I want to see you cry for me. To know that I hold the same power over your heart as you do over mine. Just once. I promise that, after that I will bleed out dry before I let you cry again. But before I sell my soul for you, I want to see you cry for me.
—  itsczarine7

Ransom’s second year of medical school at the U of T and after class he goes to the library to study.  Around 3:30pm he texts Holster, Caught up on tomorrow’s work but I want to get ahead.

At 5:06 Holtzy texts back, Come down and get your dinner. ETA 15.

Ransom sighs because that ETA means Adam is already in the car, dinner in a lunchbox on the seat beside him, so he really does have to pack up his shit and go downstairs.  He doesn’t dare leave anything alone in his study carrel.  Carefully trying not to think about how much of a pain this is, because he does appreciate his boyfriend (and probably needs to eat before midnight), he begins fitting textbooks into his backpack.

While he’s standing next to a loading zone off College Drive and wishing he packed his mittens, a car gets his attention.  It’s not the blue Jeep he’s keeping a lookout for; it’s black and low to the ground, expensive-looking, cutting between lanes like a shark.  It’s beautiful.  When it stops at the red light Ransom honestly considers taking his phone out and and taking a picture.

Then he kind of freaks out when the light changes because it goes straight for him, and he’s worried his staring has offended whoever’s behind that tinted windshield, kind of ducking behind the loading zone sign as it pulls up and rolls down the passenger window–

“Get in, loser,” Alexei Mashkov says.  “I’m taking you to dinner.”

“Tater!” Ransom shrieks, and scrambles for the car.

Getting a backpack full of books into the backseat of a two-door coupe takes a little bit of doing–they both work to shove it between the seats, and Ransom keeps a hand on the strap to soften its landing since his tablet is in there–and then he’s in, the door is shut, and he can delightedly let Tater kiss him senseless.

Someone honks, and they have to re-enter traffic.

“Players’ association meeting,” Tater explains as he wrestles the car onto Spadina.  “Adam thought you would not notice the schedule. I made reservation. He will meet us there.”  He glances sideways and says, “My mother went to medical school. She says you should rest more!  Always study, no sleep, does not make good doctor. We kidnap you if we have to.”

Ransom reaches out to take Tater’s hand, leaning his head back against the seat in a dizzy rush of relief and pleasure.  He has been pushing himself hard–not all the way into coral reef mode, but he could feel parts of himself beginning to turn fragile.  Now he lets Tater drive him in this swawesome car to the kind of restaurant he and Holtzy would have to save for a month to afford.

“Kidnap away,” he says, as Tater reaches up to brush a thumb along his neck, into his hairline. It feels so good.  “Kidnap away.”

“I really liked you. And I don’t even wanna be your friend. I would apology, but I’m not sorry about anything. You really fucked up and you lost a friend. And I hope you know that because I don’t know what else there is to do. I’m going to bed, and I also wanted to thank you for the apology but I’m not accepting it”
The last thing I said to the guy I cheated on my boyfriend with. He helped me get out of the emotionally abusive relationship and I really liked him and he knew how I was sexually used and abused by so many guys and then he did the same thing to me. He tried hugging me at a party and then I pushed him away. That night we fought and this is the last thing I said to him.

anonymous asked:

Omg omg omg. Could you do a Louis TFLN where he is so stunned cause he's seen a family with twins in London and he texts you and you first don't get him but then he breaks it to you and kinda drops his love for you and how he wants kids with you?xx

This is going to be when the missus and Louis first got together back when they were in their teens so it’ll be based in Doncaster rather than London but the prompt is still the same. x

Louis. Missus.

Where are you, Tomlinson?

I’m walking round the park.


I had a break from school work and I thought I’d come and see my boyfriend. I just knocked on your front door and your mum answered and said you weren’t there..

I needed to get out for some air.


I’m struggling in that house.


Because I’m just surrounding with loneliness.

Don’t be an idiot, Louis.

You can always shoot me a text and I’ll drop whatever I’m doing. You know that already, Tomlinson. 

Also, you have your younger sisters to see too.

I’m not.

I don’t want to burden you nor them with my problems.

Besides, it’s been nice to have some alone time in the park and think about things, you know?

You’re not a burden, Louis.

You’re my boyfriend.

I will always have time for you.

I know.

I’m just having a tough couple of days and no one really takes me seriously.

Why can’t you come to me? 

I’ll take you seriously.

I know. 

But this sort of involves you.


Oh, my god.

You’re thinking about breaking up with me, aren’t you?



What is it then?

I just don’t know how to tell you.

Louis, please.

I think I love you?


I think I love you.

Oh, Louis.

I think I might love you too.



Of course.

We’ve been together for a little while now and I have developed some true feelings for you and I don’t know what to think.

My bedroom is full of stuff that reminds me of you so I had to get out and think about everything.

And my mum was forever asking me to ask if you wanted to come round for dinner and it was getting too much and I just don’t know.

Louis, you’re so cute.

I just think I really love you a whole lot.

You know I saw a new family earlier? Couldn’t have been young than 25, and, they had a two twins in a pushchair and they were so adorable and I think I’d want that with you.

You want a future with me?

I suppose so, yeah.


I know we’re still in our teens and just legal for sex and the age of consent and whatnot, but, you’re my first proper girlfriend and I love you and I want everything with you.

I want that with you, too.

Not get to your house, will you?

I’m waiting in your bed. 

Oh, yeah? ;) ;)

Not like that, you idiot.

Your mum invited me in for dinner and I changed into one of your hoodies and a pair of your trackies and footie socks and I’m all comfy and cosy.

I’m on my way.

Turning my walk into a run.

See you soon. 

For a proper kiss and a more appropriate exchange of an I love you. xx

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38 with Michael! 💕

38) “I like your laugh.”

“Alright class, you can leave early today. We covered everything I wanted to get through,” your professor says, causing the majority of the class to jump up and rush to the exit.

“I’m pretty sure those were the only words most of those kids heard all class,” your boyfriend Michael scoffs. “I hate that music class is an elective for them. They don’t even care about anything we’re learning!” As he harshly shoves his books into his bag, you gently rest your hand on his shoulder, causing Michael to glance up at you.

“Just forget about them. You’re having fun, right? That’s all that matters babe,” you reassure him, giving him a warm smile, which Michael hesitantly returns.

Once you both finish packing your bags, Michael grabs your hand and drags you towards the front of the room and out the door quickly waving to your professor as you pass him. Once out of the room, Michael sighs and slows down his pace.

“Do you want to head back to my room and hang until dinner?” you ask, softly rubbing your thumb across the back of his hand, trying to calm him down.

“Sure,” he mumbles, heading off in the direction of your dorm room.

It’s not uncommon for your boyfriend to get upset after music theory class. He always gets annoyed that the other students don’t care about what they’re learning; he doesn’t understand how anybody can find this stuff boring. You always try to remind him that his passion is music, and not everybody shares that passion. You know he’ll cool off after awhile, he just needs some time.

Once you two make it to your dorm building, you start to ascend the four flights of stairs to your room. As you reach the top of the final flight of stairs, Michael catches his foot on the last step, causing him to topple over and drop his backpack.

“Fuck!” he mutters, as you burst out into laugher. Offering out your hand to him, you try to pull him up as you continue to snicker at him. Finally helping the boy to his feet, he shoots you a glare.

“Wow, such a great girlfriend,” he jokes, giving you a friendly push on the shoulder.

“Sorry baby, it was just really funny. You’ve been so mad and it just couldn’t have been more perfect. I love you,” you giggle, wrapping your arms around his waist and giving him a peck on the cheek.

“You’re lucky I like your laugh, or I’d be really upset you meanie,” he laughs, pulling your lips to his.


Just relax !

I decide to put together this 4 requests 

Prompt #31 with Bucky & I’ll love you forever

#18 w/ Bucky 😍😍

#35 with Bucky pleasssseeee 😩

Prompt #34 Bucky

18)   “Can I borrow a shirt to wear?”

34) “Boobs are really just squishy pillows.” 

35)  “Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you.”    

31)  “Can I have a hug?”

Sorry its small but is pure fluffy

Originally posted by impalastan

You had a horrible day. You start working on a project that you hate it, your phone was stolen and you are feeling sick. All you wanted was a nice bath and eat a whole pizza. As soon as you enter your apartment you start to crying a few moments later your boyfriend come out of the room with a messy hair he was probably napping.

“Hey baby why are you crying? Do i have to kill someone? Please don’t cry i hate to see you sad" you give him a small smile “ Don’t worry Bucky just a bad day everybody can stay alive” he starts to run his fingers thru my spine trying to calm you down when he realizes it’s not working he ask you “ Baby do you trust me ?” you nod “ with my life” he kiss me gently and say “ let me take care of you”

He is very gentle taking your jacket and blouse after he goes to your shoes and jeans he pick you up in bridal style and put you in the bath tub and ask for permission to take off your underwear you start to move to tie your hair but he don’t let you saying “Just relax, I’ll wash your hair for you. “You start to drift his hands on your hair feels so good, so relaxing that you let a small moan thru your throat.

After he finish your bath he lays you on the bed bad and start to massage your back “Bucky you are being so god to me,i love you” he kiss your back “i love you too, now relax “after he finish the massage and you swear that this men can do anything with his hands you turn to him ” Bucky, Can I have a hug ?“ he hugs you even if you are naked its nothing sexual was pure caring love. After a few minutes of hugging he lays his head on your chest ” I love your boobs you know boobs are really just squishy pillows.”

You stay in this position for more half hour just relaxing until your stomach start to make noises “Bucky i am hungry" he kiss you “ Pizza ?” You nod “Baby before you go can I borrow a shirt to wear?” He just take off the one he is wearing and hand to you “ I know you like to smell like me” You put his large shirt and stay in bed think how lucky you are to have such an amazing boyfriend.

After 20 minutes he comes back with a large pizza and quickly he take his clothes and sits with me on the bed and we start to eat after 15 min the pizza is finished. We just lay in bed watching friends and cuddling until we fall sleep.

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Ur bf is lucky he got rid of you huuuuh

Ill reply just to this message and not to the others(i really cant get how this spam continues when i blocked you but i hope youll stop finally),my boyfriend didnt get rid of me because i love him and i assure you anon he does not want get rid of me,what i did was my decision not his and he certainly isnt happy with it,i did what at this time i think would be best for him,however i will not let you badmouth my relations with flynn and i really advise you to stop because as a passive person as i am insult him again and i swear ill unleash hell on you and itll be your e.n.d^^have a good day please never return to my blog

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Luke nuzzling his head into your boobs, half asleep and so tired whispering "no, bubs listen, seriously me and you are one star u know? you're half and im half and the star is completed, we are one" letting out a big yawn as he presses a kiss to your upper chest, ignoring your burning pink cheeks as you try your best not to smile and shyly giggle at your sleepy boyfriend

ehnwrgjknekgbf btich just wants me to fall in love with his cute ass doesn’t he fUCK 


Summary: You and Clint have been together for years, but when one of your biggest fears come to life, your relationship and your life take the hit.

Pairing: Clint x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abortion, language, injuries, angst and fluff.

Words: 5886 (original ending) / 3993 (alternative ending)

A/N: Alright, this story has two endings. The original one is my favorite, but I felt like I should also write a happy one for a change. They will both be linked at the end so you can choose which one you want.

My love goes to @sergeantbuchxnxn​ who always listens to my crazy ideas, helps me out with prompts and whatever else I need. Also, I love her puppy.

Gifs: Found on Giphy. Let me know if it’s yours.

“Y/N, are you okay?”

You were locked in the bathroom, brushing your teeth for the 4th time that day while your boyfriend waited outside of the door. You lost count on how many times you had to run out of bed in the morning to throw up in the past three weeks, and Clint always waited outside, begging you to see a doctor.

“I’m fine, Clint.” You opened the door and tried to walk back to bed, but you felt dizzy. “I just need to change my diet, that’s all.”

He took you in his arms and took you to bed, ignoring your protests. He went out for a few minutes and came back with some juice and a wet towel for your forehead.

“You’re gonna get some rest and then Nat will take you to see a doctor while I work on some stuff with Steve. Don’t even look at me like that, you’re going.”

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   Walking into your apartment and seeing your roommate making out with some girl on your couch isn’t the most appealing site. Especially when your roommate is your best friend that you just happen to be in love with. “Could you please not do that on the couch? I would rather not have burn the couch because your tramp of a date had ruined it,”she commented, walking past the two. Now, Eve’s bitterness could easily be taken form the fact that her boyfriend had cheated on and dumped her over a week ago, but truly it was because seeing her best friend with someone drove her crazy. “And if you’re going to get it on, please turn on music. I don’t want to hear another nasally voice faking it all night.”

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I want to kill myself.. I need someone to make love to me in ways that don't end up in with sex and nudity. I need someone to love my heart and my soul and mind.. I almost killed myself yesterday. I almost ran my car into a tree but I pressed the brake at las minute only because I remembered that my boyfriend will be the only one to really miss me and he's the only one that knows me for me but we are nothing official publicly because of my parents I have never been closer to doing it. I want to.

They say the sweetest conversation from your lover is mental sex. I couldn’t agree more.

lunaboo22  asked:

Fem S/O is a very popular musicians. While at one of her concerts unnoticed by any a yokai waits in the shadows only want that voice for their own and will do anything to have it.

Addition notes: S/o is human, has a boyfriend, they kidnap them while they’re in the their dressing room.

Please Read: This is going to be the last kidnap scenario (without them being yandere) that I write, it makes kind of uncomfortable since it’s super unhealthy and can lead to mental disorders down the road.  I love writing for you guys but if it makes me uneasy I’m not going to write it anymore.

Osomatsu:  He’d be surprised at how much you put up a fight especially against a yokai as strong as himself and won’t listen to your pleas to release you.  Hearing that you have a boyfriend ticked him off but he thought you’d just learn to forget him, he’d want you to sing for him and when you refuse he tries so hard to placate you offering to get you anything you need to just hum a bar.  He’ll whine about how cold you’re being thinking he’s in the right for kidnapping you, all you can really do is hope that your boyfriend and the police find you which shouldn’t take too long since you’re famous.

Karamatsu:  He knows it’s morally wrong to kidnap someone and does feel a twinge a guilt while he commits the act, especially when he learns you have a boyfriend.  He’d be torn if someone kidnapped his s/o so he can’t help but feel bad, but he needs to hear your voice, just listening to it on cds or online wasn’t enough.  He wouldn’t really be surprised that they don’t have feelings for him especially after what he did nor would he hold it against, but he would you can find it in your heart to just sing for him.  I can see him keeping you in some gold plated bird cage since you’re his little song bird now.

Choromatsu:  Honestly you weren’t the first musician he kidnapped, he has a whole collection of singers at his disposal, at least you can try and take comfort in the fact you’re not alone.  While the other singers have succumbed to his wishes in fear of him turning deadly, but seeing you stand up and not put up with his bullshit would ignite a fire in the others and you’d stand against him.  Obviously he wouldn’t be too happy about that but he wouldn’t be able to lash out against any of you, it’s not his goal to harm you he just wants to be entertained.

Ichimatsu:  You couldn’t really comprehend how or why he’d fall for a human singer but whatever the reason it didn’t justify his actions in the slightest.  If you put up enough for a fight and piss him off he might just let you leave for ending up to be another bothersome human.  Hearing that you have a boyfriend wouldn’t even phase him, he doesn’t care about any of that he just wants to hear you sing.  Worst case scenario he yells at you and gives you empty threats, just stay strong until help comes there is no way you can take on a bakeneko by yourself.  

Jyushimatsu:  He’s not kidnapping you out of naivety, he knows what’s he doing and that child like demeanor doesn’t excuse him.  He’s incredibly strong there’s no way to break out of grasp and he’d turn a deaf ear to your pleas, he can’t help but imagine how great it will to have you to sing for just him.  Learning you have a boyfriend would lower his spirits a bit, but he would just be content just hearing you sing.  He’d be the only one to actually release you when he sees how unhappy and lonely you are.  He’d feel bad for making you feel those negative feelings, that’s the last thing he wanted to do.

Todomatsu:  it was so easy for him to get past security with his ethereal looks and power to just make them freeze if they give him a hard time.  He would be cold to the touch as he kidnaps you and would threaten to freeze you if you even think of screaming, the last thing he wants is to attract unwanted attention.  You’d learn right away the whole freezing thing is a bluff, and refuse to perform for you.  This would be make him very upset, the whole reason he kidnapped you was so he could have his own private concert.  He’d offer to get you whatever you wanted so you’d sing for him but he’s going to have a rude awakening when he learns that’s not the world works.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Song: Jealous remix by: Nick Jonas

Word count: 860


The hunt that night had been rough. Dean and you had started off the night fine but after he pushed you to the side and the knife grazed his shoulder it all went downhill.

“Dammit Dean, I’m not a child I was a hunter long before I met you. I can take care of myself.” You shouted at him throwing your duffle on the bed as he walked in to the motel room followed by Sam.

“I just don’t want to lose you Y/n.” Dean replied sitting at the table so Sam could patch him up.

“I’m going to the bar.” You replied leaving the room and walking the two blocks to the bar down the street.

You sat at the bar drinking your beer not noticing your boyfriend and his brother come in or Dean watching you. A man sat down next to you and started flirting. You started flirting back knowing nothing would happen. You might fight with Dean but you loved him.

Dean watched you flirt with the man. He knew you loved him but maybe you weren’t happy any more did you want the guy at the bar? Did he lose you after all on this last hunt?

I don’t like the way he’s looking at you
I’m starting to think you want him, too
Am I crazy? Have I lost ya?
Even though I know you love me, can’t help it

Dean barely listened to Sam. Choosing instead to watch you continue to flirt. He was starting to get angry watching the man at the bar push your hair behind you ear. Sam turned to see what Dean was glaring at.

“Dude calm down,” Sam said.

“He’s touching my girl.” Dean practically growled.

“If you go over there your just gonna piss her off more and she’s gonna say your obsessed.” Sam said trying to calm Dean.

I turn my chin music up
And I’m puffing my chest
I’m getting red in the face,
You can call me obsessed

Dean wasn’t mad at you. You couldn’t help how beautiful you were. It wasn’t your fault anywhere you went men hovered over you trying to get you to go home with them.

“Dammit Sammy that’s my girl I have a right to be pissed.” Dean said.

“You’re jealous.” Sam commented.

“She’s just so fucking beautiful.” Dean growled. Just then He spotted a blonde in your field of vision. Two can play this game he thought.

It’s not your fault that they hover
I mean no disrespect
It’s my right to be hellish
I still get jealous
‘Cause you’re too fucking beautiful
And everybody wants a taste
That’s why (that’s why)
I still get jealous
You’re too fucking beautiful
And everybody wants your sex
That’s why (that’s why)
I still get jealous

You were talking to the guy and noticed Dean walking over to some blonde bimbo. You weren’t normally the type to get jealous but damn seeing him there with her. You considered punching her in her fake ass nose. You watched as the girl stepped closer to Dean and ran her hand down his arm.

I’m the type to never sweat no chick
Ain’t nobody but you got me stressin’ this way and you know
Now the struggle’s always real
Girls be stepping in my space
All up in your face
How am I supposed to feel?

You weren’t even listening to the man you had been talking to anymore. As you watched the girl laugh at something Dean had said. Once again the girl touched him and you were growing more pissed. Having enough you stood from your stool and walked over. Grabbing Dean behind the neck you pulled him down and kissed him hard. Dean kissed back just as passionately and the girl walked away huffing.

I turn my chin music up
And I’m puffing my chest
I’m getting red in the face,
You can call me obsessed

“What was that about?” Sam asked as he walked over. “Did you really need to make each other jealous?”

“I didn’t mean any disrespect by flirting with that girl Y/n.” Dean said looking down at you. “I just seen you with that guy at the bar and was worried you were gonna leave me. You’re too good for me. You’re so beautiful and I don’t deserve someone as great as you. ”

It’s not your fault that they hover
I mean no disrespect
It’s my right to be hellish
I still get jealous
'Cause you’re too fucking beautiful
And everybody wants a taste
That’s why (that’s why)
I still get jealous
You’re too fucking beautiful
And everybody wants your sex
That’s why (that’s why)
I still get jealous

“I love you, Dean. Only you, you’re the only guy for me. And there’s no one else for you but me.” You replied.

“That was kind of hot you getting jealous like that.” Dean said with a smirk.

“Let’s go home.” You replied grabbing Dean’s hand and heading out the door.

You’re the only one invited
I said there’s no one else for you
'Cause you know I get excited (yeah)
When you get jealous, too

diskwrite-ffxiv  asked:

Dear person I’m jealous of,

((Hmmm, this’ll have to be from my new character, Rhyan cause well, it’s easiest to write this particular one from his pov.))

Dear Bex’li, 

I want to hate you. I really, really do. You walk in, all confidence and cockiness and aaaaah look at me with my red hair and freckles and I don’t even give a fuck cause I know everyone in this room wants me anyway. Sitting there, eating your olives, smelling like olive juice knowing your boyfriend who, by the way, is waaaay too cute for you, will still kiss you. And you’re all, “Oh you’re a musician? I do a little music too.” and then you whip out your symphonic arrangement of some simple lullaby complete with fifteen part cello harmonies and a part written for your boyfriend to just stand there and look perfect and all i can say is. Wow. You should do this for a living. And then. AND THEN you have the audacity to be all humble and like no, I’m just a simple soldier. EXCEPT YOU’RE FUCKING NOT. You’re working for the most elite fighting force in Eorzea, saving fucking babies and I dunno, princesses and probably without  breaking a sweat or anything. Not only THAT but you’re also a compassionate healer, AND you have time to bartend for your mother cause you’re just such a good boy. And your boyfriend is way too concerned about you to listen to me playing this song YOU wrote about some other boy. Not to mention I stand behind the bar and fifteen people ask me where Bex’li is. OH Bex isn’t working? You should meet Bex! Bex makes great drinks. I hope Bex is okay. Tell Bex I said Hi. Did you meet Bex? He’d like you. 

I DID MEET BEX. And I WANT TO HATE HIM and his PERFECT life with his HOT BOYFRIEND and all his TALENT and COMPASSION and HEROIC DEEDS and stuff.

But actually he’s just a really nice guy and it just FUELS my suffering.

So I’m going to go write a song about it. Ugh!

Wallowing in my pain,

Rhyan ♪

Bias tag game

I was tagged by @jehovahnlssl (thank you~❤)

Rules: list 10 of your biases, all from different groups

• A-Tom (ToppDogg) (ultimate bias)
• Himchan (B.A.P)
• Chen (EXO)
• Kyuhyun (Super Junior) (my first bias ever, I love him)
• Gunwoo (MYNAME)
• Donghyun (BOYFRIEND)
• Hyesung (Shinhwa)
• Hyungwon & Wonho (MONSTA X) (one of the rare groups where I don’t have just one bias)
• YooA (OH MY GIRL) (I love her and OH MY GIRL so much like wtf I this is the first time since 2009 that I have such a crush on a whole girl group)
• Jiwon (SPICA)

(I first wanted to include 100%, LC9, BTL, SNSD, Tiny-G, Wonder Girls and EvoL but realized that either my biases had left or the groups disbanded and now I’m crying)