick twice, both times receiving an answering machine until the third time.

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