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To the person that asked Jungkook will graduate next year. He graduated middle school during the skool luv affair era.

thanks! they were actually asking when he will graduate highschool

Hi! Do you think that TMBMIL On stage will be On sale after some months? Because I Saw That 2014 Memories Is still avalible and right Now I Cant buy them but I Want To do This in The future

I’m not but I guess as long as stocks are available it will be. Usually the DVDs don’t run out fast because it’s a bit more expensive. But that was before though.. bangtan has more fans now.

wait what did namjoon do??? is it just from a performance? why do things always happen when im asleep timezones are the worst >< 

hehe there was just a new bangtan bomb ^_^

How do you use the fancafe if you can’t read Korean?

I don’t know anon ;_; I can read a bit of korean and just use google translate sometimes. But all in all I self study reading korean so it’s practice for me too


He just got back from blood work. Not even 5 minutes after the first pic did he fall asleep. He must have worn himself out with all the crying from getting blood drawn. He wasn’t even letting anyone hold him or put him down before going so he must be really tired from that.

My poor baby… Thankfully they said he looked hydrated enough not to need an IV. Right now, they’re just checking him after feedings and checking diapers. Soon the ENT will come in and talk to me about what they want to do. So I’m impatiently waiting for them.

Just want some answers ASAP.

Monsta X Reaction: You fall asleep while he pets your hair

can you do the sleeping while Ikon pat your hair for monsta x please? thank you



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*Falls asleep with you*


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“Aish, Jagi, I wanted to show you my new rap but I guess I’ll wait till you wake up.”


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“My own sleeping beauty. I wonder if you’ll wake if I kiss you.”


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*boops your nose* “What a cutie you are.”


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*falls asleep with you but the members start being noisy* “Yah! We’re trying to sleep here!”


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“Yep a nap sounds good right now.” *sleeping beauty couple*


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*Stares at you lovingly* “My beautiful girl, sleep peacefully in my arms.”


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@toastofdestiel said: Sooo you want requests? *smirk* I was thinking about something with Fiddleford and Ford. Maybe some fluff? I don’t know, your choice!😄

Welp. *claps hands together* not sure if I should hate you or be grateful for giving me an excuse to draw this but I wasn’t gonna pass it up. it’s out in the open now!

Falling asleep on each other is fluff right?

I realize a lot of people, my family included, look down on me for living with my boyfriend unmarried but damn… Falling asleep next to him every night has been such a joy. I have never experienced such a serene, blissfull existence… Coming home to someone who is eager to hug me while giving me big, goofy heart eyes is something I shouldn’t be forced to wait for until legally bound by a tradition I may not even want to have someday. My happiness shouldn’t cost such an archaic price.

Why is it so wrong that I choose to be happy right now?


So the weirdest unsettling thing happened to me at 2am. At 2am, my friend calls me and asks me what am I doing. Mind you, he woke me up. I had fallen asleep catching up to episodes of The Vampire Diaries on Youtube. So I tell him I was asleep right before he called me. He said “you’re not asleep now” and I chuckled “yea because you woke me up” So then he asked me was I gonna go home for the weekend since our school has a snow day on a Friday. I told him I wouldn’t be able to since my friend wanted to leave right when the weather comes and I didn’t wanna put my life at risk by riding with her. So I told him I’d be on campus. So he asked if he could hang out. And I told him “no because I’m going back to sleep, and by the way, you left your sweatpants you bought from the bookstore in my room, remind me to give them to you tomorrow” and he said “no I’ll get them now” and I said “no I’m in the bed and I don’t feel like getting up” So he says “no I’m getting them right now” and I sighed heavily and said “alright well hurry up cause I’m going back to bed.”

Now I have to stop right here for a moment cause mind you, this person is considered a male friend. Me, him, and our other female friend hang out together on a daily basis. So at this point I didn’t think anything of it. He comes and knocks on my door. I’m naked on the other end so I get up and tell him to hold on a sec. I grab my towel and wrap it around me, pick up the bag with his sweatpants in it, I unlock and open my door extend my arm out around the opening of the door, and as he takes it from me, I say “alright I’ll see you tomorrow, goodnight.” He’s blocking me from closing the door by putting the bag in between the door. He then says “you’re going to sleep?” I say “yea it’s 2 in the morning” He says “why are you going to sleep why don’t you come out?” and then I say “because i wanna go to bed that’s why” so I’m struggling to close the door and he’s pushing the door open as I’m trying to push it closed. He asks me “what are you doing?” and I said “goodnight ricardo, goodnight” I shut the door but I can tell it’s not closed all the way because I can still see part of the plastic bag with his sweatpants in it still hanging out on my end of the door. I try to lock the door but he has his hand on the knob so I wasn’t able to lock the door properly. At this point he keeps saying my name telling me to open the door and come outside. But if I say I don’t wanna do something, it means I don’t wanna do it. We struggled for the door some more and then I open the door, reached around to his end, pry his hand off the door knob, and I finally lock my door properly. He’s still standing on the other side of the door calling my name. I quietly scramble to my dresser to fully put clothes on. And he’s still knocking on my door, saying my name. He even called me a few times and I kept declining the call. He stopped saying my name but I could still see he was standing on the other side of the door still because I could see his shadow from beneath the door. So I called campus security and whispered to them about the incident. I’m also planning on filing a complaint.

EXO React when they hear about you sad past [warning:trigger]

So this request can bring sad memories or be difficult for some people. If you had a sad past, troubles or so and you could feel hurt, offended, etc please don’t continue. I wanted to write this to support the girl who sent this, so please don’t misunderstand.

Admin A~

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It’s early summer and all the windows are open, inviting a gentle breeze to sweep through the room. Hide is laying on his back and Kaneki is draped over him with his cheek pressing against Hide’s chest, their legs tangled together. Hide stares down at Kaneki, running a hand through his hair to ruffle it even more so, hearing a quiet huff in response, yet he stays asleep. Running his fingers up and down Kaneki’s spine, Hide decides to allow his eyes to slide shut as well, a happy and content smile gently lifting the corners of his lips.

My arms were wrapped around her bare stomach, my head resting on her shoulder, staring at the same closet door. Not a word was spoken for a good hour. Without turning her head she said, “It scares me. At the end of the day, none of this is going to matter. The universe is forever getting bigger, and we are just stuck down here only getting smaller.” I knew right then. With tears in my eyes, I kissed her boney shoulder and neck as many times as I could because I knew this would probably be the last time I would be able to. I didn’t want to fall asleep, but the 4AM darkness finally covered up my eyes. I woke up about 4 hours later. My arms now wrapped around thin air, my head now resting on my pillow. I walked over to my front door. It was slightly cracked and there was a note hanging on it. It read: “I will always love you.”