“I just can’t wait to forget how much it hurts,” she said. My little sister, 17 and naive and so in love, had woken me up at 2am, crying because her boyfriend had broken up with her. “I never want to remember what I’m feeling right now.”

I pet her hair back as her head laid in my lap. “But you will remember it,” I told her. “You always will. Even ten years from now, when three other boys have come and gone since him, you will remember it. Because this is the only time you will have believed every word he said. This is the only time your whole heart will get involved. This is the only time you will be blindsided.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. “You’ll remember this pain for the rest of your life. But pain is natural. It’s how we protect ourselves.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #133
can we talk about the character development tho??

they’ve come so far from their car park days bless

it’s beautiful how his growth as a coach is directly parallel to the growth of their relationship and now Viktor’s so attuned to Yuuri’s moods and quirks and he’s gotten so good at looking out for his boyfriend’s wellbeing im cry

Viktor: I want to see you in your birthday suit!!

anyway LOOK AT THIS  

Viktor’s learned to slow down and be attentive and careful instead of blindly using blunt tactics and he’s watching Yuuri with so much love!! and so much worry!! he knows him so well now, and yeah it was the pole dancing playboy character who drew him in in the first place but this is who Viktor stayed for, this is the person he wants to marry and i just AAAAA

THIS RIGHT HERE. five time grand prix gold medallist Viktor Nikiforov who has never left the spotlight in his entire career is just content to be there and dedicate himself to the love of this one wonderful man and they’re!! so!! wholesome!! [screeching]

Not in Love

“13 with Steve” requested by anonymous
614 words. Ouh, this one will sting. Warning: Angst, Mention of Loss of Virginity (is that even a warning?)

“So what, you’re just gonna leave?“

Originally posted by marveling-over-imagines

Steve words echoed in your ears. You looked at your hands folded in your lap, unable to look at him in the eye. You knew he was waiting for an answer and you didn’t want to lie to him.

You and Steve had been working undercover as boyfriend and girlfriend for two months. The closeness between you and your best friend made you cross the line. Little did you know that Steve was head over heels in love with you and what you saw as a casual one night stand had terrible consequences.

There he was, sitting in front of you waiting for your answer. The longer you stayed silent, the more afraid he was. The hope in his eyes faded, his shoulders sagged.

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Using a felting needle to add markings. 

I decided to experiment using a felting needle to see if I could add in more white hairs to my boyfriend’s character, a Binturong (aka bearcat) which have lots of little white hairs around their faces. Originally I developed a technique by knotting and tying in brushed out yarn: That tutorial can be seen here.

The problem I ran into with that technique was I wanted to add more hairs to an already finished mask. I used steps 1-5 of that previous guide to expand this technique. Because this technique uses two tools that may be new to your toolbox, thinning shears and felting needles, I linked examples on Amazon in the list below.


At the end of this guide I will summarize the difference of this felted technique compared to the tied-in technique. Both are good for different reasons!

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anonymous asked:

so, i know that half the time you're joking on your snapchat and then you're not, but on the subject boyfriend; if you want someone in your life you need to put yourself out there, literally and figuratively. they're not just gonna magically appear.

i’m literally sitting in the library right now for like the 4th hour and no beautiful men have approached me and offered to buy me coffee????? this is an offence????? 


Isak: Ok. What if your mess up then. Do you want people to spread rumors about it a year later? Grow up Vilde.

Before you even start, I’m not hating on Vilde but this is important. This is Isak standing up for his boyfriend no matter what happens. This is Isak defending his boy even while shit is going down. This!!Is!!Love!!!

Canceled - Ashton Irwin [FLUFF]

25SOS DAYS OF CHRISTMAS ~ Day four (I’m tryna catch up lol)

Summary~ He doesn’t want you to go but you’ve ever missed a family Christmas and he starts to question where your priorities lie 

Word Count - 679

The holidays can be rough, the money, the weather, sometimes even the people, but you’ve been staying with your boyfriend Ashton for the past 3 weeks, he lives a fair distance from you; a couple hundred miles at least, and the long distance has been killing you. That’s why this year you’ve decided to stay together for the festive season, it’s been heaven. You’ve spent every day together be it hanging around the house or days out, but you’ve still not told him that on December 24th you’re packing to go home.

He goes out for the day, saying he’s going for last minute Christmas shopping so you take the chance to pack, hoping that you’ll avoid an awkward conversation until you know. 

“Babe, I’m back,” he shouts as he walks in the front door shivering. “Jeez, it’s cold outside, that storm is really coming on”

Quickly you appear in the doorway looking notably panicked as you#ve not finished packing yet.

“Also you haven’t to look in this bag,” he adds.

“Oh,” you glance behind you into the bedroom where your suitcase lays exploded on the floor, “Sure”

“What’s in there?” he furrows his brow trying to look behind you.

“Uh, Christmas presents,” you lie trying to stop him seeing.

“I’m not an idiot you wrapped all of your presents yesterday”

He walks towards you and glances behind you turning angry at the sight.

“You’re packing,” he screams. “Were you planning on leaving me on Christmas?”

“No, Christmas eve,” you say with a tone of fear.

“So what you’re planning on leaving me tonight?” he slams his hand on the wall.

“Not leaving you, I’m coming back on December 27th, it’s just I’ve never missed a family Christmas,” you feel yourself welling up at the thought of fighting with him.

“But this was gonna be our first Christmas together,” Ashton says.

“I’m sorry but I have to prioritize my family here Ash it’s tradition,” you try not to cry moving to continue packing.

“No, [Y/N] when do I get to be priority to you?”

“You’ve been my priority all month, I’m jus asking one day for them,” you weep.

“But that one day is Christmas”

“Ashton, this isn’t up for discussion!”

“It should be, why do I get no say?” he flails.

“Because it’s my life”

“I thought it was ours”

You do all you can to replace the upset you feel with anger and angrily toss the rest of your luggage in the suitcase, “I’m going, you can’t stop me, I have a cab coming tonight”

“You could have told me”

The car is set to come for you at 7pm, so after an awkward dinner you put on your coat and jacket with a wooly scarf and head outside. It seems like when you step outside the snow gets worse but you wait on the sidewalk for the cab to show up.

You check your phone every five minutes but the cab is late and soon you’ll be missing check in, that’s when you get the notification a text from the airline; your flight has been canceled.

You don’t want to go back inside so you sit there freezing trying to think of another option, but soon your phone is telling you the roads are closed.

A few moments later and you hear a cough from ebhind you, standing you see Ashton, “your flight was cancelled”

“How’d you know?”

“Nothing is flying out, I hecked, now come inside”

Youshuffle towars him until he reaches out grabs your scarf and pulls you into a kiss.

“I’m sorry,” you sniff.

“You’re lucky I love you”


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Masterlist // Request


I just submitted the lady crab, but I just finished her “boyfriend” tonight, and since you had such sweet things to say, I thought you and the rest of your followers may want to see the end product. My boyfriend is not as much of a plushie freak as me (I must sleep with at least one each night and own 11 as of right now), but he found them very charming, and was very happy with them. He said the one with two left claws reminded him of me, and so, her new home will be along with the other plush he has (many of them, gifts from me) and the deep red one will sleep with me and my other plush (a gift from him) so I can be reminded of him since we live apart.

This pattern was extremely easy (I have little sewing experience and no machine and these took only a day to whip up each) , and can be found for free if you google “Casey the Crab”. I got the materials at a Joann’s for about 30 USD (this is using very snugly fleecy stuff) and one yard is more than enough for one crab. I highly reccomend these for gifts, especially if you have a baby coming up and you need something quick, or you are a sucker for sweet faces.
Thank you so much for featuring these two on your beautiful blog. And thanks to your followers for all the likes. It sounds cliche, but it tru rly means the world to me that someone enjoys my handiwork.


awww youre welcome!! i love when people submit their stuffies and ive never gotten a submission where they made the stuffie. i will definately be posting this just in case people want to make their own crabs. i think i might give it a try sometime :)

Jimin x reader Christmas Tree

Summary: You decorate the tree with your boyfriend.

Genre: Fluff

You wanted to decorate the apartment before Christmas as there would be a lot of people visiting. So you went to the storage room to take out the Christmas ornaments you bought years back. You tried to move the heavy boxes that were never unpacked since the day you moved into his apartment. But they were just too heavy. So you went to the bedroom to ask your boyfriend to help.

“Jimin?” You said as you poke your head into the room.

“Yes?” He looked up and took his earbuds out.

“Can you do me a favour?” You asked hm.

“Sure. What is it?” Jimin turned off his computer and stood up from the bed.

“I want to decorate the house but the Christmas ornaments are in the storage room. I tried to take them out by myself but it was just too heavy.” You walked to the storage room as you replied him with him trailing behind you.

He went to the storage room and moved those boxes easily. He took out the boxes you needed to the living room. You went over and opened the boxes. The sparkling ornaments are all inside and they are ready to be hung on the newly bought Christmas tree. You bought the Christmas tree with Jimin a few days ago.

“Do you want to help me decorate the tree?” You asked your dear boyfriend.

“Of course.” His sparkled with delight when he replied you. You chuckled in response.

After dangling Christmas lights on the tree, it was finally time for the final touch - the star. Jimin handed you the star and you tried to put it up on your tippy toes but the top of the tree was a bit tall for you. Jimin laughed at your cuteness.

“Help me instead of laughing.” You pouted.

“Ok. Ok.” He managed to get the words out in between his laughter.

You crossed your arms together and pouted harder.

“Sorry babe.” Jimin said with a smile.

Jimin went over to you and encircled his arm around your waist. He tightened his hold and lifted you up for you to put the star on the tree. You kept one hand on his arm for safety and lean toward to the tree. 

You made sure the star would stay put before patting Jimin’s hand signaling him to put you down. Jimin gently put you down. He looked up at the tree.

“It’s finally done!” Jimin exclaimed. “Now we only have to plug in the electricity.” He took the cord of the Christmas light and plug it in.

“I want to turn it on.” You followed your boyfriend to the socket.

“Here.” He gave you the on-off button and stood up. He hugged you from behind while you hold on the button excitedly.

“One. Two. THREE!” You pressed the button and the lights lit up.

The Christmas tree was beautiful with shiny ornaments flickering under the lights. The lights gave the room life with their colorful bulbs.

“Wow.” You unconsciously sighed. The scenery was breathtaking. “It’s beautiful.”

“Yeah.” Jimin mumbled in your ear.

You turned around. “You think so too?”

“Not as beautiful as you though.” He gave you a peck on your lips.

The both of you stood there for a while to enjoy it while you had a red face.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

Scenario masterlist HERE

Ohhh I know why your all not asking. Ya’ll are playing Pokemon sun and moon while I have to wait till Christmas to play it (no one tell my boyfriend that I know he got me the pokémon game i wanted.. ssshhhh) While I just get to sit here and look at spoilers on Tumblr and twitter. 

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BUT I UNDERSTAND. I mean.. just look at these men.. i’m so thirsty for Nanu yet I haven’t played the games yet…. don't judge me…

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Just kidding i’m not mad lol. For those of you who have exams and last classes I wish you the best of luck on everything!!! I know how stressful high school and college can be. I’m in my 4th year of college and it’s not easy. Keep your head up, study, eat healthy, and get plenty of rest!!!! Everything will be fine I promise.

And to those of you who are playing the Pokemon game mentioned above (I’m jealous as fuck) I hope you are enjoying it to its fullest extent. I must say this is one of the best Pokemon games made yet. 

Boyfriend: do you mind if we go to the mall today? I have some holiday shopping to get done
Me: idk I’ve got homework. Maybe you should go without me
Boyfriend: but if you came we could get your birthday present!
Me: ….wouldn’t you want me not there for that part

okay gellert what if you stay the fuck away from credence and go crawling back to your boYFRIEND ALBUS who surely broke your lame ass i mea n heart and that’s why you are being a jealous bitch who wants to ruin the wordld and newt and credence AKA the ultimate cinnamon roll 

Yuuri on Ice- Wait a darn tooting second

So I just remembered something. You remember when Viktor and Yuuri went to the beach and Viktor was all like, “what do you west me to be, your friend, brother, a father figure, your boyfriend?”

He was confirming for himself!

He came to Japan expecting the suave Yuuri that tangoed him into oblivion, not this shy blushy boy who runs away at flirty touches. Viktor is confused because of the mixed messages he received and needs Yuuri to confirm what the relationship is or what it could be. And Yuuri responds perfectly by saying he wants Viktor to be himself. Yuuri says that it’s his fault, he didn’t want Viktor to see his shortcomings, his insecurities and faults.

This sets Victor’s and Yuuri’s minds at ease. They are able to move on with their relationship at a healthy natural pace!

This anime is so perfect it hurts me


Ellie | Hotch

Can I get an imagine where you go to your sister Bishop for dating advice and your boyfriend is Hotch? Or something along those lines? 

Requested by Anon~

“You’re asking me for relationship advice? Me?”

“You were married.”

“And now I’m divorced!”

You crossed your arms with a huff. “Yeah, but you still got married. It’s not that big a deal; I just want your advice about something.”

“Hotch is a great guy.” Ellie said, leaning against her desk with her eyebrows furrowed. “What do you need advice about with him?”

At your sister’s words, you smiled. “So you will help me?”

Ellie rolled her eyes before nodding. “I’ll try. Now, what’s happening?”

anonymous asked:

Hello, I want to ask you a question you are a adult woman I hope your opinion would help me. I am so confused nowadays. My boyfriend and I, are thinking some sexual activities I am 21 years old btw and I am virgin. He is my first boyfriend and I have some fears inside me. I am scaring if he leaves me one day. In my culture virginty is a important thing. Do you thing I follow my feeling? Or should I wait a little longer and meet his family? Please help me 😫

Hello, dear one. My advice to you is to never enter into a sexual relationship because you feel pressured to do so. Physical intimacy can be an incredible, beautiful experience, but if you don’t completely trust your partner, it can also leave deep scars. If you’re uncertain, then wait, for you are worth waiting for. And remember, sex is all the better when you’re already intimate emotionally and intellectually with the person you love. 

anonymous asked:

Caddy has G ever talked to you about details of his snd Grillbz relationship? Might be able to pull some bedroom pro tips from the fireman if you know what I am saying >:3c

“Well I don’t know how relationships work for humans, anon, but in monster culture it’s generally considered bad taste to ask too much about your boyfriend’s ex? Especially when it comes to, eh, that.”

“If there’s something I do that it turns out G likes, then he’ll tell me… if there’s something G wants, then he’ll tell me. But I’m not trying to be Grillby for him, and I don’t think he’d expect me to.”

anonymous asked:

You said in a post a few days ago that your best friend is now your boyfriend, what is it like going from best friends to boyfriends?

It’s the same really.. except I now get to cuddle up with him, kiss him, hold his hand whenever I want to, say incredibly cheesy things to him, make out with him before falling asleep in his arms. 

We’re still the same, except it’s just “more” - if that makes sense. We do the same stuff we used to do before, hang out, play video games, laugh at stupid videos on youtube, binge watch tv shows, so nothing has changed except for more touching, more kissing, more of that-kind-of-stuff :)

anonymous asked:

i am curious on your opinion on a question. I'm a dfab and am bisexual and femme non binary. My boyfriend is a cis male and bisexual. Would we be allowed to go to gay clubs;bars? I've seen dislike for "straight" presenting people, and I don't want to be looked down upon. Same with going to pride. I heard stories about bisexual couples being booed?. I'm just worried,,

Bisexual people 100% belong in LGBT spaces, even if you’re ‘’straight presenting’’ so to speak. 



Request: Heey can you do one about jealous jinho? Please :’) thank you

Of course man. I hope you don’t mind the spelling errors. Also I hope this is something you wanted. I worked very hard.

Jinho x Reader

Word Count: 1333


Credit to the owner of the gif!


Originally posted by pen1ag0n

You thought it was a good idea to go out with your boyfriend. Of course you had to keep your relationship on the down low. The company said it was fine for you both to go out. But you just had to keep it a secret. Whenever you both go out, no kissing, no touching, nothing. You had to put a fake wedding ring so people don’t suspect that you two have something going on. As much as you hated that idea, it was better than not going on out at all.

You both tried your hardest not to hold hands every time your hands touched. You really wanted to. But you knew it would be a bad image if your boyfriend was going out with a “married woman”. You both went to buy a new dress for a wedding that was coming up. You both enter a beautiful gown shop. You saw a long beautiful formal Red Wine beaded evening dress. You knew that you needed that dress. You asked if you could try it on. The guy behind the counter scanned you and stood up straight and smiled. He led you to a dressing room as he went to go get the dress. Your boyfriend followed you, but the worker stopped him.

“You can’t go back there.”

“Yes, I can.”

“No, you can’t unless you are trying to try something on. From what I can see you don’t wear dresses. Excuse me.”

He walked into the dressing room you were in. He left you alone and waited for you to tell him to come in. While Jinho waited outside. A few fan took pictures with him. But he stopped once he heard something.

“You look so beautiful. Wow that dress really shapes your body.”

“You really think so?”

“Of course. I swear if I was your man, I would be so jealous. I wouldn’t let anyone look at you. This dress makes you look sexy.”

Jinho tried his very best to not make a scene, knowing that it could be bad for him and his group. He waited for you to get out. He really just wanted to get out of there. You finally got out of the dressing room and smiled at your boyfriend.

“So are you taking the dress?”

“Yes, I am. I love the color and the way it looks.”

“The color really looks good with your skin tone and the dress looks really good on you. Many girls have tried the dress but none of them looked good in it, if I’m being honest. You look better than all the other girls in it.”

He zipped up the dress and gave it to you. Jinho stood quietly next to you. He paid for your dress.

“So this is your boyfriend?”

“No,” you answered quickly.

The worker smiled, “Good.”

Jinho looked at him.

You looked up at him and gave a confused look.

“What?” you whispered.

He lowered down to your ear, “Did you really not here what that prick said?”

You shook your head. Jinho slowly went back to his original position. The guy gave him his change.

“Jinho, I’m hungry. Can we get something to eat please?”

He smiled down at you, “Of course.”

You smiled.

Jinho grabbed your hand but remembered about what the company said. He let your hand go. He walked out and looked for the food court. The worker called you out.

“I’m on my lunch break don’t mind if I came with you right?”

You really want to spend time with your boyfriend but you couldn’t be rude, “Yeah sure.”

The guy smiled. You both walked out. He stopped and put a sign saying he’s out for lunch. Jinho found a table for the both of you. He turned around and see’s the worker guy next to you. You laughed at something he said. Jinho took a deep breath in, he cannot cause a scene.

“Y/N, what is he doing here?”

“Well, he was on his lunch break so, he wondered if he could have lunch with us. I couldn’t say no. He was very nice to me when he was helping me with the dress.”

Jinho looked at the worker and imagined him slowly unzipping the zipper on the dress, if it had a zipper. And him kissing the back of your neck. He took a deep breath in and slowly let it out. He hated feeling like this.

“What do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat somewhere else. Just get me a smoothy please.”

“Get one for me also. Thanks”

He looked at the guy and went to go order. He got in line and looked back at you. The guy took your hand and looked at the fake wedding ring. He wished he would go away. He wanted to spend the whole day with you. But he knew that wouldn’t happen with that guy around. He finally ordered the smoothy for you both only. If that guy wants a smoothy he can order himself.

“So I see you’re married.”

You looked down at your fake ring, “Y-yeah I am.”

“He must be very lucky.”

Jinho came back with your drink. He gave it to you.

“Where’s my drink?”

“Oh I forgot your drink.”

“Why don’t we go buy your drink?” you asked as you put your drink down.

He smiled and nod his head. Jinho watched you both in up in the line. He grabbed his straw and swirled the straw in his drink. He watched you both talk and laugh about something. He saw the worker slowly wrap his arm around your waist. He got up and rushed over to you both.

“We’re leaving.”


He grabbed your hand and grabbed your dress and dragged you out of the food court. You looked back at the worker. You didn’t get to say good-bye. You both were finally close to his car. You tried slowing him down.


He kept a good grip on you.

You kept trying to get his attention. “Jinho!” you yelled out.

He stopped not looking at you. You pulled your hand away from his grip.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“Are you being serious?”

You looked confused.

“I wanted to spend the day with you. But instead you were spending your time with him, the worker guy.”

He groaned, “He asked you if I was your boyfriend, and you said no, he said ‘good’. He was with you helping you with the dress, all I can imagine is him kissing your back as he slowly unzipped your dress, if this dress has a zipper. Then I lost it when he put his arm around your waist. God! It bothered me whenever he talked to you. ”

You thought of everything he said. A small smile appeared on your face, “You’re jealous.”

He turned around and looked at you, “No, I do not get jealous.”

“No, you are jealous.”

“No, I am not.”

“Fine.” You got out your phone and dialed a number.

“Hey, this is the guy from the store right?”

Jinho grabbed your phone and hung up and block the number. You smiled and looked at your boyfriend. You wrapped your arms around his torso. You looked up at him with a smile on your face.


“My baby is jealous.”

He wrapped his arms around you, “Shut up.”

“You know you love me.”

“That’s true, I do. I love you so much.”

He kissed your nose and your lips. You both pulled away forgetting that you were in public. You tried pushing him away.

“Jinho we’re in public.”

“I don’t care anymore. I want everyone to know that you are mine!”

You smiled, “You are my jealous boyfriend.”


“So you admit, you were jealous.”


You spent that whole day arguing whether if he was jealous or not. But part of our wanted to know if he was or not. Either way you loved him no matter what.


boyfriend namjoon moodboard?

thanks @724148 for tagging me! I’ve never rlly done any kind of aesthetic post like this, but it was a lot of fun
i guess it doesnt seem very boyfriend-y, but i kind of imagined the aesthetic bits as part of dates or something uuuu >////>
tagging @724148 (lol here’s your excuse to do another) @ryeowookiee @spillthetaetae @who-s-your-reason-to-b3 of course you dont have to if you dont want to

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