Artemis (SMITE) Inspired Outfit

I’ve wanted to do an Artemis inspired outfit since I started working at Hi-Rez Studios. She’s one of my favorite Goddesses in the game and I wanted to do her earthy look justice. I chose a dark olive shirt with ripped shorts for a casual summer look, paired with leather accessories. I found a beautiful arrow cuff and a floral headband to represent her red hair. 

Get the look! / Get the game! 

Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) fictionkin-related items:

Keychain - $4

Bracelet - $3

“Mabelcorn” T-shirt - $14-$17

Pin - $1.40

Earrings - $2

“My Name Is Mabel” phone case - $25 (design is also available on a shirt)



Today was a full on work day, so my hair is pretty disheveled. ;;; but I love this shirt. It goes past my knees. I wanted to get a better picture of it, will try to next time. sorry for bathroom pictures/

anonymous asked:

I don't want to rain on your parade but that SJW shirt would work a lot better if the right edges of the letters were aligned rather than the left edges. Funny shirt though, I'd wear it if I wore tees

No, I did it this way on purpose so that the initials would line up and so it would be aesthetically distinct from the myriad Helvetica List shirts. Right-aligning the text would make the initials look like a zig-zag and run counter to what I was trying to do with it.


I know it’s still a while away but I really want to get my boyfriend something. Something super special.

He told me that he really wants a shirt with a drawing of him and our cat Giuseppe in the Adventure Time style.

I’m willing to pay for full color and outline and the whole shin-ding for this picture. I just got a job today so I’m not sure when my first check will get it, BUT when it does I am willing to do anything for a picture of that.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could reblog this so an artist can see this and help me out. After the picture is done, I’m gonna go to a custom shirt website and add it to a shirt and I would LOVE if this happened. He would be so excited and pumped if he actually got this shirt.


I love all of you and I hope you all are having an amazing day <3

Madi <3 <3

Clothes shopping
  • Me:my friend said she just wants a date to homecoming, just so she can buy a dress and get all dolled up.
  • Mom:yeah that sounds fun
  • Me:yeah for her
  • Mom:what do you mean?
  • Me:I don't like dresses or getting all dolled up for anyone
  • Mom:you will eventually, and you will wear dresses for special occasions.
  • Me:hmm lol nope, not my thing.(rather wear a shirt,vest,and pants)
  • Mom:whatever,any cute boys at school?
  • Me:nope, never lol
  • Mom:well you're getting hard to talk to, start picking out clothes and not snapbacks!
  • Me:dad doesn't care wtf I wear, why do you?
  • Mom:*doesn't answer*
  • Mom:hey look! I found some cute ruffled shirts
  • Me:did you even listen to anything I have ever said? Or do you just tune me out when I say I want snapbacks,t-shirts, joggers,and other men's clothing? Like wtf
  • Mom:*says nothing*
  • Me:*she probably thinks I'm not going to get a guy dressing like one,she just doesn't know yet that I like girls,I do NOT have any desire of becoming a guy.. and I want my hair short, but she knows I'm a tomboy.. I just don't get it, why can't she just let me be myself, I think even after I tell her I'm gay she still will try to force me into a dress...*