• What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Wonder Woman was incredible and so so important. Eating breakfast? Time to talk about Wonder Woman. Getting the mail? Time to talk about Wonder Woman. In an important meeting? Time to talk about Wonder Woman. Showing women who value their own physical strength and power is so so important and will give girls a healthy way to view themselves and their bodies. Your thighs are big? Hell yeah, you can crush a man's skull, honey! And showing that you can be kind, loving, feminine, and a leader and fighter at the same time is so so important. The entire beginning in Themyscira was also so incredible and I want every frame of it tattooed on my face. Woman looking up to women? Yes, please! Women teaching other women? Yes, please! Women caring for and supporting other women? Hell yeah here I am! I am also in love with Diana

The execution scene was especially important to Natalie: “By the end of the season, when I’m standing on that scaffold,” she told Michael, “I hope you write it the way it should be. And I want the effect of that scene to remain with viewers for the length of the series.

[…] Anne’s resigned, contained anguish did not have to be forced, because by then, Natalie was herself in mourning for the character:
“As I was saying the lines, I got the feeling I was saying good-bye to a character. And when it was over I grieved for her.”

Hirst, too, recalls the heightened emotions of shooting that scene: “That was an amazing day. Extraordinary day. After, I went in to congratulate her. She was weeping and saying, `She’s with me Michael. She’s with me.’