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Do you love yourself?

Yes. Oh how I want to say yes.

Because, well, when someone says something mean, it doesn’t take me all day to get over it anymore.

And when I do something clumsy, or say something stupid, I laugh because I know I’ll never be defined by a single action, a single mistake. I laugh because sometimes it’s healthy to laugh at yourself.

I want to say yes, I do love myself.

Because, well, when I look in the mirror I no longer have the urge to cry.

Because sometimes - most of the time, when I have negative thoughts, I am able to counteract them.

I want to say yes. I really do.

But then I remember last Friday, when I wasn’t so kind to myself. I remember the things I said. I remember the way I was deliberately cruel.

I want to say yes.

But then I remember the fact that I still have this thought at the back of my mind that I will never be intelligent enough to achieve everything that I want to achieve, that I will never fulfil my purpose in life, that I will never be enough of this or that I will always be too much of that. I remember and then I feel a little sick.

If you asked me for a black and white answer for whether I loved myself, I’d say yes. Because I do love myself a whole lot more than I did a year ago.

The truth is yes, sure, I love myself. But that doesn’t mean I always like the way I am. And yes, okay, I love myself, but that doesn’t mean I always treat myself right.

And yes, yes of course I love myself, but sometimes we do destructive things in the name of love, and sometimes we don’t treat our loved ones well and sometimes we hurt them because we are only human and here’s the only certain part of this whole reply: I am only human. I am only human.

Backseat Punishment (MATURE)

Watching Justin subtly from the passenger seat, I noticed the way his jaw clenched, for no reason at all, at random times and the way his fingers tapped on the steering wheel to the beat of the music playing on the radio. My eyes rested on his fingers for a longer period of time.

I sighed, but he didn’t falter. We’d been on the road for a good few hours now and I was only just starting to become bored. How he’d managed to sit there for so long was beyond me; I was able to move and distract myself, all he had to do was look at the road.

I thought about how many times his fingers had pleasured me, and how many times he’d pleasured me and I found myself wanting him.

Once again, I sighed. This time he turned his attention from the long road ahead to me. He took a hold of my hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze while he smiled at me. My heart fluttered, but I still felt the arising feeling of arousing building in my stomach.

I took my hand out of his hold so that I could trail my fingers up and down his arm. I felt him shake just a little. “Hmm.” His eyes shuddered closed before he snapped back and focused on the road.

I moved closer to him so that I could press my lips against his arm where I’d previously touched him with my fingers, loving the warmth of his skin on any part of my body. I continued to leave wet kisses anywhere that I could reach.

“Babe, you’re distracting me.” He chuckled softly, retrieving his arm from my lips. I giggled under my breath; he had no idea how much more distracting I could be. And I was prepared to show him.

I placed my tongue on his upper arm, letting it leave a wet trail up to his shoulder. He let out a soft moan. “I love it when you touch me babygirl, but you can’t right now.” He tried to pry me away from him with his free hand while the other made sure he was steering properly. He moved my head with the palm of his hand, I moved away.

I noticed he let out some sort of sigh of relief when I stopped touching him, but I let it go.

It wasn’t long before I was internally yearning for his touch again, wanting to feel the increasing speed of his heart and shortening of his breath when my skin was on his own.

I wanted him in that moment, I wanted us to be close and restricted as he took me right here. Slowly, my hand moved from my lap to his thigh. I slid it up and down the jeans that covered his body. After doing this for approximately thirty seconds, I saw that goosebumps were beginning to form on his arms.

He took in a deep breath, seeming to not pay attention to me or at least trying to not give in to me.

I rested my palm on his thigh now, moving up dangerously close to his cock. My fingers pressed into his inner thigh. “[Y/N], stop.” That was all he said. And he said it in the least kindest say possible, sending shivers down my spine. I didn’t stop.

I let my hands trail round the bend of his jeans, almost so that I was cupping him. But the material of his jeans made it so that I was only really brushing against him. He let out a gruff groan, making me smirk.

“What the fuck are you doing? You can’t tease me now, baby. Stop.” He warned me, but I didn’t listen. Simply because I was in love with the way he became flustered and worried but also annoyed and impatient.

“What? I’m just expressing my love for my boyfriend.” I shrugged, grinning subtly.

“Well you can gladly do it when we get home by sucking my cock. Not when I’m driving.” He seemed to attempt to make himself sound strong, but I was sure it was almost a childish whine.

Or, I could do it now.” Giggling, I teased him by fiddling with the zip of his trousers.

He instantly interrupted me, slapping my hand away. “[Y/N]. No. Stop.” He insisted, but I knew a part of him wanted it. I struggled to undo the button of his jeans with one hand but when I did, he instantly gripped my hand. “You’re fully aware we have to get home on time because of my parents coming over, but if you don’t stop now, I won’t hesitate to pull over and teach you a lesson.” He turned his head to look at me for a moment before throwing my hand into my lap.

“So, what would you do if I did this?” He turned to look at me, confused. I leaned over and grabbed his length through his boxers that were now exposed to me. He choked on the air, jerking his body forward. The car swerved only slightly.

He didn’t speak. His jaw clenched. He pulled over to the shoulder of the road, turning the engine off. We sat in silence for a few seconds, he rested his arms on the steering wheel. “Get in the back.” He didn’t look at me, or seem to look as though he was acknowledging me but he spoke to me.

“What?” I bit the inside of my cheek, staring at the side of his face.

He sighed. “Do as you’re told, [Y/N]. Get in the back and get undressed. Now.” He didn’t move. He just sat and waited and I felt the excitement build up in my stomach.

I crouched and climbed into the back seat. I looked out window and saw all the cars passing by. “I don’t hear any movement. Strip.” He rested his arm on the side of the car, scratching the side of his face casually, just looking like he was waiting patiently for something.

Slowly, I pulled my shirt over my head, throwing it down on the seat next to me. I did the same with my jeans, leaving me in just my underwear. Reaching behind me, I unclasped my bra, pulling my arms through and letting it fall in the pile next to me.

I noticed Justin glancing in the rear view mirror at me, his eyes burning. I watched him as he unbuckled his seatbelt and proceeded to climb out of the car.

My eyes didn’t leave him as he opened the door next to me. “Move up.” I did, and he climbed in beside me.

I sat not knowing what was about to happen; it was all so unpredictable. “Now, my goal is, is to make you see that teasing me while I’m driving,” He ran a hand across my nipple. “is a childish game that makes me very, very angry at you.” He began tweaking it, making me gasp. “And do you know what I love to do when I’m angry?” He awaited an answer but I shook my head vigorously. Moving closer, his lips were near my ear. “I absolutely love to take it out on you.” He nibbled my ear afterwards, I was close to letting out a moan.

“Lay on your back.” He slapped my thigh gently. I laid down and looked at him innocently. He groaned softly. “You fuck me up in more ways than I care for.” He muttered, his hand trailed up and down my stomach making me push up into his touch.

I wanted nothing more than for him to take me right that second but I knew I wasn’t going to get it. “Let’s see how wet you are for me.” His long fingers hooked into my underwear, pulling them down my legs.

His fingers instantly pressed at my entrance. Pushing inside of me slowly, he made eye contact with me. When he pulled out, his two fingers glistened with my juices slightly. He didn’t hesitate to slide his fingers into his mouth, tasting me. His eyes didn’t leave mine. “You taste so fucking good, but I know you could be wetter than that.”

He knelt down on the floor, pulling my body round so that I was sat in the seat normally, my legs open wide. I adored the way his hands pressed into my inner thighs, keeping them open.

I watched as his tongue pressed down on my clit. “Oh,” He let it move freely over my sensitive area, hitting all the spots I needed. I wanted to press my hips against his face but due to his hands keeping my legs up, I couldn’t move my hips properly.

His face got closer so that he was using his mouth now, rather than just his tongue, it caused me to moan loudly in surprise. I loved the feeling of his hums vibrating against my clit, I wanted the feeling to last forever. “K-Keep humming like that.” Then he stopped doing it, making me whine.

He detached his lips for a moment. “This is a punishment, remember.” He slapped my thigh before returning his lips to my clit, making my stomach flip. I wanted to grab his hair but thanks to it being newly cut, I had to grip the edge of the seat instead.

His mouth opened and closed as he worked on my clit, his head bobbed every now and then. I felt his fingers spreading me so that he could reach deeper parts of me. “Oh my God, Justin!” I felt myself at my peak. He knew what he was doing when it came to this.

I let out what could only be described as I growl when he took his lips away once more, but this time, for good. He pumped his fingers into me a few times before pulling them out.

“Now it’s time for your punishment.” He moved up my body and left kisses on my neck.

He pulled away to take off his clothes. He must have been getting hot because the centre of his cheeks were turning a light shade of pink. He looked cute.

Once he was left in just his boxers, he wasn’t hesitant to pull them down and let his now hard cock be released for my eyes. I bit my lip.

“Get on your hands and knees.” When I did, he rested his hands at either one of my hips as he kneeled behind me. “Okay, now I’m going to fuck you hard and I’m going to fuck you good. And you’re going to understand that pulling dumb shit like that gets you punished.” My skin tingled for him. I nodded so that he would hurry up and fuck me. My back arched.

He positioned himself at my entrance, wasting no time as he slammed into me. “Oh fuck.” My hands instantly gripped into the material of the car seats. Looking out of the window, it excited me to know anyone could see us as they passed.

He didn’t go slow and he showed no signs of ever going slow as he pounded in and out of me continuously. “You’re so fucking tight around me,” He moaned. “Moan for me. See all those people driving by? Let them know how good you’re being fucked right now.” I loved when he got worked up like this, I’d happily voice my pleasure for him.

“Justin! Oh, shit. It feels so good.” I panted while he groaned. As best as I could I pushed my ass back against his dick, making us both feel the more intense pleasure.

“Just know, if we’re late home, we’ll have to explain to my parents that it’s because you were a horny little brat that couldn’t control herself. I’m sure my mom would love to hear that story, dont you?” He slapped my ass, and again, and again. I cried out each time. The way he grunted made me sure he loved my reaction.

“Hmm. Baby.” I felt myself wanting release already, but I held on. I felt slight pain from the force he was using behind his thrusts, but it mixed with the pleasure I was feeling from his cock rubbing against my walls.

He took a hold of my hair that was flowing over my shoulders, pulling my head back. “Maybe this’ll teach you to behave. What do you think, babygirl?” He’d caught a rhythm with his hips and he worked it perfectly.

I nodded the best I could with his hand in my hair. “Mhm.” In all honesty, I too busy focusing on all the pleasure I was feeling to be able to fully understand what he’d said.

“I think you’re just my little play toy that I get to fuck and make a mess of whenever I feel like it. And I know you love it. You love punished and used like this.” He grunted into the air.

Our moans and screams were only for us to hear and they vanished into the air, only followed by more. We were perfect together like this; we knew each other this way.

“I’m there, fuck. Cum with me. If you’re not there, get there. And if you’re right on that edge, hold it. Don’t you dare cum without me. I don’t wanna have to punish you twice in one day.” He ordered me, only bringing me closer to that feeling so intense my vision goes blurry.

“Oh! Oh my God, Justin. C-Can I cum? Please, oh please. Let me cum.” I breathed heavily, trying not to let go but the feeling was so intense in my stomach.

“Oh, f-fuck.” He shook, and his thrusts became sloppy. “Cum. Cum now. Cum with me, slut.” The degradation in his words was enough to throw me off.

While the cars passed on the main road, Justin and I came together. Justin left slaps on my ass, only intensifying my orgasm. Our sounds of pleasure mixed together as did our bodies in that moment. I collapsed only seconds before Justin did.

He pulled out of me and brought our sweaty bodies together as he pulled me against his chest. His thumb rubbed the skin on my stomach. “I love you,” he whispered into my ear. “you’re so beautiful.” He left a kiss on the back of my neck before letting me go. I smiled.

shadowhunters on vine:

-clary is the first to get it and she mainly uses it to show her drawing at an increased speed
- she also posts the occasional vine of izzy training with the heart eyes emoji as the caption
- she shows her account to izzy on their six month anniversary because clary had drawn a picture of izzy and she wanted to see the process

-izzy gets it afterwards, wanting to be able to support clary
- she has one series where it’s just her filming clary talking in her sleep
- another where she bursts into any room where alec is and points the camera at an object or person near him, exclaiming loudly ‘i cant believe you’re cheating on magnus!’
- one time the person was magnus

-magnus gets it so he can watch all the vines of alec, I mean can you blame him, one time was right after alec had come out of the shower
- magnus makes a series where he, izzy and clary do dubsmashes and lip sync videos
- another one where he tells people tips and tricks about fashion and makeup
- he makes vines of alec being domestic and cute without him knowing

-alec finds out when, after a meeting, two shadowhunters come up to him and ask ‘is this you?’ while a vine of alec making silly faces at a baby in a stroller as they walk down the street plays
- he decides to get it with the intention of revenge
- he ends up taking random videos of magnus doing literally anything and captioning it with the sappiest things: ‘he’s so beautiful’, 'so lucky to have him’
- he makes one where he films everyone watching a movie during a sex scene and covers izzy’s eyes
- 'you’re too innocent!’ 'fuck off, alec!’ 'oh she’s definitely not innocent’ 'tmi fray’

-turns out, luke was actually the first person to get vine and he has over 50k followers
- his most popular series is him making bad dad jokes
- second popular is him bringing in random animals into the institute and filming people’s reactions (he uses magnus’ magic to help out with this)
- 'why the fUCK is there an elephant in here’ 'i guess you could say there’s an elephant in the room, jace’

-jace uses his vine account to stalk the couples and make everything into a competition
- 'ooh you bought izzy flowers, clary? step up your game, raphael already did that for simon last week’
- he has a series where he makes bro jokes to alec 'is your hand heavy bro?’ 'no’ 'then let me hold it for you bro’ 'fine’

-simon gets it after he’s turned into a vampire
- for one of his series he gets clary to film him running at luke when he’s holding something and yelling 'catch me’ before jumping into his arms
- simon has had to pay for multiple broken mugs
- sometimes he films raphael sleeping while simon rearranges his limbs in different positions
- raphael isn’t actually sleeping but he doesn’t want to ruin his boyfriends fun

-raphael is persuaded to get vine by magnus and they end up filming themselves doing ridiculous dares
- later on he makes a series where he tries to teach simon spanish and rewards him with kisses
- he makes another one where he films magnus jumping onto alecs back at random times and climbing onto his shoulders while alec struggles to keep his balance

-even lydia joins in on the fun, she makes an account after jace films himself scaring her and he gets a bleeding nose for his trouble
- she makes a series where she films maureen and plays 'crazy in love’ and maureen has to stop what she’s doing and sing to lydia
- 'babe im in the middle of cooking dinner for you and it will burn- god damn it’


You know the #stylechallenge that took the internet by storm? 

Want to see yourself in your favorite cartoon/anime show style but can’t necessarily draw it? You’re in luck because I love to do that sort of thing (plus it’s kinda sorta my “thing” to be able to draw in other styles professionally).With a selfie (well lit and shows all the necessary details) I can turn you into any style you so desire.

*The last two works are just examples of my range.

Place your order here. Only 15 slots for this commission type is available:

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*You might have also noticed that this was originally offered on fiverr. I decided to cut the middle man (why did I even bother lol?) and you can just fill out a submission form (with no sign-up) through the updated link.

Since I’m not doing it through fiverr anymore, I will handle this commission like I do my freelance gigs through my website: signing of a digital contract that details the entire scope of the work so that we’re both accountable. That way you’re not worried about me dropping off the face of the planet with your order and you’re satisfied with your art and I’m not worried about not getting paid properly and on time (I send invoices that you can pay electronically through paypal or card info).

I have a MASSIVE bill coming on the first of next month so this and the Comic-fy Yourself commissions will help me pay it! Please reblog to help a black female artist pay her bills on time :’D


As we all know, we never stop growing as an individual. All of us go through situations that teach us lessons and sometimes we wouldn’t have been able to learn them if we didn’t learn from our own experiences. I have came to realization that I have so much I need to work on as an individual and my problem was not being able to do so, unless I did it on my own. I am finally capable of accepting myself for who I am and loving life for what it is. If there is any time for me to grow as an individual I feel like now is the time to do so.

Without Lexie… I would not have been able to see life from the perspective I see it from now. She has taught me so much, as my best friend and as my girlfriend. Unfortunately though, Lexie and I are no longer together.

I love Lexie with everything in me, so I don’t want anymore anons telling me I was stupid for letting her go and how much I’ve hurt her. I never would intentionally hurt her. I KNOW she was the best girlfriend in the world. I KNOW that no one will compare to her. I just feel this decision is what is best for me.

I’m sorry if I have let some of you down. I’ve been getting so many anons about doubting your relationships because ours didn’t work out, but I want you all to know there is no need to doubt yours because you have been following what we have been posting on social media. Everyone has a different situation. Lexie and I did not go through a bad break up, we don’t hate eachother, and I still love her. Maybe the timing was just wrong. If we are meant to be, we will find our way back to each other. For now, we will keep our distance until we heal, but she will forever be my best friend.

Please don’t harass us with too many questions about this. I know she and I are both hurting and it would be nice to let things go with the flow until it’s not such a touchy subject.

I love you guys

(Lexie… when you see this just know, I love you a lottle forever and always 💖 xoxo)

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Hi, can I please get some J. Daniel Atlas dating would include/kissing would be like headcanons? If you could, I'd be eternally grateful⭐️


Dating J. Daniel Atlas Would Include

  • Danny insisting on doing things with you, if they seem dangerous. 
    • Won’t admit straightforward that he’s afraid of something happening to you.
      • But that is the case.
      • And he’s persistent.
        • If he doesn’t go with you, he’ll stay up until you’re home and safe.
  • Being really good friends with the rest of the Horsemen.
    • Merritt teases a lot. Makes suggestions.
      • Jack’s been teaching you how to imitate other people’s voices. You want to be able to do Danny’s voice.
      • Henley keeps an eye(haha pun) out on your relationship with Danny because she knows how he is, and she doesn’t want to see you hurt.
        • They’ve basically become your family.
  • Danny being very insecure about his relationship with you.
    • He’s never seen himself as charming, and most people only think the perceiving nature of his Magic is the most attractive quality he has.
      • This contradicts against his cocky nature. He knows he smart, and thus, he uses that against people rather than attractive appearance.
    • He’d never admit that he’s insecure, but he does lash out in ways that make you second guess.
      • Especially when you hang out with Jack, and he suspects Jack of flirting with you.
    • Very solemn when you ask him what’s up. Danny isn’t one for talking out his feelings, and never has been.
    • You can usually ask Merritt for help though. He’s exceptional at reading people, especially Danny.

  • Either really slow kisses or really fast kisses.
    • Danny prefers fast kisses.
    • Like, when you decide to chatter at moments where it’s not needed. BOOP! He’ll give you a little kiss to shush you.
    • Vice versa. if you need to shush him, you use kisses.
    • Really slow kisses usually in the morning or before he leaves to do another show.
      • Cupping his cheeks and smiling against his lips.
    • Kisses on the knuckles when he sees you after doing a show.
    • A lot of kisses on the fingertips and forehead.
  • Danny wondering where all his dress shirts are going off to.
    • You’ve been taking them.
  • Getting used to his cocky nature.
    • Not really.
      • It still gets you flustered sometimes.
  • Intense staring contests from across the room.
    • Usually happens when he catches eyes with you unexpectedly, and tries to hold your gaze for as long as possible.
      • Gives you a his cocky little grin.
  • A lot of pranks, going both ways.
    • His are usually magic tricks.
      • yours are just straight on pranks.
  • Not an absurd amount of PDA.
    • Not a whole lot of lovey dovey sort of stuff, the most he does is hold your hand, maybe a small kiss here or there.
    • Danny isn’t into that, though he does get rather possessive.
      • Hence, if he sees someone looking at you, he’d wrap his arm around A)Your shoulder, or B) your waist and pull you closer with a rather distasteful look towards whom ever was checking you out.
    • You’ve gotten used to it, and you realize that it’s something he’s not necessarily comfortable with.
      • “there’s no need to flaunt something that’s only ours. I know I’m yours and you know you’re mine, why can’t we just leave it at that? People don’t need to see my tongue down your throat all the time.”
  • Danny loves it when you sleep on his chest.
    • Whether it’s while you’re watching TV, or he feels you do it in the middle of the night.
      • Makes him feel secure and loved.
      • He picks up your hand when this happens and just traces your fingers and admires how they fit perfectly with his own.
  • Understanding how important The Eye is to him and supporting him through rough times.
    • Knowing that you can’t go with him everywhere, and understanding that you may not see him for weeks.
    • The best that you can do is support his goals and dreams, and for that, Danny is thankful he has you.

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Sorry to bother you but what are your pronouns? I don't want to ness up

I’M UN-BOTHER-ABLE!! For the longest time I’ve said that I have no preference, but I’m considering giving they/them a test drive. Don’t worry too much about bothering someone when you’re doing something as considerate as asking for someone’s preferred pronouns. 😊


Dongwoon (Instagram): Greetings

BEAST’s promotions have ended. It’s a pity that compared to the long time you waited, the promotion period was short. I sincerely want to give my thanks to B2utys who gave their endless support and love so that we could do the music and stages that we want, as much as we want. I am grateful and feel a sense of responsibility by the fact that there is someone I need to protect in a situation where we could be swept away by many complex issues. There are times when I can’t get a grasp of what I should do or times when I get confused, but through this promotion period, I feel like we were able to figure out the direction we have to go in. During these three weeks, there was not a moment when I was not happy. Until the day we meet again, I will return as your maknae who has grown in both body and mind. Bye 👉 ❤

Dongwoon (Twitter): B2utys, you’ve worked hard. Let’s get some rest today 😊

Doojoon (Twitter): Thank you. Thanks to you all I was very happy-!! I will work hard so that this happiness lasts a long, long time. Thank you!!!

Gikwang (Instagram): Trying to act lethal…. Keke. Thanks to B2utys, I was able to do these promotions diligently and enjoyably. Thank you so, so much and to all those who suffered through the heat for BEAST thank you so much and thank you again. Be careful of the heat and have an enjoyable weekend!!!!!!

Yoseob (Twitter): We finished the last broadcast well! Thank you to everyone who cheered us on. To the many reporters who wrote us nice articles, all the broadcast production staff who suffered while sweating in order to make a good broadcast, all of the staff and more, everyone, thank you!

Junhyung (Instagram): I spent these 3 weeks very happily while smiling like this. There were many things that were a pity and were unfortunate, but the fact that we were together and that we’ve stayed the same is something I’m very thankful for. I don’t know what’s better or what’s good, but I will grow more, make something good and return quickly. I love you 🙏 I’m sorry for stealing the picture 😂

New OC Angel Cake!!!!

With a a lot of help from @alpinesquid, @inklingleesquidly, and @inkitama I was able to make my first Octoling oc!

Angel Cake -

  • Blue Ringed Octopus
  • Works part time at an Old folks home and a children’s hospital
  • carries around an antidote/medicine just in case someone touches her rings
  • wears a plastic bag/beanie to cover up her head
  • Just wants to help people but end up making things worse somehow
  • Loves children
  • Wants to participate in Turf Wars but doesn’t do to race issues w/ Inklings
  • Around 20-ish
  • LV: 1
  • Rank: 0
  • Wants to make the world a better place

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Faking It ( Laurens X Reader )

Okay, I’m so sorry for not posting anything all day long. When I was finishing this, my mom called me and told me to call my aunt because she needed to go the hospital, and I haven’t been able to touch my computer ever since. I was intending on posting the request with Laf today but I had no time to write it and I’m so sorry. I’m probably getting it done tomorrow morning, but, as I’m travelling back home, I’ll only post it by the end of the afternoon or such. I will try and write and post two imagines tomorrow, as I most probably won’t be able to do a thing on Tuesday (stuff to solve downtown with dad) so ye.

Anyways. Off with the rambling. I found this prompt somewhere and I absolutely loved writing it. It is on the prompt list I posted yesterday and if you want to see any other character on it I’ll gladly write it. Really, fake boyf/girlf is what I live for. I hope you like it!

Word Count: (I’M SORRY IT’S THIS HUGE) 3.265

Warnings: language.

Laurens woke up to his phone beeping beside his bed, trying to reach it as his eyes were still closed. What the fuck? I thought I’d put you on do not disturb mode., he thinks, finally laying his hand on it. When he looked at the screen, his sight still sort of blurry from sleeping, he realized it wasn’t his phone, but, yes, his roommate’s. He rolled his eyes. Of course Alexander forgot to turn off his phone, that guy could sleep through anything.

He sat up, deciding that, if he was already awaken, he should get up at once. Laurens headed first to the bathroom he shared with Alexander, taking a quick hot shower. As soon as he got off, he shook his head until his hair was less soaked. He quickly tied it up into a ponytail, and, after putting some clothes on, took his phone and walked up to the balcony that divided the chamber into a kitchen and a living room.

Despite his phone not having beeped, there were some notifications, mainly from Lafayette and Hercules. The two were ranting about some girl Lafayette had taken to his house last night, and you chuckled. Yeah, I’ll read those later., he thought, scrolling through the tab. Twitter badges, snapchats, vines. He just ignored most of it, until he saw something that caught his eye.

Keep reading

You can’t wait until the “ideal” circumstance or time. Sometimes, you have to go for it. Stop waiting. It’s unlikely the perfect conditions you want will ever came. You have to go after what is put in your heart to do. You have this life now to live. You can accomplish a lot -regardless of what isn’t the way you’d wish- you are able and depending on things outside your control won’t get you anywhere. You take steps. You move forward. You, go and get after life. Seize the day. Today. 

Hey All

I just want to let you know I’m currently in the process of trying to riddle out how I’m going to do Gender Fluid in this game. If all goes well, then we will have it in the game with the ability to pick your pronouns should work.

I do want to say though, and pass along my apologies before hand. If I’m not able to figure out how to do it in the program then I will have to cut it out completely, though the ability to pick your pronouns will still be a thing. 

I’m sorry if this causes any sort of inconvenience with anyone and I’m also truly sorry about the possibility that we will have to cut the Gender Fluid option out of the game. 


philliosaurusphangirl asked:

I’m sorry for sending a bunch of asks, but how can I write main AND background characters so that the readers fall in love and root for them? I always love when I absolutely fall in love with a character, and I want to be able to write characters in a way that my readers will love my characters. And how do I write a character that everyone’s suppose to hate without it being cliche?

It’s okay. That’s what I’m here for, after all. :)

Readers tend to fall in love with characters who are complex and well developed, so what you’re really looking to do is to completely flesh out your main characters, giving them interesting backgrounds, compelling personalities, strengths and flaws, internal and external goals, and complicated relationships with other characters. With background characters, you don’t have as much time to go into such detail, so you really want to choose big and endearing details. Lee Jordan from the Harry Potter series is a great example. Although he wasn’t a main character, he was still an integral part of the Hogwarts family. He was the boy with dreadlocks, the sometimes overly passionate quidditch commentator, pet tarantula owner, and good friends with the Weasley twins. Even if he didn’t get a lot of page time, these were details that made him memorable none-the-less. You can read more about character development in my post master list. (Link down below.)

As stated in my ask rules, I don’t answer questions about cliches. If there are cliches associated with something you want to write, it’s your job as the writer to learn what they are and figure out how to avoid them. Once you know what cliches to avoid, you can avoid them by simply not doing them or finding a way to do them differently. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

[text] HEY so Max’s birthday is comin up I wanted to do something but I’m out of ideas and have no job right now lol so I thought you might be able to help ???
[text] Mostly because of the ideas thing
[text] Not the money thing
[text] It’s Willow btw 
[text] I snuck ur number

pielover1967  asked:

Hello :) How do I show that two characters are attracted to eachother without being too obvious? The story I'm writing isn't a romance, but I want there to be a spark between them and I'm having trouble not overdoing or underdoing it. Thanks!

Hello, I found somethings that may be able to help:

1. Simple glances and side looks say a lot. Just like in real life, occasionally you catch someone looking at the person they like when they aren’t looking or they’ll stare at them when they talk. Have your character look across the room at the other and have someone tell them to focus. Have one of them catch the other staring. 

2. Doing little things or remembering small things that other’s don’t. Remembering their favourite candy or their favourite thing about their cousin. Bringing them a snack because they know they work the night shift and always forget. Giving them their extra blanket because, ‘bullshit you’re not cold, I heard your teeth clattering from across the room. I will set you on fire if I have to.” 

3. Personal space? What personal Space? Have you ever noticed that two people you think are going to date, have no perception of personal space. They sit closer, they touch more, they lean into each other subconsciously. Do this with your characters. 

4. Other people can pick up on it. Like back in middle school when people would yell “get a room” or things as such. They could say that so and so as been staring a lot and the other doesn’t notice. Someone could mention that they’ve been getting closer. They could make suggestive comments or give suggestive looks. 

5. Not noticing flaws. It’s a common thing to ignore someones flaws when you like them. Someone could mention how one of two talks too much and the other one doesn’t notices. 

6. Have them think about the other. When there’s danger or conflict, they instantly think, ‘how can I keep them safe’ ‘where are they’. When they see something the other would like, they mention it ‘I should tell so-and-so that joke, she needs a laugh. 

7. Noticing things no one else does. ‘Does anyone have small enough hands to reach this?” “So-and-so does.” “I like your shirt, it’s the same color as so-and-so’s eyes.” “I can’t quite reach it.” “So-and-so could, I wish they were there.” 

I’m sure there’s more things that you could do. These might not be what you’re looking for or might be too much. But I hope this helps and good luck!

I’ve been feeling really shitty recently because I haven’t felt like I’ve been able to rep at all so and I don’t always feel like I’m doing a good job at that so I just want all my followers, mutual, everyone to know:

hey fellow nonbinary girls, boys, and people. good job, you’re doing great. you look exactly how a non binary person is supposed to look. you’re valid if you’re not pale and skinny with a colorful undercut. your dark skin is just as valid. your thin brows are shaped right. you’re not too short or too tall. if you wear a binder that’s perfectly fine. wearing a bra or padding on your chest or hips is also accurate to a nb person.

and to my fellow trans boys, your long hair is still boys hair. if you wear lipstick and eyeliner that’s the correct way to be a boy. if you wear gym shorts and sports tee shirts and jerseys, that’s the correct way to be a boy. if you like wearing bikinis tops and bottoms, that’s a boys swimsuit because you own it. your favorite dress is a boys dress because it belongs to you and you are a boy. and if you wear shorts and polos that’s correct too. you’re handsome, you’re beautiful and cute, you’re doing it right.

and trans girls. you’re a girl even if you’re not skinny. you’re a girl even if you’re big boned and have broad shoulders. you’re a girl if you have large muscles. you’re a girl if you’re lean muscle and lanky. you have the perfect girl’s body. your voice is the perfect regardless of its pitch. you’re wearing the right clothes, I pinky promise. you don’t need to wear makeup, or have stereotypically “feminine” clothing to be a girl, you already are a girl!

hey my agender friends. nice! don’t pay attention to those people who say you’re a girl or boy that day because you’re wearing what society sees as masculine or feminine clothing. wear that crop top because that’s clothing for an agender person. so are those 4 inch gold glittered high heels. and so are boxer and bras and so are jeans and shorts.

genderfluid people. you can use whatever pronouns you want anytime. you can switch pronouns when your gender starts to change. you can keep the same ones regardless of the gender you feel at the moment. your clothes don’t have to “designate” the gender you feel that day. some genderfluid people “feel cis” if their gender changes to the one were told they were at birth. and that’s okay.

you are a girl
you are a boy
you are nonbinary
you are agender
you are genderfluid

you’re doing your gender absolutely the right way. I’d you feel multiple genders at once you’re amazing. if you have no gender that’s valid no matter what. you’re doing great. you are representing your gender exactly as you should. you’re representation is amazing and perfect for you.
if you prefer stereotyped activities,
if you go to pride events or if you don’t
if you want top surgery or don’t
if you’re Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist
if you’re Columbian, Japanese, Canadian, Indian, Native American
if you’re gay, straight, bi, pan, ace

you’re valid.

when people mess up your pronouns you’re vaild. you’re even valid if you mess up your own pronouns. you’re valid even if someone’s never heard of your pronouns.

you’re not “basically straight” if you’re a gay trans boy or girl. you’re not “actually gay” if you’re a straight trans boy or girl. nonbinary bi kids are still bi. I know there’s the whole “sga” going around, but listen. you’re in charge or your orientation and, even if it’s fluid, it’s right, you’re right. if you’ve got a squish on someone or a crush. if you’re in a romantic relationship or a queer platonic one, you’re doing it right.

you’re valid if your gender or sexual orientation comes from your depression or your BPD or your ASD or a traumatic experience. it’s all valid no matter what.

you’re. I’m just.
I’m so proud of you. you’re all so cute and good. you’re doing good. more than good. you’re just doing so great.
you’re doing your gender right. it’s correct.
you are presenting the right way.
your way of being your gender will be different from someone else and that’s good too. I’m so happy for you. because you’re good, you’re brilliant and reverent and. you give me hope and courage to be me. I hope I can do the same for you.

anonymous asked:

I'm currently in maintenance but I'm really really struggling with letting myself enjoy less ideal foods (like pasta with Alfredo sauce, ice cream, pizza, etc) in moderation. Every time I do I end up feeling so guilty and worried that it'll mess up everything I've worked so hard for along with the few places that I'd still like to trim down in (mostly stomach area). I want to be able to enjoy food again and enjoy the occasions where I do eat things like this... Any advice?

Hey dear!

A lot of people talk about the “80/20 rule”. Essentially the idea behind this is that you exercise and eat healthy 80% of the time, but allow yourself you indulge and binge watch netflix 20% of the time. 

Personally, I don’t follow this, but I don’t think it is a bad idea. For me, eating healthy was a struggle for such a long time. This was partly due to the fact that I saw food as “that will make me fat” or “that will help me lose weight”. This lead me to be constantly thinking about food, which meant I was constantly craving food - and usually not the healthy kind. 

What finally helped me was to sit down and get real about what food really is: fuel for our bodies. When I did this I realized that there are things I really didn’t need to be putting into my body, such as refined sugar. At first this was hard for me to get over because I really do have a sweet tooth. But since I’ve been off of it, I really have been noticing positive changes in my energy and just how I feel each day, and this change hasn’t even been that hard for me because thinking about how it influences my weight isn’t even part of the question.

Now I know this is kind of long and maybe a bit like “what the heck is she going on about?” but, my point is this: healthy living is a lifestyle, it is not a temporary thing. Make changes that can last a lifetime. Sit down and really think about how you can make this journey suit how you want to live your life. Maybe this means enjoying these foods on weekends, maybe it means making healthier alternatives of them, or maybe it means giving them up all together. There is no wrong answer to this. It’s whatever works for you.