BTS Reacting to your hair dyeing going horribly wrong

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He finds you catching your breath in tears on the couch. You didn’t even bother covering your hair as he makes his way towards you.

“I think i want to change my hair color again, want to come to the salon with me?“

“I don’t want to leave the house looking like this“

“I don’t either have you seen how horrible my bangs look“

“they don’t-“ he walks over to the closet and takes out two hats and sunglasses

“Let’s go - we have to use codenames from now on though.“ He childishly goes and puts the hat on you and kisses your head.

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“It’s not fine!” Yoongi pulls the phone away from his ear as you yell

His anger starts to rise as well, “FINE! if its not fine, its not - idk why you have to cry over it, it’s just hair! it’ll grow back.”

Needless to say the phone call ends on a sour note. Having damaged hair is something he could easily relate to and he’s never been angry over it like you are. His anger subsides as he’s reminded of your love for your hair, he walks into a beauty parlor and picks up hair care products advised by the employees.

“Y/N come here” he signs and gives you the bag of products, “You’re still beautiful, you know. but i guess you feel bad so here some stuff”

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“You could have told me that you wanted to dye your hair, I’ve done it a thousand times”

“I wanted to surprise you, it’s whatever” you shrug it off, trying to calm the surge of insecurities and anxiety coming over you.

“It’s not just whatever, come here and tell me what we can do to fix it - I don’t want you to cry or panic without me here.”

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Rap Monster

“It’s not that bad, y/n” he says as you desperately try to wash away the dye in the bathroom sink

“It’s horrible, I can’t go outside like this”

“Is there some hair dye left?” he leans on the doorframe of the bathroom door watching you.

“You mean the poison? yeah why?”

“Dye my hair, it can be a new fashion trend we set as a couple.” You smile at the thought and continue rubbing away.

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He sat still looking at you in concern as you threw towels and hair products and combs throughout the room, shouting, and crying about the outcome of things. As soon as you stopped to catch your breath, he intercepted with a forehead kiss.

“I hated my hair colors too, but what looks bad to you may look beautiful to others“ he comforts, he brushed your hair from your face. “Lets get some hair cream to fix the texture first alright?“

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You start hyperventilating as your hair dries out even more and its starts having an unnatural texture to it. you begin pacing your bathroom going over what you did wrong and angry yourself for even messing with it in the first place.

“I say dye it a nicer color”

“yeah sure so i can damage it even more, bright idea tae” you snap. His ever present smile fades and you sigh “I’m sorry, I’m just angry”

“I know” he pulls your arms so you’re closer to him, “Lets call my stylist, alright? She can fix anything and if she can’t, then we can freak out together”

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“Let me see it”


“Y/N, Come on”

“You’ll laugh”

“I won’t.” you take the towel off your head revealing a hideously unnatural color. jungkook stays silent for a moment - feeling your vision blur again you put the towel back over again “Get out, I’ll just cut it all off.”

He sits down next to you unsure on how to comfort you. He kneels down in front of you and takes off your towel “How can you still look pretty then? Aigoo my ideal type keeps changing because of you, how’re you going to be held responsible?”

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i wanted to show Bambi’s real hair color so here he is in his true form, 20% more normal looking. He looks like someone you might ran into down a street of some Middle Eastern countries.

After living in a part of the world where everyone has black hair and dark eyes and very homogeneous, I have become intensely aware of differences in hair/ eye colouring, and facial structure in people. I has always been transfix by “blue” eyes and how they reflect the dominant colour around them.