Remember that night you played with my hair and stroked my cheek while you told me how one day you’d meet a girl and she’d be the most beautiful person you’d ever known? and that you’d love her like you’ve loved no other? With a passion you’ve never had before? I’d hoped that girl would be me. How stupid of me.
—  I’m not that girl, just a foolish one. - Unrequited

scaredy-bee  asked:

Saw an Iris Murdoch book in a used bookshop and grabbed it without even knowing which it was because i can't find her work ANYWHERE except online. Not in book stores, not in the library... Not even the interlibrary system or the local uni. It's The Good Apprentice and so far it's pretty interesting. I'm not sure how i feel about the story but i love her writing? So thanks for reccing her 24/7 i will def finish this one and look for others by her!

Yaaaaaaayyyyy. I love Iris Murdoch so much. #goals