Like talk about “the gays” not liking Mon-Ew but seriously I’m convinced that straight people will ship anything with two good-looking people of opposite genders because Mongrel is a douche and ungrateful and has been nothing but a pain in Kara’s ass. Not to mention he’s sexist and doesn’t care about people and that’s totally against what Kara and the show itself stands for but he’s cute and sometimes funny so sure Kara should be with him over James whom she spent a whole season pining after and building a friendship and relationship with or Lena whom she has a truly interesting and heated dynamic with. Like God, you’re all so predictable and without taste or standards. He’s like decorative food. He looks tasty but bite into him and it’s just wax.

Well I WAS going to try out a new art program, but it was very laggy :T I’ll look into it later, but I wanted to draw…

Have some messy MP100 Daemon doodles instead ;”) 


I cannot stress how unsafe for work the following comic is, and so I have put it under a cut. (Winters/Nixon, sex scene, rated M for maturity and Men Having Sex With Each Other). Inspired by this post so you can thank @jane-kerkovich and @moontowers for this

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[fic; 1/9] when i'm looking up at you

title:  when i’m looking up at you
rating: teen+
main characters: steve rogers, bucky barnes, natasha romanoff, tony stark, sam wilson
ships: stucky, background pepperony, background samnat
triggers:  PTSD, suicidal thoughts, dependency issues, identity issues, brainwashing, murder

And so Captain America may be the one who leads the raid on the compound and bravely battles the Red Skull to a desperate end, but Bucky Barnes is the one who flies the plane into the Arctic ocean, finally longing for the cold.

Or alternately: Someone who is not named Steve Rogers stands in the middle of Times Square and screams.

A/N:  This is, at its core, an AU where Steve Rogers falls from the train and Bucky Barnes takes his place as Captain America. Deals extensively with Bucky’s POV as he struggles to reconcile himself as a person separate of the man he knew as Steve Rogers. Reads through the end of CATFA through CATWS.

>> read on ao3 <<

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a-am i the only person who thinks of handsome jack as being in his mid-late 30s as of his death and not like…late 40s or something?

cause there’s only a five year difference between bl1 and bl2 with tps placed somewhere in the middle (putting less time between it and bl2). in tps, jack looks younger and doesn’t seem to be particularly high up in the company yet since timothy says he was “just a programmer” (implying he wasn’t any kind of authority figure). that doesn’t necessarily mean he couldn’t be an older programmer but considering how ambitious jack was i don’t see him sticking in the lower rungs for long.

as for him having angel, in bl2 her game model looks somewhere between 16-18 which could place jack in his early 20s at her birth without him being in his 40s by bl2. even if she were 20, jack could’ve been 18 when she was born and it wouldn’t be unheard of. (personally, he strikes me as a young parent anyway.)

his grey streak in bl2 can’t even really be seen as a sign of age because he has it by the end of tps as he’s taking over the company (also seen in the claptastic voyage dlc which takes place shortly after but i’m talking main game here). while this is probably just a matter of reusing textures for convenience, that doesn’t stop the fact that he has it by the end of the events of tps in canon.

i mean i’m not saying jack couldn’t be in his 40s, i’m just saying he could also be in his 30s and i feel like i’m the only one thinks this when i look around at my dash.


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before god created man, god made eden

fresh fruit, blood red and hanging from a vine, fat and glowing
berries, dark and bruised, like skin after a fall
a pale moon like skin, stars glowing in the soft blue haze of the veins
trees and their leaves, round and soft, lush and overwhelmingly green
dew-watered grass like a soft morning embrace, and dirt that tucked you in, covering everything, your lips, eyelids, ears

eden was never a garden to me

shaky hands, plasic stars that glowed on ceilings
a girl who spoke like poem, who wrote like thought, who thought like speech
thick eyelashes and dust and moths
misprints in text messages, but never on blog posts
it was always the small things
the words it came down to; broken, missing, ruined
the muse, the broken heart, the fear
a heartsick soul with sadness locked somewhere, but a light behind her skull, between her eyes, sonewhere in that mind: a light that lit up others lives
hope, joy, sweetness, but still the sorrowful songs that came from her
and i loved her

eden was never a garden, eden was a girl, a friend, a home

Writing Commissions

It’s the holidays and now what?
You knew back in September that you should start keeping an eye out for gifts for people. But did you see anything?
Now you don’t have anything for that online gift swap/best tumblr friend/ significant other.
You want something that MEANS something, you know? Something sentimental, something deep, something from the heart!
But not a damn thing on the shelves is any one of those things.
What are you to do?

Lucky for you, you have a writer right here.

Send me your favorite memories. Describe a time you spent together with this person.
Tell me how you feel about them, how much you love them.
Do they make your heart warm with joy? When you sit beside them, do you feel safe and secure? Are you still laughing at a joke they made four years ago?
Tell me all those things and I will put it down on paper for you.
Are you into a really obscure fandom with NO fanfic no matter how hard you look?

I have a bachelor’s in Creative Writing and I would love to put that to use for you.


Poems - $20
Microfiction(1000 words or less, also known as the short, short story) - $20
Short Story(1500-3000ish words, so a longer oneshot sort of deal) - $30
Multi Chapter Story - pricing will vary based on what you’re thinking of. We can hash out the details as we talk.

Just shoot me a message in messenger and we can get the ball rolling.

I also draw, so if you want a picture to go with the story we can work that in as well.

Hit me up any time!

Symbolism I noticed in the Yuri!!! on ice sound track

Listed in order we heard the songs play for the first time:

History Maker

“ I close my eyes and tell myself , that my dreams will come true”

“There’ll be no more darkness when you believe in yourself you are unstoppable”

Stay Close to me

“ This story that makes no sense,will vanish tonight along with the stars

You only live once

“You’re so beautiful tonight I was completely fascinated by you”

“Oh I’m just dreaming of the day,When all the hard work of these days will resonate”

Shall we skate

“ Your dreams become true if you believe “

Still alive

 “ The morning sun or the moonless night,I see the god inside them and I feel alright.”


Tonight, you’re all mine,We’re hiding from light sky

“ We’re all dancing all night,Come close and hold me tight.”

Tale of a Sleeping Prince

“ Tell me how, it’s dark.There is no star in the sky

“ Show me your heart,I see the brightest star. “

Wake me up. No matter what I’ll save you now.Wake me up.No matter what I’ll kiss you now”

 “ Oh baby, I’m coming,Through the dark.I promise to save you,I’ll save you now. “

Theme of King J.J

“ Now I rule the world ,And the starry sky,spreading above.I never give up even if the night should fall,Always do my best. “

“Now I can reach the stars And I will show you how.”

Serenade for Two

“ Whenever I see you,stars are in your eyes. brighten up the sky for me. It’s dancing to the moonlight tonight, it will belong to me “

“ If you want, I can be the shine of the light. No one loves you like the way I do. Let’s fly over the moon. Don’t get me wrong, baby I’m foolish enough to want you to love me. Only tonight will you be the one for me, until the clouds hide them away “

Now…… what does all of this mean thematically?

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Hey! It’s your friendly neighbourhood Deadpo- I mean Mozart~!

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Playing with a lazer and a cat – Voltron level

WELL, @klanced made me do this sketch ; and then @loveanimationfan came up with this idea and…

Here is the Lance & Blue comic I promised !
Omg I spent way too much time on this …
I really LOVE to draw Lance & Blue <3 My fav paladin & Lion.
(And yes, Paladins playing with their lions would be the cutest thing.)
(I will definitely draw more lion stuff.)

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