okay I got my gym bag ready for tomorrow, my breakfast made for the morning, my outfit laid out and even my vitamins out because i’ll be damned if i’m falling back into a slump again

I really want to try my hands on another Bachelor Challenge...

But since I have all the spouses for future Dreams, it wouldn’t be a Heir BC, but I could do one with a spare……….

welcome rookies!

(( To only a few because I KNOW some of you aren’t new but welcome back in your cases ^^ ))

I am Hope and I am Rachel (Sunhwa) and Jia’s mun! As much as i love sending messages, my time doesn’t allow for that this week. But know that I would very much love to plot with all of you and I hope that you enjoy your time here! I have a plots page with a few things here, but if none of them suit you I am 100% open to coming up with a new plot from scratch and you can even shoot me a message on aim at ee.vee. However, I am slow lately and on a semi-hiatus while I prepare for college and moving so just know that before we do anything hahaha.

Welcome to rookies again and I hope to talk to all of you soon!

How I started this year...

In all honesty, this Fall I almost didn’t apply for JET because I was torn about leaving my mother. I didn’t know when she was going to pass away, and I was afraid that she would pass when I was in Japan. (It was the risk I took with my study abroad in Japan as well. While I was there, she had a pulmonary embolism and I remember how horrifying that was. I was sitting in the library at school when it happened.) 

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I literally have no explanation for this comic.

Have some birb mom and purple mom, I hope you like it! ♥

(Also please tell me if the text is too small or there’s any trouble with the file or something so I can figure it out)

Art belongs to me, 2Mummu on deviantart!

Happy Birthday to the one and only Melissa Mcbride !!

She’s an amazing woman and I really hope that this year will bring her all she wishes.

She’s an inspiration for me and I really hope that one day I will be able to see her and tell her how perfect she is, because yes for me she is perfect : She’s kind, devoted to her fans, she always give credit to her co-workers and she is so damn gorgeous!!! I could go on again and again but it will never ends ^^

Happy Birthday Melissa :)

I can’t wait to see her in the season 6 of The Walking Dead, The Happys and whatever else she will do :)