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I'm the last anon: I didn't think what you said in reply to my ask was rude. I read so many wonderful fanfics (yours is at the top of my list, btw), that I get easily confused as to who wrote what. Haha. For some reason I thought you were the one who wrote about that...but really any imagine with Niall's girl riding his face, would be awesome. You do write Niall very well. 😘

Could you write something about Niall wanting to his girlfriend to be a little “louder"during sex? Like,I don’t know how to ask you this without sounding like an idiot hahahah but maybe his girlfriend is a little bit shy,and since you said that he’s the one to be the loudest when receiving a blowjob…. I think he would ask her if he’s doing something wrongs and then say that he needs to hear her…

Joined these two together.  Enjoy your Niall smut.

You were three chapters into a really good book.  Your legs stretched out over your boyfriend’s lap while he rubbed your feet and kept his eyes trained on a football game he’d turned on a couple hours ago.  

He set your foot down once he was done massaging it, his hand resting on your bare ankle.  He let out a deep sigh.  

You cast him a quick glance over your book.  Seeing that he wasn’t looking at you, you went back to reading.

Until you heard another deep sigh.  This time when you glanced at him over your book you caught him quickly turn his eyes back to the TV.  Now that you got the picture you folded your book closed and set it on your chest,

“Something wrong, Babe?”

He looked over at you, his eyebrows raised in innocence,

“Who me?  No, nothin’.  Just watchin’ the game.”

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A Surprise in the pool

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word count: 1,578

Warnings: Unprotected Sex, Public sex… basically smut

A/N: So this is for the absolutely fabulous and amazing @kittenofdoomage’s Summer Lovin’ challenge, I picked “Swimming pool” and well I hope you like it. Also, this is un-beta’d so all mistakes are mine and I apologise if it’s crap and I think this is the longest one shot I’ve ever done to be honest haha. Finally, tags are at the bottom.

“Come on, Sam we haven’t had a day to ourselves in ages and you promised we could go.” You gave Sam a pout as you walked back to your bedroom with a sulk.

All you wanted was Sam to take you to the local swimming pool as you couldn’t remember the last time you went to one and you wanted a bit of fun for once.

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something I really need to know about SU: now that it is without doubt, irrevocably canon that there are multiples of each gem (and even that each gem “subspecies” seems to have very little in the way of physical variation except when intentionally designed - see pearls), what I want to know now is…

are fusions set in stone like that as well? will a ruby and a sapphire always make a garnet? will an amethyst and a pearl always make an opal? that last one has a lot of possibilities considering the different kinds of pearls we’ve seen, and the consideration of what a “properly cooked” amethyst would look like.

similarly - are fusions set in stone by the number of their gems? i.e.: is there such thing as a single gem, non-fusion garnet? I’m almost tempted to say no on that last one, especially since Alexandrite works so well as a fusion because real-life alexandrite is just about the most valuable gem on the planet (more valuable than diamonds, incidentally, but we don’t know anything about how diamonds in the show are made or even what they are).

food for thought

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omg! i love your poster! where'd you find one? I've been looking online and can't find any and have even been looking to print my own haha

Thank you so much! Well there aren’t a ton of Nathan posters, but if you use posterbrain.com they’re really good about printing out whatever you want onto a poster. I’ve used them a couple of times. So in theory you can take any picture of Nathan really to make into a poster! If you want the one I used you can go here and go down to Nathan and hit “download.” My poster is the smallest size available on posterbrain! Let me know if this helps and if you get a poster! I would love to see it!! 

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Manigoldo or Deathmask? (Date meme)

Okay, both too dangerous for my standards xD But if I have to choose… Well, on the one side, DM is less sarcastic and I think he didn’t have that “I have to be on top in everything” attitude buuuuuut I don’t want to end as a decoration. Mani is sarcastic shit with overgrown ego and everything would most probably end with me crying or with huge sass war (with me also crying) but well, at least he doesn’t kill people because. And I always had a feeling that he’s more like “haha, that was a BURN, wasn’t it? want me to heal those wounds with my the shine of my fricking good personality?” while DM would be more like “shut up and bring me more beer if you don’t want to loose smth”. So well… This one:

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Thanks for asking! :)

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Coby as a strawhat HC?

I’m not sure with this one because Coby’s dream, the thing that he desires the most, the thing that drives him are the marines and he wants nothing more in the world than to become a strong, famous and beloved admiral. Coby as a strawhat is to me, not as cringeworthy as…let’s say Tashigi/Caesar/Fujitora/Marco/etc as strawhats, but well haha, I have very hard time thinking about or anybody else whose name is not Jinbe/Carrot

I want something like that post to happen between Chat and Lady!! Like, they get a little extra time in their costumes one night and decide to chill on top of Adrien’s rooftop or something to look at the stars… and they are so comfortable as teammates and buds that, well, maybe they start dropping hints about their irl selves…

Like Ladybug says “Ahh, there’s a boy in my class I really like…”

“O-oh?” says Chat. “What’s… he like?”

“Haha,” Ladybug sighs, “WAAAYY out of my league, that’s what he’s like.”

“Huh?! No way!”

“Mm, yeah it’s pretty true. I mean, he’s got so much going on for him… looks, money, popularity… not to mention he’s very kind, smart, and creative…”

“Sounds like… quite the catch.”

“By comparison, I’m not much.”

“I don’t believe that for a second!”

“It’s true! Everyone knows who he is because he’s just that good! And I’m just… a nobody.”

“Hmph. Just who is this ‘super special celebrity’, anyways?”

“Arghh! Alright, alright– promise not to judge me?” Chat nods.

“Cross my heart! …Now spill!”

“Okay… it’s Adrien Agreste.”

Theres a beat as it sinks in. Chat blinks slowly, his jaw threatening to drop.

“Wh… what?”

“See?! You’re judging me! Ugh, I know, so typical, it’s like every girl in the entire city has a crush on him–”

As Ladybug babbles uncharacteristically (or is it more like her real self??) Plagg gently reminds Chat that he can’t tell anyone who he is. He decides to press on towards another topic, though his cheeks are probably flaming by now.

“Ah, uh-huh. Well I’ve certainly heard of him, haha, he seems like a nice guy… say, do you play any video games?”

(So, she’s in the same class…)

You know how I said that impulsive poor decision-making is not a problem for me? Haha well so much for that.

Bigfoot showed up like this and said, “Dude! I got some edible silver spray paint! Do you want to be shiny and chrome with me?”
“Absolutely!” I said, and bared my teeth.

Only after the harsh, acrid chemical taste of the spray paint hit my tongue did I stop to ask myself if Bigfoot is someone I can trust to know a safe decision from a dangerous one. He’s a gentle soul and one of my favorite people…. but no. He’s basically a really, really tall ten year-old.

“Uh… are you sure this is edible?” I asked.
“Um, technically, anything is edible,” he replied.


Haha to Kuraseba English subs

We started on this as a summer project lol, but we weren’t able to complete it until now :x 

Softsubs: mega 

The subs are timed to the one at LoA or you can get it here 

*We apologise for any mistakes in translation & misses as we’re not well-versed Japanese culture / history 

**Please don’t claim as your own, we’d be very upset if you do ): But feel free to share the subs with other people, because that was why we subbed it in the first place :3

***Let us know if you have any problems with the subtitles / video! 

Note: Subs were masked to hopefully cover the distracting Chinese hardsub! :x 

Translator: @shuyingggz <3 // Timer / typesetter: amno-s // Raw credits: LoA

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so yeah i’m still kinda salty about the way the writers handled the Kalos League, but I’ve pretty much come to terms with Satoshi’s loss at this point. :v I had started on this picture about a week before the episode aired as a sort of premature celebration, though I should have known better haha.

anyway, I really liked how it turned out, so I wanted to share it! This is the first time I’ve ever drawn his full team together in one picture! :’D also, since I had no idea what the trophy would look like at the time, I went with a simple laurel wreath instead (and it is also a slight nod to the Olympics as well haha).

I’m sure the writers have a good reason as to why he lost, but I like to imagine what it could have been like had he actually won. ;o; We’ll definitely get to see him win against Team Flare though, so that’s definitely worth looking forward to!! ;w;

(Please do not remove caption or repost. also on deviantart)

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hiiii can you write something where you're famous as well and a really negative article about harry comes out and you want to take it down so you and your team talk to whoever posted it but they demand a story of yours instead and you give them something really personal and then harry finds out? (sorry it's so specific it's based on a dream I had haha)

This Is Going To Kill Him (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: There is a rude article written about Harry, and Y/N using the power she has in Hollywood (she is well known also), takes down the article and shares a personal story about herself to hopefully help others, and even posts a loving picture talking about the ‘real Harry Styles’.

Requested: yes

Warnings: partial swearing, mention of depression, insecurities, and eating disorders

A/N: Y/B/F/N= your best friend’s name

Sorry I have been inactive over the weekend, I’ve been busy this past weekend, but I’m back! Again, thank you for all the support and love you all give to me. Thank you soooo much! Requests are still open, and I will be updating my series this week!

“This is going to kill him”, Y/N says as she puts the laptop on the counter in front of her, gets up, and walks over into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

“I’m sorry for coming over here so early” Y/B/F/N says looking at the clock that reads 8:37am, “I just thought you would want to know, so you can maybe prevent Harry from reading it”.

“Thank you for showing me. It’s just so frustrating how someone can write absolute trash that has no actual facts or truth to it, and can just destroy someone’s character and not even get in trouble about it. Yes, I know we have right to freedom of speech, but that doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole. Like this” Y/N says walking over to the living room to grab her laptop again and reads the article,

“Harry Styles spotted out with girlfriend, Y/N. We use the term girlfriend very, VERY, loosely, as you have seen Styles’s track record. But Y/N may be different as we have seen them together more than two minutes, we mean, weeks. We don’t understand what Y/N sees in him. We over here on WEGOSSIP, couldn’t date someone who has been with over thirty of forty women before us. Harry doesn’t even deny it! In one of his latest interviews, the interviewer asked what the boys are looking forward to when they go on their break, and Harry said how he sleeps in different beds every night, and it will be nice to sleep in his own bed on his time off!”

“That’s not even all he said, or what he said, or what he meant!” Y/N says angrily. “He said he misses sleep in his own bed because of tour they have to move from hotel to different hotel every single night. He miss familiarity.”

“Not to be insensitive, but, this is what comes with fame. Don’t you think Harry is used to it almost by now?” Y/B/F/N asks cautiously.

“You’re right to an extent. People will lie and be cruel and hate you, but this article, the people who write it get paid for it. They aren’t just being what people call haters, but they are professional article writers who are destroying someone’s character.” Y/N says.

“It just hurts, because it reminds of like four years ago, when I found Harry reading mean comments people wrote about his performance. Harry was performing, and he didn’t have breath control when he hit a note, so he didn’t hit it like he usually does.  He was beating himself up all night after the performance. He secluded himself from everyone in his room. When I walked in, I found his phone screen smashed across the room and him with his hand in his hands. He was in tears. He believed all the nasty things people were saying about him. He actually looked me in the eyes, and asked me if he was a good enough singer. We weren’t dating at the time, just friends, but it hurt to see him like that, so insecure, so broken. He was so close to giving up doing what he loved because of people’s opinions.” Y/N says sadly.

“This article isn’t just hating on him, they are trying to destroy him. I mean look at the title of the article “HARRY STYLES: ROLEMODEL OR MANWHORE?” Y/N says pointing to the screen.

“So, what are you going to do?” Y/B/F/N asks.

“I have connections to people who can order to take it down. But after, we will give the attention that Harry deserves, we will show people who the real Harry Styles is. The loving, caring, gentlemen he is.” Y/N says smiling.

~On Clever News, at 3:47pm~
“Y/N is possibly one of the best girlfriends in our books”, Mariam reports, “Recently today the internet went into a frenzy when a false and hateful article went out about our favorite dimpled green eye cutie, calling him a manwhore, and misquoting him.”

The YouTube video cuts to pictures of snippets from the article, and Mariam explaining what the article said, and showing where the article had misquoted him.

“Awful right?” Mariam continues as the video shows her again, “But miss Y/N was not having it. One of our favorite singer turned actress, shut that article AND website down.”

Again, the video cuts to the public statement that the article writers put out saying they are pulling down the article, and posting a very personal story about her, which Y/N requested herself happens, in which it talks about Y/N dealing with her struggles of loving herself, and being bullied in high school.”

“In the article she says,

“In school I got really badly bullied. It all started in middle school when I was taller than all the other girls. I went through puberty earlier. I remember the girls making fun of me because of my height, my acne, braces, and my glasses. I stopped eating, I stopped talking to people around me. In high school it just got worse. My body type wasn’t right, my style wasn’t right. It seemed not matter how much I changed myself, I didn’t fit in. Then one day, I got really sick of stories where the prince always saves the girl. Why couldn’t the girl save herself? So, that’s what I did. I changed my story. I lived life on my own terms, I saved myself for myself.”

“So incredibly inspiring” Mariam says, “but, she didn’t stop there, after the article was released, she wrote a loving caption to a picture she posted shortly ago about her boyfriend, saying…”

“My love, there are many people who are hateful. There are many people who are always going to find something wrong with you. But you have taught me to just love. I love you so much. You have been nothing but a respectful gentlemen, and boyfriend to me these past months we’ve been dating. I am so lucky to have first met you on X Factor, to becoming really close friends over the past few years, to now soulmates these past few months. I love you with all of my heart Harry Styles, never forget that.”

“And she even started the Hashtag #ILoveYouHarry, which is now trending internationally, with fans flooding Harry with support, and love”.

“Ugh”, Mariam jokes around groaning, “Can you feel my heart melting?” she jokingly asks.

“Tell us what you think in the comments below about…”, and before the video could end Harry shuts it off.
Harry brings Y/N into his side, and kisses the top of her forehead as they sit on the couch.

“You didn’t have to do all that.” Harry says finally breaking the silence, “It wasn’t a big deal, interviewers make those rude passive aggressive comments all the time”.

“Yeah, but, I have the platform to tell people that it’s not okay. That we need to treat each other with respect. That it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what skin color you are, what social class you are, what gender, religion, or sexuality you are, that we are all equal, we are all human, and we all deserve respect.”

Harry looks deeply into Y/N’s eyes for a minute. Y/N has never been the one to speak a lot, she is usually the listener, while Harry is the talker.

“What?” Y/N says blushing away from the gorgeous green eyes staring at her.

“I love you. I love your heart, your passion, everything. Every day, you just give me another reason to love you. God, Y/N I just fucking love you.”

“I love you too Harry. Never, ever forget that.” Y/N says while snuggling into his side looking up at him.

“I won’t baby.” Harry promises, kissing her forehead.


I hope whoever requested it, liked it! Thank you again for everyone that have been so supportive! Love you all! Requests are open on my blog! Have a great Monday! xoxo

Well couldn’t come up with a PharMercy comic strip right now since I want it to be in character and got no idea so far so I did this mini super short tiny concise comic strip that is as cheesy as mac n cheese. Ur welcome :)

Btw @asynca, hi, I love the stuff you write for OverWatch, especially those humor-packed ones that always make me fangirl smile or laugh really loudly. Just wanna say thank you for the stories and it make a “fan art artist”-haha, happy to know that an author such as yourself actually notice the art that I post. I kinda fangirl when I saw you reblog/like one of my posts, thanks for making my day.

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Hi! I love your answers a lot and I'd be glad to hear your opinion on my question! So, what do you think, what are fanon! and canon! Sabo and Ace? Thanks for answering! (English is not my mother language, so, please, exuse my mistakes!🙏)

i’m not sure exactly what you mean :o  like how are sabo and ace perceived by the fandom vs. how they are canonically?

well, there’s no such thing as one definite “fanon” and everybody interprets characters differently, but i’ll compare canon to some common fanon interpretations i’ve seen (i hope that’s what you want //orz).  also there is probably gonna be more about sabo, not because i don’t care about ace but because i mostly read fanfic/meta about sabo so i don’t know fanon!ace as well :’D

i’ve always thought fanon!ace tends to be really aggressive and tsundere, and he also is often portrayed as ~sexy~ and ~cool~.  whereas canonically it seems ace grew out of a lot of his anger and tsundere-ness of childhood and is perfectly happy to express his love for luffy and his crew

 and in he general seems like a pretty chill guy.  he’s also a lot more awkward and dorky than a lot of fanon portrays him as.

i think ace tends to be interpreted as less disciplined and more of a rebel/delinquent than sabo too, but canonically he’s the one who actually makes an effort to learn how to be polite and then mostly holds himself to doing it.

(shout out to ace’s original tattoo with the manji on it)

sabo is kinda the opposite.  while canon!sabo actually is pretty ill-mannered and aggressive, he tends to be interpreted in fanon as being ~polite~ and ~gentlemanly~ and goody two-shoes.  in canon he’s shown as being very blunt and rather rude, not polite in any way shape or form: he never picks up the phone and when he does he hangs up on people in the middle of the conversation, he calls people completely wrong names and doesn’t care to apologize or correct himself, he doesn’t listen to people when they talk to him, etc

as for being a goody two-shoes/softie like fanon!sabo often is, canon!sabo is definitely more violent and gets angry more easily than that.  not that he isn’t still a kind person or that his anger isn’t justified, but the dude’s certainly got a temper.

fanon!sabo’s also often “the smart one” and a good student (like in high school aus), and while i’m sure he is smart in many ways and there’s no way to tell whether he’d be a good student in a different situation than under high town’s horrid teachings, there’s no evidence of him being a good student in canon.  he didn’t seem to enjoy school at all and did really badly with tutors as a kid, and in the filler-but-canon episodes about his time with the revolutionaries he was shown sleeping in class.

he did say “if it’s about navigation, i don’t mind working hard!” so rather than being a really upstanding student, it seems more like he just likes learning what he wants and personally thinks is useful to learn and nothing else.  so i think a more accurate high school au sabo would do pretty badly/skip out except in courses he likes :’D

in general i think a lot of the differences between fanon! and canon! sabo and ace can be traced back to people basing their interpretations of them as adults on how they were as kids, instead of how they actually are shown as adults.


Jerome is confirmed for at least season 4 of Gotham but I’ve also heard that they may be introducing Harley Quinn. I love Harley and the Joker but just thinking about having Harley in Gotham and interacting with Jerome…well it makes me feel quite jealous haha!

Silly…yes because at the end of the day he’s a fictional character and I have no problem with Harley and Joker in anything else (Cartoon series, Comic, Suicide Squad etc.) but with Jerome in Gotham it’s different xD

So I’m probably the only one who DOESN’T want there to be a Harley Quinn appearance on Gotham haha! Although if she doesn’t have interaction with Jerome then I’m fine it so Harley…you can have Health Ledger joker, Jack Nicholson joker, Jerod Leto joker but keep your hands off Cameron Monaghan Joker (Jerome)…He’s my Puddin’ <3

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I'll take the Bellarke kiss in all the forms haha and I know you don't have headcanons but how do you want their first kiss? Not like a scene, more like "requisites". I mean, for example, Clarke being the one who makes the first move....

I mean, I always say it could happen in a million ways. I think it’s important though, that they are on equal standing. No more princess and knight. No hero and outcast. No unrequited pining. I want them to be on the same page, i think, whether that means something quiet and unassuming or some big life or death moment. Well, I’m not sure we should have quiet and unassuming. Everything is so dramatic on this show, we probably need a bit of drama in the Bellarke kiss. All this build up…. would they actually do it, like an accidental kiss? Like good night, Bellamy, *kiss* oops didn’t mean to kiss you. And then he kisses her back? Nah. They wouldn’t do that. We need something epic don’t you think?

I saw someone else say that they wouldn’t want Clarke to kiss him to convince Bellamy that he has something to live for, because he deserves to believe in himself, not live for someone else, not again. And I think they’re right about that. So the kiss because he doesn’t want to get on the boat? I mean they could probably swing it so it would work, but there’s a reason not to do that. 

I could see the kiss in a moment where one of them thinks they might lose the other. Or after a separation. Or after an argument or battle or injury. But it would be kind of nice if they got together not because they realized they might lose each other (I mean if they haven’t realized that yet, then what the hell have they been up to?) but because they realize they are who they WANT. Like  a positive reason to come together, rather than “oh you’re leaving and this might be our last chance to show our feelings.”  Besides, they already did that, and they really shouldn’t do it again for all sorts of reasons. 

Yeah, about that not showing feelings things until they’re dead. We need to stop that now. You’re all going to die. Get those feelings out, asap. Pronto, princess. No more time for wishy washy. No more time for ifs or buts. Apocalyptic countdown, hanging over your head. 


well I wanted to post this on tumblr but guess what tumblr is a piece of shit so I’m going to upload it on there through here sorry but hey if you like twenty one pilots have fun

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i debated whether or not to do this, mostly because it might end up being a hell of a lot of work and i’ll probably end up regretting it, but I figured why not because school’s starting soon and i won’t have as much time for tumblr so i might as well just binge-edit while i can


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i know the taglines are sorta cringey ok all i wanted was just to make a magazine cover LOL i think nami looks cute here. i actually thought “if this is an august issue wouldnt it be better for her to have a summer theme?” and by the time i realized that it was too late to change her outfit (well it’s summer all year over her anw). i just wanted to draw the clothes haha.

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So I'm thinking of making a new IG for a new chapter in my life; being a mommy!

Well, I’ve seen so many great IGs out there with moms snapping pictures of their little ones and what not and I kind of want to do the same thing. Though mine won’t be too cute because knowing me, my baby is going to be cosplaying all the time haha.

But I was wondering, would that be weird? Lol

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All this talk about possible angst in s2 has me bummed. Could I please request a happy scenario in which Shiro's s/o makes an effort to find his most ticklish spots, pretty please? Gotta distract myself from the Sad Times haha

A/N: I’m feeling pretty bummed out about what could happen in season 2 as well, I really don’t want anything bad to happen to Shiro at all. So one fluffy scenario coming right up!

You groaned quietly as your eyes cracked open, catching sight of the sunlight streaming through the window in your bedroom. You yawned quietly and stretched, jolting slightly in surprise when you felt your hand hit something behind you. You turned around on the bed and came face-to-face with Shiro, currently fast asleep beside you. You blushed as you remembered how you had asked Shiro the stay the night, but smiled when you caught sight of his sleepy expression.

You giggled quietly and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips before snuggling back down under the sheets beside him. You closed your eyes and tried to settle back into a quiet slumber, but found yourself unable to and grumbled annoyedly. You opened an eye and looked over at Shiro and contemplated waking him up. No, that would be too rude.

You reached out and placed a hand on his chest, trailing your finger along the defined pecs appreciatively. You trailed a hand up to his neck and brushed your fingertips against the side of his neck, causing Shiro to snicker slightly. You grinned to yourself and moved your hands down to his sides, gently tickling him.

“What are you doing?” You looked up and saw Shiro looking down at you with one eye and an amused smile on his lips.

“I was a little bored.” You nonchalantly spoke as you eyed Shiro’s underarm and giggled to yourself. Before Shiro had time you react you stuck your hand under Shiro’s arm and tickled his armpit. Shiro immediately started laughing and tried to roll away from you, causing him to roll of your bed instead.

“Shiro!” You leaned over the edge and found him lying on the floor in a slight daze. “Are you okay?” You slid off the bed and helped your boyfriend to his feet.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” He spoke after a few moments and you looked down at your feet.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Accidents happen, it’s alright. But,” You looked up at Shiro’s words, “I think you deserve some payback.” Shiro grinned mischievously at you and you squealed as he tackled you onto your bed and began tickling you all over your body.