(Guys before…(the past…. 7 years?) I was like whatever I’ll wear a binder as long as I have to it’s no big deal whatever I can’t afford surgery rn so just stop thinking about it. But now that it’s scheduled and the biggest portion of it is paid for, and it’s going to happen in 3 weeks I’m like “oh dear God please time go by faster get me out of this damn thing I want to wear my new shirts and not have to worry about it” )

(I’m. So. Ready.)

where do all these retailers get off calling pants that go up to the bellybutton “high-waisted”. no. fuck you. that’s called “mid-rise”. i want to wear a crop top and not have a single inch of belly showing. i want to be able to button my pants over my tits. are you listening? you’re not listening. i want my shirt to feel redundant. i want to feel like i’m being vored by my own pants. bad-end, six pages into the comic,