Naruto Canon Ships Appreciation

Okay, so I will preface this by saying I’m a huge multishipper, and I have so many pairings I like from this series. (Like, for example, besides the canon ships, I also ship NS, SK, SNS, etc.)

However, in the tags of many non-canon ships, there has been so much meanness and so much hate towards the canon ships and the people who ship them. (Lookin’ at you, s.ns subfandom… I love sns but yikes) 

One of the antis’ arguments has been ‘they’re all bland, boring het ships’ (even though bisexuality is a thing; I headcanon most of the characters as bi haha, but I digress), so I decided to write a little (well, maybe not so little) appreciation post for the canon ships, and point out reasons why they’re not bland and boring. 

Also, another thing I want to point out is the different sorts of families being represented, here.

And, before any antis make this comment, I’m gay! So don’t call me homophobic for liking the canon ships, please and thank you…

*EDIT: Here is a post discussing my thoughts on the ending in general, ships aside*

While the Sunshine Family might seem like the most ‘boring’ and ‘traditional’ one of the bunch, I disagree. As Hokage, Naruto is basically president of Konoha (to put it in American terms, haha). He has to balance his (extremely important and time-consuming) job with his family life, something that you can see causes tension in the Boruto movie. (Also, I’d like to point out that happiness =/= boring. I don’t understand why that argument is even a thing. [Like, I’ve seen people complain that because NaruHina is a fluffier pairing than some others, it’s boring. WOW, so a couple’s happiness is boring? UM])


Okay, so SS (tied with SaiIno) is my favorite of the canon ships (if my followers couldn’t tell already, haha), yet sadly, the most misunderstood and hated. (But that’s a rant for another day.) In the SS family, Sasuke is basically a military dad. (Well, if you consider all the shinobi in Konoha to be military, then Sasuke would be part of a more elite branch/organization, like the Department of Defense or the CIA or something mixed with a combat position). Due to the nature of his missions, he’s not home often, but, as shown in Gaiden, he loves his wife and daughter. (And he is NOT a deadbeat dad. Ugh, I am so sick of that argument. [And I am really disappointed Sasuke’s English VA said that, or something similar, in his interview. That means he misinterpreted Sasuke’s character…])


Honestly, I think this the one ship most people agree on, because it was so damn obvious it was going to happen, haha. What’s interesting about this ship is that Temari is technically an immigrant to Konoha, so imagine all the challenges that come with that.


Similarly to Temari, Karui is also an immigrant to Konoha. But unlike Temari, she wasn’t part of Chouji’s friend group until much later on. (And for people complaining that Karui didn’t know Chouji when they were younger/wasn’t part of the original Naruto characters, so she shouldn’t have ended up with Chouji, really? As one of my good friends aptly said, do you really think that everyone will marry someone they knew from high school? Obviously not. I find it perfectly fine that Chouji dated, then married someone who he met later on in life. (Now I want to know how their relationship happened, haha.)


Oh man, as I said in the SasuSaku bit, SS and SaiIno are my favorite canon ships. (I shipped Sai and Ino back when it was considered a crack pair!!) Now, I find this ship to be the most interesting because of the heavy emotional component of it. Sai is a person who had been conditioned since he was very young to suppress his emotions, and because of that, he’s very socially stunted. Ino, on the other hand, is extremely emotional, and always has been. So I feel like they’re the perfect people for each other, and balance out really well. And while these differences would inevitably cause some disagreements, I feel like they’d also help each other grow and understand each other. (Also, for the posts saying that SaiIno ripped off SNS, HUH? Sai and Ino have nothing to do with Naruto and Sasuke, so I don’t even understand why this is used against SaiIno)


And these aren’t exactly ships, but…

Rock Lee, unless Metal Lee’s mother is shown (I hope it turns out to be Tenten, haha XD) is a single dad.

Gaara is also a single dad, with an adopted son. That’s also something I haven’t seen often in anime.

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date or nah? i have brown hair and brown eyes. i'm a bit on the chubby side. i am mexican american. i am introverted but can open up to people over time. i am really funny even when i'm not suppose to but i still somehow know my boundaries haha. im straightforward.i like aesthetically pleasing things. i'm creative in photography and in videography. i LOVE DOGS but i don't own one so i just give all my love to my friend's dog. i want to work in a creative photo studio or recording set someday :)

love the soft chubbs!! Yes it will take time to get close for dating but i think we’d get along pretty well especially because i require people to be straightforward as i am unable to take hints. I HAVE A DOG his name is didi and he’s super cute and he doesn’t like cuddles. You sound super cool but it would take a while before either of us would ask the other out (*´ω`*)

。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚ Happy Birthday to the most amazing person on the internet, @amazingphil!! ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚

161102 Rap Monster fc

I wanted to tell this story so bad…
The day before yesterday I took a taxi to my workroom, the taxi driver’s voice was so cool that I unconsciously started to admire it and talked this and that to him. Even his reply was cool “It’s just cool because you like it that much.Haha” He used very polite expressions.. Despite the fact that there clearly was a generation difference between us, (I felt so respected) I might have had a misunderstanding that I was one of his business colleagues. I secretly had a thought of wanting to grow old like this. He asked where i wanted to go, I told him to the workroom, so he asked if I was making music.. Ans he asked which group I was in, I replied BTS and he said he knew us very well.. He even turned on Melon and the most recently played song was ‘Dope’. It turned out that the driver was 57 years old.. I asked how he knew about us, he smiled saying he drove a lot of our fans when we had a fan meeting at Hwajung gymnastics last year.. He said if there were passengers from Japan or China, he would always turn on BTS music first..
He even thanked me because “I got tip money thanks to BTS haha”
He said he was a fashion designer when he was young. He always tried to live with a young mind. He said BTS music was great so he listened to it and started liking it. He even caught up with the news and told me about Billboard. The best thing about this was that I could feel the sincerity in his heart. It was my first time. I didn’t know the elders would listen to our music so genuinely, then i got hope. Yes. Maybe the winter wind might not be that harsh. Things like this does happen when you live long enough.. You must stay alive to see this. Just about 30 minutes of talking to that taxi driver warms up my day. I didn’t forget him wishing me a good day when it was time to get off. That moment, more than others, I appreciated it. Thank you,driver.

ⓒ btsfc


*drops off doodles of the kiddos*

Madness is over ok yes

Well I’m gonna stop here because I have a very bad headache now haha.

I wanted to thank you guys for this evening, and apologize for the spam as well. I’ve been working non stop for months and I’ve only done a few paintings for studies, and I can’t seem to manage to draw much for myself lately so this had been a very nice stress relief. You guys are reaally funny and cute and I just loved interacting like this tonight. <3

Much kisses to you sweeties / //v// /

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*minor Zen route spoiler*

Based on my first encounter with Echo Girl. Really, trying to seduce Zen by your breast size, when his lady (aka me) already F cups? PFT, please!

I look nothing like MC, (well, except for the brown hair & eyes) but I wanted to keep her to one of the game ones. She just got my breast size, haha

Hello everybody !
These days, i have seen so many arts with Judy wearing this strange (and kinda sexy, let’s be honest) backless sweater… Well, i want to play too !
So, this is my version…
But since in my view of the character, i think she’s not the kind of mammal to wear provocating outfits like this one, i thought that this situation could be the result of a bet made with Nick.
I totally imagine Nick offering this little provocative sweat to Judy, just to taste her reaction… And tell her she will never dare to wear it, anyway. And just to bother him a bit, Judy decides to wear it on their next date.
Haha, you have been hustle, Nick. I’m not sure you will let Judy leave the house with this sweater now.

And it’s all for today !
I just wanted to draw a little thing funny for myself

Hope you will like it.

See'ya !




@markiplier was an anime?

Would you watch it?

I wanted to redraw my favorite parts from some videos of mark and one photo cause i think it would be great, btw sorry if in some parts i forget something i was very busy by the time i was doing this and this were the only ones i could finish (maybe in another time i do this again with another youtuber/ o tal vez no jojojo) but well haha, also if Mark is reading this- Hey! your videos are cool! keep doing this quality content entertainment and thanks for making my friends and me smile :D



sometimes, even the most cheerful needs to be cheered up

so!! i really wanted to draw Mabel hugging and being really affectionate to her family, and generally just cheering them up, but then i was like ‘well, if she cheers everyone else up, who’d cheer up her up?’ and the last pic was born!!

if you’ll notice, each patch of grass has different thins in them!! one has yellow dandelions, one has white ones, and one has mushrooms. and the last pic has all three of them, to symbolize the family all coming together

it’s kinda hard to tell, but Ford is kissing Mabel on the head, haha

(i really like drawing Mabel in these colors)

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This album is such a smoke & mirror by now well always tbh I always thought it's shady and now during DUNKIRK haha sure

I know right?? No one in their right mind would want an album out for him that time.

I mean… Remember his mixtape? Remember the song titles that were released? I mean by all means he can release one tomorrow and maybe none of them will be about love (however his balance of released songs says otherwise) but I still think he won’t ever want to lie about any of his songs, ever.

The junk he piled up as a response for the question about iicf was heartbreaking. His face was twitching from repeating that yeah we played it on the piano.. yeah. Instead of telling the truth.

I believe he made it perfectly clear what kind of image he wants for himself. Another Man, no winter gf, Dunkirk.

An album in the middle of a movie promo season makes no sense.

At least not until the new team is announced and the band is reunited PLUS HL are out.

Remember this ‘album’ has been in the works since 2013 and it’s still nowhere. I believe that yes, he will want to release music but not in the near future and definitely not during/ before Dunkirk.