so i’m having idle-mischief over and she was really hungry so my mom drove us up to Taco Bell. i really wanted the cinnamon delight things and my mom made a witty comment about “if they aren’t delightful, we’ll just have to order more food”. well, the guy taking our order misheard and thought she’d said “we’ll just have to hurt someone”. and he was like “lol whoa whoa no need for that” and me, being the meme loving fuck that i am, yell out “FIGHT ME” into the microphone. and he laughed and was like “wait who are you fightin?” and we turned around the corner and Lauren ( idle-mischief) said “YOU’RE FIGHTING THE FIERCENESS OF BEYONCE” and we were in hysterics pulling up to the window. so the guy who took our order is there, really confused, and he asks “who wants to fight us?” and i yell “FIGHT ME” again and the guy behind him starts laughing. so we start talking to the guy and apparently he was my age so mom was making jokes. but anyways when we got the food i gave him that look like “if these aren’t fucking delightful then i will fITE”. and that’s basically the best Taco Bell experience i’ve ever had


the best vine


Odyssey coaches just asked me, well told me, I was double teaming. This is really great and I am beyond excited to be on Odyssey again but I have no money. My lack of money is the only reason why I didn’t super senior this year. So on Tuesday I am going to go to practice and talk to them about it. I just hope something works out cause I would lovelovelovelove to be on Odyssey again.